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West Virginia Argus from Kingwood, West Virginia • 3

Kingwood, West Virginia
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West Virginia Argus. KIbcwwmI, September It), TM AMU A1IULT K1MJWUOD. Still no school. September sunshine. KquThoctial showers.

Watch Kingwood grow. The first. Tomorrow sees finish. John A. Liston is seriously ill with typhoid fevev The most interes'ing news is what the editor publish.

A. G. Hughes is in Klktns and Philippi this week on legal business. Mrs. J.

G. Nicola, Hszelton, is a new name on The Argus list this week. A. IV. Albright and Joseph F.

White, of Kingwood, have our thanks for remittances. We this week welcome 1 R. 'Heavers, Kingwood, to the growing list of Arcus subscribers. The Acme Department Store. Morgantown, has a new ad in this issue that is worth your perusal.

lion. W. Ci. Conley left for Charleston Tuesday on legal business and will return tomorrow. John M.

Deal, of Glade Farms, advanced his kubsenption to The Argus this week to July, 1908. Miss I.ois Swearergen returned home yesterday from a two weeks' visit with friends in Clarksburg. If you fail to let us know when you have visitors don't blame us if their names fail to appear in the paper. Ed C. Manown, of Baltimore, was in town several days last week the guest of his father, Dr.

J. H. Manown. "What People Talk would be a great department for a country newspaper if the editor would dare print it. Dr.

and Mrs. J. M. King are in Buckhannon this week in the fair and will probably return this evening Mr. ami Mrs.

Williams' children have just gone through the trial? anti of an attack of measles. llowermaster White announce the arrival of their fall anti winter goods in this issue. See ad in another column. Rev. A M.

Hammond, pastor of the M. E. church at Masontown, was a county seat visitor Monday and Tuesday. The union soldiers of Marion county will hold their reunion at Manningion tomorrow and Saturday, September 20 anil 21. Forrest McDaniel left for Morgantown Tuesday, where he enters the university as a student in the engineering department.

Miss Laura Bailey, of Morgantown, was the guest of the family of W. H. MHtinicl Saturday, leaving in the afternoon tor Hiorra. Quarterly met ting was heltl in the M. E.

church here Sunday. Dr. Wartl, the presiding elder, preached able sermons morning anil night. Miss Daisy McDaniel, accompanied by her father, W. IT.

McDaniel, went to Wheeling Montlay, where she entered a hospital for treatment. Dolpha Williams is spending this week In Grafton anti Clarksburg. Foster Rotleheavci is filling his place at store during his absence. Harry Brand had his ankle broken by a fall of coal in the Elkins mines Tuesday. He was removed to the Strickler hospital where his injuries received attention.

Miss Daisy Jenkins leaves tomorrow morning for a visit with her brother in Pittsburg. She will visit Richmond and the Jamestown Exposition bjfure returning. John Kewis gave the engineering corps a farewell supper Tnes day night. The affair was an enjoyable one, the corp doing their best to make the remaining bachelor days of their host merry onea. (Jeorge Kvick left this week for Austen, wnere he will carve sirloins, for the miners of that place, hiving accepted a position with K.

VV. superintendent the Austen Coal and ike Company. Miss Cora Jcssop, who has been the guest of Mrs. Kd. M.

and other friends in Kingwood the past two weeks, left for her home in Atlanta, last Thursday via Cm cinnati, where she will visit a few days. James A. prominent business man and Mason of Ktyser, died from injuries received by jumping from a runaway automobile coming down Knoblev mountain. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon. A new and greater paper 'rust now forming proposes to put print paper up to 6 cents per pound.

It has already gotten up to cents, and if the price is doubled country newspapers will either have to double their subscription price or go out of business. Preston's popular Akgus Maj. C. C. Pierce is a Charleston visitor this week.

W. H. McDaniel returned from Wheeling yesterday. J. Pen Brady was a legal visitor in Morgantown this week.

West Virginia University opened at Morgantown this week. let your iubscription get more than one year behind. A. Bliss McCrumisdown in Reno district today on legal business. Miss Dora Wolfe, of Bruceton, was visiting friends in town Mon day.

John Brown, has gone to Virginia to enter Randolph Macon college. Guy Reed, of Morgantown, is here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. L.

Reed. Beatrice Brown has re entered the West Virginia University at Morgantown. Zaccheus Smith, of the Whctsell settlement, was a Kingwood visitor yesterday. F. G.

Watson and Ed Born, of Reedsvilie, were in town yesterday on business. Mr. and Mrs. F. Bolyard and children visited friends in burg Sunday.

Misses Irene Hurchinnl, and Krbc and Arinel Albright were Rowtes burg visitors Suuday. Illness in the family of Walter Stone called him home from Grafton Monday evening. H. E. Taylor, of Route 2, Kingwood, will get The Akgus for one year, commencing this week.

It is remarkable how many people subscribe for The Akgus borrow it from their neighbors. Miss Maude Wotring, who has spent the summer in Kingwood, re turned to her home in Grafton Sat urday. Mrs. William M. Schacfler and Mrs.

Charles C. Stone left Monday for a visit to the Jamestown Exposition. Misses Mary and Emma Rexroad were ihe guests of friends in nown a few days this return ing yesterday. Mr. and Mrs.

George 1). Wolfe and children returned lest evening from a visit with friends in F'kms and other points. Mrs. Phoebs brand and daughter, Miss Vcnna, who have been viliting relatives in Morgantown, teturned home last Friday. If you are not to subscribe for Thk Argus, borrow it; it you borrow it, steal it; but read it, by all means, read it.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Poe and Mrs. Sarah Ford went to Kingwood Saturday to spend some time wiih friends. Grafton Republican.

Dr. D. J. Rudasill and Joseph G. Brown left last'Thursday for Orange, on a visit to the doctor's old home.

From there they will go to the Jamestown Exposition. Ed. M. Williams, who went to Philadelphia several weeks ago to be treated by a specialist, is still under hi? care, and will probably tie aide to come home next week. I.evi A.

Shaffer, of Horse Shoe Run, was in town yesterday on business and gave 'The Akcus a very pleasant call. He reports the roails in bad condition between Terra Alta and Kingwood. Word was received here yesterday that T. I Murdock, of Ironton.O., was at the death from heart trouble. John brother, the early triin this morning for that point, Ralph Mcncar, foreman of the Journal, is off on a two vacation, and will use most of the time in hunting, his favorite sport.

We wish a pleasant time and plenty of good luck. I. P. Martin and son John left this week for New Jersey, where the latter re entcrj the military school, 1 where he has been a student the past year. Mr.

Martin will lake in the exposition at Jamestown b'fore return. (hit streets hail a deserted look Monday, every one seemingly being tiled out of town on busi ness. But as Buffalo Willie showed in Grafton that day and all ticke's purchased were for that place, it looks suspicious, to say the least. Mrs. M.

T. Bretz, Mrs, Maty I Schultz, Mrs. Brssie WVson, and Miss Daisy Herrick, of Morgantown, made the trip to Rowleshurg last Thursday to view the beautiful scenery along ('heat river. They stopped in Kingwood on the return trif and took dinner at the Jenkins House. At the quarterly conference held in the M.

E. inch here last Saturday night resolutions were presented and unanimously adopted recommending that Rev. J. H. Hess be returned to this station at the meeting of the annual confererce which convcnea in Huntington October 9.

Cross-roads Village Now a Bustling, Hnstling Town. NO LOAFERS OR IDLERS THERE Substantial Brick Buildings Being Erected Lets Selling Rapidly New Hotel Opened Special Correspondence ot I he Aigot Masontown, Sept. 17. I sec no correspondence from this place. This city lies out about ten miles a little north of west ol Kingwood.

This is a town of a good many years, like a good many other cross road place a store, a blacksmith shop, and postoihoe satisfied the town ami people tor several miles around, ltut the railroad has awakened the people from their lethargy and now they begiu to live no louger a slow train through but a busy, hustling little town. Improvements of all kinds are g-dng ahead. S. (-'ubu 11 has one ol the best store buildings in the county, which is nearing completion, and he is putting down more concrete walks than any other man in the county. Mr.

t'obun is a fine, honest, enter prising man and is doing a good, safe, and profitable business. lie has the most accommodating clerks one will find any place. He de serves great credit for the part he is taking in public improvements and should have the patronage, or a fair share of the custom of the town. There is another brick building here that will soon be completed which will be a fine structure. We are going to have as good or the best bank building in the state, with other (improvements going on all the time.

isontown lias a good class of citizens. You can find no loafers here. Push and hustle is the Mas mlown of today. Strangers are coming every day and lots are being sold rapidly. This is going to make quite a business place.

Thire was need ot a hotel; no place for traveling men to stop, so they passed th place by. That want is now supplied. The Valley House is open to the public, run by I. E. Sypolt; accommodations firstclass; no one neeil be afraid to stop; good table, good stable; well attended.

They are doing a lively business; house full every day. Ray Sypolt, of Kingwood, visited his parents over Sunday. Mr. Daniels, of Elkins, was visiting at James He is a student at Morgantown. Siam.

Keen lit. Dr. M. Dent, of Newburg, county, is here on a visit to his old friends and Dr. Dent has practiced his profession successfully for fifty-five years, and his father was a practicing physician for fifty remarkable record for one family.

Dr. Dent is a stanch Democrat and took a prominent part in the councils in the good days when Democracy ruled the stale. He is now a member of the county executive committee and was formerly a membci of the state Dominion. When teething most babies' stomach arc disordered. Kahrney'x Teething Syrup cures and pi trouble.

find Practice The practice of writing a few lines on the margin of a newspaper being to a friend through the mails must be stopped and violators of the postal regulations will be prosecuted in the United States district court. A postoffice inspector said would be well if the newspapers would ad ise their readers not to write on the Those who write on the papers are open to prosecution under Article 484 of the postal law VoittiK Men anil Yuunir l.iirfies With ambition should learn Telegraphy. Under the new 8 hour Jaw. which goes into effect next fully 15,000 additional telegraphers are required by the railroads in the nited Position pay from 50 to per month to beginners. For full information write to the National Tk.i f.orai’H Instituir, Cincinnati, Ohio, Inrr nro llillf IInrt.

Attorney Clarence K. organtown, was thrown from his horse while riding near Masontowu, Tues clay morning and was in jured. II knee was badly sprained anil he sustained severe brirses. With assistance he reached the M. A' K.

station and came to Mor gantown at noon. Uee Winters was called to liilti more Thursday, September 5, by the death of his father, who had gone to one of the hospitals thcie for treatment. Rowlesburg Record. Subscribe for Tint Arcus. DEATH RECORD.

Thomas Tanner. I 'zzie A. Darland Tanner, daughter of Janies A. and D. M.

Datland, was born April 5, 1876; died September 6, 1907. She was married to Thomas N. Tanner, November 4. 1896, at Spring Hill, Iowa. To this union was born a son, Herald 1).

banner, who with the husband and father survive her. Besides these she leaves a father, mother, three brothers and six sisters to mourn her loss. Her mother was with her the last weeks of her life. She was a great sufferer. No one can word paint that suffering.

In September, 1899, she dislocated her knee, and six months after this she was attacked with inflammatory rheumatism, which was later said to have developed into a spinal affection. For more than six years she was confined to her bed, and during nearly all this time was helpless, moving neither hand nor foot without assistance. Nothing that the tender affection of a true and dc voted husband could furnish was denied her. They sought up and down the earth for a sanitarium in which she might be relieved of her malady, spending time and all their accumulat'ons; tint like woman of Holy they spent it in vain. In June, 190O, she with her husband and child came to Kcedsvilic, at which place she spent her last hours.

When she knew that the "Jordan crossing was ipproached," she called her dear ones, and after delivering each a charge and com mending her dear boy to Hod and the cate of a loving husband, said, soiry to leave you, but meet me in She was heard to exclaim over and over again and agein. is love. is good." "enc.urcd as seeing Him who is The blessed Lord wonderfully sustained her in her last hours and made her life among us a blessing. She was converted and joined the Christian church while in college in Oskaloosa, Iowa. With her husband she joined the Methodist Episcopal church in Kecdsville in 1906.

Thus for fourteen years she had trusted the Christ, who when she was a school girl saved her. The funeral was conducted by her pas tor, Rev. A. M. Hammond, of Masontown, Hebrews 1 1.

After in the presence of a weeping throng we laid her hotly to rest in the Rcedsvillc cemetery. Brother Tunher and son have the sympathy and prayers of a host of friends, as have the parents, brothers ami sislets. Cod bless tbem all in this hour of trial. A Friend. No false pretense has marked the career of Ely's Cream Halm No idle promises of rewards for cases it will not cure.

Heing entirely harmless, it is not responsible like the catarrh snuffs and powdet s. for minds shattered by cocaine. The great pos.tive virtue of Ely's Cream Halm is that it speedily and completely cures nasal catarrh and hay fever. Hack of this statement is the testimony of thousands and a reputation of many ye os' success All dr uggists, coc. or mailed by Ely Warren street.

New York. Union Sunday School Institute Following is the program of the Union Sunday School Institute for the lvvtnsville charge to be held Wednesday, September 25, 1907: 10:10 Song aervlco tod bv F. 10:50 Invocation, followed by a few words of welcome by the paator. for Evangelization." Arfdress by Rev. S.

B. Hart, president of Taylor county Sunday school aasoriatlon, followed by open discusaion, 10:46 "The Teacher's Responsibility." Address by Miss Gertrude I. Cnllln. Washington, D. C.

on the ground. aervice. to Obtain and Hold Attendance at the Sunday achool," by Hon. S. B.

Montgomery, prisidentof Kingwood district. Round Table Discussion, conducted by ('. A. Foderer. president county Sunday sch'sjl association.

Write the problems you want s-dved in the form of a question ami hand to Brother Federer and he wi I solve them or get some one else do it. Bring your pencil and note-book and be prepared to take note of whatcvci helps you inay get, that you may preserve them ami put them into practice. .1 W. Hull, Sped nllwt, VV'JI be at Kingwood.Jenkins Hotel, September 24 and 25. If you have eye trouble of any kind you don't Want to miss seeing rne.

I will guarantee to fit you correctly. If it glasses that you need, will tell you so. It wdl cost you nothing to learn the condition of your eyes. See rne at the hotel afternoons of each date. Oakland Marriage l.lrenatm Chester I riend and Carrie It.

Myers, friendsville, Md. Cecil M. Calvert and Hora VVhetscll, Whetsell. R.ty Lew and Cora Kinney, Terra Alta. Arthur im and Hazel Weaver, New burg, Thomas B.

Hardesty. Terra Alta, and Kuil Fern Sanders, Hutton. Harry Ferguson, Terra Alta, and Ada Arnold, Oakland. Ray M. Weaver, Morgantown, and Myrtle M.

Teets, Tunnelton. In the course of his Sunday morning announcements a minister in a neighboring town said; "Brethren, the janitor and I will hold our weekly prayer meeting next Wcdnes day evening as tun rnmm. Interesting Letters from a Host of Argos Writers. SOMETHING DOING IN THS COUNTRY Bright of and Oersip About You and Your of a Week. Oak Grove.

Correspondence 1 he Argus Elmer Trembly is working for I-eroy Tembly. Grace, the 9 year old daughter of John Wilhelm, died last week. She was a dear little girl. feel sorry for her parents in their sad bereavement. Our people are nearly all done hat vesting their hay and oats, and now they are cutting buckwheat.

1 he crops are good, except corn; it is late. 1 he United brethren are build mg a new church at While Oak springs. Walter Guthrie, Charles I'reeland, and the preacher are the oarpenters. Bull Run. nr rrspondence ol I lie At guv Threshing is theorder of the day.

Samuel Lyons is going to erect a new dwelling. Otis McMillen is hauling logs for Samuel Lyons. I N. Roby has returned from the Weeding fair. Harvesting is quite late this year on account of the bad weather.

Mrs. Louie White, of Herring, who has been sick, is some better. J. F. McClure attended the institute at Terra Alta last week, Mary S.

Kadahaugh leaves next Sunday for Carmichaels, to visit Miss Mary liurnett. Walter of Likins, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas of Masontowu. Some one thought they were doing G.

M. Kadahaugh a kindness the other night when they upset his straw rick. D. T. Guc and wife and Florence Calvert and little daughter Heatricc were visiting at Morgantown and Fairmont last week.

Marshall Roby, wife, ami little daughter Elizabeth and Willie L. Kadahaugh went to lirownsville last Saturday to visit Mr. and Mrs. atarrli Cannot lie Cured wiili local applications, as they cannot reach Site seat of the disease. Catarrh is a bloc cl or constitutional disease, and In order to cure it )ou must take internal rente dies.

Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Inter nally, and diieclly on tin- blood and mucous surfaces Hall Catarrb Cure is not a medicine It waa prescribed bv one the best physicians In this country lor years and is a regular prescription. It Is composed of the best tonics known, combined with the best blood pm liters, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. The parted combination of the two ingredient! is what produces such wonderful results In curing catari It Send for testimonials free. V. J.

C'hknkv 1'oledo, O. Sold by Hruggtsts. 7sc. I ake Hall's Family Tills for constipation. Hazelton.

Correspondence The Argus. Our farmejs are cutting buckwheat. Samuel Guthrie and wife attended the meeting at Salem Sunday. Alva Jefferys was here visiting home folks anti relatives recently. Jasper Schnopp, who made a flying trip to Michigan, has returned.

Will Arthur anti family have moved into the stone budding with parents. J. G. Nicola, who is working for Sherman Friend in Maryland, spent Sunday at home. Waiter Uphold and family have moved into the house vacated by Will Arthur anti family.

Mrs. Silvan Fa'kner anti husband, who were visiting her home folks at Jeremiah Guthrie's, passed through here Sunr.ay. Oliver Mitchell, of Glade Farms, was in town Sunday, lie said his sister, Miss Rutii, took in the picnic at Laurel Run the previous Saturday. Our young blacksmith, Milton Fike, anti Miss Flossie Cupp were married last Wednesday by Rev. F.

C. Barnes. Milton brought his britle home last Sunday. Matrimony seems to be contagious among our young people. Often The Are Weakened by Over-Work.

Unhealthy Kidneys Make Isipurc Blood. It used to be that only urinary and bladder trouble were to he traced to the hut now modern science proves that nearly all have beginning in the disorder of these most important The filter and purify the that their work. Therefore, when your kidneys are weak or out of order, you can understand how quickly your entire body is affected and how every organ seems to fail to do its dutv. If you are sick or feel begin taking the great kidney remedy, Kilmer's Swamp-Root, bemuse as soon as your kidneys are well they will help all the other organs to health. A trial will convince anyone.

If you are sick you can make no mistake by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild and the extraordinary effect of Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy, is soon realized. It stands the highest for its wonderful cures of the most distressing cases, and is sold on merits all druggists in fifty-cent. and one-dollar Yon may liavc a sample bottle ef by mail free, also a pamphlet telling you how to find out if you liave kidney or bladder trouble. Mention this paper when Vrritingto Dr.

Kilmer Binghamton, N. Y. Don't make any mistake, Imt remember the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Swamp-Root, and the address, Binghamton, N. bottle.

BOOST KISHWOOO for Hoard of Trade to Make Known l'helr Idontilv I he Morgantown Kingwood Railroad ompany have arranged to run a special train from Morgantown to Rowlesburg and return tomorrow, and have invited the prominent business and professional men of Morgantown to join them on this day to enable them to view the line and the industries located thereon; also affording them an opportunity to meet the business and professional men of the towns through which train will pass. Special train will reach Kingwood about noon, and it would be a good move on the part of our board of trade to give the visitors the glad hand and let them know that Kingwood is on the map and growing. Tell the strangers going to have water worka pretty soon; and invite them to come and visit with ns and sec if this isn a pretty good town to locate a factory or two. I'r. I Dentist, t.rafton.

Journalistic Grant County Press, a sprightly newspaper published at Petersburg, W. has changed hands, A Well former editor and proprietor, disposing of half his interest to Kdward Johnson, into whose hands the inutiagcment and control of the paper has passed. Mr. Johnson is a prominent attorney of Petersburg ami succeeds Mr. ton, by appointment, as prosecuting attorney of Grant county.

Mr. Wilton has moved to Keyset in order to further his possible candidacy for attorney acncral of West Virginia. Married at Musoiitonn (I. Calc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Joseph of near Masontown, on Saturday night became the bride ol Mr. William Hall, a popular young carpenter of Hretz. The ceremony was performed in the M. IS. parsonage at Masontown at 7:30 by Rev.

A. M. Hammond. They will go to housekeeping at Hretz, where Mi. Hall is employed.

Ill Arcus joins with their many friends in congratulations. ITetllext Ilahjr In Town 'I'nr. Arcus, while usually first to chronicle news, is a back number in announcing the arrival of a gill baby at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.

S. Whctsell, The little one caine Thursday, September 5, and brother Whctsell, of the journal, is authority for the statement that the pret tiest baby in town. Tiik Arcus extends congratulai ions. llleil lit Freight I ruin. William Jenkins, of Newburg, on alighting front a passenger train Monday night, stepped on the op positc track and was struck by a freight train.

lie was taken to tic hospital in I'airmont, but died eaily Tuesday morning, TO MURDOCK. Marriage Licenses. The following juarriHge licenses have been issued by County Clerk nrge A. Walla, tin; parties being from Preston county unless otberwisr stated G. W.

Nine, XI; bln ilrimerlrk, 21. F. Fearer, 21, of Pennsylvania, and Maude Glover. IB. Walker 21; faille Lawrence.

2V William llnll. 26; Edna G. Gale. 21. Dr.

Walter W. fltirklow, 21; Iln Grare 20. A. Hnndera. l.uln 21.

Homer M. Titcherroll, 30; May Monenr, IB. William C. Parker, 27, Grafton; l.uln John Hirkforrl, 27; Isn May Kypolt, IK. ArlwnenH.

23; Hutuin II Ifi. Mervln Troy Meiheny, 2't; Hue E. Trickett. 23. Harry II.

Ryan. 22; Emrnn A. Everly, 1H. Old for sal- at this office GOOD BREAD "Mr bread won't It a common complaint among housekeepers. A dittrattinc thing, but tliete't alwart a Cause.

Nine timet oat of ten it't on account of the flour. Best Flour doet awar with inch cnmplafnle. If poa ran bake at all. pou ran hare 'good lark" with It. It it a flour with life in it.

Made of bntt wheat, plump grains ground hr a superior process Tbe millet that makes it knows bow. Trr a and what a difference there will he in roar bread, piea and Cakee neit bake dar Order from roar local dealer. If he ieetn'i have It. ho will (ci it if roe ask him. THC DEWEV BROS.

Blanohaatar, Ohio. w. shoeii. kowleiburc I March, kowf Imlr-pendant i lOtiitllli Ac Co, Ion I. C.

Shaffer. Carmrl I H. Albright Mrown. keerlsville 6-Year-Old Whisky, Attmot otrt ff ooft ft, 'I lie following brands are known for their purity flavor, full strength, and guaranteed age I hey are the standard of whisky the vorld over and are super tor in every respect We are the only selling these Old mellow isly whiskies St gf OO par quart. Guckenhelmer Clbson Mt, Vernon Overholt Finch Ollllngrtr Thompson Bridgeport A Full Quara, OKANDFATHKK CHOICF.

Guaranteed 4 old 00 per gallon We pav on all of I5 or over. shipped promptly. ROBT LEWIN CO WHOI.KSALK DKAI.KRS IN WINKS AND MQUORS 14 Smlthheld St. PITTSBURG, PA. MARRIED TONIGHT Miss Cecil Watson to Become Bride ot John Clyde Lewis AT THR PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Followed by Reception at Armory Honeymoon to Do Sport in East Social An Their Honor.

I he most elab social event of the season is the marriage o( Mr. John t'lydc I.ewis and Miss Cecil Watson, winch takes place this evening nt o'clock at the Kingwood I'rcsbytetian church. I lie ceremony will he solemnized by the pastor, Rev. Robert M. Ramsey, ami large till in be ol guests will Im present, among them ipii.e* a iniiiihei from out of town.

Ihe next to the groom will Mi W. Byeis, tionr 11lafton. The matron honor will be Mrs Myra Watson Hartman, Sister In the bride, and the bridesmaids will he Misses Jeasie T. Brown, Maltha Pratt and Da-sy Brown, of Kingwood, arid Miss hlizahelh Wisner, of Morgantown, I he lollowing gentlemen will act as ushers; Messrs, t'lydc Watsoli, l.antz, ('Italics Neale, and William Downs. The wedding march will he played by Miss Nellie Jane Albright.

After the ceremony nt the church a reception will he held at the Kingwood Armory, after which the wedding party will leave for Tunnel ton, wheie the newly wedded couple will take No. for the east on a bridal tour, visiting Washington, Baltimore, and the Jamestown Imposition. I'poii their return they will be "at home" to their friends at the elegant home Mr. and Mrs. John W.

the parents of the bride, as they will not go to housekeeping before next spring. During the past week several social allaiis have been given in honor of the prospective bride and groom, and by them to the other members of the wedding party, hast Thursday nifjht Miss Jessie Brown, one of the bridesmaids, gave a delight! ut dunce ut the Armory and there were about sixty guests present. The music was fur nishcd by the Grafton Orchestra of seven pieces anil was very fine. were twenty-four numbers on the program and delicious refreshinents were erved. It was vht the pleasant aftair was over.

1 evening the bridesmaids were entertained at dinner by Miss Martha i.ttt and I uesday evening of this week the bride-to-be entertained her maids at dinner and the groom gave a to his (rieudsof the engineer corps. When your Watch Stops tfu tanuot make it by thakinn it. in. ti tiio ikjwx'Is aro constipated you can disturb thorn with cat hurtles but, like tho watch, they wll) not ablo to do their allotted work until they aro put Into proper tiou to do it. Ono cannot meud ft deliento pioco of mechanism by via.

lout methods. and mac nine ni.nio man l-i ad a-i 11io human body, '1'ho use pills, Cftstoroll and strong cathartic id tMo violent motluxl. usoiof the herb tonic laxative, Family Medicine, the method adopted by intelligent people. Headache, backache, constipation, skin di all aro 1 'Ucrtii'd immediately by the mo ot' this IHugeistn sell it nt and yoc. ULT THE BEST Recently Enlarged WITH 25,000 Now Words Now Gazetteer of the World llli mum tlmn tltlliP, 1x140(1 oil tbo 111 tout iimn It'turnx.

No Biographical Dictionary I ho nnmi'H of ovt 10,000 tiottxl IM-rnous, ilato of lilrt li, dentil, etc. lMIteil T. IIA lili It, Vh.TV. I I tiileaCiiiiiiulKoniii lalUUtklion. 2380 Quarto Pages N.

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C. MERTvXAM iPulilIf liern, Sp.lonfir Id, Mm, Tile COR. HIGH AND I lie I Une, PRICE STREETS II store rooms luivo been enlarged ami new fixtures added. Wo have just received a lull line of Fail and Winter Goods invito your inspection. Wo enn please you in quality and price.

BOWERMASTER WHITE General Merchants, Kingwood Brick, Patent Plastering, AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIAL Deceived in car load lots nt iny ware room at the Wept Virginia Northern depot. Orders Filled by Mai! or WILLIAMSTndNGWOOD, W. VA. ORDER YOUR WHISKEY FROM BIG Mail Order House The Largest Jug and Bottle House in the State WRITE FOR PRICE LIST Wo ShipC. O.

D. to pi TDP Responsible Parties ROWLESBURC GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale. Composed of Preston County Capital. Stock New, Clean, and Up to Date. Sunlight The Flour of.

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