The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 1, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINJES, AGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1. I8»3.. Mf, Harvey Heed Liii'eyvillu, 0. Catarrh, Heart Failure. Paralysis of the Throat "I Tliauk God and ilood'g Suraapurllla for Perfect Health." "Gentlemen: For the bunclH of suffering Immunity I wisli to state a few facts: For several yuiirs I liuru suffered from cntarrb nnd liuixrt, failure, getting so bad 1 could not -I'Work nnd j Could Scarcely Walk I had a very bud spell of immlysls of the . tliruulBoine time ugo. My throat seemed ;-closed nnd I could not swallow. The doctors sukl it was caused by huurt failure, and pm'. inudli'lne willed I took according' to direct tuns, but it did not seem to do mo a.ny jfuiid. My wife urged me to try Hood's surtiiipurlllu, tellim; mo of Mr. Joseph C. Smith, who had been At Death's Door but was entirely cured by Hood's Gai'Rapar- \llii After talking with Mr. Smith I cou- rlutlcd to try Hood's Sai'saparilla. When I had tiiliun two liolilus I felt very much better. I have continued taking it, and am now feeling excellent. ] thank (jod and HOOD'S SARSAPARILLA Hid my wife for my restoration to perfect iealtli." HAHVEY HuiiiJ, Laceyvijle, O. ;rlIOOU'S WLLSdo not purge, i>ain~~or gripe, but act promptly, easily and efficiently THI NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIQHT AMD NSW AND A* COMPLEXION 10 BET TIB llr doctor My« H MUiwBtl/on th» Mom*<*. «»<rkldney».«ndlii»pl6iu(Mit UxstlT*. Tbu M H*"H?SSled*' *" P.™?"'" 1 'Pruts u LANE'S MEDIGnEK •»•• LW k«wtli Muk «v. h «riii to V. h.ihiiT, ill U •<» ^i.T3it ». WOODWAKfi. ViW K. 1 SWIFT'S SPECIFIC is totally unliko anj other blood medicine. It cur; 8 diseases ol the blood and slim liy reiuovinn the poison, mil at tho game time .supplies good 'olood to the routed parts. Don't be imposed on by Eubsti- utcs, which are said to bo just as good, it <j wttruc. No medicine OBJ fUg. IjSBfftSJI H las performed as many fSI D tfflfi WfUfiLU voiiderful euros, or relieved so much suffering. " Jly blood was badly poisone.-'i last year, •which ;ot my whole system out of nvder—diseased and .constant source of snireving, no appetite and 10 enjoyment; of life. Two bottles of UjKJWUyRjH irouglit me right out. There is no up?jjpkK>'l| tetter remedy for blood diseases. Br^lmiflhiifli GAVIN, Dayton, Ohio." Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. • ion rtlief la «*T»noed iUfti, Ueo at out* T«m will Ma th* exoallent «ff«ot after Uklnf tin trst daiti Sold by dealara eTirrwb«r*t liun i M Matt Mi «1.0ft. , Valued Indorsement of Scott's Emulsion is contained in letters from the medical profession speaking of its gratifyv ing results in their practice. Scott's of cod-liver oil with Hypo- phosphites can be administered when plain oil is out of the question. It is almost as palatable as milk— easier to digest than milk. Prepared by Scott it Bowne. K. Y. All drupgisti. MEN WHO WEAR DIAMONDS. They Look Kur More Valgar Th m Women Ever Uo. It is always shocking 1 to -a foreigner v\'hen he sees an American woman adorned with jewelry in the morning 1 . Diamond ear-ring i at the breakfast table but confirm his notions of the barbarism of this new .country, yet, in reality, very few of otir women ure us guilly of bad taste in the matter of untimely adornment as certain types of men, who mark each era of thair prosperity by an additional pieje of jewelry. The sport who Wins at the races pr on the result of a prize-Hg-ht immediately buys a diamond stud or ring as large as lie can get for the money lie has to spend. It do_s not matter if it is off color or not, he flashes it before the eyes of his less fortunate companions with an air of triumph in its pos- se.sio i that the vainesi woman could not have the boldness to essay. What matters it if the shirt front is soiled or tho linger stumpy and nails the worse for wear, that show iip in glaring contrast to the ho .id light he is so proud of—he is wearing diamonds, and that settles it. Now to the mind wh > coii-titlora diamonds of whatever water prima facie evidences of wealth, there could never come the dawning of that innate re- thii'incnt that prompts a mau to eschew display the greater bank account he possesses. Wealth and simplicity go hand in hand, but the genus sport or nonvean riehe will cling to his jewelry as the outward token of financial prosperity th it must of necessity overawe less favored mortals. THE NEWEST GLOVES. Some Glurlnj; TruiiHxrnssloii.s lu Styles Not oil. New gloves show glaring transgressions of conventional ideas and illustrate the disregard which, fashion has for the old-time virtue of economy. The long-serviceable and useful tan ij'lov^s, which ac.-omniodatecl themselves so grujefiilly to all sorts and conditions of t iilet anl harmonized p so agree-ably with every tint and tons of both day and evening wear, are out. In their place has come a whole f unily of bright tints and shades,, blue and red, green and violet, for the day and reproductions of thsir paler s.iades for evening wear. Each gown must be perfectly matched in color for the street, and for the reception c ill the only exceptions to tha rule arc tlu white pearl and pale yellow tints, that are as per- i liable as pretty. For •theater wear comes dog- skins in pale but decided tints of green, blue and violet to match the evening hat, < r bon ict rather, since so few hats are worn by women not too o'.d to go out evenings And such buttons, lurgj and c mspicuous, and stitching striking and co-itrasting! The wrists, too, are piped with color, wait: on dark, black on light gloves, and gauntlets appear of tremendous size, variously ornamented. The rule for the elbow gloves on evening dress is to match the-gown with a suede glove ornamented with self- sti ching—'that is, stit:hing the color of the gloves. With very light gowns white gloves may be wprnj but this eaves lit Me in' outlay, for there must be a sufficient number i.f pairs on hand to keep one pair always en route to or from the cleaners. He finds It "a wonderful cure for a bad cough." Mr. \Vm. F. Audoruou, 841 Water St., New York City, N. Y., gives this indursuiuont: "I have found Dr. Bull's Cough Cyrup the wonderful cure it la rep- rciiou Led to be. It ia just the thing 'for a bud cough." FIRE AT FLORENCE Occupants of a Burning House Severely Injured Jumping From Windows Florence, Wis., Feb. 1C.—Eire broke out in the house of Mina Mudge, at tills place yesterday. When the fire started all of the inmates had retired, and had hardly time to escape with their (lives. Everything was burned, nothing but a very little clothing having been saved. All had to jump out of ,the windows, nnd nearly all of them sustained h> juries of a serious nature. Some of them had broken limbs and were burned to some extent, Thay art now under the care of a physician and resting as well as possible. WY RDangem ef the Season. vTne sudden changes in weather in the hitter part of the winter and early spring are a source of colds and coughs. This season is a particularly dangerous one for persons with weak lungs or delicate constitution. A slight cold is likely to become a serious one and the cough that follows is the one great cause of the many deaths from consumption, in the early 'spring. Never" 'neglect a cold or cough. Keep a reliable remedy on hand and check the first cough, that may lead to consumption,' As such a remedy the medicine caled Kemp's Balsam Is strongly recommended. For every form of throat and lung disorder, .including the la grippe cough, croup and consumption. to first stages, it probably has no equU any•where. Get a bottle to-day. % Henry Cooper was fatally injured near ORTH DOUBLE THE MONIY. j »ureli Del., on tiio 15tli by a tree wnloli Send «t once to JOBM BKKUTIAM, a.T. A. 0., U ^ c -n,^ felliutr muniu" him to tl»j P. B. E., Chicago ni., and receive, pottage p»14 " u " lla A I-"»"B l"uiuu 0 uiiu 10 me ' " ' ' ground. £. * P. R. K., Chicago 111., and receive, poitogu thy illokest deck of curds you ever banOlad. VKN CENTS per pack, In stfttnpa or oulo, We print in this issue the adverHso- mput of the celebrated Orpin ami i'i- imo JNIl'r's, Cornish & Co.. (1' Wiwh'nx- ton, N. J. Tlw junior partner <;t tills linn, the Hon. Johnston Cornish, Iws iH-eu elected to represent tlie Fourth district of Now Jersey in the FH'ty- lliird congress. JS'obetter proof can be required as to the standing and rcspon slbility of the Unix of Cornish & Co. than the couliden.ce piaced in one of Us members by so largo a section o£ tU<} ,^,mm The Royal Baking Powder is indispensable to progress in cookery and to the comfort and convenience of modern housekeeping. Royal is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public.-^ U. S, Gov't Chemists Report. For finest food I can use none but Royal.—A. FORTIN, Chef, White House, for Presidents Cleveland and Arthur. KB* t^i""""*-' . H HJnH •• Idaho, WMhlnq^on and Qrt|oa, th| FREE GOVERNMENT *«o LOW PRICE P frustrated Publications. H MAP8, 4«.orlki«| «ota, N 8rtn Dakota, Mental*, PBTHESN WCIFIC R, s. P nsdlrt byoz. and Jb. One Cent a pica.] triMf-rnfe. ', C»«np, j.iirt, ««(. 1,0(tO.OO(> extraa. Beautiful Illii<ttrat4d UnuHiiguei Tree. «. H. HIIU.1t WAV, Uuoklard, UL ClirlllHli.ll-H AlHHlt SllOtV. The pure white. Inster of snow is diie lo the fact that all the! uleuientary colors of li^'lit ttvu blended together in the nuliuii is thiit i-s thrown off from the surlu.:u of the various crystals. More t!i:.i:i ;i. Ill )us;md d'.stiuut and perfect forms of snow crystals have been enumcnttud and figured by the various investigators in that line. One hundred and fifty-one different forms were once observed by the English scientist, G ushier, who carefully made engravings of each and printed them in a paper attached to the report of the I'.ritish meteorological society for the year 1855. lot 1 Wuinau. A prominent jeweler says that he sells many daggers tj women. These are not ornaments, but serious weapons. They are just large enough to slip easily inside a woman's gown. Some women havfe these made to order, when they are lavishly adorned and inei'iisti'd wi,h precious stones. They are frequently carried in traveling, wh.jn they are intended as weapons of defense. They are preferred to revolvers, which are likely to go off summarily and in the wrong' direction. Country Hoys In I^uuk. A heavy snow fall brought a calamity in u curious way to the Chinese pheasants that are to be found in so.i^e parts of the Northwest. The sleet and snow stuck to their long tails in such a way that they -were unable to fly. The country boys captured the birds by the dozen, and as they are said to be worth $10 a pair alive and in pond condition, some of the 1x>y» consider themselves very wealthy. Saw Ho Was On, Sometimes the bunco-steerer meets his match. Recently Ex-.ludgxs Thomas Lawrence, who has neen a practicing lawyer in New York for many years, but now resides in his beautiful home in Nyack, had an encounter with one of Hungry Joe's confreres in which the acknowledged defeat. Tlu ex- judge is a Quaker and wears a slouch hat and Joshua Whitcomb clothes. Passing 1 , through City hall park an elegantly dressed man said: What," do my eyes dec.'ive me? You. are—" Hut Mr. Lawrence .seized the fellow's hand and broke it: "Why, I am giad to see thee, friend. Thou hast chaug'ed thy clothes since I saw thee last on Blackwell's island." Slapping Mr. Lawrence on the back, the would-be swindler laughed and said: "That will do, old Quaker, I see you are on to my game." ' The Russian colony near Chesterfield, BInss., lias proved a failure, and It is •aid that by tho end of next week all the farjns will be deserted. The grand Jury now In session at Oat- lettsburg, Ky., found indictments on the Und against a number of prominent society ladies of the town for playing Pedro for prizes. ROOT, BARK AHO BLOSSOM n< BentStnmneh, jLlvert )\Mner«iiIRIaait Itemed)-. Pnlns In Hack and T.linlm, Tir>-d, I'mciri'il Out, Nervous Feeling, Debility auil l*.w Vitality Quickly i'ured nr. well a« Dypp"T<sia, Onip'i;iatioM, Sl.-upii.'flfnPti?, nt^i DC88»Klioi'mjitlpuiorOuatrh. Rumple Fret* f ^>r staiuDi AftENTS P,U1» \VEP.KI.V SALAHT. flbox twomuntTip' Mipr.iy I ( Spntbj mull nrnt mn.t 1>rn». frOn. *' out* innntli u supply I I clht*. TryltanilBa | ROOT, BARK <8i BLOSSOM, Wav/nrk, I ~ ' Important to Fleshy People. We have iiotli'cd n pngo article in the Boston Olobo on reducing weight at a very binnll expense. It will pay our readers to sund two cent stump l'oi< u copy to Betlna Circulating Library, HUE. 'Washington St. (Jhicut;o, 111. The great reason why housework Is repugnat to auil'-respccting Amricans Is not so much on account of the work itself, for other kinds of labor are hard and monotonous, but on account of the E tijr rstnrn mull, rnn a*- scriptlvo clrcnlurs ol UOODT'B MEW and MOOtlT'B It!PROVM •j AILOR STBTCI1S Ot DETSS CUTT1HU JZcrfscd to dalf. Tlipr.o, only, are tu» rpnulnpTAILtm SYSTEMS Invc,-it«d and c'opyrlehtedbytaOF. O.W. IIUODI. Beware ot imitations. Any Indy of ortl' nary Intelligence can easily anil qulik- ly learn to cut nnd malco any enrtnent, Vn nny ntyle, to any mtmaurti, for ladl». licii and cbllclrei). Uarmentn cuaran- vocd to fit perfectly without try I PR on Addnu 14UUUV ft tip, VUIOUI5AT1. * Lung Complaints, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc., are speedily relieved, and if taken in time, permanently cured by Dr. D. .Tayue's-Expectorant. You will lind in it also a certain remedy for Coughs and Colds. Cleanliness, exercise, nnd diet are the cardinal 'virtues of good hoaKh. Take care of the first two 'and if you know Avhat and how to eat you need never be ill, It Is claimed that Garfield tea, a simple herb remedy, overcomes the results of mxxug The great conservatism and sound sense of J. Montgomery Smith promise to prove of much, value In the labor of law-making this winter. For Coughs and Throat troubles nee Brown's Bronchial Troches,—They stop an attack ol my asthma tough very promptly, "— G. Falcli, Miamiville, O. PURELY VEGETABLE— Dr. Pierce's Pleas- lint Pellets. They're a compound of refined and concentrated botanical extracts. These tiny, sugar-coated pellets —the smallest and the easiest to take — : absolutely and permanently cure Constipation, Indigestion, Sick and Bilious Headaches, Dizziness, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of tlie liver, stomach, and bowels. They euro permanently, because they act jtufuraMy. They don't shock and v/eakeu the system, like the huge, old-fas'Aioued pills. And they're more effective. One little pellet for a corrective or laxative— threo for a cathartic. They're the cheapest pills you can buy, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, w your money is returned. You pay only for the good you get, ~^v~- —^—»•"—™ **•»**»> nil* i ( , j^>moy. ( jn ( a, Cures Constipation FUs-All Tits Stopped free by Dr. Kline'* Oroa Nerve ItcBtoro. JSo Kit* alter fliBi duy'tJ u»e. Mnryolnus Cnr«8. Tieatlpo aiul'S •«".,«' &1 . D ™T Mi ic If n. Uu»en. lienl to Dr. Kline, «31 Arch Bt Philm, Pa. The legislatures of Maine^ and Connecticut on the 2nd adopted x-esolutlons Uogiatic of the late James G. Blaluo .ad expressing sympathy for bis family. Hade to took Like New. Dre«»e». Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Qlorai etc., l)yed or Gleiined, I'lusU Garment* Steamed, at Otto I'ioUih'B Oyo Works, 240 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Heud for circular. At Buffalo, N. Y., Clarence G. Harmon has been arrested on the charge of defalcation, committed while cashier of toe Corry Bank of Cony, Pa. TKr(.ml5lnV811ii 'ft month. Mann- I tr»Uu«nl (by |ir»c- tlclng phrllclivti). N« lUrvlngy Thomnndl curfil. Sand 1 0 111 *t»mii«% . „ _o..3y..i''. HNvjmii, ni. i)., jwali nopt. r" JOHN AV.MOUKIM. ». « . Successfully Prosecutes Claims. atoPrfbolpa\ Bximlner U.S. Pensi 3vr«lul«tir»r, ISudJudluatuigolalnig, . sion Bureou. TRIED, TRUE, TBUSTEDijSS tlonal'o Iimiirum e Co. of Vermont. ARfiilH (JO D FCTrr Jlminuei -\V1« on- wanted. i<l10 ' "• tOItt, Bin licpi., HI»ulc Ulo«3[. illUitaiiliD . Established 188O. 'Out of each nook by dingle and brook The healing blottoms lean ami/oofe." A POT OF DR. 0. P. BKOW1TS reaches auti careu dlieaid through the pores, aroaaei circulation, hoalB Inflammation, Imiildhos p&tn. 26 nnd £0c. UruiiulHU, or by mail. J. Uib- BUU Drown. 17 Oraud St., ler- *ey (Jitjj N, J. PRECIOUS HERBAL OIMTMEHT My wife suffered with indigestion and dyspepsia for years. Life became a burden to her. Physicians failed to give relief. After reading one of your books, I purchased a bottle of August Flower. It worked like a charm. My wife received immediate relief after taking the first dose. She was completely cured— now weighs 165 pounds, and can eat anything she desires without any deleterious results as was formerly the case. C. H. Dear, Prop 1 r Washington House. Washington, Va. (J) Do Ton Bead Advertising. If you do, it will pay you to read | x iiis, for if you are troubled vvith dyspepsia or long continued constipation, we can cure you without its 'Vng you a penny. Send you! addresc, io THE SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111., on a postal card and we will send you a box of the LAXATIVE GUM DROPS. They are what t* name implies, a mild and gentu, laxative. Pleasant to take, certain in their results and an absolute cure^] for any form of stomach troubles. We will take pleasure in sending you a box for we want you to try them. We know they will do you good. RELIEVES INSTANTLY. BLY UIIOTHRU3. 50 Wivrrcu St., New Yorl- T-rlon fin r.t.> i glorious ylelda yon may have by planting HA1./,KK'H SEEDS. They norcr Thoy alwayH eprout, (rrow and prodtioe, flii.ouo BuBhblH PotaCouH Cheun Bfie PBfl. BiBMKSTTIiaitTAIIUi NOVKLTIK8, sntnclont foru rimllj, I'oitpild for 81,00 10 Farm Grain Bamplen, He: wthoota. 16o. 11 Grans & Ulover Samples 10o: wlltli oato. 18o 8 Field Corn Samples I2c; with catalogue 20c. Our mammoth Seed Cataloitiio anats over ScO.OOO, It In muilud yon upon 80 poitago. Its a valuable work, worth ten th.,eti Its cost to you. 13 5 @ea^&£i0^^ Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken;.it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidney's, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the syB r tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever pro-, duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in ite effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ite many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the moat popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles oy all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand.will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any wibatitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. • 8AN FRANCISCO, OAL, utuiaviue, KV. HEW YORK, u.r. Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB — Other Chemicals are used In tho preparation of W. liAKEIl & CO.'S TeakfastGoco? which it obtolutely pure and foluble. j It ha» morctftan three time* I the ttrength ot Cocoa mixed jvrlth St&roh, Arrowroot or ^WHQP^ Sugar, and la far more economical, costing le>$ than one cent a cup, It is delicious, nourishing, itnd XABU.Y DIGESTED. Sold bjr Oroccri eterprlurt. W. BAKER &CO,,Doroheiter, MOM, The Oldest Medicine in the World H probably mt. ISAAC '1'iinnipsoN's ^CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. This article is a carefully prepared physician's pro- dcrlptlou, and has been In constant use for nearly a century. There are few diseases to which mankind are subject more distressing than sore eyes, and none, perhaps, for which more remedies have been, tried without success. For all external Inflammation of the eyes It Is an Infallible remedy. If the directions are followed It will never fall. We particularly Invite the attention of physicians to Its merits. For sale by all druggists. JOHN L. THOMPSON, .SONS & CO., TROY, N. Y. Established 170T. with . _ _ ^ . It e lu e tl I e K . Havt _ _ _ cured many thousand ,i» prououuuea hopolew. ITrom nrut aoue uymp toiuo rapidly dlKuppear, and In tun days at louHt two thlrdB ot all eymptoinii are removed. HOOK ol testimonials or inlruoulouv euros vent FJUOK Ten Days Treatment Furnished Free by Mall, M. I B. 8IEIB I IOIS. JPECIHIII5. »JUIU, (EOKU . Mi P«0(il« i who b»r« v«*t long* pr 4»t*- 1 ma, ifcoula a** PVto't O«r» (pr } Oon»«m»Uo». H tow in Jt hiu AOt l Thin gives you tin idea of our prices, Wo sell nt manufacturer's prices—direct from tliu factory to llio home. Thin means lust liulf thu reinil price. You Hitvc tlio other bull'. We sell One TlioiiHiiml OrKiiiw nni! I'KIIKIM pcrmonlli, «ml ciin point y"ii lo i'.ii Oriian or J'iano of uur mu/.-e. in every County in tlif, U, N. If you Jlvi! within 'JOU miUiii of us, you can visit our fuclory at our cxpuuse, uuil BOG for yourself. Write at once for our new Catalogue. J>Vcc to any address. Jt contains beautiful colornl illustrations, accurate descriptions uml lowest prices of the luteot and finest styles of Organs and .Huiioc. It will uavo you many times Its weight In gold. Oruuna from 835.00 up. I'lanon from 3175.00 up. For CASH, or on EASY CREDIT. 11 Instruments shipped on trial. No satisfaction no pay. References— First National Sank, your own Hanker, and all Commercial Agencies. Write for Catalogue to-day, and get our Special Offom. CORNISH ORGAN AND PIANO CO., Established 26Years. WASHINGTON, N. J. EADI'NG. MT. STERLING, KY., Feb. 13, 1889. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O. Gentlemen ;-—I desire to make a brief statement for. the benefit of the suffering. I had been afflicted with catarrh of the head, throat and nose, and perhaps the bladder for fully twenty-five years. Having tried other remedies without success, I was led by an advertisement in the Sentinel-Democrat to try Hall's Catarrh Cure. 1 have just finished my fourth bottle, and I believe I am right when I say I am thoroughly restored. J don't believe there is a trace of the disease left. Respectfully, WM. BRIDGES, Merchant Tailor, SQJ-D BY DRUGGISTS. 75 cents, Vc ON SUMPTION

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