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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

THURSDAY EVENING OAKLAND TRIBUNE JUL? 2X. 12U2- OFFICIAL RECORDS Stellnr: Tti1h nt. tho Tloll WIDOW Divojces in the News Today RIG 'i Pleases Capacity Audiences M. F. M. ISt.F. OFFICIAL LIST OF THE Original Nacipnal OF SAX FRANCISCO Established January, 1887. The Original Uttle Louisiana Co. and the Original M. F. Company. Wednesday, July 20, '10 J. Tp-1 Ink JtKrr, mm 1 WIFE PUT CARBOLIC ACID IN HIS COFFEE, HUSBAND CLAIMS IN DIVORCE COURT And; Furthermore, He Delates He Would Have Swallowed It if Relative Hadn't Interfered and Stayed Hand i SAN" FRANCISCO, July 21. Accusing: his wife, Constance, of attempt-, Ing to poison him by placing- carbolic acid Into his coffee; of continually nagging at him and creating quarrels with him during the four years of their married life, Arthur Allione filed suit for divorce this He sets forth in itemized form a large set. oif allegations agairfet his better half, and asserts) that as the crowning cruelty of their domestic life, on Tuesday while he was away at she took away their 2-yearwTdboy, Milton, removed $300, with the household furniture, and secreted them-; where he has; not been able to locate them. He recites that on April 10, 1907, she placed the poison in his coffee and that he would have swallowed it but for the interference of one of her a la niiv utgLU 1111 if 1 1 i. i. i.i ii. iv i i was taking his wife's part, and defied him to take away the coffee. The man finally resorted to violence, and spilled the deadly liquid over the floor, finally convincing him had been tampered with. On December 1. 1908," he cliims his wife threw an Iron poker at him, and on April 15 of this year attacked him with a razor. 5100,000 Wife Brings Suit SAj FRANCISCO, July 21. Believing that her plea would best be heard by the court if placed on some other ground, and her cause for divorce presented in a manner more calculated to be seriously considered, Mrs. Fannie C. McCrary moved for a dismissal of her first action this morn- Ins- tirflnaratorv to the filinr- of a. second. Mrs! McCrary is reputed to be worth $100, 000, and In her original complaint against Robert C. lfcary she asks for divorce on the ground of "failure to provide the common necessaries of Continuing, she separates her own consists of a lot at Third-and Mission streets, and land at Emeryvilland in Solano and Tulare counties. The petition, it is asserted, will set forth the ground of desertion. Had Revolver for Her il 1 It. 1 1 1 run r-v rm rt TTattiA oupenor 1 1 i i i i i tin rkcnnon rst iiTn ii-ri avpnna by occupation, on the charge of extreme cruelty. The couple were married in San Jose in 1901 and lived together seven vears, during which a daughter was born to them. When Mrs. Drennan left her husband the latter kept the child, and not long arterward. according to the wife's testimony, Mrs. Drennan returned home to see the little girl. Drennan cursed and abused her. Mrs. Drennan told the court, and ordered her off the premises. She declared she would not leave until she had seen her child, whereupon Drennan struck her a terrible brow in the face, kicked her and threw her out of the house. Just before the separation, the wife testified, Drennan wanted to go for a walk one evening, and! when Mrs. Drennan said she did not feel well enough to go out he abused Eher, slapped her over the head with his hand, tore her waist her back and made.a roaring fire in the kitchen stove with it and other parts of her wardrobe. Dfennan alwavs had a revolver at hand, and every once in a while he would strike terror to the heart of his wife by threatening to murder her and the child. Threw Out His Wife Margaret Rowling has been granted a final decree of divorce from 'Harry Rowling, together with the custody of their minor child, on the ground of the testimony in the case, which the husband did not con- test' during the latter davs of their marital relations, Rowling was drunk a 1 1 1 fnr o- Vi 1 wife Ollt of the nrimr nn I ill liic i 1 1 1 1 umi One night in particular, Mrs. Rowling testified, when she returned from the theater at a verv late hour with her baby and found all of the doors and windows securely locked, she could not get in at all. Rowling was inside but refused to grant her admittance and she was forced to take lodgings' for the night for herself and babe in a rooming house on San Pablo avenue. Used Lantern on Him According to Frank Silva's complaint for a divorce from Lucy M. Silva filed this forenoon in the superior court, his wife not only was intimate with ao ot- a Vinnse at the corner of Encinal "avenue and High street. nnr-tro Aiameaa, anu vnm DEEDS RECORDED TUESDAY, JTTLY 19. Charles I. and Emma M. Hedemark to E. N. Ament, undivided one-fourth, lots 1 to 6. 8, 13 and 13 block lots 2 to 9 block map-o'f Hedemark Bradboff subdlvlsloa of Carri-son tract, Berkeley; S10. E. N. and Floy Ament (wife) to Emma M. Hedemark (widow), lot 1, block. 7: map Santa Fe tract No. 5, Oakland; 'lot 3, block map I'arndlse Park, lot G. block N. map blocks to Harmon tract. Berkeley; $10. Fred and Nellie M. Russell (wife) to Frank D. Toole, lot 30, block 45, Russell City, Eden townnhii- $10. Charles H. Taylor ft lis. to H. James Posw, SB Shaffer. 77.8(1 NE Flfty-flret street. KB 211 by SE 100, lot 3, map Prescott tract, Oakland; $10. Piedmont Hills Improvement Company to Lester B. Kelrf lot 37. block H. map Grand-avemie llelgUts-by-the-l'arks, Oakland townrhlp: Went Berkeley Land Company to C. S. -Rneers, lot 10, block 5, map rwi3Ut-way Berkeley; $10. I Same to Oleott Haskell, lrft li; block 5, map DwlRht-wav Terrace. Berkeley; $10." Kliza J. Hyde (by attorney) to C. J. Pfrans (widower), lit 36, map Hyde tract, Oakland; $10. Katberinc I. Wait (widow) to I R. James, lot 2. block 2, map No. 2 Blasdel tract, Brooklyn towiiHUlp; $10. Thomas W. and Raymond D. Prlee to Edna C. Wilson (wife Bovd rerecord. Alca-tra avenue. 20S.3 Shattuck. 40 by 120. portion of V. I'eralta Reserve. Kellersberger's map and D. l'eraltn. Oakland: $1. A. end H. F. Smith (husbnd to M. T. Mlnnev Company (corporation). Eighth Btreet. 110 West. by 1 17.T.O. lot 12 and P. 6 feet lot 13, block map Major Glveu tract. Oakland: $10. I. Foley to Sh.ine, lot 4 and 8.4 feet lot 3, map Fruttvale Vlta tract, Oakland: $10. John Lutgen et als. to Bertha bntpen, West Thirteenth street. 100 Center, fS by 110. lot 4.i, portion lots 44 and 46. map of Center-ptreet Home Iots. Oakland; Rift. I. V. E. Ldevnril (widow) to Huso and Katie Brunecker (wife). Thlrtieh street. 710 Grove, 40 by "140. 40 feet lot 41, block 20.1"). Rowland tract. Oaklaud: $10. Mary M. and John, A. La Brut to Henry Z. Jones, lots 167 to 174, block map Westall tract, Brooklvn township: $10. A. S. and Anna Tatter (wife) to Frank O. Gousalves. Callan street. 0KS Sybil. by 100, portion lot 5- block 7, Sau Leandro, Eden township: $10. Annie L. Miller, to Martin L. Lowrcy. lot 31. block 20, map remind! vision Towusite of Fireh-bnrg, Oakland; $10. DEEDS RECORDED WEDNESDAY, JULY 20. Enillv J. Klein to GeorRet W. Ellery. lot 61 and 27.4 feet lot C2, map Santa Fe tract No. Mary Francis (wife) to George Stinhllver. county road from fenterville to Nlles point distant from Inter-section with 'School street 200. NK jO. NW 2iO. lot 13. map-August tract, Washington township: $1. i Jessie II and Julius H. Kpreckels II. J-and Helen M. Met lintoek (wife). avenue, 143.75 SB Isabella street. KB 38 by bills. portion lets 01 and 02. map Macklnnon Gohnnanu tract, Oakland: $10. Garden Realty Company to irlstlan Irsen lot 30 and one half lot 29, map Palo. Vista tract. Oakland $10. wjni.m Crasmont Land Company to William J. (single), lot 11 and portion lots 1-. 13 and 14.. block 12, map -North Cragmout, Berk- e'enniVE and C. R. Shaw (husband) to Sarah E. Poberty, SW Bay View. SB Eleventh. SE 405 bv SW 135. lot 12, block Bella Vista Park. Oakland: $10. Central Pacifie Railway Company, to Charles C. and Florence Boyoton (wife). 140 Grand. 2.1 by 10. Alameda; grant. Faelflc Laml Investment Company- to II. A. Coggiris. lot 14. block 23. map Town of Newark. Washington township; i Donald A. Mcintosh to Annie (wife), ltuena Vista, SI. 74 Prk. 40 100, lot 3, block Golden Gate tract. Oak. and Carrie Singley (by trustee) to Continental Building and Loan Association, lot 11. block 53. subdivision 1 I'ark Place, township: trustee's deed; Manuel J. da Rosa and wife to Elmer W. and Mlnnette Kllgore (wife); SK Kelly, 1.. .2 line of road leading from Kelly to Lone Tree Cemetery, said point being NE corner 20-aere tract of Manuel L. GarcW, SE 16.1,, NE- 10 NW 4 67 SW 0.SS6. NW 12. SW 0.S.S4 chains to beginning, containing 6 acres. of raneho San Lorenzo. Eden township: Rosa McCurtv (sinirle) to Th and Ravmond D. Price, lot 2, block map Oak-lawn. Oakland: $10. rnvan to Thomas W. and Raymond P. Price, lot 3, block 1. map- some. Oakland: 1. Oscar F. Frentross (married) to Sarah A Frmttress (married). SE Ayala or- Gallndo. 2.5 NE Vicente. NE 57 iv SE lOO. portion block E. map of Vicente Peralta Reservation tract. Oakland $lo. Woodward Compnny to Minnie B. Pake (married), lot 113,, map Barker Park, Oakland; $10 John Burke to Catherine Bnrke 'wife). Fortv-seventh street. 140 West. io. W. 170, 50 to beglnninz. lot 13, block 211b. Alden' tract. Oakland; gift. Marv and F. Kohnke (hnshand) to W. Wickcnden. Purant street. 215 Fulton. 70 br 130. lot 37 and 30 feet lot map block 14, College Homestead tracts Berkeley; $10. i da S. II. and Fred A. Lacey to J. N. (married). NW Oregon and Recent streets, 00 hv 140. lot 5, block Berry-Bangs tract, Berkelev: $10. John Blgelow (widower) to Edna F. Beckett Chnnning way. 155 STiattuck avenue. 5 by. 130. feet lot 9, block 2, Barker tract, Berkeley: $10. -and Gabriel Hunter (wife) to Mr. Pauline Levy. Jot 2. block map Liuda Park, Brooklyn township: $10. Howard S. and Myrtle M. Ainsworth to Oscar Yellin (single). SW Eagle and Schiller. 12.) by 'lot 20. block 49, Encinal Station. Ala- "'ituhv'mid A. C. Grace (husband! to Charles Ruedv (two-thirds). F. C. Getllffe (one-third) NW Peering. 244 NE county road, NE 40 by NW 115, lot 0. SW 5 feet lot 10. map Frultyale San Leandro road tract, Brooklyn township; $10. ReudV and Getllffe and wife to Rub'v Grace. SW Bond street. 116 SE Patterson SE 30. SW 119. NW 30. XE 110. portion plot 1. map Patterson ranch. Brooklyn township: $10. Jesse A. slid Ruth E. Melser (wife) to F. Beale lot 21 ln extremity of Bay lew avenue and 10 feet at end of a certain alley bet-ween lots 1 and 20, map Bay View tract, Eden township: $10. Same to same, beginning at stake In center of ennntv rond from Hayword to Hayward I'ark Homestead Union, known as county read 335S. distant SE 6.13 chains from where the line between lands of Helen B. Kimball and Mrs C. M. Crowell intersects same. NE 1.40, SE 1 34. r'w 7 47 to stake in center of county rond 33. iS. thence along center of said road NW 1.31 chains to beginning, containing 1 acre, portion of San Lorenzo i-rancho. Eden township; $10. Idaline Rosegrnns (single) to Roma M. Burnett Telegraph avenue. 560.6S Woolsey street 153. M. 60, 170. 62.71. tinrtion plot Bjf, Kellersberger's map rtnehos and 1). Peralta. Berkeley: $10. A. Avelar (single) to Joseph A. Avelar (single) NE East Twenty-first or Hepburn street 100 SE Twenty-first avenue. SE 50 by NE 140. lots 45 and 46. block 07, map of lots in Brooklvn. Oakland; 10. John F. and Kate Greaney to Anna L. Bnltrusch (married). Linden street. 154.6 TWentv-si-fth. 26 by 132. portion lot 14. block Sf. Ex4enslon. Oakland; $10. Samuel and Caroline de Mooy to Harry B. de Moov NE Pl-cty-second or Colusa and Racine streets. 12S.64. JOO. W' 25. 50. 105.50. 50 lots 18. 10 and 20, block E. map resnb-divlslon blocks A to F. Roberts Wolfskin tract. Oakland: $10. Angnste M. Perks (by attorney) to H. B. de Moov (single). Stanley avenue. 125 Orion. 107. .25, 52. 25. 151). lots 6 and 7. block map Sanford tract. Oakfand; $10. Isabella and George Wrleht (husband) to Tearl Ebe (wife Bert). Fifty-seventh street. 62.6 Genoe. 4S. 47.6. 50.06. 47.51, portion lot 45, map of Santa Fe "tract No. 20, Oakland; $10 BUILDERS CONTRACTS. jne Si-Oakland Hotel Company (owner) with Joseph Musta Sons-Keenan Company con-fractor) NE Thirteenth and Harrison streets. 200 bv 300, Oakland, for plans and specifications filed. Recorded July 19. June 24 Same owners with Vulcan Iron Works (contractor) Same, for June 24 Same with William S. Snook Son (contractors) same, for $45,000. jn1ie 24 Same with Manmgrum A Otter (contractors! Same, for $22,295. I June 24 Same with Otis' Elevator Uompany (contractor) same, for June 24 Same owners with Forderor 'Cornice Works (contractor) Same, for $17,300. June 24 Same with II. Maundrell (contractor) Same, for $11,225. June 24 Same with Oj E. Brady Son (contractor) Same, for June 24 Same with amo Same, for $41,400. June 24 Same with the McGilvray Raymond Granite Company (contractor) Same, for $5900. June 24 Same with MUliken Bros. contractors) Same, for June 24 Same with Floodherg McCaffery (contractors) Same, for 3S.645. June 24 Same with Watson Roof Company (contractor) Same, for $1575. June 24 Same with Ncwberg. Bendheim Electric Company (contracttrs Same, f'-r $13,216. Jone 24 Same with Ci O. Munson Co. (contractors) Same, for June 24 Same with the Roehlinst Concrete Company (contractors) Same, for June 24 Same with Ilngan Lumber Company (contractor) Same.i for $0027. June 24 Same with W. I'. Fuller Co. (contractors! Same, for $16,750. June 24 Same with Cyclops Iron Works (contractor) Same, tor $S740. Julv 16 Marie L. Brlttan (owmr) with George F- Shirar (eon.tractor Haljtht street. 197.0 from Fifth, Alameda, for $1350; no plans or specifications filed. All recorded Inly 19. 1 Julv IS George W. Morton (owner) with T. and R. D. Price (contractors) Buena Vista. 287.4 Oak, 40.8 by 145. Alameda, for plana and specification filed. Recorded Jul 20. Mameda but heaped upon him all Kinus OI pnysicai auuse. ui.e utd- Vlameda but miapeu uy trnr, mm with a heavy lantern, Cutting his ARRIES MAI SMOKING Eastern Couple We'd After 3 i- a. uays' uourtsnip in Oakland. ET HERE FOLLOWING. L0PJG CORRESPONDENCE The Bridegroom Insisted Wife Should Make Will With Himself as Beneficiary. 'I want a man who does not smoke," said Mrs. A. M. Atwood, a wealthy widow of New York, when sue met R. H. Foster of Dal ton. Massachusetts, foi- th rs tirne at the Hotel Metropole last Sunday foljlowing h- prolonged correspondence wfjich had as its object matrimony. Foster Immediately abandoned the weed toi three whole days. A strenuous courtship was carried on dujring the following days, terminating thjs morning when the couple arose early and went to San Rafael, where they had the nuptial knot tied. Following the ceremony they left on their honeymoon, going to Santa Cruz, where they expect to spend several weeks bathing in tjhe surf and strolling along the secluded that wind about the cliffs adjacent to the resort. I Poster, who is man slightly past mid-dip age, as Is his wife also, haggled somewhat over the agreements of the match with the result that at the last ament there threatened ta' be a breach In the negotiations. WANTED WILL MADE. Mrs. Atwood paid the Expenses of the cqurtship. including, hotel bills and sundry other items, and Foster requested irje should have a will drawn up for hfm in case of her demise and suggesting $33,000 as the (amount to be named. This she finally agreed to. The pair no effort to hide their irteptions from the clerk and other attaches of the' hotel, who assisted them Jr various ways to affect a When they left the hotel jt noon today they carried, with them four trunks "and six suitcases, avowing their intention of traveling urftll they became- sufficiently Well 'acquainted to settle down in some qjiilet place and prove to the skeptical thjat marriage through correspondence is not a failure after all. HUNDREDS FACE TERRIBLE DEATH porest Fires Imprison Home less Refugees; Escape i Cut Off. MERRILL. July 21. Several hundred persons oC Bloomville and Meln- mann are hemmed "in by forest fires at the -former town wi'th seemingly no means of escapea- The fires have destroyed the railroad tracks for some (distance between Bloomvillb and Merrill, makbng it impossible for the inhabitants of the village to seek refuge in Merrill. The 400 homeless of Meinmann fled to Bloomville, only to be confronted iby similar p'eriTT (Jleason, north of Bloomville, is isolated by the tire and jit has been impossible to getword from there for several hours. This leaves Bloomville with ts 550 persons hemmed in every side. The" loss in buildings is' more than $200,000. Several farmers' families have not been accounted for. LARGE ACREAGE EURNED. MISSOULA, July 2. Forest fires are raging today on the Cabinet Forest Reserve near St. Joe. 1 Already a large acreage has been burned over. 'Latest reports indicate dire neads assistance, as the flames are spreading rapidly. At noon today an urgent carl for: assistance was received at the forestry1 offices from Nine Mile and the officials turned out en masse to impress men Irrto the fighting ranks. The employment officers have supplied all the men they can pick up and arrangements are being made to rush reinforcements to the scene of the fire The fires at Heron and Thompson are still burning a new force of forty men has been dispatched to the scene. A high wind is carrying burning embers to tha timber territory. FIGHTING THE FLAMES. The Northern Pacific Railroad has every available man fighting the flames near its property Paradise. At Cedar Ci eek the flames have swept an area of three square miles. Other discouraging reports are reaching here from Rivulet, to which forests were destroyed yesterdny. At Henderson on. the Lolo" forest the fires are reported under control after over a week of fighting. London Mortgages Residence Property To secure a loan made by the Farmers' and Merchants' Bank of Hayward Jack Condon and his wife Charmion last evening filed 'with County Recorder Mott a mortgage for $4000, covering property on the north side of Twenty-seventh street, east of Telegraph avenue. Date Set for Trial Of William F. Hiney William F. Hiney, held the county jail on a charge of faihjg to provide for his two daughters, will be tried July 29, in the criminal department of the Superior Court. Judge Ellsworth this forenoon set the hearing for that date. ATTORNEY HOME. Attorney Carlos G. White has returned twine from a two-weeks vacation sojourn at Independence Lake. WHO i QUIT sinn. ouva aiicgui kne and causing uwu" uA.w.e,. Accusing her husband of habitual intemperance, failure to provide and willful i desertion and abandonment, Adela Brand this forenoon instituted uit In khe superior court for a divorce from Albert Brand. The couple was married in Oakland in July, 1907. and the defendant is a watchman. No. 123. 332.. 439. 74S. 803 996. 1078. 1280a 1651. 1766. 1919. 2061 2233. 25 iS. 27U4. 2872.. 2954. 3145. 31S2. 8413. 3502. 3782. .3889. 4116. 4259. 4353. 4424. Prize. 10 No. No. Prize. 10 10 10 .10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 10 10 10 250 .10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 238... 416. 726... 762... 1062. 1245. 1581. 1764. 1879. 1982.. 2125. 2393... 2584... 2816. 2935. 3084 3172... 3223... 3450. 3536. 3882. 4248. 4334... 417 4519... 4645. 4760. 4907. 5058. 5134... 5274. 5355. 5624... 5819... 6058. 6234.. 6753 6836 6909... 7011... 7140... 7194. 7253. 7534 7757... 7773 7833... 7896. 8155. 8269... 10 10 10 368. 507. 760. 950., 1045. 1212... 1378... 1669... 178S. 1124. 10 10 .10: 10 101 10! 101 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 10 50 10 10 10 50 10 25 10 BO JO 10 10! 2353.., 10! 10 10 10 10 ,2758. 2922 3170... 3185. 3449... 2524. 3862 4017. 4154. 4331 4388. 4636. 4694... 456. 4971. 5131. 6171. 5345 5509. 5S15. 5971. 6211. 6707. 6824. 6896. 7005. 7105. 7160. 7238.. 7400. 7698. 10! 10 50 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 500 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 101 101 101 101 101 '101 lOi 101 C0I 4G30. 4693.. 4826. 4943. 5128... 5160. 52SG. 5478... 5654.. 5920. 6137. 6277. C792. 6886. 69S0. 7150. 7216. 7259. 7540. 7769. 77S3. 7S50. 7902... 8229. 8314... 8700... 8872. 9009. 9080. 9329 9703. "5982. 10081 .1 10190. 10240... 10442. 10522. 10631. 10926. 11232. 11421. 11514... 11937. 1209 4. i12139. 12263. 12361. 12672. 12822. 13122. 13272. 13309. 13457. 13482. 13593.,.. 10 10 10 50 10 50 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 5000 10 10 10 10 10 10 25 50 10 10 25 10 10 10 2r. 50 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 250 10 10 10 25 10 10 50 10 10 10 in 10 10 10 10 10 25 10 10 10 10 50 101 10! 101 10 101 7790. 7858... 7943. 8268... 8497. 8663... 880.8... 8939. 9018. 9209. 9454. 9917... 101 10! 8551... H. 669. 10 "8864... 101 8994. 9035. 9293.. 9640. 9925. 101 101 10 10 101 10,10023. 25110123. 10110214. 10110275. 10110527. 10110746. 10111273. 10111444... 25111600. 10111953. 10112096, 10112209. 10 12294. 10il26O4. 10 12679... 10112944... 10113035. 10113227. 50113288. 10'13403. 10113475... 10113520. 10'1356. 10 "13844... 1 01 13928. 10 14162... 10H4682. 10114817... 10H4933. 10U5062. 25I15264. 1OI15404. 50I15531. 2." 15797. 10 16116. 10116673. 10H6800. 10116862.. 10110187. 10110222. 10110311 A 10 10507... 10110573. 10110762. 25111100. 10U1209. 10111337. 10111488. 10112004. 10 12099. 1012226... ji25'12610. -10112752. 10113007.. 25113102... J013260. 10 3305. 1013419. 10 13557... 10113668. 10 13906. 10113942. 10114619... 25114770... 10114823... 10115074. 10115156. 10115287. 10115414... 10 15627. 10115845... 10M6O2O. 10116290. 10116494... 10116695... 1C16809. 10! 16902. 10117170. 10 17544. 10117643... 017825. 10 10 25 10 10 10 10 10 10 1391 50 10 10 10 1C 1( 10 Ifl 10 10 ic 21 '1C 10 10 10 10 10 50 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 50 13989. 14634. 14790. 14920. 15033. 1508S. 15251., 15330. 1548R. 15843. 15S96. 18077. 16368. 16666. 16753. 16856,. 3 6942. 17257.. 1734(5. 17445. 17611. 17800-. 17849. 17894. 17934. 18044. 18297. 18402. 18821. 18930. 19097. 19263. 19370. 19509. 19562. 19873. 1999S. 117135. 117288... 101 1017477. 10 17616... 25117819. 10 10'17904. 10117943... 50)i046. 10I18355. 10118686. 10118860. 10119013... 10119106. 10119328. 10U9444: 10119539... 10119579... 10119915. lOj 1117870. 100. 17S 17920. 10118037. 10118158... 10 18361... 10118792... 1018869.. 10'19092 10119332. 10119468... 10119553... 1011986. 10119957. APPROXIMATION PRIZES. 99 Numbers 9001 to 9100 inclusive on the First Capital Prize of J5000 $3.00 each. 99 Numbers 17901 to 18000 Inclusive on the second Capital Prize of $1000 $5.00 each. No. 9035 draws First Capital Prize, $5000, sold in Francisco and Sacramento, Cal. No. 17904 draws Second Capital Prize. $1000. sold In San Francisco and Sacramento, t'al. "No. 5128 -draws Third Capital Prize. $'-O0, sold in San Francisco, Cul. Nos. 353S and 7150 each win $250. sold in Oakland, MarysvUle and San Francisco, Cal. The above is for $1.00 tickets; fractions in proportion. The Original Naeional M. F. Cfrm-panv of San Francisco paid the following for Julv 13. 1910: First National' Bank of San FrancUco collected ior hhiik or uaKiann for P. C. Petersen. 579 Kast Twelfth street, Kast Oakland. $5000 William Ground, saloon busineps, 19S Sanchez street, residing at 140 Irvinjr-ton street. Mission road. San Mateo cotirity. Cal $1000 Thomas Martin, employed "by Healey iioDits, in jjavis street, nan rancisco. and F. Runnels. 915 Van Ness avenue, San Francisco, Cal. The above is decided by a. public government event. Youth's Story Proves False; Gets One Year Falsehoods told to Superior Judge Ellsworth this forenoon "ijy John Reynolds, IS years of ape, were responsible for his commitment to the penitentiary at Sun Quehtin for jone year. Reynolds and Frank Flore, his com-. panion, came to Oakland late on Ufa nipht of June 15 from Han Francisco a n.l art 1 iv flit nnllce Hatj burglarized the store or M. 1. Morgans. 1025 San Pablo avenue, from which they When case was called for trial in the criminal department of the Superior Court several days apo both pleaded guilty to the crime and threw themselves upon the mercy- of the court. Preliminary to pronouncing Judgment today, and with the help of Assistant District Attorney llynes. Judge Klls-woth questioned Reynolds, the younger of the two criminals by a year, to get at his temperament and frame of mind. The young man appeared bojdly indifferent, almost to a point of a to his fate, and when his rtory was compared with that of Flore it became apparent that he had not been telling th truth. GIRU INJURED. SANTA BARBARA. July 21. six-year-old daughter of K. D. Tucker, was very seriously Injured yesterdaj afternoon when she 'was run down by sn automobile driven by Mrs. Henry Lund of San Francisco. Mrs. Lund, who ll spending the summer at Miramar, wai 1 driving up State when the littU 1 girl ran lri front of the car, being crushed to the curb. Physicians saj she will recover. CLASSIFIED ADS IN THE TRIBUN! PAY BIG RETURNS FOR THE WONEY INVESTED. Prize.) I 10 1 10 I 101 1 from "Robert F. Drennan. a carpenter at a boathouse on San Leandro bajv ARMENIAN PRIEST AFTER ROOSEVELT Peculiar Character Arrested While Trying to Beg a Big Sum. OYSTER BAY, N. July 21.In response to a telephone message from Sagamore Hill today Charles Townsend, constable of Oyster Bay, hurried to for mer I'resldent Roosevelt home In anf auto and took in charge Rev. Georgej noq-B isspd UTuujui-tv lni "lIPiiifMi years of age. When the constable ar-j rived at Sagamore Hill he found' Noahj Keaman, superintendent of Colone Roosevelt's estate, and a negro servan guarding the mart The constable and Seaman brought th(p man back to Oyster Bay and placed hini train for New, York. Nathaniel said lived at 1012 Locust street. Philadel phia, and that he was an archdeacon of the Armenian Protestant Church. WANTED MONEY. Nathaniel wanted Roosevelt to sub soriho S5000 for a hospital in the Hoy I.andf He in vain to see Colonel Roosevelt at the Outlook office Tuesd4y and yesterday came to Oyster Bay. T(j-day lie walked all the way to Sagamore Hill and reached Colonel Roosevelt's home without being stopped. He rang the door bell, but his speech and appearan aroused the suspicion of the butler, refused to let him see the colonel. Nathaniel said after he was on the train that he would make another effqrt see Colonel Roosevelt in New York to morrow. Anti-Tuberculosis Lecturers to SpeaK A lecture on will be givjen before the Alameda County Anti-Tuberculosis Society this evening at the grounds of the Prescott school at Camjp-bell and Ninth streets. The lecturers will bq Dr. Ergo A. Majors. Dr. A. Kelley. president of the Board of Education, and "Dr. -W. K. Sah born of the Board of Health. The lecture is illustrated with a number of lantern slides, and is of aipopuliai instead of technical nature. 1 I Music will be rendered durtni: Intermissions, and tlie entire entertainment Is piannea to please and Instruct: the audience. 7 1 The great success of similar lectures in tHHifrn cities, ami of the on 41 a fate SeKerinThemT me puuiiC. Real Estate Firm Defendant in Suit uit ay aft4r- George. F. Neece last yesterd nuon insticutea a suit in the Superior-Court against Isaac Frazer and the IMy'-i-nine'e Jteal Estate" Company to recover 110,300, "which1 he alleeres value of. property belonging to him tljiat r-1 i 1 II i th dpffrinanta 1 1 iP" tk. "1 June 10. The property in question is de scribed as 200 "art designs," METZ METZ at TRey are seriously considering opening two box offices up the Bell theater this week to handle the crowds. The reason'" is the par-tisularly strong bill which Is sufficient apology for any possible -shortcomings in the past. Metz Metz. character vocalists, have a strong and artistic number. Their selection of songs shows TTne judgment and their reception by the audience shows a high standard of intelligence. Helen Stuart is a real soubrette in the proper meaning of that term. She can and does act. There is class to Neil Mc-Kinley. That the day of the dirtily dressed single turn has passed is proved by the tremendous ovation accorded this Beau Brummel of immaculate singers. More music, also of a superior grade, is DIES ON WAY TO Was Employed in the Oakland Police Courts for More Than Generation. Gee Gam, for the past forty year's interpreter in Police Court No. 1 of this city, and the father of six sons born in this country -and educated in American universities, died of a stroke of paralysis on his way to China to revisit the scenes of his childhood before settling down in retirement in California to spend his declining years in the midst of his family hre. The news of his death was received in a telegram from Honolulu to his son Henshaw Jee, court interpreter of the Oakland courts and a student in the University of California, thR morning. Jee Gam was well known in both Oakland and San Francisco, and his sons are distinguished in the educational world, having taken decrees in Harvard, the "University of California, and other colleges. After being employed for over forty years in the local court, Gee Gam decided to his ancestral home before settling down here, and with his wife. Mrs. Chung Shee Jee. his daughter. Miss Mae Jee, and his sons Luther McLean Jee, Howard Jee and Benton. Jee, started June 6 on the; China for the Orient. The ship was just a day out of Honolulu when he was suddenly stricken with paralysis, and died almost immediately. The funeral will be held in China, where the aged interpreter will be laid to 'rest. He was 63 years of age and 'had resided in California 47 years. Funeral services will also be held in the chapel in'Bren-ham Place in San Francisco, near which place th? family resided for many years. Gee Gam was ordained minister in the San Francisco Congregational Church and conducted services for some time. Although, according to Chihesecustom, the interpreter placed his surname, Jee, first, his Americanized children use the English custom, using the Jee as the Jast name. He is survived by his widow, Chung ghee, by six sons, Linforth; "Pond Mooar, Luther McLean, Henshaw, Benton and Howard Jee, and a daughter, Miss Mae Jee. Luther1 Jee, who took his Master's degree at Harvard, is at present vice-president of the Tangshan F.i cineer-ing and Mining College in North China, and fills the chair of Economics in the same institution. Will of Wealthy Matron Is Filed In a petition for the admission of the will of the late Caroline W. Warner of Alameda to probate, filed, today in the probate department of the Superior Court by Caroline W. Robins of 1401 Eighth avenue, East Oakland, and Julia A. Warner of 1415 Santa Clara avenue, Alameda, daughters of the deceased, the estate is valued at $17,504.95. jit consists of $14,994.95 ln cash on deposit In several local banks and the dead woman's homestead. Mrs. Warner was 62 years of age at the time of her Jeath. i The petitioners state that they are sole devisees ajid legatees under their mother's will. Woman With Baby Victim of Alcohol SAN FRANCISCO, July Zi. Suffering from alcoholism, Mrs. M. Neagle, 1221 Mariposa street, clutching her six weeks' old baby in her arms, applied at the drug store at Ninth and Market streets last -night to be sent to a hospital. She was transferred to the Central Emergency, where it was discovered that her infant had been born on her last visit- She was booked for alcoholism and held for lObservation, ROM IN CR NA the Bell Theater. I offered and greedily devoured, while the Moneta Five delight. The young woman who imitates a child singing can have cookies and candy from every mother in Oakland. The paid admissions laugh all the way home and enjoy pleasant dreams till alarm-clock time over Willard Bond in the Battle of Bunco Hill." It is a well-staged travesty on war maneuvers, and the success of the act is enhanced by the very splendid scenic settings employed. Spectacular and gorgeous is Phasma in a really marvelous presentation of various terpsichorean 1 creations. With light effects and silvery shimmering costumes this has1 evidently reached the limit in vaudeville for acts of this nature. Good motion pictures complete the bill. ASK CITY TO VOTE Board of Education Requests Council to Call for Election. "Upon the written opinions of both City Attorney John W. Stetson and District Attorney W. Donahue that Jt would be legal for the City Council to issue th call for a school bortd election, the board of education has Tiled resolutions with the City Clerk to the effect that: City Council be and is hereby requested to prepare and subnit at an early date to the qualified electors of the municipality a proposition to bond the city for the purposes set forth in the declaration of the board of education." The. amounts named are for two separate propositions, that of $968,000 for the purchase of high school sites and -of $2,432,050 for grammar and primary school sites and buildings. The resolution further states that: 1 "The money so raised to be expended for the purposes set forth in the detailed statement accompanying the resolutions." The matter will come up In council, at the next" regular meeting, July 25, and thereupon referred to the proper committee, which will make rcom-mendations. Should the' views of the council coincide with those of the board an election will be called within the next few months. The handling of the money and actual construction would come under the supervision of the board of public works, and the board of "education will be relieved from further jurisdiction in the matter. GO TO COURTS Sleeping Car Trust Again Disputes Jurisdiction of the -State Equalizers. SACRAMENTO. July 21. In Its report to the Board of Equalization the Pullman company still denies the jurisdiction the State Board of Equalization and Uio dispute of this year as well as that, of last year and those up to 1907, will have to go into the courts. The board had everything that transpired today taken down in shorthand, so that the facts may be used in the courts ln case it is necessary. The Pullman company asserts that it has no' adequate means by which it can estimate the amount of money it makes ln California to present to' tha board. However, in the report it gives file number of cars used in California and te valuation thereof. Jj How it obtains the number of cars it uses in this state is by a method which the equalizers have had difficulty in understanding. In previous reports turned in 'the Pullman company has failed to giva the amount of valuation of cars brought into the state on excursions. However, this time the company reports fifteen more cars used for this purpose. Thso figures Were given to Chairman Brcwn of the board, who wrote for them eome time ago. The total valuation of cars used in the state is Jl, 202.283.20, according to the report of the company. Of this valuation $925,151.74 is for 10,950 standard sleepers and $205,635 for excursion cars. The report says the company uses in this Etate 6 40 parlor cars, cost valued at $54,071.61, and 103.102 standard sleeper valued at J871.079.93. Thfr capital stock of the company Is given in the report as Oil SCHOOL BONDS PULLMAN COMPANY MA IERICRN FUG 2 CONTINENTS Harry Sully of Berkeley Makes Sweeping Prediction at Luncheon. "From, the Canadian line io Cape Horn the American flag will fly. You've got to ao thlsi you miht as well look the fact In the I face now. In a few years the United I States will in the same position as England was "at the beginning of the Boer war." This uttered by Hariy Sully of Berkeley at the Tri-City club luncheon at the Key Route Inn today. Sutty tnade this declaration during a short address which he. delivered on "The Life and Works of Tludyard Kipling." During; the "course of ids address he also read several of Kipling's poems. The statement regarding the American i ai-a. dntitVi Arrterlra within a liu ji.viiia 1-4 few years was led up to by his statement to' the effect that as England" -had been forced -to stop the petty jealousies, rows and revolutions of smaller so-called republics, the United States would be forced to do the with the result that that portion "of the Western hemisphere, i from the Canadian line to Cape Horn, would under the jurisdiction of the United States "government. Rev. William C. Poole, assistant pastor of the First Methodist spoke cn Rudyard Kipling, and praised him for his virility and versatility. Robert Robertson was the third speaker, and ho also commended Kipling and his works. Early Morning Blaze Causes a Riot i SAN FRANCISCO, July 21. A disastrous Ifire, caused by the overheating boilers in the Ham mam Baths; 1641 O'Farrell street, caused tTie total destruction of two buildings at IV o'clock this morning. The -blaze, which spread rapidly over the structure occupied by the baths, communicated itself to the Pacific Athletic club, adjoining, and when the department arrived in response to two alarms they confined themselves with saving the surrounding buildings. Twelve persons who were asleep in a lodging house next door were aroused by the day clerk, Fred Russ, in time to- escape the smoke which poured in taLaye nit: min uuui t'u itii through the The damage is Guardsmen to Hold Annual Stag Party Company A. Fifth Infantry, National fjuard of California, will give its annual stag banquet and smoker this evening in Armory hall. Twentieth street, where the members of that company will exchantre greetings and enjoy a musical prosrram which has been arranged for: the occasion. The committee ln charue of the affair is-lomposcd of Sergeants Bond. Hovt. Neg- vui tuia. o.tuuy and i'rlvate Angarth 'A series Of socials is holnrr for the season snj the functions willbe atif1, tended the members of the Infantry 05 a he to 1 Vi

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