The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina on April 17, 1952 · Page 6
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The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina · Page 6

Gaffney, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1952
Page 6
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Pige Six THE GAFFNEY LEDGER, GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA Thursday, April 17, 1952 RETURN TO JOBS IN SEIZED PLANT I JUST RECEIVED New 'shipment of Material. We also have i i:.t . . i .1 .... . ... . Titanic Disaster Holds Peacetime It .. j u nmc uiurt- oi me yj men i noicacncd micctlng at I Q A VAIHi' Airman Steals Greyhound Bus To Drive Home Biloxi, Miss., April 15 A 21- i u.c i i ill vis. ;j THE TOWEL SHOPPE-W. Frederick St. $ year-oid airman decided to "got Runs Red Light; S. C. Fugitive Caught In Chase Union, April 15 A youthful fugitive from the Anderson jail was captured by state patrolmen yesterrday in a 20-mile chase that began when the, wanted man ran a red light, authorities reported. Edward Manley, 19, identified as having escaped recently from the Anderson County jail, was captured at a point near the Spartanburg County line. Union County Sheriff J. Harold Lamb said Manl -y drew two state patrol "cars into the high speed chase by running the red IB IE LL LL 9 S- Mrs. Fitzgerald Will Run Again Fof- Legislature Columliia, April 15. Richland county's woman legislator, Martha Thomas Fitzgerald, has announced her candidacy for reelection to the Jiouse of representatives. She is now completing her first term ns a member of the Richland delegation in the statoi legislature, and is the only woman in the general assembly. In commenting on her announcement Mrs. Fitzgerald said, "I believe that my record during my two years of service in the legislature merits favorable consideration by the people of Richland county. It has been my earnest desire, at all times, to render honest, efficient, and unselfish service for the best interests of the county and state. Through my presence at every Death Toll Record New York It was 40 years ago that the unsinkablc Titanic sank. No peacetime deep sea ship disaster, before or since, took mora lives. None ever broke more hearts. The Titanic went down with 1,513 men, women and children. Only 711. were saved. It was epic drama and it began, like all great drama, quietly, confidently, without a shadow. On Sunday, April 14, 1912, the new 45,000-ton queen of the Atlantic run was steaming westward on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. She moved under clear, starlit skies, in a serenity of superlatives. The F A M O U S home to North Carolina by bus yesterday. He stole a huge Greyhound bus for transportation. Police said Airman 2-C Richard W. Arye, 21, of Salisbury, N. C, slipped into the Biloxi Greyhound terminal about midnight, found an empty bus, and started down Highway 00 towards Paseagoula. He led pursuing highway patrolmen a wild and hectic 15-mile chase until a bullet grazed his head. Val Redding, manager of the bus station here, said the theft 85.8)5. DRESS SALE light in a stolen auto. ! Manley, who escaped March 25 j in a county truck- which was! found abandoned in Greenville, j was back on the Anderson chain , Titanic, everybody said, was the newest, biggest, most luxurious, safest liner afloat. would probably !,ave gone unnoticed for "a long while" if Arey had remembered to turn on his headlights. gang last night. He is serving time for auto theft. In the evening, an Anglican clergyman led a large group in a hymn-sing in' the D-deek salon. At 10 o'clock, stewards served biscuits and coffee. By 11, most of the passengers had retired. On the bridge, watch officers saw- only black, calm seas. The Titanic sped on at her full 21 Accused Spinster Strangles Self With Stocking daily session of the legislature, and vote on all matters, I demonstrated my determination to register my opinions without evading any issues under consideration." She was a member of the education and public works committee of the house, and second vice chairman of this committee. Mrs. Fitzgerald says that her chief legislative emphasis during her term has been on county affairs and in that connection she has supported ail progressive measures for improved health conditions, educational opportunity, additional paving and road building facilities, and better home and community living throughout the county. MAINTENANCE WORKERS at the Republic Steel Corp. plant In Cleveland enter the main gate, prepared to ready the furnaces which were banked in anticipation of a strike. They went on the job shortly after Republic, the nation's third largest steel producer, called its employes back following government seizure of the Industry. Normal production will soon be resumed. (International Soundphoto l'DIICJI knots, A bmit 15 minutes before mid-niejit, at a point south of Capo Race, Newfoundland, the crow's nest lookout sounded the alarm bell. The first officer also had sighted the peak of a huge iceberg. He shouted to the quartermaster to starboard the helm. The huge ship responded but her forward motion was so great she slid obliquely against the ice Mil -t Mi 1" r Premier Stalin Worries For Life; Road Is Guarded Two Suicides Are Prevented In N. Y. C. Area Auburn, Calif. A spinster strangled herself yesterday with a stocking, three days aftci' she had killed her father and burned their ranch home because the government had condemned it for a flood control project. The body of Etta Mae Dickinson, 5(1, a stocking cinched tight around her neck, was found at Hewitt State Hospital. She bad been taken there for observation. She was found Thursday, distraught and wild-eyed, watching the burning house on their :!2i-acre cattle ranch. She was charged with murdering her father, James Peter Dickinson, 78. Authorities sai l she related she killed her father with a shotgun, then fired the house with kerosene. O N 1. Y $2.97 I? K GINS The young soldier, who officers said admitted drinking a "couple of beers" before his moonlight ride, was spotted by a cab driver as he drove the cumbersome bus over tho Biloxi-Ocean Springs Causeway with headlight dark and the door open. The cab driver notified the State Highway Patrol who started out in pursuit. Patrolmen Cecil Byrd and Jackson County deputy sheriff, K. E. Blakeney, met the swaying bus on the narrow highway. Byrd and Blakeney swung in behind the bus, firing at its motor as the chase reached 75 miles an hour at times. They said Arey crowded "six or seven" cars off the road ami they finally fired at him because "we were afraid somebody might be killed." One of the bullets grazed Arey's head and he brought the bus to u stop. Big Plane Lands With 2 Engines Out, 3rd Smoking Ililo, Hawaii, April 15 A Pan American Airways Strato-cruisor carrying 37 persons to Hawaii from Los Angeles made a safe emergency landing here today with two of its four engines dead and a third streaming smoke. The huge, double-decked plane, bound for Honolulu on a routine trans Pacific flight, was diverted to the closer Hilo airfield after its crew radioed for assistance two hours east of the islands New York. "I have too much berg. There was a gentle lifting motion. The submerged bulk of the ice mountain ripped open the double hull of steel plates and the cold seas rushed in. The Titanic's giant engines stopped, started, stopped 'again. A murmur of apprehension spread among the passengers as they gathered on the deck. But it was only a whisper now. Told to put on life preservers, the passengers did and watched trouble with the landlord. I can't London. -Premier Joseph Stalin is so positive he is a marked man he has ordered the highway from the Kremlin to his "second home" outside Moscow to be THURSDAY M O R N I N G SKI WINDOW DISPLAY guarded by police, lined with small "pill boxes" and patrolled by armored cars. Son Drowns After Dad Leaves Auto Referring to her platform, she said that it would be basically what she had advocated in her previous campaign, and worked for during her two years of service, namely: 1. Economic and cautious expenditure of the tax dollar. 2. Promotion of new 'industries for county and state. 3. Adequate support of agencies and institutions which scne the health and welfare of those who need such service. 4. More participation by parents in public school affairs. o. Keeping governmental expenditures within incomes or resources. fi. Observing, in the operation of government affairs, those principles of honesty, integrity, and good management as practiced by successful business enterprises. Long identified with the stale public school system, Mrs. Fitzgerald is a graduate of Winthrop college and the University of South Carolina, and also holds a degree from Columbia university. In addition to maintaining an active interest in educational affairs, she is widely known for her participation in various civic pro IBIEILIL DEPARTMENT STORE Wellsburg, W. Va. A :t-vear- old boy drowned yesterday when the family car he was sitting in stay any longer." That was the reason given by Chinatown restaurant worker Yim Nin, 4:!, for wanting to leap 10 stories to his death. "I'm sick of life," said Max Gurspan, 55-year-old barber, who teetered on a third-floor ledge in Brooklyn. Both men were rescued yesterday, in the following ways: A crowd watched while Yim Nin dangled his feet over the roof edge of the health department building in downtown Manhattan. Patrolman James Brown, dressed in plainclothes, pulled out a camera and offered to take Nin's picture. As Nin posed, another patrolman grabbed him. Gurspan was preparing to jump from a police station, where ho had been taken for questioning after ripping a bus seat cushion with a pen knife. As police and a crowd pleaded with Gurspan not to jump, a res oiled down a wharf and into the Ohio River. calmly as the crew prepared tho !( lifeboats. Slill no panic. The' ship remained on even keel, her great wounds invisible below deck. The order went out: Women and children first into the lifeboats and the lifeboats only had room for one-third of the people aboard. Some women elected to stay with their husbands. Many had no choice. The bow of the Titanic began to dip. The first lifeboats were only partially filled with women and children as they swayed down toward the dark sea. Later lifeboats were filled to over-crowd- Po ice sail Dutlioi- V. Willinm I told of leaving his son, Russell, in the parked car when he werit on FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS THE LEDGER an errand. The aging Soviet dictator's sudden concern for his safety indicated by this precaution is reported by Moscow-born Bikolaus Bassechcs, for 15 years a correspondent in Russia and close student of the Soviet Union. Me relates it in a new book called "Stalin," just published in London. Basseches discredits most of the stories of attempts to assassinate Stalin, but he recounts one which "seems to be absolutely authentic." It took place this way. Stalin had asked for a member of the Kremlin's translator staff and a woman of the old Russian aristocracy showed up. He adds: "While the leading was going on Stalin asked for coffee? ... no doubt the lady would like some 3C T TBA On the slowly sinking deck, the 5) cue net was placed beneath him rJtrorts to seize him tailed and Gurspan jumped into the net. ship's orchestra played and people aboard and in the lifeboats sang "Nearer My God to Thee." At 2:20 a. in. Monday, 'April 15, about 2 Vz hours after the collision, the Titanic's lights went out. The stern rose, machinery Both men were taken to hos WHEN YOU BUY YOUR BIG NEW pitals for observation. also. She ordered. Later she acted as if she felt that she : Boy Killed On was not noiaing the two cuns safely, or found them too hot to grams, patriotic organizations and church related work. She is a daughter of Mrs. J. H. Thomas, of Gaffney, and the late Mr. Thomas. "It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work co-operatively with other members of the delegation in realizing many worthwhile accomplishments," Mrs. Fitzgerald observed. "I was printraily interested in bringing about a change in the fiscal year policy of the county accounting system, and through our combined efforts and the co-operation of county officials in making some adjustments this has been done, resulting in a much more satisfactory financial situation at no extra cost to the taxpayer." Mrs. Fitzgerald is the wife of J. M. Harris Fitzgerald, Columbia business man. They have their home on South Waccamaw in Columbia. Camping Site By Rifle Bullet hold, and she placed the two cups on a sideboard. "She stood so for a second, with her back to Stalin. "This was noted by Stalin, always readily suspicious. When the lady came to the table and XJ was torn loose and everything moveable rushed in a great roar toward the disappearing bow. The sea closed over the stern of the Titanic and the last, unrecorded words of its victims. The water became calm again and the night, quiet, except for the low moans from the lifeboats under the clear, star-lit sky. Insect Pests Are Told In Report Viola, N. Y . A mysterious placed Stalin's coffee in front of lineman last night shot to death She , one of a group of teen-agers camp him he did not touch it, calmly finished hers." ing in me namapo mountains near Bear Mountain Park. Police, who started checking on hundreds of Iew York metro Stalin had the coffee examined as soon as she left the room. It was poisoned. The woman was executed, but she never betrayed the group she worked for. politan area youths camped in the mountains, said they knew of no Basseches maintains (hut l be ! motive for the shooting, $50.00 TUADK- IN ALLOWANCE ON THIS IMG 11 FOOT S II K L V A I) O U for your old refrigerator, regardless of make or condition. More if it is worth it. Washington The Agriculture Department has established a nationwide insect pest survey and reporting service to give farmers up-to-date reports on local pest longer Stalin lives the harder ;U There have been reports of feuds becomes to pick a successor. lie,!'"'1''" ('amI sitl's among groups of asserts that the Politburo, with ; '0U,V,S- . Stalin's approval, once decided a . ' ne victim of the shooting was conditions. They Were Hot Once Jacksonville, Fla. Commander James C. McCoy, one of the oldest active Navy fliers, has a picture of the old Curtis "Jenny" which he occasionally shows jet pilots at the naval air station here. On the picture is a note "Year! We know it's old, 'but we were considered hot in our day, too." successor must be much vounirer I ."'in latrick Dooley, 1, of Brook The department said the service than Stalin "for what was the lyn, who was cumping with seven schoolmates during the Spring good of finding a successor for n few years only?" also will "provide the skeleton organization needed for protection against biological warfare if. the occasion arises." vacation week. The killer escaped into the And yet he must be old enough 4...-. T w "V lllllOU Will I iM'ULII I , ' , r. to possess authority in the event : T ,.' "lui -Was sought today over hundreds of sotiare miles of ruir ged terrain. Donley's companions said the killer was a youth less than twenty who said: "We will be back in the morn of Stalin s death. Finally, he must not only have been long in the party but 'must have had a career out of which a legend could be created." J'asseches declares that the first choice was Kirov he was as-sasidnated in 1!K!1. Second choice was Zhanov he died in 1 '.MM. Choice No. ;i was Ceorgi Ma-lenkov, who rose meteorically from general secretary of the League of Communist Youth to a Politburo member and Communist Party boss. "Rut he is not unanimously ac ing and clean out the rest of you." In his personal memoirs, Ccn-eral Grant said that the Mexican War was "one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation." m mown PAYMENT required if your old refrigerator meets the government requirements. Extra-Jibcral trades now being given! Don't delay! Get jour trade-in estimate aTCRUNSK 'I'T'RY OP THU CONGO" cepted by the party," write Bas ' 1 There's one for you.. . Yod see in ihete fivft 8 patterns the classic seches. "His career has been normal, almost .bureaucratic, so ordinary that no legend could possibly be woven around it. . ." "Anyone who thinks that on Stalin's death there will at once, or in a matter of hours or days or weeks, be struggles for power among the party leaders, is mistaken. Precautions have been taken in the light of experience. "In the Politburo there is the strong nucleus of the old members. Stalin's old comrades in the struggle, all younger than he CROSLEY " grandeur and the excef. Enjoy the extra conveniences of a gleaming new Crosley Shelvador! No other refrigerator offers you so much accessible storage space, such handsome styling and such engineering perfection for so little money! Trade your tired, old, too-small refrigerator now for a SHKLVADOU. For limited time only, we are giving EXTKA-IilG, EXTRA-LIBERAL TItADES! See jJftoiiiAPT i silver which many, many f5 "iT of our customers recogr ft .ST e ' the SHEEVADORS today! is. . None of them will become a For your own, or for ft 52 gift, when you chooso uicLaiui . or E -i: THE PACE SETTING DESIGNS ARE COMING FROM CROSLEY jJS" Gorham you ire assured " i it's the best. Come ia two one MgSgr Budget payments. P. S. Ask us about Corhaftft exclusive, seamless, one piece knife handle! It' dent- and raltl?-risUut, Turner ImmmammmmmmmmmtMmmm'mt vlfiihm 1i Tokyo Reunion. Miami Beach, Fla. Gen. James II. Doolittle and between 30 and 40 fliers and crewmen who survived the historic air raid on Tokyo on April 18, 1942, will meet here Friday for their tenth annual reunion. Kentucky Challenged Pierre, S. D. The Coyote State was the "Blue Grass" State last year. South Dakota last year outranked all other states in the production of blue grass seed, producing about one-third of the total United States crop. Jungle Jim, famed adventurer, is again portrayed by Johnny We-issniuller in "Fury of the Congo," newest of Columbia Pictures' popular series. "Fury of the Congo" plays this Thursday and Friday at the Hamrick E. H. JONES, Jeweler DIAMONDS - WATCHES SILVERWARE 400 West Buford Street Phone 6661 1

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