The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 5, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1949 BLYTHEVILLB <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN >UT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople HECKLES A HIS FRIENDS Bj; MERRILL BL068EK Off (ht Hook LM-MO,TVJ<SSS.' I'LL peRFecr THIS / IT rtEEOS DRASTIC ALTERATIONS, BUT WE HOOPLES ABE STUBBORN) -*~ GR AMDFArrueti TINKERED WITH A OLD CLOCK WIMTER FOC. YEARS, THOO&H SOPA, BUT HE SET. SODAMIGH1 SPOIL IT WITH TALK: JERKIN to VCXJR. BROTHER LAST TIME He. WAS HERE VOU COOLO REVItvJ TWE MttJU HOUR SOP THE Coe«£CT TIME.' Political Announcements Subject lo Municipal Elcuiion April 5, 1949 For Maynt DOYLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON For Alilerman Kiist Ward RALEIGfl SYLVESTER JIMM1E SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS Q. NASH Founh Wurcl (Two to he Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE ..1OORB By Bob Wade «rvJ Bill Miller QUEEN ^f^/ ^^mrQ », to* w*** «M I* Win*., OurnWf*4 * WtA »»VJCC. INC went bnck to the drawitiRs wllh labels. Sin Kuiinloi! nt the 1005-07 map in the brown liRht nnrt then tirld it up to catch a little of the brightness filtering Ihrotlfih the Venetian Minds TIIK STORYl J"h» II" Sin f Ton over. vA«-»tlimti*R a iv link report, wlturuw I hi nf • man iiixnicd Homer ml *u U" »nd l heir IUKK r nttrt drnKK^d. nftnln* i Roli< . holcl clr-rt. actlnfe m jihr follow" Kfm. II* 1 l hnck door of <h» Ship ert, a ««f« whcpr AHR The leal her-pnucleU room wns , melancholy in the scant bars ol flCHT. torrents ol it flooded simlifihl that fell across carpet -^ the office. Sin shrieked nnd and desk lop. Cigarcl smoke still jumped up. I. (hung in the air. 1 "Dad for your eyes, Mrs. Con- There was nothing Interesting over—reading in the dark," Verin slant so Sin tried the desk non lisped. He leaned sorrowfully nr.wers.' They were unlocked. In in the doorway, his hand still on the center drawer, under nn open the light switch, pack ol cigarcts. was a sheaf o( Sin swallowed nnd tried lo say papers held together by a wire something. All thai came ovil ol clip. She sat down in the bis chair her dry throat was a crook, and liberated the sheets from the | Vernon moved toward the desk, imprisoning clip. --„•-. Ik* lnu»ly. .r i*r ... i» om. Sin hacked away, her hands outstretched to ward him oil. The T HE "»"""* WCrC '" maPS "rl^^i^'rwhis^er" 01 - "''" pnrcntly of the area surround- V crnon shook his head mourn- her hiding place amonR the music labeled ir racks on the bandstand, she | < of ing Azure, the Sallon Sea and Bore,, Vauey. The ful , v [ui R i n snw for the Leads HUher Life BOSTON. (UP)—Joe De Virgil ISO. has earned his living for 28 •years as R stilt-walking sandwich • man In downtown Boston. "Flood ol .1849." .Penciled under this was the hand- watched Gayner come down the l juen notation. "Very rough re-I , orm ...... stairs from the second : n °°'" ^^ construction - prob. inaccurate." , ookj , hc | lil|)p iesl that Sin ha, cony and cross to the fiber tunnel | A f arca o[ t))c drawulg ll; ,d ' h - • • -- -• -— - it lying r_ a short gray automatic matched the lapels nnd ••-plripos of his maroon unl- "Don'l scream." he said, At DREIFUS UUIIJT oi.u ^.^..., ." — ^ Uiree area 01 trie ai.t 1 that concealed the s w i n g l n g L, n ^nAcd. most of kitchen doors. A moment later 1 , h o( Av .,, re . . she heard the far-away slam of the restaurant's back door. Tlic next map was no more'cx- seen him. "Keep quiet and you might ho all right." He raised his voice. "All right." Gayncr stepped through the ULOVA* rhe next map was mi IIIUIK L-A- i ».,ayiict ai^^n*-" ........... iplicil The date was 1801. Again I open doorway and regarded their To be safe, she waited as long I porlion ot ^ e m;lp was sliaded I raptivc with diilly amusement. I as she could and then let out her l bm sin discovcrc( j \, y comparison hope we didn't give you too much breath. A church.hush lay over . " h arca W . 1S s | igh u y sm[ ,l| C r o f a shock. Mrs. Conover." he said the Ship of the Desert. She was I ... , 1 , •«]..» „„.. ,. n r, unrti-r- all alone in the dead restaurant Sin bcoan to (eel more foolish Jne alllL . ,„, llll: . than nervous. She had followed , 005 . 07 and lt was ..._ Gayner here without trouble—but ma(ion o( s/s ... The the Ship of the Desert. She was , h Qn lhe ' fir j t map and more pleiisnnlly! "Hut you can undcr- ---' stand we had lo take certain pie date on the third map was cautions. Vernon, I believe you : "For- Imay put away the gun. Mrs. Con„„,..... iniaiiun UL o,^. "». familiar over reali/es that she'll have to what next? She'd have a hard darkcncc ) Rrea wns presenl, but I do as we say." lime explaining to anyone, evenly lopoRraphy was drawn " ' an unbiased judge, what exactly • sh Ih h > us svi: et, J . Vernon appeared displeasixl na ime expianniig iu .niju.^, •-•^••Mhft topography was orawn in verntni ,ijjpt:<'"^' M-^I".— in unbiased judge, what exactly grcalcr detail, with place names he slipped the automatic under ,he was doing trespassing. For adde ,i sin Highway I the tail of his tunic into a hip hat matter, she didn't even know | 9g w]l " ich thcy nad followed north pocket. „ herself. |[ rora Brawley to Azure. At the "Whal do you want from me? Sin slipped down off the band- l so ,,thcrn lip of the Santa Rosa Sin quavered, her eyes darting stand and tiptoed over to the Mountains, another and smaller between Hie two. Her lips were twisted ironwork staircase thatii secUon „„,] been shaded, its verti- trembling so that it was an ellorl led to the balcony. Since she was f ca i |j nC5 superimposed on lhe to lorm the words, trespassing «nyway. she might as horizontal stripes of the larger Gayner said heartily, , well make a good job of it. L bUi[)Lb Ul liiw luis 1 - 1 I ^.njiii.. ...-.— . . I expanse A cross had been drawn exactly what I was 6°mg to Sin climbed the stair,, stepping in pencil al a spot in this area you And I 7" 1< ! n .^ crcs ''^ lrt »^ carefully so her sandals wouldn't and a notation made. if Mr. Barselou didn t repeat the scrape on the tile steps. At the The rest ot the papers were same question Don t make htm top, she paused to listen. She heavier and glossier aerial pho- repeat .1 oo o ten heard nothing to keep her Irom tographs of desert country on "Star think! ng pa tood an opening the door to the office which she distinguished nothine swcr." Vernon advised her. which Gayner had iusl quitted. I familiar. She laid them aside and' <To Ue Cnntlnuen) Headquarters of the national Wn- mcn's Christian Temperance Union are in Evanston, 111. f.d. Tox Open An Account 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Asstivance Society SCOTT AI.l.EV SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • riettcr Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - And Remember Rothrock's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 Nnnking lias been the seat of China's government eight times. 1 The Welsh people arc of Celtic slock, like lhe Irish. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE-^—NORTH TEIJITH Phone 3151 THE GRAVES COMPANY l\EALTOl\S Real Estate - Mortqaqe Loans - Insumi\« "-~™ii ' BIVTHINIU Phone 521 COTTON FARMERS Chemically ilflinl"' collon srcil germinal* qnlclicr, plant »nd plo« Hie same week. Reduce chnpiilng expense an* produce more collon per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). A P. L. No. 14. per 50 Lb. Bag JIO.OO l>. & I'. L. So. IS, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Sloncvillc 2 B. I'rr 50 Mi. BaB 10.00 Sloncvllle 'I C. 1'er 50 I.b. Bar 10.0(1 Kowilcn 41-B. 1'er .~>0 Lb. Bae 10.00 Hall ,V Hall (llilircil). I'cr 50 I.b. RaR 10.00 Cnkrr's 100 Will Resistant, Per 50 I,b. B»g 10.00 1'attln. Per SO I.b. Baif 10.00 Kmpire. Per 50 I.b. B*K 10.00 Tome in and ptare vour order or (rcl Tonr supply tonay. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 8M BIjlhtTillt, Ark. Phone 857 Branches: L«arhville, Ark., Horncttvllle, M«. and Sen.ith. Mo. .STUDEBAKER, Here's Your Truck! There's a new kind of Operating Eomnmy in every si/.c ami whcolhase of lite New 1!M!1 StudcliRker Trucks, Come by loihiy and look over mil- line of '49e» Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Slucleliaker Dealer" Ash Phone 2195 •STUDEBAKE USTOURE . aeooci / LUCKY' UP THAT HIU- AWO SoA-Tiwes ONE BOCK, soMtriWES Two/ A.NO ALWAYS * BIS DISH ICE CREAM/ ewr seei HOW YOU GUVS ARE SPECIAL PAL?- Of MINC-- VING TDU, t WISE 1 A SOLOeN >/ THAT TbM "Now th« first thing we'v« got to do, Mrs. Smith. 1» jmt rtsign ourselvM to ^tii' wet!" By AL VERMEER IMSCIU.A'S TOP OH, THERE 15 NO HOUSE JUST THE GARAGE/ 4Z50'-».' -5AV, THAI SOUNDsJ ........ LOVELV PL ACE.., WITH NICE DOUBLE GARAGE l!y MICHAEL O'MAU-EY and RALPH LANK He Holds the Key .^KOWtTiaOWe 1 ) ,„ „. i VAKDIII oo MV SO rot? MY IA»T \U5UAL 5KEKHING CONSTITUTIONAL AGAIN, VK.THIS HAS AROUND THE /WORKIDCHM tIKI DECK.DOTIY. X A RS&UtAR SCHSD" - ^ DIE, RIOH1 n'5 NOW O8 NEVER : ioec«f nto-J IICTlNft THOM <> U HIUR MWWMS- TOR MY 1.1THE ACT. 1*1 LAND IN NEW VOHK . IM6 VWHCMDO*, rTl was quiet *sJ»y F«ihcT» stealthily twftched padlock* on the cabin door. By LESLIE TURNER WASH TUBHS BETTBfc READ IT AWVWAV. I GUESS. WttSE IT'S 60WETHIN' WE CAN TAKE CARBOf TOR. HIM WAS PO'D °fF wrFIEEP AOAIN TODAV, SHOCTV. THIS B1NGE1L Lfcst WOT A60UT THIS CfcBLE FIXIN' 10 READ 'IM? By FRKD HARMAN BUGS BUNNY NOW GIMMI MV V. T. HAMl.IN Y'NEEO.N'T TELL ME NOTHiN' ABOUT HIM.' REMEMBER HOW HE TRIEP T'HAVE MV HE/SO ,, BASHED INf . BOOTS AND HKIt nUDDIES OV\ ^f\VAM<2> ME OUT \o Phone 3075

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