The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina on October 22, 1946 · Page 6
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The Gaffney Ledger from Gaffney, South Carolina · Page 6

Gaffney, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1946
Page 6
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1 "' V . i 'AGE SIa THE GAFFNEY' LEDGER, GAFFNEY, S. C. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1946 MOLOTOV ON WAY TO U.S. MEETING $ajnnn jir irjm xi fe' -) " r -7 r7 W VTJ SQUARE DANCE WEDNESDAY NITE OCTOBER 23, 1946 AT THE AMERICAN LEGION HUT 8 P.M. Sponsored by American Legion Post 109 Public Invited. Kolb Chosen Head of New Farm Agency Columbia, Oct. 18. The appointment .of R. Frank Kolb, one of South Carolina's best known agricultural leaders, as State Administrator of the new Farmers' Home Administration has been announced by Dillard B. Lasseter, FHA Administrator of Washington. Mr. Kolb has served as State Director for the Farm Security Administration, predecessor of the new FHA, since September, 1935. Under his leadership South Carolina has achieved an enviable repayment record in Farm Security loans. ,Mr. Kolb is a native of South Carolina, attended. Bethel Rural School in Sumter County and graduated with the B. S. degree in agriculture from Clemson in 1920. Since that time he served as instructor in vocational agriculture, engaged in .rehabilitation work Moldy Tobacco Offered on Sale By Government Washington, Oct. 17. Know anyone who would like to buy 4,-374,582 slightly moldly plugs of tobacco? Or 3,525,612 packages of shopworn scrap tobacco, also suitable for chewing? The government, which gets mixed up in practically everything these days, has chewing tobacco on the bargain counter today. It's surplus stock ' stuff the army, navy and. marines bought bud didn't use. J. V. Morrow of the department of agriculture heads the tobacco sales. He already has peddled $5,-500,000 worth for US taxpayers, and has" another $2,500,000 to go. "The cigars and cigarets were easy," he told a reporter. "But chewing tobacco . "I'm having an awful time. People don't chew like they used to." To add to his problems, the tobacco has dried oil4" and has to be reconditioned before the choosey chewer will chew it. Only manufacturers with plenty of equipment can afford to bid on such stock. Whati might have been Morrow's . . . TOPS FOR QUALITY Franchise Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., of Spartanburg WANTED PROFIT FOE YOD in Banking Here SOVIET FOREIGN MINISTER V. M. Molotov (left) and Vice Foreign Minister Andrei V. Vishinski drink a toast to each other aboard the liner Queen Elizabeth as the vessel headed for New York from Southampton, England. The men are en route to the U. S. to attend the American sessions of the Big Four Conference which will hold its first meeting in New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on November 4. (international) biggest problem really was easy. The government had some special stick tobacco, seven inches long and as big around as your finger. Judging from is odor it had been dipped in strong molasses and assorted sheep dip. Multi needle operators wanted on piece work. Good operators can earn from six to seven dollars per day. If you want a steady job and good working conditions apply to iPlll j Nobody in this country would touch it. But South Sea Island natives Court Dismisses Charges Against Asheville Chief Meat Expected To Reach Tables By End of Week Chicago, Oct. 17. , Livestock poured into markets across the Asheville, N. C, Oct. 17. Five The only way that we can profit is by giving you good service that will profit you. You can be sure that we are as sincerely anxious to see you rise to a higher level of living, as a farmer is to see his corn grow tall. We are working with you for country, in excess of advance es charges that Police Chief Eric R. Paul Peterson Chenille Co. use this stick tobacco for money. And after it wears out as money, they chew it, gimp, sheep dip and all. ...4. .. When the war ended the government still had some stick tobacco left. But Morrow found it easv to peddle. The manufacturers took it back, will freshen it up a little and sell it to the hardy South Sea Islanders, who doubtless will. rejoice. Morrow said he was sorry but he had lost, his list or the rate of exchange for stick tobacco. "All I remember is," he' said, "two sticks of this junk will get you one grass skirt." , George Bernard Shaw's total income for the first nine year he devoted to writing was only $30. Phone 44 10th Street mutual benefit. Hall had not been doing his duty properly were thrown out of court today. After the prosecution had presented four witnesses the court found charges against the chief "frivolous and malicious with no facts or circumstances adduced to substantiate them." Police Judge Samuel M. Cathey then found no probable cause for action on the first charge of conspiracy and failure of Hall to do his duties as police chief, and not guilty on four other charges. The complainant, William E. Connor, promoter of the "Public Welfare and Protective association" was ordered to pay court timates today and sources in the packing industry predicted this meat would reach millions of American dinner tables by this week end. The run of hogs to major markets was three times as heavy as a year ago and cattle receipts were on a par with 1945. Prices were well above the now nullified OPA ceilings and generally higher on cattle and somewhat lower on hogs than yesterday, the first day of Uncontrolled market operations. Meat industry sources said fresh beef and pork could reach neighborhood butcher shops from two to five days after the animals are sold, depending on how far they have to be shipped! Thus, they added,' such major livestock market centers as Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, St. Paul and Indianapolis will have a fair supply of pork and some beef available at the retail level by Saturday. Other cities which buy their livestock at distant markets, will have a wait of a day of two longer. Trade circles hadn't expected The MERCHANTS & PLANTERS R. F. KOLB with handicapped veterans in the Veterans Administration during the early 20's and for 10 years was County Agent for the Extension Service in Orangeburg County. He .is a member of the American Legion and during World War II received recognition for outstanding work as a member of the Interdepartmental War Savings Bond Executive Committee. He was appointed State Coordinator for federal employees in the Peacetime. Bond program by the Treasury Department. At the close of the war. 100 per cent of Farm Security employees in South Carolina were participating in the payroll savings plan and investing 19 per cent of their salaries. Mr. Kolb is a leading Baptist layman and for several years was a member of the Baptist General NATIONAL BANK costs of $100.10. do their duty it's time for citizens to act." A warrant against Chief Hall was sworn out last Sunday by Connor, medically discarged young veteran. Besides Connor those who testified today were Charles B. Rollins, Jr., and Donald Wright, youthful members of the Public Welfare association and Joe Eaton. ' Connor visited the Raleigh offices of the governor and attorney general to make similar charges gainst Chief Hall.': the house Jackson BURNED Defense witnesses did not have to testify. "About 400 spectators who jammed the courtroom wei searched by .state highway patrolmen and police matrons. At one of his three SALESROOMS FOR SALE AT THE GAFFNEY LEDGER. nublic protest meetings Connor had said "if public officials don't Board for South Carolina and of its Executive Committee. He is Oh, he didn't mean to but he lit a cigarette before the mass influx of hogs, which usually don't arrive in quantity until November. A total of 95,900 hogs were shipped to the country's 12 principal markets, compared with 32,700 a year ago and 10,800 last .week. the predicted hog receipts at the Chicago market for today were 7,000. A total of 13,000 arrived and 3,000 were held over for lack dozing off to sleep and woke up to jump for his life! The Fire Dept. was. fast and saved the outside, but Mr. Jackson will have sweet, bills ;to pay for repairs. It's a good thing he had enough of the right insurance ! ARE YOU COVERED? If not consult us today, f WE CAN SAVE YOU APPROXIMATELY 25 ON YOUR PREMIUMS Gaffney Insurance Agency a member of the First Baptist Church of Columbia. In recent years, he has been honored by election to the Board of Directors and as President of the Clemson Alumni Association. He is now a member of , the Clemson College Foundation's Board of Trustees. The new agency will take over all of the activities and functions of the Farm Security Administration and the Emergency Crop and Feed Loan Division of the Farm Credit Administration. Mr. Kolb's well-rounded agricultural and business' experience insures efficient leadership for the new Farmers' Home Administration service in this State. Dan S. Gambrell, of ' Depot street, Gaffney, is in charge of the Cherokee county office of the Farm Security Administration, while Talmadge D. Gault, of Gaffney, is supervisor of the crop loan agency in Cherokee and Union counties; em Phone 31 Claude Littlejohn, Owner 'FORDS of shipping space to haul them away. An estimated 65,000 hogs arrived at 19 concentration yards and 11 packing plants in Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. today, the largest number since last February 4. The Cincinnati market received 6,500 hogs, the highest since last January 1. Cattle receipts at the 12 major markets totaled 69,600, ' slightly above the 66,000 a year ago and well ahead of the 39,000 last Wednesday. However, industry sources said, much of this livestock was underweight and wouldn't supply a normal meat output. Sheep receipts, which always lag when cattle and hogs are available, totaled 62,900, compared with 65,800 a week ago and 82,-800 a year ago. Pleads For Action Washington Secretary of Agriculture Anderson appealed to farmers to speed cattle marketings, declaring livestock now on the ranges and pasture lands are at "dangerously high" levels from the standpoint of grazing facilities. Apparently there are no surplus dog houses to be sold to the public. At least none of the K-9 Corps quarters have been listed. ,What a field day there will be for wits if and when they are put on sale. Sees ' Renewed Talks Peiping Gen. Chen Cheng, chief of staff, said the government hopes its military conquests will force the Communists to resume negotiations for a political settlement of the civil war. Cheng told interviewers the reason the Communists last week re You Can Predict jected a 10-day truce was over- confidence in their military Get our low Price for Complete Overhaul! strength. Chokes on Bone Asheville. N. C. The condition of Lt. Gov. L. T. Ballentine was reported as good at Biltmore Hospital. The lieutenant governor underwent an operation for removal of a chicken bone from his throat. A general anaesthetic was used for the operation. Your own financial future when you provide for it through systematic thrift on our. savings plan. Winter Haven, Fl,a., Herald. WERE torn where 1 sxtJly Joe Marsh You found out during the war that Fords are built to "take it." But isn't it about time to give your Ford a new lease on life? Bring it to us for: I Ford Factory-Trained Mechanics 2. Ford-Approved Service Methods 3. Genuine Ford Parts 4 Special Ford Equipment Whether your Ford needs a complete overhaul or just a tune-up, you'll find that this four-point advantage puts us far in the lead for superior time-saving work. ..that saves dollars for you. You can start with as low as $1.00 add to it regularly and you'll delight in watching your savings grow., 4S Accounts insured up to $5,000.00. On Playing the Fiddle Badly FUTURE rv in Youn 'Piedmont Federal Savings and Loan Association with nothing more exciting than old songs, and a glass of moderate beer or cider. From where I sit, it's a heap more important to be a poor fiddle player, than not to play at all. More important to be a part of the American scene with its community music, home entertainment, friendly glass of beer - than to hold out for professional perfection. (Besides, I like to play the fitiUle even badly!) rA f atorite recreation in oar town It fitting together in one or another's home and making music. There's somebody it the piano; a guitar; a fiddle player; and Molly Birtles eren has a harp! What comes out Isn't the best music in the whole world. In fact, sv lot of it is downright bad. But nobody even thinks to question or to criticize. - - Because the spirit of harmony is there harmony between folks who like each other's company, who en-Joy the simple, homey atmosphere of Gaffney, S. C. There's no plate Kite uH0KHn for Ford Service Stephenson Motor Company CLAUDE LITTLEJOHN JOS. N;-LITTLEJOHN : Pres. ; ', Sec.-Treas. , .z: Corner Frederick and Logan Streets Phone 135 SALESBOOKS FOR SALE at The Ledger, Copyright, 1946, United $Mt Brtwwi t'uundaiioa ,-i rrr- 'J v Lai in i .. t

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