The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1953
Page 7
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1*»BAY, AUGUST tt, 1958 (AMCT COOTIEH PAGE 8EVB!f REVIEW»»° FORECAST Confusion Hits New High And- Drought Aid Picture Snarled As 16 Counties Cut From Aid By "HAROLD HART LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The federal drought aid program again is snarled in confu sion as far as Arkansas farmers are concerned. The mystery continues as to why 15 southeast Arkansas counties were cut off the drought aid list Tuesday by Secretary of'Agriculture Benson. The 15 counties concerned are Arkansas, Clark, Dallas, Desha, Drew, Grant, Hot Spring, Jefferson, Lee', Lincoln, Lonoke, Monroe, Phillips, Prairie and Chicot. The government says Chicot was listed in error because it wasn't eligible for aid in the first place. State agricultural officials are at loss to explain why the other counties were removed. They say they are investigating the situation. It rain'ed a little this week in Arkansas, but there still is need for a good general rain. The State-Federal Crop Report- Ing Service says a hot, dry week reduced soil moisture perceptibly. Fair to good progress was reported in the cotton crop. Rice prospects are favorable. But,' says the report, "Feed crops, hay and li|Sures are deteriorating over TOde areas with the central and northern counties hardest hit." Rep. E. C. (Took) Oathings of West Memphis says the Department o'f Agriculture is making a survey of irrigation needs in those states not covered by the Pope- Jones Act before recommending to Congress states which should be allowed to take advantage of the\ act's provisions. The act covers 17 states west of the Mississippi River. It provides government loans to farmers in uiose state to build irrigation reservoirs. Gainings has authored a bill to extend provisions that the Pope- Jones Act to all states. But he says there is a good chance that the department will reco.mend extension only to those state which are hit by periodical droughts. That would include Arkansas. Rice especially has felt the nd for irrigaion watr. Cattlemen throughout the country are plumping for a speed up In government buying of beef products for school lunches, the military and foreign aid...the state 4-H Club Conservation Camp was held Monday through Thursday of this week on Petit Jean Mountain.... farm youth from 20 counties of east Arkansas plan to attend the annual Youth Study Day at the Cotton Branch Experiment Station in Marianna Friday. Something to Think About ,. 4-H Conservation Camp allows the foot to function under a minimum of strain. Such a shoe might be designated as a "working shoe." If this type is worn during the working day, a high-heeled, pointed shoe can be worn part time without unfavorable results. It is continuous use of the high heel, pointed shoe that Is harmful. Fit of the shoe Is most important. Elizabeth Brister, outstanding By knowing a few important points 4-H Club member and the daughter about fit, a person can cooperate of Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Brister of with the sales man for correct AVERAGE FAMILY Annual Income $2000-$5000 Average After Taxes $4000 Monthly J3004325 Weekly $70-575 INSURANCE AND SAVINGS HERE'S WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES—Above Newscharl shows the income of the typical American family of four, and how" the income is budgeted percentagewise to purchase the necessities of life. According to the American Finance Conference, most families cannot with safety exceed the indicated maximum percentages for various expenditures, except under special circumstances. If the maximum is spent for some groups of purchases the amount spent for the other must be correspondingly reduced to maintain a balanced budget. Marianna Branch Plans Visit Day Cotton Experiment Station to Host Ip" Farmers, Youth MARIANNA, Ark., Aug. 18 — The annual late summer visiting day at he Cotton Branch Experiment Sta- ion near here has taken a youthful turn this year While the grown folks are a.s welcome as ever, It's the farm youth who will be served the choice morsels of research information as the Station plays host to Youth Study Day on Friday. A varied program of education and -entertainment is scheduled. The visiting youth will assemble briefly at 10 a.m., after which they will go on tours of the Station farm. Stops will include laying house and flock management, silage crops, soybean varieties, colon varieties, cotton breeding work, chemicnl weed control, and garden irrigation, The research work will be described by Extension Specialists Lowell T. Lankford, C. F. Lund, W. H. Freyaldenhoven, Wheeler B. Perkins, Eunyan Deere, and James L. GatUs, and the Station's cotton ( breeder, Carl A. Moosberg. Hain speaker for the afternoon .Tnjgram will be Mrs. Anne Haney, assistant editor of The Progressive Farmer. Irvin Mattick, of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, will give a demonstration on the coaxial cable. The entertainment will feature group singing, under the direction of Graham P. Wright of the Extension Service, and talent numbers by 4-H Club and FPA members. John L. Dameron, assistant director in charge of the Cotton Station, will be host for the occasion. He invites parents and adult leaders of the youngsters to Join in the visiting day. For those not wish- Ing to bring their own lunch, sandwiches and soft drinks will be sold by the Lee County Home Demonstration Council and 4-H Clubs. Yarbro, is attending the annual 4-H Conservation Camp on Petit Jean Mountain. The camp started Au- iust 17 and will extend through the 30th. While at the camp there will be nature study tours, crafts, recreation, etc. Only one boy and one girl from each county are invited to attend the Conservation Camp. It is conducted by the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service and is sponsored by the Federal Cartridge fit. Shoes should always be fitted on the weight-bearing foot. A person should always stand up with both new shoes on to determine if they are long enough to allow ample room for natural movements, of the toes. The tip of the toe cap should extend one-fourth to one-half inch beyond the end ol the great toe. The bulge of the great toe joint (sometimes called the "bunion toe") should rest over the abrupt curve on the inner side of the sole. Company. Cooperating agencies in- j This is the widest part of the shoe, elude the State Game and Fish If a person does this when selecting Commission and the State Forestry and Parks Commission. State Council Meeting The home demonstration club ladies from North Mississippi County a shoe, he can feel assured that the fit is correct for length and that the foot is resting in the correct place in the shoe. A good way to check this Is to place the fore- who attended the State Home Dem- fln g er ° n th e side of the joint of onstration Council Meeting at Lit-1 the blg toe and see that " is P er " tie Bock recently were,Mrs For-! Pedicular with the widest part of rest Moore, Miss Izora Davis, I the shoe - Tne American Foot Car Mrs. J. H. Griffin, Mrs. Iverson I Mstitute advises that shoes shoul Morris and Mrs. L. T. Wood ' ! be chan sed ™ce or twice dail Mrs, Moore assisted at the Gov-1 both ? or hea "h and for longe ernor's Tea and modeled an old time wedding dress in the Dress Revue. She also served on one of the committees. Three' C't , Fresh vegatable salads are full of vitamins and minerals. While there are plenty of garden fresh vegetables, toss yourself a salad every day. A good salad does not need to be a fussy salad, nor an expensive! one. It can be made from what-' ever fresh vegetables are avail- for wear. Keep stocking y 2 to % inche longer than the longest toe. Shor stockings can harm the foot. It's Time To ... 1. 'Start watching for late bligh on tomatoes if cool and rainy weather is prevalent. > 2. Name your farm. Make a sign 3. Take advantage of a smal rain or cloudy weather in making 11 abbage, cauliflow able from your garden or market. A good salad will add zest to a meal. When you think of salads, ;hink of three C's — cool, crisp, and colorful. To crisp and cool veg- itables, wash them as soon as you iring them in the kitchen. Pat them dry and store them in the refrigerator In a vegetable crisper or a plastic bag. Salads will be crisper, too, if they are made as last minute jobs. When you make a salad, out or break vegetables Into bite size or larger pieces. Always add dressing at the very last minute and use only enough to coat the vegetables Then toss them lightly. Salads may be served from a or on individual plates. However you serve it, make it attractive. Most people like to arrange salads on greens. Finely shredded cabbage, spinach or mustard greens are just as attractive as lettuce Be sure that neither the greens nor the salad extend beyond the edge of the plate. Aching Feett Polls will show that, about one person out of three complain of aching feet. Hurting feet mean discomfort, bad health, lost wages lack of pep. About 85 per cent of all foot troubles come from faulty footwear, and a person chooses his own shoes, according to Helen Robinson, Extension Health Education Specialist. Select shoes for the work you are doing. Ordinary daily wear requires a design that er, collards and broccoli will be needed at once, also beans (bush) potatoes (Irish), and brussels sprouts. 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If Tin Foils You Pay Only For Time Used Size 600x16 Reg. $14.60 Stations in Ala., Miss., Ark., and Tenn. 195 Exchange Plus Tax Size 670x15 SAVINGS OIL CO. BLYTHEVILLE STATION LOCATED ON SOUTH HIWAY 61 Cotton Picker Operator School Slated for Semo How to operate, maintain, and repair mechanical cotton pickers to obtain higher grades, easier ginning, and more income to the producer, will be outlined at the Cotton Picker Operator School, Sept. 8, at the Rex Theatre in Sikeston. This school, which is sponsored by the Missouri College of Agriculture, the Missouri Cotton Producers Association, and manufacturers of mechanical cotton pickers, is designed to give operators of m'echan- ical pickers practical information the correct operation of their machines. The "students" will hear agricultural specialists discuss cultural practices, defoliation, weed control, harvesting for better binning and other practices to improve mechanically picked cotton. At the afternoon session, picker owners and operators will be divided into groups according to the make of their machines. International Harvester Company, Allis- Chalmers Company, and John Deere Company will provide in- On Missco Farms BJ By . ' . . County Agent Fix That Combine i Cotton Loan Rates I will agree with you right quick I It looks like middling one and that if it doesn't rain soon, there one-sixteenth inch cotton produced will not be so many beans to bar- j in Mississippi County will be worth 34.16 cents per pound in the loan this fall. Strict low middling, same length should bring 32.66. Low middling, same length, will bring only 29.16. It looks like that is a lots of encouragement to try and pick a good grade of cotton. What About Alfalfa? The alfalfa research program at Osceola has reconfirmed ou vest but you will still have to go through it with a combine. An improperly adjusted combine can lose more bean for you than the drouth. Recent studies in Iowa showed an average harvesting loss of 16 )er cent of all the fields studied. That is almost five bushels per acre loss in a field of 30 bushel per acre beans. Get your combine ready for operation now. Bead your operator's j •nanual. I'll bet you two bits you never read it before. -. structors to do the teaching of care repair and operation of the machines. The school will start at 9:30 a.m and close at 1:30 p.m. There will be no charge of any kind. All owners and operators of mechanical cotton pickers were invited to attend. All interested persons desiring further information were asked to contact, their county agent, )heir local machinery dealers, ;he Missouri Cotton Producers Association, Portageville, Mo. MUTUAL SELECTIVE FUND STOCK FUND For proipMfifj*i and ojfttr Information vr'rit DIVERSIFIED CERVICES Minneapolis 2, Minnc*oU Or fill turf, dip and mail tfi» coupon bttowt WILLIAM PARRIMOND P.O. Box 7J BlylhevlUe, Ark. PHONE M60 t company or com- C INTESTO»I KtmjAL D INTCrWU SRtECnr* rUKB Q mvtsTOKS not* TO*» NAME_ ; | ADDRESS , CITY _2ONf STATE_ GOOD USED FURNITURE We are now using tic second floor of our store exclusively for iisrd furniture. We foci by doing this we can serve our customers dettcr in three ways. I. We can give you more tor your used fUrnlture on new. 1. If you want to buy Rood used furniture we will have It, 3. If you want to sell used furniture we will-buy it. In any of the three cases we would like the opportunity of figuring with you. Through our liberal allowance foi used furniture on new we have accumulated the largest stock of used furniture In our history. We Pay Cash For Used Furniture We Invite you to visit our used I furniture department on the second | floor. Alvin Hardy FURNITURE CO. 113 E. Main Ph. 230 With this Leader of the Self-Propelleds The JOHN DEERE No. 55 Combine The savings in grain, time, work, and money that are yours with the John Deere No. 55 Self-PropeUed Combine mean greater satisfaction down through the years. With the thrifty No. S3, you save more grain or seed from every acre. Selective hydraulic speed control thai lets you match the speed of travel to the capacity of feeding, threshing, separating, and cleaning units . . . ease of making exact adjustments for varying crops and crop conditions . . . and genuine field dependability put more grain in the grain tank- save you many hours in the the field. Let us show you why you'll want to cash in on the greater savings ol this leader of th» seli-propelleds. MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. S. Highway 61 Phone 4434 JOHN DEERE Dealer/^- QUALITY*ARM EQUIPMENT long time theory that fall seeded alfalfa is preferred to spring seed' ing. I believe preferred seeding dates in this area would be around September 1 to September 20 Oeorge Hale »t Burdette plans to cut all those soybeans in front of his house, and bale them for hay. Of course, the main reason for that Is that his wife wants alfalfa growing all around the house, and who wouldn't, with such a nice house out in the field? P. S. — Do you want to bale Mr. Hale's soybeans on the shares? He doesn't even have a hay baler. False Optimism? I even hear some farmers offering to bet the county will make more cotton than it made last year. Do you suppose they are right? It lem, except the dry weather bug. The dry weather is forcing a lot of cotton to "cut out" and without rain I ain wondering if, we can make very much more cotton between now and the 10th of September. Bean Leaf Beetles Bean leaf beetles increased rather rapidly in soybeans during the second week of Anugust. A few fields have been damaged enough to require poisoning. There is a very wide difference of opplnlon about how much leaf damage is necessary to soybeans before yields become affected. To say the least, a great deal of leaf surface can be removed before any noticeable reduction in yield occurs. A pound of pure DDT to the acre giving very satisfactory control of the bean leaf beetles. Test Your Soli This is the best time of the year soil samples and have them an- ilyzed. The analysis is more de- Michigan Fair Can't Get Hogs For Scrambles MT. PLEASANT, Mich. Ml — County 4-H Club Agent Robert Acker admitted that V.% just couldn't bring home the bacon. Of course, he was after live bacon in the form of thirty 60-pound feeder hogs for the annual greased pig scramble at the Farm and Youth Fair Aug. 25-29. The high price of pork wa« the reason. Acker said. Farmers Just won't sell. In the event, young boys chase the pigs, catch them, feed them until December 'and collect the profit. Acker was happy to announce though that the price ot beef was cheaper and the calf scramble will be held is scheduled. pendable when the soil is dry of in condition to plow. Who's Craiy? Have you seen the 200-acr« field of cotton in front of Charlie Abbott's house and just east of Bly- thevllle? It looks like all of his seed came up and the crop has never been chopped or thinned. Ha controlled grass and weeds completely by dragging a heavy spike tooth havrow across the .cotton raws three or four times. That is a treatment a few degrees worse .han the use of a rotary hoe. If you think cotton can be too thick or that thick cotton will not yield iroperly, then I suggest that you. watch Mr. Abbott's field. SAVE UP TO * ON A GOOD USED CAR We need room for trade-ins on the 1953 Pontiacs So Here's your chance to SAVE. 1946 FORD, maroon two-door. ONLY f 345 1946 CHEVROLET two-door. A real buy $365 1939 CHEVROLET 4-door. A steal at $145 1946 PLYMOUTH. 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