The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1893
Page 7
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- fv^tr-'*--*;x*' • \> L 'JIlfM^' / : ^ , v f" HT'"~--; -,_-:-.:•'' ^- ii . \'f-i.;?"-'..'-' •/,,« )•• ,"'''":" , • .<,.. "?•"''*£ -"» ' * •» t f ;_ •' *1 • '''.•. *- ' '* ' •,'•;< i -• • , j. . i .^ T*/ i !• " ' THR WPfcR hKS M01NES, ALGi'NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1893 •- '""3 •>$ Hood's Cures* Hie marvelous curt of Mies Lettle Huntley 61 Cortland, 1*. T., has it- trdcted widespread attention. Showasnlgb to death's door '.irftb • hemorrhages caused by ulcers fit the stom- i ach. Could eat noth- lug. When the physl- | clans said there was! no I hope, her mother' uf- • ged hef to try Hood's Barsaparllla, She re,. luctantly consented, new days felt stronger, bloating mosiuedj appetite gradually returned, and to 4 montn she eoufd walk across th« room, tasli months she was as well <w ever In her Me, *nd has been In perfect health «*« ilace. She says: "I know that Hood's Sarsaparilla and that alone saved my life. REFORM. HOOD'S PILLS cure Liver Ills, Jaundice, Biliousness, Sick Headache and Constipation. It Ot' N Ooldi.Coushi.tare Thnat,Oreup.lBiMi» t»,V? uooplng Couth, WoscMtli and A r.tnraa. i •ertaU oar* for Ooniumptioa in flr«t nnytt, uU aiur«r«llef In aiTanced atagM, ,!T« »< tmo», Tn will lee tho tzoelleiit «3»ot affeif UhUiig tia tiitdow, Bold ky df«l«r«"«»»iywk»r». Larf* toMUl ft «*»t» as* 61.00. __ _ ' •_ Process" No Alkalies '—OUT- ; Other Chemicals • are used In tbe preparation of TT. BAKER & CO.'S iaMastCoco? which it. absolutely • • pure and soluble, || It has more than three timer \tKeitrerigth of Cocoa mixed J with Starch, Arrowroot or «»SiWaraF* Sugar, and is far more economical, costing, lesi.than one cent a cup. .It is delicious,"' flourishing, 'imd aAsii/r,- DIGESTED.-,'••'• •$•••! '"' ' ' Sold by- Grocers eterjrnh«r». . W. BAKER& CO., Dorchester, Mali. Dr, ScotfelleiJtric; Plasters, . Nothlnn in this Wide. World i' equals them.' • And everybody I iroow.a It. Cures Colds. Oougha, ['' Chronic Bhenmatlo Pains, eta., 9to., : or-money refunded. —— "~ But send tl.00 . for . f our (4) «( . 25c Each , ^ w „ thent, and gat f rae of charge a pair of his Electric Insoles. «nd mention "Comfort," and, yotf will , , get, tla new book. "The Doctor'* Story.'.free; This is the seasou for these articles. Remember $1 Invested i now. will. Insure your health all winter; Agents tend .for tero« ; to GEOi Av BOOTT, 8*f .Broadway, New'York. . TJ3B OIiDKST AND CULT . t BHLIABL.E BLEOTBIO HOUIB s IN AMBBIOA. A. ilalnd Lawyer Was the tlmJ*et o* the Movement. A Maine laWyer tells how, years ago, as a student just beginning his study of human rules and regulations, as he t terms the science oi law he adopted a method that ten years later was put on the statute books and is now common practice. In other words, .he got ahead of the law abont ten years. He was left alone one day in the office, the awyef being out of town. To,his dismay an . old fellow who lived some miles away came in, saying he had 3een Sued before a trial justice and the case came on that day and he wanted it attended to. The young disciple had a better acquaintance with the office broom than with legal principles, but he questioned the caller anfl learned thnt his ..<hlef desire was to try his case before a higher court and not before the trial justice. So, arming himself with tho courage of a clear conscience; he went before the "judge" with hid first client, fixed his "pleadings" up aftgr a fashion, and then told the court squarely might enter judgment against the old man and from it he Would .appeal. The "other follow," who wanted to try his case then and there, protested stoutly .that the thing wouldn't do; that a party couldn't appeal from a judgment he had consented to, etc. , but the student convinced the justice that "there was "no law against it," and pushed his appeal through. He charged the regular fee for ."attending to the case," which the old man forkud over willingly., . • . COONS KILL A DOO. • . Stubborn Four-Hiinded Fight In a Penn. . gylvnulu Forest. . ' - : A spot in the heart of the old Pigeon swamp near, Bristol, is strewn with the blood-stained hair of raccoons and hounds. John Reardon, James Coleman and John Foster of Bristol.started into the sWamp one ;Saturday with three hounds on the first coon hunt of the season"'.-thereabouts. .'They soon ran across .two coons bigger'than they had ever seen beio'.'o. Th« coons were in a dense clump of bushes. Instantly the Hounds pounced upon them.butint't almost their match. Had there been only two hounds, the story would-have buiin diireVent. Coons 'and. dogs whirled.' bit,: squealed, .revolved, yelped'or went all in a rolling mass, while.. 1 the hair imd fur flew, and the huntsmen could not shoot without •imperil ing the lif oof one or more of the hounds. Dogs arid- coons' were soon covered .with blood. : There'was no surrender on e.ther side, and the desperate .fight went on,until .the coons fell in the mud and were .unable to bite or claw any more. When the teen were able to drag away ! thu dogs the coons were dead or making their last gasps, Their bOfllPK WTO "hmllo 1 inf^ t.r»i>-»l 71 *•»" limph. One weighed thirty-one and the other twenty-five pounds. The wounds of one of the hounds is be mortal. • • • ' '' • "Bach Spoonful has done its Perfect Work/' 66 ryrup ** Is the verdict ot every woman who has used Baking Powder. Other baking powders soon deteriorate and lose their strength, owing to the use oi inierior ingredients, but Royal Baking Powder ,is so carefully and accurately compounded from the purest materials that it retains its strength lor any length of time, and the last spoonful in the can is as good as the first, wuich is not true of any other baking powder. Do Ton Read Advertising. tf you do, it will pay yon to roftd ••his, for if jou are troubled with dyspepsia or long continued constipation, we can cure you without its you a penny. Send your . Boschee's German Syrtip Is more '•* TITTW QYTVAW I successful in the treatment of Con* •) lil& SYI.VAIN sumpt ; oa t ^ an aB y other remedy REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111., on a 1 prescribed. It has leen tried tmdet , every variety of climate. In the postal card and We will send you a • bleak, bitter North, in damp New i * it. T A v A TT VT? OTTM England, in the fickle MiddleStates, box of the LA.XA.TIVE GUM , n * he ^ ffloist s otlt i 1 _ eveiy . DROPS. They are what t* ! where. It has been in demand by jjivvro. iucjr ! every nationality. It has been em- name implies, a mild and genth, j ployed in every stage of Consutnp- PHILOSOPHY OF A CHILU. A. Little Wlrl'TouchwH Hottom In 11 Mutter of Orthography Landlady—I doix't know how It is, but cannot keep the milk from getting our, although I always keep it hi the refrigerator. "Spell toes," sold the mother, who, I Boarder—AVhy don't you try the oil according to the New York Tunes, was rove that's hi my roomV-Detrolt Free teaching her little daughter, seven tfears Press. old, to spell. ., ' •'."'.' .-, , "T-o-z-e," answered the child. The grand Jury now In session at Cat"No, dear, that's not right. T-o-e-s letteburg, Ky i( found indictments on the spells toes." ... . . |2nd agaiiist d number of prominent so;"But it sounds like t-o-z-e." 'clety ladles of the town for playing Pe"I know It, but you cannot go by the ^0 for prizes. sound." .'.•:'' — Then hi order to enforce this.proposi- tion" the mother called on her daughter, to spell froze. . " "F-r-o-e-s," said the child. . "No, you're -wrong- again. This tune we do use the z and spell the word f-r-o-z-e." . . "Huh!" grunted the child. : • "Now, speU rose," said the mother. •BlBde to took tike Now. DrcBBCS.'Genl's Clothing, Feathers. Gloves ' etc' l)ved or Cleuiicd, Vlush . .Uuriuents aieilinea, at Otto I'iuteh'B Uj'O Works, SJ-iO \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Seud lot circular. laxative. Pleasant to take, certain in their results and an absolute cure] for auy form of stomach troubles. We will take pleasure in sending you a box for we want you to try them. We know they will do you_good. $46,000,060 Earned by the Bell Telephone Patent in IBM. to« Invention mny be valuable. Von ihould protect It by i atent. Address for lull and Intelligent advlw free of charge, W. W. J^DIUjKV A CO.. ' Solicitor, of PaUftta, Paolflo Bld'«, 822 F. St., ». W., Mention thU paper. W»»liln«ton, ».O. HATIOHAl LIFE WS. CB.S 1>«it pollclti ID th* werM. Good AitntK K»»t2 throughout WUcomln. JABIKN B.KNTJBK. Manager Wlr-oniln DepL, Hack Itlock. Ittllwuukv* lion. In brief it lias been used by millions and its tbe only true and reliable Consumption Remedy. (B Or, Scott's Electric Plasters, Nothing In this Wido 'Worlf equals them. And everybod] knows It. Cures Colds. OouRhB, Chronic Rheumatic Pains, etc., etc., or money refunded, I _,„ -. r—i But send $1.0t | 25c Each | for tonr (4) ot them, and (ret free of charge a pair of his Electric Insoles, and mention "Com r orfc," and you'wlu get his new bonk. "The JJootor • Storv," free. This Is the season for these articlea. Uemember $1 invested now will Insure you! henlth all winter. Agents set loo per cent, profit on all good*. Those ordering now get Our 160 pel cent, profit offer for th« nrlnte*. Write now to CEO. A. SCOTT, 812 Broadway, New 7ork, N. T. i The legislatures of 'Maine and Con- I nncticut on the 2nd adopted resolutions I ^logistic of the late' James G. Blaino ! .dd expressing sympathy for his family. How ABOUT THB PIUJDRNCE of rllowing a Coujr'h to run on, -rnsping !tho I'ulinouury The child.. ; hesitated. Fhinlly she soldi "I don't know whether to say r-o-z-e or r-ofe-e, and really I 'don't know that either way would be right." ^^ v .. .-.11- A.1 1 V^VUlill liU 1 UU U1J. 1 tlDIJlllli .V^"- 1 * >.«««»»"»•«• J "SpeU it r-o-S-e,". said the mother,; and1)roi)chialorgans, when 'Unit approved •'thougSh tliere Is. another word pro-1. and speedy remedy, l)r. 1). Jiiync's Expeelo- nounced just like.'it.tij/it's spelled r-0-e-s | rant, can be obtuined Irum uuy Apothecary. That word is th'e^name of'the spawn - " ,of fishes." ' V"..-: .."•:.' . '-".-,• : f' : At Buffalo, N. T., Clarence G. Har. The poor little child looked very miser- rnbn has been-arrested on the charge, of , ab le ::•'•• defalcation, committed while cashier of : "Just one, more word," -said the ;tbe Corry Bank of Cony, Pa. mother. "Tell me how you spell blows." j , _ "Well," said the 6hild, wlio^had had ' . conghs and quite enough ubiisense, us she viewad I }}' it from her m'ptlieiv.aiad had suddenly ; made up her mind to pay back in kind. | "T spell it three ways. I spehMt b-1-o-s-e , for breakfast, b-1-o-e-s for dinner and b-lo-z-e.for supper."' ".:.'.!;.' ;.. .' i "I spell it b-1-o-w-s all-the time," said i the mother.; "' ', . . , The child said nothing 1 for a minute or, two. Then looking up, she solemnly ' .- 0 . n e of in.- in c ,.«nd.—The irritation ,inmedi»tely relieved by • - - Hold Or Debilitated Women, should lisa BRADBELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR, Every ingredient possesses superb Tonic properties.and exerts q wonderful influence in toning up and strengthening her system, by. .driving.thrpugh the proper channels alb impurities. Health and strength guaranteed tq result from its use. «' My wife, who vrn.8 bedridden for olgli. teen months, after "u»ing JJradfleld'a female Regulator for tyro month* U getting M-oll." . ... BRADTIELD Hsoui-ATon Co.,. AllanW.'Qa, Bold by Di'Ufi£lfltd at $1.00 per botUe, "Oreinomet reuului 01 bad6^>.ln£. u-r. wiu.i,^atronT5»;tore» Oon7plexionTBay.MUooU.rii 1 1U gamploiTee. 0AJKnxu>T&iCo.,319w.iCtn8t..N,T, Cures Sick Headache remarked: . . "I think, : mamma, ithat the.EngUshi language was made for persons' very,' ' very well educated." . SHSLOHS CORE. Cures Consumption, Ctmghs, Croup, H*r« Titrodt. Sold by all DrugRitts on a GuarantM. fore Lame Side, Back orChost Shiloh't PorotUI Haiter will givo (p-oat a«tU(MtiaB.— if cent*. A B'orari.ftn, ?a , Man Sayn: 1850, ''PE 6. P BROWN'? 1893. FKEC1QUS HERBAL , .It is worth- $5 per pot to'any es, 1717 Summit OF ITCHIKG CUREDME In less than one week , ._, rr pot to'any stifioror.' . , „„. y Coles, 1717 Summit Ave., Scranton, Pu., l>ee. 80,''92. 35 and 606. Druggists or by mail. J, Glbso U-Brown, At Grand St. Jersey City. N- J- Send for book on Cure of Disease fov Herbal remedies, Freo. Every Swede Died. ; ''. "For every mile ot railway track built in Panama there have been a hundred lives sacrificed," said Thomas S. McCarthy, of San Jose, Cal. ''When the road was being ; constructed I ,was contractor in that country and 1 did work for the railway Company. -Iji iny camp there were about 300 Swedes who had recently ba?n sent direct to f the railroad works. A Swede is alight- haired perspn, and abionde, youknoWj is more liable to become poisoned w.tlt malaria than a brunette. Out of that number of Swedes there was not a single man who escaped. Six weeks after they began to work every one of them was dead and buried. There were.'five Chinamen employed on the works, and strange to say not one of them was attacked. • They enjoyed ex-, cellent health, even more so than the native negroes. ' How it was that they escaped I never knew, bat one of the Mongolians told ' me that the reason was because they smoked cigarettes." Sliaky, A VdmbllnK 1 linwi, an uncertain, step,' 'fid., gelinosjs, indicated by restless oliiftlnjy from- unu place or posture' to pnollier,-xisiiiilly mental ninioyaiiee, li't. unexpected noisus, are among the iiuUcat-ions of <;.vtre.rno ilUN vousncss. ••'• Tliuso••'sewni irllllng,' 'but .thu hcaltli of meii and.women ill tliis coiuli'tiQn is^ "deeldudly. shaky," -liiiblu to bo over thrown disastroubly by causes which the vigorous might defy. To fortify the . nur, vii'us systouv, fi-eiiqral viffor must, through the •medium of .reinforce^ ' digustidn,. und B renewal of an impaired powei'of sleeping at night, be raised to a henlthful standard. A 'jyimrautoo of this is Hosteller's -Stbina.el| Bitters, Avlileli re-establishes digestion, bile secretions und thehUblt of body on.* per- iimnlly regular basis, thus reu'owing thai bodily equilibrium, which is followed by n gain of Strength and nerve tranquillty. For kidney complaint, i-lieumatism, neuralgia, and as a preventive of the tirst attack or subsequeiit return of malarial (JUorders, this medicine is without a peer. Thrice daily take a wlneglassful. . . . • The Modern Invalid Has tastes .medicinally .-ini-keeplng with other luxuries. ATemedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, - truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from ..every: objectionable quality. If really ill he ("wsults a physician;jif constipated he uses, the gently family laxative, Syrup of Figs. Michael Davidson, Michael Healy and Joseph Smith, miners, were crushed to death by the fall of a rock at Streator, HL • J. F. SMITH & Co., New York City: Gen. tlemen -1 lind'Bile Bea.ns-!)'waK to be per-' lection, aad cauuot : get along without them In tho house. Vlease Und enclosed 50c., for which kindly send 2 bottles. Mus. A. A. TOBIAS, Caverdale, Col. PbiUlp MoUes, aged 19,. committed sul- rtde at his fatii'er'a farni neai- Athens, H., by cutting his throat. He was to a aUrlum caused, by high fever at the time, s ' ' • . TWO ji. •• />& OF WOMSJf • ngoil Dr. Pierce's Favorite ' Prescription'—those who •want to be made strong, and those who want to be made well. • It builds up, .invigorates, regulates, and cures.. It's for young girls just entering womanhood ; fc. women who b' reached the' erf* : of life."; for women ex>~w- ,1 to"become mothers; for mothers who are nursing and exhausted; for jvery woman who is run-down, delicate, or overworked. For all the disorders, diseases, and weaknesses of women, "Favorite Pre^ Boription" is the cmfy..remedy so unfailing that' it. can be 'guarantee^. ' If it doesn't benefit or cure, in every case, the money will be returned* AT LIGHTNING —The 6O Day Cabbage. Thin la ataotittolv tho curliest cabbiKO In tbo -world. Seed Tory eoaroo. Fkg., Ilia.; }£ ot., »0o.|. M !>>., ?2, postpaid. THE EARLIEST VEGETABLES Wilt bo In grant ilmnamt thin nnrini; and wilt fctob big pclos. To have Ino uiirliueL, plutit Salvor's Fccda. 36 pkgs. KarltoHt vogotablo Novelties, $1. potttpnld. FOR i4o. (WITH/CATALOGUE, 190.) To Introduce our ficeds overywhore, >vo soud, postpaid, upon receipt of 14o.: 1 paokago Rlx Wooks' Itadlnh, lno.-| i n ,n n rnrfcVTt*, 1 " Silver State Lettuce, ISO. ., , . nu _i.,,™ 1 " alantVrollfloTomnto. 20o. \ ««"«n«WB«« 1 " IrtingQIantCiloiinilier, Illo. undrr »<lf. B " llrllliaiitirioworSoods.Sfci.J ALL FOR 14.O. SALZER'S SEED CATALOGUE Is the finest published. Gusto us over §50,0001 It Is gladly mulled upon receipt of So. Jio3:aga. *" JOHN A. SALZER SEED CO., La Crosse, Wis. iB FOB ^ _ „ - -^ ._ GENTLEMHl A sewed slioe that will not rlpj C«l£ i seamless, smooth, inside, more comfortably k stylish and durable than any other shoe ovw sold at the price. Every style. Equals custoflto t made shoes costing from $4 to $$. The follCAfinff are of tho iMnc hijh ftiuid&rd •! mpriti $4.00 and $5.00 Ftae Cftlf, Hand-Sewed. $3.50 Police, Farmers and Better-Carriers $3.50, $3.3$ nud $2.06 for Working- Mia. . Important'to Fleshy'People, We have udtibed a-'pnge article' in the Bos-; ton Globo ou rudueing l weight at a very small expense. It will pay pur readers to seiid two cent stamprfov-a copy, to Betliia Clruulftting Librnry, SB E. Waehiugton St. Chlcugo, HI. :••• -;•• .-• The great conservatism and sound Ejenae of J. Montgomery Smith promise to prove of much valu0 in the ; labor of law-nialiing this winter,' ' , ; Stopped free ^ fter n? IB A DOTY TOO ow« TonnMM to get the beet value, for yon mcmoy, BconomlHa In yocuf lootwenr by purobacliijr W, Ii. Donglaa Bhoaa, wnktS represent the best valtia at tha prices advarUMM* as tbonaanda oan ta*. Uly. Do yon wo«j IF YOU ARE GOING TO V». & Ga. Bys, Tt won't cost you ". " ^ " m . ~ ' . , . mny more, roti ooiK net there auioker. Yon yiill meet and travel with th» very b«»t oluc of T^Tere are no charg THINEXT MORNINQ I FEEL BRIQHT AMI | NEW AND Mr CONirUEXIOR ft BITTlWT I ttr doctor MT« It aote geotlr on tht WomiK*, !»»• i |Ba;kldn«7i, and IsaplaaMoit laxatlrc. Tbli <riM I • Made from herbe, and U prepared for ow u TiTfir I Mtea. Itlioalled . ,. ' LAME'S MEDICIKI I All drairi.u MlUl »l »< «»4 §1 Mr po«k«f«. 1 a, mi jnt tiiitm Me > aW Iu.>U. Um^i 5nw 1*4 tuk *V. fc_««« « Wku T . .AMniM OKATOX ?. WOODWARD pave nearly half a. day in time, This line « AA« IIIUUB .Tin»ruo»L. xuero mit iiouuurKDooa limit e.l trains and you i?et the best to be had. Don't pay the same prloe and put np with inff- llor service. -Pullman Buffet Sleeping Oar leaves Louisville 7:66 a. m. daily over th« Louisvlll« tout (K-rii to Burgtn, where it la attached to and goea through to Florida on the Limited. • TlK'»e trains run throufrh Chattanooga, Atlanta, Alaaun and JaoksonvUle, making dlrcet vionneution with Past Mall for Tampa. J99*]?or ratei or further particulars address D. G, EDWARDS, Q, P, Agt. Q. & G, Route, Cincinnati, Ohio, i .; , . —_oa ASK YOtTB HOMB TIOKBT ADEN* TOB TIOKBT Via QUEEN & CRESCENT ROUTE. :>-All cannot/Rosses^, a' ; -.-'•;••':., Rev. Dr. Morgsui DIx has ordered a feeU to be placed in the Episcopal church »t Qoopei-stown as a memorial of his father, General John A. Dlx, fORTH DOUBLE THE • at onoo to JOHN SiBAgruB, u. T. A. v. ;., Chicago. .01., and receive, peatage i lUOKest deck of oarda yon aver tanJlwl. < OBNT8 per paok. In »tamcii or ooln. __^t§J- : Pensions! Btnd forlnVeutor'liQulAe or Uow luOlilalu u Vulauu u, O. f!w POLISH A DEMOCRAT ELEOTiBD.' Kenoslaa, Wl3., Feb. 1C. .—At the special election Tuesday George Kroii- Ice, (Dem.) -wag elected assemblyman by three majotity, to fill the vacancy caused by he death of D. A. Mahoney. His opponent was 0. A. Dewey, of this city. He flndB It "a wonderful cure lor lougli." Mr. \Ym. p. AuderBon, ?4l it.,wew ft bad . , Water •Bt.,l»ev York City, N. ¥., give? tit is indoraoiaent: "i liftve fouud Dr. JJiill'a Oo'ugU"Oyrup tli6 wonderful cure it la . rep- rosoutod to Co. JtiujusV the Uung for a bud vougU." "That unrivalled complexion," Bald a prouiiueut New Yorker, ttllndlug to a ludy Rcquaintiinc'e, "was the result of usiug Gar- lleld Tea." Beiul 1'or free sample to 319 West 45th St., New York City. ' ; The appearance of the marquis of Queensberry on a platform to advocacy of polygamy has set all London talljlng about his new eccentricity. Perhaps he favors theintroductton of the prize ring | In domestic affairs, under marquis of ! Queensberry rules. EEDS o WAMUNTED. o iBest in the By mall, postage paid, 1 cent a package and up. : Grand lot of EXTRAS given ; with every order. Prettiest i and KBBHI Oatalogue In ; the world with pictures of fall varieties, Send your» land neighbors' address.' R. H. SHUNIWAY, • HJJHOI*. 10,000 Souvenir • •? , i -.:/..••.':-:.' . • •• . •—"•»«• (This suifc was-paid-for the first World's Fair Souvenir Coin minted.) ta'tHfr-shipe ; ofai-'ppii|J3?jyit:raapycan hayefac-similes of this valuable of -art— only special 'coin«ever issued by the U.S. Government— for #1 each. ' . • • > *. ; .' ' " 'aAVt;/''" ' ' States iQweinment . Morphine Habit Cnr.d in Iff to »» day u. JSopmr tillonrwi, D«7j, STEPHENS; Labmon.OhtJk Ploo'e Bemed;' ftn Catarrh to the Best, Eialest to Use, and Oheapert. M^HMKj«(paaiMMMnkpmwnBMB|BOHUBIwm Bold W druwUto or awn by mail. Fair • ' ' t Souvenir Coins— The Official Souvenir .--..- of the Great Exposition— , 5,000,000 of which were donated to the World's Columbian Exposition by the Government- are being rapidly taken by an enthusiastically patriotic people, As there early promised to be a demand for these Souvenirs tha\ would render them very valuable in the hands of speculators, the Exposition Authorities decided to place the price at for Each Coin P. Bradley, a Ja»esviUe moi- der, claims to 'jiave been liel<i up and rpbbed of $05. ' gO • An Importunt Dlil'preuce. .To m»Ue it mjparuut to tliousuuds, wltq tltluk lUowsoh'bB 111, that tlwytaru uyt uil'oct ed. wltlt auy d.l8i?ft8«, l>ul tlut t simply u.eed.8 9Jcav6lug, is & Mug feopte to tttttlr liep'tp, tt? a costive sily cured by uglug ,8yru •~A ^Absoluteb<^ ^ — and sell them direct to the people, thus realizing £5,000,000, and using th$ additional money for the further development of the Fair. Considering the. -fact that there were \>\\i^, 000,000 of these coins to be distributed amomg 65,000,000 people, in this country alone (to say nothing of the foreign demand,) and that many have already been taken, those wishing -sto purchase these mementoes of our Country's Discovery and of the grandest Exposition ever held, should secure as many as they desire at once.' Realizing that every patriotic American will want one or more of these (joins, and in order to make it convenient fgi him to get them, we have made merits to have them sold the country by all the leading and Banks. If not for ?ale in your town, send ^.OQ each ty wt five «tfw, by PQSt*P$c§ or For Sale Everywhere

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