Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 18, 1910 · Page 4
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 4

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1910
Page 4
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FRIDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE NOVEMBnU 18, 1C10. If 17; L. '" Douaiis - SHOES "Will Fit and Give - Satisfaction. $3, $3.50, 4. 933 AVASMiSf-0? ilEW HOVELTIES In Our Jarenllo Department. Brlns tli , Children to Us. r3 OUR Of Ladies! and Men's Felt-Slippers and Juliets. A big assort-j ment of all kinds in various colors and ftf. u CI OK desigtis from..... UllC 10 OI..C0 ALSO 30 styles of Ladies Short Vamp Button or Lace Shoes, in all leathers, in the new up-to-date designs, just CO Rfl like $3.50 values, that we are offering for. .... .. . . PRETTY FELT Slip pers i for ladles, in all colors, red, blue, black, brown and gTay; turn soles; the best of felt. Every pair good . value. All sizes. With fur trimming.. $1.00 -ghildrews Loggins G In various colors, made of the best Jersey cloth in all sixes; red, black. f rty, brown and blue. Keep your child warm this cold weather. A large assortment of Men's and Boys' Tan or Black higfo-- cut Winter and Cold-Proof Shoes i ' " . j S2.50 and S3. 00 Child's red felt slippers; all 5Qq Child' white, brown and black top patent button or lace shoes. "Iff-Special ........................ IWG Child's every & Ay shoe. Sizes CO 6 to 8 UllC . t 'Men's U. S. Army I Q F shoe . .Wli33 Boys' strong seamless shoes f QP heavy soles, sizes 8 to 11 w lifcw Ladles red kid boudoir bed room slippers; no heels; all TI sizes IwC Ladies felt hense slfpiers: furfifla trimmed ....DUf Ladles' patent button or lace shoe; neat shape vamp; good fit IOC . ting; all sizes VliwO Gun-metal : broad toe calf Blucber shoe; low heels; good durable upper and soles; sewed soles QC all sizes , VliOO Good solid vlcl kid lace shoe Al fi f? calf uppers; all sizes....... liQu Good Quality FELT JULIETS For ! ladies. In all colorsy-red, !- f i i SEEK VALUE OF HONESTY birrTER GRADE, $l.O0(. Ba oil o o C1MO At Your . S eirvice - The -f acilities of the Central National Bank are at a-all times during banking hours at your service and you '4 are cordially invited to make use of them, v Your account subject to check is solicited. Pocket Check Books Free to Depositors. Central Natiosia ainik Oakland California Capital : ; Surplus and Profits. $1,000,000 $186,000 Government to Test Employes to Satisfy the Bonding Companies.; WASHINGTON, Nov. ; 18.- How many government officials are honest and what It Is worth to insure their honesty are questions that will be heard on a scientific basis shortly after CongTesa convenes nexj month, Experts in' the service o(f the Congress have spent mncht time recently in at tempting1 !to reduce the answers to a few concrete figures. Their work is supposed to be drawing to a close. It will cost about J10.Q00. The Question arose to the bonding of the government officials. About a year ago several officials appealed to Congress to raise their salaries because the bonding companies had ' Increased the cost of their bond to such extent that It made their salaries look like withered autumn leaves. For instance, one man's - predecessor , played the races at Bennings and his surety paid the fiddler," whose bill amounted to, about $10,000.! PAYS 15 PER CENT- The successor was compelled to pay about 15 per cent of his salary In order to induce; & surety , or bonding company to run the risk ef his following in the footsteps of hla predecessor. . Chairman Tawney of the House Committee on Appropriations proposed to limit the amount to be paid for bonding government officials. That called down the wrath of the twenty or more bonding companies throughout the United States. A hearing resulted. The government employee made more complaints -about the increase in rates and the surety , companies kicked about the government officials being so stingy with statistics and other information concerning the departments., ; The result was the appointment of a committee by the House and Senate to investigate the whole subject. This committee hired a corps of experts to go over, the field, figure out the percentage of faithless "officials and the cost of insupring the government against loss from them. OLD REVOLVER IS CAUSE OF DEATH Bullet Believed to Have Been Accidentally Discharged Kills Man. It;:;. wmBmmmo: : SEATTLE. Wash.. Nov. 18 lid ward Morris," 42 years old, head of a real estate" company, died yesterday from the effects of a pistol wound, believed to have been inflicted accidentally. He was found unconscious in the basement of his home. Several old revolvers, part of a -collection he had gathered, were found on the floor. One of these had recently been dlRcharged and the coroned believes that while examining! it Morris shot himself. He came to Seattle ten years ago from Kentucky, where . he was prominent in local politics. He was the first mayor of Glasgow, Ky., having been elected to office when that town was incorporated. WILLIAM SPR0ULE WELLS -FAR GO DIRECTOR SAN FHANCISCO, Nov. 18. -William Sproule, for many years freight traffic n anager of the Southern Pacific company in this city, has been elected president and a director of the Wells Fargo Express company in New York to succeed the late Colonel Dudley Evans Frederick T. Underwood, president of the Erie railroad, who has been managing director of the Wells Fargo company slr.ee the death of Evans, resigned ait the meeting in New York yesterday, but will retain his membership in the directorate. T. N. Schumacher. assistant traffic director of the Harrtman Jines at Chicago, is said to be slated as Sproule's succes-eer as traffic manager for the Guggenheim companies. v We most vacate by January 1st, the building is to be torn down. Every Suit," Goat, Dross, Waist or Petticoat Oust bo Sold, Regardless of Cost IX) XT OVERLOOK THIS OPPORTUNITY. All Suits worth from $25 to $35 for - 819.50 All Suits worth from $40 to $70 or v S35.00 ALL WAISTS 25 "v .544 FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR CLAY, 5tevensi UmouilMi, Larxsaulata. Roadsters, . Short-coupled Cars, flw and acvaa- Vl. Wb CENTRAL MOTOR CAFT COV 12ta CATARRH QF THE STOMACH A Pleasant, Simple, But Safe and Effectual Cur For It. Catarrh of the stomaeh has long been considered the next thing to incurable. The usual symptoms are a full or bloating sensation after eating, accompanied sometimes with sour or watery risings, a lormauon or gases, causing pressure on the heart and lungs and difficult breathing, headaches, fiickle appetite, nervousness and a general played out. languid feeling. There is often a foul taste in the mouth, coated tongue and if the interior of the stomach could be seen It would show a slimy, inflamed condition. ine cure Tor this common and obstinate trouble is found in a treatment which causes the food to be readily, thor oughly digested before it has time to fer mem- ana irritate me aeucate mucous surfaces of the stomach. To secure prompt and healthy digestion is-the ona necessary thing to do and when normal digestion is secured the catarrhal condi tton will have disappeared. According to Dr. Harlanson, fhe safest and best treatment Is to um after each meal a tablet, composed of Diastase, aseptic Pepsin, a little Nux, Golden Seal and fruit acida These tablets can now be found at all -drug stores under the name of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets and not being a patent medicine can be used with perfect safety and assurance that healthy appetite an thorough digestion win follow their regular use after meals. Mr. R. S. Workman, Chicago, 111., writes: "Catarrh Is a local condition resulting from a neglected cold in the head. whereby the lining membrane of the nose becomes Inflamed and the poisonous dis charge therefrom passing backward into the throat reaches tha stomach, thus producing catarrh of the stomach. Medi cal authorities prescribed for - me for three years for catarrh of stomach without cure, but today I am the happiest ef men after using only one box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. I cannot find appro priate Words to express my good feeling. I have found flesh, appetite, and sound rest from their use." . Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets is the saf est preparation as weU aa the simplest and most convenient remedy for any form of indigestion, catarrh of stomach, I biliousness, sour stomachy heartburn and j " It In to your advantage to make selections now while th e assortments are complete. This is your opportunity to eecure the newest and best styles at prices, in every instance, far below the actual worth of the garments offered. Remember: This is notra sale of odds and ends, but every article involved is this season's latest rrjerchandise. .We must have room hence these reductions." r v w stftr'f&ilored Suits Broadcloth, Hard Finished Wor- v Values Up to $35 Alterations Free Fifteen vdifferent and distinctive styles to select from. The materials are: Chiffon steds, Zibilinesi All-wool Serges, Mixtures, Tweeds and Cheviots. Coats are 30 to 36 inches long, lined with guaranteed Skinner satin. The new style skirts plain gored plaited front and back and gored on sides; also in the modified hobble effect; all desirable colors, including navy and black. ' , . Tailored Suits s1295 Fine Kavy Serge and Gray Hard Finished Worsted Suits for misses and small ladies. Tailored Suits $13.95 Handsome all-wool Broadcloth and fine Serge Suits; well tailored and extremely stylish. Tailored Suits Your choice of selected Hard, Finished Worsteds with shadow stripes; Lymonsville Cheviots, HomespunS and Novelty Tweeds. ' Custom-Tailored and Exclusive Novelty Suits .50 and $ These suits are exceptional values in every respect; mads by the most skilled workmen and fashioned with the nicest regard for detail. -The materials are , the very best grades of Chiffon Broadcloth, Imported Worsteds, French Serges, finest Tweeds and other novelty weaves. 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Tweed and Mixture. Coats $6.95 With Storm Collars; extremely serviceable. , PASTOR RIDICULES HEART THROB TALE Rev. 0. St, John Scott Brands Published Story as Weird Hallucination. "It is an a ridiculous newspaper story, said Reverend C. St. John Scott, when asked this morning about the report that he was about to leave Oakland because St Andrew's parish could not support a ! married rector. Rev. Mr. Scott has been the- rector of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church at Twelfth and Magnolia streets for almost seven years, and feels keenly the slight put upon him and the parish . by the story. ! "It is most humiliating to the church and to me said Rev. Mr. Scott. "It ; is entirely unfounded, and I cannot j Imagine who is responsible - for it. but i it is very unkind to me and unjust to the j v. t i. tmn that the church is j JJcU 1SU -a " mortgaged, but it lsjiot swamped by debt at all. Of course, we suffer In cctnmon with other churches from the removal of our parishioners and consequent straitening of our resources, but the church is well able to go on and to hold up the mortgage. 'at is true that I have resigned by pastorate at St. Andrew's and will preach my farewell sermon on Christmas Day, but it was not on account of the church's not being able to support a married rector. It is simply a case of a clergyman's receiving a call to a larger field and accepting it. . HAS NOT DECIDED. "As for going East, it is true that I have been offered an affiliation with Emmanuel Episcopal Church of Washington, D. C, of which church I was a curate ten years ago. but I have not decided positively to accept it. Before my resignation takes effect on the first of Jan uary I will have decided whether tp stay i on the coast or go tast. Tt is most absurd to say the church offered me a life rectorship, as it is impossible for a parish to "ever make such an offer. It Is lfkewise absolutely untrue thafr the parish demands bachelorship as a condition to be observed by its future rector, whoever M may he. Whoever is. found, the best man for the office will be chosen, whether he Is single or not. "I haven't a family, as the story said, unless, ope small baby can be called so. I am very sorry such a story should ever have been published, as It Is most humiliating and unkind to me and to the parish of St. Andrew's." Reverend Mr. Scott will be greatly missed by his congregation, which is much attached to its earnest young rector. At the close of his long connection with the parish they will say farewell to him with sincere regret, but with the hope that his future field of labor will offer a fitting opportunity for the talents of their beloved pastor. "e -" SO USA RECOVERS. NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Nov. 18. John Philip Sousa, bandmaster and composer. who was taken to the New Haven Hos- pital last week suffering from an attack fl f malaria, left that Institutlen yesterday for New York. ' He seems to- have fulls ! fl AGED WOMAN SUES TO RECOVER DAMAGES SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 18. Mrs. A. H! Hall, anaged woman, who was severely injured on October 1 by falling through a sidewalk on Bush street between Mason and Powell, in the burned district, brought suit today for $25,000 damages. The defendants are. Isaac Grant, his wifev Barbara, the R. N. Burgess Company, and the- J. S. Ourich. Company. Mrs. Hall sets forth that while walking along the street she stumbled and fell into an excavation sustaining !a compound fracture of rne bones of her right wrist and other injuries which have deprived her of the use of one hand and both lee- "i CITY OF ST. PAUL . WITHOUT A MAYOR ST. PAtTL., Nov, 18. Under a ruling handed down. by Attorney General George T. Simpson yesterday, this city is without a mayor. Herbert P. Keller, according to Simpson,: has not been regularly elected, owing to many -voters hiving been disfranchised because of the polls closing too early at the election last May. The last legislature changed the law governing the. closing of the polls in cities so that the polls are now open until 9 o'clock. The polls at the last city election closed at 7, and for that reason, the attorney general holds, Keller was not legally elected. Daniel W. Lawler was the last mayor St. Paul. TWO MEN WOUNDED - DURING STABBING AFFRAY MAKTINFZ, Nov." 18. In a stabbini affray near a resort on the water fronl early yesterday morning, two men wen seriously wounded, one of them perhaps fatally. The men are Frank Botts, who was stabbed six times, and whose condition is critical, and Irving Powers, who maragod to stagger to the resort despite a dozen knife wounds, and give the alarm. Two laborers on the Santa K are being sought by Sheriff Veale aa suspects. 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