The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1893 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 22, 1893
Page 3
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fe. THK WPKU DKS M. >INKS. AlOOfrA. TOWA, WEDNESDAY. FRBRHAHY a/. I8'.« LOVE UP TO DATE. post Dispatch. The same old thing, hofkee. It had beeii going on for two months. She answered to all, the requirements of tradition. Her thirty six points were unimpeachable. She was as lovely as a dream. Rich father; had every social advantage; stood "T> feet 7 inches in her French slippers. Her hair was tiie color of a hickory nut just out of tiie shell; her eyes were like a rich turquoise and had delicious ghosts hi them. When she AVOS dressed in a close-fitting suit and had her leather belt on,.your arm began to describe in- vomntaiy curves. Succinctly, she was a beauty and a belle, and she lived on Murray Hill. *. * * Parents, conservative, bnignaut, ex- emplaiy. Income about $30,000. Belonged to an unexceptionable set. Brought up the beauty guardedly, almost scrupulously, and, Avithal, indulgently. They really thought it would do better for her to many happily than "Gopd taste, I'm sure. It's too big." •. "She went to church Avithout Mr. Mcl- lowstoiie's prayer-bowk yesterday." tinder this circumstantial tiie father laid down his paper and began to look serious. ling?" ' "No." "Dartover?" "No."' "Who is it? Huy- "Are you sure it's mine?" Silence. They are listening. "Which is it?" "Do you knoAA r , it Sounds like both of 'em!" * . There are some privileges reserved for us, AA'hicli even a mother can not ex- to "* De "The father became solemn and push- old ed the paper away." Is there somebody |tuid sit down on the shrine of "the old, else? "Must be." "Why?" . 'Different expression her eye. Sings hi her own room. Keeps her bureau drawers locked. Never did it before. Listens over the stair rail Avhen the postman: Avliistles. Something I never saAV her do in all her life. Hasn't Lucille is languorously lolling lu the rocker. .In front of her and very close to her upon a lo\v chair is tiie impudent traditionalist, Avho is working tho strings 'Of the old lute. Think of it, $20 a week. His very sleeve buttons arc plated. But that many a The A GREAT SORttOW. Street Arab's Disappointment Could Find No Salve. Now York Tribune: A newspaper man crossing City Hall Park about, 8 A. M. on a chill October morning was arrested by sobs coming froin a bundle of rags curled up on one of the benches. The gentlemen Avho usually occupy those reserved seals had all sought the warmth of the police stations, and, AVOII- dering Avhat kind of tramp it Avtis that had been hardy enough to remain, the reporter inspected the sobber, Avhom ho found to be a small boy. "What are you crying for, sonny?" Avas asked; but only sobs came' for ans- mlent n . men n bi-illiantly. They let on the available sho chuckcd you uMer the chin yet? | on ce ^^•J'fJ ^' lu g to In nn-nmnrpsslouablo men as soon as she .. clluckc<1 me 1U i d er the chin? No. a . Queue behind hei A ahilytiy^ uig t o in and W Let nie see, there Avas De Huyster of the yacht club. He went all to pieces at that rendzevous at NeAvport. He saw .-her from his OAVII ..yacht. She Avas standing on the dock of the cornmo- ,„„,, dore's vessel in a blue suit with a /P jaunty little navy cap on, and she seem- ri " ed to focus all the bright elements ot oxygen and sea air and sunshine that were loose that day. Do Huyster laid formal and formidable siege. A lot of fellows fell back at his approach and said savagely that they had no snow. De Huyster Avas worth $350,000 and had large expectations. Besides he was a swell, and had a jet-black mustache that matched his stallion. There won nothing on tho record better than the De Huysters, and Avhen Paul De Huys- ter danced with tho beauty a lot of people said It was the handsomest couple on the floor. Then there AVOS Do Loonnay, who give her finishing lessons on the harp for six months, and Avound up by foiling on his knees and tearing his hair, and upsetting the music-rack. Lucille was touched by his dementia. She lifted him up tenderly, gave him her cologne and stopped taking lessons on the harp. Snogglesou came later. He wrote her letters with "Snoggleson & Snoggle- son, Importers," printed across the top. Snoggleson was bald-headed and a bachelor. Ho had some excellent characteristics. Ho remembered when the Astor house iwas built, and he read the able editorials on tin-plate manufacture every day in the year. He was what the boys call "solid and safe," and he could play backgammon with the beauty's father in tho library long aftei the beauty had gone to bed. She couldn't help respecting him, he was so considerate and conscientious. There AVUS too, a sense of security hi his presence. Something told hor that he Avould go on playing backgammon, and wouldn t throw himself on his knees and upset the music-nick, and when he was absent, she had a deep and abiding faith •that he was reading the articles on tinplate and Avas thus serenely removed above all tho distractions and petty issues of the hJour. # * * I ought not to forget Pulgne— Cyril Pulgne—ill-cause ho AVUS rather prominent in the affair. Old Wotod Pulgne, Ms father, was Avorth about $5,000,000. "Young Pulgne t\vas the only heir. He put Lucille on Ills reserved list of available wlomen to many when he got through soAvhig liis Avild oats. He had a mine in Colorado and a horse hi NBAV Jersey named after her. He paid her •attention at a Avuterlng place, and had his sister send lie:- father invitations ior all tho Pulgne receptions. He suo- •ceeded in creating an impression in his club that he Avould many Lucille whenever ho got. his oats disposed of. In addition to these avowed admirers there AVOS Dr. Meredith Mellentouo •of St. Sophia's, and Charley Dartover of Amherst, and the brilliant cosmo- •polite, Ben Hnyling, who could make a Welsh rarebit and play on the.cornet, and called Ms den a "studio," and dab- Trted in oils, and had worked up a piquet little scandal in home circles that ho had even painted nude from life hi •that don. , * * * It must be aoknoAvledged, therefore, that Lucille entered upon the woman's •career with aU modern improvements. 'The purely feminine part of her existence, was largely a matter of adjuncts. She carried half a score hearts on her Does she ohuck you under the chin?" "She did, but it didn't work. She's lu love. I've noticed it in her hair!" 'Good gracious. Is love like tobacco sniioke?" "Chucked me What does that mean?" terest her, is listening AA r ith delight to this fellow AA-ho hasn't anything. And this is AA'hat he is saying in tile i count. If you have one, that settles it. We make our fight without another soul on earth to help us. It has always been so. Do No it's like a butter mold. Some- you remember that night on the laAAOi at bodv has toM her he didn't like halr'.Leuox, when we sat under tiie trees Doaj ua* ioiu m.i u-t- «^<^. , i, m , T i «,„ ,,,,, s n from the house frizzled." and AVO and "What's the matter, my lad?" "Nothin 1 ," he blurted out, "Street boys don't cry for nothing," snld the reporter, who knoAV the breed Avell. "Has some one been thumping you?" "Well. I guess not," said the little man, indignantly, sitting up and drying his eyes at the bare suggestion. "Come, now, I'll believe that Avas It. If yon don't toll me the truth. What's the trouble?" "De hardest kind o' luck," ansAverod the urchin. "I'd been pltcliin' pennies and lost almost all my pile to begin Avith, so I couldn't pay for a lodgln* and have anythiu' left over to buy a stock of papers in de moniin'. I walked about till I got tired and don I set doAvii hero and fell asleep. I was mighty hungry, I tell you, and began to dream EXTIIIELY TOO INGENIOUS. on the bait, they never let go until landed on the deck of the boat. No: they seldom give us much trou- His Wife LOA-OS Him. but He Got Into bio. That'srart of n Greek fisherman'* i Trouble, early education, n.vporiom-o has taught < A. young man-led man at Winnweller the'men bi-.Avt o handle them s:ifelv. had got to Avonderlng if his Avifey roal- Tlie only cave necessary is to provi-nt ly loved him and Avhothcr she would their fastening their suckers on Hi" weep and lament if ho happened to die. sides and bottom of the boat. It' by Vnablo to find a satisfactory answer accident or carelessness they succeed in (,, the problem, he decided to put the mart tor to n. practical tost. His better half returned one aftorn'oon from a doing so, the octopus is safe. for.tin suction of those cup-like disks is s-i groat that nothing but. the knife can dis- v - IS jt ( 0 a. neighbor, little dreaming of lodge them, and as they can't be reach- the scene of horror that: awaited her. ed they got aAvay. The men know by | stopping into tho room she started the AA-eight on the line and its action AA-lurn an octopus is hooked. Then by back, uttering n. loud scream, for there stretched upon (lie bod lay her hus- means of iioles the line is kept UAvay | i,and Avith his face all splashed AA"ith from the boat. and. watching a favor-1 i,] 00 d, and beside him lay tho murder- able opportunity. Avith the assistance of boat hooks, the follow is yanked on board and leftt. to thrash its life a AVIV on deck. Of course, the men have learned to keep carefully out of roach of its tentacles., "On a clear day and in clear Avealher i., m en.tod one sprung from the bod, of grub. "I dreamed that I was a-lookin' in f i ceptibllity. "And the girls tg toinldng a good looked Just nice nymphs Avhen they camo Ml SnogSon wlttnn a week. l«ut and flitted through the shrubbery. ould 't you iLTa cup of chocolate, ! Then, when everything : was ready for Mr SrSeson?' and -wouldn't you like roses and rope ladders, Lucille married ' iS l good obedient daughter, ine^t Zl s^pectel, tiie c^had arriv, ball Avith Charley Dartovor. FKANCE AT THE FAIU. The beauty armor-clad personal charms, had reason and without ; ous AA r enpon. At her cries and lamentations the neighbors flocked into tho house, heard the dreadful IICAVS and pitied tho sor- roAving Avldow, says tho Badlsche Prrsse. All at once, hoAvoA-er, the dear _ . - , one can see an octopus at great, depth, j and hearty." clasped his despair- American Review.-Tho French be one of ta"*"^ «o«pn ^11 proM*' be one of X mace, edited, physically unrocom- the most popular at Chicago, and is aiij mi.u,uuuixLu, i > ,.' kedvomi .r sure to be exceedingly picturesque. The ' -muuu^o, cv — Algerian and Tunisian exhibits will be s-Oarv of $20 a displayed in part in the Agricultural Building and in part on the lake n.-ar SSS eed o vor tiie piano; they had gi'ips covering a surface of over lour ee o and nassAvords m the haU-Avay after Hundred square yards. 'I he central pa- SnS up tiie stah-s. It was sheer .tlo will be surrounded by porticoes in attemt tx> hoodwink a the form of Tmnson arcades. Ow attempt to hoodw mother. NOAV, a father never suspects until it is too late. But a mother fol- IOAVS the development inch by inch. She notices that this felloAv always shuts tho front door at night very softiy. All tiie other fellows it with a porticoes and the patio itself Avill be constructed souks, sheds open to the A-iew, where native artisans can be soon at work making Moresque jeAA-elry, pipes, slippers, etc., Avliich Avill then be placed on sale. The Avhole pavilion AVili ^anlclvowai ^^^^t^^ be surrounded by a sort of penthouse msion. She notices that Lucille doesn't covered with green tiles and will be a hko a glaring; light any more. She! faithful copy of tlhat striking Moresque notices that when other visitor* are in style of architecture, so rich and origi- XrSorior she can hear the tones of nal, of which such fine specimens are tiie conversation in her room overhead, jto be found in the African possessions But with this one not even the register of France. In this pavilion will he helns hor, She has come down the'grouped the products of Algeria and stah-s and listened at the door-this is Tunis, such as cork, olive oil figs, dates a sacred privilege of inothers-and she JaSt heard a word. Could it be pos- slble that there were great gaps In tiie almonds and particularly wines. The Algerian and Tunisian wines," AA-rltes Mr. Henrique, who has charge of tiie at the AvindoAV of a coffee and cake saloon, Avatchiii' Uie big cook in a white cat and cap luwvinin' sinkers on bis little iron platform Avith do gas underneath and a-fryin 1 his wheats, when a Hne-lookin' gentleman conies up behind me and says: 'Come right In with mo. sonny, and we'll have a square meal.' I went in Avid him like a shot, you bet, and the \vaitcr set doAvn a big juicy beefsteak all covered Avith onions be- tAvecn' us. " 'I didn't order beefsteak.' shouts my friend, kinder mad like. 'I want better stuff 'n dat. I've been AvUmin' to-day,' and he pulls out a big wad o' bills and shakes 'em in do waiter's face. " 'Beg pardon,' says do Avaiter, Avlion he sees the roll. 'Perhaps de boy Avill take de steak and onions, then?' " 'The boy kem have it If he Avanls tor,' says mo friend, 'but I Avas goin' to order roast duck stuffed with mushrooms for two. Which Avould you rather have, sonny?' says he, "Well, I'd tasted steak once before, but roast duck I never tasted, so I said I'd take duck, too, and de waiter carried de steak off. Ho was a long time bringing that duck—a mighty long time —and before he got back I woke up," and the noAvsboy's sobs broke out afresh. "Well, what is there to cry about? asks tho reporter. "If I hadn't been so hanged perticalor I could a eaten dat steak and onions before I AA'oke up, couldn't I?" retorted the lad angrily, "and noAV I'll never get a chance at another," and he Avept again. The touching disappointment seemed so odd to the reporter that he straightway provided tho dreamer Avitii tho price f a small steak, and walked aAvay ruminating. When he related the story to a friend, who has a vast experience of dead-beats, ho was surprised to hear that the' dream stoiy was not a HCAV one, but even the expert had never heard of its being used as a money- drawing scheme before. Their bodies usually lie hidden under , mfr wife )u lns nnlls and said: shelving rocks, leaving only one or more j "Here you have me again; T am not of those long feelers visible, moving -load. I only AA'anted to see If you cautiously back and forth. By baiting j wmu d wrol) w hon I had gone." a. hook AA'lth a. Avhite rag and dropping It close by It is fun to Avatch their movements. They pretend not to see tlie bait, believing it Is living prey. They AA'ill advance their feelers Inch by Inch, and gradually their body, and retreat again, as If to draw on their Intended victim. Playing the bait back and forth excites their cupidity, and when satisfied of tho result the boast makes n spring for tho bait that for lightning- like speed beats anything on record. Of couj-so it. fastens its ra/.or-llko double- back action beak Into the rag and holds on like grim death, nlloAvtng itself to be pulled out of tiie Avater rather than lot go." I-I10 KNEW IT ALL. The Adventures of an English Tourist With a Plugged Dollar. And in order to produce this effect ho had besmeared his face Avlth the juice of a boot root, laid tho pistol be- s'de him and awaited the rotu-ii of hip AAlfe with f'iOF.ed eyes and open mouth. The police are HOAV going to him up for creating a. distnrb- "WK WANTS TO SICK MIKE!" A Pathetic. Scene at the Old City Prison of San Francisco. . . , , He was an Englishman, Just arrired from Australia, on his way around the h ]j(s bl . otliw ._ a yet smn] ier tot, - - - - ' "Please, sir, AVO—AVO Avants to see Mike!" The speaker stood in front, of tho big iron gate that guards tlie entrance to the city prison. The time was last night. He Avas a boy—a mere child—and one of ills little cold hands was tightiy clasped around tho handle of a neat- baskett. AA'hile the other was world. He AAWC the regulation tweed suit, a fore-and-aft cap, and ho said "ciblo" for cable. He was sure that Avhose eyes wore filled Avlth tears. They Avore both frightened by the experience they wore undergoing, and he uttered the simple turnkey opened the ponderous 1 ' t i . VA. I»1,11X71 HA >'ll. v ,» »VV.LV. n«i*«\.ij- everybody was trying to impose on him, ; th(j VQ[ ^ o( flic oMcr chiM and repeatedly declared that he Avas a. sharp folloAv'and didn't propose to be taken in by any of the clever Yankees. He knoAV the customs officers were all swindlers, but ho told everybody on ^^ _ ^ _ _ the steamer that lie should be quite , bl . oth(1J ._ Mlko B rogan prepared, says tho San Francisco Kx- ^^ Hp s);olo a 1)j|; amincr. When ho landed, of course othp]i his baggage Avas examinwl and contra- , ]H . OS(%nco m 1ho Rloonly l>and goods discovered on which mo. , ^ 1));ij o(Tf>nso ]lo wns gate, and tho children entered the prison, says the San Francisco Examiner, proved to be their 17-year-old of 5 Gilbert of chain tho hat was the cause of his jail. Prior that offense ho wns a,hvays honest respected. And Avhen he to moot them alt the domestic 1 ollJlt! Ldltll. llltl-C t\\^»-*j j^i v. <.»••* Q"i*~ .-_ „ i • i conversation, and that those young peo- Colonial exhibit ••already enjoy a high pie found some kind of esoteric delight reputation; but it is behoved that tha yw, iv/lliivi ov/i" ,,io T«,1,,,, i * ' F-" -Unfnrif -nrVirm ilirMV Will in staring mutely at each other? Inductively, no! A mother not only uses the Baconian method—she remembers. They ore whispering. Why should they whisper? * * * That's what I call "tiie regular tiling. 1 ' (lay ls uot f . u . distant when theO" become a stiU. more formidable rival of the wines of southern Em-ope." Among the African vineyards that will be represented at Chicago not a few, it is curious to note, are owned by Arabs and nwtwith-itandtag the ProplieVa lofy mal prohibition concerning wine, the s increasing every year. , • Enter somewhere the hard-hearted , number of Mohammedan wme-groAvers father, when this has been going on • for a mouth; He takes beauty on his knee, and he, too, does the regular tiling. He objects. He says, "My dear, don't do it. I've investigated it. It Avill not Avash. It's romance, passion, illusion. The material is flighty and effusive and | HOW CINNAMON IS GATHERED. It Is the Highly Aromatic Inner Bark That Is So Much Sought. Miss Gumming, In her book, "Two WHY HE DIDN'T. His Reasons for Going Out of Town for a Bride. In a certain village not twenty miles from Boston it appears there is a side street locality known as Maiden lane. The name is more realistic than is obvious at first, coming, as it does, from tiie fact that six erstwhile maidens have their homes there—three on each side of tho road. The one eligible young man of the town found it a place Avitli a good deal of attraction. The only trouble of it was, as the gossips concurred, Uie attraction didn't duty amounted 40 cents. , fl Perhaps if he had not blustered so •*- v-*•**•» 11'" l{lll"lL <-v/ jui.*; u i iiv,,m. tut. i~»»u *...-.. —— much the inspector would not miAC ho ' f , li]lg(onO) ,„„! the father and mother said a word. At any rate his luggage \ ^^ ^^ nM Krlof _ siTickoni the little was held until ho could go to the aw- ^^ whQ ^ nlwnys trastc d' Mm torn house and pay the trifle ot miiA. \ ^^ lm ^ Wm fo the ^^ iycro hound Ho Avas angry at tho delay and ox- tQ ^^ hJm o ^ pressed himself freely on tiie way up qijioy foimd the object of thok , tender tlio street. solicitude, and going up to his cell their "The idea of putting a man to a 1 u^tod llp w ith a pleasure in this trouble for a beggarly 40 cents, he groAvled. ' "But If these Yankees think they can got ahead of me they aro mistaken. Then lie offered tlie receiver a plugged Mexican dollar and wanted the change. Of course tho cashier declined to accept tho mutilated coin, and the traveler became very indignant. Ho demanded to see 'the collector, and was shoAvn to Mr. Phelp's office. Of course the action of tho cashier was upheld by his superior. "My dear sir," said Mr. Phelps, "wo cannot accept any mutilated money or foreign coin." which Avas much of pain. "We've brought you some supper, Mike—oh, Mike!" Tho little felloAv' AA'ith the basket couldn't retain his tears another moment, and "Mike" and the other brother gave AA r ay, too. It AATIS a sad little group, but it had about it something inexpressibly SAA r eet and beautiful. When tiie bravo and loyal children turned away toward home they felt comforted, and "Mike" Avas perhaps given a firmer grasp on honor. NOAV York Times.—A parlor talk recently on the Wends, Avho, it seems, .were originally Slavs, but conquered « / i^ i, 10 («iwi nnd fin-illv 400 years ago by the Teutons, and ffliere- *^s ^to'Svt libta S ^ancient dependents of Germany, re- Mr. Phelps offered to give to pay tho duty. Then he became Insulted, and announced his Intention of communicating Avith the British consul. I'll be responsible." sleeve. Some of them representd great nero wealth, others great resectabiliry and •others great social distinction, and still others great talents. It was difficult to determine what uer Tier OAATI feelings ware.- She exercised a gue most judicious impartiality. She had susceptible. Many Snogglesou and j Happy Years iu Ceylon," thus describes I cinnamon cultivation and traffic as she * saw it in operation. I intended to have stopped this ac- Tho cultivation is something like that count of a love affair hi real life right of a AA'illoAV copse, straight young shoots offered a prize to the girl who springing up around tiie stump of tho h it correctly, but when I plant previously cut. These shoots in o _ me that every girl would flu- their turn are cut every second year- it with her sympathies and not with that is to say, AA'hen they are about it and would make it end as five foot high and tAA'o inches in cir- it and not as It was, I said: cuniference. A good many of these . , „„„„ „ the use? Tlie thing to do in aro sold as walking-sticks, and find a Tier father's libomlity and liked them all, | a ne -wspaper is to come to the facts." ready market on board steamers among each one after his kind. She had her i Well] miui i y enthusiasm planned love tho passengers, Avho think there must mother's sex and didn't love one of m a co 'ttage. Claude laughed fathers to be a special charm in a cinnamon stick, them after her OAVII kind. They came gcom Beau t v thrilled and palpitated, though in truth it is hard to distinguish •and were Avoll treated and went away Tlie muiinur O f tropical AATIVOS, moonlit, it from our common hazel •with clear prospects. It was gravely m . ea tiied for another month. But, of course, the real tiling to bo Intimated to her by her father that tho ,, YeS) nnd you nm awny f r0 m Dr. sec ured is the highly aromatic inner time had come Avhon she should begin M a u ow i)one and told Dartover you had i ) . ar k. Fi vs t O f all, tho leaves are to think of her future prospects and a i iea dache— that Avas tiie best of all." stripped off, and then the bark is split duties; that the attention of half a score i-yes," cried candor, clapping her fl . om 011 d to end Avith a sharp knife of genlemon was no doubt flattering lian( j s together, "just because I wanted w uieh has a curved point. With this, and agreeable, but it AATIS not business. to listeu to you ,, I ukl(Hl by tlie nngolB| the bark is care- She turned the subject; it had no special I1An(1 tM llsteil) too , D0i you re - i' u iiy removed in long pieces. Those are member Avhat I said?" I heaped up and left to sodden so as to "No say it again." j facilitate the next process—that of "I told you that I loved you; that I scraping off the outer rind. specific enough, Finally, after spending a couple of AViiiters impartially before the half dozen firesides, it became plain that Eunice Maria—she of tho end cottage and tiie sandy hair—Avas receiving enough attention and Baldwin apples to warrant suspicion. Public excitement ran Mgh, and ebbed and ran high again, as months Avent by. Nobody kneAV AA'hy tiie suitor Avaited, unless, as a brother deacon said, because he AAIIS uat'iuly S!OAV." At last, right in the face of a UCAV conjecture, the announcement came that lie Avas going to marry a young woman in tho neighboring toAA'ii. This was a WOAV—a bloAV so hard that AA'hen the deacon's AA'ifo hoard of it she put on her china aster bonnet and AA'ont over to the bridegroom-elect to inquire into the subject "NOAV, look here, Joshua," she reproached him gently, "I should 'or thought yer might 'er suited yourself out 'er six in Maiden lane." "Well, I didn't think on 't, I did think on lOunico Maria real sor'us," he admitted, "but truth AVUZ, I just liatod to break the sot." veals tho fact that same curious customs originated Avith those little kuoAvn folk. It was alAvays leap year, in liiii- , , . ., ited principle, at least, Avith these peo- He went to the Palace hotel and staid, 1 ^^ ^ there three days before ^e concluded {^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ft to go down and pay the 40 cents. ^^ ^ ^ tnuisaotion, declining or ~" acooptig, as slio thou«)lit best. If the CAHPETS OF KHOKASSAN. Imurriaye took place; tho groom donned — ja green velvet jacket Avivh a heart em- ludustay Which Flourlslies in Several broiderod in gold thread on its sleeve; Cities of the Turkish Province'. hence tho expression to AVear one's Consul General Ellas of Meshed, in 'heart, on one's sloevo. At the end of a report quoted by the Pall Mall Biulg- 'six months tho young husband resumed et says that carpets are made ali over jius usual garb, While ho was thus pub- Khorassan, but tiie localities whore .fishing abroad his joy his bride Avas to they ore specially produced are tiie city [black over her sorrow i\t having left ttje- oi 1 Meshed Birgand and Tui-shiz. All homo roof. Khorassan carpets are piled carpets, It is probable tho Wouds did not dis- or kali, a word that is not applicable to jciiss "Is Marriage a Failure?" With the any other kind of floor covering. The i husband Avilling to proclaim Iris joyful different kinds are kuoAvn sometimes 'captivity to tho Avorkl for half a year by the different patterns and colors of juml tho Avifo appreciating that to leave AA'hich they are composed, but usually Mho parent nest, was a critical step, tile only by the names of tiie places where they arc produced, such as Kaiiii, Meshedi, Baluchi, and Tvrshial. The carpets of certain localities have ahvays some distinction or superiority over those of other places, and the carpet matrimonial conditions must-have been of the best. New York World: The engagement ring is worn on the same finger as the wedding ring, and after marriage la interest for hor in a serious way. * * * One day her mother made a dlscoA T - •ery and communicated it tx> tiie fattier, "Father," she said, cautiously, "have ^~ achieA'osoiiiething if I had some- bark is placed on a round piece of Avood you noticed anything unusual about ^ ^ acluoye it £oi . ; that when I and carefully scraped with tho knife, Lucille?" I saw you j felt i lke a conquerer; that you the almost nude, brown workers sitting The old gentleman was deep hi that had hung your amulet on my better on the ground and using their toes as . Mt I preferred to start po0 r In order to do this each piece of the aJrticle on thvplato wluch Mr. Snoggle- na ture; that I wouldn't have you unless aai extra hand to steady the end of tha son had left for him, and he came dOAAii j could win you and I AVOI. - t Avln you stick. The bark is then left to dry'in tho sun, Avhen It rolls itself up into tight quills. These are neatly sorted and to the trivial details of life with a un less I could deserve you. Do you kuoAV little shock. "God bless me," he said, "how you etarOe me! What's the matter with "She has taken Mr. Snoggleeon's ear- what you said?" "No. I didn't say anything." industry is in a more flourishing con- wom as a guar(1 to it r rlle S0 utaire - ditlon in some localities than in otiiei-s. is aUvays a favorite, but the fancy and the youth's purse combine to make any ring proper, to wedding rings, the "square" and HOOKING THE DEVILFISH. An Octopus Is Easily Caught J Never Lets Go. and rings ?" 'Yes, you did. You said you'd let me ' packed, three or four Inside of one an- tiy—it was such an interesting expert-' other, and are made up Into bales cov- ment. I told you I'd stand afar off ered with cloth, and are then ready for and worship you till I proved it all." export. .>"-•,?.') r>t,<* I "It's no trick to catch them. They are pulled out with hook and line from tiie deep Avaters of the sounncl just like a fish, and are founr on the rocky bottoms of the fishing banks," sold a Seat tie fisherman, according to an exchange. "I.<ook at this," continued Nick, raising the slimy mass of legs and pointing to a perfect counterpart of a parrot's black beak. "That's his mouth—just like a parot's, only much larger and powerful. When, once those J^ ' „-/«/, i-^ Though carpets aro AVOVOII all' over range of styles and prices is Avide, and Khorassan—not only in Uie LOAATIS and villages, but also in the tents of the no-1 mud tribes—a largo proportion are made for the use of tho people themselves, t^^^,'.' ~o nes 'each'have their admirers, and noli for trade. At present capets ]A we dding ring Avith sharp cut edges of fine quality are manufactured for fltg smlg i yi ,b u t being worn constantly trade in tho tAA'o districts of Kami and .^ ma]iQ m time a callous spot at the Turshl!!, but good carpets are also made bage o£ me flnger> w hich is anything but in Meshed. All the different classss beautJfuL A riu g with all round edges of carpets are made in varying sizes, j^ders this impossible, and it is more Largo ones measure up to 40x10 2-3 feet,: coj^foj-table to Avear, giving with every and small ones 5x21-2 feet up to 0 2-3x l motion o£ t he finger. In this country 31-3 foot. A good quality of carpets, ^^ is a p i easaut freedom allowed en- measuring 10x31-3 feet, and even small- Ig^^ i OYe rs. They ride, drive or Avalk er, are woven by tiie nomads, and es- togethei . unquestioned. Her engage- peclally by the Baluchis. All Indigenous dyes used In the manufacture of carpets are obtained from vegetables. Aniline dyes imported from Europe AA'ere used formerly in Meshed, but were discontinued when it was found that the carpets containing them did not sell well. Carpets of inferior quajity, made at Birgand, contain, jjut those of better, ment is one of the most charming experiences of a girl's life, and she Is AVise who will not let it be cut too short The length of on engagement must depend mostly upon outward circumstances. It is only a Journey, of which the end cowe BQonep or later. no,$ too

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