The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1893
Page 6
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THE tJPJPEU DBS MniXttS. AUi"ONA,IOWA, FfcimttAliY I HER BLINDNESS. The (lining car was in a. shimmer of light, says O. Melville Upton in Kate Isolds Washington. Tho dead white of heavy linen, the opalescent, glint of glassware, niul tho quiet gleam of silver trembled together in Ihe swift motion of tho train. Miss Baxter, who had but recently left her berth, dropped into n seat, loaned back a moment, dazed by tills lavish waste of color. Meanwhile tho insistent sunlight took liberties with the doll brown of her severely brushed hair, run burning fingers through it ntid edged It. willi coquoMlsli gold, Then fiho hastened lo draw the cm-tain and throw the blno square of shade ovdr Jior comer of (he futile, sighing as sin; settled down again, and nil the painful scene of the evening before came surging back. She fell; halt' a notion to lay her head on the table and cry ontright. Mho glanced down Instead and lingered her ring—his ring—while, her glasses grew misty. She wondered whether she should have kept the ring, now no longer meant: anything. The question was still undecided when she pnllr ed herself together with it,' visible tremor :md turned to tile menu curd. Dining car breakfasts are not timed to wait on the settlement of subtleties In ethics, particularly after the steward luw made (he "lost; cull." In the few minutes Miss Baxter had been in the car she had not noticed ]ier companions. As she raised her head she ,wns startled to see a, familiar face dimly taking shape n cross the table. Site had removed her glasses mid Avas about to press her handkerchief to her eyes, but: she put: them, resolutely on again and looked fixedly •through their misty crystals. "Mr. Woodsun, where did you come from?" she demanded at length, as his well known features gradually took definite shape before her. Woodson did not: speak at once. Ho was noticing how her hair would tumble down In wayward ringlets in spite of her efforts to keep it staidly back, and how her cheeks persisted in dimpling, however resolutely sho closed her lips together. Then he said: "From. \ew York of course. Does my dress suit look as though I'd boarded the train in these rural precincts? I thought: you knew tho cut better." "Do you mean to say that you've been on this train all this while—after —after, last: night?" Miss Baxter asked with slightly heightened color. "Guessed It tho llrst time," Woodson exclaimed, brightening. "I tell you, Grace, you should Have gone into the law Instead of art. You'd have been great oh cross examination." "Never mind, Mr. Woodson; you seem to forget Hint I prefer to make my ojwn career—AVO'VO discussed Hint before, however. And so you've been on tills tralhi ever sinco I have?" she concluded reflectively. "A little longer, In fact. T made a mistake mid got here half tin hour early —read the time table backward—hence : theso clothes. But now, see here, j small girl," Woodson went on with i grunted out now and then: "Put your color pure. Make her jump." So they painted from morning till night, kcuping two or three studios under Avay at once—putting in blues whom AVoodson saw greens, and purples where ho saw nothing but nondescript; sand., and doing all the inexplicable tilings that should be done according to the gospel of the hmiinists. Woodson sat. by and clinlTod. Jlr couldn't paint. Ho, wouldn't smoke, lie pan-led Grace's occasional inquiring glances by oxplat'iiing that, he Avas negotiating to go into 'the cattle business— si man was going to bring him n herd on trial. Meanwhile ho arrayed hfs shapely figure in coAvboyish top boots, ^ blue shirt, and slouch hat, Avliich became him immensely, and malic a sinister'impres- sioii among tlie blazers and tennis suits of summering Manltou. Grace Avas absorbed and salisiioil. "Olio day an idea si ruck.him. "Grace,"' said he, "1 found a lil.tlo bit. doAvn hero the oilier day that. I'd like to have you sketch—to .send home, you know. You'll do it, won't yon?" "Why, of coui'se. I'll speak to Mr. Fleming." "Oh, hang Mr. Fleming." Woodsou bn>ko in. "Fleming's all right In his Avay, l)iit I Avant you—your slcetch, you know." Tho placo Avas quite a distanrjo aAvay, over the mesa. .They set ont for it tho next day. "Hero it is," AA r oodson exclaimed, after quite a tramp, pointing over the burning plain to where a row of coT- tonwoods Averc hanked against the sky, tremulous In the vibrant air. "There, do that; call It 'A Hundred in the Shade,' or something like that." "It doesn't seem to compose very well," Grace murmured, holding tho tips of her fingers together and inclosing the picture in a rosy frame through Avhicli she gazed, half shutting her eyes in truly artistic intentncss. "AA r oll, never mind that; get the character of it. You IUIOAV Fleming says tho character's the tiling. That's what 1 Avant— the character—tlie true character of this beastly country." So Grace donned her big blue aproiv and sot to AA r ork AviUi her biggest brushes. But somehOAv she had trouble. The quality of that sky, binning AviUi light mid yet deep in hue, did not sewn to reside in cobalt, however fresh from tho tube. Tliw value of the stretch of plain, tremulous under the flaring heavens, disturbed hor, too, and Avhen sho came to put in the airy AA r all of cotton- Avoods along the horizon the AA'hole thing ended in a painty muddle. "Oh, I can't do anything to-day!" Grace exclaimed petulantly, Aviping her troubled broAV AA-ith the back ;of her hand and IcaAing a streak of blue along hor forehead that intensified hor puzzled look. "Why don't you put those trees in green?" AVoodson. asked Avith serious concern tis Grace renewed hor struggle Avith tho regulation blues and pur- "But T don't see them so," she murmured in ti. moment of absorbed effort. "Grace," ho blurted out'almost before it, "I don't believe you see Excuse me, but I don't bei lio.vo you over did. I don't helioA'O in i your art; I don't believe in your career; jclainiod on i 1 don't: bolioA-o in your Independence! ' ;1 - st barrel. great, dejjberatoness, shaking out. his napkin into his lap and intently! 110 Umw into flie blurred, blue depths of Miss ' 11 ' u > r|llil1 ^• Baxter's glasses. "Soo hero, now, do you suppose just because, a girl Jills me"—Miss Baxter hero interposed a deprecating gosturo —"yes, 1 rejieat it. Do yon suppose just because a, girl jilts mo, nnd I reason to believe is goi'.ng to the ends of the earth to got Avhoro she Avill luyver soo mo agiiJn, that my of responsibility ends till IVo soon her safely where sho AvanTs to go? No, I've made Now York uitfdiliabifablo for you, and I shall maiko Avhal; amends 1 can by . cliaporonlng you lo Colorado or Ktuii-' m> Sllt ils llc snoko ° r vlol "">f- r - When chatka. or wherever it: is you are going. I! ho 1<>( ' )krtl "I 1 Gl ' ;u '« wls sm'onil foot Now Avhat shall I order for breakfast?" > ln ™- v m " u llim ' having down the hill, llh her head bowed, "I'm a. brute—a miserable brute!" your career through my-eyes." But still she 'Held Jwck at a.rtfa'S length, really defiant lite fingers/toft a AA-hlto circle.'Avheiv they clasped her wrists. She seemed ready to cry and thru smiled instead. '"' -"'•" "You'll get'my glassre If I promise?' H» k nodded.- ''" Suddenly ..throwing, her amis nlwu.t his neck, she s:i!d: "I (ilwarfTllkodyoiir eyes." aiid press <.Ml a kiss'"on either 1 lid. "Maybe you •jyore right about ihy art." she.added •seriously. "But—this needn't Interfere, need it?" "Intei-fere! AVhy,' I'll tell ! that man that T'A'O 1 decided'hot to taKc-his cattle and wei'll turn Hhq whole herd Into paint." -, : ; i .;.. Then, he renchpd over and carefully disengaged lie.",,glasses from the tAA*ig whore'he had seen them hanging as he entered tho thicket. MARKET t» AS CORNERED ! You're simply spoiling the nicest girl : in the Avorld with it. blue and purple because j; hor-jwoll, ho sees things that way cause some folloAA's oA r or in Paris do, and I don't believe in it. There, IIOAV, I've said it; come." But. it Avas not arranged that ho should finish Avhat ho had to say. Ho had looki'd doAvn to the ground Avhero i-lui-of llotfs :Dn« to Li-ifltl • tit« OiiUfiOR ,, J.-JueliiMtfo?" I" HoHt-tl of Trtiftc. The recent; .plienominal advance in hogs and provisions A^US. primarily due t:o.-legitimate, causes, though board of trade manipulation has been largely responsible fer the wild fluctuations hi hog product. Even the strongest opponents of the AVashburn anti-option bill would hardly make the claim that tho price of pork Avould move up 75 cents barrel in a single day through logitl- uiae causes, yet this is what' has occurred more .tihau once within the last few weeks. The speculator in farm products hiis long had an eye on the pi'o- i-isi"n market, and sliroAvd men like P. D. Armour, Charles AVright, and tho udahys have loaded up heavily with pork,..,while N., K. Fail-bank has been mprovhig tho time by accumulating big. holdings of lard. This has been gong, on for along time, and those men iavo falcon the cream of the profits, while the fanner has secured fair returns by tho great jumps in prices for logs. On. Saturday, Jan. 7, pork for Afay delivery sold on the board of .trade it $18.75 ti barrel, an advance of $2.35 n a single week. Lard and ribs shoAved similar artA'ances, Avhile choice heavy logs rose 85 cents per 100 pounds, soling at $7.85. The tAvo 111011 Avho have iiiido the most money by tho boom In provisions arc .Tolm Cudahy and Charles Wright. , Pork which AA'right; sold last veek, netted him $0 a ban-el profit, if lot more. "Since the November deal u ribs failed," said a prominent opera-or on the board, "Charlie AVright, Cudihy, and Iloloson have, cleared nearly 2,000,000 in mess pork." Theso men lotieod the falling off in hog rqceipts it the stock yards here and at other lacking points at that time, and quiet- y began buying pork. They have lought all they could got from $13.00 ip and as a result, the market. Avas cor- lored as they-controlled the cash pro- luct, N. K. Fail-bank has carried on similar operation in lard and is cred- t'ed Avith having cleared $500,000. Those liree men have actually boon coutroll- ng tlie prices of pork, lai-d and short Ib aides in the markets of tho Avorld. A1ia,t coui'se the market Avill pursue in he future is a difficult thing to predict, jiuhihy and AVright have disposed of uormoiis quantities of pork, and Wright: Saturday to have sold his On some days AVright sold gestive of comfort. A pink bath robe with a hood and cortl and tassel In front, just suited me exactly, and tlie ptuk ^worsted bed slippers Avith their fleecy lining but added to the temptation, ami 1 fell. NOAV if I had boictii Nitii 1 would haA'o undoubtedly spent my money on a laco bertho or a. sofa cushion. Those two articles are her os- pw-itil AA-oaknesscs. And she has more of ihem than can IHJ found in the general shop. After all, the desultory store and street roaming proves tlie best educator In the fashions of the day, for living msrli'i a iv oA'er br-foro you i;s anlmat-Hl exu.;nplcj oJ ihi- piovtilllnj nu:.lea. One sees so fcAV l;nig s Sai this era of capes Hint lite description- of two 1 saw on Walnut .street may not come amiss. (Hie was a half louse a-t'fair lu cloth. Avith shoulder collar, revei-s. cuffs and buttons of brown velvet. The full llussian over-sleaves, front, and simulated jacket had UIUTOAV galloon trimming. The jacket, collar and cuffs wci-c edged. Avith Astrakau fur. '1 know the girl by Night, find as she liad just re- lume:! from F.uropp her c'oitt Avas uu- doubteilly the thing. Tho other wnm by her friend, who is a A-ery stylish young mauled Avoniau, Avas of darkgray rough AA r ool goods, AVifh full putt ou upper slecA-es. A velvet plaited collar passed in revers to the closhig on the left side. The trimming Avas of narrow 'black fur. I do hope long coats Avlll come in again. of course they arc a little trying on tlie back, yet they serve so admirably to cover ashabby gown that after till they are a real economy. If hoops arrive, as they are predicted, there Avill be no change for. those graceful garments. and oA'ery .one of us Avill make guys of ourselves just to keep up Avith the fashion. HARRIET BEECHER STOWE. The Dully Life of the Aged Autlioi-ess lit llnrlfiini; Boston Herald: Mrs. Hairiet Beecher StoAve, Avho gave to the Avorld ' "Uncle Tom's Cabin," has reached her 81st. year in apparently as good physical condition as she Avas ten years ago. The change more directly affects her mental than her physical constitution. In pleasant wca.thor she takes a duly Avulk out of doors, accompanied by Hannah, a faithful attendant AA-ho has been with her for years. These Avalks are confined to the pleasant streets in the vicinity of her residence on Asylum hill. AAlialever the, winter or summer, she rarely fails tio visit Mrs. .lohn Hooker. Mrs. Charles Dudley Warner ind other Indies in adjoining residences. As her mental faculties continue to fail gradually it: is customary Avith them to faint fnrroAvs In his brow ShpAvod Where Bereavement's finger had traced. Ainid the rush and rattle of the ear few detect ed the tremulous quiver of .Ids lips and the yearning glance of his eye Avldch:be- trayed the secret of some. sad. emotion gnawing at heart. His manner AVUS iior- vons, nnd as he fumbled restlessly in, his pockt for something he cast furtive, impatient glances to see if any OW»A'VOIV watching him. Kveiy one seemed to bt- ilrowsing, and he concludwl to seize the opportunity of having a look as-,, that ' something sacred" in his over-coat ifciek- ,>t. He snatched it quickly and placed it. between his hands, and as'he jrtifc'od into it a glishniing drop of moisture ; wns wen to fall from his eye. Then luvtHrnod hi.-i face toward the window abseiit-mlndud- ly for ;t moment, thus giving' thi.Mib---.-r- ver a, chance to see the mysterious memento, AA-hich provtvl to bo nothing but— a little faded mitten—that's all. •That aftonwion a baby hand had been laid away in a. rough wooden box beneath the silent sod, and the big, rough man was his father. Thal's.all. lessen the flow of milk, hOAvevef liberal the ration may be. Roots answer, fc good purpose at this time, as will also cabbage,green-corn fodder, ensilage, etc. It is not difficult to prepare for autumn feeding, but It demands'it little forethought. It i's one of those cases, so frequently occurring on the farm, where serious loss is occasioned by the lect t!o plan in advance. ETCHING: THETHRoE DRAWERS. • Pl<!(-tl*ll J.tlM-l I its AVriugiug Clothes.—If sheets or titble- cloths are wrung by putting tho selvage through the Avringer the edges Avill niil curl up and they Avill litoii much more easily. ' Fried Apples.—Slice the unparcfV apples across the core; fly in hot beef drippings like pancakes' Avhoii brown. Serve Avith sugar and you Avill find it delicious. Pie Crust—Twelve Bounces of lioitr. six ounces <of, butter, oiie teaspoouful of baking powder, cold \wtitcr. Mix tho Hour and butter lightly together. Avith the tips of the fingers and bring to a dough with cold Avater. Koll very thin. Use fresh sweet lard,! instead of butter if prc't'errod. . : Pudding.—Oue quart Avater, two teacups grauulaed sugar. Any flavoring preferred. Let it come to a boil until it. forms a syrup. Make a. dough of a pint of (lour,' pinch «f salt, uihlespoouf nl lard, IAVO toaspoonfuls baking.poAVdor. Mix Avitli sweet •iiiiilk or Avater. Koll out rather thin. Spread Avith coaketl fi-iiit of any kind; roll up into a. roll pinching the ends so as to retain the fruit. Christmas Black (Jake.—C'roam rhroo pomuls of bi'OAVii'sugar and throe pounds of butter together; sift in three pounds of flour; beat 'twenty-eight, eggs sopar- rately, and acid, Avith live pounds of seeded raisins, four pounds of dried currants, one pound of sliced citron, one ounce each of cinnamon and nutmeg, half an ounce 1 of mace, cloves, and allspice, with a glass of blackberry Avine. Mix and boat: Avell. Turn into a very large,cnke mould, and bake for six This cake Avill keen for years. Vegetable Soup.—Cut In small pieces one carrot l( >no sweet: potato, one turnip, "Harry, you're cruel. You know Mr. Fleming AWIS going out there for the color, ami I thought it. would bo a good chance to continue my outdoor Avork." "Fleming! That: prig! Well, T didn't know before that he Avas go!ng. 1 see there is slill more reason why I should go now—and stay." "But I forbid you doing any such foolish thing." "To toll the truth, Grace, I thought of staying all the time—of going into some other business Micro.." "Why, you never told mo of it before." "Well, I never thought of it (111 after I left you last night. Then it occurred to me I might go Into the sheep or cattle or something like that." "At Manitou." "AVliy not?" i "It's ti summer resort." "So much tho bettor. I'd only be there in tho summer, anyhow." "Harry, you're a trillor." "Well, I can pool an orange, anyhow —If you'll allow mo,/' AVomlson exclaimed, taking from her hand tho one sho Avas making a sad mess of. ! "Harry, I can never forgive you for doing this," Miss Baxter concluded, ; after a moment's contemplation of the Avhirling blur of green through the car : Avindow. ! "Well, I never could have forgiven • myself if I hadn't—and there it Avas," j he assorted dispassionately, laying tho • pulpy, broken sphere of tho orange bo- i fore her. j It is (mite a jaunt from Manhattan ! to Man! lou, but one morning they ox-! changed the cushioned Aveariness of the i train for that blue hollow of the hills, I with its gayly colored roofs and gables ! shoAAlng here and there up the canyon, Mko a scattered troop of butterflies. Thou lifo became one long breath of delight. AVhat color there AVIIS! The i earth seemed hung in some rarer me- j diuui than common air. The yellow I cactus blossoms were like flakes of; flame. A scarlet lloAver fairly bxmied Into tho sight. Grace deA'oloped a IKTW enthusiasm every day and piled her palette Avith cobalt and chrome. Even JTlemlng, Avho had preceded them, a trifle faster than usual and as high as liO.OOO barrels, and some of You see things i tho pork Avhich he sold between $18 io he does; and j»"d $1'J cost him not over $12. AVright l, 0 _ says he does not care to buy any more pork around at present prices, but tlie poular impression is that the clique Avill run the prices up to $20. This can bo easily done, as the hogs are not to bo had at any price, and stocks of product in this city are unusually small, being 154.000,000 pounds less than a year ago. Up to January 1 there Avas a shortage of n. million hogs for tho packing season in this market, and other markets shoAV a. corresponding falling off. Tho sfc'itc- ongage her in light conversation roquir- hours, ing tlitlc mental effort. Usually sho is I entertained Avitli singing, of Avhich sho is ; very fond. Mrs. Hookefr generally sings j ()llo W rsn\v, one Avhite pohtto, one on- thc older songs, familiar to Mrs. StOAvo! ion) on e"iw>t of celery and one sprig in her early days, and preferably old and | , )a rsley. Put, An ounce of butter in familiar hymns. These she seems to enjoy more than anything else. In thosol- ectton of the hymns, hOAvever, Mrs. StoAve alAva.ys chooses those of a stirring, liA'oly movement. Anything of a, sinw, melancholy or sentimental order fails to interest her. As one illustration of the peculiarity "f of her mental powers Mrs. Hooker cites the critical attention Avhicli her sister »:«• inn tl e Cliolrf) «(' U Sliort Stories: With the resolute gesture of one Avho would never more change her mind Comtesse Madeleine pointed to the Japanese cabinet, the red and gold lacquer of. its' finish shilling liicc a jewel under the gloAV of the lamp flame. "Take time for reflection, Valentin, on the choice you make," said she with a solemn air, "for one of these three drawers you will find tlie ansAver to tlie suit with Avliich you have ceaselessly pursued me for sLv months past. If you put. your hand upon the response that says' 'Yes,' 1 cease to repulse you, and lend Avilliug ear to the vows you profess. If you miss this dnnver and choose another you Avill never see me again' ;> "Two throws to one. against me!" murmured the troubled lover. "Alackaday! my soul, Avhat cruel Avhim possesses you '!" "No Avhim at all, my friend," returned Madeleine calmly; "1 purpose to be able to put the blame upon chance should things go ill between us." A r !ilentin wavered and debated for a long time bet.Aveon tho three drawers, his trembling lingers going from one to (lie other, but fearing even to as much as touch a knob in his dread of a wixmg choice. Forced at last to a decision, Avith closed eyes and. relying on the nier- cy of Providence, he stretched out his hand— oh, joy! oh, infinite delight! the answer— a single leaf of rose pink paper held the adorable Avord— "Yes!" The lover, hoAvcver, Avas still dissatisfied; in the midst; of his rapture- Ins broAv clouded anew. Madeleine, perplexed, smilingly questioned him. "A AA'orry," he ansAvercd, "a worry that tortures me!" "Another, you ungrateful Avretch! What IIOAV'.'" "That it is to chance I owe you, and not. to yourself!" "To chance," began she, laughed gleefully, turned SAviftly and— there under his eyes were two other shoots of rose pink paper. "you stupid boy!" she cried. " 'Yes' is the ansAvor that I put in all three drawers!" NEW BUSINESS FOR WOMEN. Man AA'oodson i-omarkod to himself Avith ' considerable force as he. Avato.hod her i striding toward (hoi half dry crook. i "Hut some .one, ought to have told her. i Her art is all foolishness. Look at Fleming, oven. Ho's forty, and I'd llko to knoAV Avhero he'd bo if it Avasn't for his teaching. But I'm a brute, just, tho same—a. heartless brute!" There AVIIS a plum thicket along tho crook, and after Avaf ohing Grace disai>- givos to hymns familiar to hor in hoi- early lifo. A AA r ord omitted or a wrong Avoird used she notices on the instant : and makes the correction. Certain linos | and ideas appear to strongly impress, themselves upon her mind and her com- I meiits are at times A-erty sfikiug. ) Sho .roads but little in those fading days. Current events hin^e little interest if she cannot Avithout effort keep up ', a connection of ideas. Of the many mag- fry ing pan, let it heat, and add all the vegetables but tlie Irish potato and fry broAvu. Then put in a soup kettle, pour over'half a gallon of Avater. Let, it, boil sloAyly for half <-ui hour, add half a tea- cup'of rice, the pai-sley and a. toaspoon- ful'of salt; boil one hour longer, put in the.potato; boil twenty minutes longer. Season and serve. -How to Make- Cider Jelly.—A good Substitute for AVUIO Jelly Avill find favor with those Avho object to the use of Avine in cooking. One cupful of cold Avator, one-half box of Nelson's gelatine, one cupful of boiling AA p a.ter, a small stick of cinna.mlon, one cupful of granulated sugar, the juice and grated rind of one largo lemon, one a.nd one-half cupfuls of sAveot, cider. Lot the gelatine soak half i an hour in tho cold water. Pour the i boiling Avator unon the cinnamon and axines and paperse which como to the j let it stand at the back of tho monl; of tho members of the clique that i ulnr ncadln spring Avoro destructive to young pigs, and in the lowland sections there Avas such a falling oil' In the corn crop that farmers had 110 feed, Clucago packers and eastern shippers are competing for the choice droves of hogs, and tho supply is so small that some of poar Avitliin it AA r oodsou sot about pick-i' !l ° packing houses have been obliged Ing up her sketching kit. This done, it; , to olnst! fin( l thousands of Avorkmenhave the 1 occurred to him that, i!: AvouM be a pro- I per ponanoo on his part, tot Avash her ! brushes—ho had always hated dirty i brushes so. Gathering thorn up ho ! started toward the crook. AAlion ho got ; Ihoro ho could soo no sign of Graco. been discharged. The quality of hogs is deteriorating, and the receipt's are about tho poorest seen since the opening of the present packing season. Country packing houses are closed up and many people are predicting that Could it bo that anything had happen- Jl °£ s win ndvance to .ft) per KM)pounds, ed to her? Tho thought: made him of course the high prices for provisions his breath for a an'"lot fail to catch his breath for a moment;. Tie know sho Avas impulsive—capable of any rash move in a moment: of excitement. Then ho hoard a stirring in tho plum thicket and came face to face upon hor in a little opening, crying softly to herself. "Grao.o," ho cnllon, "why, Avhat's cannot fail to result in lessoned consumption, and this is likely in the end to bring about a reaction in values. Bacon, ham and other hog products arc luxuries and tiro too dear for many people to indulge in. The southern states are usually very largo consumers of her pleasure' and she mey nave sold .tlheir pork all out are j trlos to lvlul the paper, but rarely gets doubted by many, and the country is I "oyond an examination of the .pictures. - large buyer daily. The heavy rains Then her mind Avanders off tx),.somothing else. She i.s Avoiiderfully happy and cheerful. Of tho troubles of life she has no thought, and of physical pain no experience. HelatiA'Os and friends endeavor to make as pleasant as possible tho path- Avay which is leading to tlie end. house lire choice is a Now York illiistra- j till slightly flavored. When the gelatine tod paper published, by a relative. This ' j s soft add the sugar and boiling Avale- placed in her hands regularly. Tho fam- j stir until dissolved, .then add cider and Hard on tli« I'itrsnn. Messenger: Just lifter the battle of PorryviUe hi October, 1802, Dr. Savage, a strong xmion man,, ,AVIIS at one of his appointments to baptize some children. There AVUS a large-crowd, and a sturdy southern matron; brought her four children to tho alter, ./'JS'aine this child," said lemon and strata. If it; is desired to mould the jelly allOAV the mixture to cool, then dip the mould into cold water and pour tho jolly in before it begins to stiffen. . Bisque Ice Cream.—Bisque, when applied to ico cream, means any ice | cream Avhich has the addition of dried I and sifted crumbs. A rich ice cream is first 'made and flavored, then a cupful of crumbs Is added, either angel cake OL- any fruit cake, dried meringues or kisses, oocoanut cakes or macaroons. Tho following will bo found a most satisfactory recipe; Puti one pint of rieh cream in the farina kettle, and Avhon ills hiot, add half a pound of sugar. Stir (his until it is dissolved. Ilemove from the fire and AA r hoii it is cool add another pint of cream and strain into tlie freezer. AVhen frozen nearly stiff, Woiiiiui hiic-ciJoiN \V)ii*r<> Would IIiivi' l-'iiilcil. She AVII.S bright and pretty and she if j dropped into a lawyer's om'co the other day and asked for work, says the Kansas City Mail. "What can you do?" "Anything a Avoman of ability can do, and more than most men." "Groat opinion -of yourself, young AVO- nian," said the elderly lawyer present. "Perhaps you think you could serve this summons?" , "i might," said sho. "May I look at it?" Yes, I Avill." "If you do that, you'll bo doing some- tiling we've all boon trying to do for a Aveek. Ho's a slippery follow, and his people arc all posted. However, you may try it. You can afford to lose a little conceit," and tho lawyer smiled grimly. At 10 o'clock the next morning the of lice door AVIIS opened and the bright young Avomaii Avalked in again. "Thought, you'd give it up, eh? Found Wni too slippery for you? Thought so." "The paper is served," said she. It Avas hor turn to smile IIOAV and she did it. Tho linvyer sAvung round lu his chair. ^'Served the—. How did you do it?" "Oh, it was simple enough. I called at his place of business, looked around, priced some materials, and then asked if he Avas in. " 'No,' said the salesman, 'but I can do as Avoll.' " 'I think not,' I said quietly. 'He always served mo before, and ho tho union preacher, laying his hand on iwld. a teaspttonful of vanilla, a teaspoon- t . lip Avestorn packed provisions, but already ma I tor? I know I'm a brute, but I '"! eh> I 11 ™ 1 '"* 0s ' l >'° ™»ns ««• Some Chicago butchers are IIOAV charging 21 didn't think you'd take it so." "Oh, can't you help mo?" she pleaded and began groping about and fooling aimlessly with hor hands. Ho saw that) hor hair Avas loosened and that hor Avrists and face AVITO scratched and bleeding in a dozen places. queried again as she came groping to- Avard him and stumbled against him. "Can't you help me at nil?" "Of course I can, small girl; you're all right. No tiling shall touch you," ho reiterated as his arms closed around her. "Oh, silly, can't you see I've lost my glasses?" she exclaimed, pulling ™ 1 ** a l ™ naA f< * l)UO1 ° n ; «t Avhich price it is as dear as tho choicest game. DOINGS OF A DAUGHTER OF EVE. Nuvi-lllut) iiitd Atti-artlvit GUU-JM Not«<l «n I he Kiui, lOvery day brings forth some pretty spring things in tho shops, which are, despite their daintiness, A-ory shivery looking. For instance, is it not decidedly coollsh to stand with one's face pressed against a .window and try to (lie boy's hoatj. "Simon B.olivar Bucknor," Avas tho • reply, which caused a smile to como over the; .congregation; but: the 1 bravo preacher wont on with his duty. "Nome tins child," taking the next in order. "Pierre Gustavo Toutnnt Beau- regtird," and tlie smile gretw into a snicker, Avhilo ; Dr. Savage' became red in the face. He baptized-the young namesake of tho great, engineer soldier, and Avent on Avith the ceremony. "Name this one." ho gasped, reaching for tho third. "Albert Sydney Jolulson," came the ansAver. Tho smile became audible and the prc- apoplectic. Heaving a sigh of re- fnl of caramel and tho pounded cakes, consisting of tAA'o lady fingers, four kiss- has his understands just what I want. 1 " 'Oh, in that case you might call at house. Ho Avill be in to dinner' "I did call at his house, dressed in my best, cardcase hi hand, I sent in my etu-d and he. appeared promptly" 'Mr. - ?' said I, rising. in " 'I hear you are interested in property i street?" 'Yes.' " 'Well, I have a paper Avliich Avill in- os and a half pound of maoardnns. Finally add five tablospoonfuls of sherry and beat until perfectly smooth; repack' son! and let the bisque stand two hours or' j — I-"i*«-». ir AJJX/II. VV.LU. Ill- terest you concerning it," handing Mm the summons Avhich he took with more before using. A tablespoonful of Maraschino may be added Avith good effect, although it is by no moans necessary, as tho quantity of sherry allowed is quite sufficient. rinu lu Advance There are many dairymen Avho inaku the serious mistake of not providing lief ho took tlie fourth child, a little girl, properly for feeding in the autumn. (Jou- Avhoes gender he fondly supposed would sequently, Avlien the grass is gone and preclude a continuation of heroic repro- the unfavorable weather sets iu, their jduollou, and said: "Name this child." COAVS begin to shrink rapidly in their | "Mary- Stonewall Jackson Loo," came milk. Ofteu .the QOAV Is reduced to a the response that sot tho congregation in pjoiiit where it does not pa|y to continue decipher through the coating of ico that ll roiu> ' wllile tUe unlou l )arso11 thought milking them, and they are permitted ,,„ ,..,., i.,.i., !.. n -------- « ..... ,.„! ..... ,.,. . covers tho surface the pattern of some sheer organdie or equally light fabric displayed Avithln? Still theso filmy tiAA'ay j materials are Avith us hi full force, and from him and flushing red among the one must either close the eyes or moan- groeuory. But he held her tight. dor not blindfolded through the shops "You don't Avant them; you see better to be aware of their airy presence, without them, blue eyes. Confess now, I The W arm Avoolly butli robes appeal you nevei- really saAv before. GiA'e up more to me, for I am a thin-blooded trusting, in those Avretched glasses and creature Avho enjoys open flres, trying tft be independent. CoK,e, see loose gowns and In fact every cozy, lie had held in his aims the wuolo south- era, „ (vonfederaoy. A Little Oily St. Paul Pioneer Press: He was a big, strong, middle-aged man; his clothes tliere would bo several months of profitable work yet before them. Besides this, the price of dairy products begins to come up at .this tune, and COAVS that the f tva omo pale, and, tlie Selby car 14s to a keen pbgerver. *?r controlled me to tho door." accompanied "Another field open to women," the laAvyer's only oommont. Was Chicago Tribune~AVhat are you ing to call your new paper?" asked tooud Avho had dropped in to see aspiring young journalist ;'The Palladium," was the reply "That's a good n «ne for a "It meaus-hum-it icnow wlmt a palladium ' information" "rm in earnest, mat is it?" "^'£ Radium to-Great J^ook at that dog fight!"' 1

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