The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINRS. ALOoNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 18S3 FOOD MADE ME SICK ''First I Imd pains in my hack nnd cheat, then faint fueling at thu stoumcli, and when 1 Would cat, the first tAttd would mnfce me deatlilystck. Of course t ran down rapidly mill lett 25 pounds. My *lfe and fninily were much aliifim-d nnd I expected hiy stay on (inrth would be short But a friend advised me to take Hood's Sarsapnril- la and Boon my nppelilo earae bad;, 1 ale henrll- ly without distress, O. C. Aber. gained two pounds n week. I took 8 bottles •f Hood's Sarsapnrilla anil never full belter Hood's S ts • Cures hi my life. Toclny I ntn curi'd mul i give to flood's Snrsnniirilln the wlinlu prnise of It." 0. 0. ABBK, grow, CmiUtuo, N. Y. HOOD'S PILLS euro Nmiaea, Sick Head- »ehe, Indigestioi), Biliousness. Sold by nil druggists. A Pure Norwegian 611 is the kind used f in the production ' of Scott's Emul- k,. sion — Hypophos- phitesof Lime and Soda are added for their vital ef- . feet upon nerve and brain. No mystery surrounds this formula—> the only mystery is how quickly it builds up flesh and brings back strength to the weak of all ages. coil's Emulsion will check Consumption and is indispensable in all wasting diseases. Prepared by Soott A Bowne, N. Y. NO CHANCE OF SILVER REPEAL. Concrensmmi W. I.. Wilson Snyi There it l.lllle Hope t>t KiiHy Action. L.AKE\vo;rn, N J., Feb. 6 —Congressman W. L. Wilson »f West Virginia, who came from Wsisliiniftun on Saturday to confer With .Mr. Cleveland presumably on thr> prospect of the repeal of the Sherman silver-purchase act nt this session oi Congress, spent last evMnlng \vUii Air, Cleveland and Don M. bieldnsou :it the Cleveland Cottage and had another long talk With the Prt'sitlent-elect yesterday, o Mr. Wilson, when asked what \va-- the prospects of a silver bill passing both [louses of Congress before the en of the present session, said: "The chance of a bill passing the House depends largely upon the Committee 01 Rules. They are to 7'eport a resolution on Thursday. If the resolution morel brings up the silver bill for discussion nothing will be accomplished, as but twenty-four working days remain ami appropriation bills will take considerable of the time. If lh committee reports a rule requiring ;i final vote on the silver bill i.i a uertai; time and the House decides to vote on the measure I inn satisfied that tin bill will pass vhe House.- In thu Sun ate, however, there is sufficient in in ority against the repeal of the Sherman law to absolutely prevent the passage of a bill at this session." "You do not consider the outlook very encouraging for a bill reaching the President before March 4, then?" "No. The time is too short in my opinion for the repeal of the .silver law at the present session." "Do you believe the law would bu repealed if it. were brought to a vote in both houses?" "Yes: if a straight vote could bo obtained the law- would be repealed at once, but with the determined minority there is little hope of a straight vote, and therefore little hope, of a change in the silver legislation at present." . DURBOROW LOSING HOPE. R OYAL BAKING TOWDER imparts that pecttl-" iar lightness, sweetness, and flavor noticed itt thd finest food, and which expeft pastry'cooks declare ifl trot obtainable by the use of any other raising agent. Royal Baking Powder is shown a pure cream-of. tartar powder, the highest of all in leavening strength. —U. S. Government Food Report. Royal Baking Powder is superior in purity, strength, and wholesomeness to any other powder ,iyliich I have examined.— Neu> York State Analyst. Do Ton Read Advertising. If yon do, it will pay you to rc-.ul \ ' 1 -is, for if jou are troubled with I I u/»pi'psiiior long continued eonsti patiou, we can cure you without its **ng you a penny. Send your addresc, -_S THE SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111., on a i • postal card and we will send you a ! box' of the LAXATIVE GUM I DROPS. They are what f 1 I name implies, a mild and genfciv. | laxative. Pleasant to take, certain I in their results and an absolute J cure* for any form of stomach j troubles. We will take pleasure I in sending you a box for we want you to try them. We know they will do you good. AUgUSt Flower BANK FAILURE iN ITALY. r»0r •"» Cold»,Coaghi,f«r« TIlro*t,Croup,Ii«ft««». t»,T» u oo?ln( Coneh. *«moMtl» mid Asthma. A i«ruia cure for Ooniumption in lint •!*««•, u4 ft laro roljaf {n »dvitnoott pta^ei. Ui« *t oao*. y«» wfl! tr.o flu eji.'f Ili-nt atfaot «ft»» taking tb« im coin. Guiii lif ilKAlor* ov«rrwi»ra. Lvn Wast-. *lt tiiiit.v ijj'l SU.Of. He In Afruld IIU Siii>(lu.r-Op«iiliif; l!e»o- liitlon Will Not UK riiHx<-il. WASHINGTON, Feb. (i.—Mi 1 . Durborow doe not expect to ?et favorable action on his World's Fair Sunday- opening' resolution ;it the com* inittee meeting- to-morrow. This meeting 1 is set for ll 'o'uloc'Jj; and as the House will meet ;it that hour the committee will have no authority to remain in session. Mr. Durborow has about given up hopes of getting 1 hip resolution passed at all and the champions of the new scheme have not introduced • thoir resolution, but may do so late to-day. Fought Sevonty-Sevoii Roimda. ST. Louis, Mo., Feb. 6.—One of the hardest fights that ever took place in this section of the country was fong-ht last evening 1 in Madison County, IlLj about ten miles from East St. Louis. The contestants were Harry Sharpe, a local printer, and Frank Crosby, boxing instructor at the Pastime Club of this city. Sharpe won in the seventy- seventh round. ' Both men were badly used up. The Hanoi Association of Florence I Forrcil to Clngn Its DOOIM. EOMI:, Feb. 0.—The lianca Assoeiii tion of Florence has failed. Its liabilities amount to 2,000,onn lire. It is suspy/led that the banli- ruptcy of the concern is fraudulen' and the, manager and cashier havi been arrested. ; K(iv. Dr. Jlorgau Dix lias ordered a boll to be placed lu the Episcopal church at Cooperstowii as a ineuiorial of his father, Genonil .lolm A. Dix. I ! FITS—All jntB WopjioU froo By Or. Milne'* | «r«'in Xciv.' It s<,,,,.i'. No Fits nfter flrst ilay'fi UKO. Mnrvclnn-ntiroH. Truiillnoiind $2.00 trlnl boitlo fron ID ]•!!, Onsen. Beml to Ur. Kllno, 931 I Arch HI., \ liiln., 1 u. Itlrth of a Otikl Ootopiin, PJTTSHUHG, Pa., Feb. 2.—A movemerr is on font ooking 1 tn the formation o a combination of al j . the railroad co;i operators of Western Pennsylvania Several secret conferences have beei held, and it is stated that the ownei of 100 mines in this region, represent ing- fully §15,000.000 capital, hnv signed their intention of joining 1 U combine. The objects of the trn will be uniformity of prices, reducti. of expenses, and the regulation of tl car service. Conplia nnd Hoarseness.—The IrrltaMoi. which induces coughing ininiuillately rello\eil l)j uso of "Jimiaa'a Jiruii.cfi.itil Title/us," rtoid only lu boxes. Tho sovc.iith Kumi-nn'.HiiU meeting of tlic Waujiacii County Tcut'lieis' Asaociatlpu will bo liuld in Wnuptieu on 'February 4. WEAK LUNGS ARE STUUNGTUHNEH, Pleurisy Pains relieved nnd Asthmatic symptoms subdued by Dr. 1). .Jiiyne's Expucloi'tuit, i\ sovei'oign iL'iiied.v for nil Cdiigliii and Colds. Ovrio Kn.sM;!!, :i Ln Crot-Hu young man, was sentenced to Nlxly days ill tlio couiitv jail for sliding 1 u puir of sliocs. The great consen'atlsm and sound sense of J. Montgomery Smith promise to prove of much value in tho labor of law-making this winter. To ItKiippnrUon riidlitnn. NAroLis, Ind., Feb. 0.— The committee preparing 1 a new legislative apportionment bill will make its report not later than Thursday. The work of the committee so far has been on a bill providing for an entire redistrieting of the State. There is so much opposition to it being 1 displayed, however, that it is generally believed that the apportionment of two years ago will be enacted after the committee has c'hiihg'ed two or three of the alleged defects in it. Important to Fleshy People. TVo have noMcecl a pftgo article In tn« Boston Glolm on reducing weight at a very small expense. It will pay our readers to Bend two cent stamp for a copy to Betina Circulating Library, 30 E. Washington Street, Cliicngn, 111. I'opiillst JMns XKW YOHK, Feb. 0. — Gen. Weaver, the Populist candidate for President in the last campaign, will address a msiss- meeting in Cooper Union tn-nitrnt- This, the Populists say, is the bog'inivig of a movement to perfect their organ- isation here. May depend upon the way yo-i treat I he warn- inr;s which nature (jives. A few bottles of S. S. S. {akm »t the proper time may insure good health for a year or two. Therefore act at oiice,for it | IS IMPORTANT (hat nature be assisted at the right tirne.[6 ' neVT fails to ivliev«! Ilia systen; -jf iiii-g purities, and is an excellent tonic also. u He Wants to Add His Name. "Permit me to add my prime to you- ninny other rtificates i roperties c Js certainly certificates in com m«nrtation (if the ftreat curative properties conlru cdi:: S'.vifl's Specific <S. h. a.) It u . . . ne nf t ; iu Ivst tonics 1 1 ver.used. "JoH.v W. J.IAM !•.!,, AjKieisoii, h.. C." Treatise on Uon. lands .in diseases mailed res. ,l J ti:iF'IG CO., Atlama, Ga. Both the method and rcsulfca when Syrup of Figs'is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, am) acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, i*a many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60o •nd $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any •ubstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP co. SAN FKANOI800, OAL UUISVIlie, KY. HEW YORK, N.t. ICY RAILS CAUSE A WRECK Three Trainmen Killed lu a Collision on the Itnllluiuro & O!«lo Hoacl.. PlTTSliUBG, Pa., Feb. 6.—A disastrous wreck occurred at 3 a. m. ;it \Villinms Station, twelve miles this side of Cumberland, on the llaltimore & Ohio road. • Tjvo men are under the wreck and are no doub't dead; another is fatally injured tmrl several others badly hurt. Those dead are: George Wallace, engineer; married; lived at Connella- ville, Pa.; John JSfez, cowl victor; married, and also lived at Connellsville. William Nihind of Glenwood, a fireman, is fatally injured. Conductor Duulap and Flagman Grimes are both badly injured. The names of the rest of the crews who were injured have not yet been learned. The accident occurred at the foot of the mountain and was caused by the icy rails, which rendered the'train unmanageable. At the foot of the mountain it erashed into another froio-ht and both trains were wrecked. The bodies of the men are still in the ruins, Twenty-fouz' cars were demolished. i The Viking ship Intended for the Chl- cago world's fair, was launched at • Ghristiiina yesterday, amid great enthu- | slasm. . . Remember (lint in GtirfleUI Ten you inivi ] an unfailing rumeily for imlln-esiioii, Mel.. Itoaclnelic mul isvury nlleiiiMii^ ill tiuil nn abused stoinueli cnii nmite'" \oii MifiVr. Every druggist sulln it; U.V., :.0e'. ami f.|.. Mankato, Minn., Feb. 4.—Frank Gie- tei; convicted of murder In the first degree for killing Leonard Kowny with, a [hammer, was .sentenced, to imprison- ;ment for life yesterday. Giefer is 28 ' years old and came to this country four I years ago. HIM mother lives at British I Hollow, Wis. WORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. 1? Bend at once to Joun BIOUSTIAH, O. T. A. O., ~ L A P. H. B., Chicago, HI., and receive. —' ' the illokeat deck of cards yon ever i TEN CENTS per pack, lu «tampu or coin. Tea B ^JF vral < Comploxion. . >Tiudo.,9lV^..,., Cures Constipation ROOT, BARK AHO BLOSSOM tke BeitStomoch, I.lvcr, Kidney and Blood Remedy, j Pulns in Back and Uinba, Tlvud. Drugged Out. Nervous . B, Debility umt Low Vitality gulekly Cured o -- , veil as Dy»l)u)i8ia, ConKtliiation, Sli-oiiU-Bsnrus, Dlzzl- ' oo83. lUieiiinatlBUiorCatuvrh. Suniplo Krcu Cor tttoiuua. A«ENT8 I»,V|I> WiJKKl.Y 8ALABY. •ITlOX two months' wipply \ j Hrutby mnll uratoioit Vrne. fida " one moutii'0 supply ) 1 «ui>. Try It aud Da Wtii. ROOT. BARK & BLOSSOM, Newark, N, J. i WAITING FOR DR. NEUMAN. Prevldent Uiu'rimm U'ill Nut Yut H»- eelve the Hawiillttiis. WASHINGTON, li'eb, 0.—The Hawaiian commissioners passed the day in receiving uu.llers. They will see Secretary Foster to-morrow and will then leurn when the President will receive them. The President desires to first hear the additional news; exnuulod on the steamer duo Feb. 8, and the presentation will probably not take place till Thursday. The commissioners received an intinuitiui. this morning 1 that they nt-ed not expect an answer to their request for annexation until after the 1'resident has heard the deposed Queen's side of the story, which will be related by her special envoy, Dr. Nemnan, who will probably ar> rive in San Vranuiseo on Wednesday and come here immediately. They are not disappointed by this.duluv, for they recognize it in be but just, and they are still curli'lcut of suucoss. The grand Jury now in session at Cut- lettsburg, Ky., found indictments on the 2nd against a number of prominent go- doty ladles of the town for playing Pedro for prizes. Dslrymen, etockmeh, Urery-etaWe mtn and horse-car nieu uuite la saying that no e\i«li liorae and cattle liniment as Salvation Oh lias over been put upon the market, It eliould be kept at every stable and stock yard in the land. ™ <•'<• y coutainln^ medical inetruroeuts Tftlued at $40 was sto'on from the office of * A St. Louis & Northwestei'n traiu ran. over an kUlled L. W. Taylor at Mt. Pleasant, la., yesterday.. Taylor was seventy years old and a prominent citl- z.en. Made to Look Iilke N«w. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers. GlOTM, etc., Dvc<! or Ck'iiiied, Flush Garment* iSlcniiH'.il, nt Olio I'ielcli'fl Dye Works,248 W. Wiilei 1 Si., Milwaukee. Send for circular. A LONCt PROCESSION Of diseases start from a torpid liver and impure blood. Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery cures every one of them, It prevents them, too. Take it. as you ought, when you feel the flrst symptoms (languor, loss of appetite, dullness, depression) and you'll save yourself from something serious. In building up needed flesh and strength, and to purify and enrich the blood, nothing can equal the "Discovery." It invigorates the liver and kidneys, promotes all the bodily functions, and brings bock health and vigor. For Dyspepsia, " Liver Complaint," Biliousness, and all Scrofulous, Skin, and Scalp Diseases, it is the only remedy that's guaranteed to benefit or cure, in •very case, or the money is refunded. , About Catarrh. No matter what you've tried and found wanting, you can bo cured with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Kemedy. The proprietors of this medicine agree to cure TOO, or they'll pay you $500 in cash. THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AH* NEW AND I*/ COMPLEXION ft BETT«" dootor UTS It acM gentlr on the stomach, cjdney*. and Is a, pleasant laxative. Thu < ut,,., > ill drunliu till II it EOc uU |1 par pu , »•< T>u xltrni fof . In, mafit. I mm lit k.w.1. xuk tor. fa «td« to W UiltkyTSli li OUATCJR F. WOODWARD, Vik»r. X. tf ,«. .U ITuUIr ELY'S CREAM BALIV1 WILL C PRICE 50 CENTS. Apply Balm ii to each nostril. ELY BROS.. 5(1 Wnrron-Bl.. N.Y tor rttnrtt mall, fnn a* . Bcrlptlva clrenlarai ql _iOOf>f'B~HEW »nd MOODT'B IMPBOVM TAILOB BIB1EMS OF DKS8B CUZTIM*. Jlcvisecl to date. These, only, ara tbi genuine TAILOB BtBIEMS Invented »nd copyrljh.tedbyl'BOF.D.W.MOonr. Beware of .mltatlona. Any lady of ordl- vi any style, to any measure, for ladlei, ten and children, Garments guaranteed to fit perfectly without trying an. 4Mna UOUUV Ji CO- CtNOlNHATL * IffiWHffl BUSINESS COLLEGE. I'o udvi'i'tiBfl our College wo will ulve a thorough. TUiH coiirBO will be completed In forty IdtwoiiB. No chui'tje tor diploiuns. Acldi-ess PROF. F. J. VSHDERBERB, PreB., S02,301 and 3CO l)flawureHt.,Luuvwnvoi'tu,Kan. > A N S T A B U L E S re 8 ulate i—. , J tomach, liver and uowelB, purify tlio blood, uro safe and effectual i iiesu, constipation, dyspepsia, foS brcatli. hcttduclie.niontal dcprcsalon, •j^ S'B^Uon, bad conipleiion, and all dluoades caused by failure oi etomaob, llvor or bowels to per SHILOHS CURE. Cures Consumption, Vwghn, Croup, 8or» oat. Sold W »11 DrureUtj on « Ouar»n«««. iawe Side, Back or Chest Shlloh't Poro»« wjs, pug. ». —"r , v"w ntuniaoii, iivor or oo • cortu tuolr proper f uuotlonii. PtirBOUB ffl !^S B .Q ro .P one , ttto ,3 by taking one after tes. Claims. j Late PrfDo)p»iSJiamlnerT7.S. PeoalQB Bureau. I 3jr«inl»«f>r»r. 15»dJudlc»tlui[Cl»lui», trttydluce. PISO'S CU'R'iC FOR who b»T» VM« l»Bf«or m», ihoaM 9ft ftao't 0»r» (or ConmmpMon. U h«» »ur«* I thoaMMl4*. It bM not UJur-1 ad one. It 1 CONSUMPTION- I had been troubled five months with Dyspepsia. I had a fullnesi after eating, and a heavy load in the pit of my stomach. Sometimes a deathly sickness would overtake me. I was working for Thotnsu McHenry,Druggist,Allegheny City, Pa., in whose employ I had been for seven years. I used August Flower for two weeks. I was relieved of aU trouble. I can now eat things I dared uot touch before. I have gained twenty pounds since my recovery. J. D. Cox,Allegheny, Pa. 9 SPOILED IT! p:«trtl.ll.h«.<l 18BO. "Out of nimk by iliiiyle anrf brook 7Vi» nt-uth>y tttimnntis It-tin andlook." A rOl' OF UK 0 P BROWN'S Prit oous ™i& rv.'^ LA \r i. < ,, » cuialiuii, uea.t) iijitu.. iiiat 'ir ;.•!• 'IT ''""'• i-^, i" nv mull, ,l.i ./.!'. I is-^.i 1 i ... i. I 1 ..-.,..,. .. u.^^J h:..., -,'••, '. .i\, N J t'UETTIERT nno«r KVKK I'ttl.VCKI*. i;liiinii »t rilrt by 07.. and ]t>, OneCentapkg. ._ _ PP. IT rnrc. 0/ie.ip, ;iur«. 6fji(. 1,0()().O(M) oitnw. nnautiftil IunNtratJ]d (Intnlocue f'rco. K. II. 8I1UJI WAV, liooliford, I1L We int'iiu your wutcn, b«vniisu you dldu'tliaroprupet tools. How wnnld you Hkn ti> biironiu n wiitclimnkert Wo can tcMich yon tho tnnl'\ In our bonk, nnd furnish you all tho tool- ncrrKNttr.v. Jtook und tools. Xho.-o lools (Bno nlctiu'u) wttliout th» book costal wlioli'»nlo fj.10. wn nlTO tcucli how to do plntlnf, ' . (4c. All In tliu book, 'luolxiirui » •s' tnolR.nnt cbeai) trasli. A Rnvil nnportnnlty ^or iH'dtttnljlu flini-lf).\'nioitt. N utcliitiftkcrs make btf money. Will bn Hont l)y exproMB on recolpt of i^rlQA. tl.i. r i, ornnut O.O D.where $t iiccompimleHtbeord*!, Inoloiio ^t!lmI) with letturn of Inquiry. ]Io*MAN Surn,T Uo., Importers a:ul Wholesalers, Sprlnfffleld, O. iSniSttDFriRr" polldtii In tb* w*rl<I. Good ._ .throughout WUoantln. JAMI1N B. M*n>nr Wli-nn«| n ok Iti Hnok Itioak. It is now apparent to the Directors of the World's Columbian Exposition that millions of people will be denied the pleasure of becoming the possessors of oms The Official So^^ven^r of the Great Exposition — fhe extraordinary and growing demand for these Coins, and the desire on the part of the Directors thai equal opportunities may be afforded for their purchase, have made it necessary to enlarge the channels of distribution. To relieve themselves of some responsibility, the Directors have invited THE MERCHANTS Throughout the Nation to unite with the Banks in placing Columbian Half- Dollars on sale. This is done that the masses of the people, and those living at remote points, may be afforded the best possible opportunity to. obtain the Coins. THE FORTUNATE POSSESSORS of SOUVENIR COINS will be thoce who are earliest in seizing upon these new advantages. $10,000 Was Paid For The First Coin They are all alike, tiie issue is limited, and time must enhance their value. The price is One Dollar each. HOW TO GET THE COINS: Go to your nearest merchant or banker, as they are likely fn have them. If you cannot procure them in this way, send direct to us, ordering hot less than Five Coins, and remitting One Dollar for each Coin ordered. I Send instructions how to ship the Coins and they will be sent free of expense. Remit by registered letter, or send express or post-office mc.iey order, or bank draft to Treasurer World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 111. REV. H. P. CARSON, Scotland, Dak., says: "Two bottles of Hall's Catarrh Cure completely cured my little girl." W. H. GRIFFIN, Jackson, Michigan, writes: "Suffered with Catarrh for fifteen years, Han's Catarrh Cure cured me." ALBERT BURGH, West Toledo, Ohio, says: "Hall's Catarrh Cure saved my life." CONDUCTOR E. D. LOOMIS, Detroit, Mich., says: "The effect of Hall's Catarrh Cure is wonderful." E. A. ROOD, Toledo, Ohio, says: "Hall's Catarrh Cure cured my wife of catarrh fifteen years ago and she has had no return of it, lt v s a sure cure." E. B. WALTHALL & Co., Druggists, Horse Cave, Ky., say: "Hall's Catarrh Cure cures every one that takes it." J, A. JOHNSON, Medina, N. Y,, saysi "Hall's Catarrh Cure cured me." MANUFACTURED BY F, J, CHENEY & CO., TOLEDO, 0, Testimonials sent free. Sold 75 cents JsC* '.SiSrG ^

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