The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 13, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1892
Page 3
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i . . Shut tht door [ •gainst disease. Danger cornea oft- |oneBt through impure blood. Keep f your blood in order, and you keep I In health. For this, nothing equals K'Dft Pierce*s _Golden Medical JDiscov- | ery, It invigorates the liver, puri- |fies; atid enriches tho blood, and i'tptiBeV every _'organ into healthy ac- jtion. By this means it cures. Ev- fery^ part of the system feels its saving influence. Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Biliousness, Scrofulous, . 3kiu and Scalp Diseases-—even [Consumption (or Lung - scrofula) |in its earlier stages; all yield to it. jit's the only Liver, Blood and Lung |Bemedy that's guaranteed to bone- Ifit or cure, or the money is re- punded. Trying terms to sell on |— but it's a medicine that can carry ithem but. I "Golden Medical Discovery" I con tains no alcohol to inebriate land no syrup or sugar to derange Idigestion. I It's a concentrated vegetable ex- Itract; put up in large bottles; I pleasant to the taste, and equally |good for adults or children. ALQOJflA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13 V 1892* w This GREAT COUGH CURE, this success, fftjl CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug. IJKJits on a positive guarantee, a test that no othe» |fCure, can stand successfully. If you have a ftCpUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, il prill cure you promptly. If your child has th» ICROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use U 'juickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON.' SUMPTION, don't wait until your case is hop*, less, but take this Cure at once aud receive im. jgfaediate help. Large bottlea, 500. and $1.00. ^Travelers convenient pocket size 2Cc. Ash lour druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If youi lungs are sore or back lame, use Shiloh's Po* Icus Plasters. Price, 250. Vile cod-liver oil'has lost fits vileness in Scott's Emulsion and gained a good deal in efficiency. It is broken up into tiny W drops which are covered with glycerine, just as quinine in pills is coated with sugar or gelatine. You do not get the taste at all. The hypophosphites of lime and soda add their tonic effect to that of the half-di- .gested cod-liver oil. Let us send you a book on CAREFUL LIVING—free. SCOTT & BOWMB, Chemists, 131 South <th Avutu*, New York. Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-Uyer •M—Ml druggist* •Torywhv* do. |u n (• , I*nEHlSTORIC COPJPEU. • '•<• ••' • ' r • . . •• • A Itlcti Ai-ctminloKical Discovery Made !h Mnr-ylniMl. ' 1 Tho recent discovery of pr'ehi?loric copper implements oa tbo fife i,E. an ancient Ihdinii. village on Still Pond Creek, near Bttlerton, Maryland, will hs recognized as an important contribution to American arcl ED;;logy. "they iurnish another link in tho chain of evidence in support of the belief that even among the. most remote tribes there existed a sjstem of intertribal trade. , . , The implements in question, two in number, were made from, plates of native copper frotn the shores of-Lake Superior, more than 1,000''miles from Bpttertmt. The more important object is a f-pearhead, tho other has somewhat trie shape of tin axe, but 1 fancy was . used rts a hot 1 . The spearhead is a remarkaole example of prehistoric metal work. It has a double cutting edge like a poniard, which it resembles, and the ridge line dividing the two edges is as accurate as if wrougM by a f-killed Sheffield cutler. It seems almost, incredible that it could have been, the work of an Indian hundreds of yars ago, perhaps before be came in contact with a white man. It measured eight inches long and two and one-half inches in its widest part, and the blade is barbed at the point.. An ingenious, feature ia the t-mallBbank which I have endeavored to. figure. On each edge there are four small bluut teeth, like thoie of a comb, evidently made to secure greater security in haf ting it. < The spearhead looks for all the world liko those of bronze from ancient Romo — such as have !?eea excavated there and at Pompeii—nnd I venture to "Say tbot, if toeir^American counterpart were °xhibtt- ed with .them, only an expert could distinguish it from the others. The liue:- are just as graceful, and the workmanship as fine, although we know that tho aborigines were unacquainted with the art of smelting and hammered the metal into shaue in its natural size. The hoe is quite a plain tool, four and a halt inches long and four wideband a quarter, qf an inch thick. The deflnrted village where the implements were iouud has another attraction for l,he luvhfBjlogigt in the bhapa of, a vast shell mound, whose magnitude aral consequent activity cannot fail to impress the obsei ver. It takes rank at once as one of the largest north of Florida. Oxie part of it abuts on Still Pond Creek, where an excavation has been made. . o a depth uf sixteen feet without reaching the Lot- tjpi. The spearhead and the axe or bo<> were dug up, together with some hunmi) bonoB, just beyond the Jine of shells. Tho whole locality is an interesting one, niul deserves careful examination, which Mr. Francis Jordon, Jr., of the Philadelphia Antiquaviau Society, is giving it.—Philadelphia Press. , THE SMALLER HU, , TU T.FS ^ " LIVER PILLS® e6i A -MAGNETIC MARVEL. The Georgia Olrl Who Is AntonlnhliJU All London. At the Alhambra Miss Annie Abbot', described as "The Little Georgia Magnet," recently gave an exposition of a force :hat is certainly both peculiar and mysterious, says Lloyd's Weekly. The lady.' a aative of Georgia, and now said to be 25, .s extremely slight in build. It is claimed that by some subtle and unexplained puw at anything held by Miss Abbott becomes .mmovable should she KO will, while by :he slightest pressure even through the medium of another person's hand, remarkable results in weight manipulation are accomplished. Miss Abbott weighs ninety-eight pounds and the doctors yesterday found her temperature was ninety-five and her pulse eighty-four, botb low under the circumstances. Tbe first feat was the swaying of i chair tightly gripped close io the clinst >y one of the committpe. Miss Abbott., )y simply touching the chair, almost hrew the soldier cS his balance. Nexc came the performance illustrated. Miss Abbott held the chair aloft with ier open hands against the frame, but none of the committee could pull it to tbf> ground. While she held a billiard cue as pecifis of bar four of the committee un- ivaili'gly us(d their united s'rongth Lo nisb her backward as she stood on one eg. A farcial feat was the upsetting of ive of the committee piled upon one hair. Two sat crosswise, and three othejs were laid at full length across the knees f the seated couple. By just touching be chair Miss Abbott sent sober doctors nd learned electricians in a heap upon he floor. Miss Abbott could be lifted r ith the greatest ease by her elbows when handkerchief covered her arm. but di- ectly the lifter's hand came in direct contact with her body he was powerless. At tbe close the committee confessed that they were as much puzzled us the specta- torH on the other side of the footlights. sir, nhe, came., ia, and I tokl her .- I'i/fa ' b»i«y (6 "sMfM-r.' Don't jt>Vi. think, :dr, *hecvHri{'S a little loo often— and you are-so ru ch employed?" "No!"—nrid -feeling vpxe;l tlin.fc-I had been:-:denied to see anybody.-'. Thai; ni/ztit a most retn irkable thing, occurred. ,1 was then residing in Chnyrin.•> How, Chelsea, soar tho forlorn house, with its long walled-in garden, inhabited by Thorns Citrlyle. , ' The hous?, -which must have baon -built in Chelsea's historic timss'j was'than owned by tho_ brothers Sylvester, who were ''van-proprieturs"on a Jurge scale. I slept in a lofty wniuscotca room on the "drawing room" or second (Lor. There was a "box-room" attached, in which I afterwards 1 learned a mad woman ha<J been eqiifmed, but what had become of her nobody knew. It was in the dead of night. ' I awoke with a start and found myself sitting bolt upiight in -bed—a small light in the di- ininutive spirit lamp flickering, as if it, •would go out. Then I saw-H-my heart beat so violently that i<s throbs Were distinctly painful—one of the panels—a panel on which I had pinr.ed some pages from "Bopp's Comparative Grammar" for memorizing while dieasing and undressing—began steadily, to open. There before me, pale and boggard, stood Sto'hi, attired in the same black dr. SB she had always worn, She had a packet in her Hi hand. Sho raised the packet, then she Approached tho bod arid I thought [ must die. Then she put tho packet on a sniiill ,able, some clothes that had been thrown over the back of a chair falling to tte floor. She pointed to the packet with i.tie index-finger of the right hand. I iook.:J. at it. A de<ip mourning border ran, arouuii the edge. I read: "To Tom Nichols, from SteJa;" and down in the left-hand corner: "There ai-e no mathematics in this chp.pter; it i« the last.", Her lips formed speech but uttpred norc. I tried to spouk, bat couldn't articulate a word She turned to.words the wains- coating, then came ba^k to the table nnd took up the packer,, glided to the, panel and—disappeared 1 Then I Haw the pages oi 'Bopps Comparative Grammar in their place. ' I sprang out of bed, turned up the lamp, looked at tho wainscoat Mid—fell down on the floor in a faint, the first case of suc- cumbhig that ever happened to me. ' . I felt sick, unhingfd that morning— jucti as Lazurus must havp felt when roiKijil from his tomb. At 9 o'clock 1 climbed to the top of a Chelsea omnibus, road to Pic- cadily circus, walked through ther»St".<:ii Dials^to Great Eussell street, but ail alccg l.he journey the shadow pursued im 1 , weighed on u-y soul. On entering the museum Charles Vincent asked: "You have heard the news'" "No." "Well, your friend Stellu--Mrs. Lawis —was found dead in her bed this morning! 11 ''Any parliculais?" "None—pprhaps Mr. Ingrain (editor of EJger Allen Foe's works, was also a friend of Stella's) can give you some." . What needed I to know more? A )ift> that was dear to ma had gone out. I had seen it in its flight! . About. Navy Jewish Messenger. ' The red flag is a mark of danger' nnc flowing a vrsscl to Im.rficeiviug or dis chiir«ing pfi-wd'ir. A flng n't lulf ui.vt means that a drat; drourredi'ttnd hoisted union down is i si>Minl of A flafr of truce 1 i-s a v- lute flig di.suln.voc !p ii'i.eneim to jmlic.iloa dct,iro W i parley or consu!(.-iHon. _ The yellow flag bf longs to tho quarantine service, aurt when displayed is a .ngn of con'agioup di--c:ipo A convoy flis>- is while, triangular in shape, bordered with red, and is worn by me -'of-war when conveying luerchiin'l A clurch.pennaht is a white flag without swnllow-tails, chsirged with n bhie Latin cross, hoisted at tho peak during divh.'o. service, over the ensign. A dispatch flig is a white, .squnre fl .„ with five bluo cropsp^, generally known as the.fivR of ciubs; hoistwl iHirjortant nnd urgent t-pecial Hurvicp which inushnot b» interfered with by any ofikor junior to the one bv whom it was dispatched 's KAMI .WORK: Moro Dnnrt I/ast, Month Than In Any ^ Jan. 7.— In rpite of unfavorably weithw ui'vrn work w.u di.nic uii the world's hiiv g.'oiuxla lnyi, mouth tban miy p'wdin-.' nioiVb. Ten million leet of. iiiinbiT w.-re u^ed untl nearly a million luid a h:ilf' pound* of iron. Tho daily lorcp of mechanics and laborers ;ivernycrl 2,428 men. ACTOHB, VOCALISTS, POPLIO SPEAKEBB recommend HiLIS'S llONKT Of KoitKHOUND AND TAB. PIKB'S TOOTUACHB DBOPS Cure In one minute. , "Paw," asked Tommy Figg, "what does 'years of discretion mean? 1 ' "It moans," interrupted Mrs. Figg, "tliat a man is old enough to drink whisky.", • IF you are constipated, bilious or troubled with sick heaOaclio, Beecliam's Pills afford Immediate relief. Of druggista. 35 centa. Pir^felctf * Mfi^A. V .- i"The summer girl comes with the' returning birds." Rod—"Yes, and she will depart with them In the fall—wearing, them' on her hat." Made to Look Like Mew. Drosses, Gents' Clothing, Feathers, GloveB, etc., Dyed or Cleaned,- Plush Garmentr- Stenmed at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 340 \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Suiul for circular. "What is repentance?" asks a contcmpu rary. As a rule, repentancu is being sorry when It is too laic to do any good. THK S IPILES i ODBI.E Price,?!-, at_drugxiets or Boiaiiie, NEW"YOB« , l)y mail, Addrofla "ANA Baroples frfn. S1S, CIT thnixr tH. B*fore jci bur, itud n«in. Corlllgiir.l.4 Catafojae u Tb< '' I'.K i.uiue. No tialvu. ..,, SUKliV MAILEDFBEB. Addniut i ..i ^V'JO^aw York City.N. 1 '?^*J> r /P'. lllle lT ' a> 't v:ui-i-cl In 10 to SO UH.VK. ISu nay till «ur«<d. UK. J. STEPHENS, Lebanon/Chi". Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands. IVORY DOES NOT. A Remarbablo I'crBonul Kxperlancu It«- latcil by T. N. Nicholas. "I want some proofs revised of a book i have in the press." I looked up from the reports I was i tlad- ing in my office in tbe British Museum, and found standing before me a tall lady dressed in black. She held in her hand a packet .of rough printer's proofs. The lady's accent at ouco bespoke her personality. She was an American. "I will .'et you see our list or' applicants for such work," "0, pray don't," she said; "it is Borm- thing 1 want done right away." "What is your subject, madam?" She began to unhand the packet, whereupon I b.'pged her not to proceed—"! kuow nothing about mathematics or statistics, madam, and it would be of no use." I felt sure this large-brained woman must livi. 1 on solutions of tho quadrature of thy circle, I found this American lady charming, anything but an agglomeration of figures, nrd undertook to revise "The Pearl of Poland"—of couree, graluitoudy. The pqetass and myself in time became great friends, and I must confess to a genuine admiration of Stella's brilliant mind nnd piqucnt conversation. Well, Stella called to se-e me every duy bhe was- in the big reading-room, wbiuh wt;& very often; wrote mo little ncttBin he. bold, clear hand, such as: "DearTom: I um all alone this evening, pray come to tea. Fait uf ill ly, Slella"-notes that of- 'on £<o1 me inlo hot waUr cf'ter the hot A-B, madam at home not being a believer in pure Iritudship, and probably piciur- injf "Stella" as something very tender in jiurs iioin her Bohtmian Hprigmliness in Stella's daily visits to a busy public office were disliked and resented by our attendant, Giorgo Deacou. One morning 1 had seen her in the leading-room, talking with Swu el'uri', the poct, but she hud not paid me her usual vi--it, As I phased out al ,4 o'clock 1 o/sfeed Peacon whether Mrs. I/jwis had " ' The MetaiuorplioBed Kivulet. The rivulet .which pusses through my garden, and issues Iroin the side of a hii'i covered with gorse, nas been for a lou, ; time a very happy rivulet. Ic crossed m_eaclowa where all sorta of charrnhi : wild fl iwers bathed and admired themselves in its tiny waves, then it entered my garden, were I had expected it, and p) e pared verdant banks for its reception. I planted upon its sides and in its stream all the plants which in the whole world bios soma in the bossom or on the banks of pure waters. It crossed my garden, singing it melancholy song, and then, all perfumed with my flovrora, issued out, crossed,another meadow, and precipitated it self into the sea, over the abrupt sidea of a rock, which it covers with foam. It was a happy rivulet; it, had absoluie- ly nothing to do but what J. have told you—to flow, to glide on, to be limpid, r,o murmur, between flowers and perfumts. It leads just tha life I have chosen, marked out for myself, and which I fol low—when the world will have the kindness to let me alone—when the wicked, the intriguing, the rogues and the fools, do not force me to return to the combat—me, the most pacific and the most irrascible man in the world I But heaven nnd earth ore envious of happiness and delicious idleness. My dear brother Eugene, and the skillful engineer, Sauvage, tho inventor of "helices," were one day chattering on the banks of this poor rivulet, and spoke very il! of it. "Now is not; this," said my brother, "a pretty do nothing of a rivulet, which goes merrily on, idling without shanu-, flowing in the sunshine, or creeping in the grasp, instead of working and paying for the ground it occupies, as an honest rivulet ouaht to do? Could it not grind coffee and pepper?" "And sharpen tools?" answered Sauvage. "And saw wood?" said my brother. Aud I trembled tor the rivulet; and I interrupted the conversation by crying loudly, that these envious beings, those tyrants, would in the next place trample down my "Vergis-mein-nicht!" Alas! 1 was only able to protest it against them. It was not long before a rascal came into the ccunfery, whom I frequently saw prowling along ils green banks, on the side where ic leaps into the sea. This man did not appear to me to have the air of one who caaie there to seek for rhymes, or awaken sweet remembrances, or even to let his thoughts fall asleep to the murmur of the water. "My friend," said he to the rivulet, "you glide along, you affect a quiet air, and you sing in a manner to create envy in your hearer, whilst I work and toil beyond rny strength. It appears to me you could help me a bit; it is not a labor you are acquainted with, but I will teach you, you shall soon be in working condition. You must be very tired of leading eueh an idle life; it will amuse you to make files and sharpen knives," Short ly afterward a wheel, machinery and millstone, were brought to the rivulet. From that time it wonje; it turns a great wheel, which turns a smaller one, which turna the mill-tone. It sings still, put it is not th«t same softly mpnotonuus and happily melancholy eong it used to sing. There are cries and passion in the song of to-day; it bounds, it labors—it sharpens knives. It still crosses the meadow; aud my garden, and jhen the other meadow; but at the end of it the man is there who waits for it, and makes it work. I have only b-'on able to do one thing fo.r ii, J. have du 0 ' a, fresh bed for it in my garden, so that it may wind about longer, and go out latter; but it nevertheless flnishes by going to sharpen knives. Poor rivulet! than didst not sufficiently couceaj thy happiness in ihe gratif; thou hast murmured thy -weet song too loudly!—From, the, French of Alphoee Karr. 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There U a 8-Inch display advertisement In this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. Tho same U true of each new one appearing each week from Tho Dr. Barter Medicine.Co.. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the naino of the word, and they will rulurn you BOOK, BEADTIi'tfi, UTUOaUAl'Iia Or SAMPLES JfUEB. "I like a man with a history," said Hallo way. "Yes; he's a degree better than j man with a poem," remarked Skltt. 8100 Reward. 8100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there Is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cur* In all Us itages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure pow known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a con- Btitutlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon thn blood and mucous surfaces of tho system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving tho patient strength by building up the constitution and assis'tins nature In doing its work. Tho proprietors ha™ BO much faith in KB curative powers that they offer Quo Hundred Dollars for any case that ii. fulln to cure, Svjid for lint of testimonials. Address, P. J. (,'HKNEY & CO., Toledo, 0. <g~Bold by Druggists, 7Sc. •: A NATUKAi REMKDy Foa EpUeptio Pits, Fflfflnfr Sickness, Hysterics, St. Titus Dance, Herronsnes% H/pochon-Irtfl, Melancholia, In- Sleeplessness, Dls> Brain and 8pt> . ad Weakness. This medicine has direct action open the nerve cantors, allaying all Irritabilities, and Increasing the flow and power of, nervo fluid. It Is perfectly harmless and leaves no unpleasant effects. Pfir 1 !™— &, Valuable Boofc m TTerroni V Wr V Dlfenxe* tent free to any addraii. I UI I J?? 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DRDOQISTa 1 ' I have been a great Asthma. sufferer from Asthma and severe Cold*, every Winter, aud last Fall my friends as well' ns myself thought because of rny feeble condition, and great distress from constant coughing, and inability to raise auyoftha accumulated matter from mylunga, 1 that my time was close at hand. When nearly worn out' for want of sleep and rest, a friend recommended me to try thy valuable medicine, Boschec's German Gentle, Syrup. I am con- Refreshing f.J 0111 ./ 1 saved mr s life. Almost the first Sleep. dose gave me great relief and a gentle refreshing sleep, such as I had not had for weeks. My cough began immediately to loosen and pass away, and I found myself rapidly gaining ia health and weight. I am pleased to inform thee—unsolicited—that I am in excellent health and do certainly attribute it to thy Boschee'i German Syrup. C. B. STICKNBV, Picton, Ontario." MOODT'SK., and atoODT't IKPROVCZ TAILOI TEMBofDr«.» OnttlBf. 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Co., Philadelphia, Pa. &» toffl>?o»itt C Hviuio l T* 1 'i'l' " *^«v«-> ft «»fpSto«Hu B ^: The Secret of Good Health. The secret of good health is to avoid Baking cold. This ia especially ' true in this climate. Its varying chiinges from heat to cold induce, a" great deal of lung trouble. People take cold and it settles in a cough. They take something to check the cough and it runs on. They say it- is obstinate, not knowing that a cold upon the lungs always involves the kidneys, and that the proper course to follow is to treat both of the great.Necretory organs. This is the- reason why REID'S GERMAN COUGH AJS*D KIDNEY CUUE is so popular. It contains no opiates, but incites both the lungs and kidneys to action. The one takes the carbonic acid from the blood and the other the uric acid. If both these organs do their work the system is soon renovated, and the patient recovers. For this reason, and beciinse ifc does this double duty, RKID'B GKIIMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY Cuuu 'is tho best remedy on the inurket. It is mild,,. soothing and acts'at once. Get it of your dealer, •; SYLVAN REMKDY Co., Peoria, 111. THE ONLYTRUE r* Jin •™^""" l ™^* — '"•^"^•^"^^•""••"'^"•""ll'lll UHHfllWBBKIBPBIHI ST, JACOBS OIL 5 FOR HORSE AND CATTLE DISEASES. CUKES Cuts, Swellings, Bruises. Sprains, Gall, Strains, Lameness, Stlrf-l gfss, Crackid Heols, Scratches, Contractions, Flesh Wounds li'iT 8 "'.^ 0 . 1 ? J.teL f ' D'-'Ss'and"l' Whitlow '- p ?" Evil 'l ft' r «y *m^ DISEASES OF HOGS. ", pIHECTlONS.—Uso freely in the hogswlll. | ii'tiieb^ispift" 0 ' W " "' " K illto whlch a 6rai DISEASES OF POULTRY. * i r GENERAL DIREC'nONS.-Saturato a pill nf dough, or bread, with Br. JACOBS OIL aud forco it down the fowl s throat mil jiurlfv BMJOD, rcffiilata KIHWEVM, roniovo l.IVER ulaorilcr, liuMd MreuRlli, rcue\r A|>|i«tllo, rcdloro' houlth and vlsorofyouth. DYKpensla, Iri'll/Dstloii, tlmltlrciffctili. lau'iUiLinl u! i'! y crailicalecl. MliKUirt^litPiioil. brain (jnwur '1 ncronsud. "•• liMU)3'4'l»!rvea, mus.- cli-s, rcculvoiiow force, srurerliii! Iroln cunipliilnta pe* tull.-ir iu tliclr.-j«x, using U, Una a .said, (j'.ioi'ily run.'. Returns »i. —».~7u~..~._ a said, (j))oi-ily ro8uulnomu:i uiteuIt8,l>i.>atiU!U<i! Sold Hvarvwliora. All (rminlu« goods bear THE POSITIVE KLY BKOTaBRa. S6 Warren St., Key/ Ym-k~Pr"coloct8.| And Tho ANU SPEND the wi!!T£B in LOVHT The Shortest and Quickest to all parts of the It runs elefant Pullman Sleeiwrs, Day Coaches and •—• --r -*^ — w w .BagMce Cats »o)W to J ACKBQN V.U.I.K, via Lookout Mountain, Cnattanoo|j&, Atlanta Macon. Finest trains In tho World tor COM"-ORT AND SAFETY OF TRAVELERS. Tickets t'jf lUo at til Kaflri>»il H&ces lu the United States, Of B. W. WUENN, Cen'l Fajj. ft Tkt rtu, OMsK Matiito* U Ww WortA («*,., PR. ISA-AC THOMPSOK'S EYE,WATE». iptrxi !>«»!>'• Hi UM (or i c« vhl«k » «7<«. ens tl l PS, l S»tS | l'l > «l>ll«)i*tlOUB,-wia» Northern Pacific R. R, Agricultural, _. —.. open to Bottlers. CMS. B. UMBOBIj. fc*ud Com »m»*tl. If th» ilt. PflTFNTS < 2 0(l , { HI LI lit) patent tiw. GLQBB allowed. ""ia^oiTand book I AOKNOY, Waslilii^tou, O. 0 Remedy fi» Cdtfwlt to too Bert, EiHleat to Pee, ana Obe»M(it. _ jpR-jHAirirEIJ MEDICINE CO.. SI. Uult, (Up., M» "»» MwlK.-.t)»i«>»' W»-.. "I HATE TO ASK MY DOCTOR." Pulse modesty and procrastination are responsible for much femalo suffering. We can excuse the instinctive delicacy that suggests concealment to the young, but there js no excuse for those wUo rejeut the assistance of u woman. M* w>n MI • fiii«iinui v compound is an entire audpermaueiit cure for the worst wi-ins of lainale diseuso, and iiiBtuutly relieves nil \veakweeaeB aud ailmeuts peculiar *2*te??5i .SiJw^ld fe »U P swtfeyi m »'.e.fteip. t)ftVa» ^ j.*yt t fa'^v- i^

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