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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
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Monday, October 3, 1910
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I V SECOND SECTION CLASSIFIED PAGES t VOL. LXXIV. OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY EVENING. OCTOBER 3, 1910 NO. 43 TO MJI i i i . .- . 1 J SEllATOBJOS TESTIFY IT Efl RKIG Congressman Clark Made Up Mind Thirty Minutes Before He Voted. John Bfoderick Summoned as Witness in Lonmer in vestigation. CirlCAOO, Oct. 1. "When the Senator I,orimer Invrst'gatlng committee began It session today It was announced that Vnited KtiUes marshals had surceedfd In K niwr f. witness niimrnhnii on State rVnntor wouM tos Representative Joseph Clark, who was the. first wltnen recalled for examination today, was askrd to reconcile his state ment before the grand Jury that he had maAe tin his mind to vr.te for Lorimer some rlnvs prior to the election and hi tout Imony before the committee that he lind ilfTrlned to cast his vote that way only thirl v mild. "I hid for Lorlm was r aft. that n. W live from ohn P rode rick and that he Ify before the week's end. OAKLAND WOMAN ATTACKED BY FIEND Mrs. D. McDonald Struggles in , Back Yard With Brutal Ttyjg. BLOWS WHISTLE AND BRINGS POLICE TO AID Suspect Arrested in Yard and Will Be Held for In- vestigation. - BALLOONISTS FLY FROM OAKLAND TO 1LVIS0; IN PERIL OVER BAY WATERS Birdseye view of Claremont district, taKen from balloon, and portrait of Miss Blanche Bonham, who christened the gas bag. I minutes before, his name wan bought I would cast my vote r some days before the ballot hut came to an absolute con clusion a but hnlf an hour before I was rolled i pi ness. ' to vote," replied the wit- . LETTER A FAKE. R(pteeiltatlv Brrkmeyer explained er Inviting him to meet Rob ert K. "WIMon, Democratic representa- Chff.ieo, to discuss a banquet to Lee O'Neil Prowno was ";i fp.ke.1 B'Tkmej ct lv;d by had been Ir alleged titfempt to 'called "ia tin anclen or fald that the letter was re-him In-' May of this year, hut lited bark a year. The letter to have been written In an make the meeting of the e- k-pottersy at St. Louis appear ; proceeding, Son of Journalist Faces Indictment Griffin Halstead Accused of Em bezzlement and Larceny by Federal Grand Jury. 4 ftead. son Lite Mur Irokerape vns tnrtlr today on pretenses BELL AND JOHNSON TOURING IN THE SOUTH Democratic Candidate to Speak in Oil District LOS AN he Pw returned t JKLfS, Oct. .3. Theodore Bell. Lratlc candidate for Ciovernor, b this city from Fan Prnardlno rarly yestjrday afternoon. He ppent sev- !1 Raid J'.akcrsflr 1 lMll Rive ptiall rarr have been iionk not 1'ernardin . e have sentiment ki'.TON, Oct. 3. Griffin Hal- of the fanxous Journalist, the TfaUtoad. whoso well-known flrr-, failed January 17 last. id by the federal grand Jury hares of embezzlement, fals kind larceny. Caught by a fiend who had- seen her leave her house and into the small rear yard at her residence . at Twenty-second and Myrtle street, Mrs. t. McDonald, a well known matron of Oakland, engaged In a struggle with a brutal assailant last night ( when the man leaped the fence and attempted to tnrow tier down in tne shadow,"by the fence. The attack on the woman was made shortly after :9:i5-'last night. . and her screams brought , Patrolman Cornelius J. O'Grady rushing to the place. Henry Is'eables, who was found by the officer attempting to make his escape from the yard, was placed under arrest and is being held In detinue.-The man will give no explanation, but declare ho is not the man responsible for the attack. Mrs. McDonald Is prostrated at her home as a result of the shock. ATTACKED BY FIEND. She had left some washing: on the line and. returning about 9 o'clock. decided to bring in the few-pieces of linen. Descending Into the yard, she commenced removing the garments from the line, when suddenly she felt herself clutched from behind by a man who made a violent attempt to bear her to the ground. Twisting herself In his arms, she struggled with him. and finding' that she was losing her strength, screamed for help. She managed to reach down and clutch a small police whistle which she h-nd tied around her waist by a piece of cord. TUTES TO HOLD HIM, The shrill sound of the' whistle echoed down the street and a moment later the sound of running footsteps was heard. The man let go his hold, but the woman , wound her arms around his body and attempted to hold him until the policeman should arrive. The fiend struck her. In the face and, breaking from her hold, 'attempted to leap the fence. The patrolman burst into the garden at that moment and discovered a man giving the name of Henry Keables. He took him to the police station, but pending further identification by the woman, he has not been bookad. m i " ' i 'DIAMOND' REACHES ALTITUDE OF 5200 FEET Passengers Land in Salt Marshes, Turning Somersaults ; By JacK Wishar , - 1 i Dropplr.g four thousand feet; in leas thn six minutes, the big gas balloon Diamond yesterday hung poised fifty five feet ab ut San Francisco bay while the three pa ssengers. looked vainly for some craft wl Ich mhsrht render aid.iand prepared'for a battle in the muddy, looking water with bu : little hope" of success. ,jj uit the moment when a plungejnto the ba seemed inevitable when ajV ballast ' and every article, ho matter how trifling. had been cast out of thei basket, -a warmer current of air was encountered which expanded the gas. Fhooting the balloon up 304 feet, where It was j gripped; : In the frijendly clutch of an air current that 8 E FOR A BUS SESSION r Committee Meetings (Are Held Preliminary -to Conven ing Tomorrow. IMPORTANT BUSINESS . WILL BE TRANSACTED Hundreds of Delegates in Los Angeles for Not able Meeting!. Arrive U03 AICGEL.ES, Oct. 3. -j- Cbmmittee meeting prior to the generfl convention of the American Bankers Association are In progress today and 17 important committees are in session, preparjng1 their reports, which ' will be submitted to the executive council of the association. . . All of the committee meeting are executive and the matterr- they (are considering are of great Importance. Chief among them, are "Bill of Lading Covering Foreign Deliveries," ''Express Companies and-Moneys Orders," "Standing "Savings Bank Laws," "Trust Section," "False Statements." Committee ' Resolutions," arid Legislation. I ."'-. ' ' I A : DELEGATES ARRIVE Law," Company 'Finance "Federal later in conference wltu me rs of the party. At 9 o'clock King he left for Bakersfleld. ac hy .Timothy f pelliicy, the par- Ate for lieutenant-governor. ersfleld the two will make, a toiir of the nelsjrt.oring oil rral hours local !adl in the eve conipanled ty candl From Hal campaign field. Tort iIn! for Fresno Mm?. Kpeaklni of his tour through Southern California. Hell says: "Mr.- Hpelldcy and I hnv been cordial jv received by tb" people of tne sourn, lawt nipht before dtpartlng f'r "I firmly- bell-ve that thej-is their supi'ort nnd that we orrow morning they ar sched- and for Vlsalla in the eve- couciues wiucn in iorniT yea.ru overwhelmingly Republican. I bn!v of Angeles, but of San Riverside, f 'rarne nnd San itles. Wherever ve have gone found a revolution of political In favor of our cause. BREAKS BOTH ANKLES. IN HIS SEARCH FOR WORK SAN" FRANCISCO. fortunes rf Harry selmo. w morning 4 egulrst h ("ay. Goo- et with nn occlijent wnin caue.i Mm 'o I reak .rioth nr.k!s,' nnd will lay him i.p I r a noni time m come. ie wns wuTklr.g nter,p the corridor In Crocker's tu!i'"i.'. a.':' Brr.nnar ftreet. when, in a ciiirk n-ski;e. h- stepred Into an orrn levator shaft f nd fell to the hafemnt. lie wfic ?f.l-en f'-r treatment to the Cen- tml l'n-'-keney Hospital. J. .(ct. 3. Th mls--Iman of San An- Ciime over ti this city this in ffirc l or .'lni.oy nient. r.ave The Republican Cam-1 paiqner Rests Ix Day at Los Angeles A 0 ,Vvh lis r . J v A 5 first flight of the new air Craft t is SUCCESS "With the reports of these sperlal com mittees In hand the executive council will present them to the general onyention of the association at the meeting In the Auditorium tomorrow. f i Delegates and visitors ' to I thf Thirty-sixthr convention of the American Bank- SCHWAB- 6111 ! BATTLESHIP GoraeT Will Build Two War Vessels for China, Declares Secretary' of Prince Tsai Suin. "I Big Fighting Craft for Flowerj-! Kingdom to Cost Total of $15,000,000. I - r PITTSBCRG. Oct. 3. In an Interview In a five-minute stop of a New TorV-St. Louis train last night, Lee Pome, chief secretary for Prince Suln of China Is cn?aited with an announcement that a contract for two Chinese battleships, to cost . J15.000.000, has been awarded to Schwab, head of the Bethle- (Pa.) Steel Corporation. i The Brir.ce and his ' party traveled through here during :he night In Schwab's special train, but as Schwab Charles M i hem was not aboard and " the Prince was asleep the statement of the secretary could not be confirmed. The ' Prince will sail from San Francisco October for China. Two battleships for the Chinese navy wilt be built in San Francisco and' the work will besrin Just as soon as It is possible for the Chinese government to pass speciai and regular trains ail last night i -"P011 r!ans submitted to Prince and tomorrow; two belated specials came In today bringing more than' 200 late ar- Girl Christens Balloon Before Journey IsjBegun rivals. ; J Registrations of delegates -continues at the Alexandria hotel pod Qeneral Secretary Famsworth estimates that there will be fully 1500 accredited! delegates In attendance and as many moire Visitors. BANQUET TO i more yl; nigHt. if land, was magnificent, s Mount Diablo, and Mount Tamalpais seemed but a step away, although dwarfed to the size of ant sept it towards the Alvarado ; marshes j hills, while the hills In the distance t; an estimated rate of forty miles hour. I I i LOS ANGELES. Oct. 3. Hiram W. Johnson, the Republican nominee for Gov ernor, departed from nis regular cam EXCITING ADVENTURE; - . ii This proved the most exciting! adven- e of the ascent of the fJiamoni, which tok place at 2:45 o'clock yesterday after noon from the aviations field ii Rixtv- rd and Telegraph avenue, hefore a fu th palgn programme yesterday, as mapped I criwd of friends ' of ,th aeronauts and out by the local committee, by visiting the beaches and enloylng himself. Instead of going to San Diego, where he was schedule to speak. He eschewed politics for the day. ; l.fr. Johnivm left for the city ot bay climate at 2 p. m. today, and will" return here this evening: He will remain here' until tomorrow evening.' when he will visit Riverside. Following his engagement at Riverside, Johnson will proceed on his campaign tour up the coast. He is scheduled to speak at Santa Barbara Wednesday evening. USES SHIRT. AS BANK; SENDS IT TO LAUNDRY Tslng a handkerchief pinned Into the pocket of a shirt as a bank in which she tiefl $250. Mrs. W". II. OTell promptly forgot about, the coin apd sent the"shirt to the laundry in a large bundle of soiled linen. -After her. husband had reported the loss of his money to the police, she suddenly remembered what she had done with it. . The adventures of the money are equalled only by those of the Brave Llttla Tin Soldier in Anderson's Fairy Tales. After being dumped indiscriminately into the ,washing machine at hlki to believe tJiat fan to r Sixty-third street, the collection or in when he left hi home . to- coins became separated, some - of them ilman didn't' get rvcrk. but he falling .to the bottom of the machine, ana dr ov spectators wnich packed the big area. The balloon was In charero rr. Cantnir 1 'a v4 Tassell, and also carried C. F-. Math- son, Pacific coast manager of the Dia mond Rubber Company,? and myself. The balloon ascended ! easily, the earth ppping away in a great panorama of robfs, streets which resembled sliver tht-eads; mountains whidh dwindled to the merest ant-hills, while beyond the golden te seeid like a gossamer thread laid jer a deep purple tapestn,-; tho Pacific ocan gleamed blue In the sunshine, while' An lelab'orate banjquet in ihonOr of the executive- council frill be jriven. at the Hotel 1 Alexandria tonight at frhich 150 guesta will be present. J. A. Graves will act as tqastmaster' and there will be a number of speeches bearing on important questions that will be taken up by the 'association- in connection tomorjrowi now seemed inevitable, j and we began to Committees of local bankers jiave n?et prepare for it. ;But liick was with us, every 1 train.: and personally! escbrted the for a warm current pf -- air r-uddenly delegates to their hotels -There flowers caught the balloon and : it teteounded up- 'and fruits of California in Iprofpsion had ward to a height of 00 feet, sweeping on been arranged in the rooms of the visl ueyonfl, the Farallone islands lifted plr heads like the points o Neptune's fa th trident. The aviation field dwarfed to tht sl9 of mere dots, finally blending with thie darker ground as the balloon rose higher.. ' ' ' V j i DRIFTS TOWARDS ALAMEDA. CREDITORS' AUCTION SALE f thrpe f.n stocks belonging to J. llan-kti, t). M-l'ht-rson and Mrs. Dsvln. .)!". Tuesday, October 4. at 10.20 a. m.. ra 1 T C. iv -street. Oakland. Comprising in art: ( holce line of ladles' anii gent s 'urnishinif Kods. fine line of stationery, nyv notic n. groceries, etc. The fixtures Comprise riliTit ssl'-'prn.Tn casf. counter i:n5d, counters, shelving. National cash rrr'tters, etc., etc. ' TiJs is tin extra fine lot of goods. Open J.: jo :ay Jfr iii-pection. tMUNEO A CO.. Atctlonm. others being thrown down the sewer with the dirty water. - ' TEAR OUT PLUMBING. The travels of the cash were traced by Detective Emlgh.. three $20 pieces being revovered from the machine. Today wlll be spent in tearing out some of the plumbing at the laundry to recover the rest of the mo A fifteen foot barbflt 1 pole, beautifully decorated with the natcal colors, and bearing a golden ball atipeak, was stolen during the silent hourasf early morning from in front of the shop of R. J. Washcn at 500 AKatrax avenue. He believes that college boys are responsible for the theft. ArJ now comes Col. Watterson alluding to Japan as "the Sunflower Kingdom." This comes of allowing 'Kansas to figure too much In ths limelight. Baltlmor News. I At three thousaodetsfhe; gas:bag was caught in a lig'ht current which drifted it slowly towards AJameda, oyer the heart of Oakland. The city was only a brown m iss of roofs, with trie streets sharply outlined like slender threads of light. Tho perfect .stillness of the 1 upper air was broken only by an occasional creaking of th cordage, or the voice of one j of the passengers. j ! ! Contrary to expectatfons, the higher we as:ended the warmer it became! j At a height of 4800 feet the (heat was) Uncom-fo table, and at 5200 feet, the; highest point reached during the afternoon, I was conpelJed to doft my coat to gain relief from the heat. : There -was no perceptible i .- . . . 1 , . . 1 .y . ".kmi w n.o oajioon at any tame, and we were at an estimated distance of two ir.e oniy means of determining our speed 1 miles from the shore. swept away in. a long, purple fold, with scarcely a corrugation to break the symmetry of the picture. 1 i APPETITES SHARPENED. I ' . ' , - ' . ' One of the most noticeable things about the upper atmosphere was its sharpening effect upon the appetite. The lunch carried ( was quickly consumed, and w sighed for mere. . "With the aid of glasses fishing boats were seen far below, but appeared to take no notice of us. ' ' I f' At 5:20 o'clock the balloon suddenly be- j gan ; to descend without appreciable cause, except a slightly colder current! which struck the bag. The sun was Hearing the horizon, and the first chill of evening was approaching. At that time ( we were poised 4,600 feet above the, sea. The descent was rapid, as was shoiVn by the aeronoids. , The last of the sand ballast was practically gone, and we watched the needle in th- aeronoids with increasing alarm. At an altitude of 3000. feet a strong, cold current was encountered that started the balloon back, across the bay toward the Alvarado marshes, fully fifteen miles away. The long drag-rope which trailed 175 feet below, was caught by the wind and swept for ahead of the basket,, while the big bag itself tipped and rocked. It was swept forward with increasing speed. - although steadily . falling, as was shown by tho aeronoids. BALLOON RAPIDLY SINKS. . Down to 2000 feet thef-balloon shot, and still continued its onward rtsh across the water. With all the' ballast goce we prepared to throw out everything of any weight. Tha needle in the aeronoii indicated lO'.'O feet and continued to iall. The sound of the waves came to us more distinctly, and the needle of the ae'ronold showed only 500 feet, but 'the onward rush of the bis ba;j towards the marshes continued. It became a proble whether it would be possible to make XYfc land before the balloon struck, as & that time towards the land wlthi the speed of a railroad train We breathed a sigh of relief. .' - j . ! ; In a! few moments we were over the tide flals, sailingjat a height ci 300 feet; over the big paltj works, with the huge squares of murky looking water,- and finally out Ovef . the marshes. The balkion again began to) settle and we climbed into j the rigging, prepared to leap when the basket struck, as the big. bag was-sweeping along at a terrific rate and our ...only chance for safety lay; In dropping off as soon as the basket touched the earth. 1 HANG LIKE FLIES. For a few moments we hung like flies, but at the moment we expected the basket to strike, by some strange freak it again shot 'iupward, (tarrying us to a height : of 500 j feet, and sweeping 'along across ' the desolalte wastes. For half a mile the flight continued, when the big bag again began to siettle. Again we Tsai Hsun by Charles M. Schwab, head of the ' Bethlehem Steel Cprporation. The work will be done at the plant J5f the Unkm Iron Works, In which 3500 men are employed when the plant is rua- ! ning full blast. As the two battleships are to cost $15,000,000,- the ; officers of the company are preparing to run It not only full blast but perhaps continuously until the ships are completed and launched. EXPECT MORE CONTRACTS. That there will he at least two mora contracts awarded to Schwab for work toi be done hero is the hope of the officers of the,i Union Iron "Works. The details of the award of the contracts were telegraphed., here privately to General Manager Tynan of the Union Iron "Works, but thes are withheld rom j tho public by the company.- I tors. ;; i I . I i . . . . l i . 1 j . I . linproviiienfs in Onklond ' : ' ' ' . i - Supersnlendoni of Parks Prepares to Beautify Land Donated to Gily; Debris and Clay Have Been Gleaned Away The -orki of clearing Pourtlji avenue park, 'donated- some months agio to the city by F. M. Smith, a local tapltalist, has been Completed by - thei park department, untjer the supervision! of j Malcolm climbed into the 'rigging and waited for Lamonc!. superintendent of (parks. !wf' by lining up Objeetsj on the ground. out at the great altitude at which we wire traveling this was Cifficult even with the aid of powerful glasses. '' - H . STATIONARY OVER BAYj The npper current was slowlj sweep ing us over the bay, but when off Hunt er's point tha balloon Remained station-artr. the faint current i leaving ua. For m ire than an hour the big bag hung sus-I-ended at this point, occasionally falling a rew hundred feet, but regaining the 'up-p3.- regions when' sand ballast was cast t. The'Ound of the waves reaehed us d they resembled the accompaniment of! some gTeat church pip organ.! so! deep the note In the upper silences of the air.: Th panorama presented by' sea and The aeronoid rigistered 300 feet and the r.eedio continued slowly to circle downward. The shore seemed far away and the sovnd of the water came to us with ! a chilling ir.tenseness. The aeronoid registered 200 feet, and we began to prepare for a struggle in the water. In another minute the needle of the aeronoid showed 150 feet and the drag-rope was trailing in the water with the shore at least a mile away and no boats in sight, except a ferr- far in the distance, ! And still the big bag continued to settle towards the -?fater. although traveling at an Increasing speed: BATTLE FOR LIFE. The needle, registered 100 feet and then 73 and finally: 55 feet. At . this point every article in the basket -was -cast out, even trifles in our pockets, in order to save welghL " A battle for Ufa la tha bay the Instant when the basket would touch the earth. The ! balloon's rpeed was not diminished when the basket struck the earth with a crash that threw us far Into the air nnd we landed on the soft marsvh grass,' rolling In double som-ersaultis for many yards and laying there for a few minutes breathless from the impact, while the jballoon continued on" its way. But the rip cord had., been drawn ias the balloon touched and it soon settled'!- . ''; '-, : f Captain Van! Tasaell seriouriy sprained his left arm In his fall from the rigging and suffered severely. We had landed In a desolate spot, far from airy house. The journey across the marsh on foot then began. Mud was encountered that taxed our energy and endurance; deep sloughs of soft mud which had to be crorsed in our effort to escape from the marsh before nightfall, ; as the sun had set and darkness was rapidly approaching, s For nearly an hour we continued on our weary way until at last we reached a slough too broad tQ be crossed.1 The sound of an auto's siren came through the gathering dusk, and derplte Its harsh, shriek, it was sweet music, i : The wo blocks of land; when taken over bj-.ithe city, was covered vith clay and street dumpings of jseveral years accumulation. . - . j ' The debris and clay has been cleared away and levelled down, j and Superin tendent Lamond has commenced ploughing and making the soil ready for grass, flower beds and shrubs for the beautlfl-cation of the park. He has laid out the plan of the two blocks at Fourth avenue and East Twentieth street, making details . of the park wifti winding paths, fountains and groupof trees and flowef gardens. Tho park land has been curbed on tha street frontages, and will soon be one of. the finest parks of the city. RESCUERS APPEAR. Peaching a spot oppose a laree bam. we sat; on the grass and waited 'jntil rescuers appeared.: They came in the form of R. L. Ja-r.es. J C. Allen. F". H. Pmith and E. Jackson, (who had followed the bsljoon in an auto.) The problem of retting us across (the slough war solved by the partial destruction of an old barn.: the boards being used to lay a pathway across the marsh over which we traveled to dry land and the' waiting au'omoblle. The tr?p was accomplished and had proved successful In every repeci DRJ DRURYISINOW PHILOMATH'S HEAD Former Oakland Pastor Is In stalled as President of Oregon College. Rev. Marion Richardson (Drury, 15. D., formerly ' -pastor of the i- First United Brethren church. Thirty-foiirth and Adeline streets, was formally j Inducted 'Into the office of president of Philomath Cpl-lcge at Philomath. Ore., frith ilmpcsing ceremonies yesterday. Prominent sneakers from the schools and; the;. .Upfted Brethren ' churches of Oregon, 3nia the alumni and citizens of Pliilomath made addresses, after which the keys of the, college were delivered to iDoctor. Drury. On accepting 'them he projceeded to deliver h!. inaugural addrefsjon "The Distinctive I4ea and Purpose pf Education." He waigreeted with a larg and Interested- audience, who received- the (message cf the new president withj manifest approval. ; In the evening a banquet and recep tion wre givn in honor of-President and BURGLARS STEAL WATCHES AND COIN Make Use of Bath Room Win dow to Effect Entrance to Residence. Crawling through a narrow bath-room window, burglars effected entrance to the residence of C. E. Lange of 293 PeTklna street last evening and ransacked tho place. They obtained trro gold watches, some Jewelry and ' In coin, the total value of the articles stolen being aboul $0. .'o traci of tho burglars that may lead to tho discovery or their identity has been found. Louis Passanio, who rooms at 101? Franklin street, was robbed last night rut $220 which, he had left In the pecket ol his trousers. A suspect, residing In th sfsme place, has ben arrested and is be- . Ing heli In detinue pending an Investigation. M. P.; Rogers, residing at 1051 'Franklin street, has reportd to the polieo the theft The balloon was to bave Trri-d four i Mrs- Drury and other members of tho J of . three 'horseblankets. ut at the Isst minute it was j college faculty, over one; hundred and the lifting capacity was in-- fi?:,v t!ne and visiting friends" of the ' -'-. uvijjft V 1 - 11 parser, eers. b decided" that sufficient to take four, and it was decided to flip a coin to see who f hould remain,1 Professor A. j Vander Nalllen lost the throw and was forced to watch the others sail aloft. . '"':A The balloon was christened by Blanche Bonham- : - - Prof, i Vander Naillen' started the festivities by Introducing Dr. Ira B Dalriel. presklefet of the Pacific Aero Club of San FVancirro. as master of ceremonies. Dal-rlel made a short speect. in whih he recited a brief lilffrjTT i of balloon ventures afl avi:ion.: . Following Dnlziti's remark a. Councilman Karoid Kverhart ; of Oakland, delivered an address. . , Rev. e!soa E. Sauiderspoke i the lavocatlon. ! BRASS THIEVES ARE - - .; RELEASED BY DUNNE ' " - i SAN KRAXCISCO, Oct; ?. -It seems pathetic to send young men to the penitentiary for stealing brass ifrom the lamp port-: cf the city hall when you can't put men In prison for trying to 's'eal the whole city.' said Superior Judge Dunne, this morning, and he forthwith! releaed on probation, George Broen and John Peterson. I - were taken k Into ! custody act of sawing off the bras rted portloa cf tt cli hall., valued at 180, from h! tat!" at S51 Ma-emlla strt. The you whil tri th from a it 0h I Ik A Three-Year Loan OF 82.00 Wanted Will pay 7 net. giving first mortgage on new $3600 home just bHng eomplrted. Absolutely safe. Fullest investigation solicited. Private partie only. Address pv-ner, box 4flS, Trlb-une.

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