The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1893
Page 7
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THE OTPEft t)JW MOTNBS, ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNtiSBAY, KEBfctJAR 8,1893. The Grip Twice. "I Jifcte h«d the grip th* last two winter*. Lttt winter it prostrated me so that I bad *o strength and could not do my work. I - sat down and cried tnsn* times, I was so blue and discouraged. I had great pnln In my back . and across fny kidneys and through my whole body. I also had a bad couth. Hood's Sarsa- parllla just about saved «y life. It gave me strength so that 1 could jdo my work aud made Hood's & Cures Iihnli always be awarhi friend to Hood's Bar»at>arllla> • I do not want anything butter for a faintly medicine" MRS. LizzlB GLAUS, Washington Village. R. I. Hi B. Be sure to get Hood's Snrsnparllla. HOOD'S P'LT.Snre purely vegetable, pi-r. fectly harmless, al wiiya reliable aud bciic'li. siat DO BALSAM •"» • •*»• w"",^w«anp»oqre A luvmt,VIVap,m^^ •^WiMjiUf 0« r h,Bron«hiai»H<Ajth«i. A. Mttela ton far 0*un«iptU» 1* Snt itacti. mtt •OTnnlUf (• UTUO*J lUcm. Vw a MM, Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB— Other Chemicals .are used )n the preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S reakfastdocoa icMeh it absolutely pure and tolulile. I Ittianmorethanthreetimet I theetrength of Cocoa mixed jwith Starch, Arrowroot or -™^^—«^B— F Sugar, and Is far more economical, costing lew than tine cent a cup. It la delicious, nourishing, and XAJBILY DIQMTED. . . . • . • .Sold by.flroctra ererywlitrt. W. BAKEE &CO.,Doroheiter, Mau. "nOTHER'S \ FRIEND"'^ is a Bciehtincally-prepared Liniment and harmless; eyery .ingredient V 'of recognized value and in constant use by' the medical profession. ..It shoi't- ens Labor, Lessens Pain, Dinirislica Danger to life of Mother and Cbild. Book '/To Mothers" mailed. t'reo, containing 'valuable .information 'aiid volnnl'itryf.estimoniais, Sent by exprusB, charges prepaid, on ' ' . . BRAD'FIEtn RE6!.if.fttnR CO.', A!!:r.t:, to, . > ' " : ' Dr, Scott's Electric Plasters, f Nothing ini this Wide .World equals them. And everybody | knows It. Cures Colds, Coughs, Chronic Bheumatlo Pains, etc., etc., or hioney refunded. ; I -..,',' t, 'i Buf send $1.00 .250 t-ach j tor Iour w o t them, and (jet tree, of charge a pair of his Electric Insoles, and mention "Comfort; - and you will get his'new book, "The Doctor's Story," free. This is the season for those articles. Hemember $1 invested now will Insure yoni health all winter. Agents send •for • term's' to" GKO. A. SOOTT, 8« •Brbadwaj, New York. • THE OLDEST AND ONLY BBLIABIiE ELEOTBIO HOUBB IN AMEBIOA. ' MOW-tb OETRICH. OrcreemM teialtoof badutliui, G&rf s@ Id TBS CUTM CoMttpatlo.r, Hanuiret C6iaplerion.8««j-Poow«' BuU. Sample Tree Q*-ariKLDT»iOo.,31>W.tfthBt..N.T. Cures Sick Headache AMD Succesifol-when NOISES CORE! nB. Whlipcrakcw* fiU. Soldrnplf Patents! Pensions! B«nd forlBTBntor'iQuldaor How to Obtain uFiit^nt. fiend for Digest of Peuntou and Bounty Patrick O'V»rreU, WM^^Hfton, b. jUTIOIfl: OFE IMS. CO.— b«rt pollclti In Ihe world. Good -Ajenta want«4 thr»u»hou| Wl«c«n»ln. JABIDS B.1:»TKK, mont 1»- Kcuhotny mid Lnfoor Constitute the Only Royal Uiiiul to Wealth. "it would be Weil lor young men ol to-day to take my receipt for becoming prosperous," said John Shepard to a Boston Herald man the other day, as he sat before his little desk In an upper story of his great dry goods house on Winter street. • "I began life at the very bottom rung of the ladder, but with a determination that Iwould succeed 11 such a thing were possible with the talent that I possessed. Early in life 1 came to the conclusion that economy was the first great essential In establishing a fortune, and that labor was the second. 1 banished from my mind all other considerations when 1 began to work upon the road that I felt, sure would lead to the goal of which I was in search. I remember very distinctly going down i Marshall street one day and having | my, attention attracted by a most | tempting display in . a confectioner's window. I had what is known as a very sweet tooth, and I brought up standing before the sweet collection, as if suddenly arrested by irresistible force. My hand immediately found its way to the pocket that carried my meagre hoardings, and, before I really knew what I was doing, I had invested .two cents In butterscotch. When 1 got bade into the street, I began to have a full realization of what I had done, and it is safe to say that no candy ever entered a boy's mouth that was None But Royal BAKING POWDER is absolutely pure. No other equals it, or approaches it in leavening strength, purity, of whqlesomeness. (See U, S. Gov't Reports.) No other is made from creatn of tartar specially refined for it and chemically pure. No other makes such light, sweet f.neiy*flavored, and wholesome food* No other will maintain its strength without loss until used, or will make bfead or cake that will keep fresh so long, or that can be eaten hot with impunity, even by dyspeptics. No other is so- economical. . The Baking Powders now being offered in this vicinity, with the statement that they are "as good as Royal," have been shown by the official analyses to be composed of alum and detrimental to health. The; official chemists of the United States and Canada, State analysts, municipal boards of health, and physicians indorse the great qualities of the Royal Baking Powder. MADE A FULL CONFESSION. The Fox River Valley Medical association Trill hold Its annual meeting at Ail 1*80,000 Forgery of a Koyul Insurance Uruen Bay, Jan. 31. CO.'H Check Soon Traced. • New York, Jan. 2G.-tThe Merchante 1 Important to Fleshy bank, of NeVv York, makes We baye noticed a pagt article In years, and whenever the temptation j again came upon me while passing the store, I put it away Instantly. ! "Keeping close to this line of strict economy, 1 found mysolf, at last In a position to go into business. nvn. however, I commenced to feel that capital alone was powerless hi the second- attainment of success, unless it was seconded by untiring labor. Here also I met all the necessary requirements, frequently devoting twenty, hours of the twenty-four to my business. Gradually. I found that I was amassing a fortune, and finally I established the house which now bears my name. Alter I had accomplished what I started out to'do there came over me an entire change. I had no aspirations to become abnormally wealthy. All that I wanted was a safe guarantee against possible disaster in the future. I devoted a portion of my time to the enjoy-, ment of life, believing that I had earned my right to do so. No sir; there Is no use in filling a boy's head with all the new-fangled ideas of getting rich, as they are not practical. Economy and labor are the only elements that enter'into the great plan of successful business hie." 380,000, purporting to be drawn by the send two cent stamp for a copy to Betln, Royal Insurance compafly on the Mer- Circulating Library, 80 E. Wasutngto* chants' National bank, is believed to be «"•*• ChrcaK °- ln a forgery. The Auditor o£ 1'ubllc Accounts at Spring Alanatrer Beddell, ol the insurance com- Held, 111., has issued « permit for the orga. ALauutLi .Detmcu, u*. ui, _„_•_„.Uallon of the Murphysboro Savings ban'* pany, fecelved a message this morning The ltal gtock u ' jo 5i000 and tu | mcorr from Kenmore hotel, Albany, stating orators are Jopopli B. Gill, W. E. Murphy that a young man giving the name ol andJ. Van Cloator. James Woodward, of New York, city, presented at the cashier's desk the check mentioned above. He wanted to deposit it ns security for an advance. Thr- cashier was suspicious, and when iii« » <= i „,« ' „* f,.ia. William Parker, a young busiiiess-mali ol he announced .his intention of ti-le- c«rlyle, HI., became'despondent and deter, graphing to New York, 'Woodward dis- mined to die. An -.ivurdnso of morphine appeared.' failed. He then shisiied his thront with un. Manager Beddell immediately suspected one of the book-keepers in the office who had been •speculating lately { and acting strangely. The man was j flatly accused; broke down and made a !. full confession. , ( Manager Boddell refused to give the , too Ton Read Advertising. If you do, it will pay you to read this, for if you are troubled with dyspepsia or long continued constipation, we can cure you without it* costing you a penny. Send your address to THE SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111., on a postal card and we will send you a box of the LAXATIVE GUM DROPS. They are what their name implies, a mild and gentle laxative. Pleasant to take, certain in their results and an absolute cnre" for any form of stomach troubles. We will take pleasure in sending you a box for we want you to try them. We know they will do you good. EEDS O W1BBANTED. O Best in the World. By mall, postage paid, 1 cant a package ana up. Qrand lotof EXTRAS given with every order. Prettiest and only FRBB Catalogue In tho world with pictures of all varieties. Send yours and neighbors' address. R. H. SHUNIWAY IBOCKFOBD. / FITS.—All Fits Stopped free by Dr. Kllue 1 * fireat H*rre Itemorer. No JFlti after fink ••T'enee. Marvelous cureB. Treatiie and $2.00 trial bottle free 10 Fit Cases. Solid to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., FhUn., Fa. satisfactory result and Dually utluinpluU to •hoot himself. He is badly hurt, but may young man's name, but said he had been In the employ of the bank for ten years. He is under arrest. [f persons would bring to bear the same mount of common sense, in buylnir a emedy for bronchitis, cold and croup, that .aey do in the purchase of their family sup' ••lies, they would never fall to procure Dr. Pulls Cough Syrup. Mana »«»efc li ., Wleconsln Dept, WORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY, if Bend «t once to JOHW SEBASTUN, G.'T. A. C., ft [. ft P. R. ft., Oluoago, 111., ana receive, postage puld. tie allokent deck of cards you ever handled. OuU IKN CENTS per pack, in stumps or coin. Epilepsy Can be Cured. !•!"••/> l>r. p. I'lielpB Urowji—the notod LI I V -Xlpiiepvy S|>eolallHt tfiitl Herb r I I ^^ • altat -^ diapovered that £pilepBy ii III \f caused Jby o 'peculiar deraneemont of th« rtomnoh . and prepared MB celebrated HERBAL EBMEDIE3 for Epileptics,, wlilcli have OUHEfl THOUSANDS of coses. Boad for partiuu'arB, ten- timonlalB, aud hla "Troatluu on the Oauae and Ouri of Epilepsy." J, Glbaon IJrowu, 11 Grand Streut J«r»»y Olty, M. J. • r^si Suniiiuirlly Utiul fruui the ituoiu. •A judge oic tlie" Massachusetts Siipe- rlor com-t lias a-habit, when making n charge tlie juiy, of allowing his voice to drop so that his words cau With difficulty be caught While sentencing a prisoner at Lawrence, according to the Argonaut, he fell Into the, habit,- and a' ruan in the court-room, shouted: "Speak louder, your horjor! Speak up!" "Send that man out,'Mr.. Officer!" said the judge; and a_friend;of the -individual, knowing the penalty, which might be inflicted upon him • f or such a contemptuous 'proceeding, tid- vised him to get out of town at oncei So the man hurried out,'and the court went on. ."Call .the next case," said/tho judge, when he had. finished with the prisoner in whose case the'interruption had occurred. "Terence.Q'Flynn!" called the. clerk; but no.O'Flynn arose. The crier colled 1 htm, but there was 116 answer, and the officers of tlie court began to look about. It was discovered that Prisoner Ol'lynn had disappeared that morning, and his absence could nor. be accounted for, until some, one said: "May it please the court, Terence O'Flynn was the man you just sent out!" JPftln '. Self-Iii HUiteO. , This Is supposed to I v tin ago of enlighten, ment. Yut t.Iie liulf clvili/.ied iiui-cH»tmicu with which hosts of iiunplu keep dosing themselves on small occasions, argues a blind -credulity clmruclerislii: ol Uio darn Rgca. Conslijjiition Imsa niyriud of alleged curatives, which in a nauseous doao merely evacuate .tho bowels—this operation being preceded by pnin and follo'.yed by weakness—the latter an cfTei'1 of their excessive, Violent ixelion. Podyphyllin, aloes, gum. lioge embodied in thel'qrin pl'pills.bhieinass, calomel—these uro amoiig 1 the violent medicaments for which should be substituted Host&tter's Stomaeli Bittera, the linosl, most genial laxative extant, never griping, and resembling iu its action nil effort/ol nature in her happiest mood. This benigu and thorough medicine is also an antidote to jaalnria and rheumatism, 'gives strength to the system, renders digestion perfect, aud regulates the kidneys aud bladder. • Texas Sittings: /He had called,on her several times, and finally mustered up courage and assurance to be 'somewhat more affectionate than the circumstances warranted, perhaps. "You must do,that," she"said, somer what nei-vously. "Do what?" was the innocent query. "Put your arm around my waist,". "Why not!" ' "My big brother ralght come hi suddenly and see you." "Well, what of that? He couldn't kill me," "No, I suppose not; but he would try to borrow some money from you, and |I have lost two.beaux already by his doing that. An Expert's Oplnlrtn. Our readers have doubtless noticed the numerous discussions by the scientists and bygienlsts as to the relative value of the various baking powders. A; careful sifting of the evidence leaves no 'doubt as to the superiority of the Royal Baking Powder in purity, wlioles'omeuess and/strength, from « scientific standpoint. An opinion, however, that will Imve. perhaps, greatsr influence with our practical housekeepers, is that given by Mnrlon Harland, the well known and popular writer, upon matters pertaining to the science of domestic economy^ of housekeeping, and,, of home, cooking. .In a letterpubllshed In the PhHadelplila Ladies'• ilome Journal, this wrltersays: "I regard the Koyol Bakiug Powder aa the best-maimiactured and in.the; market,.so far as I hitve 'any experience in , : the use 'of such compounds. Since the Introduction of It into my kitchen -I have use,d no other in making biscuits, cakes, etc., and have entirely dlScardcd ; for such purposes the home-made combination of. one-third soda, two-thirds cream of tartar. "Every box has been in perfect condition when it cainu Into my Imiula, and the contents have glveu complete sail*faction. It Is an act of simple justice, and also a pleasure, to recommend it unqvwHIiedly to Ameri can housewives. Marlon Uarlaud.' Oharles Egan, of Ohlppewa Falla, has been sentenced to one year at Waupun for abandoning hla wife. "I have been, occasionally troubled with Oonghs, and in each ease have used Brown'* Bronchial Troches, which have never failed, and I must eay they are second to none in the I world."— Felix A. May, Cashier, Si, Paul, Minn. D. R. Dix, an Bau Claire traveling man, who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago, has been heard from. He Is In Honduras, Central America. "German Syrup" Just a bad cold, and a hacking cough. We all suffer that way some* times. How to get rid of them i* the study. listen—'' I am a Ranchman and Stock Raiser. My life i* rough and exposed, I meet all weathers in the Colorado mountains, I sometimes take colds. Often they are severe. I have used Germafl Syrup five years for these. A few doses will curt Ihem at any stage. The last one I had was stopped in 24 hours. It is infallible." James A. I*ee, Jefferson, Col. & $40,000,OOO Burned by th» B«ll Telephone Potent in 1801. To» Intention m»7 be T»lu«ble. Ton ihonld protect it by patent. Addreie tor fall »nd intelligent BdTloe trie of ohert*. W. W. JWDLKY * CO., Solicitor* ol Fttentt, FuifleBld'f, «DF. Bt.,N. W., Hratioa tkli ytyn. VF»mMngt»u. P. O. In Illustrated Pa FR» OOVBRNMINT_ AND LOW PRICE P NORTHERN PACIFIC R. R. I L*n4f aew e IV8RNMINT j^> LANDS I.OnihiiMtTtatar^^t -v Mulled FHE In Olden Time* People overlooked the importance of per- i.intly beneficial effects and were satisfied »itu transient action;'but now that it Is ji/nerally known that Syrup of Figs'will i.iii-manently cure habitual conftUpalmn, •.vHl-informed people will not buy other hvatives, which act for a time, but finally niure the system. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Stearns, of She- •loygan, celebrated the fifty-first auni- ^•sary of then- wedding recently. An Ashland man has Invented an electric storage batery of such merit, that 'a .joint .stock company has been organized to manufacture it | Trade'Marx Case. j Judge Thayer, of the U. 8. Circuit | Injunction, 'and reference to master to I assess the damages sustained by tho plain| tiff, In a suit against' Joseph Tegethofi, In- I atltuted by The Hosteller Company of Pittu- burg. Defendant TegethofE is restrained frfim making or selling Imitation Hostotter Stomach Bitters in any manner, whatever; either iu bulk, • by the gallon, or by refilling empty Hostetter bottles: and from the use of the word "Ilqstotter'J in connection with any article of stomach bitters, thug protecting the plaintiff, la -the -exclusive use of the ward ••Hostetter" at a.-Trade-name." AsTHMATioTnonBLBS, Pleuiisy Pains anfl n flamed Throats, are overcome and healed hy Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant—for fifty years an approved stand-by for all Coughs i'ndColds. The remains of John J. Jones, who died a few days ago In South, Dakota, were taken to Bangor, Monroe county, .or interment. . The 0. O. Naper company, of Shawa- oo, has been organized with, a capital •took of $20,000. The Incorporators are: F. O. Naper, O. O. Naper and W. Zachow. i There are ; a Inr|*e number of hygienic physicians who claim that disease'Is always Ihe result of a transgression of Nature's lawn.. The Proprietors of Uarlleld Tea are both, physicians, and have devoted years to teacliing the.people how to avoid sickness by following Nature's laws. They give away with every package of Qarfleld Tea a little book which they claim will enable all persons, if directions are followed, to avoid sickness of all kinds, and to have no need (or Garfield Tea-or any other medicine. St. Joseph's society, of Appleton,'-wUl celebrate Its twenty-flftb. anniversary on January 29. . A DISTURBANCE Isn't what you want, if your stomach and bowels are /irregular. That's about all you get. though, with the ordinary pill. It may re- lievo you for the moment, but you're usually in a worse state afterward than before. This Is just where Dr, Pierce 1 ! Pleasant Pellets do most good. They act in an easy and natural way, very different from the huge, old-fashioned pills. They're not only pleasauter, but there's no reaction afterward/ and their help lasts. One little sugar-coated pellet for a gentle laxative or corrective )—three for n cathartic. Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Dizziness, Sick and Bilious Headaches, ore promptly relieved and cured. They're the smallest, the easiest ' to take—and the cheapest, pill you can buy, for they're guaranteea to give satisfaction, or your money is, returned. You pay only for the good you get, i >••••••••••••••••••••*•••••••••;•*• ** RIPANS ">' toe Btoinach IT the blood, e & ..,. the bolt tucdidue kiumu f ur biliuus- ne»s, eon«tlpntion, dy»»ep«tn, foul breath, lie«.dacua,ui«mal depresulou, painful <li|f08tlou, b»d complexion, and all dUeanw canned by 1 • ilure of tlie Btoumoli, liver or bowels to perform their proper fiUiotlouY P«MOIV« given to over- IK ar« beueflted by taVlnjc one after caoli moid. it Drunrlitf, ov lent by inall. ^O., 10 k fl|,ruoa SNew York Made to Look t.lke New. Dresses, Gent 1 * Ololhinur, Fenlhers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cluaiiedj' Plush Garment) Steamed, al CHlo'l'luli-li'ii »ju Works,210 W. Water St., MihvmiUuo. Bond for circular. SWAKE:: , •>.;THEgEsT, SHILOHS! CURE. Cures Consumption, Coughs, Croup, B< Ehroatr Sold by all Druggists on » Guaran.^ tot « Lama Side, Back or Chest Shlloh's Forgo* ?!uter will give po»t MUufactlon.—»} ctoto. Bore tee. I'lso'o Bemedy ttn OnUirrU ki tbe Best, TOaslont to foe. and Cheapen. Now Is the time to treat Catarrh of long etaudlng. Ely's Cream Bnlm reaches oil and obstinate uascs where all other remedies fall. Do not neglect procuring a bottle, a* in it lies the relief you sock. Rev. H. H. VAIIUI.L, IX D., editor ot tb.a' Iowa Methodist, says editorially, "Wo have tested the merits of Ely's Oreum Balm, aud beliovo that, by a thorough course of treatment, it will euro almost every case of catarrh. Ministers as a class-'are ailjictod with, head andithfoat troubles, aud catarrh $eeins more prevalent than over. We cannot recommend Ely's Cream Balm too hlgu- Apply Balm Into each nostril. It is QulcUly Absorbed. GIVKS ftiswuif AT ONOIS. Frleo 50 cunts at drugglbU or by mall. EJUy BBOTHEK8. <j6 Witrreu St., The steering iiiTnngeiiieiita ot the 'aim;. touoinah, the cons! defense vessel, which gave so much trouble last Biiinmer, are to ve replaced by olher-i of wholly ucw dusigu. HotY's This I .We offer One hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured i>y Hall's Catarrh Cure. P. II. CHENEY & 00. Props., Toledo, O. We, the uudorslgued, have known P. J, Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe liiia perfectly honorable In. ali bushiest Irausaelious and uuuuclully able to carry out auy obliijaliou made by their firm. West and Tr'uox. 'Wholesale Drugglstf, Toledo, Ohio. ** Walding, Kiouau & Marvin, Wuolesolt Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, icting directly upon th» bipod aud raucous surfaces bottle. by 4rugk»itl, per '(.tiwtagentlrontbe itomMb;) iiS'Sff*"* W*5HT«. TSBr'd; rbe, tM ttptepf^a t<%mm I WORK. , Mr. Wlllet.F. Cook, Canajohnrie, N. Y., writes : "Awoke ; on-f morning with excruciating pains in my shoulder. Tried yariom reliefs for sudden pains without eftcct ; went o my office :; the pain became MsufferaWe ; went home at 11 o'clock »"<» used ST JACOBS OIL; effect magical, pain ceased, and at 10 clotk went to work; cure permanent." LITTLE RAPIDS, \Vis. MywifTsuffercd with such Intense neuralgic pains In the face, she thought she would die. She bathed her face and head with ST. JACOBS OIL, and it cured her in. four hours. CARL SCHEIBE. _ ^ IF YOU ARE GOING TO B« inre and get TO QtJEKN & OlUCSC UT ticket's by and M. *'Florida"*i ouieker.'' Von will meet and travel with the yery best d»M ol psop.e. Your sirFounafngs will Iw as Injurious as money can• g 0 °" rn V W A™L eB £ra» eW ^Jit ffafatWn^ ESS«^ «A^^^ 00 JSn tr a£»^^ D. G, EDWARDS, G. P. Agt. Q. & C. Routs, Cincinnati, Ohio, ——OB ASK TOOB HOMB TICKET AGENT TOB TICKET QUEEN * CRESCENT ROUTE. ~7~ L. DOUGLAS 1 |$3 SHOE GENTLEMEN' A,sewed shoe that will not ript f^fr seamless, smooth iaside,' more comfortably •tyllah and durable than any other «hoe •Vjf sold at the price. Every style. Equals ctutoafc made shoes costing from $4 to $J. The following' are of the **ma ttigh ftaadard tl merit: $4.00 and $5.00 Fine Calf, Hand-Stw«d. 1.50. Police, Farmers and Letter-Carrier*. la.go, $3.35 and $3.00 for Working lt«& $3.00 and $1.75 for Youthi and Boy*. $3.00 Hsnd-Sewed, ' o riioe dealer* and general mi not forinle In rour place fend '••tag*free. W. t,. Uaugla ' ant* vrher* I harp «• Factory, ilaiUf *, iirooittoni n? IB A DOTY yon owe TOOTM to get the beat vnlae for jea money. Economize In yoi Jootwear by purchasing H Ii. Douglas Shoes, whla represent the best vain at the prioes advertls* as thousands can M " •• Do yoa WM (This-sum wtts paid'fbr the first "World's Kair Souvenir Coin minted.) • in the shape of a coin, but many can havefac-similes c\ this valus-ole of art— only special coin ever issued by the U. S. Government—for $1 each, United States .Government Souvenir Coins— The Official Souvenir of the Great Exposition— 5iOOO,OOOof which were donated to the World's Columbian Exposition by the Government, are being rapidly an enthusiastically patriotic people. As there early promised to be a demand for these Souvenirs that would render them very valuable in the hands of speculators, the Exposition Authorities decided to place the price at LANE'S " and sell them direct to the people, thus realizing $5,000,000, and using the additional money for the further development of the Fair. Considering the fact'that there were bui5,000,000 of these.coins to be distributed amomg 65,000,000 people, in this country alone (to say nothing of the foreign demand,) and that many have already been taken, those wishing to purchase these mementoes of our Country's Discovery and of the grandest Exposition ever held, should secure as many as they de -ire at once. Realizing that every patriotic American will want one or more of these coins, and in order to make it convenient for him to get them, we have made arrangements to have them sold throughout ihifiQHntryby and BanHi. Jf not for^jn 2$$towfti.MDd IJ.QQ e.a.c.hjQr &* For Sale Everywhere

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