The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 23, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1891
Page 7
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THE OTMJft DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DEO. 23, 1801. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, (iftlCAGO, MILWAUKEE * ST. PACT,. West-Puss— East-Pass.- 1... ...... 6:02 ft to No. 2 ....... 10:24 am 3 ......... 4:37pmNo..4.. ...... 9:30pm . HVetcht— No.8.. ...... 7:16am»ttl . Freight— No.8 ........ ll:55pm No. 14 5..'... : . .. 8:17pmNo. 10 12: CHICAGO ft NOBTHWESTfiBN. North— South- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass .... 2:37pm Pass 3:35p m Mixed 6:07p'm Pa*s. arrives at Chicago at 7 am; arrives at D«s Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m. THE CITY. ^i V / . p ch'\ , I? C. B. Paul has been granted a patent on his bed warmer. A big Christmas dance at the court 1 house Friday evening. The Swedish Lutherans have a Christmas tree at their church, Friday. Simon Webber and Paulina Bonnstetter are the latest couple licensed to wed. The Baptist ladies had a fine supper and a big crowd at College hall Thursday. The Methodists have n, Christmas tree and literary programme tomorrow evening. There will be cards for those who do not dance at tho old folks' party Saturday evening. Clerk Brunson says about all his office has been doing lately is recording marriage certificates. .The issuing of Samuel May no's commission as postmaster at Bancroft is noted in yesterday's Register. The Reporter says seven cars of stock were shipped from Wesley one dny last week. That is a good showing. 1 The proceeds of the Baptist ladies' fair were $115. The ladies wish to :.y ; thank the public for their patronage. D? B. Avey's advertisement is published this week. His shop is in the Bongey barn, and he is doing a good business. . Olof Johnson drives fence posts those days for a fence two miles north west of town. This weather is just right for post driving. Geo. W. Grose fell from a load of hay some timo ago and sprained his ankle. It is slow in getting well, and he still goes on crutches. The little Cooper boy, who was arrested last week for drawing a gun on his mother, has been sent to Kansas to live with relatives. Dr. Sayers wont down below Convith again yesterday to see the herd of cattle sick with " cornstalk" disease. Several head have died. Our early Fenton settler, T. M. Clark, the Simpkins boys, and others are planning to give Missouri a trial. They go next month. Gotlieb Bohn fell in a faining fit last week at his home in town and has been quite sick since. It is thought that heart weakness caused the trouble. G. S. Wright was over from West Bend Monday and says they are soon to have a flno new.creamery there. The people gave a bonus of $500 and site. Another heavy rain fell all day Monday. There is no use talking, we don't want any California climate over here. An old-fashioned blizzard would be a relief. The Baptist people will have a Christmas tree and entertainment for the Sunday school on Thursday evening.- The public are cordially invited to attend. Next Sunday evening the young people will give a missionary concert at the Baptist church. A fine musical and instructive programme has been prepared. Mrs. D. S. Ford is still at Charles City where Mrs. J. P. Taylor is confined with the grip. As soon as she is able to be moved she will come to Algona and make a long visit. There will be services at the Episcopal church on Christmas morning as follows: Celebration of the holy communion at 10 o'clock. Morning prayer and sermon at 11 o'clock. The old people's holiday party Saturday evening promises to be a success. Invitations have been issued, and there id every prospect that all the old time dancers will be out. A good orchestra will be in attendance The following letters are advertised: Eddie Hall, Harvey Ward, W. Hettinger, Myron Jordan, Mrs. W. L. Barton, Erick Anderson, A. W. Archer, A. S. Black, Nellie Hall, J. W. Maulsby, J. O. Hall, John McCowen. ,The rumors of an east and west rail•• -way through the north end of the coun ty continue. As indicating where the line will be C. B. Matson has a letter ifrom a Bulington railway man, who says he wants land east and west of Bancroft and not north. Wo are sorry to note that nothing seems to be coming of the proposed debate between Geo. W. Hanna and Bro. Hinchon, Our esteemed contemporary failed to respond vigorously, and when asked to allow us to announce that he was ready, declined with thanks. The Congregationalists have a fine Christmas cantata /or tomorrow evening at the church entitled, " The Trial of Santa Glaus." Programmes are out which promise one of the best musical entertainments ever given in town, and no doubt a large audience will be in attendance, The children of the Episcopal church have a social time at Geo. E. Clarke's on Christmas eve. Some time ago prizes were offered for the best attendance at Sunday school, and other acts of good behavior, and these are to be awarded, besides the usual Christmas programme, After the jury in the cribbing horse case had been out all night, as Dr. Sayers was passing up Thorington street, one of the jurors opened the window of the jury room and called to him. When he asked what was wantec the reply was: " We have a windsuck- er on the jury. Come up." The Emmetsburg Democrat makes a good suggestion: ^'What is the matter with an oratorical contest for Emmet Palo Alto, Dickinson, Clay, Pocahont as, and Kossuth counties to be held a] Emmetsburg? A contest of this kinc would be interesting as well as bene ftcial. What say our neighbors?" We l safe in promising that Kossuth will take a band In. And then Kossuth could hold a contest between its own :owns to pick the representative. Keep the ball rolling. About thirty-five members of the hfistian Endeavor society invaded D. D. Towhsend's home Friday evening ast, and after a social evening left a landsome book as a remembrance. The .OBB of Mr. and Mrs. Townsend is serious- [jr regretted by the church societies, in which they have been active workers. The announcement of the normal school evening classes is made this week. The attendance of the school ias increased the past week and after ihe holidays will be larger than ever be- 'ore In its history. This success, which will make the school a permanent institution will be gratiying to everyone. The week of prayer will be observed this year in the Baptist church in union with the other churches. Congregationalists and Methodists are especially invited to co-operate. After the week of prayer, which will close Jan. 0, the Baptists will continue the meetings, led by an experienced and successful evangelist. Marriage licenses not reported have been issued to Lewis Matthews and Mary Gould, E. B. Nellis and Julia Bowman, E. M. Getts and Cora Henderson, A. E. Kleeman and Frances F. Breese, W. M. Dehnert and Sada Peck, B. B. Church and Mary Broidet, Peter Peterson and Amanda Johnson, Hatsol Barley and Addio E. Wilson. The ladies of the W. C. T. U. and reading room association will give a public reception at the reading room on New Years. Refreshments will be served all day, beginning at 11 o'clock. Everyone, old and young, is cordially 'nvited to call on tho ladles. Also _a iterary entertainment will be given in tho evening, at same place, free to all. Daniels of West Bend tried to take $500 out of the Boyle & Ridgeway bank it Whittemore. He came over and jought 550 worth of hay and presented i draft of his own for $560 and wanted ;he bank to let him have the money. They thought it was funny ho hud wrought a draft so largo for so small a deal, and are$500 richer in consequence. Assurances are now given that a new atholic church is one of tho improvements of the now year. The old building is too small for the rapidly growing society and a fine new church is needed to accommodate them A great many well-to-do members are numbered in the church and their liberality will no doubt result in a fine edifice. The dimensions named are 100x60 feet. Horse traders who are warranting animals "sound" will be interested in Judge Carr's instructions to the jury on unsoundness: "The term unsoundness means in flrm, diseased, and hence in determining the question as to whether the habit or practice of cribbing, if you find such habit was possessed by the horse in controversy, was or was not an unsoundness you are to determine from the evidence whether or not tho habit of cribbing was ^caused by or resulted in an infirm or diseased condition of the horse to the extent of reriderin •; him less able to perform services and of less value." The Webster City Herald gives a two cqlumn account of the wedding of Senator Kamrar's daughter. An item of local interest in the report is: "Among the out of town guests were noticed Hon. A. D. Clarke and daughter, Edith, and Capt. Cooke of Algona." Describing the arrangement of the parties during the ceremony the Herald says: '•First came the little page and the dainty flower girl, Guy Allington and Irene Merrill; next the two bridesmaids, Carrie Kamrar, and Edith Clarke of Algona." It adds: "Miss Carrie Kamrar, first bridesmaid, wore an elegant princess dress, of crep do chene. The other maid of honor, Miss Edith Clarke, wore a lovely sea green silk princess dress, cut entraine, very elaborately trimmed." The Des Moines Saturday Review made the following mention last week: " Miss Kate Smith, a daughter of Representative Smith of Algona, now visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Budd, 1320 West Seventh street, is said to be a fine performer on the violin. She has been studying with Mr. Jacob Schmidt for some time and is also studying piano with Miss Julia Plumb. She will be one of the violinists at the Messiah performance Monday evening." And the Sunday Leader said: "Miss Kate Smith of Algona, Iowa, who is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Budd, on West Seventh street, is a violinist, a former pupil of Prof. Jacob Schmidt. She will continue her studies while in the city and assist the orchestra at the oratorio performance tomorrow even ing." , A discussion of animal intelligence on the street yesterday elicited the following from Geo. E. Clarke. When he was a boy a stub tailed brindle dog made his home at the Clarke farm and bore the name of never being whipped in a fight. Four miles away a relative had a black and tan, which was set upon one afternoon by a neighbor's dog and badly injured. All efforts to get the little dog in the house for repairs failed, and he shortly disappeared. The next morning he came back and strutted about the dog which had chewed him up the day before, and succeeded in getting him out from the house, when the brindled fighter emerged from his hiding place and left nothing but shoe strings of the bully. The little do, had gone over to the Clarke farm an got their dog to come over. E. H. Clarke came along and vouched for this story, and it is said that different people saw the two dogs on the road between the places. After the final act the little dog came in the house and allowed himself to be bandaged. MAUD AND KATE SMITH are at home and will give lessons on the piano and violin.—39t4 BOWYER'S birthday rings are a novelty and make handsome presents. ALL the latest novelties in fine decorated china, suitable for presents, at the Grange Store. SANTA GLAUS' headquarters in the basement under our store. Geo, L Galbraith & Co. NEW strictly pure maple syrup at W F. Carter's. OVERCOATS for boys and men at low est prices at Galbraith's. GONE TO THEIB fcEWARt). Old Settlert Who It*** Dropped Out During the W*«k i**»t. The death of A. B. Frink on Wednes- lay last removed an early settler and a well-known resident of Union township. A sketch of his career Was promised us, iut as it has not been handed in we are unable to give the details. He was a trong man of very decided views on lublic questions, and a forcible talker, le was buried on his farm. Among his children are Geo. Frink of Wesley and Mrs. W. W. Annis of Algona. David Hegnf ty» David Hegarty died early yesterday morning at his home at the Milwaukee depot. He was an Irishman born who ,amo to Kossuth from Boston in 1858, «id located about three miles northeast af Algona. His old log cabin is a well- cnown landmark on tho river road, and 10 for many yours a well-known charac- er. He was a well-informed man, >riginal and entertaining in conversa- Jon, and all early settlers will learn of iis demise with regret. His funeral occurs at tho Catholic church Friday morning. He was over SO years of age. Sirs. riilllp Croso. Wo missed last week making note of ho death of Mrs. Philip Grose, which jccur'red at the home of her son-in-law, H. McNutt, on Sunday, Dec. 13. The funeral was held on Tuesday. Mrs. Jroso was 75 years of ago and came o Kossuth in 1855, belonging to tho ;ery earliest settlement. Seven children now live in the county, and four near by in the state. Two of her children were born hero in 1855, and if not he first, were very near the first children born in the county. Mrs, Croso ived, until her husband's death, on tho old farm three miles down the river rom Algona but lately has visited with lor children. HAPPILY MARBIED. Miss Corn Henderson mid M. M. Celts are Jollied for Llfo. The home of Robert Henderson was filled with a pleasant company, Mon- iay, to witness tho marriage of his daughter, Cora, to E. M. Getts of Elinore. Seven wore down from Eltnoro, ind from Algona Mr. and Mrs. Bradley, tfr. and Mrs. Will Nu.udain, Mrs. M. Stephens, and Mrs. E. G. Bowyer drove lown. Tho ceremony was at noon and Ifty were present for dinner. Mr. ~etts is principal of tho Elmore schools ind is a very highly esteemed young na.n, while no more estimable young ady has grown up in Kossuth than tho bride, Rev. Flunigan performed the jeremony, and the young married jouple went to Mitchell county yester- lay to visit at Mr. Getts' home. The best wishes of the host of friends go vith the new couple to Elmore, where .hey will locate for the present. EESIDEHOE FOB SALE. The W. AV. \Vlioelcr Property Is On the Market—A Hare Chance. W. W. Wheeler now offers for sale iis now and most complete dwelling. it is furnished with all the modern iin- irovements, hot and cold water up stairs and down, 150-bbl. cistern in the jest of repair, never-failing well with jump in kitchen, house heated with 'urnace, four large bed rooms, large Dath room complete, two front rooms, dining room and kitchen; dining room inished in oak, kitchen in hard pine; ;wo front rooms up stairs in white pine and entire house handsomely papered and oil-finished throughout; large cel- ar, storm doors and windows,complete, also screens; large barn 44x20, and wood shed 12x20; two lots, with plenty of shade, and strawberries, apples, grapes, and raspberries. Most liberal ;erms will be given at lowest possible rate of interest. • I also have three mares, one 11 years old, one 4, and one 2, one single buggy, one cart, one cutter, one robe, one pair woolen blankets, one light double harness, one single harness, one lap robe, one full-blood Jersey cow, one full-blood Jersey heifer. All must be sold on or before May 1. Anyone desiring the most complete and centrally located of all dwellings now offered in the city, and at a price less than the buildings can be built for, will be satisfied by conferring with tho owner. W. W. WHEELER. Will trade for Iowa land. 39 ipening quartette, while the pro- framme closed with a trio by Mrs. Slack and Misses Chaffce and Fahhe- tock. The ladies are to be highly omplimented on the success and merit f their entertainment. RUGS make acceptable Christmas presents, at once artistic and practical. You will find a nice lino of both Smyrna and Fur at the Grange Store. LADIES' and gentlemen's fine arctics In low, mediums, and high cuts at F. S. Stoug-h's. THE best assortment of arctics to be found, at Stough's. PURE Wisconsin buckwheat flour at W. F. Carter^. HOUSE for sale. Easy terms. Best location in tluj city. Inquire of J. C. Frank.—33 FOR carpets, oil cloth, curtains, rugs etc., go to Galbraith's. A PINE line of new dried fruits at W. F. Carter's. EVENING JNTHE ORIENT, How "Women Xilye In China, India, Japaxi, and Turkey, A good audience gathered at the court house, Wednesday evening, for the " Evening in the Orient," anc listened to one of the pleasantest entertainments lately given in Algona. Be sides fine music, ladies dressed to rep resent their respective countries ira/ personated noted characters, and ii their words described the hardships anc burdens heaped upon women. Miss Adame told of China, Mrs. Flanigan o: India, Mrs. Black of Japan, and Mrs Danson of Turkey. A very fine vocai solo by Miss Randall of the norma school was heartily encored, and the duett by Dr. Morse and Mr. Shelley was vigorously applauded, but the gpn tlemen refused to respond. Miss Fahne stock and Mrs. Vesper rendered solos and Mrs. Flanigan and Vesper, anc Misses Randall and Whitfield sang an her WE WANTED MORE ROOM PEBSOHAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Ada Smith comes from chool nt Stilhvater this week. P. S. Slough goes to Minneapolis to pend Christmas with his brother there. Harvey Hays is up from Cornell visit- ng his brother, Jos. W. Hays, during he holidays. We learn that I. Amos will sell the Juell house ho traded for in Algona ,nd go to Missouri to live. Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Buoll of Burt tart soon for a Florida visit. They vill spend some time at D. A. BuolPs ojv homo. Howard Robinson starts soon for the nst," where ho will visit his relatives .nd enter school. Ho will finish his ducation in the east. Supt.-elect Reed and Prof. Dtxson vill attend the state teachers' mooting t Dos Moines next week. Other enchers will probably also go. Miss Lenetto Wilson returned from hioago, Saturday, having regained KM- usual good health. She goes to California next month with her parents. Miss Edith Clarke after attending ho Beamnont-Kamrar wedding at Vobstor City went to Chicago, and will pend the holidays with school friends. Miss Cornio Ingluun is homo from or visit at Council Bluffs. She goes .o Redwood, California, next month' to pend the winter with her uncle, Geo. H. Rico. W. W. Wheeler is homo from Utah ,nd is much pleased with that country, mt has not decided to go there. With iis family ho goes to Kockford this veok to spend the holidays with Mrs. iVheoler's folks. The holiday season is always a live- y one in Algona owing to the return of ho college students. The past week lisses Jessie and Mary Smith, Josio .nd Louise McCoy, and May Colburn lave cotno from Minneapolis; Bert Burr rom Cornell; Ella Thompson from rinncll;- Nettie Dunint from Cedar 'alls; Gertie Clarke from Wellettloy; essamino Jones and Fred Inghum from owa City. Algona is fully represented n the colleges. PEOM THE COUNTY TOWNS. WESLEY. WESLEY. Dec. 12.—Mr. Nut Studer hipped two ear loads of cattle from his station, Monday night, for Chiago. Mr. S aider wont along interning to spend several days in the city. Great pi-operations are being miido or the Christmas entertainment at the Swede Congregational church Christ- Mas eve. Everybody should try and oiiio out and make this one of the grandest times of the season. Our schools will close Thursday ovon- ng for a two weeks' vacation. Don't it beat all. The amount of mud ve are having this month is all you ian hear now days. The business of our Wesley savings xink has increased so much in the past ew months that they have been com- )cllcd to enlarge their building. In act everything in the lino of business n Wesley has increased wonderfully in iho past year. G. B. Hall was called home, Monday svening, on account of the sickness of iis little boy. G. A. Frink has been homo for the >ast week attending the funeral of his ather, who, we have been informed, as buried last Thursday. Farmers have been making good uso of the line" weather the past month lusking out their corn. The 'majority of them are done. Hay soems to bo king by the way it comes to town lately. Good upland my baled sold as high us $!) per ton on our streets last week, and timothy for $11.50; Markets: Wheat, 72c; oats, 23c; barley, 25@30c; corn, 23c; ilax, 73( timothy seed, 806; hogs, 5J3.15;' hay, loose, $6;' baled, $7;50@9.- The stock holders of the Farmers' Alliance Store company have completed their invoice and have footed up their accounts. They all seem well pleased with the way Mr. Hall has Managed the business for thorn. It iius turned out better than they bought for in the beginning. All seem well pleased and will go ahead with the business with a new energy, Mrs. Hamlin of West Bond is lioro visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. T. A. 'Jlark. Mr. and Mrs. T, A. Clark are going to spend Christmas with friends at West Bend. The peanut sociable last week at the homo of T. A, Clark was well attended and was quite a novel alTair, The peanuts wore secreted in different parts of the house. Each one bought a sack and went in search of peanuts, the one that got the most was awarded a prize. Mrs. S. E. Grove was the lucky one. tt was fun for the millions to see the old women, young women, old men, and the young men scramble to find the most number of nuts. LU VERNE. LuVERNE, Dec. 21.—A good deal of poultry is coming in these days. Patterson & Mason, the butchers, have built a new slaughter house east of town. Rueb Buell killed a fine specimen of the jack rabbit on Friday night, by moonlight. The farmers are about done picking corn now and there is a good deal com' ing to market. Mrs. J. C. Raymond has been quite sick the past week again. The roads are in a bad state for travel at present, and our little burg is quiel these pays. Marshall Chapman, brother of Chas. and Frank Chapman of this place, is here from Eaglo Grove visiting for few days. Miss Carrie park is home for a visii with her parents. Mrs. E. A. Lovell is sick in bed, anc her sister is here from Humboldt stay' ing with here. John Northrop has purchased the Patterson & Mason dray and will run it hereafter. for our marfSmoth stock, so have moved our 5,10, and 25 cent Counters In the Basement, where will be found a large assortment of Such as Toys, Dolls, Games, Chinamen, Tinware, etc., and at prices that will surprise you. T Pi Tim Awn J, Pfl , Ii, liALDMllfl & uU, Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles 1 store, Algona. S. S. SESSIONS. 03 gHORT-FOllM MORTGAGESr-. The best tor chattel work. Always la stock at th upper Des Molnes ewce. CO Jndertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention. Prices are reasonable. Farm Loans. I can now nmltti loans cm improved lumlH, from ouo to tun yearn time, and glvu tho borrower tlio privilege of puyliiH tlio ^vliole loan or any part tliereof In even *100 at any ditto wlion tntorewt fal!n dun. Tills IH Iowa money, uid no second mortgage or coupoim takon. ThlH plun of making a loan will uniibto tho bor- •owor to reduce hlH mortgngii at, any tlmu and BIIVO tlio Interest on the amount paid. Money urnlshod at once on perfect title. Call on or addrown II. IIOXIE, Algona, Iowa. Goo. K, Marble, lit Burl, Hells 8est package coffees, per Ib $ .2!! 3est Hinall-sixed yeast, per pkg... .()!! Best large-sized yeast, per pkg... .015 Best oatmeal, 7 los for 25 Best cranberries, .per quart 10 Best tomatoes, per can 10 Best California peaches, per Ib 10 Lenox soap, per box 4.00 Plug tobacco, per Ib 25 25-o/. splendid baking powder 25 Soda, per Ib 07 Oh, wo can quote prices, and sell the joods, too. GEO. E. MARHLE, 36 Burt, Iowa. Hoar Ye! Ilcnr Yol All persons knowing themselves indebted to mo are hereby notified that they must call and settle, either by cash or bankable note, before tho first of January, or it will bo put Into tho hands of a lawyer for collection, 87t4 G. M, HOWARD. JOHN EDWARDS, Feed, and Sale Stable, South of Tonnant House, XO-W.A.. My rigs are all llrst class, and I will do what Is right to secant a share of tho trade. [ WANT YOUR PATRONAGE, and I will try to use you right. LOTJTS Dealer In all kinds of KEEP your hand on your pocketbook < when you go to tho Grange Store, so you can get it out quick to catch some of those wonderful bargains. Abstracts. Other abstracters have pooled. We're not in it We have been in the business for 22 years and don't have to sell, but are here to stay. Our work is GUARANTEED and will be done at living prices. Jones & Smith. Furniture, Picture Frames, Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made conlnu. Hoarse for public use. Headquarters for tho beat SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? AUCTIONEER, AVill cry city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly conlldentlal. Ofllce with F. M. Taylor, over Howard's. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE, Public notice la hereby given that the under signed baa this day been appointed and com umaloned by the district court of Kossutu i county, in the state of Iowa, administrator of! the estate ot A. B. FrJak, deceased; aud all I persons having claims against said estate are hereby notified to file them with. the clerk of I said court, clearly stated and duly sworn to,; and within legal time, preparatory to their being allowed or proved; and persons owing said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned and avoid costs. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 23d day of December, 1B017 GEO. A..FRINK, D0t3 Administrator. M' ONEY TO LOAN- ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on rail road lands will do weU to call ft tlw JSp, County Dank aud brlijg their contracts, NOTICE OP PROBATE OF WILL. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —In the District Court, To all whom it may concern: Take notice, that there was flled in the ofllce of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, on the 10th day of December, 181)1, an instrument iu writing bearing date the 10th day of July, 1BK«, and purporting to be the lust will ana testament of Anthony Hlntou, late of said county, deceased, was produced aud publicly read by me, and that the second day of taa next term of said court, to be holden oil the 80th day of February, 1898, at the court house in Algona, aforesaid, bus been fixed for proving said will; aud at 8 o'clock p. m. of the day above mentioned tvll persona interested are hereby notified and required to appear In said court and show cause,« any they have, why said instrument should not be probated ana allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. "^ "* Algona, Iowa, Deo. 91,18

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