The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 17, 1954 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1954
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY 17, 1951 Safeway saves you money 9 • V ^fe. >flt Jflfe. .... and here are Shortening Emuii-muced ....... Tin Shortening Shortening Shortening Shortening Shortening Snowdrift 0 -Lb. QT- A Favorite .... 0 Tin 0/C v * ... ft 33c 3£87c carton 29c Tucker'i 1 -I*. Save on This ....3 Ctn. Shortening Shortening 8£ 2.39 3^;79c Lard Pure Lard for F^nnS. ... 3 on. 73c Pure Lard #£'*?..., 8 £1.95 Pur« Lard SET. ..... 16 S 4.15 Margarine Sunnyoank Ctn. Margarine KSSf....... 2 ^:39c lul*i>rt«riMA " ar ' ca y L"' /4tt mdr^drmc Brand Ctn. *^* k J_ u ^^_ * ^. Blue Bonnet Lb. Oft — Margarine its Fresh cm. 29c Cheese Foods Dutch Mill 33<f SI™. Dutch Mill Dutch Mill s Ssa s ± Dutch Mill S, pi r. to . ££29c Dutch Mill Old English SL ' Cheese Food Cheese Spread Berkshire £2? 49c 2 S: 69c Carton 35c FZour anrf Kitchen Craft Xr.. 5£49c Kitchen Craft Self Rising 10^ 95c Gold Medal 5»i49e Gold Medal S* ...... 10^95c Pillsbury SS? ..... . ........ 5 £ 49c Pillsbury-SS?. ............. 10£;95c White Meal &^ 10 ^ 73c White Meal S y .^.. 5 ii 39c Yellow Meal a m ± u 10^63c Whitt. Meal SSS 1 ..'.. 10ii59e Canned Fruits Sliced Peaches Sliced Peaches S±,..."«?31c Peach Halves 5t t!i 31c Sliced Peaches SSS. 2 *£ 29c Sliced Peaches Peach Halves £;"' 2 ';£ 27c DiMM« K «.r<% Lalani Sliced No.! rineapple Hawaiian Tin Lalani Crushed No.2 07— Hawaiian Tin L/C LaLani Crushed No. 1 "I P Hawaiian Tin I DC DiM/%.« nn l*» Libby Crushed No.2 rineapple pinea PP i e ........... m DI.. *» — — !» Lalani Chunk No.2 rineapple pineapple .......... im Fruit Cocktail SffiJ ...."£* 37c Fruit Cocktail £35 .. 2 ffi 29c Fruit Cocktail IS ..... K xL* 39c Fruit Cocktail Salad Fruit Libby Brand No. 303 Tin Pear Halves S3T N( ^39c Pear Halves Pear Halves ISTT. Pear Halves £3T ......... f«f 27c Pear Halves SSSi Pear Halves Clen-Aire ?£ H 43c 2 8 i£33c Glen-Aire " lOc IS£"g.Ssr.... Highway Apricot Halves gSTf...*^ 19c Apricot Halves g£Tf. .f^J? 29c 37c 19c Go,f±. 2 23c Canned Fruit Juices. Pineapple juice Town House Blended Juice Blended juice Orange juice Orangeade Prune juice Apple Juice Apple juice Crape Juice Crape Juice Town House 5^1...^ lOc SS^SS* 2 ?! 2 25c Hi-C Brand 46-Oz. At Sunsweet Qt, Delicious Jar Westfair 46-Oz. 00* Brand Bot. JjC Westfair 24-Oz. Qr Brand BoU JjC Welch ... A 24-Oz. Favorite Bot. Safeway Reduces Prices Yes, Safeway and all food stores have special prices at times. But you can't feed your family on "week-end specials" alone. These are reductions in prices at Safeway. We invite you to check each of these prices against what you pay if you shop elsewhere, then compare the total. See how you can save on food when EVERY price is low... Be Sure «,. Shop Safeway. Check These Everyday Low Prices!! Pi/re Canned Meat and Fish Canned Vegetables Factory Packed Cane Sugar Cane Sugar SSS Cane Sugar 5 i bf 49c 45c Golden Corn 2S29c 25 £2.37 College Inn 2±, Dumplings Canned Vegetables n A |..|,_ __ Highway Cut ^ SOB 00- lOrdlOcS Sweet Potatoes.... ATins JjC D i t Country Home No. 2 OT— lOrarOeS Sweet Potatoes Tin L/C TrappeysOkra %£$! 22L29c 1.49 CuellarTamalesnar...S29c Tun* I Una Booth Brand 0 S " 0z DevlledFlsh..../ Tins Dutch Harbor No. 1 Fancy Fish .... Tin Golden Corn ?? Golden Corn cream s stjie 2VL27C Golden Corn Pride of Illinois O 303 Cream Style Small Shrimp Whole Oysters Shady River 5-Oz. AC^ Save on This Tin TjC White Corn SSTW,. 25L29c U/Ull/i (****** Gardenside *) 303 -57 White LOm Cream Style / Tins Z/C White Corn SMI* 2 £ 35c D-i.-.i.-. — Highway Whole *J 303 1ft rOtatOeS Irish Potatoes /Tins I VC jUne fCaS Delicious JLTinsZ/C Fancy Peas *^7 S19c Fancy Peas ^7 2 8T £29c Prince Paul No. Brisling Sardines .... Tin Canned Biscuits *)Q /"C Garden Peas Fancy pi". 2S'25c Canned Biscuits Canned Bisuits IS 2 Libby Corn Cob Corn Vegetables Spaghetti 2 ?£ 5f29c Garden Peas SSSS^^.... "19c Canned Biscuits Canned Meat & Fish Fancy Peas 303 07 — At Safeway ............ Tin L/C Crowder Peas, nil D Alma Brand O 300 Blackeye Peas savings .. Cake and Cookie Mixes Pillsbury Chocolate HullS Some~To?it e 2^250 Ocean Spray 1^. ..... 16 S21c |« 1 7 n I/C White Mix Yellow Mix 17-Oz. Fkg. .":£. 35c Corned Beef Corn Beef I naf LOdl Libby Brand 7-Oz. Reduced Price ..... Tin Custard .............. Tin Pillsbury 14-Oz. Angel Cake .... Pk S . Libby Chili Swansons Chicken Fricasse 21 T?n49 C Lima Beans. Green-white 2 Tins 29c Spice Mix 35c Pinto Beans 2£19c k J' Betty Crocker MIX spice MIX 20-Oz. Green Beans cut b Beans a1 !. Ti°ns24c 2 C35c 15c 22ST.... Green Beans Banjo Hominy Banjo Hominy Fancy Spinach g^ 2iS 25c Pork & Beans a beus .. 2 16 i£27c 57c 29c Pork & Beans Sauerkraut Sauerkraut Sauerkraut Whole Beets 2S19C 2£25c , .... fi 17c ... 2Z27c 1 .. 2 Me White Mix Yellow Mix Angel Food Gingerbread Golden Cookie ?S£Su u 1S 35c Chip Cookie ciocoiSe .. is? pk^' 37c Fudge Mix SSSf^. ...... I2 p£31c Fudge Mix f^ r r ...... 'S£ 3k Frostee Mix vSL .... 2 P '^ 26(f Chow Mein Srf 1 *.... 3 T£ 98c Chop Suey C B he « 3^9/c Chow Mein SSeS?.... 3 "it 73c Van Camps ST.* £?• 19c Chicken Tamales S^ n T?n°°27c Hy Power Tamales Sra^ 33c Libby Vienna ^"SSe.... ^ 19c Armour Treet SSt y . c !? n . e . d ^ 45c Swift Prem Chocolate Frostee Mix Lipton Muffin Mix MJv mlX 35c Roast Beef S" U s Bra .° d .... 12 S- 49 C Roast Beef Libby Hash CorncdBcef Beef Stew DintyMoore At Safeway ...... Tin ^ 47c Betty Crocker Chocolate Pkg. B ^*af ^f o\A/ ^ alkors Austex soo v-CI JieW Try So^r.3 Tin All Everyday Low Shelf Prices! Shop

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