The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 30, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1891
Page 8
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TMK fiOtlDAt Old, his ».,. . >nj>8, »0 'I, u flout, Kooil or,*. y to liol' • on oil tlOUWJ Ti*o Worthy Couplet O f Koasuth'ft Tofflli(j I'noplo tTttitad for tAtti, A happy company of relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Russel Cooke at Burt, Chrlst- mftfleve, and witnessed tho marriage of Norman Cotton of Whittemore, and their daughter, May. Rov. Williams of Bancroft performed the ceremony and some 40 sat down to a bountiful Wedding supper. The bride was for sometime a student in the normal school ahd has since been a teacher in tho county, and is known to a wide circle of friends as a young lady of superior accomplishments, whilo horhus- band as a tem:ltor and later in J. M, Farley's hurdwuro storo has won the esteem and confidence of all for his excellent qualities as a business man Both have the best wishes of all who know them for a pleasant and prosperous future, and among the rest THM UPPEtt DBS MOINKB desires to ox tend congratulations as tho happy couple begin tho serious task of housekeeping In their now homo in Whlttomoro. FOUNTAIN-JUCHAItDSCW. Christmas witnessed a wedding at M. RIchiirdHon'H home, his oldest daughter Adol and (i. E. Fountain bo-1 ing united by Rov. Ell Garflold, uncle of Dr. Owflold. Prof, and Mrs. Simp- Hon worn prt'Hont from Sanborn, and tho mends an.I relatives of tho parlies. Aftor u pl'jiiHiint social time tho happy OOllUln \VI>|H. rli. rinrtfi t.n *l.r» *....., 1.—..._ i"«r "ft 1 " ID * ftr '" question be .. u. w, Hanna, republican of T.«Verne and J W. HlftohSt. Srat of to take place at Irvlngton some We hope the would disap- . , . -° ims L^^^ IOWA * WflpygaDAY, PEC 3d, iBOii ss^^iS^^it^ ^ LITEBABY NOTES. Prof.Glidersleeveof John Hopkihs uni- ^'^w^ I" the confederate army and a tended. In the Atl&ntlc Monthly for'Jan" nary he atntos with frankneas and force Se reasons for his course, In an art.cle entitled The Crood of tho Old South." "The Greatest Need of College Girl," I, the 8ub j^^^'Portant article, also In the Jan- author of the excellent little book? Through Keposo." ---r--B""« i/uiiimigB which are for H"« m ° 9 , t P art unsymetrfeal representations ef women and devils. Ono scene is a picture of bad Indians in hell! £«SF- de r/i' and ^i" resembling monkeys with protruding tongues and terror stricken victims, torturing thpm on It^r 1 th ° ir heirt8 - Tho g nichS on the walls are ornamented with wood^,l m .!!?* 8 _? f »*nt?. the Savior, and SEASONABLE ADVIOE. A Pntorlte for the Winter Monthft-llo^on Wonder What It M K'W. tHngley, druggist, takes especial pleasure in supplying his customers with the best medicines obtainable. Among the many excellent preparations on his shelves may be mentioned Chamberlain's Cough mn?f»T/' a fav ° rit * during the winter SjSft SS" tt «oSSWS a^«Si±X^^ «^^t'* ? . ** ^~**"y wj IT ttrij pnGuiiionift, wVnRf^Sufa^ty* 0 tak °' BhdfUlly witiC'V' 15 t"" u t" l , a8 , ler8 al 'u ornament™ with daubs of faded paint, having been a, sort of fresco work of " The January St. Nicholas begins with a charming frontispiece described by a no loss excellent poem written by Helen Orav Cone: The Little Maid of Spaln-1 Sttle r y l eV °7 1 !"r h . of "«»-. The" number by 'l!. Sl( VI nt /HUM- u pennant, social tlmo tho happy couple wt^nt at once to the now house which the groom bud built and furnished, near J. E. Bluckford'B, und began housekeeping. Tbe brldo has grown up In Algona and Is in every way an oHtlinabin young lady, and tho husband is a young man who has mudo Ills own way in tho world, and who, bo- Bidos his homo, has saved something to begin married life with. Ho is un energetic und reliable young man und with hiB brldo has tho • bost wishes of all hiH acquaintances. A FLTJQgr LITTLE GIEL. A Vlvo-ynnr-oia Snvos n Unby From n liurnlnu ITouso. Tho LuVorno News tolls a story of childish pluck und heroism that is worthy of preservation. The family, which lives south of LuVorno, wont to town to trade leaving the house and an oightoon-nionlliH-old baby to tho tender euro of u HUlo girl only llvo yours of ago. During tho parent's absence the houso caught lire and burned to the ground, and tho children would doubt- loss have BulTorod cremation bud it not boon for tho genuine pluck and presence of mind of tho littlo girl housokoopor who managed to Have not only herself but the baby also. AH before .stated tho doors wore looked but thia Halo tot uianugod in BOIIIO way to find a way out of tho burning building, and out she wont, dragging tno t)ll ,ij y , w i llch Hho was not largo enough to curry, out with nor mid to a place of safety. Wo are told that this little heroine Is an orphan lately lakon by tho Hills to raise, and tnut she is of foreign purontugo und UH yet unublo to talk In uny Itinguugo Ims being tho OIIHO, of course sho is unable to toll bow Bho und her little Charge found thoir wuy out of the burning liouHO. Such pluck in one of her yours is deserving of tho highest com- who will bo'given u ohunoo to muko tho most of tho mottle thut is evidently in her. Tho building und contents woro entirely consumed,-but woro inaurod In tho sum of $'150. THE CORN STALK DISEASE. Sovornl IfonU of c.ittlo Hiivo ]>loa South of Corwith. The result of Dr. Buyers' second visit to tho Hick cuttle near Corwith last wook, us reported In the Britt Tribune shown that thoy aro alTootod UH the oattlo nour Kmmotsburg woro lust summer. The Tribune says of it: "Assistant Btato Veterinarian Buyer* of Also- iia, and NlloH of tho State Agricultural college wont down to Win. Oxloy's luosday, to Invostiimto tho dtHnnunf imi' WUH killing thocatti-e. They Znounce 1C DUo sumo bruin disouso that ' "• - cuttlo lust —, .™ U.IWLU in u |*uuniB M p™.t"^"—;' )EdIt »M. Thomas, Anna M.Pratt, Mrs. J3uinstcnd, Jack Bennett and others. The Admiral's Caravan Is eon tlnucd, and should be quite as popular as the same author's Davy and tho Gobi n be =^rr=;r£ H=~-- sort of sickly ot ::--".- J H , m ,°"'? n certain class of ametour artists that see in these old ruins an art and u culture which thev L r>0 Sics°orl 8e r d d » OB , i|ie to Deserve its relics of n departed civilization laud the days.of tho mission rule ....-J.J, as u matter of fact, for the "mo^t part, the urchitecturo is of tho most paintings, they are the unskillful °work ot ignorance, belonging to "• "i?." """"' """ ""ug'os, the trilt nnrl glitter of tho altar and its furniture }h d 'h n .M?° Pt ' the wllol<3 structure o'f i± ±,f,^ d) , tho ^ s , tol f' that was Knows It to Be KellnMo. •"•• "• L. St. John of Rowland. Putnam county, Missouri, takes especial pleasure In recommending Chamberlain's Cough K edy because he knows it to be reliable. He nas used it in his practice for several venra and says there is none better It is es peclaliy valuable for coldsi and as a t>re~ ventive and cure for croup This most e*" cellent remedy is sold by F. W. Dingloy, It Has No Rival. As a preventive and cure for croup Chatn- i,f <-l ai . n !? Cou P h Remedy has no rival. It is SSe4" d >?K?-« ffiffi*?^^iiss£*ffi **$%^. Ba ^ e ^™^ It You Are ..uui rheumatism or a lame toccessorli . {Office and ALEX, *-'*dte Wmmt description^ „„, the uuiooratcii composer, forms tho frontispiece of STEtLSE?—••;»?- — uiuaiuui series which — 0 relics of an ago --—.x .,.,, unriom, when tho hnua-inu- &ZftXsy2£$& £& OJ I'OlIg'lOHi Tho old system was just such as the or nrfl Pi' 080 " 1 "^ 8 exoopt uf ourtosj or us mile-stones on tho wayside of human «,.„,,,.,,„., to 8how to thi ^ e0ou ,. past; for as one milo east of Algona. C. L. Lund! IP you are notsatisflod with the coffee Chase & Which includes ever\ the construction > to the ! ^ is possibly nl igfrom n-picket ft t residence. . .. u ^, u UJ1U worship of imutres thn £lf 8 m Jf°? 118 ttnd th ° «"tteriS B ym- the old thfngTThul puss 6 aTay"'Thf real benefits of tho old mis7oA rule wore not so much in whuHt did for any individual us in the fact that the HUV- fiff /?ii d f Wa8 ' n(lde dissatisfled with the old life in the mountains, where it dwelt in caves und huts, living on roots and insects and the spontaneous nro- clucts °f nature, for out of this dissutis- hnTVnT f S u° ldCUm ° a dc8ir ° for bettor food, better clothes, better houses, and u more settled and defined So* woro thS , married ^^tUms ^A&^^^^^^^^ civiu/idtlon. It was in these old ' " - Are You AJlyo To the importance of keeping up with the timesV If so, subscribe for that Ho^ TW °Sr ^. of met i'opolitan weeklies. The Sioux City Journal. I n order to give this paper the widest possible circulation _ the publishers have made mg unprecedentedlv low '.' a'. om , this da to, for tho cam- its^S^lSSro S S.' each. Sample copies f, o., soux WE MEET'lufcOMRETITI Come and give zuaJLi fig are y OUr m . wM prove thMthkiiriot merely idle talk.] If. "~~ """"{ I j Jifll"- rH^° N u W-jf *»« -" M> 0 U 1 BjJ^ ! •^ftBANK&fO- ^ tn_ <HJ ^B'N. Grass Leases. Persons wanting to leuse anv of the Howmir dfl«,Mi,Si tracts of'land to? ntooly.nd !„ luU ,ioo?d,, ,co 7, ™' J SKX^-JfBst*WS the house was £I.* h .°. ?™ as }™\ also £SS\lr-s^ Tho painting and architecture anrl the symbols are not tho thinm that make sacred the old buildinls but rather the foot that in thte phwe was the altar upon which was sacrificed The gods of old, und us the smoke of their destruction ascended it carried with it u higher nr d "I" 3 Und , Pl««ed U upon u Higher plane of excellency As nno arnoT the 0 ! ? d buildin ff" and " forgotten dead there comes overliim fooling of reverential respect and UH he remembers thut here was tho lamp of lifo by which thn ^Rss^,s^i^^ ra "^SL 03 '.» d . hc - be flrrt" 1 !^ e} and sej of nwi of 5, 96, 28 120 acres in nwi of 29, 96, 28 The sej of 24, 97, 28 The swi of 28, 97, 27. Ihe nei of 29, 97, 27. The wi of 34, 97, 27. Murk outside of the envelope "Grass Algona, Iowa, Dec^,' these things "that Sa^SSreTSge rough adobe walls und tho uncouth w m oSund ta , WM Umt ™ S S in^m.v'nfM f Ilovoronc e that in the infancy of the nice niude snored the tompff ffl '° VeS Whta g Tl>S£^ Los Angelos, Cal., December, 1801.' EESIDENOE FOB SALE. • Strcngtli niul Health. SEEDS, SEIDS! iT.n" V"Y ujr H l: ' 111 ' 10 llf «l fi'ooaeooss to ft trough of water from a ilowintr well .. W ^ lr'» "'^ their brulnfe ° H ' lo"c«e W.BtC^Baed™'*^^ 05 , hfty $3.25, Ptossod, $0@0.50; hogs, bolghtS'S. ^.rdf ntle . mtt ? - th ' lt yeh!- OC M7 U i'' 0 r ouut ""•'" •» «KO UorinurJui, of ^SZ Sffft ffi they aro ufliioted with no -- • • •dlsoaan. \t i s 8 j mply caUHod oy uu T£AT TAEIFF DEBATE. f • 'v -—- — --•-••••"« thoIMnoo. Wo bud feared that tho LuVorno Wows bad discouraged Bro. Hlnohou by .likening him to Mills, but it sooms that both Mills und our contemporary refuse ( -to bo turned down. . But Mills will llnd lio Is knocked out, und when tho " Roger Q of the north" moots tho Lu- Vorno MoKinloy he will discover something bus likewise struck him in an unexpected spot. But now that Bro s°%ivsi«r M ts ffli ^^K^J\^ wook. Ho\v would T -- " • •* to ness. mS. A> P ° Pe W ° nt to Ro »wick Christ- L. A. Pope, of Ron wick mis in town lust weolc on business, n Loroy Burton and wife snnnt r<\ > L mas with his folk" l ^ Chrl8t Hugh Smith of tho Goldflold Chroui oamo up last wook to visit. w "°w- Botb the dunces in town on ChHst Strr wo1 } Attended. There were" 'U numbers sold at tho I. O o " ° his now and most complete^dwenS It is furnished with ull the modern improvements, hot und cold water UP stairs and down, 150-bbl. cistern in the best of repair, never-failing well with pump in Idtchen, houso heated with furnace, four lurge bed rooms, large bath room complete, two front rooms, dining room und kitchen; dining room finished in oak, kitchen in hard pine" the two front rooms below in cherry,' two front rooms up stuirs in white nine* fSoT^^ aa's^^-is^p^ wood shed 12x20; two lots, with' of shudo, and -' for in ,—33 Bncklen'g Arnica Salve. Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover sed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed. Stock food, j Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed dfrn, AT J. J. D P Ha til« l« JUld/LlJu D. H. HADLEY, M. D., a (Kegulnr Grailuatca. Begll Tfle Leading Spoolailat'.V Private, Blood, Stta and Norr^ ijucnieiig Arnica Salve. AT^ T T "YTrTTJd/^\1VT5O( ll around. Win. took tho train Harrison, Wis. Chas. und Win. I also have three mures, ono 11 yours old, one 4, and one 2, one single buggy ono curt, ono cutter, ono robe, ono pan- woolen blankets, ono light double n - one for :, 25, und 31, jo«i and Jan tickets und further i--' •• The Several Departments will Begin th Year iSgj-ga on Sept. 16. boon Huwko insane, to ^sTte^»5sn.=.itei.T: . there to their lust . Mut. Stotruohor has All must bo sold on or before Muv 1 Anyone desiring tho most complete nnd centrally located of all dwellings now WheUWJSSlfillJiuS'af ' llrt n., *-!.,«-. J » ** - . "M4.J.U 1UI , Consumption Cured. emdtoSt'wSr^'SSS no ^°, rWS ^ y «««»»«* to afford student's thn h2JS Mns ^W be sparBd * T'"" 11 "•"• Hlnohon pruvs fnn strength to support him in £ho talked offoronsto contest between him and flttiiiw, and this we pr«Hume i. tout to u declaration of war, or H 111 U tl 1 f ilisf 11 * Jrtt, 4 T% *-lT> * s;Bm-wo.r wur ir^ KS 40 ^ r i ;V 0r J -, Hu »bert in the hS barn for the coming your v Adolf Mieros is driving tho Commer- 1 r 11 ?} 1 « but) f01 ' tho winter. sound* of Christinas trees nt nil *v.« ohui-ehea were well loaded wHh i o presente, and the churches were crowd? to thoir fullest capacity and all seemed to bo happy in 1 spite of the bud lJi ) «t n T M w re8 w111 ^ ive a Ne w Year's MI ^ uV t rno at t' 10 sumo hall thut his brother hud the Christmas bull. ' V/, Xi» I'o nj^... „,.„! j . ... thrown Abstracts. president faculty, lowa'city UWlg ' f' °" 8ecretar y of *j5^^&»*™£ 0. Cowperthwaue £ deah of faculty, ruer.Ph.a.dean -» «u» prlvate tol g-ri8 w rw we - CHAS. A. SCHA^P] "R. President. O. L. Other abstracters have pooled. ;We r e not «n it We have teen in tne business for 22 years anrl don't have to sell, butYrc here AN S Svr? ur work is G UAR- AN! KED and will be done at living prices. Jones & Smith. " . ents are being made '•SilllOi'.,..- CISBlv. nrfow,*'\vhonoB * .....v u o.-. iutf crowd iu t\e slrout. I ai-ousi r "T irr» i\imi> iiud work, r v»••<:•—•• i 1 . _ . gHOBT-FQBM MOKTGAGES- FRIEND MAKES CHILD BIRTH HOT POOK BRADFIEL.O REQUUiTQR .»*u M v, Wfc ^Ir Sold by L. A. SHEETZ, DEALER IN R£AL ESTATE, :. uioNB Watches alid Jewelry, CLOCKS/ SE s "ver-plated ware, and all hfsllne Hepallng'- At Frauds? §™* 'or Symptom Blink No. 1 for lend to* I* 1 "!" 011 ' B ' lnk No. 8 for L. LESSING, Algomj >f goods in doue. At Seven per cent. / County Bwj/< vat. EKosguth 3D, 33. Harness ALGONA,/OWJ Dealer in Harness Whips ( HAM Combs, Bnishes'Trunlts, Trave; horse furulslili.-g goods of all ^ ing done neut'J' Hud clieiiply. / J celebrated i WIUBUR'3 §EEO and j WILBUR'S SURE HffA] TiX)R $25 YOU CAN &U - 1 - A Sewing Machlne»ttiat Qe$ full iuforwafloH »t tW V- P ..IV !»»> **'* w ,

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