The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 8, 1893
Page 7
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ifi?v?v r •, HE tJPPEtt bfi S MOINES* ALGONA* !OWA r WEDNESDAY V MAUCH 8,1803. Hood's Cures. Marvelous but Tine. tJeaf and Blind, paused bythf Crip and an Abscess* THE NUTS AND MICE, s, Jlf. JB. Syracuse, N. Y. "For three yoiirs I had rlieiimattsm, and last December was taken with the grip. Tin eo physicians said that recovery was doubtful. An abscess gathered hi my head and discharged from tfioonrs. I was very ill for six weeks. 1 became dea£ and also blind. I lost all my cotii-agc, Made *«y Will, , ,. . and prepared fur deuth. But I thought I would try Hood's SaVsaparilla. Wlion i had taken two bottles I begaii to recover my sight and hearing. Tlie abscess; alter discharging 6 weeks, healed up; my appetite returued, and I gradually -gained strength, Hood's Sarsaparilla Cures hear well, busi- and health. I can now see and do my own work, and attend to my business.' 1 Mns. M. E. WILSON, 310 Apple St., Syracuse, N. Y. , HOOD'S PILLS cure Constipaiion by restoring the peristaltic actions '>C the alimentary canal. nOma OoIdi.Orarhi.Bon Thro»t,Uronp.lBfi«ut. n,W1ueplaf Otntk, B«nohiUe u< Aithmt. 4 Mrtete «ir» ftur 0«nmmpU«B in flrmt it&c**, mi *t*m» nliaf ia UruoU itafti. VM M VJB wffl «M tb» ncwllcnt tffMt aft*> ; IEND ! is a scientifically prepared Liniment and, harmless; oyery ingredient is of recognized valuo and in constant uso by tho medical prci'ession. It shortens Labor., Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to l.t'o of Mother and'Child. Book ''To Mothers" mailed free, con- taiuing valuable information, and voluntary testimonials. . • Sent liv express, charges prepaid, on receipt Of price, $1.50 per pottle.: .• ' • BRADRELQ REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. Bold liy all druggists. ELY'S CREAM BALM when applied Into the nostrils, will be ubsorb-! id, effectually "cleans-! uif the bead of Ini-rlml virus, causing lu.'nUIiy eecretlons. It allays inflammation, protectulthe membrane from additional colds, completely heals the fitires and restores sense of tuste und smell, TRY THE CURE A particle is applied Into each nostril and il «i;> eeable. Price 60 cents ut Druggists or by mull. ELY BUOT1IB11S, 60 Wurren Street, New York. Cnree Consumption, Coughs, Croup, BMP* throat, Sold by all D'ruggiiu on a GuVrant*«k fora Lame Sida, Back or Chest Bhlloh'a PoroU , lMter will »IT« (nat MttUfaolio*,— If reiultt _ _ _ ^_ bad eating, Cnrw~ConrtipkUo; i, lUwtorcn Cumplazlon, 8aTM Doctor; Bill.. BampUbm autiruu>TuOo.,U»W.UthSt..M.T. Cu res Ssck Headache Epilepsy Can be Cured. !•• !•¥•/* I>r. O. Plielpi Brown—the noieid LI I V Kpllepsy Bpeclallut anil Herb rl I j\ aUst — discovered thut Epllcpuy 1 III v oauBed by u peculiar derangement of thi. •tomaoh and prepared his celebrated HEHUAL REMEDIES tor Epileptics, which have OUREJD THOUSANDS of oases, tiund for particulars, t«» timoiiials, aud hit] "Treatise on the Gnuoe and Oim of Epilepsy." J, Gibson lirown, 47 Grand BU-«et .'er»ey Olty, N. J. ARE YOU PRETTY? An you happy and healthy 1 Thut 1 wn» _\~ nettber—you mil »ce by 'AmlMDOvrt You may casli.i iii'lEt-' \i<- cisl. i' ion or» 111, lliiMuu', luivii ilo of tlguru or comi>!t!\iun, xMito ii^ti at one 1 ,tor«4vloe,]ibotoii,Jouruiil-l''IIKK. (1'osueoUi.) iBcl. Ladles' Homo Journal, Sun Fninolsco, Cul. O. W. V. HNYIXKK, M, D., Mail »ei>>, "7 Y •oVlolToT'»»»T'li«ia.t«v, OUIou-uro. JTIJ. BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD iJONOFBEDEGIEEVHO with 1'iistes, Kiiuinuls, ami Fuiuts which staiu tlio hunds, injuro the. iron, and huni; red. Tho Ki:;in;j Sun Stuvo Jl'o.wli iiiliril- liaut, Odoi'lossj Uui'iil'lo, mnl tlio ccu-j Burner pays for no tiu or glass with ovotfy puiohoab. EVILS OF FRONUNCTATION. Little Greatnrea Dill'ur from Squirrel* In llnmlllnj; Nuts. In front of me as I write I have a tray full of shells that have been rilled by the nut-crackers of the avenue, Says a writer in Contemporary Review. Those with the largo irregular rent and some with the whole sndo ripped off with jagged edges arc the squirrel's work; these with the round oval holes always near the big end of the shell, have been plundered by mice. But it is curious to note how often the same sU'oll has another ho'lc, much smaller and perfectly round, on the other side and nearer the small end. Why was this? Did tho mouse get all it could reach out through the big hole at tho big end and then— liko Isaac Newton, with a large door for the cat and a little one for trio kitten—take the trouble to nibble u little hole in the very hardest part of tho nutshell 'to get at the rest of the nut. .The squirrel would have turned ,h& nut upside down and let tho fernol drop out. I .wonder tho mice lave not given up eating nuts long ago. The labor^they expend is enormous. But they do not care for irouble apparently. Note these-walnuts. Kach has two little round holes, one on each shell, nearest the sharp-point end of the lut, and it is easy to f-'cc what happened. Tho mouse nibbled one hole, •ite what it could reach—.very little indeed—and then found that, for some reason or another, tho walnut was fastened inside to the shell. .So then it tried tho other side with exactly the same result, and then it left tho nut in disgast. * Hut this did not prevent it attacking the next walnut in precisely tho same way with precisely the same barren results and the next, and the next, and the next. The partitions inside the nut prevented the mouse getting at tho kernel,' but it did hot desist from trying. Oh the other hand, absolutely useless work is never, so far as 1 'know, done by the mice. I never found an empty nut or a bad one that they had attempted. The squirrel, or the other hand, does not care how "high" his nuts are. But when we think that the squirrel relishes young Hi 1 cones, with turpentine oo/ing out at every pore, we can appreciate the • durailai with which nature has blessed the merry little forester. Fishers of Trout. There are many trout fishermen in this country who would a little rather than eat, and who. go to almost no .'end of trouble and expense to find ood fishing.' Why do they not go to New Zealand? On the east coast of the southern island there' are giant trout. From either one of five snow- fed rivers one may take 100 pound's of trout in a day with a minnow or thirty pounds with a fly. The trout average about four pounds in weight, but run as heavy as twenty-five pounds. An eight-poundey is about the heaviest fish one may expect to catch with a liy. These New Zealand trout were originally from English streams, and twenty-five years ago there were none there. The Stocking with salmon in New Zealand was a failure. The smolts do not return from the sea; if they did they would be as large as tarpons. T<«i Culture In Florida. , A new idea about tea culture comes from Florida. As is well known, the best Chinese tea will not stand a sea voyage and never gets nearer to us than Russia. But Mrs. Increase Sunnier of Starke, Bradford coimty, Florida, has discovered that this same delicious and delicate tea. can be grown in her own garden. Slie lias three crops a year, and owing to the rapid growth of the bushes she has to cut .them down every three .or four years, while in China the cutting is only necessary once in seven years. Saved Himself. The duchess of Lauraguais, who was somewhat given to making poetry, could not think of a word to rhyme with coiffe. Turning to Talleyrand, who chanced to be by her side, she said: "Prince, give me a rhyme to coift'e." "Impossible, duchess," replied Talleyrand, without a moment's delay; "for that which pertains to the head of a woman has neither rhyme nor reason." Jiults Thut Slip. Belts that slip can be cured by covering the pulleys with canvass. Wrap the canvass twice around the pulley, using the following mjxture to keep it in place: White glue, six pounds; white lead, in oil, two pounds; nitric acid, one-fourth 'ounce. Dissolve the glue in two quarts of soft water, mix in the white lead, add the acid and employ the mixture hot. Don't Be Careless or Sloyenly in Your Speech. Detroit Free Tress: Tlie slipshod way in •which some pooplo talk is as distressing to a sensitive ear as it is be wildcring to tke senses. "Dklshu seems James when yon were iufcon yes day?'' means, freely translated: "Dirt you see Mrs. James when you wore in town yesterday': 1 " I 'was listening to a reading once and caught these words, "Its shoes." She is telling us something about a child, I thought, but inquiring I learned that the reader had been'declaiming a piece about our country's flag, and the phrase, "Its shoos," read in the original, "Its hues." "Smother day" does nob refer to a period of excutlon. It Is the very common way in which your friend informs you that He will see you "some 'other day." If you will notice the conversation of any two people you meet you will hoar words that sound as unintelligible as if taken from a foreign lougtic with which you are unfamiliar. "Don moshuu it." some elegant: speaker says, and you really promise that you never will. A single phrase which ran the gun Hot of tho American nation was played upon liko a, harp of a thousand strings —"Why. certainly." It became "Wy. i certainly," "Wi, suttiugly," "Ortingly." before it. dropped out. of sight. To American Housewives, / Ant/tor qf "Common Sense in f//e IfoHst/tM." Kscallopcd Apples.—Cover bottom (if pudding dish with bronil crumbs SUM I bits of .butter; then a layer of thinly sliced apples with si sprinkling o!.' sugar, nulmeg 'or cinnamon. Jtopo:it mil 11 the dish is tilled, with a crumb layer on top. liiilto. slowly, adding a little water 11: il seems dry. Keep It covered until partly done,'to proveni: if. becom- z too brown. Servo with cream and sugar, it is delicious. The police-force -in all parts of country bean 1 uniform testimony to the tho great value; of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup as a remedy for cough, cold and incipient consumption. They all emphasize the fact that no one should be without It. Schoolie Pike, a young man employed In a KaltiuMzoo, Mich., jewelry store, committed suicide on the lilst. Despondency was the cause. STATKOP Onio, (!ITV 01? TOI.KDO, i ,.„ LIIUAS COUNTY, i FKANIC J. On HVHY iinik^s iiiilli Ilinl In: K lliu senior pnrlncr nf tlir 1lrin of F. .1 C.'IIEJJEY & Co. duliifi' liiisinu^s in HIL- (Uu of Toledo, County lliu! s>iatu ufurustilil, iinU Unit said flrin will pay the sum o£ ONK lIUNDHEDDOLL.VTiSfor cai'.h' and evurj case of OATAHUH Unit cnnnot be cured l/y the use of HALL'S CATAnun Gums. ;. FllANK J. CIIENE5T. Sworn to before me and subscribed iu my presence, this Otli day of December, A. D. 1880. A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally ami acts directly on the blood and mucous oiir faces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J; CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O l5y~Sold by druggists, 75c. iUKAUOW OKASM. llofivy meadow grass Is valuable. If s tiuallty does not come up to standard may bo cut. wet and balanced up vlth, nitrogenous foods, Hlce cottonseed ml linseed meal, and will ptity well for ceding. Because, a meadow is over- owed each year and doesn't cut the est timothy, but yields heavy fescue r other grasses, don't despise it. stlm- Jato it. encourage it, make all you can f it. If the Held does not yield Heavily harrow it or plow and harrow it fter the regular freshet, so it will have chance to,get sodded before another ood and sow grass at ouce. Wow vai'ietles that 'are known to do T .ell in such a situation and sow more liau one kind. Jie sure to sow sorts hat ripen together, that the hay may e lit for the mowers, and not' part too lipe arid part too green, is the advice of a Philadelphia Farm Journal cor- espondent, who furnishes also the fol- owing suggestive item: "I have anetgli- or w'ho last year had the best pros- ects for a good com crop of any one round, but he followed old time ways jnd put a heavy cultivator at work sev- i'ing the corn root in July, and a drought setting In just: after, his crop ailed to produce within a good many usheis of what It promised. J. Sterling Morton of Nebraska, has accepted the agricultural portfolio in Jlevelaud's cabiuet. Mr. Albert Hartley of Hudson, N. C., was taken with Pneumonia. His brother had just died f.omit When he found his doctor could not rally him he took one bottle of German Syrup and caine out sound and well. Mr. S. B. Gardiner, Clerk with Druggist J. E. Barr, Aujcra, Texas, prevented a bsd attack of pneumonia by taking German Syrup in time. He was in the business and knew the danger. He used the great remedy—Boschee's German Syrup—for lung diseases, OP IHmln tfi Look Ijlko Now. Drcsncfl, Gent's Ototliing, FuuMiurs, Glovea etc., Dyed or t'lr.iuuul, I'lnsli Gimmmts 6l<!iiine<!, nl. Otto Vloli'li'n Works, 210 W. Water St., Mllwuultc.o. Bend for uireulur. Hugh O'Dounell, leader of the Home- toad strike, on trial for murder, Is nc- uitted. Uoorge Schneider, a joint keeper at Atchlson, Kas., has left the country and a warrant is out charging him with the murder of his wife. FUs-~A.ll Pits Stopped free by Dr. Kline's Grea Nerve Restore. No Fits uiier il't" (lav's n*e. Maryelnus Oiirns. Treutlco an" jf 5<i irial bol- tln 'o Fit cates. Send to l)r. K.lue, i)31 Arch St. Phila., Pa. Two Mormon missionaries were shot nd killed in Lewis county, Term., while •reaching. To Avert Si sing is averted by pressing the upper lip, because by doing HO wa deaden the impression made on a ear- tain branch of the fifth nerve, sneezing being a rellex action exeited by some slight impression on thut nerve. Sneezing does not take place when the fifth nerve is paralyzed, even though tho sense of smell is retained. J>on Quixote. In the 227 years since "Don Quixote" was published 1,82-1 ecli- | tions have been printed of which 528 were Spanish. 804 English, 171) French, ! 09 Italian, 84 Portuguese, 4o German, IS Swedish, 9-.Polish, 8 Danish,. 6 Russian, 5 Greek, y Roumanian, 4 Catalonian, 1 Masque and 1 Latin. A grand entertainment consisting ot Dramaiuio and Humorous Kecitations, Plays, etc., win easily bo given by home talent, with a copy of Garrett's famous "100 Choice Selections," costing only 80 cents. Suitable for Lyceums, Scliiools, Church. Societies and Homo Theatricals. Sold by booksellers. Tho Tli-ont— "BrotimVi Bronchial a. 't direiM 7 on tVe oi'^nii'' of tho voice. i avi' an c'x.i'.'iJ'Viliiiiiay li.r t ll'il.'lt. Tliuy ,.•1, Iu nil ill.sordcri; i>f Roar Admiral August Lndlow Case, Dnited States navy, retired, is dead. JUST A LITTLE pain neglected, may become RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO. Just a little . SPRAIN may make a cripple. Just a little ' BRUiSE 'may make serious inflammation. Just a little ! BURN may make an ugly scar. '.Just a little COST will get'a bottle of ST. JACOBS OIL, A PROMPT AND PERMANENT CURE ' Years of Comfort against Years of Pain for JUST AJJTTLE. A copy of the "Official Portfolio of the 'Wprld's Columbian Exposition," descriptive of liuildiiiKS and grounds, beautifully illustrated in water color effects, will be sent to any address upon receipt of loc, in postage stamps by THE CHARLES A. VOGELER Co., : BALTIMORE, MD. Tlae jury in the McDonald will cnse, >n trial at Noblesville, Ind., returned a erdict 1'or the plaintiff. This breaks lie will of Senator McDonald. Pest of All. To cleanse tlie system, in a gentle and truly benellciulmiumer, .whftu the Springtime eomes, use the true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Figs. One bottle will ans\ver for all tho family and costs only 50 cents; tlie largo size ifl. Try it and be ploased. Manufactured by the California Kg Syrup Co, only. The state treasure of Kansas is en- Joined from paying out money on Pop'•list authority. An Aggravating Sore Throat is soon relieved by Dr. D. Jnyne's Expectorant, an old-time remedy for Bronchial UOKJ. rulmona.ry ail'ecUous. Pour carloads of lireworUs are on their way from St. Louis to Washington for the inauguration ceremonies. Important to Fleshy People. We hnvc noticed a jingo arllclu in the Boston Globe on reducing weight lit a very small u.vponsu. It will pay our renders to to lietina nglou St. iMid t\vu cent stump for u copy Jiroiiliitliig l.iljrury, 80 E. Wushl ' ( Chicago, I'll. The "body of a until was taken, from the water by a New York policeman. "Does anybody know anything about this man;"' asked the policeman o\ some urchins who were present* "Wo sped him just as he uame up for f fat time, but we fergot tor ask hat his name w^s," suid pne of vs—rTeyas Sidings. Advices from Frankfort, ICy., say tnat Governor Simon Bolivar Buckner will be Mr. Cleveland's minister to Austria. the lun» No. 32, tlio latest, is a gem, 240 pages of pathos, dialect ana l"un, including va vbi'iglit new Comedies; all to <JQ \ jlostpaW; cm-, tlw twp Plays, 10 -*" ' * * •• -r-\ ft ' j_j_ it f*i T P. CrftWtt ffc vO-t THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND NEW AND rAy COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor Bays It acts gently on the stomach, liver and kidneys, nncl Is a plcmsunt luxutlvo. This drink la made from herbs, aud Is prepared (or use as easily as tea. It Is called LAKE'S MEDIGfflE All ilru|;i;W« lell II lit «0o »i"l |l P« packoee. If you onnot «el It. send vour lulilress I'ar a free aiimpltf. IJUIU'K iiilullr Ueulclut .' • • • - •-- — Jer t? bo htftltliy, llilB U -''""• l)U»uU I'lltli tiny. In on Addreil ORATOR \'. V iVOOinv'Ai'.i". , , N. Y. KIDDER 8 PAS T ILLESibyinail. StowellACcy "JliurJestowu, Mutt* ine Hnbit K'arad In Kopay.tlll Patents i Pensions! 6«nd toflnrtator'iQatde or How to Obtain aPataat. Send for Digest of Pcneloii and Itoauty l^,.v»» O'lrttrrvU, Wtiaf^tcton. j). V- UfORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY, If Send »t once to JOHN SEBASTIAN, a. T. A. C., B, [. & P. B. B., Chicago, 111., and receive, postage puld, [he illokest deck of cards you ever handled. Only I'KN CENTS per paok, til ut»tnps or coin. PURELY MUTUALf3 Vci'iuout are unsurpassed. IVuiiuiiiil -..•aitt'ti Co. of Agents \vaiitcd. _ Wisconsin Dejit., Slack liluvlc, illluitukev. AND READ NOISES OUREi ••"•" " • • pTr.lwwd ftw Best, KtwleBt t? tfw, Do Ton Read Advertising. If you do, it will pay you to read this, for if you are troubled wntk dyspepsia or long continued consti' pation, we can. cure you without its costing you a penny. Sen'' your address to THE SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peorin, 111., on a postal card and we will send you a box of the LAXATIVE GUM DROPS. They are what their name implies, a mild and gentlo laxative. Plunsantto take, certain. in their results and an absolute cure] for any form of stomach troubles. We will take pleasure in sending you u box 1'or we wuut you to try them. We know they will do von gnni], O. WAUUANTKD. O Bcst in the World. I3y mall, postage paid, <:oiit a package ana up. G rand lot of 13XTKAS given witn every order. Pretties* and only FHEK Catalogue in . Uio world with pictures ol nil varieties. Send youra and neighbors' address. _, .j CUIIIUIU/ A V •* • •• • O ITI U IWI VT MI* $40,000,000 Earned by th» Bell Telephone Patent In 18D1. Yo» luT.ntlon mny be Tilunble. Yon should protect il br patent. Addre»» for full nnd Intelligent »d»lo« fr«Tot oh.rge. W. W. 1> « » \ K* 3t CO.. Boliot».or« of Piitonti, P»olflo Bld'g. «M F. St., N. W., • Mention thi. p.per. WailtlucMn. »• C. „ LET IT.RUN, and your cough may end In something serious. It's pretty sure to, if your blood is poor. That is just tho time and condition that invites Consumption. The seeds are sown and it has fastened its hold upon you, before you know that it is near. It won't do to trifle o.nd delay, whon tlie remedy is at hand. Every disorder that can bo reached through tho blood yields to Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. For Severe Coughs, Bronchial, Throat and Lung Diseases, Asthma, Scrofula in every form, and oven the Scrofulous affection of tho luiijrs that's called Consumption, in all its earlier stages, it Is a positive und complete cure. ' • - -. It is the only blood-cleansor, strength restorer, and flesh-builder so effective that it can be guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit or cure, in every cose, YOU have your money bock. All medicine dealer£jiiivo_it. JF YOU ARE GOING TO [* gt^^cfM^ 10 ^^^, f™ V». & Ga. KYB. It won't oott you m ant/ wu>rc. Tbu will oot there QUIOKST. *«^ — — i... ^A RUAn *« w .SSopIeT Your surroundings will be as luxurious as money can procure. We have fiveoomt ISdroills-magnificent trains.tannin*dally between OiNOiNNATi AND ST. Ayo"?X Sfon wfll trains are tue only Complete Vostiliiiletl Truing from Cincinnati to the SOUlll. You wlU gave nekrlv half » day In time. This line Is 110 Miles Shortest. There are no ohaweB oi limfte 1 Sris and ySuKOt the best to be had.' Don't pay the same Price and put, np w; thInfj, rlor service. Pullman Buflot BICepinft Car leaves J.oufWll i« 7:55 a. m. dally over tlie LouUvllU Sciuihcm to Burgin. where It la'attaened to and (roes through to Jlprida on the Limited. ThcBO trains ran through Cliuttauoouii, Atluiitu, Muooii and .Jiiclcsonviil... making direct connection with Past Mall for Tampa. JWFor rateg or farther particulars addreeu D. G, EDWARDS, G, P. Agt. Q. & C. Route, Cincinnati, Ohio, -^-OB ASK TOUB BOMB TICKET AOBNT VOU TICKET Via QUEEN * CRESCENT ROUTE. L You -will meet and travel with the very beit ol»s§ of A sewed shoe that Will not rip! Calf, seamless, smooth inside, more comfortable, stylish and durable than any other shoe ever sold at the price. Every style. Equals custom-made shoes coating from $1 to $5. Other Specialties as follows: $ 4,00& $ 5,00 Fine Bowed Police, Farmers, etc. $ 3.50 $ 2.50, ^2.25, For Woi'hine Men. BEWARE OF FRAUD. Ask for iiml InnlMt upon liuv- liiB.W. I.. l)OU«a.AS SIIOEiS. $ 2.00& $ l,75 For Hoys aud Youtliu. niind " Hewed. $0 Ui $ 2,50& $ 2,00 I'ur -rloiie" irenHiiio' without" W. i- Douu'liiH liruno find privo Mtiinipcd on bollom. Jj( it wlicu you buy. TAKK NO SUIJSTITUTE. for IT IS A WITTY you owo your- Hclf lo iitit ilm l>e>-.i .vul.uo lur your money. I'.ciiiiioinii.i! in your IViiiIwrur !>>• )>i:i'ch!ii-ii'i; \v. I-. l)on^l:\M r^luH.'w, ivlneli ri'pi'O- Ht'llt tl"' l»'Ht VIllllO III t!ll> [I1*II!(IH iMlvvrlibiiil, :IH thousands eiiu IL'Mlilj. DO YOU WEAR THEM? Exclusive nalc to nhoe deulurn (tin! lotfuu. ll'not 1'or ivuiuc'd. 1'ontneo Ian (shoes nii'r«!ijiiirnwhcrij no iiaf >yrnolor<;iitii» iHi . siiloia your nlititiiKiiiiil dirocl tn I''; .-l>jry, Hiutiuu Uiiul, HI.ICU iiua ""'L" Wroo. JSEAIJTJ KI/K .-1OUVKM If Jn-oe lonnyouo proinlmiiB to buy \V. when next pui'ehuBliiu. Addre«B W. L,. IMJUCtl.Af, Hi'ockluu, ftllibu. mmm R'S CHEAT MOEJTHEHN OAT( ulluo. Tfils ffvii'st y|. Mlntr uuts in Amerlw-a Mr.JU'* . „;. - . A ihis un aykfa of 131 bu. puraoro. VVoI A M FRIC A u nml iiow uilur an out iu miixjrlar ml"' »»*»»' — f8. OfttBar^™~Jl'ulfuo.""''jf!ria"wii3'ui~i"cih''airirroveh',"wlloil In. Bailer's Bonunza Oat tool: iliti'tuTize by tlie American j {urt«tS5W.<»lna»ldirnr-tliiiSr Strickland, of Albion, N lf.,wu~ havo Uopt puiiu with tna timea tmil now mm* im out ita *u|)uri. _ _ every ntapuctl It la n romurkahlo grower, Kraut etoolor, 2,OUO kernels! having bueu grown from ouo. H is tho Oat tor cvLTyliucly. A tra-J tnendouacropper, Ktrong, healthy, Insrct proof; .violuiuK tram 80t UO bu. per aero, on all soils and iu all dliats. It' auvur falls. The greatest potato ainco tli(j'"<iuya orfloses. Tho ucutor (5 ffio Rurall New Yorker, an authority on poi.-Uwa, tenting mime, reports tho ao-I toniahlngyield of 720 bu, pop ueni! HowIHihuti'or uewbloodl Ove-* L 00,000 Buthele Choice Sued 1'otatota fur i.ule. That is tho unlveraal verdict it you plant Salzer's Breda asthoy always Our seeds fro giwvii'liulm^Wi-oimj Sort? (uoo 6,1)01) acres) withfi groat care.Tb.ey are full of lit o.vitallty and visor and must produce. J ( Wo would liko youv order for any of the followlng- " J 10 Ifann Grain SaiiiDlBS, So: with cataloBuo, Wo. r T u Qiusa and Forago i'luiit Bauiplai. lOci wltb cata.l8o. i' 8 Field Coru Samples. I2c; with catttloguo20c. 1 4C Postpaid (*««» Catalogue 22c)j iv^ u fflufh r : iSS ) i»«" 9 State Lettuce, 16o > Our pr ow Early Giant Tomato 2<to 1PUK. 61'kg. Pku. Silver , , , K. Sow Early Giant Tomato 2<to | i.eth tho retail valuo toiiitro-i Choice Blower Be«il»i 860 7duc«8»lM»'ii8««i!»BVfrywUere. Our Catalogua v costs over 850,000 to publish nnd j distribute. It ia a mammoth work| of 180 large pages, beautifully il-| lustrfttod, 6 colored nlatca, oachfl flt to f rame.Troata f ully oi rlantsj Bosct. Tools,/ Vegetable! and Farm Seeds, "

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