The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 6, 1892 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1892
Page 4
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;^™ the Upper Des Moines BY IfcGHAM & WABBEN. ' term* of the Upper Des Molne«: Onftcopy, one year . . 11.50 yne copy, six months.... VK One copy, three months....'..'.'".'.'".'".'" in flHE CTBBB JMM MOlKESi AMQNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. JANtTAKY 6, 1892. ' "" " ' ' ' ' .... . -.._.. "•^^^^^^••••MiaaB«MMaahaafaBfa*iBaajhaLj.a^ ri;a | t ^ -,, ,-,, , . , _. _ _ * _ / them as high a* leven of the tffta to republics*. Is this encourage democracy in >tes of advertising sent on application. TttE NOttMAL SCHOOL QUESTION. While the resolution adopted by the assembled public school teachers of the state in favor of a hew normal school may not secure action on the part of the legislature this Winter, it will not . This priority is going to I make Arizona very rich; the richest fruit growing country In the world." One of the best weekly papers in Iowa t , r, - ment since J.O.Keaver went into the of- '° be without ita influence oft public thought. It will certainly call at* tention to the matter of giving the Cedar Falls school what it asks or any cdttsiderable part of it. The demands of this one school amount to $89,000, to be granted this winter. This is on the heels of a largo appropriation for permanent improvements two years ago, and on any possible theory of building up a state normal system Is absurd. Eighty-nine thousand dollars will build, equip, and sustain two schools during the next two years—schools which, before another legislature is in session, would have together more pupils in attendance than the Cedar Falls school has ever had. This amount put in new schools can bo made . -^ Ulij of,value to more teachers than all that | inga8lt l! » inexcusable has been committed. Lafe The Sioux City Journal celebrated the new year's opening with A 34 page review 6f the boom in the northwest. The Journal does right Whatever it Undertakes. Judge Hayes, the solitary chairman of a congressional committee from Iowa says it looks "as tf Speaker Crisp wants' Iowa to go republican next year." Sain. Clark says: "Gov. John Irwln sends us from Phoenix, Arizona, a box of oranges grown there. They are fully ripened in November, and that gives them a great lead in the market. Arizona oranges can be put into San next season. this to a geological surve ing circulated in Russell. He is -a for I Of the state are be- rt Dodge by Frank survey. The M. W. Dr. of ] in the Chronicle says that a brother of Mrs. vt~ i -7-? the entire charge lume s interest lh the Fort THE iTOlffl) KffiEt (ME, A former Kossnth Citlfcen Describes the Institute at Uwi jht, where Dfnnkards are Cured. western'jfowa to Illinois until the notice of my family and friends here had been attracted to the Keeley institute and Dwlght. Every day and every hour of the day were my friends b£ seeching me to go to Dwight. The ° f Eimore Corwith Crescent: week Miss Belle Tiss A Graphic Portrayal of tils OWn Case and What tie Experienced while There for Treatment. J night time brought me no relief from such importunities. At this time the song of "Dr. Keeley and Dwight" greet^ ed my ears. I sickened of the sound unfl said "d—-n Dr. Keeley and Dwight, it is nonsense, a speculation, a humbug. I can cure myself." (and I know I wasutteringalie), "Dwight can do me no good," "I don't want the re- °?. ac ? unt °\ her husband taking gHp Miss df old friend EXpreB8 ' It8 improve- Cha* Ferguson came over from Algo '° S na Christmas with hi .relative flee has been marksd, and the evidences of nnd frlenda - He returned last Monday ts prosperity are numerous. Messrs ~"~ ~~ ' Casey and Reaver are first-class newspaper men. ' The George mugwumps don't like William Curtis says his Crisp, success A BLAIBGOWBIE WEDDING. | Miss Hattlo Acers nnd Frank liltnir. Week' Mnt>Hed TueB d»y of iJi t To the Editor: Early in November, while 1 was a patient at the Leslie E. Keeloy institute at Dwight, III., I received a letter from you requesting to give to the public, through the columns of THE UPPER DBS MOINES, a I a place where I would be suddenly cut sort of a history of the bi-chlorlde of off * rom Mquor and consequently be gold treatment as It is used, and u^rl ?° m1 ^iK to , 1en i dui ' e 1 ltt0st , the very tortures of the damned, a place where putation of having been to Dwight to an Inebriate asylum." I had pictured to myself an asylum, a pl;u;e where I would be restrained of my personal liberties, a place where within prescribed limits I would be restricted, i ,._ . ,, . .. t ~ c °m- the coarse and unsympathetic orders of pany at uwight, for the cure of dipso- some heartless and soulless, physician mania, or alcohol habit, and also for would De forced upon me, a place where the morphine or opium habit, as well IL*°Vi d A e surrounded by a class unfit neurasthenia or nerve exhaus- for almost anyone to come into contact ti n . i.j u i , -««...«=-1 with, a place where ray associates tion, which is almost invariably a nat- w °uld be a set of men whose antece- ural consebuence of an over indule-ence , den t s ^ere those of men who had either i*_ Ai_ _ . • . _ . . S I niit*nn»3 n l^< ****•> Hnt>U«^l — t.««l_ seems to show "that the regard of^ndel, A " ° ld ac< * ualnt ances of our well pendent voters for Mr. Cleveland weakens ,, OW " asslstant in the recorder's office him with many conspicuous present gersofhls mana- will be interested in the Reporters' Emmetsburg has thus far been spent at Cedar Falls, not because the school at Cedar Falls is not all it should be, but because of the 20,000 teachers in Iowa a compara- I Mr. Chase Is a very bright" man tively small number can afford to go to ally. He is pretty near a John J any but an accessible school. It is " not only against reason but contrary to the experience and practice of all other states to attempt to concentrate all Btate efforts for normal training at" one I aS'pLldir point. Iowa could much better afford 1 to disband any state institution and party." And the Springfield I ^PO^ers' account of her marriage: Republican says: "A blunder as stultify- Th e marriage of Mr. Frank Illingworth "' ' " I and Miss Hattle Acers at Blairgowrle Vntmrr an . u TT I On Tu<3sda y of **" week, was one of the SKxrSs: ~»~-'r^ r -- ce to tne finish. I R ™in.l enjoyment. Several hundred in- extended and > it would seem everybody responded. The sx^yssssf^/^sf worth acting as best man, as in the use of alchohollc- linuors D "and I5 ut " n | d abarn '? obbed abank ' morphine especiaHy the & ^ ^^"^^Yp^ffid & comply with your request in anything W1 /e, my son, my friends, and myself a like an exhaustive description would ^formation. But, my GodlhadI not require a much more facile pen than ' 5--- * • sam - e - p -- ge ten thousand made tat same times before. Had I not the same ten sarcasm, and Irony. new Senator Carlisle is one of the'most candid democrats. Speaking of President Emma Acers as bridesmaid" rooms were darkened during the ,|.mony,_and the artificial light ments in private seminaries and high schools than to accede to the evident desire of the Cedar Falls school to build •up a great college for a select 000 or 800 students. It is out of th.e question to try and endow normal schools like universities. If teachers want college I training the colleges are numerous and and betting on the republican party has." - Judge Hayes' appointment as chairman of the committee on education in house moves the Gate City to remark 'That would seem to be a joke. The education that Mr. Crisp must contemplate standpoint, is poker the ceremony and congratulations an abundance of tasteful refreshments •were served, and the afternoon evening were passed in the most lightful enjoyment. Mr. de- Illingworth the | dom township, and i! Sgff respXd h" a large circle of acquaintances was at one time deputy under W. G. Henry, then been' one ' by Miss Acers county recorder m H Q m ° 8eslmable and can only hope to occupy an inferior station for a specific purpose, and the e,A A r. i j • ««w state should aim to make its appropria- . e unusuav tions for normal training available to , me to got out one °* the handsomest annu- number of presents received attest ' of the teach- is » begins kney minn m« nf 1 D «, D * u , i KUUUH oeiore. jaaa I not the satr mine, or at least it would require upon thousand times before made the same tne part of (what you might call) a lay- Promise and sealed It with an oath man a frequent consultation with a I W1 j b an u P,^ted hand toward heaven, physician so as to be placed in a posi "" * tion to be able to use the comprehensive medical terms usually employed, in the description of that which I saw and and experienced at Dwight while I undergoing the Keeley treatment dipsomania, or in plain English, drunkenness. I shall only to give to your readers in very plain, periora of tie 600 patients thtittfajifiii * to receive the Keeley treatment. WhS, did I find in these lines? Come, Mft Editor, come with me In your lin&I^ ination, face the heads of the two col* umns of men, ecan closely their faces, note their deportment, observe their general nmkeup, see for yourself the" '' cosmopolitan character of the indlvldu-. als in these lines and then ask yourself "Well can it be possible that the tten • into whose faces I have looked are.or* "' were ever the slaves of the damnable habits of alcohol or morphine? Can it be possible that such splendid phyj , siques, such magnificently intellectual faces as I have gazed upon, that such ;, splendid specimens of manhood are here knocking at the doors of the Left 1 ' lieE. Keeley company's Institute to receive the bi-chloride of gold treat" meht, that they may be once more freed/ once more disenthralled from the data* , nable slavery of alcohol or mofphlft?. Can it be possible that such a class of men are here in line clamoring, as it were, with one voice to have the very shackles of almost hell itself stricken from their very existence? Can it be possible that some of the choicest minds of thecountryare hereitnploringrelief at, the hands of the great student, benefac- • tor, and physician, that they can once more take their respective stands with their fellowmen in waging the ffreat battle of life?" Yes, it is so. Yes, it.I is true. Yes, it is an undeniable and existing fact. The treatment hour has; arrived, the doors of the institute have been thrown open and as decorously, aa- quietly and as orderly as a congregation at the funeral services in a church pas-, 1 was not. I Yes, but what at *"<* thing as « toe experiSt! su^ssfully sing the casket *& , of , a d ~ d Ss ofVhef f ^ Pa8t he stai^ otone of If" 8 mous of modern " * tm8Bt h °" r is ttwtmen * for of the little globes, you I ing down gradually to the and what i here and there upon ave gone to thelr ° me ° th ° throughout remain quietly the street, some boarding give to your readers a brief history, as it were, of the institution, its location, etc. The Keeley institute is a company incorporated under the laws of fllinois, consisting of Dr. Leslie E Keeley, M. D., L. L. D., surgeon C.' and A. R. R, and late surgeon U. S. A His co-partners are J. R. Oughton and Major . p or miiay yeacg Reading that I could not quit of my I £d "after ^Sou^mfnt^Mhe 6 Sub' own accord that habit in my 1 case had to write in the samTcffiooms fetters been succeeded by disease, that my will of consolation, and as to the and that he has not had a host of friends. The unusually large T.nrt n an<3n'iw. n n j. in 11TT1 nAT* f\f r\r»acm+*4-r* „„ ,. _ • -i ,.** . .v v Yoar * 188ue - the many. What proportion of the 10!? ye t lssucd b y nn Io wa 26,000 teachers of Iowa can afford to go IS™ 1 ? 16 does B ™oklyn to Cedar Falls? What proportion can be accomodated at one school, if it were as weekl y- The in its New ". ests ' ood . the to the newly wedded Mrs. Illingworth at one at their own fo has devoted almost all of his time (except that part necessarily required in his attention to a large practice) to the finding of a remedy u j i. I-L° -- r the same "force I good cheer to their had been, then closing my eyes as and anxious wives mothers tHn ° T 00 ". 8 ^" 6 " 068 or results of the daughters, or sweethearts You trip, I, without courage, hope, confid- along the street. "Mr Morrison who" ence, or even respect for the bi-chloride is that gentleman?" "Whv he I* * of gold treatment, but only to please lawyer from——-that second ™ my family and friends, said, "Well, get man is the editor of the " £? s^fa-iss AST-r d sarKKtesa-ttr for the other Other hand how many teachers are I ting the legislative clerkships" this* winter" ^tZ W ° Uld , n0t ' at Ieast for a liin-1 <"«* ^ is receiving the endorsement of many fill the ited time, attend a school for normal .training conveniently near The teachers unanimously resolution asking of the state one new school this winter. It can be built and amply maintained for $40,000. The' request may not be granted. Other and more meritorious demands on the treasury may absorb the available means. But until the state is able to grant this request, and carry out the only system of public normal schools which has either reason or experience to support it, should it not shut down on approbations for normal work other than for the mere maintainance of the school established? Should Iowa refuse to go on with a normal school system on the plea of lack of money, refuse to make available its normal training to the many, and then give what would amply endow two new schools to help an institution already fully equipped, to give superior advantages to a select 800 of the state's 26,000? P a Pers. He says that young men at hand? P lac . es ° 8 well and take an interest in publi adopt a | affair8 ' uan 5f etnn .acquaintance with public PBEMIUM OOKN JS IOWA. Iowa Beats the World on Big Ylelds- ^ iw Tlle Corn State of the Union. men which is as good as a year's schooling" I The Iowa Homestead, ; one year ago while young ladies generally care nothing offered prizes for the best three acres COl 1 ' for these things. He is undoubtedly rect about the matter. Young ladies rarely derive any benefit from holding positions in there are, of the legislature, although course, notable exceptions. Gautemala and San Salvador have Joined the ranks of Elaine's countries. reciprocity THE story of the Keeley cure as told toy W. E. Morrison this week will interest every reader of THE UPPER DBS MOINES. No resident of the county was better known while he lived here than the genial and gifted writer, and none will ever have more earnest wishes for final escape from the clutches of the drink habit. That he will be successful the experience of thousands of graduates already makes more than probable, in fact almost certain. It gives us pleasure to be able to publish this letter, which cannot but prove a boon to some, perhaps many. It conies opportunely, too, with the beginning of the new year, and its moral does not need pointing out. If it accomplishes anything, either in leading some like sufferer to release, or in warning some beginner before he goes too far, it will have amply repaid the writer all the confession has cost. Mr. Morrison had a wide acquaintance in neighboring counties, and all who knew him will read his report with interest. It is valuable testimony to the efficacy of the much-discussed bi-chloride of gold Bishop Potter, has joined the cranks. He deplores beauty in women because "It leads her to sin and deflects the pious flowing of life's stream." He then mournfully adds; " It is an open question whether it is worth while to have beauty at all." Bishop Potter should take a dose of calomel. of corn as follows: $100 for the first, 150 for the second, and $25 for the third best yield. The committee appointed to award the premiums have the returns and have duly certified as per the conditions of the contest and find the fi are £ Ue flffures fop the 10 fields. Wm. M. Husted, Des h« best James Pemble, Wapello, Louisa county, Iowa, 315 bushels and 63 pounds. R y ne arson, Yorktown, Pajre I ° and 5 The Carroll Sentinel is issuing a twelve-page paper as a regular thing. This is part of the democratic boom in Iowa. Frank Wright, Anamosa, Jones county, Iowa 285 bushels and 34 o cure of cure of the disease known to the medi- •cal profession as dipsomania. After years of constant study and innumerable experiments he concluded that he had finally arrived at the goal of his ambition, and had in fact discovered not only a cure for drunkenness and morphine habit, but that he had also eradicator of all < fv, t - i, -— -eeires on the part of the patient for whiskey or opium. That he had attained such wondrous • results was at first quietly placed in circulation by the few who had almost accidentally heard of such treatment at Dwight, and who on going to his, then obscure, but now world-famed village and placing themselves under the charge of the now most famed member of the medical profession in the received a course of treatment els and 34 pounds. . T oJl pkna P' Amber, Jones county Iowa, 277 bushels and 56 ounds. A. D. 56 pounds. Zimmerman, Avoca, Potta- Iowa ' 277 busl ^- s and Spirit Lake Beacon: The roster of the Northern Iowa Normal school at Algona reaches 100. This institution Is making a fine record. The weekly Webster City Herald is new candidate for public favor. The dail is a spicy sheet, and the first issue of th weekly is not less so. Webster City is wel supplied with newspapers, and all ones, T ' A AA rvin ^' Madrid, Boone county U 'w ° b , US ^ 6ls and 3J Pounds y> H. DeFord, Mt. Sterling, Van ' 268 bU8hel8 and 30 goo IN THIS NEIGHBOBHOOD. Clay county's bonded debt and is being paid at the rate per year. Agent Scovell of Eimore has pur- w a lot at Ledyard and will build cure. The Courier says: "The U, D. M. grieves because the Iowa members of congress do not cut a bigger figure in the committees of the house. But it may dry its tears as far aa the democrats are concerned. The democrats are well satisfied." How well they are satisfied appears from au interview in which Judge Hayes expresses his opinion: " We preferred Mr. Mills to Mr. Crisp for reasons which were honorable and fair, and we did not think we should be punished for so doing. Yet look at the results. Five Iowa republicans get nine first- Class places on the committees. Six Iowa democrats get six fair places, but not one of is $45,000 of $12000 ' Estherville voted by a large majority to give a 20 years' franchise to a company for electric light privileges. Estherville Vindicator: Misses Josie and Jennie Pettiboue of Algona have been visiting this week with Mr. and Mrs. Metzger. Miss Etta Sweigard, daughter of a former resident of Wesley, was married at Garner last week to Robt. C. Plum- iner of Forest City. The LeMars company of militia has been mustered out and Fort Dodge gets the place, r nt,.,i. ,,....„—^,_ b &«vo the place, That puts another company in neighbor to Company F. UUJ i mn y Elraoro Post: Mrs. Jos. Mathers of Algona is here visiting with her daughter, Mrs. C. S. Blanchard. Mr. Math- f'; 8Bwll l b . uild a fine residence on his lots in this place in the spring. As Brakeman Arthur Kline on train No 9 was coupling cars at Emmetsburg ?»A da yj he , had h *s fingers caught between the bumpers and considerably smashed, so that amputation was ne- « r , Heat h oatmeal mill at Fort Dodge has shut down for a week or so &,?£ "HffPeotedly successful run. bince the mill commenced grinding it has transformed just 800,000 bushels of Of this over 200 car- necessity imported Tnwn om^l' , Shelb y> Shelby county, iowa, 262 bushels and 14 pounds. Down on Skating Rinks. Webster City Herald: Roller skating is dead; deader than a door nail OI* the greenback party; dead beyond"the possibility of resurrection, and only the memory of a social evil nearly as rank and rotten as polygamy in its effects on its devotees survives the just verdict of public opinion that consigned roller 8katln ,F to the shades of ''eternal sieep. i he American character is a good deal like the French in that a craze once started soon assumes im- portions, but unlike the only needs to be shown that hands for their respective diseases. The results in their individual cases were the first. information which was given to the world at large of this wonderful discovery At this time the number of patients receiving treatment ranged from three to 20. After undergoing the course of treatment (usually hree but sometimes four weeks) these patients, feeling the wonderful, the miraculous, the almost incomprehens- ble relief by them obtained through the medium of the bi-chloride of gold medicine, and feeling how entirely and How absolutely free they were from the cravings for alcoholic liquor or morphine, they quickly repaired to their respective homes and their subsequent conduct and habits, coupled with their own confessions and admissions, caused at once, like an electric shock taken at once to the Keeley institute and at once received my first treatment, which was a hypodermic injection of the bi-chloride of gold in the left arm I was in a very rickety and rocky condition and almost oblivious to that which was going on around me. I was placed in charge of an attendant who escorted me to my boarding place. At half past 10 o'clock my attendant , , aroused me from my nap and informed nad also me that it was time for me to go to the . a perfect institute for my second treatment which was like the first. At the first treatment I also received an-eight ounce bottle of medicine of which I was to take a teaspoonful every two hours, while awake, in a fourth of a glassful of water —at least these were the dii-ections I afterward found upon the bottle, and of which my attendant reminded me I also received a four-ounce bottle of whiskey, to be used during the night in case of an emergency. My attendant very carefully and considerately divested me of my outside wearing apparel and put me in my little bed. My first ful j realization as to my whereabouts and the fact that I was not at home was when I awoke about 2 o'clock in the morning and wondered how in the world I was going to stick it out until morning without whiskey. The noise J. made awoke my attendant who considerately inquired of me what w^o wanted and who, after vainly trying to persuade me to return to my slumbers asked if a little whiskey would be con' ducive to sleep. He was very promntlv sf^^v'^^^.pSSiffi results ., —- o--•——«" "»ju juou uuHHeu US 18 the master mechanic of the railroad, the one with him is a farmer from • . i Yes, here you can find the lawyer, the physician, the editor,, the correspondent, the banker, the actor thn^ t i't thei J ai ' raer '' the merchant' ™ e r°'te the mechanic, the invent! bookkeeper, the commission t, the dignitary of some rail- laborer, the journey-worker, '«'•«—i—-«-•- Aresenta- e news- «v« tives at «n ' ,. e ourney- i • as , 96s have their repr t Dwight. It is said the m ° , f«m» t lawyer of national fame the merchant prince when Tn world at his KSSfiSs£S.S or behind the farmer or country clerk Dr. Keeley has no finer needle for the hypodermic treatment of an Astor o»- n ^l ld ,^. ant t ha ? <°r the sectiTman* the price of treatment? It to all viz; $25 a week, board? Good board for How about There are no and treatment Well about „_. ^ from $5 to $25 per week. nthi nn P roucn g such results m the last 20 years of my pilgrimatre on this mundane sphere. So afterS an the community, when into innocuous desuetude again into favor is certain with a diemal failure. to bring to meet Uniformity In Swea. Bancroft Register: The «wea school >oard have adopted a uniform series of ext books and the secretary of the with books awakening of the public mind to the fact that a new born enemy to both alcohol and morphine had been born unto the world; that it had had its birth in an obscure Illinois prairie village;; that the name of the village was nti^nrf t ^ d l hat the Physician who had attended to the accouchement duties of the occasion was Leslie E. Keeley; and mat the infant, on account of its virtue was christened Bi-chloride of Gold' Ihen it was that the attention of the Jublio was first attracted to this great man and his equally great discovery. Not only was the attention of this county directed to it, but it crossed the Atlantic ocean in a single leap, as it were and commanded not only the attention of the English nation, but of the entire continent of Europe; and its fame was heralded until it has reached the verv outward confines of civilization, and commanded the respect of the whole world on account of its merits, as is y persons of those from a living on this earth. But now to my own perdence and my own case, A great many of the citizens of a part of northwestern Iowa and many in Martin county, Minnesota, are, unfortunately lor me, acquainted too well with at least a part of my past, history, In fact this is so truthfully the case that I shall not attempt to screen myself in the least. To many hundreds of them . misning around amongst his the article was , produced, and clothes fourt- ^1 hy P. odermic treatment You^aked 1 ^ tO directi o n8 - ll6Vfi tV)A tttQatvnn*.*. * ill > th , , second four-ounce bottle,. spoken of be fore was placed in my hands with th instruction » take one-third of that »T± n at ^ m j n afma ^ment, and said lake one-third of that" and the thought, "Why, my God! man, may understand your instructions wel enough, but you are certainly ad wh T ,"and withou urther ado I swallowed the entire con tents of the bottle and went back to * emed to me hard ' an in .. . —»»,, vww j. t- mo and shouting in my auricular auge, "breakfast, breakfast" appen "D want any breakfast." "GetTut of he^e'* "But m o mornins salu tation to for your morning treatment whethpp you want breakfast of not." "Well,If must, and some relief in the , . , -,— -- see the institute in broad daylight and also see the of bummers, deadbeats, robbers WhlCh WAt*A f.rt Via »v*i, ~ '_j ' fact that I was to ex- institute's care breakfast, my way eauy to sell to the natcnna «/ +i,7 v, T.J . 'Sx " u " UI »«s 01 tnem my ohool. C. M. Wasson sZThe change $£?*£*£*} TtO 1889 , are wel1 known vas made at his school a week a£o ™! -H y n , ow that I waa almost a11 of the was n vfim, ni, 3 oo!,;""__ 1 V ve ? 1 !? a ^°_S D . d *ime and upon everv occasion B «™r,Xi,, T f, ., i" * ^**^» j/**jaojiu left the boarding house on „,„ w receive the morning treatment w e reached the institute a little early some 10 minutes before the doors ---?'-- me I a ass then should the yet assailed. Wh great Keelev and h escape? Go y is vnn unfortunate as to be en- 3mons taken from can and will be done is. ^pd's sun shines over nent?TetiS±^ b ?, 0 P-^ was made at his school was a very pleasing onelfoi- ulul , illls l a ^r« n * b ° P™Per direction "and ago and him. This no a ence in . I could °, ne " n e called ^the inside line the other the outside line. I had to march down between these lines to take my place at the rear of the inside As I marched down between Is This Our Coplc? Britt Tribune: A 16 year old boy by the mime of Johnny Copio left the em- th!!tVV btain all ° r ei ther of "them, that I often resorted to such substitutes | as the tincture of ginger or capsicum 3r) Hostetter's bitters, Mc- ihening cordial, or any whatever, that would free carefully scanned the facelof the mposd these two lines 6 men oats into oatmeal, loads were from went atTabout the same -,-_. Magor graphed and sent cards in It is probable that he w bended. t« n tele- existed with me for I was all of 'gree, iholio of affairs whatasightmetmygazel Whetl m y fa ^d bummers, where my of murderers, where were the lot, of outcasts which fancy and imaffinT tion had pictured and painted CR my associates? Where, yeswhereTefe thef h »rd pases that this same fancy had seven or continued with oa hourly, since my romoyVfromV^h- . me as the men with was to mingle? Ye Gods! they we're not to be seen in those two lines. You may go to your legislatures of the di£ ferent states and territories, yes! Mr E^tor, you may include the ! ' 01 the pongress of the and ' ' - v onn «, C v»»w»u v uu utuiu 80Q men -who are intellectually su- jsr4r,ffffi'aTSj 5=;S5«S? '° ""* W..E. M. IP you are not satisfied:

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