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West Virginia Argus from Kingwood, West Virginia • 2

Kingwood, West Virginia
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Knia Argus At King wood I matter and Associate Editor. Cash in Arivanj Payable In 6 i is These terms aro the cash in ad' ptlon fi.oo per year ha. I. SO forced to encoutaae system Examine the tag on your paper, which shows you every week where you are paid to. Items and news letters arc cordially invited All must bear the names of the senders as an evidence of good faith.

The names, of course, will not be published. Address all communications, business otherwise, to The and not to individuals connected with it KingnooU, January litOT Letter from a Coal Argus I ask you to please jrrint this because I am a Republican, a union coal miner, member and official of local union No. 237, United Mine Workers, and third vice president of the State Federation of I.abor of Virginia. ttto? onset I want to say that I cit'd in nty power to defeat two years ago, because time I was led to believe just lies as this fellow who himself Miner" would us coal miners believe now. As to Warner, he is unspeakable, and I think is as now -to take care of as he was'two ago.

Suffice to say, it to confirm Warner, and the vote 'should be made public, he would inherit the hatred of every honest, self-respecting coal miner, nofonly in this state, but wherever Warner was known. Now, if you had one drop of honest union blood in your unclean carcass you would have signed your name to your dirty, lying harangue against Sam Montgomery, the friend. You are not a You do not live at Newburg, and you evidently are not a citizen of Preston county. If you were you would not tell such palpable lies as to say that failed to get a single delegate in Preston The truth is, the coal miners generally remained true to Senator Montgomery and secured for him the only delegates that he did get in Preston county. you fraud do think you can fool the coal tniof this county by bringing up ime old cry of it Sam Montgomery? You rard.

If you know, as you claim, ft secured his nomination the free use of B. O. Rhy were you afraid to sign your tme? An honest union man is Jfer afraid to sign his name to any tide he publishes, and a union liner never fails to do so when he If tails one whom he believes to be i enemy of organized labor. Every thinking man in this country knows that the that hates Sam Montgomery, like 1 hate a coward, would have exposed him and forced hit resignation from the senate long ago. If he had secured his nomination Itate senator fraud and the free use of money; if your charges werd true, Senator Montgomery would now be a disgraced man and an outcast instead of one of the strongest and most influential members of the senate.

Any fair-minded man who follows I the coutse of Preston's senator in I 1905 will gladly support him for ref election if he is a candidate, unless he should forsake the plain people election, and this is not though: for a minute by people who know the man. But the intelligent coal miners fully understand that he will not be able to please his traducers unless they can control his every action, and this is not likely. Miner" fraud, do you think we real coal are so ignorant you can cry "Fellow Servants Bill," and turn any miner against Sani? We all know this bill did not mention the coai miners or give them any pro'ection whatever. More than this, you lie when you say "That Sam Montgomery voted against the fellow servants bill." Now, if you really lived at Newburg and were an honest miner, you would be trying to organize and bet ter the condition of the coal miners in and around Newburg, and not tff to defend that scavenger Warner hom the governor picked up in and appointed mine inspector, delcly ignoring the claims of sands of honest, decent, Chrisooal miners who are citizens of West Virginia. "Fraud" had better stow; the miners are on to your ssedftess.

More may follow. Very ClOH. Tunnetton, W. Jan. 1907.

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Special Correspondence of the Argus, Winter came and gave us some sledding, but is now gone and left nothing but mud. Christmas passed off quietly with plenty of snow. Mrs. Allen health is improving Miss I.ona Haugcr was calling on friends at Orr on Christmas. Winfield Wolfe is getting ready to work in factory.

Jehu Jenkins is not much better at this writing. His son Thomas is still nursing him and intends to stay until his health improves. John Ringer was home over Xmas. He is working near Friendsville, Md. Miss Maude Livengood has a situation in the Knglehart woolen mills making sample books.

Mrs. George health is worse since the cold weather. A very pretty wedding took place lit the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jenkins, Wednesday, December 26, 1906, when their daughter, Dessie, and Mr.

Charles Miller, of near alley Point, were married at 4 p. m. 1'he bride was dressed in white mohair cloth. The bridesmaid was Miss Elsie Livengood, and the brother, Clarence Jenkins, best man. After congratulations all were invited to the dining-room, where the table was laden with all the delicacies that could be prepared.

We wish the young couple a long and prosperous journey through life. Artie Groves, who is teaching school near lerra Alta, was home during the holidays. Miss Daisy Ringer, who has been working at Guseman, is home. Mr. and Mrs.

Andrew Reckart, of Cherry Grove, were visiting at George recently. Bruce Ringer has put up a new blacksmith shop and has a full line of tools. P01.1.Y. If you are constipated, dull, or bilious, or have a sallow, lifeless complexion, try Lax-ets just once to see what they will do for you. Lax ets are little toothsome candy to eat, nice in effect.

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Special Correspondence of 'I'he Argus The old year is a thing of the past. How many good resolutions will you keep? Mrs. Sarah Trowbridge, of King wood, is here with he' son Charles. Lieut. A.

D. Cunningham and family are visiting friends and relatives in town. John Benson, of Uniontown, was here a few hours Saturday. O. Z.

Gibson has returned to Lniontown after a sojourn among relatives here. AVill Whitehair is around gathering up a lot of fat cattle. Miss Nora Michael was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Spurgeon at Jockey Valley, during the holidays.

The Christmas tree here was a great success, and the young folks deserve great praise for carrying the work through so successfully. Walter Thomas is in Maryland we say any more. Joseph Koss Machesney is the n' cashier of our hank. Mrs. Joseph Maohesney, of Arnos is here, the guest of her grandson, Joseph koss Machesney.

The Consolidated Telephone Co. held a meeting here last Saturday to fn up the business of the old year. Several of our people attended the oyster supper at Hrandonville the last night of 1006. all 1 hn tune, harmless always try. ahrney 1 eeihing Syrup lor infanis Price howesville.

Specal Correspondence of The Argus. Ed I.ynch spent the holidays with his parents. Miss Jess I.ynch carne home to spend Christmas. There was a sly wedding here last Wednesday morning before daybreak, the contracting parties being Miss Ada ftosley and John Rehe. Joseph Mask is spending the holidays in Wheeling with relatives and friends.

Jot MetcbM on a two i a jri to Wheelihg eturned 10 WJ ALBRIGHTSVrLLE. Special of The L. L. Parks, of Eglon, was here Friday and Saturday looking up a house to move into. He was successful in securing the new and commodious dwelling of Floyd II.

Sypolt, and thinks of bringing his family here in about ten days. Floyd II. Sypolt has accepted a position as boiler man with the tin plate and steel mill near Morgan town, and will move his family there the first of the year. We are sorry to lose them. Dame Riim ir has it that ville is going to have a steel mill.

On Saturday night about 8 a crash was heard near town as though the mountain was going to he precipitated into Cheat river. Upon investigation it was found that a ledge of rocks on the M. K. grade gave way and completely covered the roadbed. I).

Mcnear, who has recently underrone an attack of quinsy and diphtheria, is again seen on our streets, we are glad to stale. We have a store here known as the Hoffman cash store. Christmas was observed by both the M. E. and Baptist churches.

order prevailed and everybody present receiveed a nice present. Some handsome presents were among the gifts. James Feather, from the Craborchard settlement, was in town Saturday on business. are to have a new furniture store in the near future. S.

C. Parks will be the proprietor. Miss blanche Martin, who has been at Kingwood for some time, was on Saturday evening notified of her sudden and serious illness and she is now at her bedside. A.W, McGinnis is making prepa rations to move the postoffice from J. H.

store to the new building the postmaster had erected the past summer. The change will take place soon. There will be something doing around here as soon as spring comes in the way of building. There will be about to new dwellings erected as soon as the weather permits, all on the Faulkner addition to town. The grading on the M.

K. is steadily progressing, and it will only be a matter of a few months until we will hear the clang of the car wheels. There seems to be some attraction about this place, as there is hardly a day passes without some one looking over the town for building lots, and as a result real estate is changing hands. Let them come We have the lots and the price is right- Jakev. KEEP IN GOOIJ HEALTH.

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Special Correspondence of The Argus. Christmas passed off very quietly in our little town. The young people were glad to see the snow, and made good use of it. Some of our young people from here attended the festival at Ed. last Friday night a week.

They report a good time. Henry Netting, of Fairmont, was seen wending his way toward Joe Reed's one day last week. Dorsey Fordyce, who is attend ing high school at Waltersburg, was visiting friends here Christmas. I.ectie Zinn and brother Huff, of Morgantown, were visiting their grandfather, E. Reed, last Saturday and Sunday.

Milton Rogers, of Mt. Vernon, passed through here Sunday en route to Morgantown. The school at Mt. Vernon is pro. pressing nicely this winter, with Harvey McMiMen as teacher.

The protracted meeting, which was conducted at Masontown by Revs. Hammond and Nanna, has closed. The church was greatly revived and many souls saved. George Newman, who is working in the glass factory at Kairchance, was seen in our town Christmas. '-d Horn was a business caller here Friday.

Nora Newrnan, of I.eekrone, Ha was visiting friends here Xmas. Isaiah Kirk, who has been sick, is able to be out again J. R. iaylor, who lives near Mt. Vernon, and who has Heen calling on friends near Kohl, returned home Sunday.

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Major David Stemple Dies at Ripe Old Age. SUFFERED STROKE OP PARALYSIS Well-known in Proston and Adjoining Counties-Laid to Best at Old Home. Major David Stemple, of Amboy, a pioneer of county, was stricken with paralysis on December 20, which resulted in his death the following Saturday. He was more than yo years old. The funeral took place from his late home and the remains interred in the Lutheran cemetery.

Major Stemple was born near Hagerstown, July 12, 1816, his parents having emigrated from Germany and settled in Maryland. When a young man Major Stemplc located at the old town of Aurora, vftierc he built and conducted one of the famous obi fashioned wajside inns on the Northwestern turnpike, then the chief route of travel through the country, where drovers and the hundreds of commercial men made their over night stops. He continued this business until the railroad was built through the country, which destroyed the turnpike as a highway for genursl travel. Major Stemple then purchased a fine tract of land comprising some 400 acres about a mile from Aurora; Today this farm is one of the finest in that section. Prior to the war he was made a major of V11 ginia militia, which gave him the title hy which he was known throughout many sections of West Virginia.

He was twice married and is survived by a wife and 14 children. At the celebration of the ninetieth anniversary of his birth it was learned that Major Stemple was the only survivor of his and father of four generations. There were then 92 descendants. The name of Major Stemple as always synonymous with everything that was honorable. His 90 years of life were of the upright, dependable, reliable kind that sits as a jeweled crown on'the head of the fathers when their years of usefulness has expired.

A man peculiarly fond of home life, his home was his abiding place, preferable above all other places the world had to offer His greatest ambition was to raise his family of children to mor.ble manhood and womanhood, and in this his life work was the success that it so richly deserved to be. He was a Democrat of the old school and held several offices of trust and honor. The old Rising Sun Hotel spoken of above was, perhaps, the most famous hostelry in the state and has been written up time and again and spoken of in several books. This paper published an interesting sketch of it a few years since und this history was also published in booklet form. The surviving sons and daughters are: David, P.

Morgantown; I. Camden, Detroit, Mrs. John Wilt and Mrs. Henry Wilt, Amboy; Mis. Olive Shaffer, Davis; Mrs.

James (irafton; Mrs. Maggie Young, Ontario, Canada; L. J. Stemple, of the home farm; Mrs. Mary Stemple Jeffreys, (irafton; Howard, Washington state; Messrs.

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Thursday, January 10, 1907, TO WITNESS AT THE Oldest and Best Minstrel Organization. fli This minstrel show has just completed its twentvnrst year. Has appeared before more than 20 000 000 persons, traveling a distance of 525,000 miles. You cannot afford to miss this chance to see the best minstrel show on the road. A Special Excursion rate of one fare plus 10 cents for round trip will be given, good on special train, turning leave Morgantown twenty minutes after the performance.

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SWISHER, Irgantown,.

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