The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 1, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1893
Page 6
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AI.GQNA. IOWA. HISXAMI'J WAS MUD. California Magaxine.—Flrtdlws was excited. Mot that, (hero was anything extraordinary In thnit, for the Fiat was in a normal condition of excitement over one thing or another every hour In the day, and vented it in much diinkb:-.'. loud talking and lighting; but on tills particular occasion the excitement was of a unique order, that In its still in- MARCH f< 18B3 . ar. so. the-eyes of the throng him. He was a tali, slight, graceful fellow, with a, .jtliat Irs 'on alike, and 'Ms white teeth undvr t;ho black mustache. Ho remarked he was always delighted to please a lady. but. that under the cireumstanevs he could not so. thing to lie gained He had, in fact, pleaded gulitv hi tin Ill-si ngaln. The Id bonnet served nil*-turn, '-stantly In and served if. well, but I can't Jooic teors, it is sw;:"-*gor about him down two miles of stovepipe every time tho ly attracted men and won,- ] want; to see your pretty face"' I phe a smile that showed ( _^_! ___ j [ no KTOXK LAKE'S LOXE F1SHEH.MAN. |of 1 la's comet, of tlio Blela me-1 He paused, then stated the sum. She dotlntely known that leaneit toward liim with au earnest enter the at.mos- gesture, hor voice frembling. Ke hau i'th in Its orbit, inects his answer. As they passed out through corridor they met the fourth gciillo- —- man. which split into tensity chilled and silence,, the mob or -judge' was to ^ ^,1,™'""" ^ "" crowded In and close about h-d insisted men that the doors of the "Mary's Eyes" saloon and gambling house, the proprietor of which, Velvet .lack, was at thai moment being tiled for his life before that most terrible of earthly courts. .Judge Lynch. It was not the first killing at the Flat. This shooting scrape was on!?.- one of dozens of others during the five months her mind to of Fiddlers' existence, but the victim conrideih"" wa-s a peculiarly inoffensive creature known as "Mud" to the cam]). Ho hod no other name that th«y knew of. and had earned his sobriquet by his • 'trailing ill-luck at the gaming table . k«nd hLs equally unfailing remark as he «)se penniless from his bout with the tiger, "Wai. my name's Mud agin;" but on this particular occasion Mud's luck hud run his way. and ho had sal hour after hour nt! the little oblong fafo table since the night before, and won hut as they upon dying mm , H)( . ( . (,, please themselves, they mignt as will try him again to please the lady. ! There was a murmur of approval at' tills sentiment from the audit nee. which was stonily o:;iockod by the court. The widow had been dipping snuli and eve- ;ng Velvet, during his and the court's I'on-arKs. and seemed to Imve n,.,,i,. „„ that tho pi nn will twin bo laid before the postal authorities here with a view of Introducing It into this city. over tho '"Issing comet path fonui'rlv .gradual sinking of the lakes ' wliluh is followed by tL netoo I lre™''!!!!!"i't k o <lf 1 ' S11 ' Ri ' y " Moin >' llis ! HmV "I't"" 1 " 1 ^' reprosont all 1 tion. The w.-itor level is dosce.nding j lf or of those. ' motems^piungj'toio in which ih, toimflcd, and teoi-s that that is conwdeilr-r. for she suddenly closed her Mitiirijox with a click, rose from her chair, and. turning to u,,. cou ,. t) „.„,,. ".ledge. I'm the j>ers ( iu what's bin most bun in (his .yer scrap. I'm lone woman with miry vide for me, an' I've" ther best way out; o' The -„-„:,, ,evol is" descend - of without any anuaront cause, although ' ,<"»! "i'e streams (hat, omijty into some off- WHK.H1 Hi consimu-d ' tlio lakes, are hot affected. This is tak- eu as evident that, thb soil at the bot- let" a a man ter pro- boon r thinking tlhis biznis is for a, so at the bot- 'onuw - Nelson l^ige i on, of these S heote of water is becom- -MouUiJ.v.^),, TO upoi n hue n»r seamy from seismic action beneath. " l««l.v who was "t kilt my man ter get ine i this man what er a now on. J She slopped amid a (leatli-llke silence i\ civet was the only man that preserved in Harpers' • there was ... . -•.^.-im. • r\. 1 I V < I I I It .1 <li«Vf lt(l£1 V"O1111I>° I ' l'»«l II *H ? I1 t thus allowing the water to escape inio c'.omplished and veil,- rich Sol; T Unknown basins below. ' , so very clever. " The effects of the unexplained -pho-! Hut;'tier most strikm.,- el,.,,,, t ,, ,, uomenon are most apparent-in 8 „,„- was that she was evorvT.t.m, , ° 0 alee a beautiful body of water sitnatod -She had throe l»vow who n ul ^'""Ilu Uudordulo county. The lake is loge cronies. *Mio ,ilw"v s SD W ,^f ,' about a mile long and half a mile wide, a.s her "fru-iuls." ' l ° Ot '" L ' m St. £ S£Sy u S'^S' 1 *^" ?""" '»* •• oiyect can be seen on'the imii,>i,, \ who was a ui.m- inviting casually, as she passed. "Yes." "Is it late?" "I do not know." "lie pnuscti and her lover politely passed on. "\Vliy are you goli^r, I hen V" "Because I wish to go." *~W111 you Take me to my chaperon?" "With pleasure." "\VliIi pleasure?" "With great pleasure." "You arc not very civil." "I had not; intended to be." "Do you think—" "SomcHmea This evening, for in- ance. There is your chaperon." "I did not Mi Ink you—" "So I supposed. You made a mistake TNSKCTS WITH LITTLE TASTE. Spl<lei-s Haivo Only a. Slight Sense, While Others Show Decided Preference. f ( ,r the angle!- could One of not bo found auyAvhoro. but. strange to Handstuue, deal. Velvet; himself had the shift at when Mud had won tho last' ounce In Ihe "bank roll," and as the lucky player i-oso from his seat opposite him tho gambler had, without a, word, shot him hillings, through tho heart. The .cold liendishnosso f tlho act was too much for the nerves oven of the Fiddlers, and tho camp rose to a man and cried aloud for vengeance. They were wailing now for the Sentence. Long Smith was tlhe judge. He occupied a chair placed on the faro table at one end of the long, narrow cabin—tho identical chair that Velvet sat In when ho shot Mud. Volvo,!; sat; a lictle to 'his loft, a guanl at either side; on his right the hastily chosen jury of twelve sat or stood, anil non-led astonishment for a moment, ^C'^l 11 '- 11110 '' 1011 ^^"!.^., tho crowd. The cool effrontery of the woman had caught thoir sense of the Here in a woman most; needs three athletic, tho otho rlhree. friends was tall. been , a. long mustache and ligure and --••.v.nv.. »iiaxv* UJl'1 , *' the people of the vicinity contend that «u the water is ceil-Un death to auy ., vl . that drinks It. The 'wild fowl avoid fitness of whore a i .some women call third was rich, 'successful." All ihese Avcrc considered good-looking and uneanny a man's protection : east into it is that petriljes; tiylliiug I The fourth wore popular, gentleman was a silent rose and said- "i'risner at the bar,- yer hov bin tried louml guilty of miuxlor _ H to say why ther sentence in yer cp'te should not be past 'poir ..iT, r*! v r trt "™'"-•"'•«""- 1 " 1 ""' »*>I'wrw.;;;:,,ooL; «'o';; ^ t ffi^*£S*z^ x=n°s^ t rt s "•:" • i, is, ne\ erthcless, devoutly briliev- kowu to be in hi« vi..«. ' ^' ls r»ri in- fi.rt c ,i—1_ , , , .. • .'M»*u . * iv uu iu ins views. After a. "Ther , hls continued. sentence In ed by tho simple inha.bila.nts of the lo- c """\ It ^ oos »>ack to seventy years 'lately had "been'^..fT' 0 " , U1 ° S ' omg loiieers about her to som,,i H, . " "Good-bye." 'Tes. Hood-bye." The wet'nTIng cards of the young larlj .were issued within a few weeks, anil 'ten days later she was married. i _In the press accounts ot the wedding ITie brTde was spoken of as "beautiful, accomplished, clover, wise and good." And tho groom was described as "handsome, stylish, Intellectual and wealthy." | Homo people said they'always thought she would have married .differently; some said Iliey always knew she would many just as she did, (These were mostly women.) She herself said that up her mind that evening. ther eo'te vnr uii.iii " "•- Is. that beyond a rope stretched across th^room !co4e e" TjISo? 'Iff, ^^ * - -• ' ' " .i<-»ui,o-wiii tie yer up I row.' I At was tlhe sleiit, expectant crowd. . ( Tho evidence was all iu and Long Smithi was setting himself down into a. „, comfortable position to Isteu to counsel I inside the liorsclf remarked to her: to his foot and said: "See here, boys, what's tho use of going , m wyh this monkey business any longer? i shot Mud, and you've determined tliat I must :haug. Uan't you drop tills, and take me out and hang'me and be done with it, instead of torturing me with all this nonsense. You know you're only doing yourselves?" 'Hie eyes of ovoi(y man in the crowd were fixed on the prisoner during this " W1S U - Von " 1!U to shake hands bride and groom, and the acnco 1, i ». . "^1 ji.p.j,!, v.iiue <;n had not returned homo, and his -ib- co nt roU call was noted. The - thing "Jedge, 1 thet Mud to say lirst. she shrilled, a bin telied e ot gam- ed by tiu'ned to amuse and dust had been Impouim- the court, and It over aw air in Etr lta ' ' —«" •» i;«"-- = ^'^J=" "••'ta-r „ ,„,. ,„,, ,.„. „„„, „.,„, ,.„ |S,,f»"""' "' "«• J»0- »,v, „„-„.,. he reluctantly ,~ to the widow. After looking it over she stowed tt; .1 Aoluminous pocket and an- her readiness for the cere- couiLsel for the prosecution and the ter, however, paid but The society woman was declare himself. He had littlle attention all portuiiities; had ,.„ fll . f"" 1 Ul11 - ""lie attention all winter; liad fTe- =:isi:i51I^H? Oapt. KulL'llXl bOAmnr. niio.-it-vr .^..1 . I ,... ^ *"' geutlemai the lirst to the best op- f«Ti the la.l,v -ssed man m u le sor . team and had talked' _ becajno inieosy and went out m .search of him. " 'iiouy. The the only kin' o' or co't this hex. EC there's anthin' y yor'll iiev a chance to say it for argument he - murder by yer ken try hey tor say furder on.' Thero was a murmur of approval rrom the audience, and the counsel the defense went on with his followed by iho counsel of i c-ution. T| lt . eourr summed up and charged the jury, which, without a moment's hesitation, returned guilty. »o'n le ..£" lKl! in '" Sl ' n ' ai " llis cllai|i a'" 1 said: Velvet, yer -one in." There was no further assumption of judicial dignity; it dropped from him as one drops a cloak from his shoulders; "ther boys to say, he had not remembered giv Isom leave to go ilslmig. Toward sundown a tox hound with the a, trail and followed it to tho the lake. The hunters went arriving at the lake, saw L oa the log with pole bank of after -md H O : given by a mutual was secluded; the air : the flowers were daz/liii" sang. " "' was arrayed faultlessly, and the lady were alone. ' lovo to • tho was the lie was a l)ou , CLOCK- proved deaf to t his master. The hound sprang on tie bed b,^ 1 Jlog and ran up to the motioiOeJfon n 'od ,,n ° V01CL Forrest for the verdict of 'hev give vor a square deal, which's moron ye give Mud. 'n yer'll hev to UJidor. wJiat hev yer got ter say a -™* -«»s^!=:;^^^rE: tain dismounted, and charged out on the log. whip, in baud, to chastise the tru-, ant. Ho brought his whip down on! the motionless figure with a resoundm- whack. Still I*,,,, sat stiill. The old otllng he is A-brews i s an man who makes money s-fvs' 1 ' 10 S >' '""i a . TOUml ' p wt -Telt 7 - ofteu yvht»a off on the r, ."equeiuiy his extra horse* IUC pcllwl to await the return of their rer to receive theii- allowance of grain, this state of affair-; that time comes team, am '.s are his his look of a long flHch Just match- He stooped and As he rose she said: ., , . . -- raco to tho other end red out on the side, 1 this," and Shi dashed otr. He had a record, beaten her, but as captain caught. Mm by the should'er He sraspecl not flesh and blood, but stoned 'm go in the captain ovorod from Velvot on," t smiled and shook his head. 'lou've got the drop on me, 1 rock• s aid he, "and I can't kick." ./list at this moment 'BtmgKle a.s of some , on entrance through the cr.iw<l at the door and the shrill tones of a won,. Voice could bo heard demandin fiatuJTi; 11 ,^" 1 * 1 liy '" ff llu ' m;ul there was a trying to force lan s access n.i,od to be opened at a cer- ' StMblo Tl.n' " C i 10Ck l ° 1)G PllK ' t ' (1 JI1 th ° |SUDlo. iho scheme seemed feasible -vorews detennlned to try It Tho chutes were built " ' ' tacluxl by au ins that the slide clock chimed the thing worked Hike and liis their frigh and told true, tilings of tho water. Tho stone lo ?r path divided there, one , from liim, the other'turned into his. It flashed on him in a second; ho would let her run j n t o his anus. Ho wanted to let her choose. She chose, they returned to the house of it. ^° | .fust afterward tlio second gentleman "^ found hLs opportunity. It was after the n - intellectual entertainment. Ho had outshone all others. Jio took LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. Business of Stock-Jobbing Sprang Ui Just Two Centuries Ago. George Clare, lecturing before the members of the London Institute of Bankers, said the business of stock- jobbing sprang up just, two centuries ago. ami the flrst price list of stocks Wiis published hi l(ii)7. throe years after the establishment of tho Bank of England. It contained six securities says the Pall Mall Budget, and 100 years later the number had not. increased to more than twenty, while to-day upwards of 2,5000 were quoted. In consuming tho official list; it was important to remember that tho supervision of tho Stock Exchange Committee extended only to the record of "business lone," and that, tlio "closing quotations" yon., in no souse official. As all socuri- nos, except Rupee Paper and a few others, were quoted inclusive of intcr- •st, prices ought, hi thooiy to rise par! lassu with the amount of the accnuii"- ivldend. On Knpeo Paper, however he interest was charged to tho buyer eparally at. tho conventional cxeliuiW of -2 shillings per rupee, and as thr Many experiments have been made hi order to find out what and where the organ of taste is in the lower creation; but, according to Chamber's Journal, it is easier to say where it is not. Crayfish and worms seem to have very decided preferences in the matter' of food, though no special taste organ has yet boon found. Lobsters like Decaying food; the crab is more dainty In its diet. Smills and slugs show a decided preference for certain kinds of food, as gar-. Ion lovei-s know to 'their cost; peas and cabbages, dahlias and sunflowers are groat favorites, but they \\-itt not touch, the white mustard. Some prefer animal food, especially if rather high. .Spiders have only a slight sense of taste; flies soaked in paiafiiu seem quite palatable to them, though one species, the dla- dema, is somewhat more particular and refuses to touch alcohol in any form wha tever. The antennae of insects do not appear to contain any organ of taste, for waspa and (Mils quite readily took into their mouths poisonous and unpleasant food, oven swallowing enough to make thenia- solvcs ill, while some boos and cockroaches fell a prey to the temptation'of alum, Epsom salts'and other nauseous foods placed In their way. These sub- staJicos were not, however, swallowed, but. wore soou, spat out, the creatures sputtering angrily, as if disgusted with ho taste. The proboscis of tho fly and the tongues of bees, and ants are fur- ilsheil with numerous delicate balls set n minute pits; these are, perhaps, connected with the organ of taste, but Jiough Hie exact locality of this sense in insects is uncertain, we know that, groups of cells in the tongues of aimals called taste bulbs, form in part the ends of the organ of taste. Those vary in number, inc.reasing in the higher'ani- mals. They are very close and exceedingly numerous In man, while the tongue of even the cow has some :J5,000 taste bulbs. It woud be Interesting to knloiw whether each special taste excites a special group of nerves aaid that only—thus corresponding to the auditory nerves. Those taste bulbs wore dis- covored in IStiT. Each one consists of two kinds of cells, one sot forming an outer protective covering, through au opeulng in which project from five to ton of the true taste cells. Though '••«they are, not, apparently, essential part of the __ H _ UJ and reptiles have none, but; neither lu 'in organ, for birds , mil: neither have theji a keen sense of taste-exteept, perhaps, tho parrot. A boa-constrictor that was nearly blind was once found to be contentedly swallowing a blanket for tamer, instead of a rabbit;, which fiorge this singular article of fond ... - M. - -- j •- »4*3 un- ,, i i , wv^iiv (jj IIXJQ. duteronce between this rate and . the e " toiwi ° Ls ' therefore, not « iji < i ....*-».** j-tii_- o|(tf f f * ttt {r \\ T *10 riiifi/^ ! '."si\. tit., i and the clock was at- a giant luckory. Xuts that had f-dh^ '" t0 the llbraiy " Olcl books Wfil '° «»>out elllOUS COlltrlvsllln.-. o,, fl-ni,i ,'i , . .. " Ul I ' lll( n Hipm. hnMntiful „!„+.„.«„ . .. ... plllons contrtvaiice so liim. were nicknamed 1 sho 11 shaky voice. "On, i know what yer llis'n my name's er good enough most ways, 'n 1 wani; lor see iho man what killed him plnuo^^o." 1(m ° WWOW ^ Ul Ule 'Hie relict of tho late Mud w-is -it '•••bar of the court by this time 'she a tall, angular woman of forty ,„• in a rusty black, with an calico simboimet thai- over her face like a section ,,r and effectually concealed her The court; ordered a chair for side the bar, and when she herself remarked to her"\V<-> i>i> never knowed of Mud were mai-dmnn, marm; f we had we'd ly hov waited this trial tor ye." each hoiso in d, e satistled that this lioi-ses would bo noon, it is hardly tho hoi-ses had ing of raised just as the torn, hour of noon. The'have a charm during the I with was 'anco of the feed from it were seen peti-Uied on the it was thought tliat Isom must slipped and fallen into tho .lake his pole, and the wator on his clothes and tackle took effect when '•- ' thein; walls; the softest glo tunity. Ho felt beautiful pictures were on tho light fell, tempered to the '. He recognized his oppor- his intellect strong within her skillfully; be delights of the union of attuned; .he lllus- reference to the bar- and to numerous in- actual exchange on Calcutta, naturally a.fl:ected the value, the price foil a.s the dividend accumulated. Paris and New lork quoted, (like London, hiclnsive of interest; but; in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, and other continental confers interest was added to tlio price Treating of tho securities representing tho unfunded debt, tho lecturer explained that, in order to prevent the ox- cJiequer bill from falling out; of circulation, it had always been necessary to tho bill at a small premium' •neory formeifly held witli tins paper was that it provided a security of which was not only the re payment, at par, at a spocfied and not hstant date, absolutely assured, but vh!,c,h, by yielding a rate of interest tliat varied according to the tanccs of flu- money market, n or- , - gan of taste, nor is it, as many think "' OLD SETTLER; Harper's igree that; Young People: Geologists many thousands of years "f^^.± " Ot; ; '^ c «* «- uimib^r of thousand* gi-eat ice nelds, like im- •ie glaciers moved slowjly out, of the .1 over n 1m..™ pal . t Qf tll(> Um . tcj(1 ne fix the interest at such a rate a.s should Sta f 1c ? , ancl Em '°PO. Those glaciers wore .™ ,i,, ,,„ ,o thick hat they have loft on the top of the White Mountains bowlders which the.V llJlfl nnrin-^rl 1, 1.._.,. , "i""l The regard to of miles, hapuig of Now York, projecte.! her In- had sealed hey began to grow uneasy. The ban, I Mas s-o qmot that the ticking of the flock was plainly audible. Tho -on- sounded tho Hist stroke of 1-' 'iCre was a rattling j,, the chutes and the sram started with a peculiar ( "™" 1 ih . The were -rath - He talked of tho charm of culture; spoke confidently of his preferment; D-VXGFl" ' Su -"» ost(x;1 ' without appearing to do so,' u Ills fortunate advantages over others, and referred with some contempt, fd ;commonplaco men like-the fourth, gentleman. Her eye kindled; her form trembled; ho felt his Influence over her. He re- p"eatod a poem he had written her. li Being l u - Inteistellar Missiles. circmn- , Was invested with stability of value, and honeo was a suitable outlet for bankers' float.' ing money. Though good in itself, the theory failed in practice, because interest was adjusted onjly twic,.- -,. year, whereas tho value of money was constantly changing; and, since the introduction of the short-dated and handed treasury bill, the long-dated and clumsy exchequer bill has almost fallen into disuo. the twice a they mid carried hundreds and they had much to tho lu'Jls and valleys Pennsylvania, and Now marks made wound aud crushed "their way over the- rocks are still plainly vtalblc . ^^ they can-led noraiwarcl to such stone occurs In la,rge RAPID. POSTAT, DELIVERY /;CITIES. London Authorities Are Experimenting With a Xovol Automatic Device. amon which the re- a strange, comet in Thev ,,>„ i , startlod horeos.' toois at about 1 he, i eared and plunged backward -it to remind the unexpected noise. When thev i.n.i In some respects mo , !' s yo1 ' lll!l " for kluui ' iuliu me not: here lor see? Ver judge 1 mus' sav. \\-. 5S« »''!',f i''i} '' ile OY1>1 ' asn1 "' now l '»» b hi '° WUIOW 80tUllfl comfin-ta- W.\ hack m her chair and snuff. •sensational statements widely published during «wit appe iu -ance of Andromeda, and the attention which was g()0(l on " u » 1 ' to llilve been published was drawn to the Blela swarm of me- iu a ma y aKim '- Her face glowed. • and She the same time, served everyone of a singular and, of and a nice kind ',. • vor e ' au took a dip or the court, counsel, jury and spectators wore molted iu a moment. The- were Missom-ians, almost to n man ,1 the "one touch of uature"tha snuff awoke la iihem made ~ ] Slaves for auoiher wedding was .never seen. The ceremony lasted until ,1'iddlcrs was completely exhausted; and ! wlii n a couple of days later the Fl-itro- him'.' The racket subsiding, the court .covered from i, s earoase. Velvr-I and n.s wile disappeared. i A few days s>1>; "' 0 ' Tho u ' illw l )llll ''»t air tx, Ulo j He glanced up, caught hor eyes hold bis hand ready to receive her. • lifted her hand, looked inio his eyes, auiT lie had llis answer. They strolled back, and ho determined to keep it all a secret. I Passing, they happened upon the third gentleman, who spoke to fie?, and Xo. 2 a moment later loft her with him. rte led ihe way into a little apartmonl just by. It seemed to have escaped Iho notice o" Iho guests. It was sumptu- Rapid posljijl delivery of loft ore and parcels is a subject attracting much -n tontion just now in this eounry abroad, says the Now York liera and many Inventors are devising plans to accomplish the purpose.. Past.,,fiu.,. authorities in Londn are experiment in- with an automatic contrivance which was recently placed in front of the Royal exchan .' I1,r 1 * ° f gre " t tJlill «' S ' ajlfl about" i,, fi Ug ° < ; l ' caturos th at roamed about ui tho region of tho advancing glacier M-as the Elepha.s Ameri, ums or Am,,-,can elephant, Part of U ,o skeleton ot one of tJioso animals been unearthed rl, and sent to p f !r s ,,xsrtrs "»*• ' »"»•" foct l,»l. 1" M^f a wagon-load of and cones would supper for this at. (Jarl Junctio, j\Iissou- tocos and bushes, and pme branches I made a. light Its /' and for a moment. and Jury ew moments, and the' j ( ul to the widow that they had con- au ' 1 ^^ "food on the deck of a'i'l , , , lat< r a tall, swaggerin-jr. Wiu-k-mustaclicrt man. acrompanied ii\a woman ilresseil in rusty black, with * iuti- :"" sunbonnot covering her head that her request was a very n-u- iral and under the circumstances >i i^ry propea-one, and that with thepris- ! fast-r,cedii.L ners consent^ they would comply with isnatc-hed Hit t- bul ho had already been tri ound guilty once they thought It all- to him to try him again without his onsent. making! its way bay toward the - .. . ..nama sieamer makimri its ,...„. (l(ivvn iSuu ,'aie. city. Suddenly the man ! f suft-bouuet from the woman s head and .whirled U overboard, and as it limited astern said: "Uooa-H/ to the widow Mud, and |uow, old girl, we can be comfortable. a shield, which effectually U'lotocts tho ,-arth against missiles from service which the son, thus renders is, indeed, a \\onderful 0110, according Youth's Companion. of meteors every day nrn'into tlie"at- 1 ' l '" <H 'n«II)lainh;w?rtec, sea hain'l.rt-hnd and taste had combined to make it perfect. Shi! exclaimed with pleasure at us tieauiy. After handing her a chair as luxurious as art could make it the gentleman began. He told of his homo, of his enterprise, of his success, of his wealth. It tiau doubled year after year. It was Many thousands ou ., s * v "i^d up for a toto-a-tete. Wealth . run mosphoro a velocity averaging six- ly times that '" •e. It consists of a box an electric signal attachment By dropping a penny in a slot ih,. • obtains an onvrflnpo Incloshi"! envelope and card, upon j •mmiinication may be writ tea. A small shelf falls in fn.nt of tliri '' box at Iho same lime, ft nine foot long. Coai^e lon~ Covered tho big fcjlow ^ nlon - to the presence of In a cave in France scratched 011 glaciera. ^^V^S&X . "t,"*' rc ". »ro«M to bo a smaller o oldest «omo was made by known, and boy who was more clever ^5™ wh( > Uved in a of a cannon ball, and yet we sire perfectfly sufe, because tl'.ev cannot reach the ground except lu the form ol mkmsoopk; particles of dust But for tho resistance Interposed bv ' atmosphere the mortally from inotr the from meteors might form au interesting ust in the general statistics of mankind. If is tiie lu>lvs - n ° 'aM before hor his plans excessive velocity of the meteors Tll( ' v w ' lv lal 'KO enough to bewilder which leads to their destruction. Mak- uer - ing tine allowance for the comparative nirity of tlio all- at the groat height at which meteors become luminous. The 'her f would be the richest woman iu acquaintance. She could be au nearest post office, calling a mosson e ~or to Iho box. If it; be desired lo forward a parcel by express delivery tho arrival of the messenger must lie awaited, but a lelier may be deposited in tho message roeon i UwJo for Immediate dispatch The nr •' cessary fee has in oa-h c,ise ,„ ,,„ , '"i closed in tho envelope bearing the narno l of the address-oe, and should the , m - i input bo insufficient ho will ' ' to pay simply the Charles at in the outer em- marked "By cab Tf this arrangement' proves as eon venieut as it promises the postal auUior- ties have signified their willingness to introduce- it la various active centers £ the dty* If adonted in London it is said. •L A. Slnison j ma", of St. Louis, last night. ly suicided

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