The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1893 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1893
Page 8
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tIPPJESR DEB _MOINggj ALGQNA, IOWA, WlDM&DAY, t 22 1898. THE TEMPLE OF TIJESPIS, It was Duly Dedicated Amid Fine Trappings and with Loyal Speeches Last Evening. It Was a Fine Entertainment from Any Point of View—Regrets from Some Who Couldn't Come. The dedication exercises nt the opera house last night will bo a joy forever. In fact they are the "joy forever" so far as the opera house is concerned, Gloriann, or no Gloriatin. They fur- toished on tho whole the finest entertainment ever given in Algona. And they wero presented to a larger audience than was present at tho opening night, tho most representative audience over gathered in Algona. Special invitations had heen extended to tho mayors and alderinon of our neighbor- Ing towna and to many outside the county,, and large delegations from this entire part of the state were present. A groat rmvny came to hear Hon. Lafo Young of the Dos Moincs Capital, whoso reputation us an orator is more than stiito wide, and whose address was replete with wit, fine sentiment, and eloquence, and whoso visit will long bo apleaaiint, rumombranco to our citizens. The Btutu band Huwlained all tho reputation that had preceded it and more, and gave a musical programme that is not excelled by any organization in tho west. Tho band compares with Sousa's marine band or tbo celebrated Mexican band in fine execution, and is a great credit to Iowa, and well worthy of public support as an advertisement for the west. Mrs. Gormly who accompanied tho band sang u solo which was heartily , Henley of Fort Dodge, State Treasurer B. A. JBeeson, C. D. Hum, Hon. J. B. Rlchtnan of Muscatine, and many others. MISS KITTJE JOBDAN AGAIN. That State Fair Pickpocket Case is Agalii In Court. M. Stephens and S. S. Sessions are in Des Moinos to attend the rehearing of the pickpocket case. Yesterday's Register had the following report of it: The well known case of Miss Kittle Jordan against tho state agricultural society for $5,000 damages is again on trial before Judge Holmes in the district court. Miss Jordan, formerly of Milwaukee, attended the state fair last year. She, in company with a number of lady friends, was in floral hall when a number of ladies had their pockets picked. Supt. Stephens was ataloss to encored, and in response gave in a very sweet voice " Suwanee River." And coming from our outside entertainers to homo talent it is a pleasure to congratulate Mayor Shoal/ upon the happy address in which he welcomed the people. If Iowa has any orators who can excell the doctor on an occasion of this kind it has not been our pleasure to hoar them. The dedication exercises were a credit to Algona. They wero beiltting the- house they were arranged for. They brought clue honor to Mr. Call for his public spirit in building such a house. They pleased our citizens and pleasantly commemorate what will long bo remembered as one of Algona'a red letter occasions. Dedication Notes. Very handsome souvenir programmes were gotten out and given to tho public. They contained a brief history of the new house. That sign of good luck to opera house managers, "standing room only," was hung out early in tho evening. Over 00 tickets-were- sold after every seat had been taken. Mr. Young vviis accompanied by Mrs. Young and Mi&s Hepburn of Des Moines, who occupied tho box with, him. They wore entertained at A. D. Clarke's while in Algona. Among tho visiting brethren of the press we noticed Al. Adams of Huin- boldt, P. Johnston of Esthervillo, Bro. Williamson of West Bend; and others were present. 3?rom Those Uiinblo to Attend. Many letters have boon received from those who wore invited and who were prevented from coming. Some went beyond a formal expression of regrets and a few paragraphs from their letters are given bolow: Ex-Gov. C. C. Carpenter of Fort Dodgo: 1 thank you for tho consideration implied iu the invitation to bo present at tho dedication of tho Call Opera house. I regret that business which I cannot avoid or postpone will prevent mo from participating in the pleasures of Uio occasion. I. would feol a peculiar gratification in lioing with you, as it would I'QL'iill by vivid contrast my first visit to Algona, when three log cabins constituted tho city. I must confess that my imagination, notwithstanding all my faith lii the future of northwestern Iowa, did not foresee tho day that Algona would require and have u $35,000 opera house. I congratulate tho company and tho city. Senator W. H. Dout of Lo Mars: Mr. TVm. Hamilton Done regrets his inability to accept tho Algona Opera House company's Invitation for tho occasion of tho dedication of tho Call Oporu house. Permit the writer to add that the Algona Opera House company has more than ordinary regrets, Only that other engagements prohibit, nothing would give mo greater pleasure than to renew my former acquaintance not only with tho opera house's uumosake but with other of your citizens as well, for whom I have a high regard, S. C. McFarland of tho Marshalltown Times-Kopublioun: Am sorry I cannot accept your kind invitation for tho dedication, but I can congratulate Algona upon her enterprise very heartily. L. K. Train of the Port Dodge Times: Compliments of tho season and best wishes for the success of tho opera house dedication. May tho pooplo of Algona appreciate the enterprise which has given them the finest opera house in the groat state of Iowa. Senator Bailey of Decorah: I sincerely hope you will enjoy your new house as keenly as Decorah has her opera house for the past year. The existence of such a house discourages tho lower class and encourages tho higher class of entertainments, to tho general benefit of all. Rev. F. H. Sanderson of Emmetsburg: Mrs. Sanderson and myself thank you warmly for tho kind invitation to tho dedication of the opora house, Feb. 21, and regret their inability to bo present. Would have replied sooner, but was trying to can eel an engagement which dated tho above. Now I am loo ill to go, having been taken violently ill on Friday morning with a " shameful" attack of biliousness, which also deterred mo from preaching in Algona Sunday. Am much better today. Hon. John F. Duncouibo of Fort Dodge: I sincerely thank you for the kind invitation for myself and ladies to the dedication of the Call Opora house, Tuesday, Feb. 81. I should bo very much pleased to attend and renew old acquaintances. I feol quite proud of having sworn in tho first officers who ever were sworn into office iu the original organization of that county and was taken there by Judge Call from Fort Dodge for that purpose, and tho very name of your opera house brings back to my mind very pleasant recollections. Regrets were also sent by Judge Couch of Waterloo, E. P. Heizer of the Sioux City Journal, Asst. Supt. Boynton of the Northwestern railway, Col. E. S. Ormsby of Emmetsburg, M. J?. understand how any man could find the ladies' pockets, so he ordered Constable John Peterson to lock tho doors and allow no one to go out. Miss Jordan demanded that the doors be opened, which was refused. She became suspiciously excited and said sorno real mean things to the officers, and they placed her under arrest. Afterwards she was searched by Mr. Stephens, and as nothing was found nho was released. Her damage suit was tried in the November term of tho court and she was awarded $200 damages, but on account of irregularities this finding was set aside by Judge Balliet and a new trial ordered. It will probably bo finished today. From Dolllver'B reunion Speech. Mr. Chairman, I have Home means of understanding the position taken on tho floor on Saturday by my friend from Georgia (Mr. Livingston). I think I understand, at least dimly, something of the motives that lie bo- hind tho cold, unimpassioned calculation of pension expenditures exhibited here by tho gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Mutchler), who is in charge of this bill. I believe that I can at least partly interpret the ideas of my eloquent speech from Massachusetts (Mr. O'Noil), whoso tribute to the services of tho union army more than answered all the rest of the speech which ho made upon this floor. But I confess that I have some difficulty in getting at the meaning and the purposes of my friend from Missouri (Mr. Tarsney), who on Friday so elaborately re-stated the complaints of the democratic party against the pension roll. He was himself a gallant soldier. He suffered in his own body tho hardships and sacrifices of the civil war. It is not the lirst time that the democratic party in this House has found him useful in giving the appearance of loyalty and patriotism to tho advance guard of their attack upon the rights of the surviving veterans of the union army. [Applause on the republican side]. And while I listened with interest to what my friend had to say, and observed the skill with which he re-arranged tho worn and threadbare hearsays of the democratic greivance against the pension system of this country, I could not join in the applause and congratulations of his party associates, because I could not forget that the great soldierly figures of the last generation, now gone, most of them, out of the noise of time, never found occasion to belittle the services, to disparage the record, or to deride tho infirmatities of their old comrades. [Applause on the republican side]. Abraham Lincoln, When leaving his homo at Springfield, 111., to be inaugurated president of tho United States, made a farewell address to his old friends and neighbors in which he said, " Neighbors, giro your boys a chance." These words come with as much force today as they did thirty years ago. How give them this chance? Up in the northwest is a great empire waiting for young and sturdy fellows to como and develop it end " grow up with tho country." All over this broad land are the young follows, the boys that Lincoln referred to, seeking to better their condition and get on in life. Here is their chancel The country referred to lies along the Northern Pacific railway. Hero you can find pretty much anything you want. Iu Minnesota, and in the Red River valloy of North Dakota tho finest of prairie lands fitted for wheat and grain, or as well for diversified farming. In western North Dakota and Montana are stock ranges limitless in extent, clothed with the most nutritious of grasses. If a fruit farming region is wanted there is the whole state of Washington to select from. As for scenic delights the Northern Pacific railroad passes through a country unparalleled. Iu crossing the Rocky, Bitter Roots, and Cascade mountains the greatest mountain scenery to be seen iu the United States from the car windows is found. The wonderful bad lands, wonderful in graceful form and glowing color, are a poem. Lakes Pend d' Orcillo and Coeur d' Alone are alone worthy of a trans-continental trip, while they are tho fisherman's untima thulo. The ride along Clark's fork of the Columbia river is a daylight dream. To cap the climax this is the only way to reach tho far-famed Yellowstone park. To reach and see all this the Northern Pacific railroad furnishes trains and service of unsurpassed excellence. The most approved and comfortable palace sleeping cars; the best dining cars that can be made; Pullman tourist cars good for both first and second-class passengers; easy riding day coaches, with baggage, express, and postal cars, all drawn by powerful Baldwin locomotives, make a train fit for royalty itself. Those seeking for new homes should take this train and go and spy out the land. To bo prepared write to CHAS. S. FEE, G. P. & T. A., St. Paul, Minn. TOWN loans are accepted on five years' time at Skinner Bros. ' over State Bank. PENNY mackerel at W. F. Carter's. WATER barrels—two good ones—for sale. Call at this office. D1UJNKENXKSS, OH THE LIQUOU HABIT, Cured at Home iu Tea Days by Administering Dr. Haines' Gulden Specific. It can be given iu a glass of beer, a cup of coffee or tea, or in food, without the knowledge of the patient. It is absolutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and speedy cure, whether tho patient is a mod crate drinker or an alcoholic wreck. It has been given in thousands of cases, and in every instance a perfect cuee has followed. It never fails. The system once impreguat ed with the specific, it becomes an utter impossibility for the liquor appetite to exist. Cures guaranteed. A 48-page book of particulars free. Address the Golden Specific Co., 185 Race street, Cincinnati, Ohio. THE FAtHER CF COLONEL CARtER A Good Story Thint Is Told of F. Hopkln •on Smith. Everybody knows about "Colonel Carter of Cartersville," and of F. Hopkihsoi Smith, the man who presented the colonel to an admiring public. Mr. Smith is a lecturer, author, reader painter, engineer and a capital teller 01 short stories, serious as well as humorous. Here is a brand new story of his, which alas, can only be half enjoyed in print where it lacks his inimitable manner 01 telling it and that dialect that the type con. not exactly catch: I was in a hotel corridor in Washingtwt some years ago and I met one of those peculiar looking individuals from Virginia, witt typical slouched hat, hair rather long, will a low cut vest, and with a pair of bomba zine shoes. He wasn't a type of a man liki my colonel, dear old Colonel Carter, but lit happened to fill that exact typo that th< northern people generally consider a south erner to be. He was giving an account 01 his sufferings immediately after the war and he said to me: "You know, snh, thai immediately afteh the wah our people had gone through a great deal of misfortuno Our property had been wrested from un and our slaves had been freed, and it wa« necessary, suh, for some of our people to gc to work. I want to tell you, suh, that oi course the Yanceys never done any work since they landed in America, and our family, suh, is some mo' than 400 years old. "So when it became nec's'ry for mo, suh to go to work, suh—and when I tell you that my wife had no shoes to her feet and my chll'ren were also barefoot and had verj little to eat, owing to some very ungentlemanly foreclosure proceedings which occurred just then, in which I wasinterested you see I had just to make up my mind tc do somethin—I thought I'd open a livery stable. Don't start, sun. I know you consider it a disgrace, but my chil'ren wert barefooted. At that time thero'd been a circus pass through our part of the country. The circus man had left two spavined horses up in Judge Harbour's lot, and the bill for their pasture, suh, was fci.75. "I borrowed Judge Vecrfoot's notes foi $100, which, with my indorsements, suh, .1 sold for enough to pay the pasture bill foi the two circus horses. Then I mortgaged the horses, and after feedin them up I got enough to get a, harness and a wagon. Sc by the end of the week I had a very good wagon to seat eight people, and the twc horses and harness, and I started in the livery business, suh. I had not been in the business mo' than two weeks befo' Colonel Talcott's Black Sam came down to see me and said, 'Major Yancey, there's going tc be a ball down at Barboursville.' " That so-V " *Yes. "We want you to take eight of us ovcrto the ball.' " 'What! take you eight niggers over to the ball, you infernal scoundrel?' " 'Major, dou 1 get net up about it. Eight niggers at fifty cents apiece is fo' dollars.' "Then I says to myself: 'Ynncey, brace up. This is one of tho great crises of youi lifes. If you are ever going to support youi family now is your chance.' I turned to Sam an said, 'Bring on your mokes. 1 Well, that night, suh, ho came down, and he brought four bucks and four wenches. It was a very cold night, sub., u very cold night I have not *een any such weathei in that part of tho state foryears. I hooked up the team an drove over to Barbcmrs- ville.. The ball was over a grocery store. There- was a grocery store below and a hall above, with a kind of balcony out of this upper place, and there was a ladder on the outside leading to the balcony above. After I tied up I got into the room. Perhaps you don't know the effect of a room in which there are seventy-five or eighty niggers, and two playing their fiddles at the end of the room, and a redhot stove in the middle, sub. Of course you don't know the effect of a thing of that kind, hut I want to ns- sure you, suh, that the atmosphere was— well, oppressive. "I stood it as long as I could, an then I sashayed between the balcony and tho inside of the room, and finally went out on the balcony, catching my breath between times. When I'd been there awhile I says: 'Brace up, Yancey, you're trying to support your- family. There's no reason why you should die of pneumonia. Go in an sit down, on a bench.' , 'Tnadn't been there mo'n five minutes whem Black Sam came up an said, 'Major Yancey, would you've any objection to step out on the balcony, suh?' 'Why?' 'Because, snh, some of the ladies object to the smell of horse in your clothes. 1 "—New York World. A Recipe for Getting Rich Doesn't hang on every bush, and yet perhaps I can give you & few pointers that will assist you in Saving What You Have jB*B*»^And Adding Something to It. The chief of these is told in four words: " Buy goods of Carter.""' We do not claim to sell the "cheapest" goods in the market— much that is sold would be dear at any price—but no one now questions the statement that My Goods Are Always Prime, A None better to be had in all the land. And the prices— they are right— never fear about that— they will be found consistent with the class of goods on my shelves. Obliging Clerks. Prompt attention to Customers. TT/ "" • 77 •* • Loans ills Over tlie Coffee Cups. "Your speech is rather sharp, I think," complained Mrs. Hawkins. "I Lave to muko it so to get it in wise," retorted Hawkins.—Truth. edge-- WJLLARD STEBBINS, CARPENTER, BUILDER, AND CONTRACTOR, Is prepared to take contracts for buildings of all kinds. May be found at resl deuce, west State street, Algona. We are prepined tefttrnish money on real estate at a low rate of Interest and give option to pay $100 or more any year. We can save you money. Wild Ibnds for sale on easy terms. Special attention given to the sale of Improved farms, for whioft, we-haive constant Inquiry. We aro the successors of W. H. Nycum, C. M. Doxsee, and! A. Dt. Clarke* Co. in the abstract business); andi make a specialty of furnishing reliables Abstract of Title on short notice. Insurance NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ,SS. —Arthur L. Bigelow. John Wilson, James Callanan and James C. Savery, O. R, and J. B. Moulton, Andrew J. Scott, Z. W. Hazelton, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company, Chicago ffi-Northwestern Railway Company, John A. Soy, Christ Anderson, Latin Nichols, and to>all whom It may concern : The commissioner appointed to view a highway petitioned for by C..P. Anderson, J. Looft, and others has reportedifn favor of Its location as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of Section No. Twelve, Township Wo. Ninety-nine, Range No. Twenty-eight, thence running east on the sectlom line between Sections Steven and Eighteen; and terminating at the intersection with roatj at the southwest corner of Section No. Ten*. Township Ninetynine, Range Twenty-eight; and all objections theretwor claims for damages must be filed in the Bounty auditor's office on or before noon of the 28th day of March, A.IX, 1803, or sueh highway will be established, without reference there ten Witness my hanii and sesol this 24th day «t January, 18H3. C.. M. DOXSEE, 45 County Auditor. written In flrsS-class companies, compiled the OHly large off We have ever made, showing aH ratlroada, wagon roads, streams, ownerarnannes, etc. Size, 3 by 5 ft; price, *3. Calliar sendl for a copy. KAY & RICE, Algona, Iowa. PROCLAMATION FOR A CITY ELECTION, held on MONDAY, MARCH 6. Notice thereby given to the qualified voters of the City of AJjtona, Iowa, pursuant to the ordinance'of said city, that the general election for tfiinvarfous ctty officers of said city will be helfl on; the Sirth day of March, 1893, at which time-the following city officers are to be elected, via: One- Mayor, one Assessor, one City Solicitor:, one Treasurer, one councilman from th'e First ward! to succeed Wm. Cleary, one councilman from the Second ward to succeed A. .W. Moffatt> one councilman from the Third ward to succeed C. H. Blossom, and one councilman from ttte Fourth ward to succeed F. E. Smith. Notlca is also given that in pursuance of a resolution passed: by the city council the following-question: "Shall the city council levy a tax not to exceed; one mill to purchase and maintain a public Horary f" will be submitted to a vote of tne electors. All at whicfe you will take due notice. Givem under my hand this 10th day of Feb ruary^!893. L. A. SHEETZ, Mayor. THE ALGONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will furnish you anything in the line of CREAMERY ! SUPPLIES, Prices guaranteed. Send your orders when in need of anything, and they will be attended to promptly. DO YOU WANT A WELL? Wu do all kinds of well work, such; as Drilling, Boring, Gleaning and In fact all work in the well line. Water or no pay. Also put in pumps, set up wind mills, ' inn. Cuttle taken iu exchange for FRASER BROS. & NELSON. aud do repairing. Cuttle I work. Scientific American Agency for _ CAVEATS, TRADE MARKS, DESIGN PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, «tc, flbobk write to wor , i .. BIIOABWAY, NEW YOKE. jt bureau for securing patent" In America. -teut taken out by us lg brought before by ft aotici given free of charge la t&t ktclrool^onofanr^olenti 'B Without U. didly lUutCrotedT" FOE RENT. GRASS LANDS, For Mowing Purposes Only. N013CETO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATB OF lOWAVKOSSU'JH COUNTY, SSV —Hesman Golte^Jbhn O'Mehl, Ole O. Quaicu Susan L. Toquaaii. Erlck Ji. Toquam, Johm Hundt, Ole G. Fmndle, Emil Goltz, Edward! S. Engeset, Ole X Sabiu, Joan E. Osland, C: S. Pendleton, JcUn>J. M aland, T. D. Crocker, Louis Selbor, Cttarles Ray,, and to all whom it may concern:. The commissioner appointed to view a hi"& ! way petitioned fostty C. S. Pendleton, Hitman Ge»ltz, and others has reported in favor at! its location as fellows: Commencing at tBie southwest corner- of Section No. Twelve, to TownsHlp No. Oms- Hundred,. Range Twenty* seven, west Oth B: M,, Iowa, and runnlEg thence south on section line ti» the southwest corner of SectiomNo. Thirty air, same township and range; and all obfeattons thereto or NOTI0E TO OQOTIPYING CLAIMANT-, STATE OF IOW.&, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. WnuRabe, Stephen Booth, Ella G. Vaughn. Wm.Robblns, Jais. Callanan and Jas. C. Savery; Mike Klepper; and Jacob . Rles, John Isch Jr., John Ei Bagner, Fred Harms. Gerhard'.Panke, Alfarata Watson, Sarah Mitchell, and to all wham it may concern: The oommlssioneE appointed to view a highway petitioned for by Fred 1 Harms, S. Booth. and others has reported In favor of Its location as follows: Becluniiig at the southeast corner of Section Ten, Township Ninety-four, Ranee Thirty, west oth P. M.,. running thence east on section line and terminating at the southeast corneB of Section Twelve, same township and range;, at tho same time vacating the road commencing at the east quarter post of Setf tlon M3o. Ten, same township and range, and running thence east aathe half-section line to the east quarter post of Section Twelve, same townBftlp and range? anii all objections thereto or-olalms for damaigssmust be flled in the county auditor's offloe'om or before noon of the 28th day of March, A B. 1803, or such highway will bo established without reference, thereto. Witness my hand amdl seal this 24th day of JanuaHji,.1803. C. M. DOXSEE, 45 County Auditor. NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS. —F. L. Stayner, Peter J. Jensen, J. M. Cham- •• berlaln, Omar H. Bsooks, Charles E. Ware, .A..J..llvarts, A. J..ajndA. B. Dunlap, S. H Grannis and G. M.. Palmer, P. J. Byrne, Pe- . tor MTanson, F. M..fflvans, Ludwlg Anderson. Jame* Callanan and James C. Savery Thos F. Cooko, S. M. Bsason, Charles wf Boyd! Alfrejt Welfare, ami to all whom it may con The- commissioner- appointed to view a high- . TmX,S et!i H tlone H d IS T *£ F - M - Evans - Wm.Ttf. Bjimbacd, and other* b»s reported In favor of • , Its location as before -She 28th . ^ March,A. D. ISOHj.or such h%hway will be established without Deference thereto. Witness my hand and seal this 24th darof Januai-R 1893. C. M. DOXSEE, *° County AuditoK. NOTICE TO aCCUPYIBfi CLAIMANT. STATBSOF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY ss; —G. H. CarroliS.August and* Herman Dau F M. Taylor, and'to all whom it may concern; The commisulaner appointed to view a highway petitioned for by August Dau, Joseph Thompson, and- athers has reported In favor 6t Its locirtion as follows: Commencing at, the northeast cornet* of Section No. Thirteen! In TownsUlp No. Ninety-six, Range No. Twentynine, west oth KM., Iowa, and running thance west on. the section line and terminating at the intersection with the the county highway at the north quarter post of Section Fourteen. Township Ninety-six, Range Twenty-nine west.Mi P. M..^ and all objections thereto or claimsifor damages must be filed in the county auditors offlce-on or before noon of the 28th dayoerMarch^A. D. 1893» or such highway without reference tfiareto. Witness my hand and seal this 24th day of, January, 1803. c. M. DOXSEE; 4o > County Auditor.. ORIGINAL NOTICE. Tb« following described lands will be. rented: for mowing purposes only for the coming sea- sou. Sealed bids will be received up to.March 1 next, and leases will be made to the- highest bidder. Security must be given if called for; Mark bids "Grass Bid" on the outside of tlxe envelope: Sec. The southeast quarter of 2 The southwest quarter of 2 The southeast quarter of a The southwest quarter of 3, The north half of southeast qr,. f The northwest quarter of & The southwest quarter of ft-: The northwest quarter of 9> The southeast quarter of 9. The southeast qr., southwest qr.,, and west half of southwest qr. Ifl The southwest qr., southeast qu,. and east half of southeast qc-. .10 The west half of southwest qj!-. .17 The northeast quarter of— ...... 17 The northwest quarter of 17 87. 9707 97 97 97' 97. 97: 97. 87 27 S7 97 87 27 87 27 27 07- 27 The southeast quarter of. The northeast quarter of. The northwest quarter of. The southwest quarter of. The southwest quarter of The northeast quarter of- The northeast quarter of.. The northwest quarter of.. 18 ,.19 .19 ..II) .28 ,.29 L .30 '.34 The southwest quarter of 34 The northwest quarter of 0 9T 9T 97 97 97 97 87 97 97 07 97 07 97 95 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 27 WM. H. DNGHAM, AL.GONA, IOWA. •Tina© USTotice. This is to nioMty all persons that I have given my son, "Wm. Seamear Jr., his time, and hereafter I wilt claim nouo of his earnings nor pay any debts contracted by him. 47t3 WM. SEAMEAR. TO LOAN— ON BAILROAD LANPS. Persons wanting to borrow money on railroad lan&t will do yell to call at the Kosputh County Sank and bring their contract*. T,EGAL BLANKS— -M Buy them at the Upper Dw Motu«s,0 Wee. a%d get |^e most approved forma. STATK OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTJY-In District Court, February, 1803, Ternn— (D 1 C Ghubb. against Joseph A. Church and: Eliza !!£. Church, husband and wife, andi James e&Uanan and James C. Savery. TJUkall of the above-named defendants ;• You Met fcereby notified that there is now on 'ale a petJiHonof the plaintiff in the above-entitled action In the office of the clerk of said, court olatming and asking a decree of said court quieting his title to the following deseribed livnds In Kossuth county, Iowa, to^wltr The northwest quarter of Section Fourteen and tie southeast quarter of the southwest quarter ctf Section Ten; and the west half ofthe southeast quarter, and the east half of the northwest quarter of Section Fifteen: and the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of Section Twenty-nine, all in Township One Hundred, Range Twenty-nine; and the north half and the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Section Twenty-two, Township J! ln t&?> ve y, R £ nge Twenty-nine, all west of the 5th P. M., Iowa, as against all of the above named defendants; and unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the first day of the next February term of said district court,, to be begun and holden at the court house in Algona, in said county on the 37th day of February, 1803,. default will be entered against you and Judgment rendered W. fi, QUARTON, ffialntlft's Attorney. thereon. H. A. SESSIONS, Dealer in both granite and marble Monuments : Headstones, AL,aONA, IOWA. Satisfaction, guaranteed In all cases. reported In favor of foHtows: Beginulng at the-, Tire, in ;J ie, Range Twenty-•and running thence •> m i.,- - he southeast corner.r ^^PVJ? 1 ™*-**?- ~ Kilaims for damages; mnst be flled in the county-- .audltoc's office on ojr before noon of the 28th'i idav ofMnrch A r» mm „- -i i._ t 'tr_"' 1 . jdayotMarch A. IX 1803, January, 1803. 10 or such . reference tfierrtu y hang and seal this 24th day ofi C . M. DOXSEE, County Auditor. -. NOTICE TO OCOUPYIHO CLAIMANT*. STATE OF IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS; — F. H. Latham, John Tiss, M. 4 St. L. Har go., Jas. Callaaaai and Jas. C. Savery C HD ffinkley, and to all whom It m», -concern': • Tfle commissioner appointed to view a highway petitioned tor by K M. Daniels, John Tl»a ?Sfnn^ e ' s h » 8re P»rted in favor of its location as follows: Commencing at the southeast c«- £^H, 0f Sgotlon One, Township Ninety-foS, north of Range No. Twenty-seven, west 5th* M7 and running thence north on east HniSf County Auditor. NOTICE TO OCCUPYING GLA4MANT. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH h« o '«» : ne nf tha Will be vimiitoii «»j __ r^i'.V* ©»uuty Auditor. GUARDIAN'S KOTIOE. To whom it "llth selves Indebted to said for payment. All i of any property be] knowing of the ] " •» 49 O'ZS. FOR ABSOLUTELY PURE •

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