The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1891 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1891
Page 9
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THE UPPER Dm MOUSES, ALGONA, IQWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 23; 1891. A new man Ma be made, ( out of one that's 44 used-up," bilious and dyspeptic. It'g done by Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It starts the torpid liver into healthful action, purifies and enriches the blood, cleanses, repairs, and strengthens' the system, and restores health and vigor. As an appetizing, restorative tonio, it sets at work all the processes of digestion and nutrition, and builds np flesh and Strength. It's the only Blood and Liver Remedy that's guaranteed^ in every case, to benefit or ( cure. If it doesn't do all that's claimed for it, the money is promptly refunded. But it keeps its promises—that's the reason it can be sold hi this Way. \\ "Discovery" strengthens Weak age, and cures Spitting of Blood, shortness of Breath, Bronchitis, severe Coughs, and kindred affec- * tions. Don't be fooled into taking something else, said to bo "just as good," that the dealer may make a larger profit. There's nothing at jtlilika the "Discovery." SHILOH'S CURE. Tbe ntetew of thu Great Cone!) Cnre te without s. parallel to the history or medicine. All drugj?«*f *** authorized to sell it on a pos- ttve guarau^, a test that no other cure can sue- eessfiuly (Una. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, &re placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home U the United States and Canada. If you have ft Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for h will cure you. If your child has the Croup, •r Whooping Cough, ase it promptly, and relief te rare. If yon rtead that insidious dis*M« Consumption, u&r It. Ask your Druggist lot BHDLOII'S CURF Price 10 r.ts., 50 cts. and Jl.oo. If your Llugs are' sore or Back lame, •JM Shiloh's Porous Plaster. Price ag ct*. Both tho method and results when ojrap of Figs ia taken; it Is pleasant •Bid refreshing to the taste, and acts wntly yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels oolds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrnp of Figs is the 'only remedy or its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ao- oeptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its affects, prepared only from the moat .kealthy and agreeable substances, ta many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the moat popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o ,*nd $1 bottles by all leading drug- fista. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any robstitute. ^ CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FRANCISCO, OAL, jauisviue.jr. jvc w YORK, /v.r. SIR llENur THOMPSOK, tu« most noted physician of England, eays that more than half of all diseases come from errors in diet. Send for Free Sample of Garfleld Tea to 319 West 45th Street, New York City. Over, oo me a result* TEA m«T- r^" "v — ^—— •»• m kJP^ reauics 1M ofbad eutlnKjcurua Sick Headache- rcgtoregContplexlonjcureaConstlpatlore. FAT FOLKS HEDUOEi* Hn. Allot Maple. Oregon, Mo., wri • rednotlou of ]3fi ?>r A W F SfHYD y», i Iba." For olroularn a'ddruM), KH. MjVUkar 1 ! Thaaun. SOAP £ Pure SEALS. M«thod«.bf Taking the Seal Skin Sack from .* the »rlgliS»l Ownsr. .An -officer aboard the United States steanier Thetis, in tt letter to'' the Atlanta Constitution, tells how .-the legitimate slaughtei of Alaska star is conducted, he writes: •" We visited the rookefies and slaughtering grounds on St. Paul endeavor to tell you how Island; I will this wholesale slaughter is gone through with. Very early in the morning (about 3 o'clock) there is a party of drivers sent to the rooker KB, approaching the seals from the leeward so they cannot be detected, by the seals from scent or noise. Seals are very timid if they can scent an enemy and not see him. They are very bold, however, if they see one approaching. When frightened they scramble into the water as fast as their clumsy gait will permit. These men visit the rookeries day and night so that tie seals soon become acquainted with them, and make no attempt to harm them. The drivers collect as many as they think will be needed and commence the drive to the slaughter grounds, controlling the herd with as much ease as a herd of sheep. When near the grounds they are coralled iu a round-up and held there until needed. When a'l the men, women and children come out to the grounds from the village, the killing commences, and the large herd is divided into several smaller herds of about forty in _each, and only one of the smaller herds is driven into the grounds at a time. _ The boss slaughterer walks around this small bunch, huddled close together, and selects the victims, they being males about 3 year,* old, as the fur is most valuable at this age, being freer of hair than at any other age. He says that in the nineteen years that he has been killing he has never mistaken and killed a female but three times, and the tw6 sexes are very similar. As soon a* he selects one he taps him on the head a light blow with a long stick that has a large knob uppu.the end of it. This stuns them and tHey are finished by the assistants, who crush the skulls. When as many are chosen of this small head as are wanted, tho balance of them are driven beyond to a lake that leads out to the rookeries and there liberated. . Generally there is a large bull with each herd liberated, and he immediately takes charge of them and chases them back where they came trom as scientifically as a shepherd dog would handle a flock of sheep. Another small herd is driven up and treated the same way, and so on until all the herd is picked over, unless the requisite number is obtained before. Just as fast as the they are killed one body of men drags them out so they can be handled another body comes after that and sticks them in the heart to bleed freely, while yet another rips the hide down the center of the belly, from the mouth to the fur line at the tail, cuts off the nippers and tail, and the next body tinishess the process of skinning. There is still another body ihat takes the carcasses and cuts of that part which is edible, viz.: the liver and a strip of steak from the shoulders. The meat is very dark colored but palatable and forms almost exclusively the meat food for the natives. There are great numbers of sea birds attracted by the carnage, and they come in flocks to the slaughter grounds. The smell of the blood makes them ravenous aud it is necessary for some of the men to ti«ht them off with clubs to protect the workmen. The little boys are busy dragging the fine seal skin cloaks over the ground to a pile to be loaded in carts and hauled to tho pocking house, where they are thoroughly salted and rolled up two together. These bundles are stowed in large vats to await the company's, Dora ami St. Paul, which are kept constantly plying between the islands and San Francisco. The women have haversao.ks made of walrus hide, which are fittod with anw- lioles by means of which they are strapped to their backs. These are used to pack ihe meat for eating purposes from the slaughtering grounds to r.heir various cottages in the village. You see, there are 110 drones among these people, and they work cheerfully enoogh, too, sometimes, singing or laughing and talking. The day we were there it was very disagreeable, raining and sleeting with a driv- - wind that chilled one to the very bones. These natives were so clad, however, that they did not inind the weather. They wore a garment that covered them from head to foot and was all one piece. It looked to me to be made of about such substance as this yellow wax paper the arrocers use to cover parcels of butter, and had the appearance of being fluted or cor- ruguted in small circles around the body. It looked so curious that I ventured to ask what it was of one of the white men superintending, and he said that they made these garments of the entrails of walrua caught around the islands. They rip them and dry them in the sun, and, though they are as thin as tissue pnpsr, they are perfectly waterproof. These strips about two-thirds of an inch in width are sewed together with thread of the same material. The legs are attached to a pair of moccasin boots made of walrus hide, which is also waterproof. The arms terminate in gloves of the garment material, and a hood is attached." The garment is opened in front, from the waist up to the chin. They get into this, button up, and, after having been in the rain all day, turn in at night as dry as a powder horn. One of the oddities of this suit is the needle uaecl to sew it with. Every one has noticed the peculiar whiskers that, an ordinary torn cat hat,; well, the seal has the same, from the size of Tom's to some more than a foot loong, and as stiff aud keen as steel. The natives use ttr-i small ones for needles for clothing, and the large ones for sewing their immense walrus hide canoea, some of them capacitated to curry dno and a half to three tons. Ordinary sized whiskers ar j commonly sold for toothpicks, bringing about 50 cents per 100. A Dairy hchool. A move in the ri&rht direction, so far as our agricultural colleges are concerned, is that recently taken in Minnesota, where a practical dairy school is now in operation. Fifteen thousand dollars were appropriated for the purpose of preparing a, suitable building in connection with the university, and the school will be conducted in such a manner as will give farmers' boys proper instruction in the care of the herd and the management of the home dairy!' and to factory men instruction in the beU methods of manufacture. Dairy schools •iii-vmjj I^A£;(JUUVV* -an «.'mo »T nj to and appropriations for such will always have the hearty with practical application in such ways | as will serve to briny the farmers in direct contact with the instructors. A dairy school, or any other school in which \he work of the farm is actually performed, is of incalculable benefit in thus affording iv common ground on which they can meet. Money expended in this way is well spent, such purposes support of f armors after they have once seen the workings of such institutions. A case in point is the sugar experiment station—or t sugar manufacturers' school—of Louisiana. This is so planters of the point to see that it never lacks for funds If the appropriations for any given periods are not sufficient to carry on_tho work .„ .... _ _ to the • fullest, extent, any lack is at, once | solid 14-knrat Indies' Klirln i made up by private subscription. It is u : Handsome plush cnse with ml inatitn-inn. whprn nrnnMnn nml J!. r . lo °* «" on O. PrcUSSCI Oi*ftt Bat-gMti! In turtle*' IVMnho*. Genuine Elgln ladles' wntcli, Boss tilled case, guaranteed twenty years, only $10. Handsome plush • case with cncli walrh. Write or call on C. Preusacr Jewelry (.'<>., Milwaukee, Wis. Ths moon shines best when she Is full. It U not so with the leading lights of society. Wno SUFFERS with his liver, constipation, bilious Ills, poor blood or dizziness—taka Beecham's nils. Of druggists. 85 cents. ureis school—or. U3UIS1-1 He—"Are we going to have some music f much appreciated by the She —"No, Miss Van Howl Is going to state that they make it a sing." practical institution, where practice and science go hand in hand.—Exchange. "THAT'S ALL." I He Wanted to lie Understood from tho ! First, and He Wns. A short, stout gentleman, completely enveloped in an overcoat and heavy shawl, walked through the gate at the Broad street station the other evening and proceeded to the sleeping car attached to the niglit express says the Philadelphia IVoss. As he entered the car he coughed slightly and instantly six or seven meu frowned despty at him. Dropping his grip to the floor and rr- Rat* RargftlnR In Ladle*' Wnictir* During the next 30 ilnvs we will sell a ' - ' watch for fJJ. I'lK'll Wilt I'll. ..... ... -. iscr Jewelry Co., Milwaukee, Wla. I The world is more likely to speak well of I a man when he Is dead than when he 1s | dead- broke. IP you want «, good reliable lady's or gent's watch you will do well to write to or call on the 0. Pruesser Jewelry Co., of Milwaukee, Wls., for prices and Information. This Is the onlr house In the state that buys direct from the manufacturers of American watches. Dentist* we not (ill farmers, but they 11 »f off the tr.bert just the name. Ton CAW BRXAK UP A BAD COLD by the pocket and producing his ticket said: "Gentlemen, we may as well have an un derstanding at once. Hero is a ticket ibat I I bought and paid for. It gives me thu i right to ride as far as Pittsburg iu this |, cind in this car I am going to stay. I j have got a first-class cold, I know, and with it goes a loud, hoarse cough, and thai,' settles it. I thought I would lot you know this in the ( begininff, to save you the trouble of growling after we got started. That's ail. 1 ' ! And he made ready to get into his bunk. He coughed at intervals all night, and it is safe to say kept everybody in tho car awake; but whatever their thoughts may have been not one person uttered a word. Change of Habits. Good habits, lon^ persisted in, may and I do become bad habits. To some this pro-! pos : tion may appear paradoxical But, it, I will Become clear, when we reflect that, any I routine in habits tends to the overuse of i and Throats, and the best of »11 Cough remedies. Justice U made blind because she cannot see what Is going on In the court-room. OIL UPON TBOUDLED WATBUS Is tho Influence of n ALE'S lloNitr or HOHBHOUND ANB TAH upon a cold. Finn's TooTiiAoua DROPS Cure In one Minute. Slccpleaimeas Cured. iv I (km glad to teitlfy th»t I mod FMtor Roc- N«rr« Tonio with the b«*t incoeis for and beli0r« that It la really a great relief for Buffering homanlty. B. FRANK, Fastor, fit. Sererln, Keylerton P. 0., Fa, Doc* What It Purport* to l>o. FIRKTON, Ohio, ilaroh 2, 1891. I went with my brother to lee the Rev. Koe- nlg and he gate the Nerve Ton to to him—the drat 1 ever heard of It—and It cured him. Blneo then I ke«p FMtor Koantf'i Nerve Toul« on hand In my stare and have Bold It with good satisfaction, and trailer* If directions are followed It will do what ll recommended. JOHN W. HALET. Tajnnble nook on Nervom i eose* sent free to tor ndtlrecs, poor patient* can aleo obtain i tuedlclno frco of clmrno. FREEi; This nmedThas been preimrcd by the Pantof KoenlR. 01 Port Wajno, Ind., since 1S7G. nnd Unow prepared under his direction by tho KOENIG MED. CO.. Chicago, III. Sold by Dranrlita at •! per Qottlo. 0 tor »C OBotti«ifor«0. ' i PATRICK EAGAN. It has been discovered that music conies I out of a barrel organ In staves. COUGHS AND COLDS. Those who aru | suffering from Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, etc., should try BROWN'S BIIONOIIIAI. TKOOUBS. Sold only in bozci. I We tip the scales to learn our weight, nnd Up the waiter to avoid a wait. I Deaf for a Year Hearing Jtestored and Catarrh Cured by certain organs and to a correspondent luck j llnod't Sarmiparllla. Of the Use of Others; SO that, On the One ' "Three yearn ngo, na a roiult of Catarrh, I lout my hand, the toriner becomes liable tp diseases ! lienrlng entirely and wnn dnnf for mora than • of ovfirexeitability, while the others are ' J reiir> T tr ' Bl1 »»rioua medicine*, nnd phyiloiaoa, rendered liable to those of torpidity, Thus! ««t without implement, i could even good habits may become productive viitinyutth A'o Sound. of disease. Indeed, it is SO Common as to I 1 wa> '"tending putting mynalf undar the oar* of be within the observation of every one that' * "roc 1 " 1 '"* "hen »°me one 1 iag K «i>t«d thnt pomibiy a change from such .routine^ is conducive to health—in fact, often entirely renovated the individual. Hence, the benefits or vacations which afford an entire, revolution ia the scenes and employment of profns- si''nal and business men. Broadly 'considered, change which brings absut an alteration of vital action is the solo curative principle of disease, whether accompli"lied by fresh scenes, unaccustomed diet, altered habits or drugs. As a conservator or I health, to:>, it is pro-eminent.— North! Amertcau Review. I poinlbly llood's Snriapurllla would do me gome good. 1 begun tnklllg It without expecting much help. To mjr mirprlne and great Joy I found wbeu I bad taken tUrso botllea that mj aaarlng woa ratnrnlng. I kopt on Inking Hood's Sarsaparilla I Till I had taken three more, when I Htopped. It !• I fovi oiet a your, uud I am troubled but very lltllo | with CuUrrh. I oonvldnr thlb a very roiuurkublu ua«e." HXUUAH HlOKB, 85 Ohurter Ht., Koohu»liT, N.Y. IT'S NAME WAS MONEY. The Pajjjp SjJuid Talk and itB Ownor Wns ' Proud of It. There was a farmers'-alliance-looldn^ man at the Lake Erie depot recently, and he had n parrot, of which he seemed very proud, and with good reason, for it was an accomplished linguist, says the Pittsburg Dispatch. There was also an "observer" there, one of those persona who call themselves philosophers a'nd students of human nature. ' Quoth he to his companion: "There is a curious fact in relation to- parrots. Nearly all are possessed oJ: the same name. Now, I'll bet you a box .of cigar's against a cigarette that that bird's name ie "Polly." He accosted the parrot man with: "I say, my friend, what do you call that bird?' 1 "Money," \vns thp reply. "What do you call it tbat for?" " 'Cause money talks. See!" "You're right, she does," said tho parrot, as she winked the other eye," APOLOGIES. Tho Manner In Whloh One Country Apnl- oglzHb to Another. It is in cermonies of various kinds that the honors to the flag are most frequently shown. A man-of-war visiting a foreign port will run up the flag of the country sho is visiting, and salute it with a certain number <juns. This is a pretty custom, but it is doing an honor to someone else's flag, riot to our own. Sometimes thin honor is done under compulsion; that js, when one country is exacting an apology from another. The commanding oflieer of a fleet, lying in front of an enemy's town, may deaiaud that the forts on the shore run up the flag of the country whence tha fleet comes, ana honor it with a national salute. sort of tiling, however, belongs to the eve of hostilities. —December St. Nicholas. The Only One Ever Prlnted-Oau Yon Flud the Word? There U a S-luch display advertisement In tins paper this week wlaleb has no two words alike except one word. The same IB true of eacli new one appearing each week from The Dr. Harler Medicine Co. This houao plates a "Crescent" on everything they nmlio mid- publish. Look for it, scud them the name of the word, and they will return you HOOK. BEAUTIFUL LITIlOaitAPUg Or BAMI'LBS IfUKB. A man never fully realizes how much of a »ponge he Is until he Blips down in a puddle of water nod mops it all up. WANTED—An agent for THB SATURDAY TIDINGS, iu every place of 100 inhabitant*, or over, iu this cjuntj. Seo our Grand Offer to Newaboyi. Addrato, Box 149, Buffalo, N. Y. A »huk caught at Panama measured tweiity-four feet in length, and was foux feet iu diameter. SOLD IN ENGLAND Cor la. IHd^ and in AMERICA for 85 cents a bottle. Putrick Egiin, the gront Fenian, lender, is a small man physically,' and entirely self-made. He began life as a messenger boy in a flour mill iu n small country town in ;Ireland. He rose to bo managing director of the company in Dublin, and coming to this country, ho went into the grain trade ami accumulated a fortune. Ho bos won considerable abuse since he has been in Chili, but this does not seem to worry I jm in the leas!:. He is small and ae(f^atc, almost feminine in his appearance, but ho is grit to tho back b||ie. This system of going and doing one's .work quietly is elmractunstic of nil great men, and of all great things. It is this which makes that great remedy, .Rum's QBHMAN Couou AND KIDNEY Cimu, 80 popular. It is in the higJx'sM""- gree ellicieut. It will cure the worst cough aud relieve the hardest cold at once. The patient feels tho good effects ut once. Try it. Get it of your druggist and you will never regret it. SYLVAN REMHDY Co., Peoria, 111. Kennedy's Medical Discovery cure* Horrid Old Sores, Dcej> Seated Ulcers of 4O yeano' standing, Inward Tumors, and Tvcry disease of the skin, «jr- cept Thunder Humor, and Cancer that has taken root. Price ti.So. Sold by every Drug-gist La the U. S. wn/d GR ATEFTJI. ~ COMFORTING. Epps's Cocoa SMALLEST PILL IM TIIEWORLDI • TINY LIVER PILI-S® Imve nil the virtues of tlm larger ouj« ; equally effeetlvu; purely veget EiHct alze nhown In tliln border. BREAKFAST. "Br a thorongh knowlsilga (if Ilia natural lawn wliloh iforArn thn oparatloun of digestion and nutrition, and ))]r a carafnl applloatlon uf the An* proner* tlea of well-HOleoted Oooon, Mr. J^pps ha* proridud our krnakfniik tablaa with a dollunlnly llarorad lin- «ra«a which inuv vava na many hoavj dootora' |J|||B. it la \>y the juuloloaa n«a of tuch r.rtlulKB of dlftt that a Guufullutiou niajr ba frradunlly hullt up autl) ttrang enough to rAtlut over/ tandunnx to dlH0ani», HandiatU of (.uhtla maladle* ara Uuutiiifjr around ui ready tn altuok whnrvrar them i« a Mfjiik pulnt, We mej incupe naujr » fatal nhaft hy kcDplnjj onr- xllci woll lorllfled with uura blood aud u uru{iurl)r •onrlihad fruiu»."— "Ol»fl Hcrvlon Oamtto." Hada limply with bolllnir water or luilk. BaU only la half-pound tine, by OrnopM, Inballed thnl I JfAUKM KSfVH /( C<»., HonmiopathU Oh«uiluu, 'Hade to t.ooktake Hew. Dresaea, Genta' Clothing, Feathers. Qlorei, etc., Dyed or Cleaned. Plush QarmenU Steamed ut Otto fetch's Dye Work*, MA Vf. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Foreman (to editor)—"You'd better look out. Old Jones IB red-hot." Editor (calm- * *'4 h.—All t IU btom.od Iran Ij/ Dli. KLINK'U UuBVI M:nvis HESTOUEU. Not'H»iifti)rllt«tday'»ua». Mar- jullouB tun*, 'i'ltulino uuU tH.OU Irlul buUl» tttta lo mcu»««. Buud tuUr.Klluu. Wl AmU St., Phllu., Pu. in other countries have been proven of tho i u-)—"When Uid lie die V' very greatest practical benefit, and iu Sweden especially have been the means of increasing the quantity and value of the product enormous!/. We mention Urn matter particularly because it in «, good sign that our agricultural schools ate getting away freru Uiu purely lueyrehcal methods of i'lsiruc'iou. The theoretical, technical and u.ier.ti&c work ia not of lean value, only it must bj iu co operation \Vheu tuey oay the bride's dress was a dream do they mean to say that it wa*» au Illusion? EIOUT people in Naahvilie, Tenn,, uru suffering trom the grip. ANAICESISglTOnlnBtunt relief, und U an 1NFALU- HLK OUltK for PILES. 1'rlce, $1; at dniBgluUi or br mall. Mammon Into, Addroua "ANAKKSIS,' 1 Hoi -M9, NKVT YOUK UITV. A Monih and Expenses! To AjjentB to Sell Cigars to Dealers, 112500 JNOO. itisiNU & co., oAB/ini ro rnrn at. i-aui. Minn. ' bAMPLcS FBEE !| ELY'S CREAM BALM WII-L CDItK CATARRH I'rlce 00 CoutB. Apply Balm Into ouoli oontill. ELY BKOS., 60 Wurrun St., N.Y PATENTS BO PUK« Book Freo. W. T. F1TKOKHAT.D, juuurm, 1). C. A moalh uud bouril, or lilgh RHEUMA Including Inflainutory und Muscular . PERMANENTLY CURED I1Y DR. GREGG'S E LECTRIfl BELTU OmrrBWA FALU, WU., Keb.SS. IB9I.— •! h»vo lioen » oruiit Hufforur from rheumatism lur innuv yuiira, )iv Uiu UHU of onu o( l')j>. (iniKV'ii KlHO'.nn liollu : vriM yn:i:k)y mid wuiuloflully Killnvinl. I wuuhl nm i:,k« u t'liliiuo fur It mid uu without nue. 1 unmldor n a ilntv to ntlior Bllderoru to dcclnvo "iy liutll lu y>ur Eloctrlu Uolta."-Johu U. lliuiuoii. Ml M mulielU B(. DR. GREGG'S Electric Belts and Appliances ! Arc tho bent nnd only standard goodu In the market, i A . coruiln oura tor all i.orvuuH aud olironlc 'ilHeRao*. I ftiectriii Bolln uu low BU »3. lOleutrlo 1'oot Wiiriuern, | tl. AddrouB, wltli lo btuuivu for uiruularu auil Uiuu- THE GREGG ELECTRIC CURE CO,, Sulta 001, JnUr Ocean Uldg., Ohloaico. Ill> INSTANT RELIEF. «">'"'• ri'liiniB. Kopuiuu. Nu Hulvu. Dl AVC r Lfll il FK yB P I>l»lo»u»». KntertnlnniBula porti, AthUtloii, Oharadaa, jf. "August Flower" " I inherit some tendency to Dy» pepsia from my mother, f suffered two years in this way; consulted • number of doctors. They did QM no good. I then tittj Relieved In your August Flow* and it was just tilt days when I felt great relief. I soft f ot so that I could sleep and eat, and felt that I was wen. That w*j three years ago, and I am still firs* class. I am news Two Days, without a bottle, and if I feel constipated the least particle a dose or two of August Flower does the work. Thfll beauty of the medicine is, that ywl can stop the use of it without any bad effects on the system. Constipation While I was sickl felt everything it seemed to me a man could feel. I was of all men most miserable. I can say, In conclusion, that I belieVi August Flower will cure anyone of i .. «., indigestion, if taken Llfeof Misery with judgment. A. M. Weed; 229 Belle- fontaiueSt, Indianapolis, IndL" • ft Onrai CoMH, Coughi. Bore bifluemii, WhuoiiliiH: Ooujrh, AiUiinn. A oorUln viiro for (JoiiNuii lt»uuB, and « HUM relief In Ht«jr ionuo. You will nee the exu«li«iU •flS aklntr the flrHt <!<>••. Hold by d.cliri i"I itu »nd ""'•" «« dwordor, build utrniiKtli, rp-« n>itnre Inmllll Wll nnrirj BLOOD, rn<nil»i KJDNBYS, romova J,lVj;'\ -«Mt»r and . isIa,, ludl(?c»tlon.»ft,Niif rnrf.. »l>»(ilu!cly uracllcntt. im) brlKhtaneil, hr» . IIOIIOB, norvM, ^ cjo «i ruoelvo now fo«-c(.. *"<f'"" tll K from eoniplaliiU '. . ^ .«, ~ 9 KV^tVtk I fi 81 1 L V ^ 1 {ill II 1 *"<f'" ll K rom eonipaii )6. Lll M I LU « lllu / tuth»lr«ox. luhixU.flnd ,• ii i ... » c«/«. <pw,|y wnro, Rottirul roi« bloom an clieota, benuiiflcj Complexion. Bold tTorjwIicr. All Kon,'itno Roods bear BAITER MBBI'tlHI CO., St Lauls. H». bjr rttutn fall elrouUri •! KOODT'llftw and UOODT'I IMl'KOVID TAILOR BT|. TEMBolDr.H Cattlog. n«. >lud u <>u. A» r M, ,1 •litauj liUU/. HID ut Oa», tita. OarauaW la ^BTpfil'Mfcl ivHsi'SJ dv« ! fi l Jr\%l.W'*.!l! <->«l""" '-'li'iii ^I'lil «.«irn, ,(l tlio- <?WT»W^T J/ f'P* SVIyiB [VI' i'•'•'• .'"i' 10 "'*' ^'^^riiVW ^itizZS' Vi*W* I 00 jt ,.T ,'»,,it. 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V*»4 (or frlot Uat rf mr fuU lUa. 9_rr». 1001} BIBBER I CO. K..%fltt JfJjfito'a^a PATLNT SOLICITORS Qn'«kl7 (btaluad. $10.60 DOVBLK T

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