The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1954
Page 7
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MONDAY, MAY 17, 1954 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS on your total food bill prices to prove it! Dried Tood$ Lima Beans Lima Beans Small Limas Small Limas ce5opt«Se..2 Small Limas <>£> 19c .... c«uo 16c 57c Blackeye Peas S»S±, . & 17c Blackeye Peas Blackeye Peas Cello Beans «".... 2 33e 65c /^_l|_ D-.... Great Lb. 1 r_ V-CMO DeanS Northern Cello I DC >uo 29c Dello I 3C Pinto Beans &w* on xSi 2ceuo29c Buf-for Rp^nc^^ to n L ?, 73r DUllCi DCallS Cellophane — Cello L JC Butter Beans P i n to Beans tor Ever}- Item... ------ Cello I 7C Fancy Rice Long cram ...... pkf. 18c Fancy Rica "L. ..2 ^,30< Pitted Dates SSSf1St..'3S?-23c Med. Prunes 2*!™* 2 Jelliet and Preserves Preserves Preserves Pwerves Pr*iefv«s 19c 23c 19c 29c Mtrnulade SST ......... .Iff I9c PraMrvw 55T5L* ....... i tff 39c Preserves A Pm ff. ..... ........ .^ff 39c Strawberry Jar ' Preservei SlSS" ......... . Preserves Preierves Empress 12-Ot. Pure Fruit ....... J*r ' I II Jelly Grape Jelly C ra ba ppl e /* ' I ^|| Tasty-Diet 4^-Ot. Crape Jelly NO sugar ........ j.r /** 1*11 Empress 24-Oz. Crape Jelly pure Fruit ...... j ar Apple Jelly 5jC 49c 25c 39c 1C- IDC \ 9c Pet Foods Dog POOd for" Your* Pup 2 Tins 3 1C C-. J Nip 'N Tuck n 15-Ox. ^7 rOOU Full o- Energy L Tins LI C Frozen Food$ 27c Cauliflower F»»£ Pk r Cob Corn I^L r £S"25c Bel-Air Kr^KT. ££29c Cut Corn Frozen Pkff. 19c /•* « L U I Whole Honor Brand 10-Ot. Fresh Frozen ...... Pkf . Deviled Crabs ?"»» Bar °"pS:29c Flounder Fillets 3E?. oSU59c Bread. Oysters . 3S? 93c Eldridge At 10-O.. CT-, Your Safeway ..... Fkf. J/ C Chicken of th« Sea --Froxen ...... Fk r . Sto-Awar Beef Pot Pie ------- Pkr Turkey Pie Chicken Pie SS Fox Deluxe SSSL 33c Blended Juice Grape Juice ^.n Minute Maid j ur S ef . r . mt . 21h!r33c O f • Bel-Air *) «-O«. range JUICe Frozen.... A-Tln§ 0 1 • Bel-Air l*-Oi. range Juice F ro «n im /\ I • Scotch Treat 1J-O«. U range JUICe Fresh Froien . Tin f\ I • Minute Maid O 8-Ot. J C Orange Juice XTO*.* .. lv«* 4x f-O«. * Dol« Brand *) 6-O«. FreshFrozenZ Tint r fl L Bel-Air 1«-O«. Frozen Peaches Brand .. pk f . n L • Bel-Air 19-Ot. Raspberries FM«B ...... -.p** Strawberries 1 5SSi,.. v .S?39c Bel-Air 10-Ofc Frozen Sptan....Pkr. /^ , n Ureen beans French cut.... m. n I I • _ m Bel-Air 10-Ot. Baby Limas Brand ......... Pk f . Sweet Frost M-Ot. 1 ft Fresh Fro M n .. Pkff. IVC »„_ _ __ I; B«l-Air Broccoli lo-Ot. D rOCCO 1 1 Sptari, FrOMa ........ Pkff. Chop. Broccoli ?S£L r ... .?ff QuidcMeaHdeg* Spaghetti 1 . c^4^L A 4.«-: jpagnern Gooch pkff. i*. Macaroni .°.T. ........ Pkff. 21 C Macaroni Macaroni".*. .......... pkj. 21c Gooch Shell Lb. ^| Macaroni ............ Pkff. L 1C Kraft Dinner SfcS? 2 Boy Ar Dee Sr. ........ £j:42c Candy • Cookiet • Crackers Paper Productg Home Needs Bobs Candy Delicious .*. ..... pk«. 15c Gentle Bleach Z'c ..... *>3;16c US 15c Caramels ££«.* J£ 19c Waxed Paper S2ST K S 27c Liquid Starch !S±5.. Bo£21c Toilet Tissue "... 3£5.25< Scot Tissue «J "-.„.... 2JS25c Toilet Tissue B 0 li v r. e 2™'.27c Toilet Tissue £3£.2E£15c Toilet TissueS™* 2&27c Toilet Tissue B±T... 3 £i Bob-O-Nut Stick Candy Stick Candy SSTf. ...... K17c ST!?. Busy Baker Pirates Gold SSET?. 45< 33c Gentle Bleach JS? ...... ££ 29c Purex Bleach r±5i.,.Bo?u.l7c Purex Bleach Old Dutch gTSSt. .... 2 'C 25c 2pk S . 9c Lemon Thins IS Brand 'K l 39c Orange Thins 39c FFV Brand »^-° chocolate ... Pk f . Zion Cookies Sweet Gherkins Whole Pickles Sweet Chips £££ ...... u ;« 39c Color'd Tissue * cl ?cno« k 2 B.U. 27c /"* I 1J T* Delay Blue ^ B«(C- *)T — LOlOr d TiSSUe & Green. 2ttoll 9 Z/C hivm Tunr For A11 Cold 9 "" Ct IQr UlXie V*Up5 Beverages L Ctn» I 7U Paper Plates Sr' "&.39c f,.__ Bondvvare 44-Ct. Oft-, V*UpS Save on This Pkg. J7C /^ _„ Bondware 24-Ct^ 00^» V.iUpS For Hot Drinki Pkff. J/C Containers Nitrite pint* 9Bc Baking Needs Merry War For Thorough Cleansing^ 20-Mule Team for Dirt and Grim* Bon Ami 8-Ot. ]Q . Pkff. I7C 18-Ox. 1 ^ Cleanser Dl "-- MrB - Stewart'i -*. DlUmg Save on This ........ A Bottle* Jubilee Wax Paste Wax 2 Cream Wax 4-O*. £69c 69c 69c John»on'ii 10-Ot. lor Your Car ........ Tin 35c X Ll~ C-l*. Snow White l&-Lb. 7 I 3 DI6 jail Free Running ...... Pkg. /G iJ°Sbakers e ...... pk K . l/c Free Running ...... Pkg Shaker Salt ° e Johnson's wS 1 ^ ........... Bo?tfe69c *& Dill Pickles Sweet Gherkins Midget Pickles C . B* I I. Gre«n Beauty R-Oi. Sweet Pickles s>veonMi ju Dili strips ss; 11 ^"::"... 12 ^ Mixed Pickles SSr -..-"» Dill Pickles ' Baking Soda Hummer... 2ik K M3c Hard Glosi fa-GW. 1 Johnson'! ........ Bottle I . Furniture 39c 11 _ zlc 39c 29c Baking Soda Baking Powder Baking Powder Clabber Girl SS!£ Baking Powder Arm & 16-Ot. I A _ Hammer Pkg. I UC £SiS r ..5S?29c f\l J CT I* L Furniture 8-Oz. I*} — Uld English po\\^..,. ..... Botti«ioc Old English pS".?. ..... Botue21c Steel Wool §'=' ...... 2r.*19c S AC . U. J. Usc Th * m Many Wayi BrilloPadsS. p :r....2F^.25c Chore Girl Heinz Whole Pt. Sweet Pickle* Jar Mixed Pickles £ AQ^ 4VC 52c Foreman's. Se« How You Save l«-Oi. Ot/8 qnrf Syrups C.I.J AH Mayday With jdiaQ VJH Neutral Flavor . /^ I-, IJ^^_ Ten-Rock No. 16 Quality MOpS Sturdy Mop Food Favorites Pt. Bot French Mustard French Mustard il Mayday With N Neutral Flavor Qt Bot Imitation Jar I OC T" * ^1* *. Towie Olives Plain Queen 4}4-O«. Our Price... J»r Plain Queen M-O*. Olive Oil Wesson Oil Wesson Oil n D L L'l. Brown "Label Brer Rabbit s y r UP 73c £31c Paper Products Brer Rabbit KS 1 .^. Brer Rabbit gS,^L- Bot 2 £E 39c Paper Towels n "PI Northern A R*f. OT— Paper Towels Brand ... ZBOU.O/C Paper Towels owpSS 3 2££37c •/ r R«d Label Karo jyrup save on thi< .... Log Cabin i s t yr T u o pda y Try . Vermont Maid sy rn uj ke ^ 29c n kl I * « Silk Brand Paper Napkins white .. cms Silk Brand *)4«-Ct. Sleepy Hollow C'll kl I "-. Silk Brand *)4«-Ct.«)7_ jllK INapKinS Dinner ... APkgs.Z/C Silk Napkins "... 2 ££: 27c Paper Napkins $2T 2&S27c Dozens of 10-Lb. Home u ses .... sot Delta Syrup Waffle Syrup SSS3 d .... 1 St22c Waffle Syrup Bud Brand Johnnie Peanut Butter Rot t ^ 32c Peanut Butter SUSJstyie ?jS z 55c P""TIUt DUtter Creamy Style Jar <j4C PeanUt DUtter Creamy Style Jar DJC PeanUt DUtter Chunk Style. Jar OnC Peanui Jutter smooth Jar ODC PeanUt DUtter Crunchy .... Jar ODC Mayonnaise smoJth d ? J^ 45c Mayonnaise Salad Dressing 35c 37c smooth • Kraft Brand. Pt A Salad DressingSl ..... »« Whipped Dressing Lunch Box £ 39c Blue Rib- 10-Lb. bon s y ru P .... JM- .j • Kraft Brand K-Oi. TC. Mayonnaise Delicious ........ jar /DC Salad Dressing B»nd d *. ..... £5 39c Safeway and Save!

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