The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 30, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 30, 1891
Page 7
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Chrls^nfti!, With the logs '.'" •,' • '- ' the room i : ro"ftr , ,•— ^AMg^-lOWAyAl^pNESDAY, DECEMBER 30,1891. It isn't done the guarantee of IDT. Pierce'fl Favorite Prescription .should command attention. It's a gqarantee that means something. , If i the medicine doesn't give satis- B, in every case for which it's ommended, the money ifl prompt- ly'refunded. Remarkable terms- bat it's a remarkable medicine. All the functional irregularities and weaknesses peculiar_to woiriankinil/ are cored by it. For leucorrhe« periodical pains, weak back, prokfp- stis and other displacements, bearing- 1.3 -A^_^- . * __ J • ^1 _11 tffnw* nT« , ., Jctom sensations, and all {'female /complaints," it's an unfaJ«ng rem- 'ecly. It is, a powerflfl, restora- tijve tonic aiid nervh>&> imparting strength and vigor/to the whole system. . / j Try it, if you're an ailing woman. If it doesn't help you, you have ftpur money back. a regulator and promoter of ional action, at that critical of change from girlhood to ihood, " Favorite Presorip- is a ..perfectly safe remedial at, and can produce only good ' ' to bu'stiti', an' tht ith Snow— A $ed Chrie'mas likewehadeo : I'd like tb tee ng'ln afore I It's differBnt, oh hnslle-bnatle of the slushy, ,e faces of the strangers that it, of fv.lpt o' gqr- Art o' money to pleas* modern SVlie a jack-knife an' taffy-lump Mat an' letockin' jus* chock-full ftlee. Arj| Think o' feedln' with these tolksl \V'Wk in whispers, an' ye dar's to. . • TUr the tables looked all crowd,kin, • ft%. hear a whistle blow across fa6liloned-ll!ie 1 don't care Y( \fi . lei, AT 'is'raae banquets here I would 1 *k ^Solomon, a uood ynrn dinner W '!B than turtle soup with nil -.Jget. 'I'' 1 *)- neighbor Gurley- fancy how If KchrlB'mast Caught, old fel- T * glftl" "°y.o try ill . Guess he'd nearly Hn'is, anyway, I can't get used Tne ent a-swellin An 1 '.' till it near'y with vour t/lor Coughs, Colds and Consumption, Is beyond • |> question the greatest of all modern remedies, i H it •olllst.opa Cough Inone night. It will check; jjaCo'dlnaday. Tt will proven!Croup, relieve; J.flslhma, and CURE Consumption If taken In; ' ijl — |p TH g UTTLE ONES HAVE WHOOPING GOUGH USB Itfrbmptir. IT WILL CURE: WHEN EVERY-; THING ELSE! ._^_,FAILS. __V,You! »/>^^ can't afford to; IS' '""KM? s .? v « $ ' 99' n 529*5? 'iMS ! SHILOH'S CURE. Cure 'At WsZcen of this Great 'Coac' Without » parallel in the history o? — U6i ..•ill druggists are authorised to sell it on a DOS; ( Wve guarantee, atesl that no other-cure can suc- I KMtolly • stand. That it may becoiue known, ui tb« Proprietor!!, at ah'enofmous expense, are I placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home tt the United States and Canada.-..- If you have « Cough, Sore'Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for tiwill cure yen.' If your child has the Croup, Wi Whopping Cough, use it promptly, and relief b'mre. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask-youi Druggist foi IHILOH'S CURE, Prig: .10 cts., 50 cts. and /li.oo; If your Lungs are sore or lame, .'•r iSUlcih'i Porous Plaster, Price 25 cts. ( i jr\ i i \ she lacks of beauty /a little plumpness." ' Ttiis is a frequent thought, and a wholesome one. All of a baby's beauty is due to fat, and nearly all of a Troman's--we know ; it as <• yyec and dimples. \ Wha : t plumpness has to a^ w^ 'h health is told in a little book on CAREFUL LIVING; sent Would you rather be healthy or beautiful? "Both" is the proper __ur druggist keeps S?otf» E?itt^ OI . bf eoiliMr hitt druut» «T«rywhcr« do, w «•*""•» Qulcklf ... . _ patent IB Biiuwoa. OLOBE PATENT AQKNOT, i uatn i book , IJ, 0. ^ FAT FOLKS REDUtED »fe lUplj, Owgcm, 1 WMKUpoandi, j ' ialars »4<lri Common Soap Hots Gothland Chaps Hzind^. IVORY SQAP awe were iichln 8 wide, you'll just grab his wrong, Jolm. tis'mas day I" Is, Come, let's spirit seems to dwell brings a soot-Hake for a ! Ah' I'ni plnin', Fol '-ed Chrls'raas like we had so — Allitherton, in the Christmas niii .. u QUESTION. . "Ill shall inarry?" ques- ioiugn O f- his friend. "Why, •e^ 1 , well the kind of girl' I hill I j were engaged to her now.jf closed his eyes and f ar. d graceful , - a perfect aminently fitted to sit it W\)\Q and entertain my bright, aceomplish- ot all intellect— d j- lver ^an who is all. brain j i^cpmpliahed linguist, and Kj3 an( 3 musjc; in fa n .f , a womhaa social .. "Oibher -to have a good t ha?e to -marry a W0 7 a for I.have plenty ol itiat. >iieto grace 'my horns. 3f coi>ho hasdonB anything towan -would be out of the ntily- brushed thn d waited for his Tiendj , . . . , ._• „ n g me n of fashion, nfci, sitting on the onable. hotel. "I c r g Mrs. Jackson, "his riendjgh I can't for the lie of j object so to a woman s elihood if she has to-. You Ifipp many changes of t ae rnost charming girls L ...... ' j ,.:.ftnd you for for me ces LI • i i think she e " Wel1 ' stunner - butlho P u P ils kills hcr :fluahed a lifclle ' herself a' hero* < 8 he has risen frtilur « he 'died she ^ fnt ' u that Bnt> and 0m ber as Marian Ellis of the I sitting gether, flush .tte corner had beeu tightly to- anything undertaken unless she would help. As ihe season drew to a cbse - Harry was her con tant cavalier. She accepted his devotions with a smile, and he-had almost come to the conclusion that it did not. matter after all. If he should marry her, it would only restore her to Her riprht- fnl position. On the last night the guests had arranged for an impromptu entertainment. Eleanor was in demand on every hand. Between a farce and a piano solo she stole out to the piazza to sit a moment in the cool night air. Some one stood before her—it was Harry. "I have come to tell you, Eleanor, that I can not let you so without asking you to be my wife—without telling you I love you." There was no answer. He took courage from her silence and sat down beside her. .. "Dearest, you are no beautiful! And yon love me, do you not??" "No, she said, in a low, distinct yoice, "No." • He started back in amazement. "Why! I thought—I used to think— you know we used to be—" "Yes; before my father died. 1 know we were good friends. That is all. 1 never loved you." "Then you have trifled with me," ho interrupted in an indignant tone. "I supposed it was out of the question for you to marry any girl who had done anything toward her support. And it is utterly out of the question for me to think of marrying jou," and she left him and went in, for it was her turn to sing. Robert had seen Eleanor go out on tho piazza and he saw Harry follow her. He felt that his fears were realized, and, noticing nothing, sat lost in thought. Then he heard Eleanor sinoring. Ho w beautiful was her deep contralto voice as it rose and fell in the Italian love song!, She was so beautiful; so near, yet so far, from him. The song ended. She was called back, then reca, 1 led. How fond every one was other! Well, he must learn to bear his disappointment. Hark, she was singing again! It was only "Auld Robin Gray," yet how she sang it. And she was looking at him full in the face. He .could not bear i(:j be was thankful it was the last on the programme; while people were crowding around her and-congratulating her, not only on her singing, but perhaps on her engagement, he would steal out into darkness. In a deserted corner of the piazza he found Harry sitting alone. In the darkness he could just see that his face wus buried in his hands. He turned back and met Eleanor in the hall, alone and radiantly beautiful. She slipped her hand hi his arm, saying: "Do you mind walking a moment with me? It looks so refreshingly cool in the starlight." Robert's heart heat violently. Could it be possible she had refused Barry. And how tender her manner eeemtd toward him "We go to-morrow," she said after a little Upause. ''Our beautiful Buajiiier IB ovf>r." ' Are you sorry?" te murmijrad, his soul in 'his (*yes. Sh'e looked up. Afc her faint smile ho caught her in his arms. "Eleanor! Eleanor! I love you so! Can you—do you " Foraa answer a soft arm. stole around his neck.' . ' ';How blind'you have been?" sun whispered. • ' "I thought you' loved ( Harry," he said. ,.--.. - •; "Ob, no." she replied. "That is absurdly out of-- the question."—Boston Globe. «»*«»** fife Produced from &• laxiltSti *a4 nvtritlwu Juice of C»ltforn!» fl«, combined »Uh tb« medicinal Tlrtuei of pUnU knoi» to k« most beneflcl*! to the human system, Mil gently on the kidney*, liter »nd boweU, effectuillr cleanslne the ly«tem, dispelltmr colds and headachei, »nd earing hkbttau tonstlpatlon. rreth-air boy—"Mister, d« yen h»re to tay chewing-gum tor all ih««e MiNf' THS PDIILIO AWARDS TH« PALH to HALB'S HONEY OF UOREHOUND AND TAR as a cough remedy. PIKB'S TOOTHACHB DROPS Cure In one minute. If men were half as wise In their action* as they are In tlielr mllids, the word "fool" would be out of use. ASTHMATIC TROCBI.SS, Pleurisy Pains, and liiflnmcd Throats, arc orercoine---a«Mi healed by Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant*^-'l»r fifty years an approved stand-by for aH Coughi \nd Colds. but the id Patience and hope nay be TM£KB, man who sees his "margin 11 grtftually wip» out Is likely to look upon them as follle*. Great Bars;aln§ In Ladlei* Wat«hei. Genuine Elgin ladles' watch, Boss filled case, guaranteed twenty years, only $10. Handsome plueh ease with each watch. Write or call on C. Preusser Jewelry Co., Milwaukee, WU. . Teacher— "Jltnmy, what Is the chief product of the Malay peninsula?" Jimmy— "Malayrla." For Indigestion, constipation, sick headache, weak stomach, disordered liver — take Beecham's Pills. For snlo by nil druggists. The flrst thin patted you ou tl_ back; to be patted, e a man does after ho has Lho back is to turn his own Made to took I,lke New. Dresses, Gouts' Clothing, Fuathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed at Otto Ketch's Dye Works, 240 \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Scud for circular. Eve Is the only woman that never turned round "to see what the other woman had on." FREE A BTermld »f the Clip the. last thirty yean or more bom the century, and .the 'aegment will reproMDt UM torn,of ihe.unbounded popmlarlty of HaatatUr**Stomach lUttarB. The opening of th« year 1«M will tx> signalized by the appearance of a freeh Almanac of the Bitter*, in which the »se», derlratlan and action of thu' worid-fumoaa medicine will bt lucidly set forth. Everybody ihould read it Tli« calendar and astronomical calcnlatloni to bo. fonnd in thl* brochur* arcalwaya antoulehiuelj accurate, and tho atatletici, illustration*, humor and other reading matter rich in interest and full of profit. -Th« Hoatatter Company, of Pittiburgk, Pa., pablich it tiernselvee. They •mploy.mori than sixty hand* la th» mechanical work, and more than eleven month* in tho year are e*n«omJd in its preparation. It can ba obtained without cost of all drugglit* and country deaUr*. and it printed in KnglUh, Ocrmaa, >r»nch, Wel.h. Norweglaa, SwwUik, Hollaai, Bohtuiaa anil T at , D ¥' very • girl noon. at the hotel, rprised to see JHiaself to the at that after- 'eautiful that , trifl knows said 1 "No, not sin \»een abroad. ing?" she repli* he in r,ii(lt<'(i' 1v»(.-li-» During the next SO <l:iys wu will sull u solid 14-karat ladies' El^'in wnlcli for &:l. Handsome plush case with each watch. Write or call on C. Preiisser Jewelry Co.. Milwaukee, Wls. The world U more likely to speak well of a man when' he U dead than when he is dead- broke. IF you want a good reliable lady's or gent's watch you will do well to write to or call on the C. Pruesser Jewelry Co., of Milwaukee,,- WU., for prices and Information. This, it the -only house In the state that buys direct from the manufacturers of American watches. Dentlsti are not all farmers, but they live off the ftchert Just the same. Special Care Should b« Uk*n In tbe wlntor not to allow th. blood U !>••••• d»»l»t«d or Impur*, u 11 it dooi, •ttaok* of to live in. io "Yes, and It advantage. I t a«(i Italian, you; Hnrry winced beautiful and ch, most forgotten.. now he 8 ° cied himself (•erved for all 'he had He Robert watched had Jong loved was so small Eleanor deserved cided to withdraw If she could win for him to do but The days went c most charming ano^ i t the hotel. •ifo.anKLS without t < ' Rheumatism or neuralgia an llkcljr to I.lUw ezfoear* t* *•!< tt wet wuthtr. Hood'i BtnciwrlU* <• an exeelUtt preventiT* of tk*M ttv>M««, M it MA|UM Vk» bl**4 rloh »nd pare, >md keef* UM U4m^re *M Unr tr» oo.g.itlon 10 lUbl. «t thU to treublM, Uk« uternud, w« we WlUr» r«« wtU IM .atl.Oed frith Up •>•*«•. Hood's Sarsaperllla did me mort goot (ham urthlay *!M I k»T» *rer taken." J 1 , UH4.XB, LUw^ok Oe»t*», !•«. llpod'* fUlm , M UTM ilU, pmfMr«ti9», hU. loum»»f, jaaadloe, lick h«*44wh«, imdi(Mtl»«. Sold by all 4>a>yUfa. Prie* * etaU. Onr'lmprovtd Embroidering M*. chine makes BUKU wito yaru orm* •fine Embroidering wtih yllk oriepfr TTB. OiroalarK ana terms to Axte. tree, iltcUiuc, colored pattern book- <al» "w.9i »<L«*, 0 «i^irlp(i j.ito. dlreo .'BOBflJ FITS.—All F1U itonpud freo by Uu.Ki.lNK'a Gim»t KKRTB RxBTonitn. NoFltaRrurUntdny'i un». Mnr- jelloui ourwi. Tnutli* Bud »a.OO trial Lottie (»• to Htcanea. Soud to l)r. Kline, flSlArohflt..!'!!!!!!., V«. A woman neyer hit* a hen when she throws a mlssle at It; but, alas I a man Is not a hen. WANTED—An a^ont for THK SATUR- IDAT TIDINGS, in every place of 100 inhabitants, or over, in this county. Seu cmr Grand Offer to Newsboys. Addresu, Box 149, Buffalo, N. Y. A ihtrk caught at Panama meaiured twenty-four feat in length, and wai four foet in diameter. The Duly Oiie Jffiver Printed—Can Too Find the WordT There Is a 8 inch dlaplay advertisement In this paper this week which has no two words •like except one word. The same IB true of each new one appearing ouch week from The l)r. Ilurter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for It, send thorn the name of the word, and they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL LITUOOllArnS Or SAMPLES Hope builds a nest In man's heart where disappointment hatches its brood. THROAT DISEASES commence with a Cough, Cold, or Sore Throat. "Srovm'i Bronchial Troches" give Immediate relict Sold only in boxes. Price 25 cU. Miss Dorcas—"Have the poor any pleasures, think yon ?" Miss Ann Thorpe—"Oh, ye*! They criticise the character! of the rich." Deafness Onn't lie Cured By local applications, us tlioy cannot reach tho diseased portion of tho ear. Thoro Is only oua way to euro Deafness, and that IB by ooiiHtitu- tloiml remedies. Deafness Is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous Ualng or the Eustaohlan Tube. When this tube gets Inllaniod youtiaven rumbling sound or imperfect hoar- ing, uid when it IB entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless tha inflammation oau bo taken out and this tube restored to Its normul condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nino cages ont of ten are caused by catarrh which is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We -will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh) that wo cannot oure by taking Hull's Catarrh Cure. Hond for circulars, free, F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, Ohio. Bold by Druggists, 75o. Cnrcta. iv t am glad to tortlfy that I tieod Paator nig"! N«rT» Tonl* vith the best inceest for lleepleisneet, and believe that It Is really a great nU«t for iufferlng humanity. B. FRANK, Pa«/or, Bt Severln, Keylerton P. O., Fa. !)««• Wb»t It Plirporta to Do. PtXHTON, Ohio, March a, 1891. I Trent irith my toother to te* the ROT. Koo- nlg and he gate the Nerve Tonlo to him—the first t erer beard of tt—and it oared him. Since then I keep Pa»tor Koenlg'i Merre Tonic on hand In my store and have sold It with good satisfaction, and belter* If directions are followed It will do what Is reoommended. JOHN W. nAnKY, I —A Trfrnable Koo* «n ITervon» DlfemeR lent free to any addraso, and poor patlenta can »l»o obtain tbis medicine free of charge, this remedy has been jproparod by the Kerorfind Pastor KoenlR. of Fort Wayne. Iiid. since 1878. am! bnow prepared nnderhlsdlraouon by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Bold by Drairg-liita at Viper Bottle. OfbrSO JEATKOS1M.S1.76. OBottlMforCB. Young Mothers I ITe O^flr Tou a Remedy urhleh Zniurei Safety to 3Af» of Mother and Child. "MOTHER'S FRIEND" JRo6» Confinement of Ho fain, Horror and Risk, , Arternitngonebottloof "niothor'n Friend"! luctend but little pnln, nntl Old uot.oxporlonoe thai iToaknnM aTtorwurd ueuul in suoli cniua.—lira. AxxiB OAOE, Loinar, lllo.. Jan. 19th, 1891. B«it by exprens. chnreros prepaid, on receipt or price, •1.60 per bottlo. I3nok to llotliort mailed fro*. BBADPIELD JlEGULATOll CO., ATLANTA, GA. BOLD BY ALL 1 "German Syrup" A Farmer at Edom T6VA4 P' ace Eaom ' Texa9 ' subject Say s i "We are sir In family. We live in * ' ere we An to violent Colds and Lung Troubles. I liavf used German Syrup for six year* successfully for Sore Throat, Cough, Cold, Hoarseness, Paiiis in the Chest and Lungs, and spittiiig-up of Blood. I have tried many diflfef- ent kinds of cough Syrups in my time, but let me say to anyone want* ing such a medicine—German Syrap is the best. That has been my experience. If you use it once, you will go back to it whenever you need it. It gives total relief and ifl a quick cure. My advice to everyone suffering with Lung Troubles!* —Try it. You will soon be convinced. In all the families when your German Syrup Is used we have no John trouble with the Prn _i,|,_ Lungs at all. It is Franklln the medicine for this , M ^ country. «3 Jon «»G. G. GREEN, Sole 1 rcturo mull loll clrouUr* 01 llOODT'BNiw and MOODT'B IMPROVED TAILOR BYB- TBMBofDr«M li. Tlicd u . Urtj lit •rdlntr; lottlll . BALSAW , , Oi > flUBnio, Who<>i>lnu Onuirli, Umohitl* i tlimn. A ccrtnlii euro for CoimumpUou in I iito. anrl n mmi roll»f In ndvniined "tuMTt. .'O. ^011 Wilt «oe I llO «A<-«UBMt»ll8ot» E .'O r n Ji-niM l$* 4 « 'I fctyl Co 311) \Y,*6lhSt. f N.Y r.mullH OARFIELD TEA linlll ILlbU I LM ^f| ufuuil i)u^liifj;)cui'ug Sick IIencluvh«( rcxlurevCuiiii)lttxioilivuruiiCuU!iti]i»tluii. » mootll kalary. 'HuU'apcoplc, ritht'r u»x, wanted In ercry town nntl Co. Bleudywork. No rink. No Capital. No Kip. ncvtlwl. Wrlln to lllitorlcutl Pub. Co., I'hlludeliilila, !'•. Wok. Wratohcd MKK •d k««p w»ll. g«t Troll i« I V 11 HHLFIII t«lli how. 60 oti. • i«»r. BnmpU op7 fr«». l»r. J. M.'PYje, Hdltor, Bnfl.lo, N. T. . THE-SJMALLUSf •f!i£ WOULD! ^ m TTV nw i p 9 eg W -, JL U Ju Jl Oi .^ •TINY LIVER PILLS• _••. have all the virtues of tho larger ones i ____" W equally efl'ectlvoj purely vegetable. V Exnct nlze ohown In thin uorder. The. barmaids pi Berlin are determintd to make more respectable and to tha % , end tley have established an or- Ran called the H-nzMatt. Whoever is uncivil to any' .the bannaids' leiigue will have hi? nauio publiHhed, and, if he is a-Bludent,,a copy of tbo publica- lion will bo sent-to the authorities of hie univer.-dtv THE AMERICAN The American hog HOG. is again in danger. • A number of German deputies representing country dintri«ta have urged upon their government the necessity of prohibiting the importation of American pork because it contains trichinae. This shows that we have only begun to Btudy' the laws that regulate the parasites that prey upon our food! It is now 'a well settled fact 'that most, if riot all, contagious diseases are canned iby them. RKID'S QEHMAK Couan AND KIDNEY Cuuu is the deadly foe pf all microbes, and particulary of those that cause pulmonary trouble. This great remedy is particularly •efficacious in the case of children,.' Jbr it contains no poison or narcotic 1 , 'and it can be given as often as may be necessary to relieve the sufferer.' Ask your druggist for it, and takt^ no other, for it is the only cough, remedy on the market which dpe« not contain an opiate and of which: it is impossible to take an overdose. SYLVAN REMKDY Co., Pi.-oria, TIL LAWRENCK, KAHS., Aug. 9, i£3C. George Patterson fell from a secoful-stpry window, striking a fence. I found him using ST. JACOBS OX.TL... He used it freely all over his bruise:;. 1 j;;: 1 , 1 / him next morning at work.- All the blup spots rapidly disappeared, leaving neither pain, scar nor swelling. C. K. NEUMANN, M. D. ST. JACOBS OIL DID IT. tnpaltud |>ld gluniU. Tiny ~ The Shortest and Quickest to all parts of the It runs elegant Pullman 'Sleepers, L')ny Conches ant Bai-age Ca>s lolld to!.!'. . via Lookout Mountain, Chattanooir ••M.icoii. Finest trains In Ilie WorldTor COM FORT AND SAFETY OF TBAV ELERS. Tkkrfi (or »le n til Rill,,.. Ollitci ID Uio UliUcd Stulci, ui B. W. WRENN, Ccu'l I'aa. It Tkl AXO.U H.r.liULK. n-fll r.lrp.'y >d|lllti<il lit lull «»• earned in v« l.|'«.<.ll. "' ....'_ than tnirtr. *r •Orr.rrnt" ftma l-««ut .'Amp. Von a»t a p ( gt book with 08. HfiVUD WCOiriHF CD . POSITIVE CURE, BKOTUEHS, 86 Warren St., New York. Price 60 ct« DOUBLE Brttclj' Loader S7.99. RIFLES li.oo PI5TOIS7SC COMMERCIAL BANK OF MILWAUKEE, Will pay interest at the rate of (our (4) per eea 1 per annum In Ui SAVINGS DEPARTMENTon »1) cUpoiue of one dollar and over. *S~Bend tot our Buylugi Bank Circular. ~Ql OOZiD MBgAL, PARIS, 187a ] W. BAKER & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which the ezpeu of oU ha* been removed, ' I* abiolutely pure ant it it folubl*. No Chemicals ar« nied to U* preparation, ft hM mort Ito* thr'i timet (ht itr >~V» of Coco* tolled with StwcA, Arrowroot n Bugtr, and I* therefore far piore eco- nomlcal, •atting hit than &# cintacvp. ItUdellcloM.Dour. _ IIO)D(, •tiTogtheolog, lufat »W*BT»B, M d«rably adapted for Inrali4i •» *«U a* frr p»non» IB Iwaltb. »»U ky A Month and ExoenseJ! • To Agents to sell Cigars to Dealers. JNOQ. RISINQ & co., OAMni co mrn 'SAIVIPLES FREE! Curo In 15 day nil |"A INSTANT RELIEF. VII •• w'neverrtmnu.: KUIIUIBO. h I IL.LO tWSSffiKaSSSpx* ««wSSi4w/ HI flWP Y l'Ul\ L.*rn ly Spettkori). Ululoguun, 'Eiitertulumeutu' ' Athletici, Oharude., lpgue. REE Northern I Pacific R, R,L " HO MQRE DOCTORS FOR ME I They said I was cousuaiptive, sent mo to Florida, told, me to keep quiet, wo excite, -ont, and MO tennis, Just think of UI flay I found A little book called f Guide to Health,' by Jfrs. Pmkharn, and in it I found put what ailed wo. So I wrote to her, got a lovel^ reply, told info j« 8 t what to do, aud J am in splendid health now." conquers all those weaknesses and allmento 8oprevalentamongwouien;ahdre8torespe^ feot health. « . >r .9.*w T . All Druggists soil H as a standing ar«« cl^, or sent by mall, in fojrw of pjlls or I^senges, on reoejpt of $1.00. ' \\\<:

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