The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1892
Page 7
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THE_&PPEft DjES MQI]SES, ALQQNA. IQWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6,1892. . Something it lott when you tise Dr. Sage'B Catarrh Remedy. It's Catarrh. The worst cases yield to its mild, soothing, cleansing, and healing properties. No matter how bad your case, of of how long standing, you can be cured. Incurable cases are rare. It's worth $500 to you, if you have one. The manufacturers of Dr. Sago' 1 ""* are looking for them. They'll pay you that amount in cash, if they can't cure you. It's a plain square offer from a responsible business liouse, and they mean it. It seems too one-sided, too much of a risk. It would be—with any other medicine behind it. It only goes to prove what's been said : incurable cases are rare —with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Other so-called remedies m&y pal- Hate for a time; this cures for all time. By its mild, soothing, cleansing and healing properties, it conquers the worst cases. It removes offensive breath, loss or impairment of the sense of taste, smell or hearing, watering or weak oyejji when caused by tho violence of Catarrh, aa they all frequently are. '. Remedy Bold by druggists, only fO cento. Tfe* imccwa of thi« Great Congh Care is without a parallel ia the history of medicine. All dragf>$*r are authorized to sell it'on a positive jruaratfiTX a test that no other cure can auc- •eufmly *Una. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are •lacing a Sample Bottle Free into every home to the United States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for • t will cure you. If your child has the Croup, ' j- Whooping Cough, ase it promptly, and relief to sure. If you strcad that insidious diseasa • Consumption, uw it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURF Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and ll.oo. If your Lu.«gs are sore or Back lame, uc Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price zj etc. SOLD IN ENCLAND - lisr is. IW&, and In * I fov S5 cents a, bottle. '( DONALD KENNEDY Of Roxbury,ftflass.,Says: Strange cason cured by my Medical Discovery ome $o me every day. Hero IB one of Paralysis— niinoBB— and the Grin. Now, how does my Meill___l Discovery cure nil tliese? I rlon't know, unless f-vlt* takes bold of tho Hidden Poison that makes all VraaiNiA CITY, Nevada, Sept. 9, 1801. DOHALD KENNEDY— Dear Sir: I will state my cas« to you ! . About nine years ago I was paralyzed in ray left Bide: and the best doctors gave mo no relief for two years, nnd Iwus advised to try your Discovery, Which did its duty, aud in a few months I was r* Itored to health, About four years ago I became bllud In my left eye by H spatted cataract, Last ' March I was taken with La Grippe, and was confined to my bed for tbruu mouths. At the end of that time, as in the tturt, then it struck me that yotur 1 Discovery was the thing for iiio; -o fgot a bottle, ' and before it was half gone I was ablo to go to my Work In the mines, Now in regard to my eyes; as I lo*t my left eye, and about six mouths S.KO my right ' »ye became affected with black t-pots over the sight as did the left tyo— perhaps some twenty of them-* but since I have been using your-Blscovery they *U left my right eye V,ut onu; arnl, thank God, tli» bright light of heaven in once more milking its appearance :u my loft eye, I am wonderfully astoa- Uhed at it, and thank Ood and your Meilloiil DI»* icovery. Yours truly, . HiNK WHITE. ... i HB ! ™ THE SMALLEST PILL >N THE WORLD! - kTW, "W «ua MM ft*r tt ff^ TINY LIVER PILLS © have all the virtues of the larger ohjB i equally effective; purely vegetable. Bzaot itze shown in this border. Pure V/18. PUB. , ._. 16-1, 150 MlliBS ASTHOTTB. The Portelectrlc Company's Idea of Scnd- it»K Fast Mnll Mattel-. The Porteleotrio company, which has recently been incorporated under the laws of Virginia, proDosea to transmit mail mat- tar between New York and Philadelphia in forty minutes when it gets into operation. The incorporators are inainiy prominent New York men.' The nominal capital of the companj is $5,000,000, and the promoters are sanguine that their system will make a sufficiently favorable showing to warrant the investment of abundant capital to build and equip the lines. The _ company has for some time been operating an experimental line at Dorchester, Mass., and Prof. A. E. Dolbear estimates from the results attained that a speed of 150 miles an hour will be possible when a regular line is built. The Dorchester experiments have been made on an endless oval track 2,784 feet long, and despite the sharp curves and other disadvantages a speed equal to thirty-three miles an hour waa made with a loaded car. Other expert electrician*) who have examined the plant predict that it will achieve the success predicted for it. The track is slevated and consists of au upper and^lower rail, each formed (.£ bar steel. The car is merely a hollow projectle of .Brought iron, pointed at each end. This car is 12 feet long and 10 inches in diameter, but the cylinder in which the letters are placed are only eight feet long. It weighs 500 pounds and has a capacity for 10,000 letters, weighing 175 pounds. There are two wheels above and two beneath the cylinder. The power to propel the car is provided by a series of hollow helices of insulated copper wire, which encircles the track at intervals of six feet. The current is transmitted to the helices from a central dynamo station, and from the helices throuch Ithe wheels and running gear of the car, The intention is to load mail and other light matter requiring quick trasitinto the cylinder car and jtart on its journey. On arriving at its destination the speed is slackened automatically by the normal action of opposite currents through the terminal helice. The company does not to expect to carry passengers or freight. It is claimed that letters fau be tran- initted between the main ^post office and Harlem by this system in about live minutes, whereas it now requires about an hour. The incorporators say that a practi • cnl line of several miles' length will be built in a short timo to give a better idea of the possililities of the system than are afforded by the experimantal line at Dorchester.—N. Y. Escorder. Burly Thumbs. The early lambs begin to come from January to' March, but the ewes require some extra attention at this season it the lambs are to be strong and vigorous. So important is the proportion of nourishment afforded by the ewe after the lamb is dropped that careful farmers will take the lamb from its dam. and give it to another ewe to own if the dam does not provide a sufficiency, opportunities being usually afforded for so doing when some of the ewes have lost their own lamb. The ewest. that are in poor condition, or enfeebled, will produce weak lambs. Ifc is the strong and vigorous lambs that begins to grow from the start and gains daily until it reaches the market, and a few days difference in growth has much to do with the price of an early lamb. The work should begin now by. keeping the ewes in good condition (not top fat), and keeping the lambs well supplied with plenty of nurishment. DLambs, if fed'as soon as they will eat, make greater gains in weight than would be supposed, and even when raised in large numbers. At the Ontario agricultural college 500 grade lambs were purchased, pastured on rape, and then con- nned in sheds and ynrds, 16 lambs being- in a compartment, 90 being the whole number used for experiment. The average weight of the lambs at the beginning was about 85 pounds, and they were fed on oats, screenings, bran, peas, hay and turnips. They were fed from November to April, and averaged 189 pounds. They were sold for SI 1.79 per head, and were sent to England, the cost of shipping them being S3.75 each. The experiment does not show a very large gain, but the weight of the lambs was good, considering the fact that they were purchased on the market, while the prices obtained were excellent, and should encourage farmers to produce choice lambs for market. A well- bred grade lamb can be made to easily gain 20 pounds a month, and instances are known in which Oxford ;lainbs gained 90 pounds in three months. Ground oats placed in a pen where the lambs can feed in a trough which the sheep cannot reach, with a liberal supply of milk from the ewes, will grow rapidly, and if they gain as they should they will reach the market a mouth sooner than if they depended on the ewes alone, and as this g_ain in time is an important point to keep in view for the high prices every inducement should be made to keep' the lambs feeding and growing, but the gain will not be rapid unless the lumbs are well bred, nor will grades equal the pure breeds. The heaviest gains made have been with Oxfords and Shrop- shires. The main point to observe with the ewe is that of providing plenty of milk for her lamb.—Philadelphia Record. HOW IT IS DONE. The Secret of Success, or Always Try Ing to liout the Last Batch, Tasked a cobbler once how long it took to become'a good shoemaker. He answered promptly: "Six years, and then you must travel." That cobbler had au artist soul. Hold a friend the story and he asked his cobbler the same question, "How long does it take to become a good shoemaker?" "All your life, sir." That was still better—a Michael Angelo of shoes. Mr. Maydole, the hammer maker of Central New York, was an artist. "Yes," said he to Mr. Paton, "ihave made hammers here for twenty-eight years." "Well, then, you ought to be able to make a pretty good hammer by this time." "No, sir," was the answer; "I never made a > retty gocd hammer, I make the best hammer made iv the United States." Daniel Morell, once president of the Cambria rail works in Pittsburgh, which employed seven thousand men, was an artist, and trained artists. "What is the secret of such a development of business as this?" asked the visitor. "We have no secret," was the answer; "we always try to beat our last batch of rails. That's all the secret we have, and we don't care who knows it."—Wm. C. Gannett. HOW SHE SAVED HIM. A Delirious ftliiu is Saved by u Sharp liox on the Euv. There is a little woman in Detroit who believes in heroic treatment. Her husband very ill with an attack of la grippe and quite delirious. His w_ife was nursing him tenderly, and in hib flighty .condition he attempted to get up, dress himself and go down town, though in a burning fever. His wife Jremon- strated, coaxed, commanded, but all to no purpose. Get up he would, and sho feared that in his weak state it would kill him. There was no one in the house to assist her in restraining the delirious man, and as she stood o"er him an idea occurred to her. If she could get him into another train of thought he could be saved. As he essayed to rise from his pillow she gave him a sharp box on the ear. "Mary," said the poor fellow, looking tip into the resolute little woman's face, you've killed me!" "I expect I have. Jim, but I will not let you kill yourself 1" she replied firmly. And the reaction saved him. — Detroit Free Press. A BELLliD BUCK'S ANGBK. Before He is Killed He Given a Hunter a Very lively Time. In the early_ days of Alabama a family of Johnsons lived afecr miles from Decatur. Two of the boys, Ben and Billy, be- c ame famous hunters in that region. They were deep in all wiles of woodcraft, and had many a cunning scheme to secure game. At different times they captured docs when quite young, and after raising them so as to thoroughly domesticate them. would bell a doe in the mating season and turn her loose. She would quite frequently be followed back to the house by several bucks. The bell gave warning of the approach, and the brothers would. then lie in ambush and shoot the bucks. Ojice thoy captured a male fawn a,nd reared him to stalwart buckhood. He was it splendid fellow, aa gentle as a kitten and more useful than a dog, for ho could be belled in tho mating season and would find a doe every day, which the brothers would shoot in tho morning. One morning, says the American Rural Homo, Ben heard the bell out on tho mountain and started to find it. .On coming in sight the buck waa seen by the side of a fine doe. The hunter killed her and stepped forward to skin and dress the meat. He had always been in the habit of proceeding in this way and, apprehending no trouble whatever, neglected to reload his gun. Approaching hid game so a,s to cut her throat and blosd her, he was hindered somewhat by the buck. He .gave the animal an impatient push and was in the act of laying hold of the dead deer when the live one made a vicious lunge at him with his horns. Ben was taken by surprise and the beast tuinblod him over the carcass, but as the buck returned to the charge he sprang up and received it with courage. Seizing the animal by one horn the hunter began cutting at.hiin. He could not reach a vital spot, however, and meantime the brute "was wildly dashing through the underbrush, bruising^ Johnson's body and occasionally goring him. The hunter's case was getting quite desperate. The infuriated brute, with horns and hoofs, had nearly stripped Johnson. The strange antagonists both had numerous wounds and were covered with blood. The deer jerked loose at last and made an awful plunge. Johnson sprarie behind a sapling and the deer's horns encircled it. The hunter instantly seized both horns and held the deer with his nose to the ground, This gave the man a slight advantage, and yet he could not let Ioos9 with either hand so as to use his knife.for the mad creature constantly lurched and plunged back and forth. The best he could do was to hold to the buck's horns until the creature would become exhausted from the loss of blood. But Ben himself was now becoming weak, and he began to call for help. Bill heard him, and, hurrying to his assistance, found Ben and the buck nearly dead. He cut the buck's throat and released the deer hunter from the most perilous posi tion he had ever occupied. Timo to Move. Ignorance is sometiaies power. Wo haw known inexperienced yo.iing men, utterly unconscious of: the difficulties ahead of them, to go into desperate euter- prises with their whole souls and achieve success. Under the same circumstances, men of inaturer powers and clearer perceptions would not have ventured. How AubTjiHrHB PBUDBNOB~of~anowlng a Cough to run on, rasping the Pulmonary and Bronchial organs, when that approved and speedy remedy, Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant, can be obtained from any Apothecary. Tho St. Louii furnitur* board of trade has sent baby Butli Cleveland a little rocking; eli air made from the door of the old log cabin home of Qeii. V. 8. Grant. Why continue the use of remedies that only relieve, when Ely's Cream Balm, pleas. ant of application and a sure cure for Ca- tarrli aud cold in head, can be bad. I had A severe attack of catarrh and became so deaf I could not hear common conversation. I suffered terribly from roaring In my head. I procured a bottle of Ely's, Cream Balm, aud In three weeks could hear as well as ever, aud now I can say to all who are afflicted with the worst of diseases, catarrh, take Ely's Cream Balm and be cured. It is worth $1,000 to any man, woman or child suffering from catarrh. — A. E. Newmau, Grayling, Mich. Apply Balm into each nostril. It is Quick. ly Absorbed. Gives Belief at once, Price' 50 cents »t Druggists or by mail. , ELY BKOTHEUS, 50 Warren St., NewYorkJ The yield of the orange crop In Florida; this year was over 8,000,000 boxes, aud an average box holds 150 oranges. About half of the crop will be sent by rail to the western states. Or cut Bargains In Had Ice' Watches. Genuine Elgin ladles' watch, Boss filled case, guaranteed twenty years, only $18. Handsome plush case with each watch. Write or call on C. Preusser Jewelry Co., Milwaukee, Wis. Steam pipes are now being made from the ramie libre. The material is so closely pressed together by hydraulic machinery) that it has a tensil strength two and a hair times that of steel. PLEASANT, WHOLESOMB, SPIBDT. Threo adjectives tuat apply to HALB'S HOMKT oir lllOHEUOUND AND TAB. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE D«ow Cure lu one Minute. Charles Albert Benson, the murderer of Mrs. Wettmann, who is to hang at Leaven-, worth, Kau., Feb. 6, lias tried to cut his throat with a pin. Florida and the Golf C*Mt. The arrangements of through sleeping car lines of tjie Louisville ^ft-Nashville Railroad arc more perfect thnn ever this seftson. That company has through sleepers from the Ohio River gateways to. Jacksonville, Tampa, Thomasville and the Oulf Coast lie- sorts. The time made from Chicago to Jacksonville is in the neighborhood 01 six hours quicker than by any other line. Folder? and other information cheerfully furnished by George L. Cross, N. W. Pass. Agent, 333 Clark street, Chicago, 111. The sum of $70,000 has been paid into the treasury' department by the firm of Ncuberger, Keiss & Co., of San Francisco, members of which were indicted for smuggling. • Rare Dnrgaln* In Indies' Watches.' During the next 80 days we will sell a solid 14-karat ladies" Elgin watch for $22. Handsome plush case with each watch. Write or call on C. Preusser Jewelry Co., Milwaukee, Wis. When the most magnificent person tells us we are in error we should listen, and examine ourselves and see if it is 10. To believe it possibly we may be in error is the first step toward getting out of it.— Foster. . The Only One Ever Printed—Can Too Find the WordT There is a 8-lnch display advertisement in' this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same is true of each new one appearing, cadi week from The Dr. Barter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the name of the word, and they will return you HOOK, BEAUTIFUL LITUOdHAl'lIB Or SAMPLES 3WEB. If a man abuses his wlCo in Butte, Mont., half a yard of crape is tacked on his 'door as a reminder that any trouble In the f u ture will be followed by a call from the undertaker. Mndo to Tiooh Like New. ' Dresses, Gents' Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed at OUo Pietch's Dye Works, 3-10 \V. .Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. The development of the industries -of thu south is shown by the fact that it now hns 1,200,000 more spindles than it had eleven years ago. .—tk II FU7Vtom«<Ffre6by UK.HLINB'B Qum f NEJIVJS KKHTOHEB. No l?itn after tlratdny'iinso. Mur- vellou* euros. Troiltlau und $'.'.1111 trlnl bottlo froa t:> Fit cases. Bond to Dr. Kllue, 1131 AroUSt., 1'hllii., I'u. Beet sugar may be bought In certain stores in our eastern cities. To the taste it cannot be distinguished from the best cane .sugar except by experts, who say it is richer 'in sweets than most cane sugar. IP you want a good reliable lady's or gent's watch you will do well to write to or call on the C. Pruesser Jewelry Co., of Milwaukee,, for prices and information. This is the only house in the state that buys direct from the manufacturers of American watches. Boscobel authorities hare arrested Mary McKinlcy, a young woman residing about eight miles from the city, as the mother of the infant who was left on a doorstep last week. The woman has confessed to the child's maternity. DON'T fool with indigestion nor with a disordered liver, but take Beecham's Pills for immediate relief. '25 cents a box. Thomas Leary, a miner at Butte, Mont., has been asleep since last Wednesday. All attempts to arouse him are unavailing. AN EXTENDED POPULARITY. SHOWN's BBONOUIAL TIIOOIIES have for many years been the most popular article in use for re. lievlng Coughs and Throat troubles. A second-hand clothing dealer found an I O U for $5,000 in a gentleman's jacket Which the man had overlooked on selling and had despaired of ever seeing again. THERE la more Catarrh In this section of the country than all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to be incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local' remedies, and by constantly falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced it Incurable, Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease,, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, inarm, faotured by P. J..Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, ia the only constitutional owe on the market, It is taken Internally in doses from ton drops to a teaspooufnl. It acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Tliey offer one hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonial*. Address. I 1 . J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. jBS-Sold by Druggists,-75a. IGNATIUS DONNELLY. Col. Blanton Duncan says that Ignatius Donnelly is an honest man. He says that Donnelly could have made a million dollars by simply being a rascal, but he has lived as poor as a church mouse for 20 years, supporting himself by literary efforts. When he sued the St. Paul Pioneer Press for libel the jury only gave him six cents damages, showing that Ignatius is without honor in his own country. Added to that, is the fact that his great Criptogram has not paid. Ignatius has had no luck since he quarreled with the Washburns twenty years ago. He seems to have been "hoodoed" ever since. He should take REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUBE, the, best thing in the world for all maladies of the throat or lungs. This great remedy contains no poison, but is the best thing in the world for every species of pulmonary trouble. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. »gent ifor Tg« SATOS- DAT TIDINGS, in every place of 100 inhabitants or over, in this county. 8<* *<*"* If so you are one from choice and tuJn tell whether farming as an investment pays. Do you make it pay ? Have you first-class tools, fixtures, etc. ? You say yes, but you are. Avrong if you have no scales. You should have one, and by sending a postal card you can get full information from JONES OF BINGHAMTON, BINGHAWTON, N..Y. SIB HEHKY Tiiojtrsoti, the most noted physician of England, says that more tbau bnlf of all cliseusca come from erron 4 diet. Send for Free Sample of Garfleld Tea to 819 "West 48.tU Street, New YorU City. > 6Uee|>le»fii»esK I ftm gl»d to t««tif j th*t luted Pastor Roe- nig'i Notre Toni« with tti« b*lt sncoesa for uleeplassiiesi, and believ* that tt is really n great xolitf for suffering hnmanity. H. FBANX, Pastor, St. Severln, K«yl»rton F. O., Fa. Doe* Wb»t It Purports to I>o. FtKBTOH, Ohio, March 3, 1691. I want frith mj brotbar to lea th« Rev. Koo- nlg and h« gate th» Nerve Tonto to him— tho Qrst I «ver heard of It — and it oared him. Since then I keep Faitor Koaulg'i MerT* Tonlo on hand In my itor» and h»T« sold It with good satisfaction, and teller* if directions are followed It trill do what is recommended. JOHN W. •-A Talnable Hook «n Wervons D l*«a*es sent free to any address, and poor pntlents c»n also obtain this medicine fi 6e of charge. ••Ml* •• L IJ V M I R I I I lib M Hits remedy hu been prepared by the Borerend Pastor KoenlR, of Fort Wayne, Ind* since 1878. and linovr prepared nndorhla direction by the KOENIG MED. CO., Chicago, III. Bold brDrngffiataBt*! per Bottle. OforSo torg* Size, C1.75. 6 Bottles for 89. Both tho method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts cantly yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the ayBn tern effectually, dispelo oolda, headaches and fevera and cures habitual aonstipation. Syrup of Figs ia the only remedy of its kind ever produced, piecing to tho taste and acceptable to the Btomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the moat healthy and agreeable'substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and hare made it the mott popular remedy known. ••-*-• Syrup of Figs ia for sale in 60o and $1 bottles by all leading drug- Sista. Any reliable druggist who may not hare it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do.not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FRANOISOO, OAL. LOUISVILLE, KT. HEW YORK. fl.T. by ritura u»U tall deurlptlvi clroaltri of and UOODT'I IMPROVED TAILOE SYR. TEM8o( Drill Cutting, Ki • itu Int. r.rf m AN AKBSIg (lTO> instant relief, and la an INFALLIBLE CURB tor PIL1S8, Price, $1; at dniiuiuts 01 by mall. Hamplpa (roe. Address "ANAKESIS," Boxaito, NEW YOIIK CITY. DOTJHI,K Ireech-Loailtr 47.99. All klndi «h»pir ,thaa eUewhere. Before you buy, leud •tamp for Illustrated .Catalogue to Ttit '{iwelU-l'lemtltl'o. 1UII Bain Bli eel, YODH OW1S Holic* Bleu], Oysler Shello __.„,.— Grnhum Flour ami Ouru. in tlio ' . VJ/M IIIO tivr ci'iit. moronuuluin KMimntf I'oum-y. Also I'OWEC MILKS mid FA KM t'KK!) MILLS. Oiruulni-a mill tvntlmaululu emit cii viplliMUon. WILSON BROS., E ACSON. PA "August Flower" This is the query pe»» What Is petually on your llttU boy's lips. And he 1» It For ? no worse than the bigger, older, balder-headed boys. Life is au interrogation point. "What is it for?" we continually cry from the cradle to th« grave. So with this little introductory sermon we turn and ask: "What is AUGUST FLOWER FOR ?'' As easily answered as asked : It Is for Dyspepsia. It is a special remedy for the Stomach and Liver. Nothing more than this; but this brimfuL We believe August Flower curea Dyspepsia. We know it will. W« have reasons for knowing it. Twenty years ago it started in a small country town. To-day it has an honored place in every city and country store, possesses one of the largest inanti* facturing plants in the .country and sells everywhere. Why is this f Thd reason is as simple as a child's thought. It is honest, does on* thing, and does it right along—it cures Dyspepsia. 9 G. GJGREEN, Sole Man'fr.Woodbary.NJk Tliis GREAT COUGH CURE, this succesi. ful CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug, gists on a positive guarantee, a test that no othof Curt can stand successfully. If you have a COUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it will cure you promptly. If your child has th« CROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use it quickly and relief is sure. If you fear CON« SUMPTION, don'twaituntil your case is hop* less, but take this Cure at once aud receive immediate help. Large bottles, SQC. and $l.cxx Travelers convenient pocket size 250. Asl| your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE. If you* lungs are sore or back lame, use Shiloli's Pofc CUB Plasters. Price, 250. RELIEVES all Stomach Distress. REMOVES Nausea, Genso of FuUneafl. CONGESTION, TAIN. REVIVES FAILING ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Circulation, WHS WABMB TO TOE TIMS.' PR. HABTER MEDICINE CO.. St. l.oult. GRATEFUL... 9 s s Cocoa BREAKFAST. "By a thorough knowledge M' the nnturu.1 tuvrs vruioh govern the operation* of tlipffixtion und nutri* tion, and by H careful n[>|>licntioi> oT I he fmo proper, tied of woll-Bolected Coco.-,, j\l>. !•!; p^ hits provided' our breukfuat, tublea with a iliilui-.u-ly lluvdrad bev. erage which u'uy uuve u» many h<>:>vy doctor* 1 billB. It ie by the judicious UKO of Ktich iirtli'lim of 1 diet that n coiiBlitutian may be p;riiduully Iniilt up until ourltihttd .frame."—"Civil ticrvloe Gazette. ' Mudo simply with boiling water or milk. Sold nnlyin half-pound linn, by Grocers, labelled thus I JAM 1!M 108'1'N <V <;<)., Ihmmioputhio ClismiBt«, LONDON, ENGLAND. OF MILWAUKEE, Will puy interest at tho rule of lour (4) per ce« 1 per annum in 1U SAVINGS DEPARTMENT on al] d«pou!tB of ODU dollar ami over. for our Sayings Bunk Circular.-«» , , ^ , r\ Mw. Alice MUII|». Oi«BOp, M.O., writ" { \ \\{ / J"Mrw»UhtwoaSa)i?oua'Jii,n<>witUl| * r^duoJioit t>? IWj [bfc. 11 -Vor oirijalrfca & rS?/^ilr f AND SPEND the V/IHTEn *" LOVELY The Shortest and Quickest Una to all parts of the ( It rum elegant Pullman | Slecperi, Day Coaches and ' ,,„„ . , Baggage Cats solid to J ACK8ONVILU via Lookout Mountam, Chattanooga, Atur ^ Mncon. Finest trains In the World lor COMPORT AMD SAFETY OF TRAVELERS. 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PATENT 5O PHRO Book Frou. •I)ILU» qanw iwq »qi IIII si n -»w P» •fpa«aaoq> <uoiii4«i»nioo wn WWW'»«» A SAVIOR OF HE" SEX, . , AVllEN pitin becomea a constttnt comnanioni whou there ia no repose for the auffcrer, by day of night; wtien life itself seems to bo u culuwHy i ami wltun all this Is reversed by a wornim, Ji»8 slio not ivou thy above title? ' cuves all those peculiar weaknesses . incuts of ivouneB, all orgaulo dlseaser of dowu ScMsationB.DcbUity, Nervows J'w* 1 ".'."^ eto. Bvcrv Druggist sells U.or seutby waU.ltt lorw of fills or J,o?cuges, ou r«oelpt of f l,Wi 'i»W*t«Vnitt>M4St>X '«>wiw«w»nw \

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