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The Salt Lake Herald-Republican from Salt Lake City, Utah • Page 10

Salt Lake City, Utah
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iT ii to THE HERALDREPUBLICAN WEDNESDAY DEC 8 1909 SALT LAKE CITY UTAH MRS MARY DOVER CALLED BY DEATH Was the Wife of Joseph Dover Contraotor of Early Salt I Lake i I Alt 1 Miry Dover who has been a re I nr if Salt Like some JAA and was 11 willow if the Late Joseph Dover a If i iiiitur and the Huld 1 I the original ttuia ut Sail I led 1 Monday 4 MRS MARY DOVER et her home tibo Duinan avenue of gene al dhillt i Mr litr 1 first complained ffdng ill about one week ago and had only been confined to her bed or three days when she died She had on in rather ill health however for the ict five years since the death of her usuand Mr and Mrs Dover were married hereto 1ST and had seven children all of whom are still living three in Salt Lake and the otli rs in Wyoming and California They are 3 Dover William Iver Isaac Dover and George Dover of Salt Lake and Mrs Robert Wilkinson i i Cumberland Wyo Mrs Wat eii of Oakland Cal and Mrs Kobmson also of Oakland Cal Mrs Dover was born in Dumfriesshire Scotland but came here when only about 30 ars of age and four years later was Harried to Joseph Dover She was 61 i ars of age One of the surviving sons Joseph Dover said last night that no ar janKement for the funeral had been mad as jet us the family 1 awaiting 1arrival of Mrs Wilkinson from Wyo I iing The late Joseph Dover was one of tiH substantial men of Salt Lake Hem to Itiiii after serving as a Mbr hnn i missionary in Australia July tt 1 He worked aa foreman at the bulld i of the Temple and built the first gaa ks Utan then the paper mill In is ottonwood and later the mal rie nrka in City creek under the supervi of President John Taylor BENEFIT ENTERTAINMENT AT TWENTYEIGHTH WARD ihe Twenty eighth ward will hold uefit in the hall at 815 tonight i a poor family and a general Invi 1 iiH to tn public is extended Pro or Charier Kent has charge of the ram on It of the features of which II he liis male chorus Several other 1 i ers will also be heard from and neral good time is expected GOING HOME FOR NEW YEARS Tt home feeling has overcome Yl Fong one of Salt Lakes Chinese 1 Chants and Fong wants to spend Years In the land of his nativity I applied yesterday to the United IfS iruailgration bureau for the arw passport and identification i i is which will insure his uulnter I visit to China and return to the I Itec States Winter Style End Seat Hg Troublesome as in Summer Spot that guy half way up the car growled a conductor on a University street car yesterday afternoon Thats the winter variety of the endseat hog who Inflicts himself on a longsuffering public In the summer time an doesnt hibernate when sinus falls Some people get the impression that the endseat hog takes a vacation during the winter that he leaves town or stays at home to grouch around the family hearth So long as the warm weather lasted he was the first to board the open ear at the terminus He plumped himself down on the extreme end of the neat and thereafter men women and children had to climb over him or crawl under him to get on and off Nobody ever missed him for he always rode to the end of the line and was always replaced by another of the same species at the turning point He was relieved by a substitute If he got off sooner Now this other fellow Is the early winter style in shoats It Is the same fellow only now he stands In the aisle midway of the car and refuses to move I forward to relieve the pressure from behind behindhen alone he Isnt much ef a problem He can either be coaxed or driven commanded or footballrushed forward but when accompanied by a woman who gains the only vacant seat in the middle of the car nothing less than a batteringram can remove him from his place by her side When the crowd during the rush hours jams up behind him he clutches the seat on both sides digs his heels Into the floor and becomes as Immovable aa the rocK of Gibraltar The blockthealsle hog does not figure out that his discourtesy and selfishness Is not necessary to protect the woman with him There Is only one theory to explain his conduct I No doubt he fears that if his companion got beyond his reach she would gladly grasp the opportunity to escape This was the lament of the conductor on his uptown trip yesterday and he said his problem In handling the Christmas shopping crowd justified the complaint I Dog With a Souse Puts One I Over On an Irish Patrolman I Great sufferln Moses the canines I got a souse on that would do credit to an oldtimer exclaimed the desk sergeant at the police station yesterday afternoon as Patrolman Patterson rambled I in with a dissipated looking fox terrier i I I got him down on East Third South street explained the patrolman He hail crowd around him and wee putt i Ii on some circus stunts thats got tn thing in the trained canine repertoire 1 faded forty ways i guess wed betterwell would vnu look at that said the sergeant breaking in on what he was about to say saySure enough the fox terrier seemed to think he was answering some sort of a curtain call First he hopped stifflegged for about three feet then he arose on his hind legs and did an imitation of the Salome or as near it as was possible for a canine This wasnt alL That dog became as hilarious as a threelnthemorning mbtedTomandJerryglnncka bun He came over and tapped Patterson affectionately on the knee He bowed his head in mock grief and the desk sergeant would have almest sworn that tears stood in his eyes Finally he wound up and rolled over dead dog styleDid Did you see it too anxiously Inquired Patterson who happened to be off duty and had only brought the canine to the station because ne thought he was creating a disturbance Patterson was visibly disturbed but looked relieved when he saw the look of blank astonishment on the face of the desk sergeant There lay one averagesited fox terrier apparently dead or in police parlance soused to the guards Somebodys been feed In him dope said Patterson Guess wed better lock him up and send for Doc Steele All right said the sergeant At that moment Sergeant jr Beck stead strolled into the station without shutting the door Instantly there was a black and white streak of animation streetward and Patrolman Patterson looked foolish The dog with the souse had been playin possum He was gone The policeman hurried to the door but all that walt to be seen was a black and white fox terrier far up First South street and still racing against time Would you have believed HT asked Patterson wearily No and whats more I dont believe It yet said the desk sergeant Patterson explained that he thought the dog might be dangerous He wore a silvermounted collar but Patterson had not bad opportunity to examine it Whether the dog was drunk or crazy is a question that may remain a profound secret forever Between them the desk sergeant and Patterson vowed that the story would not get out but Sergeant Beckstead was there and the humorous twinkle In the big Irish sergeants eye is not for nothing Therefore the story 1 UNIVERSITY NOTES I I I Members of the University Glee club of two years ago met with Squire Coop director of music at the University Tuesday afternoon to reorganise Two years ago the club was in a flourishing condition Last year however it went to piece on account of the absence of Kenneth Williams who was organiser and director the first year The Varsity club which ic i composed of men who have won their letter in University athletics will meet this afternoon for the purpose of getting the club into running order this year Two yean ago the club put on a minstrel show which was a great success and it is again proposed to have a minstrel show this year The French circle will meet this afternoon at 649 South Ninth East street The ofternoon will be spent in French music and readings Work of laying the water main to the athletic field baa been stopped on account of the snow Professor Edwin Evans of the Utah Art school has won the annual prise of 1300 offered by the State Art Institute The work for which he received the prize was entitled Grain Stacks The first meeting of the year for the Utah Archaeological institute will be held Saturday night In the Museum hall Talks will be delivered by Neil Judd Stewart Young and Donald Beauregard members of the 1909 expedition to southern Utah Professor Fred Pack of the depart men of geology is making a special study of the earthquake conditions near Garland Utah near which place sixty distinct shocks have been felt during the last two months Louis Cates mine manager of the Boston Consolidated Mine Milting company will lecture before the engineering students Thursday afternoon on Caving Systems Used in Modem Mining Operations ASKS GOVERNMENT AID Senator Reed Smoot Introduces Bill for Hatchery in Utah Through a bill Introduced In congress by Senator Reed Smoot Utah is almost certain to get a fish culture station Senator Smoot has Interested the government and by cooperation between the government and the state it is believed a more successful hatchery can be maintained A telegram announcing the Introduction of the bill was received here yesterday If the hatchery Is provided for it will probably be located near Springvllle FOOD EXHIBIT SHOWN TO PROTECT CONSUMER An exhibit which is designed to teach the difference between pure and impure foodstuffs Is displayed in the office of Willard Hansen state food and dairy commissioner on the fifth floor of the Dooly block State Chemist Herman Harms aided Mr Hansen In preparing tht exhibit which was shown at the recent pure food show Jt If A Thousand People told yon that a cartaia thing htfl done thorn worlds of good mentally and physically wouldnt you feol it worth while to i Iff btgtte the matter thoroughly to find out how it might affect yon We have received thousands of testimonials from people who have voluntarily written us of the benefit derived from quitting coffee and using II That Coffee DIDNT Was Causing KNOW Her Trouble 0 So common to I the use of coffee as a beverage many do not know that it Is the eaves of many MMcura alls which The majority of these people had no idea are often attributed to other things Th Ml way to find out for on8f elf to to quit the coffee tors white at least that coffee caused their headaches stomach and note results A Virginia lady found out In this way and atoo learned of anew troubles bad nerves etc etc until after the beverage that to wholesome as well aa pleasant to drink She writes change oftea at the suggestion of a friend I am 40 yean old and an my life up to a year and a half ago I bad been a who knew about Postnin then they understood coffee drink About ten years ago I had dyspepsia so bad that often the coffee tee I drank would sour on my stomach stood and I could not retain it Severe headaches and heart weakness made me feel sometimes aa though I were Ask a friend if coffee agrees and if the about to die After drinking a cup or two of hot coffee not knowing it was aches and ails come from coffee investigate without harmful a my pendulum heart would At go other like times a clock it would almost stop and I was so nervous I did not like to be alone and the pity of It all was I did not know that cofice was causing the trouble 6 b1 Reading lr the papers that many persona Th were relieved of such ailments by ere Srt eason leaving off coffee and drinking Poflttim I got my husband to bring home package We made it according to directions and I liked the first cup Its rich snappy flavor was delicious I hare been using Postum about eighteen PQEtum Cereal I Company Ltd ton month is good and my nerves to my and great heart jqy ate aigas all right in fact I am a well woman onee Battle Creek Mich more thanks to Postum Read The Road to AVellville in pkgs rh ADViCE TO WOMEN A Message From a Famous Beauty Specialist to Women Lacking in Energy and Vitality Thousands of women vail attempt to improve their complexions and to remove blackheftlK crows feet and otner blemishes thnugh the usa of cosmetics This i treatment fails because the trouble lies far deeper than the akin They are suffering from impure and impoverished blood This condition is In many cases dur to a ciitarrhal condition of the whole system which finds its expression in sallow muddy Complexion darkcircled eyes general weakness of the system and perhaps most plainly in the weeping of mucous membranes that la commonly called catarrh In fact this whole tendency is properly speaking catarrh Banish this catarrh and the complexion will clear aa if by magic eyes will brighten faces become rosy and shoulders erect Perfect beauty goes only with perfect health and perfect health fer women can only be obtained through one certain treatment tTiat which will cure catarrh Mme Swift New York the famous beauty specialist known throughout the world and an accepted authority on all relating thereto states that the one positive and permanent relief for catarrh is Rexal MucuTone Here is her letter I can strongly endorse the claims made for Rexall MucuTone as a cure for systemic catarrh Its tonic effects are remarkable It builds up the strength and restores vitality If women who are tired and run down lacking in energy and vitality will use Rexall MucuTone they will praise as I do its strengthening and healing qualities Rexall Mucu Tons works through the blood acting thus upon the mucous cells the congestion and inflammation of which causes local catarrh This remedy causes poison to lie expelled from the system and the blood is purified and rc Ullzed Thus the natural functions of the mucous cells are restored and the membranes are cleansed and made strong WP know that xall MucuTone does relieve catarrh We positively guarantee to refund the money paid us for this remedy In even case where the user is dissatisfied It is a builder of vigorous health and a creator of good complexions Price 50 cats and SlflO per bottle Mall orders filled It 1 may be obtained only at our stores Tho Rexall Stores Smith Drug ro Inc The Busy Corner Smith Drug Co No2 106 South Main street ad Druehl Franken oil South Main I et rove It 3 A 1 4 1 Ive told you my clothes are guaranteed Ive told you I could match readymade prices NOW let me prove it To stimulate holiday trade 50 per cent will go off the yardage costthat means the profits but the workmanship remains the same Special offering of Hock 00 anum Glendale fabrics 3750 and 3500 values only Winter Novelties in Thorn 00 ton Kilmarnock and Es sex worsteds and Scotches 3250 and 30 values I Famous Olympic blue 00 serge 8306 Gold Medal Oaks black cheviots 8336 Never before sold at less than 3250 clt 4 I See the Windows Special attention given to Dress Suits and Tuxedos for the social season TOM THOMPSON Incorporated Guaranteed Tailoring SHURTLEFF MGR 53 THIRD SOUTH OPP COLONIAL THEATRE 1 llF i at4Jz Jt 1 I Skimmed Milk I is Pure But would you put ia ysi coffee in prclerwce to rick cream Hardly Ordinary Vanilla May Be Pure But why injure the Serer of your desserts when you en get the finest purest mOlt deficiow extract made at practically site same cod BURNETTS VANILLA surpasses ordinary vaa3a at much as rich cream SUTPMMI skimmed milk A trial book will convince you 1 I i 0 DOLLARS ARE ROUND to ROLL AWAY some think The KIDS of SALT LAKE are of the foolish kind They tool their money away in dime shows dances ribbons ad swell socks or seal up BURNED OFKKRIVGS in clears It is so much LUST FORK Kit Lincoln said Money punt on the brain cannot be lint A FULL COtltSfc of Seven system shorthand and piano touch typewriting would enhance your value frr tie more you learn the more you caiii You may enter the civil service go ahroad or stay at horn act MhCHITARY to some lug gun or corporation as teacher of ii seven shorti td and good paying work ib guaranteed by te Seven Institute if you enroll OV you can te perfected in January WHAT A SKXSIBLE XMAS GIFT Just think of the year aiitno wiser not the least hit more clever or able to do higher class work than the shopgirl waitress or hello girl Men are badly wanted as stenographers by Uncle Samnot girls for they get married as soon aa they become clever and earn good wage A0 HI1I0 Is another gotJ I profession for those who have the ability an can ue a pencil and gket ideas Toping is necessary for IMS We sccre a New York or Ic iiptnia we work in co ircu i wth rile best eastern teacht We teach Mi MAIL also Bell local er long 3177 Offices 35 Mercantile IIok Salt Lake Mly The Seven Institute Stio1 1 I JM jls aril Advert sing IM lv 1 i i1 AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS TODAY 4 Salt Lake TheatreVictor Moore in George Cohans The Talk of New York 215 and 815 Orpheum TheatreVaudeville 213 4p and 815 Colonial TheatreFrederick 4 Bowers in Commencement Days 215 and 31 Bungalow Theatre Pantages vaudeville 230 and 830 Mission TheatreSullivan it Con sidine vaudeville 730 and 9W 1 MME SEMBRICH Mme Marcella Sembrich accepted to be the greatest of living coloratura sopranos will appear tomorrow night in concert at the Salt Lake theatre It is hardly necessary to point out to local music lovers that the importance of this event Is one that can scarcely be overestimated Throughout the music centers of the entire world Mme Sembrichs name is known and she stands without a peer as an exponent of stag art of singing It is hard to state whether her triumphs have been greater In the concert field or in opera for so varied are her powers that her successes In one have been no less noteworthy than in the other but whate er may be ones opinion as to her comparative merits in the two hianrtieis there is no dissenting voice in conceding that her recital singing has placed her in a clasji quite by herself For hot local appearance Mme Sem brich has arranged a special program which should reveal her splendid power under the most favorable circumstances a program that appeals alike to lovers of opera and to those whose preferences tend in the direction of the simpler forms of songs and lieder Mme Sembrichs vast experience has above all things taught her the tastes of her audiences and it may safely be assured that her program is one that cannot fail to give unstinted satisfaction For a number of seasons Mme Sem brich has been the star of stars of the Metropolitan opera house New York and her concert tours under Loudon Charltons direction have necessarily been confined to comparatively limited periods which her operatic engagements have permitted The regret caused by the early termination of her Metrolopitan engagement was strikingly Shown when the prima donna made her seasons farewell appearance A demonstration such as has seldom occurred In the history of the opera house marked the occasion SALT LAKE THEATRE The lyrics of the numerous songs that punctuate the new play that George Cohan has written for Victor Moore entitled The Talk of New York which began an engagement at the Salt Lake theatre Monday night contain a homely philosophy of characteristic Cohan style They are not only interesting lyrics but a marked improvement generally speaking on any previous written by him ORPHEUM THEATRE The orchestra of one of the big eastern vaudeville houses where Martinettie and Sylvester the great comedy bump artists at the Orpheum this week were playing last season threatened to go on strike unless the management agreed to stretch a net between the orchestra pit and the stage In moments of enthusiasm Joe Sylvester the clown Is apt to land in a heap In the midst of the orchestra and it was after putting several musicians out of commission that the latter filed a vigorous protest and insisted on the net MISSION THEATRE Tonight will mark the opening of the new Mission theatre on East Third South street Carpets were laid yesterday and the whole house presents a finished appearance The Mission theatre building is not yet completed nor will it be fur some time yet but the theatre itself is done Nothing more can be done for the comfort of the patrons of the new house With the opening of the Mission one more link to the chain Sullivan A Con stdine are weaving will be forged A continuous line of theatres now extends from San Francisco to Chicago and within a few years the gap between the Windy City and New York will be filled New houses are being added constantly Among those of international repute on the bill this week are Barney and Fagan who present their latest musical novelty Bits of Musical Comedy The act is finished and dainty and the many novelties Introduced by the team never fall to excite instant approval None the teas prominent are the Katabanxal troupe of eight Japanese jugglers and equilibrists The troupe were stars at the Orpheum In this city last season A handmade drop showing a fleet of warship is carried by these performers Then there Is May Nannary Co in the labor play The Hand That Rules Nat Resaler Coin the most astonishing revolver work ever seen in this city George Pork Chops i Evers the king of black face men Violette Curtis a singing and dancing comedienne of quality and Miss Josephine Morns ltahs most delightful harpist Professor Mollerup orchestra and the Mission plcturegraph will complete the excellent bill Two performances will be given each evening the first at 730 and the second at 915 All seat ar rernd at the first evening performanees as well 1 as at the matinees whirs will occur daily after today The seat sale open this morning and from all indicaUuna the whole house will bE completely sold out before the curtain rises tonight COLONIAL THEATRE Today the sriuenir matinee will be held at the CfIonuii theatre in connection with the pet lurnrin of Commencement I 0 iJ Days the college play with music with which Frederick Bowers has been io enthusiastically received at that playhouse i this wee Every woman in the audience will be presented with a copy of one of Mr Bowers latest successes with the compliments of the comedian composer Commencement Days will be at the Colonial for the remainder of the week HUMAN HEARTS The forthcoming visit of Human Hearts will no doubt be warmly welcomed by the lovers of all that is good in melodrama Human Hearts Is beyond question one of the strongest and nhas most interesting of plays that has ever visited the city The author belongs to that all too small group of dramatists who understand how to reach the heart and hold the attention of the audience In Human Hearts he has constructed a play that will never grow old The principal theme of the play Is hop and has not some author written Hope springs eternal in the human breast Hope the one bright ray of sunshine that breaks through and Illumines the clouds of despair that almost overwhelm poor Tom Loganthe hope of brighter pure womans love the hope of brighter days the hope of nn honest man unjustly accused of crime that the criminal will be detected and his good name 141 tored The author has handled his subject with consummate skill and ease that shows the true dramatic instinct The love Interest is nil as absorbing The comedy element is introduced in such away that it becomes relevant to the story and the climaxes are worked ont naturally and logically PROSECUTION TO FOLLOW Cherry Ill Dec 7 Data in the cases of ten violations of the child labor law at the St Paul mine were filed today by the state factory inspectors with the states attorney The states attorney said he intended to prosecute the cases and that he is investigating other ul lfI vtnlati ns NEGRESS GIVES BOND Mrs Emma Dudley Released From Jail After Preliminary Hearing Mrs Erma Dudley colored who shot and dangerously wounded Munroe Miller December 3 will be given a preliminary hearing before Judge Bowman in police court this morning Miller tt still at St Marks hospital suffering from two bullet wounds one of which has caused attending surgeons to express doubt as to a speedy recovery and it is said to be threatening his life Mrs Dudley furnished 1000 ball yesterday and was released from the city jail I.

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