The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1893
Page 2
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rpPETi DKS MOIN&&, ALGONA* IOWA, WEDNESDAY* FEBBtJAR16,1893. OLD GLORY AFLOAT, TAEASORY IS DRAINED Bank* Obliged to iletieve the G<Mpjmetit on Vrcnunt of f.nt-lt of Hold AVashington, Feb. 9.—A statement Is GRESHAM'S THE MAN tOLLEQ IN A HtiHT. Hawaii is Jiawail 18 the Now Stars tripes. and Protected bv' miblisued in a New York P a P ll> tMa He Will Be Secretary of State kill . ed in a riuieiAtu "J j morninK to t h e effect that the United * a piece of i States treasury Is practically empty of j j gold and New York banks are obliged I j to come to the relief of the govern- j ment. j i This state of affairs Is brought about j j by the dram of gold to Europe. The j j paper says that of the $3,500,000 gold j shipped to Europe last Saturday $2, WATER A^D ELECTRIClTy I 500,000 Avas loaned to the government i ^ New York | f d '" «« llc °' er ™ nde « ext b!lnks : thnt «*•«* WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.—The United •States flag now floats over the Ha- Capitol. This glad news ubllc to-day and the action is y with the orders of I'I-PS- ident Harrison sent to Minister Stevens at.Honolulu some weeks ago. | The steamer Australia, which arrived j in San Francisco this morning, brinsr;; ; the details of thechange. The follow- i ing was published officially in HOMO- i lulu Feb. 1. ; "To the Hawaiian People: At the , request of the provisional government /Of the Hawaiian Islands, T hereby, in 1Ut 'llt. ; - the name of the United .States of i Secretary Foster, of tlie treasury. America, assume protection of the I when askctl as to tll e truth of this Hawaiian Islands for protection of life statement this morning, declined to and property and occupation of public ' talk of tllc matter further than in Cleveland's Cabinet. CHICAGO. Feb. 9. — .Tud-je Ores) nta be Secretary of State in President Cleveland's Cabinet shipment <)f $3.- the prol>- iricreasod to which would leave onlv !?3,000,000 of free gold in the United States treasury, aucl that tlie pr-?sidont of the New York clearing house Ss ai- '_' free j II ere lo fore when Judge Walter Q. o a lit- J Gresham has been asked about reports that arrangements connecting his name in any way with the Cleveland Administration he has been prompt and frank in ihe statement that there was no ofliee within the gift of Mr. Cleveland that hr> could take, and, furthermore, that he had not been asked to take any. That reply was accepted as a final ranging for further loans to the govern-; announcement that he would not be in Cleveland's cabinet, and that any talk in the future associating' him with the incoming administration could be considered as totally without foundation. Now, however. Judge lit-.-sham does buildirgs and Hawaiian soil, so far :is , to S11 . v that he had employed no spe- I not den y tlle explicit statement tele- j cial or umtMial means from the banks. to obtain gold ILL1NOIS Various LEGISLATURE. Ititroilurc-il and New may be necessary for tho purpose specified, but not interfering with administration of public affairs by the provisional government. This action is taken pending and subject to negotiations at Washington. Signed. ".JOHN" L. STKVEKS. "Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States. "United States Legation, Feb. 1, 1893. "Approved and executed by G. C. j adopted by the <.f.-neral Assembly of Wiltse, Captain U. S. N., commanding- : Indiana, memorializing- Congress for a MpH«nr*M Co in tn It Iep|^«»f» tViimptt. SrmxoFiKi.n. III.. l-Vb fi. — A communication was to-day spread before the House by the Speaker from the Inili- i ana Legislature reciting a resoltition graphed from New 'orkami \Vaahing- ton that he has i»een tendered and will accept the portfolio of Secretary of State. It would be more fair perhaps, to say that lie declines to be interviewed upon the subject- There is only one construction to "be placed upon the .Hvlav's silence. If the report were not true, he would not hesitate to deny it, as he has similar stories in the past. If it is true it would be a manifest breach of the proprieties for him to In T«nn<-M«>« Ottr ft «• to the Ovrntr-ihtft of l.nnd. KS-OXVIUJK, Tenn., Feb. <».—Bd Johnson, his wife and Tom Hixon were :>«• over the ownership of piece of forming land in Greene i county, to-day. There are two fac- j tions in Greene county, Tenn.. nnd \ Madison county, N. C., led on the one i hand by Ed Johnson and on the other i by a notorious mountaineer. .Tim Coio. i For months they have been Hsrhtinsr ! each other through the courts certain farming' lands being- the stake. To-day .Km Cole and a friend, Tom ! Hixon, visited the Johnson house, j Tilt? F1(UV of Wat fl Siniph' Should IIP of Laviiun Which to All claiming to have n Warrant for Mrs. j Johnson's arrest. She called her husband to come to her assistance. His ! feet were frozen but he managed ] to crawl out and open fire on Hixon and Cole. They returned the compliment and Johnson was killed. lav to That of Elect He CniTMits. dueert in a brook of river where each Awheel will similarly use up a certain 'amount of the pressure of the limning ; water. i Incandescent lights are burned wlth- 'out affecting (he pressure In two wires 'run parallel to each otlher, by connecting the two terminals of each lamp to Jhc wltvs and allowing the current to pass through their tiiaments jus't ns two water pipes rimning parallel to e.-ich oilier.may 1«? punoliircil \\1flhi a small hole wherever U is desired to have, the currents of water escape. In neither niso will Ihe pressure be'diminished* at; any point, except by an hiconstdei'- 8illli"iable amount due to I'r5c,tion, tlliough a .largo (iititntlt;v of water or olectricflttld will be used. A intin's body offers a resistance to the passage of an electric current dependent upon (ho muscular and nerve libers of the body, the thickness of his skin and the conditions under which *»v.»pA'ji*v.n & unit *> Vll **.-?vf 1L *> 11:5 t\ll[1Tll. ^ , i* m \T I J I \1 .TtlVIlL HUH llllj C'l/ilVll I1U11C, I1UUCJL »T AU\>1* Mrs. Johnson ran into the house and ;'Origin 01 iH'lllS \ ((IT iUKI Ulllll— ti, L , current enters and leaves his body. Resistance of the Hoily to Ehctricity. returned will, a shotgun, the contents of which she emptied into Hi.xon's breast, ktllinsr him. She was about to open fire on Cole, but he got ahead of her and with a loail of buckshot, shot at close range, almost ciuttincr the woman's head oft'. She fell lifeless across the bodv of her husband. The Johnsons have six grown children, ^ l>«so in Uieir ganlen. ever roalize that who say they will avenge the killing Iho 1:nvs conmilliui: the How of water of their parents. <Jole has not been captured. Probably few people when turning on n water faucet in their house, or playing FREE VICTORY. the United States steamer Uoston." | new Cabinet officer, to be known as i 6a y anything for the publicuntil Presi- The Commercial Advertiser of Ilono- > Secretary of Labor, and asking similar 'dent-elect Cleveland had lirst broken j antl House refus?* ta Outsider the Hill t, Kopeiil the Mirrmuii Act, WASHINGTON, Feb. 9.—The free silver cranks won another victory to-day They were out in force and the galleries of the House were filled to see the final fight of the session between the respective advocates of honest sides have a great similarity to those governing the subtler fluid electrilcty; and whether they turn on a faucet or an electric light, certain conditions exist and ee.tain actions follow which are au- alagous. • The -water in the faucet' is under a certain pressure, and an amount of wa- The resistance depends, therefore, upon three variable-factors, and (herein-lies .'the uncorta.inty of "electrocution." A man's ability to withstand the. effects of a water-fall depends similarly upon the strength of the man and the point of application of the water's force. Here are t\vo variable fads which win be disregarded us long as wo have Niagara falls. This would seem to be fill argument in favor of "hydrocution." All electric current phenomena have their exact parallel in the How of water and for the ri l :uly explttnllon of the one it is only neeesaiiy to niidw.sUiiHl th<> : other. Everybody .-tindersCaiuls their water faucets, though they may not tm- tcr Hows out of the lancet dependent «-\ CI *»"«l tl>olr plunibcr. So should poo- .this pivssuTO and upon the size of the faucet. An electric ctirrciu in ;i whv is under a certain pressure, and an amoinit of lulu on Feb. 1 published the follow- j action by other States. ing: ' nication was referred to the Committee "This morning at 9 o'clock the flag j onJJabor and Industrial Affairs. of the United States oi America was oi America raised over Alliolani Kale. The provincial government, after mature deliberation on the situation for some days, reached the conclusion that the The commu- } silence. It may be assumed, therefore, that Judge Oresham will be President The Speaker announced the appoint- Cleveland's Premier if the program as current Hows through the wire depend-' dishonest money. Both were confident, but the wise ™^,. believed that the victory would «''» "!»<>» _'he i»ro.ssinv aiitl upon i lie siw perch on the shoulders of the cranks ot tho winx pie understand the common uses of the mysterious current, .thoiiKh they do not nndei-stnnd the useless mid pi-rjilexing: technlciilitles of expert i-loctrlc-ians. MEDIEVAL YOUNG LADIES. ment of Farrcll and Kent as additional members of the Committee on License. The special committee to investigate step which has now been taken was j the "sweating 1 shops" in C'h cago was rendered necessary by circumstances, i granted leave of absence for to-mor- Incessant agitation on tlie part of cer- ! row, Saturday and Monday on request tain whites who have always been a 1 of Representative May. curse to this country, coupled with efforts of one English and two native newspapers to discredit the government, to block its efforts toward the establishment of order and in general to bring it into disrespect and contempt, have been the chief agencies in spreading a feeling of uneasiness and disquietude, ft was thought wise therefore to secure direct assistance of the United Slates Government in preservation of property and maintenance of order. " _" "At 8:30 a. m. C'apt, Wiltse arrivt-d ! at the government building and a few moments later a battalion from the United States steamer Boston, under Lieutenant-Commander Swinburne, marched up the streets, entered the grounds and drew up in front of the building. Detachments from three 'volunteer companies, A, B and C, were A resolution presented bv Representative Anderson of Henderson was adopted, tendering the use of the hall of the House lo the G. A. R. Department Encampment of Illinois on March 10 and 17. now arranged goes through. His name heads ihe list of Cabinet officers. The appointment of lhe dislin- guished Western jurist to the office of , Secretary of St-.ite will make a profound scnsalion. Judg-e Gresham has insisted from the oulsct that ' Mr. Cleveland could not afford me a Cabinet plaee, and I could not afford to accept it." He seems to have changed his mind. : In his recert letter on President [Harrison's nomination of Judge Jackson to the Supreme Bench, John M. The Speaker appointed Callahan and i Clarkson proplu-sied that Cleveland Sparks additional members of the Committee on Judicial Department. After the introduction of various bills the House adjourned. GOV. ALTCELD IMPROVING. "eer*tHr.r IJo«e K.xpnots Him to Kcrnni to SprlngUi'lu In a Few Days. SriiiNOFiKi.D, 111.. Feb. 9.—Gov. Alt gelfl's secretary, W. E. Dose, had tc deny another report to-day that thf Governor was much worse. Mr. DOM- said he put no credence whatever in the rumor, and that on the contrary '. All geld returned to Springfiehl within a few days. "I havi: not heard from him since yesterday," said .Secretary Dose. "Then he was at Pass Christian, Miss, ;imi was in pretty gooil health. II<; was advised from this end of the rout/' not to come home until the weather became more favorable, but I would not won der if a few days found him home at work. I have telegraphed to-da3% but have received no reply. That might indicate that he had started. drawn up in line under command of ! he would not be surprised if their respective! Captains, Ziog-ler, Gunn and Canara. Just before 9 o'clock Lieut. Rush n-ad in a loud voice the proclamation, and punctually at 9 o'clock, amid breathless expectancy of t all present, the Hag. saluted by troops, and by cannon of the Boston, was raised above the tower of Aliiolani Halo. "Raising the flag docs not.of course, indicate cession to the United States. The Hawaiian Hag- still floats in the yard. The palace, barracks, police station, custom house, etc., remain in the hands of the government, which will be administered as usual. Volunteers with supplies of arms and ammunition will be withdrawn from Aliio- lani Haiti, which, until definite intelligence arrives from the United States, \vili be guarded by a detachment from the Boston. The event of this morning is hailed with joy throughout the community. It will make peace and prosperity and will please all except those who do not want Iliiwaii to enjoy '.heso or any other blessings. It is not an act of •aggression but of friendliness, done at the instance of the Hawaiian government. May this friendliness result in a union which shall endure forever" would attempt lo build up a new party —a Cleveland party—aud that the so: called liberal wing of the existing ; Democratic organization and the mug' cvniiips would be accorded preference : over the moss-backs and radicals. ' In the light of Judge Gresham's ; selection to the highest ortice in Presi- i dent-elect Cleveland's gift. Clarkson's | prediction becomes especially signifi- icanl. Il gave form for the first time J to what promises to be Mr. Cleve- i land's conlroling policy. ! But for family bereavement and : other matters that occupied bis undi- ! vided time and attention for two or j three weeks prior to the Populist t convention in Omana last, sura- I m r — a combination of cir' cutnstaiK-es. that prevented an i understanding being arrived at—it is | altogether probable that Judge Gresh| am would have received the nomi- ', nation of that convention for Presi- , dent, upon a platform of practically • hi.s own making. It would have em- I bodied many of the features of the ; Populist platform thai was adopled, 1 but it would not have been the crazy- the wise men were net mistaken The fight began and ended in nireu minutes. It was brisk, and the cr:,n:>& stirred by the fury of fan:iti.-i •-n fought tvith desperation. '! .-M-T-- \\ • -e a number of pood speeches < n i,. -n sides, >oung Bryan of Xebr:i>U.u >• >--v ing off the honors of the free siivei crowd, while Tom Reed won frr-sh laurels money. No sooner bad the vote been taken than Mr. Cox of Tennessee, morco" that the report be recommitted, ano the motion was carried by an overwhelming vo.e, the champions of the repeal wisely coming to the conclusion that it would be useless to debair without a closure. This put the repea question back in the grave where the vate last Monday in the Senate put it. They Hail Xo l!oiu-ilin« > ohoo's or Clubs. but Tlii-y Kn.j o ( .,| i. |t,. Medieval young ladK-s learned Uicfr lessons with thdr jim-finess, practiced their lute, went .to church every morn- Ing, embroidered ch::sul)K'w ,-uul altar , , , , cloths, and worked wiwloil'ul hanging!* I.';.. M ..t ol the lamp Heats the lilament for tho col(1 gtone w « tVom •™"- v to "» ' In a smrdi-n hose water under good pressure, if allowed to escape through ,-t small noiKle. will In- forced a considerable distance. In an incandescent lamp, current under a fair pressure is llov. •' ro escape .through ihe minute rr H of hvli ti that of liar matter when ly ' lCtUa bo: ... , . is a fluid O f needitworlv in a set of hangings f They- for the defenders of honest '» «"> «*ise «"" water is, .ays Hi- Xo-.v (;ollld . (]so , n fluo m . , |M ^ ^ ornament with needlem-i-h. t In -Ir feast- day veils and dresses, says the Contemporary Review. (Th.- less interesting forms ut' sowing weiv left to tho army of tiro women nnd walriuy women, who attended on the noble maidens and Uielr lady.) They (ill knew how to ride and tly a hawk, to make wreaths and posies, to sing, to play, to beguile the long hours irre: i v: trouble has been that elcc- with chess, tl-lc-irac, draughts, and the . ,,,. „ .,, . -, . . ,"•'«••'""••< ".'iv"' thrown a veil of mystery youngest of them to deal and shuttle j The grave will uoi be reopened thin over their calling by naming all their """ 'units after French and German celebri- the lirst playin ties. This lias led ro no uncl - - • current passes through a wire, as therj is when water Hows through a pipe; but there- is a close analogy between-tho laws governing- the rwo. and it is .fust as easy aud as simple to predict the actions of one within a certain range of conditions as it is of jhe other. The session. FOUR PERISH IN THE FLAMES. The H.-i,leri< llo'el of Cincinnati Aliii.i.i Totally Ue.tni- eil. CINCINNATI. Ohio. Feb. 9—The Beiders Hotel at 205 We-t Fifth Stive i was totally destroyed by Sre ear.r this morning. The loss will probab.v foot up 800,000. Four persons been burned to are known death arid to is lias led ro no uncl of (-oiifn- 'sion. Volts, ampers. ohms, watte, oulo* and coulombs "are becoming, c-ommon .words in print in these days of great /•lectrk-al activity, but they [about as much, meaning to the average peison as a Chinese I;nindryjji;iir« .' j Pounds, quarts and the rest ut our 'everyday units of measurement arc familiar to every school child; so will volts it is ex- and amperes be some day when th peeled flames. The dead are: that others perished in the 'American people Fred Detzel, waiter; Albert Grau, yardman; Joseph Maines; ivpn-senr. ,unth the doiiws of these distinguished .forigners and rhe units .tin ir names now the newly-invented "naypes," or "naibl," cards. They could pluck or brew virtuous simples, bind a broken limb, or nurse ;i fever. They could amuse the convalescent with endless tales of the Round express Tabk , ( w iti rll ie legends of Charlemagne, and with lives of the saints no less interesting and iMiimntlc. Most of them could read aloud some novel of Cleoma- iles or Melnsine. They must!, I .think have been blifhe, chnrming, capable companions in the long winter of a lonely country house. On the whole, with its constant undercurrent of chivalry and religion, .theirs was an education Gottleib, a waiter. Grau wakened tin- other inmates of the hotel, but was himself unable to escape. ASA POTTER ADJUDGED GUILTY Kr-1'resi.lont of ilio Wrurkod Maviu-lok H:uil< Ciinvlcti-il. BOPTON, Mass., l-'eli. U. —The jury in the of Asa P. Potter, ex-President of the bankrupt Maverick Hank, who is charged with false certifications of checks, this morning 1 rendered u ver- 'dict of guilty. The verdict finds Mr. Potter guilty on fifteen counts, which cover practically live charges of over- certification. The case will now y;o to the Supreme Court. The minimum sentence for the crime alleged is a fine, the maximum twenty-five years' imprisonment. Gun. Houuregitnl'H Illness Not Merloni. NEW OHLEAXS, La., Feb. 9.—(Jen. G. T. Ueauregard's condition caused great anxiety umon;r his friends yes'j terday, and a number of them remained on guard all night. A consultation of three leading physicians decided that tho General would almost certainly recover. Jlis illness is due to eating and excessive smoking, which produced heart, derangement. Sues to Heoorur u IK'flUt'Utlon COHYDON, Ind., Feb. 9.—County Clerk Amos Leinmon has instituted suit against ex-Clerk Alviu 1<I Smith to recover an ullugcd defalcation of S:<. 51)0. Jjeiumon succeeded Smith lust November. They are both Democrats. Killed by u rail. Tri'TOS, Ind., Feb. 9.—Dr. J. M. Grove, the oldest and best-known physician in Tipton County, fell on the Jce this morning, breaking his back and dying almost instantly. He was II year* at Heretofore the Governor's spokes- j 9 uilt affl | ir llult w:ls Anally offered to men here have all along said he. woul:l [ the P e °P !e nol be back before next week, and Uie | II woulcl nave 1 een a document that propose:! change of program has j "'O")' 1 nave commanded lhe respectful caused some excitement among the of- ! consideration of the country, and with ficeseckers who are waituig"to gain i J _ Ufl '- 1 ' Gresham leading lhe national his ear. The Governors return "will ] ticljet tn <-' 1'opulist movement might have a tendency to expedite- bu-iuess nave "ssumed much more formidable in the legislature, it is believed, and ! P r °P"''tions than it did. Handicapped for that reason is anxiously awaitc-d j as il was b ^' L ' r;tnl<s and hobbies the by the more public-spirited" members. | movement ' ut lei *st, established the ; fact that farmers and their natural allies in other lines were "ipe for polit- cal revolt. Portfolio of AgriL-ultiiro Jlentioned in j CHIEF BUCHANAN NAMED. Coniiuctlun with IIU Name. ; WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. —A number of i Mr. Cleveland's 'friends met yesterday j and the question of Cabinet probabili. ! tieseameup. It was stated empbati.} cally by a Congressman from Now York, an intimate friend of the President-elect, that since Gov. Boies had declined to accept the portfolio.of agriculture in the Cabinet Re- he had decided to tender it to the Hon. W. I. Buchanan of Iowa, who is at present Chief of the World's Fail Department of Agriculture, lie said that Air. Cleveland had learned of the surpassing excellence of Buchanan's organization of that Department for the Exposition, find, have a man from that bein - anxious to the agricultural Northwest for that position in hi Cabinet, had decided to tender- the place lo Buchanan. MAY OUST POPULISTS. Threatening {{anoint ion Introduced In tliB Kantian Ki'jnililicaii Honae. TOPKKA, Ivan., Feb. 9.—In the publican House this morning a lution was introduced declaring * - a- cant all scats lo which Populists were elected and alleging that the Populists have failed to qualify as which left: Ms women delightful, ten- Alexander \olta was a professor of der of heart, and yenennis, If, alas! with physics in Pavia, who accomplished a little moral strength to resist the more „,, . . , , , , , ^ n ' ;l1 ' ilcal in a scientific way; eonse- seductive errors of the heart lhe structure had been condemned qu.-iitly eleetririans n,,t only .-ivcied a' ^ "' uu m.iu. and ordered torn down within a month, marble table.t to his nu-mory, but agreed I — The number of persons packed in the , o ,„„„,. „„. ,,1,.,.,1'ical pomul per square ! building was very large. Several f,, mi . foot . lfu>1 . „,,„_ „„,, S() ,,„, ^ lies of Polish Jews had rooms thc-rc. •„.;(,„ ,„,,«,!,,- is the vol.. Similarly we are compelled .to write our electrical gallon with an accent over the last syllable after ampere. Ohm has had Hnttci on tin- F-.mii. n , .. e ° o(l lmtU ' l< on Strike on the .Mexican Iiitermitlnnal. PIKDP.AS XEGIJAS, Mexico. Feb. 9.— The boilermakers in the shops of ihe his name used as the unit of electrical Mexican International Railroad here resistonce ever and the switchmen employed since, he gave lo the . '" the world his celebrated law on the flow yards at this terminal point recently of clm ,. nl . ohm s;li( , „„„ fll( . . Ulumnt made a demand for an increase of O f current making deal mor(- uiaii is conunonly depends oji hjiviiw cows that give rich milk. The difference between rich and poor milk only appears in the quantity of cream raised but also. In the quality and appearance ot the butter. There are. many j.j<>od native rut. • i , -- -— n'oing through a coiipcr wire •,., ,,,,.„, ^ ,. - wages Their demands were nol ac- W;1H , )ropol .,,oii«l to the presstlre lm dor r « i * Bl<Wlt ™'" V ' 1IU01> (m '*' Wleu o ded to and a walkout of all the men w | lk .|, this w ,,,-l,n,i n ,,,i ... «,„ J J . liud tnat onc ol '«"' <'ows gives poor. trouble HJ^. concerned has occurred. The threatens to spread lo olher branches) of the road's service. this 0) - t i, ( , current wire. worked and to the '* poor, ,tliin milk, I want her sold for beef, for I don't want to ti'v to make hndv.i- i'i-n,« This is not very cliiroren,: from what Wh cows. Cows wlu! Si JSJ *Z iiyborty s tt-mnnon s ( i,so would sec- are tho most profitable for butter and as true, of water flowing through a make butter of the best quality and col • Yoaic,Feb. ft-Dr. Carey. Tr.-as- ,J">se. Tho amount of wiitw is of course or. They do not give as lar 4 a m -mt tho pressure under which it.v ns «nmn ^ «,„ „„.„.. f.. ,'; 7 Think, Mcoiynn win «e Made ni,i,op, urer of the Anti-Poverty Society, said proportional .to tho pressure under which of the other breeds, but members of the. House, The resolution gives the Populists notice that this will be clone Feb, 21 unless, on or before that date they receive the Republican House organization. The resolution was agreed upon in caucus last night and will be adopted by a unanimous vote to-morrow morning. The action of the Populists yesterday led the Republicans to believe that force was to be used to remove ihem from Representatives' Hall, and this morn- lug the Speaker was authorized to employ as many Assistant Sergeants-at- Arms as lie deemed necessary llouvy ratlin I.iiHses in Montana. I — UKI.KNA, Mont, Feb. U. — Leading j William Worrell Dying. cattlemen of the. Slate estimate that NEW YOHK, Feb. <). — William Worrell the losses of cattle, in open ranges will one of the oldest circus clowns in the average about :.>"» per cent from the world, and lhe father of the famous storms and frightfully cold weather Worrell sisters, is prevailing since Jan. 34. Losses will be heaviest in Choteau, Fergus and Dawson Counties, as tho weather in that section in the early part of the winter was less favorable than in the Southeastern portion of the State. Old cows, young calves and Texas cattle brought North last week have stood the storm poorly. From all sections of the can n try come reports of the doprc- Uations of wolves. In the trial at Boston of A. P. Potte* president of the bankrupt Maverick, for alleged false certification, Putnam decided that the goyera- lust prove <* knowledge and In- Pottle pan reported to be dying at Orange, N. J., from the effects of an apopletic slroke.. The veteran has in recent years made his home with his daughter, Sophie Worrell, widow of tho comedian, d'eorge S. Knight. Mr. Worrell was born in EngPand about seventy years ago. lie retired from the ring many years ago. Milk SliipjM-rs Meet. MILWAUKEE, Feb. 0.— The Milk Ship, pers' Association of Wisconsin has made arrangements for a general con- venlion of milk shippers from all parts of the country to take place in this eity to-day to di&cuss matters pertaining to their business and for t£o pur- ppseoi co-ppwation that Dr. McGlynn had been invited by ,it works and t'o the size of the hose, they make up for it in -t richer the Pope to go to Borne after lie ', Ohm miido a great reputation on this'in'setting ,tho milk l use. fom-.n,,,.* finishes his Lenten sermons at St. .discovery, and since his time other pco- 'pans and fill them abonti thr> • -h Augustine, Fla. Dr. Carey said also^le have bcon finding out that wliat Is full. My milk-room ia a clean ^o? that in all probability after his return ,true of water is also analogously true'din- culler, and I skli'n -i« ^.n,,' I « from Italy Dr. McGlynn would be of eloctricity. Look at an electric road! 'cream has all rtise'l nix UM° Vlf t a passenger locomotive blew up yester- | tho wire was a pipe carrying Water mi- ' given a little g-Ut'evi'rv o day morning at the railway station ' dor consderable prc-ssuro nnd this pipe. 'UUs I thin c mite ", or. hero I 1 ireman Jule Rasnbprrv \vnft ; 111 JT.,, AI i tiiuiiv vjiuui millolti UUIL. i neuutii UUIB ivds>puerry was coilld hfi flOlinectcsd to thn car bv si -mnv. jt'- - - • , , r nt, for when plass in the neighborhood was broken. and from t -i -.-,-,, -^ ».^ w .i. j_ '-^v. L iJ ill. 1 llUKil ft l •«, and inorcovja- tho water would, Iho buttermilk, lhpn SilU , t tllvd ^ hroiigly the pipe, and ti.e. hose stand over night, Wlou work lt " " d tho motor to the ground, falling again and pom- off the milky brine With im a considerable pressure to -Mm good cows and a clean cool mill- 'room :^"f lJ .. J . U8 L" S - t '"'.. < '' lr f t! " t "° WS tllel '° llootl ^ a*) Uilliculty In makl,,; QRAND RAPIDS IS IN A FIX. Streat C'ar« BIK! U'uter W or tin l-lltttly to tlu-ough tho wire and and tho motor to the fom 500 \-olts pressure to . .. lllt .v In making butter on any farm by any 0110 the trolley arm round, falling who will attend io''it pvoperly.' uu simt Down. 'or potential, as it may be called, which GUAM) KATIUS, .Mich., Fob. '.) —This Is the potential of the earth, just as tho city's fifty miles of electric railway xnro potential of witter is the seii level, will be at a standstill unless the Moreover, as a certain number of gal- freight blockade is soon broken and Ions of water will flow through the pipe, coal begins to move this way. The ,thc hose and ,the motor, dependent up- car company 1ms only enough to last |oit tho K\-/.Q of the pipe, the hose and the until to-day, the cily pumping station 'motor and the pressure of lhe water, has enough to last till midnight and'so will a certain number of amperes the Grand Uaplds Hydraulic Company of current flo\v through tlie trolley wire, has only u few tons left, so that a tho trolley arm and the motor winding, water famine is also impending. The dependent upon the sixo of the wire in railroads are working from hand to them all and the electrical pressure of tjie current. A line of electric arc lights are made to burn by inserting them one after ttice other In scries In a line current of a high pressure, and the passage of the current through each light uses up a certain percentage of UMs pressure just p| w&ter Vfteeis may b^ Jntpq- mouth. Superintendent Agnew of the Detroit, Lansing & Northern says if their supply is cut off for three days longer it will leave them in bad shape. A coa,l train is expected to arrive over the Detroit, Lansing & Northern .at midnight with.seye.a ears, but this will give bub •»tW relict Completely Uprooted KISS.SSS sasafcsSSfflffSSwn i, 1. .-1 •J.-lErPiAV .

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