The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1893
Page 2
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TIIK TIPPER tms MQtNRS, ALGuNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY ft, 1893. AliOONA, IOWA. C01.DEN8KDNKW8, the Hist was captured. Ho had started for the cane brakes of Kentucky. King Oscar Is in trouble because ho opposes tho appointment of septi.rn.te consular systems for Norway and Swed- ' en, and tilie Nonvegian radicals threaten- to "cashier" him. j Tho supreme! court of Minnesota on tho 1st decided that a patent medicine manufacturer has no right, to appro- I prinlo the name of a medicine made by I another to his OAVII exclusive use as a | proprietary trademark. Bnrnhard Nlenhatise, of Alton .Tune- AT THE STAKE Ghastly Punishment ts Meted Out for an Appalling Crime* Parliament hns reassembled. Fire bugs nre at, work in Dululb, Typhus fever Is spreading In Jv'ow « , > „> , Jilon. 111., is tflio twenty-sixth victim of By a vote of 40 to 21), the senate puss- jthe Wann catastrophe to die, his death ed tho antt-option wii. !occurring at noon on the 1st. Tim Negro Fiend at the Mercy of A Derrible bUzzuM has'been raging In deahs of throo more are momentarily ! Washington State, expected. , | Tlxo public debt increased over $8,000,- ! At Hochestor, N. Y., thn llev. Barton 000 In Jantuuy. !W. Forry, the young pastor of Grace Presbyterian ehm-di, I Ten Thousand Frantic Persons, The cabinet informally discussed tho Hawaiian matter on tho 2nd. Republican senators decided to furor admitting Arizona a.s a state. Miiniv pel-sons are reported killed by an earthquake in tho island of Zante. Seventh Day Advontiste are in session at Battle Creek, Mfcli. resigned on nc- count, of a dog sliow given by tlie members of the church. j Judge Dundy of the United States , court decided. In Onuilia that tho Pullman Car company would hereafter have I to pay taxes in Nebraska on its cars run 'in tihat state. The oars levied on by | the Oity of Omaha are to bo sold unless Secretary of State Foster has prepared the company complies. for a coni'oroncu with the Hawaiian commission. . Nearly $2,000,000 In gold left New York for Ungland Tuesday. The wife of a St. Louis doctor has obtained a divorce because her husband Js a cigarette fiend. Tho practical tosts of the guns of tlie Vesuvius will bo made on the 1st at Port Royal, 8. C. Tho Michigan depot at Battle Creek, Mich., was broken Into on the 1st mid flOO in cosh was taken. The saw manufacturers of Hie United States have formed a combine which went into effect on the 1st. Tho ice gorge at Twelve Mile Island, above Louisville, broke, sweeping away seventy-livo coal barges. A negro who hud assaulted and murdered a four-year-old girl was burned at the stake In Paris, Tex. James Davis and Luther Warren, colored were arrested in Cairo, 111., for Ulie murder of Henry Bally in Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 2(5. Maud llcdmoud, a colored girl aged 10, committed suicide by poisoning herself at Momnouth, 111., on the iright of At Olovclajid, O., anotlif.-r great tele- His Quivering Flesh Burned Through and .Thnwgk With .,Hot Irons, largest in r.i,o world, has While a Mass of Men, Women and scope, Hi Just iHffln completed by Warner & Swasoy. TJio in.stnimejilt was constructed for (he new government naval ob- HHrvatory on GeorgoUMvjn Heights a- cmss thtt Potomac river from Washington. .MKlge Taylor of tho. Circuit Court at Children Gaze With Approval. -_-.-,.-,-. ,, t . „ „ .. , .iv. v,.rm» V.-VII I ^.,'Wlll t, 11 I » y m j __ Terra Haute, Ind., deckled on tine 1st N6W8 Heralded by Booming All- Ihat the Static Hoard of Tax Commissioners had no original jurisdiction in ' raising the assessment of the First Na-! tional Bank of Terra Haute above .$.100,000. The case will 1 be appealed. | The policy of the Panama Itnllroad vils-And This Is Civilization. Paris, Tex., Feb. 1.—Henry Smith, the Tho coroner is investigating tho 31st. the case. At Cincinnati Uie building occupied by the American Book Company has been gutted by fire. iLoss, .$100,000. It is stated that Archbishop Satolli has not yet given his decision In the c««e of Father Killeen a.giUnst Bishop Wlgger. Dr. T. W. Jjeavenworth, who once owned nearly all of what is now San Franoisop, died tit Santii itosa, Cal. Hash Morgan, tlie notorious outlaw! nas boon killed in Virginia. Ho is said to Ihavu slain soventeoii men. The committee on special ejections Who are 'investigating Ulie Kiddle-Hoffman contest, Avill report to the New Jersey senate next week. It is UiougliL' tliat Cleveland will call an extra session of congress to repeal the Sherman .silver act, Miss Isabella Uriuilmrt, the actress, is married to Mr. Uuy .SlJuitllng, son of Uie London actor. The grnud jury now in aesslon at Cal- lettoburg, Ky., found Indictments on the 2nd against a number of prominent society ladles of tho town for playing I'o- .dro for prizes. Bert Wildlako, a defaulting employe of the Nortlurn 1'acilic railroad, has been arrested in British •Columbia after a Him 1 yeaiv' Miohuc'I Davidson, Michael lloaly and Joseph Smitii, miners, wel-e cruslietl to death by Uie fall of a mole at Streator. 1H. Tho National Irish league of America issues mi address denouncing Oludstono iu hi.s home rule hill. •A Deliver woman accuses her husband of being one of Uie murderers of Hov. M. Haddock at Sioux. Cily. Tlio relatives of ljuincy Hullon, wlio Is now availing trial for forgery in the jail at Paris, 111., want Uie lOdyar county authorities to examine Button for iu- sauity. Dennis Morlarly and John \\'ard, Jr., inem))ers of a «-;m«- of burglai-s and lire- bugs, made their escape from the Kye, N. Y., lock-ui) early on the morning tho Company in putting on a line of steam- negro ravlsher of four-year-old Myrtle Kliips in opposition to tin.' Pacific Mail Vance has expiated ha part his awful Steamship Company, has Impelled the ^rime by death at the staJ$j- ? jIS\ver last named company to reduce Its. pas- siuco tfl e perpetration of tii^fiwful songer rate to Colon from $!«) to $20. crime, this city and entire surrounding ami its freight rate from .$!) to $2 per couutiy has been in a wild fi-euzy of j ton. —"•—• Tho c«so of Airs. - 11. "Nicholson of Uocatur, ill., against her motluer, Mrs. BUsluxp, affecting title to land valued at .pi00,000 in Pratt, and Cham- ~* , , , — ° » "'"*• -»- "'- 2ffl£'SS^J'^ lh SS lip that the punishment of by fire. Whis- excitement. When canie last night that he blul been capped at. Hope, Arkaii- gag, tj le ^^ wrat ^ ]d w]t]] joy Qver ^ apprehension of the brute. Hundreds adjolnlng from lip t tied. Mrs. Hishop acceded to her daughter's claim, amounting to .$7,000. It Is ssild that sailors arc preparing key shops were closed, the unruly mobs to take advantage of Mio inei-oased were dispersed, the schools were dls- travol and traffic in consequence of the missed by proclamation from the mayor opening of the, World's Fair. The men ^d everything was done in a busluess- liavo ixit'n. quiolly organizing them- IUie nianncr. solves In such a position as to be able Tue law was laid aside'and citizens to dictate their remuneration for the tooli iu U^ir own hands the inhuman coming season. . beast and burned him at the stake. Homy W. Cajmion, president, of the Ncver before since the days of tlie Chase National Bank of Now York, and ish m 1 uislli ous has there been such a Senator Jomw, of Nevada, delegates to ten ' ible punishment meted out to any conference m ,'l^' at Now York iUe ulstol 'y o£ tbe case is as follows: Thursday last Smith picked up Little Myrtle Vance, aged three and a half years, near her father's, Policeman Henry Vance's residence, and carrying' her to a pasture near the outskirts of mentAi and bodily pala In rifiticlpatioii; Scarcely had the train reached Paris than the torture commenced. Ms clothes were torn off piecemeal and scattered In <ho crowd, the people catch- Ing shreds and putting them awiiy as Kuomenl. The child's father, her brother and two uncles then gathered about tin* negro as ho was fastened to the torture platform «ti<< thrust hot Irons Into nis quivering flesh. It was horrible. This man dying, by slow torture In ilio midst of the sinoke from his owii binning flesh. ISvery groan from tho wivteli, ovory contortion of his body was cheered by the thickly packed crowd of 10,OtX» people. The mass of beings wis tkM> y.nils In diameter, the scaffold being In tho center. After burning his fix-1 and logs, hot Irons were rolled up and down his stomach, back and arms. Then Ills eyes were burned out and tho 'rons thrust down bis throat. The men of the Vance family having taken vengence, the crowd piled all Idnds of combustable stuff around the scaffold, poured oil on it and sol It afire. The negro rolled and wriggled and tossed out of the mass only to be pushed back by the people nearest him. llo tossed out again and was roped in id pulled back. Hundreds of people turned away but he majority of the Vast crowd looked almly on. The people were from every part of this section. Every train that came in was loaded to its utmost capacity and there were demands ul many points for special trains' to bring people here to see the unparalleled punishment of a neud for an unparalleled crime, and when the news of tho burning went over the country like wild lire, at every country town anvils boomed forth the announcement. .As a matter of fact, there is scarcely any coimucilou between aristocracy, even democratic aristocracy, aind a good I'mnie says Harper's Bazaar. The more ibsoliueiy it is dissevered from ai. v . ...i.. 0 relating to external appearance. 'ii..j so cial interior looks up to the super, , as Mi=i of Dickens' "reverential \ j" WOKS up i! .olier husband, witn f fc^^^ . Uncle Sam Will Not Let England Carry a High Hand. National Jioiior Must be Preserved at Honolulu Despite Naval Weakness. Latest Developments in the Hawaiian Annexation Matter. In the and soberly discussed it: the light ti precedeiit treaties and advantage* f Pi be gained or lost bj annexation an protectorate, the delay of whlc ft Is believed^ would cause the te 3 lilands to pass Under control of Great Britain. The White Squadr ^ ttdw en rout* to New York has be ftn j. ordered back to the Pacific under A ^ miral Walker/ It consists of the 1 ' Cl ft cago. New York and Philadelph „ I This action on the part of the Navy partment shows that Uncle Sam mea business. Colonel Lathrop L. tjullock of Ci fornia, who has long been identlb with large financial interests on Pacific Coast, and who at various tin IMS 'represented those interests ttawaii, says that his opinion is th the Americans *n Honolulu would list with arms any attempt of t British to land troops at Honolulu, icnow the temperament of our peoj WASHINGTON, Feb. 2.—The Nary Department people are considering 1 the question of hostilities with England with a good deal of interest. England, of course, is the greatest naval power, our navy would. difficulty In overcoming. More than that, a large proportion of the fighting resultant from the "difference of opinion" on the subject wotild be likely to be of a naval character. Of coxirse we shouU concentrate our little navy at Honolulu as rapidly as-possible, but as we have and the one which have the greatest mt there well enough to adtrls. & if no doubt a-* to what course th' topi ivill pursue if'Bhe British at tern od high-handed worlt," said Col. Bullbep icj •'The 2,000 Americans at Honolulu patriotic to a degree, which people,! on Ofc US se xp> lisa bi; r oi (tt i IrJ 1- "fit n/nd- e ' nonie do not fully realize. Shut of they are by a stretch of 2,000 m; from their native country they . mra been welded together. Co-operatiP^n'd they have found to a certain extl necessary, in view of the c slant encroachments of Britishac-enf 1 11 .1.... . toy of .who tho infcniatfoiial hold in Brussels, arrived on tho steamship l.a fiascos-no from Havre. They expressed themselves as well satisfied with (lie result of tho conference. Th, Kocrotiary of tho Treasury sent tteoltyll^^uWflrtan^^ta <o the Houso on the 1st. estimates of but not satisfving his fiendish inssion appropriations for defraying the ox- took one of her nltie Ss to each pn,ses of collecting tho revenues from hand and literally tore her in twain customs for the fiscal year ending .hmo Then covering the body with leaves ..(),_isn4, amount:.,,- to $7,an2,-»00. The and brush he lay down and York is ly through the Bnltimore. ^247,397. Boston dealCM-s in alcohol, chemicals °° ok hilu !l breakfast. an«l palnls are somewhat ex<.ited over ae.lion of what thoy «-all "tho wood ' enco not impaired by any homofm leattires. Hums Cnoat said 01 Justice Shaw, of Massachusetts, was one of the plainest of men, "i ieol toward him as tliio South Sou islander feels towards his idol; lin sees tliat he is ugly; but lie Knows Unit lie is great." The, most striking cane periiaps or tins complete rovta-sai or juuginent under me imiuonco 01 caste is to be Hound m those two tribes described by tine author of Two Happy 1 ears' in Ceylon, me Kock VoiluiLiis and tiio iJodivas. TJio Kock Vediialis are stmiUil, hnieous and. uitiiy; tnoy live m secmUed caves and holes; they eat bais animus, and moace thiir scanty cmUiiny iiom laic bark of trees; but the Singhalese regard Uiom as oi uic very lugnois caste, ami u womu be, no Uisgruce ror awomuii 01 goou social opsitioii to marry a J.COCK \ exilian, on tiie other nanu, Uio vei; greatest disgrace unit couul ue uuUctcu on such a woman wouui L»o 10 many her to a KoilivUj aUiougli iiicse last are a race distrngiusnou ior beauty, at lease u youth., 'and gentle and innocent b.,- naliu-i.'. The lUiuivms cannot enter a i.emple or a village; they are foruiudeii to till the soil or draw water from a well; they cannot build a iiouse or di- vido a burden into two bundles; ti'ieh- the house of his wife and forced her to slnulow mKl awt lttU wl a stream,. Jes,. a, $:!SS,2SO, and victim. Friday morning Smith went, to tL«* B tijr. ra-ay After eating it he left towu - TIle child's remains were found Fri- nlc»hol trust," which 'they assert: has d , av afternoon and when die news of IC ^ P 01 . lut V*»: "« nieniber o£ anotlier W ° '""^ tllUUl WIlLoUt f? 1 Mly ?™ " Wy sUoot Ult ' J11 ' US is ADMIRAL WALKKU. only threu or four warships on the Pacific coast, and one of these not fully completed as to armor, we should stand a poor show in. an early bout with England, who con Id concentrate a large number of first-class warships at Honolulu within a comparatively short time. Her best warships, it is under, stood, are scattered 'over the sens within a comparatively .short dist-inee of these islands, and while we could add something to'our forep'.theiv by advantage of ships which are iio-.t- at the Asial.ic stations, even this would be but, a small fraction of the strength which Bus-land could promptly muster. Nevertheless, tlie naval people are active and earnest, in behalf of favorable ae ion. As soon as the situation became known at tliu Is'avy Depait- ment there was unusual activity in the gimshop and ordnance depots in the navy yard. Extra men to work at once, and all I know that not only are our peo down in Hawaii r.-ady to hold the lands, but that, if need be, there plenty v of supplies and equipmen^^' ready in San Frui)cisco for shipruei.j oro l to them, should our government clelai, pB in talcing u hand. Dplnr in the tal'iivi* ing advantage of that opportunity noL C A offered to the'flajj- to ncqnire new te% tr ritory will prove disastrous. ^ t" ^'Anybody who has watched Britislerif methods in the Pacific can appreciate i; how the Americans in Honolulu mus^ tl! ftel over the delay by their govern' m ment. Dep.-nd on it, just ns soon as if. ' 1 British fleet reaches Honolulu, and i gOS understand IN-Uish warship are nowe * hurrying thiti.or from all parts of tht) til Puciflc, that fleet will attempt to lanofifit 1 moii under soiii • pretext or. other! The^i? trouble wi.ll come when such at at-' °J tempt is made. The provisional govern-;' ) " r ment will resent as an invasion thi appearance of Uritish troops in the streets of Honolulu. Many of the tl Americans in the Hawaiian capital are O'd Californians and western frontiers:nd n men. Many of UUMYI are now wealthybnl'' and live in com fort, but the ability t^am act quickly ami c.Foctively is as strong as ever." Col. liulloclc sa>s that Hawaii has practicilly been uii'ler American trol for een years. THE PHILADELPHIA. • "y in debt to were put tin turday search. 1'osses Avent out in every direction turned, niul not a stone was left un- Mx-Soorolary 11. W. Thonipson, of Te.n-(> liauto, liul., forniorly president i of tho American branch of the Panama SmltlJ was tracked to Detroit, where Canal Company, will attend the Pann- ho '" ltl Kouo ou foot imcl there jumped ma Canal lnvost| K atii)ii at \Vashington a frcl « ut tol1 ^ and left for his old home without tho formality of a summons iu Al ' lumsas - Yesterday he was captured and testify before the Ifoitso commit loo UOiU> Hope ' Al 'kansas and fuljy identi- at the foot of t(lio social scale, die ugly and repulsive at tlietop:- Yet which of us has not encountered in ordinary society tho representatives of tlie'ltodivas and tlie Kock VeddahsV conceritlng tho affairs of Hie American branch of the compiuiy. Tlioro Ls a lively row bol.ween the coniniiltiO(\s of tho Amorictin Public Health association and the AVorld's lied. ^ Drills morning he was brought through I uoU »ng remarki Texarkana where 5,uuo people awaited wt ' ro J'O"»ii - M tile train anxious tu suw Hi« mo« AJ The nrulWsinr i people awaited train anxious to see the man. At that place speeciios were made by of At Buffalo, N. Y., Clarence c;. Harmon has boon arrested on the charge oi 1 defalcation, commuted while cashier of tho Oorry Bank of Corry, Pn. llliiilljp Mollos, ;ige<l ID, commit I-wl suicide at his father's farm near Athens, 111., by cutting his throat. Ho was in a delirium caused by high fever at the time. Adam Galllduy, aged SO, filed suit in Lebanon, Ind., on the 2nd, against his wU'o, aged 40, for divorce, charging desertion. Tho couple have been married two months. A delegation of manufacturers have left New York for a trip to Mexico. They will inspect the country with a view to erecting manufacturing plans. Tho legislatures of Maine and Con- ncctlctit on tlie 2nd adopted resolutions eulogislic of tlie into James U.. Blaine and expressing sympathy for his family! A young politician is arrested in Minneapolis on tho cdiargo of forgorv, and a woman is also arrested on the accusation of being his accomplice. A report is curmit in Berlin that Hie czar and several members of his suite have been Injured by the explosion of a bomb. The provisional government of Hawaii has revoked tho order of 900,000 coins beta-,' oclnod at Washington which were to bear the face of the Hawaiian, queen. Ouarles Bolmiinou, who shot and killed -George Doaues near Vincenues, iud., on Auxiliary board conconiing the details m ' olul «out Paris citizens, who asked that of tho Inloirnatlonal Samtarv eonKrefs Ule l jristmt!1 ' uo riot molested by Texar- to bo hold during tho AVorld's 'Kair. , kaua I )e <>Plo.but that a guard be allowed Trouble is' due ifo (ho positions which , to tleiiv <-' 1 ' bim up to the outraged and in- havo biv>n assigned foreign physicians. , lli S' mui t citizens of Paris. \Y. A. Ball, telograjih operator at Wallis, Tox., on the Saaita I-'o, wont to Ilouslon to vln't old noiiuaintances. On tho aoth ho was nmnlpi'od, his hivid iHilng out with a hatchet. Young Ball, whon ho arrived In Houston, was well supplied with m(vni>y, but when ho was Along tlie road the strength, from various train gathered towns, people crowding upon the platforms and tnn« „<! +!,„ „„„„! , »»i"«o uuu ujya he li'ad no money in his „ d "l L , dem ° led , There Is a -.well known geutiemaii hi Mow York city who, when a young man at college fell in love with a. professor's daiife'litor. Of course thero is able about that. Both and she, M'as beautiful, professor was poor but ho was condition he said, j late King was/','-; j era'Calif orniaiii../as was' also there cent government. The natural condi tion of affairs all led to the assurap tion of control by tlie real rulers of th islands. "When this thoroughIv understood," ___ , will be seen that British .J^erfer'enc" at Honolulu is almost as flagrant a British interference in California." BEA1TY. ADJUDGED GUILTY. Jury Finds Against Him In the Home •lead Poisoning Case. PITTSBUHO, Pa., Feb. 3.—The jury .. the case of Robert J. Beatty, charged With being an accomplice in the Home, •tead poisonings, brought in a verdict at 11:15 o'clock this morning qJS guilt* on all the six indictments. * V jurv' was out only seven-'- ' ''-^ ouE 33, A rg« nei hei 1 THK .MO \TICIilf.V. ^uriatod mob. S °° U tO be AiTiving here at one o'clock, the ti-aln was met by a surging mass of humanity 10,000 strong. The negro was placed upon a carnival float iu mockery of a king upon a throne, and followed by an immense crowd, and was escorted through the city so all might see tlie iulnunun monster. When tho procession had marched through the principal _ streets, it halted in the open prairie is duo to tho capture of ' about 300 yards from the Texas Pacific found dead pocket. An order has hem. posted in tho lin- miffration Bureau a/t 'Kills Island, N. Y., to the effect that the boarding of- lic.ors hereafter must exorcise extreme faro in tho examination of second cnbiu passengers on Incoming steamships. This order paupers In the second cabin' of the, depot. Wawland a fen- ilavs ago. The Boston .Congregation association!, comprising m istoi-s in Boston and vicinity, has passed resolutions which wore sent, to Prosi- Hero Smith was placed upon a scaffold , dwt Harrison, earnestly Imploring him to U,SQ his inlluoiice mont and with forei mini ministers' , six *e«-'t s«iuare and ten feet high, scctire- .Mrly 1200 mln- ^ bound, within view of aU beholdeiw. - L .~-.. - „„, Hero ho was tortured lifty minutes by ! opening for matrimony and tried some red hot branding irons being thrust thing else. Tills, too, failed. Then ho wise. There is nothing remarkable about that. Wisdom is often associated with poverty,' especially tliat sort of wisdom that comes from books. The young man was also poor, .but he was not wise—ho wanted to marry tlie girl right off. And there was nothing remarkable about that But the poor, (Wise professor told tho poor, .unwise young man: "Uo forth; go and do something. I don't care what you do, but go and do it, then we'll soe' about that girl. If slie really thinks she can't got along without you she will not mind waiting a year or 1/wo. If she wou't wait you won't want her." The poor unise young man tiled the usual demurrer, but It 'was promptly overruled. Then, ho went forth. Tho first ho did was to go and buy a package of cigarettes and sit down and think. Ho did so much thinking of this kind that ho nearly starved to (leaTII. Then ho tried something olso and picked up $2 a week and $20 worth of self respect. But he didn't see wilh our govern:n nations so that oxporluition of intoxicating liquors and firearms to the islands in tho Paoi- 11(5 may be prevented. At jYow York Charles IT. Could has boon appointed receiver of tho National Book company, and tho Empire Publishing company, the last of tho six of the subsidiary companies of tiio United States Book company. As to the other cases, Mr. Gould was appointed upon the application of Mr. Young, tho Now Jersey receiver. The assets of each of these, companies are estimated at $50,000 and liabilities $75,000. j against his quivering body. Coimneiiiu a at the feet the brands were placed tried, something else. Tlie professor said he was a shiftless ; him inch by inch until they were i fellow—a rolling stone. thrust against his face. Words to describe the awful torture inflicted upon Smith cannot be found. Tho story appalls one -svitli its fearful awful terror. The negro, for a lonjj time after starting on his journey to Paris, did not realise his awful plight At last, when told that ho must die the most awful death by slow torture tliat human mind could conceive, he begged for protection. He was willing to be shot, and wanted Marshal Shaklln of do it, but was told he was to be burned to death, awtful. He writhed His agony Avas and plfcaded nl Tlio daughter said ho was a noble young follow and would got there. The young man had thot girl in his eyo nil the time. Yot ho seemed to monkey with the groat world. He tiled literature—newspaper (literature. The professor said that settled it. So did tiie girl. It did settle it—for the young man, now unwise and young no longer, grew to fame and wealth as the head of a great syndicate, mokes $15,000 a year, manled the professor's dongl|ter and hires tae professor at $15 a week to kill night, Sunday, Sunday night Monday and Monday night workmen have relieved one another iu hurried preparation. While the good people of Washington were quie ly on their way to church the firsl, carload ot shells was hurried out of Uie yard and started on its way to Mare Island Navy Yard, at San Francisco. They are intended for tl\e Monterey, tho great warship, which is so nearly complete, that she can and will, if necessary, be sent to fion/jluln. A secor.l carload followed Monday, just as soon as the shells wore filled. The Monterey will be formally turned over to the government one day this week. She is all ready to go to sea, lacking only supplies and coal, All the American warships nosv In San Prancisco harbor, or at Mare Island, which arc available for service will be sent to Uio fslands. It is.noifd that it is the younger men in Congress who seem to be rao&t timid in this mailer. The old fellows who have smelled powder are many of them "spoiling- for a fight." They are the ones who are particularly iuclig- nant ;il lOngland's early protest against action by the United States, and 'they say -sonio very pointed things on the subject. One thing To Keep Coal I>otru to~»4.B:>. ALBAKY, N. Y., Feb. 3.— The Special Committee of the State Senate which. has been investigating- the Heading. coal combine has recommended for passage a bill which provides for forms of license, two via , "C6al carriers' sea , , license, llm j t i D g. the cost Qf tl .. lu Q tatjon, ami "Coal dealers' license" fixing Uie maximum price at which, coal may be sold. i n cities of over 500,000 population (New York anl Brooklyn) tho maximum •hall not exceed $4.50 Charging- the license misdemeanor. price of coal }X a ton, Overrate shall, be at " «f «o. n f P™»6l»uble with a fin* U- of $250 for each offense, and it shall be a misdemeanor, with like fine carrin co carrying coal without a license. 1'our NegroKH Lynched. TAZKWKLI, COUUT HOUSE, for W Buchanan CountyTnd' v^re mond with t.ieir wan-ons for at Kich negroes were captured, confessed th? crime and jyerelvnched. ••oldwlu Sinin, IU IJ 10 fiipKai. WASHINGTON, Keb. 3.—Talk -••• possible annexation of Canada has been mviveA here by the "'-• THS CiaCAO'O, may be set down as protty certain, and that is that England will not succeed in bluffing the United States into omitting whatever action seems to be judicious and proper. Nor will tho anxiety of the people who have onco siuciled powder to have another brush at war lead Congress or the President - - -- Tb« The deaths in tho State 330,750. This mal, lor the year 80. 78 p e t()t for makes number oi the year-was'' th" ''ojin» ..,.t.l UWO population.! Feb. 3.-The Morln

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