The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1893
Page 7
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THE WPEli frttS MOtXBS. ALOONA. TOWA. WKhNRSlJAY, FEBRUARY ffffff!B^Bi^^B^BBBMMBBBMMaMifli>iilMiaiiiiPiiii^^ - - •• --'----- ^_. •.„.,,•!_-..,• .,._.. . ...7... _. . . t, 1893. H me lii * ttfrtlbly weak condition; my 41th iienrly wrecked. My niipKlte wan all ue, 1 hud no stveniitli, t l.lrcil till 'lie l.n . 1 disagreeable roaring (aes in my hcnd, like waterfall. I nlso had vere hendaehen and 'ere MlitkliiT piilns In stomach. Having ird 80 n.ui-h al-ont od'e Harsapnrilln, I 5 eluded to try It. All disagreeable effects ;he Grip arc none, I am free from pnln* aches, anil believe hool'c SnrHapurilla ood's ^3 Cures surely ctiritiir my "atnrrli. I rei-nmiiikntl It all " («BO. \V. COOK, Ht. .lohii.sbiiry, Vt. M l > i. J .> rii" Cniikt D.I| mn l purlntaltk' urtltm'i I t'i • 1 iifiit. if . .. .ii.iMt ia,WhooplBt Conch, i.ronoilU^ and Aithma. A Hrtalm «rur» for Ooainmptioa In flnt «Uf••, ••< a ran nlltf la aivanoei iU;ei, V M at OB**, Tra will tee th* cxoellent ttfeot *ft*r taklac th* •rit I***. Bold by dealers OTerywh*!*. Lmrn WMUin«*atiUi*1.00. V DAMAQB*, Queer r»«e t>r»ni;Jit l>.r n Will Known LA.POKT. Intl., J.m. 84.-The Hon. M. R. VvVir in ,li a ciiy yesterday entered suit tisr:iiiist Jiiilfre"l)aniel Noyes, also of this city, and judge of the ' Thirty-third .hulk-ial Circuit of Indiana, comprising LaPor'te and St. Joseph Counties, i-laiminp damages to the amount of $10 ooo. In the campaign of 1888 Mr. Weir, though a Democrat, opposed Noyi-s' rc.-eleetion and took the stump against him. He was aided by a lar e number of "anti-ring" Democrats, but neverl heless Noys was re-elected. I'mnpininaht alleges that at once Die defen-lant commenced a aeries of persecutions, such as ordering Mr. Weir's tiium- omitted from the printed bar doihets, refusing to recognizing him in cciurt and using his official influence iifruinst complainant in such ways as to nearly ruin his business and damage him to the extent of the n mount claimed. The cnsc is peculiar in that it is the first of the kind ever entered in in- diana and that the law is su>;h that the. defendant can act as judge at his own trial or appoint some one in his stead who is his frier d. Morgan H. Weir has been a prominent attorney here for nearly fifty years, Slate Senator one term, Mavor of LaPorte two terms and ran for Congress once on the Democratic ticket. Both the method and results when iByrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant |tnd refreshing to the taste, and acts jxeutly yet promptly on the Kidneys, |Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- item effectually, dispels colds, head- /;jwhes and fevers and cures habitual jitonatipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever* pro- \jduced, pleasing to the taste and ac- 8 ceptahle to the stomach, prompt in iU action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, Ua many excellent qualities commend U to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. ., Byrup of Figs is for sale in 50o nand $1 bottles by all leading drug' jfists. . Any reliable druggist who |may not have it on hand will pro|cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any tubstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AH FBANOISOO, OAL, UWISVIUC, KY. HEW YORK, H.I. RAILWAY THROUGH ALA3KA. Scheme to Kxtvnd n,e Northern 1'aolllci AOI-OBM Itelirliiff Straits CincAoo, .Jan. jJt;—.I. V. Jones, one- of the Calif.>ntf:i delegates to the nn- nunl gatlmrinp of the National Marine Engineers' HenoHt Association, which held its c-ijrlileeiith annual session at the Sherman House yesterday, says that among the residents of the. Pacific slope there is considerable talk of extending the Northern Pacific Rail- .way to enable one leaving Chicago to reach St. Petersburg, Russia, by land. Russia is building a road from tin- Ural Mountains across the Siberian miues to Vladiv.istock. where it would meet the Northern Pacific. He says that all engineer:, ngree that the iden is practicable. The extension would run along the coast through and over the Behring (Slraitis. i „.„ (nv, L. l., j an . 24.- Oue Town ISLAND , . ., . .The rival Mayors, Sun f-u-d and Gleaisun. are at their respective offices and eauh otie usserts his detenu iniation to ottici- ate us chief executive of the cit.v Patrick Harrigan, Gleason's publ'i. worUs commissioner, drove to the city hall yesterday morning with a horse iind <-arriage belonging to,, «.he Watei' ••Department. While he was attempting to enter his old quarters in the city building. Henry W. Sharkey, whu has been appointed public works commissioner by Sanford, took possessinn of the horse and carriage and refused to allow Hararrigan to enter the of. fice. Royal Baking Powder, THE GOVERNMENT TESTS ESTABLISH ITS ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY. (Datafrom the latest Official U. S. Government Report on Baking Powders^ Department of Agriculture, Bulletin 13, page jyy.) Royal is placed first of the cream of tannr powders, actual strength, 160.6 cubic inches of leavening gas per ounce of powder. Every other powder tested exhibited a much lower strength than the Royal, the average being 33 per cent. less. Every other powder likewise showed the presence of alum or sulphuric acid. The claim that this report shows any other powder of superior strength or purity has been denounced as a falsehood by the Government officers who made the tests. Avoid all baking powders sold with a gift or prize, or at a lower price than the Royal, as they invariably contain alum, lime or sulphuric acid, and render the food unwholesome. YOU'VE SPOILED ITt !.6i We miian your wntcu, UticaiiKe yo.i didn't navu propel toolh. TInw would you liki- t.i become n wntuhmnkerl We r«n tench yon the triut • In our book and furnish roil all the tool nncewuuy. Hook nnd tools il 75 Tlin e too'8 (si-o picture) without tho liook cont at wnntasnlp Wi- nlso tench lio.s to do plating gl'dinu. i-to. All In tho book, 'iools itrc- tirnt-cln*f ji-wplo-s' htnl*. n«t die u> MIB)I A (fro if oppnrtnnltr for p-iitltnlilf nin 1m merit. « ntclimiikiH-g mnkc big money u il bo M.'iit by »••nress on n.-ei-lt>t of pri.'e, f> ,f> m-M-ni (!.O D wh -r<-tl iiccnmpatiie^tue order. Inclose t in" With letters of inquiry. HoFMAs SUP- FLY (.'n..Iiiipnrtv^ntiil Wholesaler;. SpriliRllold O. E? E3 EP B 1 *f retain man, foil <»•• IT ff\E|d acrlptlve circular! ol fioojrPaHEw »nd HOODT'B IMFROVKD TAILOE SYSTEMS OF DBBBfl OCTIIHO \suirj tlCntGQ by «»wc i */> n • JUisujJX , jjfr* ware of Imitations. Any lady of ordinary Intelligence van easily and quickly learn to catund make any srnrment, I n any style, to any measure, for ladiei, men and children. Garments guaran* SAVED FROM HORRIBLE DEATH MrH. KliiHlcy, of ONhkoHh, Terribly Itiirno.l ut Her Home. Oshkosh, Wis., Jnn. 21.—Mrs. Kinsley, living in the outskirts of this city, was seriously, if not fatally, burned last night by livo coals falling into her lap and setting her clothing on fire. Only by prompt action on the part of her daughter, who threw some bed clothes over her mother, smothering the flames, was she saved from a horrible death. The output of silver of Aspen, Col., mines for 1892 reached 9,101,106 ounces, as against 8,000,000 ounces for the year 1891. I'KKTTIKHT HOOK KVEIt I'lU- "KU Vluml 02. 'mil tfo. *^ ^fc. I simply state that I am Druggist and Postmaster here and am therefore iu a position to judge. I hav* tried many Cough Syrups but for ten years past have found nothing equal to Boschee's German Syrup. I have given it to my baby for Ci^p with the most satisfactory results. Every mother should have it. j. H. HOBBS, Druggist and Postmaster, Moflat, Texas. We present facts, living facts, of to-day Boschee's German Syrup gives strength to the body. Take no substitute. — ___ — IIP. If rim-. Olit-tp, pure, bat. 1,<)<)<>.<><)(» extrna, Bimittlfnl Illii'trnlHil (taMilnRiia IVcl!. It. II. SI1UMW.VY, Uoi-kliii-il, 111. NATIONAL LIFE IBS, CO, of Vermont If. IUGI th< D C A I ITI CI 1 1 DCAU I IrllL nurrii UUttN Y*"- 1 - 11 "•'<">. MoenUlpltiM «r* lllutr* ln Dr. O. P. Brown'i nniqui Prof. HJiudcH Severe uixl «'ontent," OvKtroyed. PulmjTa, Wls., Feb. 21.—About o'clock this morning the two-storj frame residence owned by Mrs. WlUlun Brodwoy, and occupied by Mra. Foott 1 was discovered on fire, and burned t( the ground. A portion of the content! was saved. Both the house nnd furnl ture were partly Insured. Prof. Khodes, who boarded with Mrs Foote, lost several hundred dollars worth of properly and was considerably burned. The total loss is about $2,000 The origin of the flre Is unknown. ^evi M. Parsons, of Waiikau, received a Christmas gift to the' shape of a $1,000 check from vice-president Mor ton, his cousin. Scrofula Mrs. B. J. Rowell, Mfldford, Mass., says her mother has been cured of Scrofula by the use of tour bottles of fjfcjij| after having had much other tre BkHEJHB atment, and being ' 0 qul , te a low condition • ir ilt. H . • w a iow condition of health, an it was thought she could not live. INHERITED SCROFULA. ffSRJRB Cured my little boy of hereditary KTCKW Scrofula, which appeared all over "•••••• his face. For a year I had given up all hope ot hla recovery, -when finally I was Induced to use •PJUUI A few bottler cured him, and liV>Mfr»» no symptoms o the disease remain. MRS. T. L. MATHEKS, Matberville, Miss. Our book on Bloo-1 »nd Skin Disease] mailed free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlinu, Gi. A Ruddy Glow cheek id brow ^evidence Will of Ex-l>rflnlileut Haye«. FKKMOXT, Ohio, .Jnn. 24.— Col. Willin K liaynes before returning 1,0 Washington deposited the will of Gen. 11. K. Hayes with the Probate Court,' Several wills were found containing slight, differences, owiug to the death of his wife and niece. The will us probated simply provides for an equal distribution of the estate after th<> payment of the just debts among the hve children, the interest of his daughter Fanny being held in trust by his oldest son, Birohard. His three eldest sons nre appointed executors of the will. Natural tins In Wichita. WICHITA, Kan., Jan. 2-i.— Four yea airo boring for natural gas was dm e at o. point about three miles west o thejcity. It was supposed the work WH. abandoned after the companv had sun) a drill 1,600 feet with no results. A sen sation was created last night when ; ne,v company, composed of the leadim- business men of the city, came before the City Council and presented an ordinance granting them a franchise to pipe the city for natural gas for heat ing purposes. Lunilingn ourcd by two applications. H. C. Ri.irby. Bnltiniorc, M<1., Spednl of tho Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N. Y says: "I take pleasure instating that. tw< applications of Salvation Oil t-urod me of i severe attiu-k of luinhugo." A new opal field Is reported to have been discovered In Garfleld county Washington, which rivals in quality that of Moscow, Idaho. HOOD'S PILLS are purely vegcliilili- carefully prepared from'the best, ingrrilt cuts. William Carroll a resident of Emmett, Dodge county, since 1S40, died of heart failure, aged 79 years. body is f itting proper nourishment, hen this giow of health is |t>sent assimilation is wrong, °" health is letting down, cott's Emulsion ken immediately arrests aste, regardless of the ause. Consumption must ^ield to treatment that stops -aste and builds flesh anew, \lmost as palatable as milk, Scott A Bowm, N, Y. All druggist*. Don't Like the Anrliim K«h«m«. 'KTTK, Midi., .inn <> t ..'m,,, Northern prison was Inspected by the Legislative Committee yeoterdav. Tho scheme to turn it into an . Insane asy lum finds little favor with the JIH-W- bers of the conami tee. The legislatora were banqueted by the ciuzeus of Marquette. Fallur. of a Salt Lake City Firm. SALT LAKE Crry,Utah, Jan.2j.—Cohn Bros., one of the oldest and largest dry-goods firms in the Territory, made an assignment here yesterday lo Emanual Kahn foi the benefit of their creditors. Their liabilities foot up to 8110,000, but as yet their assets have not been made public. f il TJL |r t« 4* t* Wl» | f t V ' l *^"-*^!" w ^W!BHB!"i"WHBaH'^"P" 1th Pastes, Buamels, and Pamts which I- &c bands, injure the teon. and burn ;vCiVrhe Rising Sun Stove Polish U Bril- lipQV/ QdpriQi99f T)iirA,hlA. ar»/l f>iA AAK- jimiijii IkB* 1 ^ con NEWS IN BRIEF- The coal mine of W. T. Carter & Ca near Hazleton, P a> , is on flre. Several hundred men will be thrown out of employment. Commencing Jan, 25 the Santa Pe will meet the Southern Pacific cut rate of fil) cents on barley from California to Chicago. Tho Boards of Education and Health iu Buy City, Mich., decided to close two 11 f the public schools on account of diphtheria. K;n her J. T. Cullerton, a Catholio pru-st 11 f Ray wick, K.y., is reported to him- been excommunicated for marry. Ing his cousin. Two colored dredgers who reached Norfolk. Va., from Tangier Island r«- pnrit'd tho inhabitants of the Island on ill.- D'liniof starvation HOOD'S PILLS are purely rentable,' ciuefiil \ prepared from the b.est ingredients. Seventy-five union molders employee to the Sioux City, Iowa, stove works j-e on a strike because nonunion mold- 'jre are employed. CAN BKCAK Ui- A BAD Coi.o l>v the timely use nf Dr. Juyiie's Kxpeeloraii't, an old ami popular medicine .fur Sore' Lii nnd Throats, and tlie best (if all Con remedies. The democrats organize the Montana legislature with the help of a populist member, and will probably elect senator. The Cure. The only cure «naranteed, for the use of tohucco, in the world. Will guarantee cure every time, or no money. Write for circiiUr and unsolicited testimonial, which are guaranteed aennlmvor will forfeit $100, if not genuine. Ulie mott ami onty effective remedy on earth. Address, .1. E. GRIFFIN <fcCo. Ada, Ohio. Mr. Gladstone has Bent out a card expressing his gratitude to his friends throughout the world who sent him congratulatory letters and telegrams on bis birthday. Important to ITloihy People. We Imve noticed a page article in the Boston Globe on reducing weight at a very email expense. It will pay our readers to send two cent Btamp for a copy to Betina Circulating Library, 89 E. Washington Street, Chicago, 111, « j'e Auditor of Public Accounts at Spring, field, 111., has issued a permit for the organ- zation of the Murpliysboro Savings bank. The capital stock ia $25,000 and the incorp. orators are Jopepb. B. Gill, W. K. Murphy, °ind J. Van Clostor. Made to Look dike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush iSarraontf Steamed, at Olio Welch's Dve Works,346 W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Tho steering arrangements of the Mian- tonomah,' the coast defense vessel, which gave so much trouble last summer, are to qe retfaced by others of wholly new design. FITS.—All rito Stopped tm br Br. Kline'* «r«>nt STervo It-Hior«r. Ho Tlti «ft«r flril day'iniia. Marvelous curei. TrestlMtnd ta.OO trial bottle free to Fit CUM. Bind to Dr. Kilns, 931 Aroh St., Phil*., P«. William Parker, a young business-man 01 Carlylc, 111., became despondent and determined to die. An overdose of morphine failed. He then skilled his throat with un- .satisfactory result and finally attempted to shoot himself. He la badly hurt, but may recover. At Bice Lake, Barron county, E. O. Allen fatally shot and killed Bert Tassel. The cause of the shooting was /U- leged criminal intimacy. Sudden Chiiiigeit of \Vviither cauue Throat Discuses. 'I here i-no more fff, cuml remedy for Coining, Colon, etc. ihnn 11110 N » BRONCIIUI. TKOCHEB. Sold only in IIO.IVH. 1'iice 25 ceuts. Isaac Pitman, the renowned shorthand teacher and inventor, celebrated his 80th birthday at London on Wednesday. He is the brotherof Ben Pitman, of Cincinnati. We eat too mm-h and talu- too little out door exorcise. This is the fault of our m °1, el ', n , ,, < r ivilii;ali() ' 1 - 11 is Hrlined that triii-Hcld lea, u simple lierli remedy, hcliju Nature tn overcome these abuses. A LM ATI AC. On* er more tenl _ . _. -. for friend* on receipt of Rddmn MARC on poitsl. 3. GIBSON BROWN. Ill AD 0 « Grand Si, Jerwj OUj, M. J. ., fiut'.'fi Ihft Llnnntll. llAnu- incilt (by l>rnc- ^ „,.,....,:„,„). NnUirvlnn.xS. ~- Thollsnnili curpil. Send 6c Iti itium>*\ \ U. W. I'. SNYURIt, M. !>., Mall Dopl '-"" , rriioator, LANE'S MEDICINE LIKE A THIEF HI THE NIGHT, Consumption conies. A slight cold, with yoar system in tho scroful- ,ous condition that's ^^used by taipure blood. .is enough to fasten i! upon you. That is th< tune when neglect and delay wo full of danger. Consumption Is Lungw Bcrofula. Ton can prevent it, and you cat \ euro it, U you haven't waited too long, witt i Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery. Tha» is the most potent blood-cleanser, strength- I restorer, and flesh-builder that's known to : medical science. For every disease that has ; to be reached through the blood, lilu Coo-1 sumption, for Scrofula in all its forms, Weak Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma, and all severe. | lingering Coughs, it is tha only guaranteed remedy. If it docsnt bensflt or cure, yon have your money back. The proprietors of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy know that their medicine perfectly and permanently cures Catarrh. To pnrr* it to you,, they make this offer: If tbar cant cure your Catarrh, no matter what your case is, they'll pay you $600 in cash. Justice to All. It is now apparent to the Directors of the World's Columbian Exposition that millions of people will be denied the pleasure of becoming the possessors of World's Fair ,ouvenir Coins The Official Souvenir < of the Great Exposition?— The extraordinary and growing demand for these Coins, and the desire on the part of the Directors that equal opportunities may,be afforded for their purchase, have made it necessary to enlarge the channels of distribution. To relieve themselves of ^ome responsibility, the Directors have invited THE MERCHANTS Throughout the Nation to unite with the Banks in placing Columbian Half- Dollars on sale. This is done that the masses of the people, and those living at remote points, may be afforded the best possible opportunity to obtain the Coins. THE FORTUNATE POSSESSORS of SOUVENIR COINS will be those who are earliest in seizing upon these new advantages. $10,000 Was Paid For The First Coin They are all alike, the issue is limited, and time must enhance their value. The price is One Dollar each. HOW TO GET THE COINS: Go to your nearest merchant or banker, as they are likely to have them. If you cannot procure them in this way, send direct to us, ordering not less than Five Coins, and remitting One Dollar for each Coin ordered. Send instructions how to ship the Coins and they will be sent free of expense. Remit by registered letter, or send express or post-office money order, or bank draft to Treasurer World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 111. -! Washington, D. o| Successfully Prosecutes Claims. ate Prmolpal Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau. 13jr»lulMt ww, Ua4Judloatliif claim*, atty aliicc. if ORTH DOUBLE THE MO NTT. f» Send «tiouca to Jomf SEBUTUM, O. T, A. 0., . * P. B. K., Chicago, Ul., and receive • hei lUokest deck of cards you e*er a TClf QEHT8 par pack. In itamps or ooln. Wo want a, or WOMAN in »«,.,. town to re o uxperioncB or cap MAN town to represeul . rioncB or capital quired. Relereaoos miuit be . . ^^ j^ ^^ Work new. No competition. Pay guaiv «.oteed. WHKEI.KUPim. CU., Concord, N. H, OTeroomt* result* of bod eatiott n C ^ff VV UOU OdbUlK, Coinnleilon .SaTiia Doctors' ."•—. mmtnvum. uinriKLDTiu0o..31» V¥.tithSt.,N.Y Cures Constipation .-< TO TRAVEL. We P»y 85O S100 »_mpntb and expen— t. UwUson, cli, purl-I ocu»l ;i form , iPSS? , y i* oo, are ufe an efleocu»l ; the beat mudlolne-knowii f or btliouo- new, constipation, drnxpilit, foul* breath. Leadaohe.msnUJ depreialoii, I painful dlgeitloD, bad oompleilou,« __ and all dltoama oauwd by failure of • ••*' the ttomaoh, liver or bowelB to per- J their proper funntlong. ?er»on» (rlT«n to orer-J are Eeueflted by taking one after Moh meal.! . *" Mo. to!). DR.J irphine II»blt Cared In 1| »0 daro, No p»y till onr«4 .J.STEPHEN*. Lebanon.Ohlj, COLD HEAD . RELIEVES INSTANTLY, JBLY BUOTHERS. SO Warroa St.. New York. Price G0cts.| There was no decided by either Svmday erasers before advantage openers or ftouse cow- SHILOH'S CURE. PISO'S CURE FOR LTTO J^S COTJlSrT^r, B- S. PBANK J. CHENEY MAKES OATH THAT HE IS THE SENIOR PARTNER OF THE FIRM OF F. J. CHENEY & CO., DOING BUSINESS IN THE CITY OF TOLEDO, COUNTY AND STATE — -— — — — -w — — -w ••• »»^ ^* f ^^^^ ^ Al O. A. *^+^ J*J U Ji JJ, Jj J-'f AFORESAID, AND THAT SAID FIRM WILL PAY THE SUM OF ONE; HUNDRI*" OF CATARRH THAT OANNOT BE CURED BY THE '— — — ——.»—•. v v •«•«_• «. ^^. d. j, ^^-^'f t*j *^ *** ^*Jk POL,L,AR8 FOR EACH AND EVERY CASE USB OF HALL'S CATARRH CURE. SWORN TO BEFORE ME, AND SUBSCRIBED IN MY PRESENCE, THIS 6TH DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D. 1889. Ifrtary Pitttte. Hall's Catarrh Cure in taken internally, and acts directly upon the Blood and mucous surfaces. E. B. WALTHALL A CO., Dniggi«», Horso Cave, Ky., say^ "Hall's Catarrh Cure cures everyone that J. A.'JOHNSON, Medina, N. Y.. eays: "Hall's Cutarrh Cure cured me." CONDUtrrOK E. D. LOOMIS, Detroit, Mich., 'The enect oJ Hall's Catarrh Cure is won Wrtle Uim about It. eays: HALL'S QATARRH CURE is gold it itf 1 R'^ ra w^» Marquess, W. Va., says: Hall's Cuterrh Cure cured me of a very Dad wo of catarrh." * m TS CO-N SUMPTION.

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