The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1891
Page 8
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THE tJPPMi MS. MOINJB8! ALOONA', IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DEO. 16, 1891, MUTUAL INSURANCE TALK, Secretary Blackfof d Discusses the Subject Very Fnlly from the Mutual Standpoint. Some Points of Comparison with the Old Line Companies, Showing the Advantages Secured. To the Editor: The subject of insurance in some form Is one that cnpngos tho attention of almost everyone, find while of general interest, it Is not well understood, find wo tiro npt to accept tho statotncnt.H of thoso engaged in that business without the careful nf.udy that wo givo other iniiUorH, It nuoms to mo that it is probublo that tho ctirlieHt plan of insurnrKio cotiHloted in reciprocal pledges of assistance In time of misfortune—a mutual, pure and simple, Prom this Indlvidua-ls and corporations eatno to guarantoo lliin aHsislnneo for certain fixed periods of time for n ccr- tntn Htntod Mum; and today wo have a multitudo of corporations, who count 1 their capital by almost fabulous Bums, Ooinpoll.ii;: for tho business. Tills would b'. woll if thero was any real compel-!I Inn, but they form compacts and bond rnlcn, mid any one of thorn will accept your risk upon practically the samo terms. Their object. ID to make money for their stockholders, and wo think that usually thoy accomplish this, ami wo lire forced to tho conclusion that thoy make a largo percentage of profit from tho fact that thoy are able to pay high salaries to olllcorn, build expensive unices, pay agents well, and besides tho regular •dividends, have plenty of money to loan • on first mortgages. Tho conclusions have caused tho formation all over tho United States of associations who seek to return more nearly to lirst principles, and by economy In various ways to furnish insurance as near as possible to actual cost. Of this class are-tho farmers' mutual associations of tlilh state. They insure farm property only, and as a rule are successful and do fu'r- nlsh a safe and reliable insurance for loss money than the regular slock companies. The regular companies are (or seem to bo) a necessity, and I have no quarrel with them, but by a comparison between tho two, leave It to the farmers themselves to say which is the bent for them. Tho farmers' nmtuals organized under the state laws, and on the 1st of .January of each your must make a sworn statement lot tho auditor of slate, and tho statistics I submit for your consideration are from his 181)1 report. One or two companies In tho wtato culling themselves mutuais, but doing a general insurance business, have failed during the last year, but not a single farmer mutual lias gone out of business or failed to pay every cent of its losses, Now for a few figures: Tho receipts for premiums for tho year 1800 of tho Iowa stock companies wore $1,408,037. They paid for loss $557,028, tho loss bo- ing 87 and 0-10 cents on each dollar, leaving them 02 and 1-10 cents for gross prollt. Tho non-Iowa companies received $2,007,878, paid $1,023,01)1, or 60 and 9-10 cents on each dollar. Both combined received $11,475,!)](), paid $],580.710, or 45 and 4-10 cunts on each dollar received. Out of this surplus thoy of course must pay expenses, but thoy also have no small income from tho use of tho money that they receive for premiums. Thoy usually charge for farm property $15 for insurance on $1,000 for a live year term; this at 8 per eont. simple interest Is $0 for tho five years, Now for tho other side: Tho 120 mu- tuals of tho slate for tho same your had risks amounting to $81,024,057. The total expense, Including losses, inoiu- and also to receive any suggestions for the good of the company. E. BLACKFORD. do not forget the Baptist ladies' fair at. College hall tomorrow night, in buying holiday presents. Do not buy until you see their display. Supper from 5:80 o'clock. ELAINE FOE PBjSlDENT IK 1892. tfid "MttH from Maine** be the Nominee? If ho is nominnted at Minneapolis on .Tune 7 next It will not affect the price of abstracts at Doxseo's office for this month. You need an abstract of your farm to see whether you or someone else owns it. Got it before Jan. 1 at the samo old price. IP you need a pair of shoos for winter wear do not fall to call on F. S. Stough. KMKP your hand on your pocketbook when you go to tho Grange Store, so you can got it out quick to catch some of those wonderful ourgains. A GOLDEN WEDDING. Mr. ami Mrs. 8. lleod 1'nsn the AOtli Milestone) of Alnrriod JJfo-MlBs Dollii Hoed Mnrrlodt A happy company gathered at the homo of S. Rood in Irvington yesterday to celebrate tho golden wedding of tho old folks, tho wedding of Miss Delia to lj. S. Walker, and also Mr. Walker's 2(!th birthday. Rev. Davidson performed tho marriage ceremony, tho old people received some handsome presents, and a family reunion closed tho programme, Mr. and Mrs. Walker go to Ksthervillo for tho winter, and Mr. and Mrs. Rood go soon to Illinois to visit his father. The best wishes of all tho old-timers of '57 In Kossuth go with this respected family of pioneers, both old and young. Gratis Incases. Persons wanting to lease any of tho following described tracts of land for hay purposes during 1892 will send in sualod bids to tho undersigned by Jan. 10, 1802, when bids will bo opened and leases made to tho best bidders: Tho nol and soj of nwi of 5, 00, 28. 120 acres in nw± of 29, 00, 28. Those* of 24, 97, 28. Tho swi of 28, 07, 27. Tho nci of 20, 07, 27. The wj of 84, 07, 27. Marie outside of tho envelope " Grass Bids." WM. H. INGHAM. Algona, Iowa, Dec. 11, 1891. 8813 A LAIKJ]!} consignment of Japanese goods, cliroot from tho importers, just what you want for Christinas presents, at tho Grange Store. borship fees, pay of agents and olllcors, in fact everything, was $140,040.37, which shows that the average cost was $1.80 for each thousand dollars, a saving of exactly $1.20 on tho thousand in our favor. This amounts to $07,228, and tho savin T of Interest being counted, it will not bo loss than $100,000 saved by Iowa farmers for the year 18UO. THE LOCAL COMPANY. Now, In regard to our own lonal company, wo Insure all sorts of farm property, and farm property only, and only in Kossuth county, with tho exception of livo stock, which is insured anywhere If only out of tho county temporarily. Every person insured must bo a member of the company. Tho membership foo is one dollar. At tho time he takes a policy ho also pays one mill on tho dollar. This Is all 'there is to pay until there is a loss, when ho must pay his proportion within thirty days. Every parson obligates himself to pay ull assessments while ho Is a member, and by notice to tho secretary lie can cancel Insurance at any time without cost, Wo will not take more than throe-fourths of tho value of the property, and will not pay more than that proportion; tho insured must carry one- fourth of tho risk himself. A director in each township has a general supervision of affairs and must approve all applications for insurance in his township. Wo started out to give tho farmers of this county a safe insurance at ats near actual cost as possible, and wo fool that we havo boon in a measure successful—might have done more if wo had worked harder, but the amount wo pay agents Is not largo enough to prove a groat attraction. We havo boon in business just four years and eight months. Our risks are now $478,005, held by 445 farmers. During this timo we havo paid fourteen losses. Our patrons are among the boat farmers of the county, and tho business shows a Steady growth. Now, has it paid? I take from tho books the account of one of our members who has boon with us from the start, and who has an even $1,000 insured. To havo insured this in any of the regular companies would have cost |)im $15. Interest on this at 8 per cent, for four years and eight months would be $5.GO, a total of $20.00, With us ho lias paid, including membership foe and all assessments, with interest ou the same at 8 per cent, for four years and eight months, $8.54, a savfntr to him so far of $12.<j(i. We will bo pleased to give anyone interested all the information we can, LADIIOS' and gentlemen's fine arctics in low, mediums, and high cuts at F. S. Stough's. WHITTEMOBE IS A OITY. Ills Honor, Mayor lloyle-The City FiUhora Are Kloctod. Last Saturday witnessed the first city election of incorporated Whlttomore, and it resulted in tho choice of Goo. E. Boyle, mayor; Corry Ridgway, treasurer; A. Yale, recorder; J. M. Farley, C. C. Sampson, E. Chrlschillos, H. Gootoh, A. Sohmitt, and John Newman, aldermen. Mayor Boyle and City Father Farley were in town yesterday, and boar their honors gracefully. They say tho outside world must'behave itself when it visits at Kossuth's western metropolis hereafter. Corn, Thirty vents per busJiel, delivered on my farm one mile oast of Algona. 3812 C. L. LUND. PEBSOffAL MOVEMENTS. Guy. Grove is just home from a visit with friends hear Marshalltown. George Woodworth came home from Valparaiso for his school vacation yesterday. Mrs. R. F. Hedrick and children have arrived at their Florida quarters and are located for the winter. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jones and family will spend some time this winter in Lotilsana, that is if the present summer weather ever stops up here. Miss Edith Clarke went to Webster City Saturday to visit at Senator Kam- rars and attend the wedding of his daughter, which occurred last evening. Geo. IS. Clarke went to' Sioux Falls yesterday to try a case for the Milwaukee. He comes back today for the case between .Dingley & Moffatt and Madden. Mrs. Gco. Adams has boon down from Minneapolis for a couple of weeks visit- with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johns at the Milwaukee depot. George is batching it up home. Thos. F. Cooko wont to Webster City to attend the wedding of Miss Eva F. Kamrar. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Clarke expected to go, but Mrs. Clarke's health would not permit. Messrs. Shadboldt and Hoffman were over from Emmotsburg Monday on business and also to attend a meeting of tho Masonic chapter here. They are well known bore and arc always welcome visitors. Miss Maud and Kale Smith returned from DCS Moincs lust evening. They remained to take part in a grand presentation of tho "Messiah," which has boon tho big musical event of the season. Miss Kate played a leading violin part in tho orchestra. John Diet/, representing tho Santo Fe railway, was here again yesterday. M. L. Clarke's car, for California, will bo loaded tomorrow and and his family start next week. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wilson and Lonetto, and Mr. and Mrs. Colomun Chubb go early in January. Others talking of going are Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Mr and Mrs. S. C. Spear, Henry Winkie, Miss Wilkinson, Peter Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dingley, E. N. Weaver. Some or all of them will see tho coast this winter. SPECIAL SALE. Good until Jan. ft Low Prices at GOEDERS' Until January first we will offer our entire large stock cheaper than ever before FOR CASH. Special sale of Dress Silks, Velvets. Dress (roods. tt tt tt tt tt tt tt It tt tt tt tt Ribbons. Neck Wear. Hose. Gloves and Mitts. Handkerchiefs. Mufflers. Special sale Underwear. " " Blankets and Quilts. Shawls. Ladies'iand Children's Cloaks. Domestics. Carpets, Rugs. Curtains, Portiers. u tt tt tt tt tt tt tt tt Hour Yo! Iicnr Ye! All persons knowing themselves indebted to me are hereby notified that they must call and settle, either by cash or bankable note, before the first of January, or it will be put into the hands of a lawyer for collection. 3714 G. M. HOWARD. Goo. ]C. Mnrblo, at Hurt, Sells Best, package coffees, per Ib $ .28 Best small-slued yeast, per pkg... .03 Best largo-sized yeast, per pkg... .00 Best oatmeal, 7 Ibs for 25 Best cranberries, per quart 10 Best tomatoes, per can 10 Best California poaches, per Ib 10 Lenox soap, per box 4.00 Plug tobacco, per Ib 25 26-oz splendid baking powder 25 Soda, per Ib 07 Oh, we can quote prices, and sell the goods, too. GEO. E. MARBLE, 35 Burt, Iowa. I HAVE a largo line of horse blankets which I am selling cheap. Call and look them over. F. S. Stough. Special sale Men's Suits. Special sale Boys' Suits. Special sale Children's Suits. Special sale Men's Overcoats. Special sale Boys' Overcoats. Special sale Children's Overcoats. Special sale Fur Coats. Special sale Odd Pants, Vests. Special sale Duck Coats. Special sale Overalls. Special sale Trunks, Valises. Special sale Hats and Caps. Special sale Boots and Shoes. Special sale Groceries. A Wolf Hunt In Kossuth county is oftentimes no more frultloss*than a hunt for a missing link in a title to real estate. Have you a missing link in your title? You had bettor tiud out before Jan. 1, and get an abstract of your property at Doxsoo's ollloo at tho same old prices. A BEWILDERING assortment of handkerchiefs and mufflers, from cambric to tho ilnost embroidered silk, at tho Grange Store. Why Ho Wna ICxciiaod. The hapless wight who gets called on the jury and trios to toll his honor how necessary it is for him to be excused usually finds that in the eyes of tho court no event in life is of enough moment to warrant release from jury duty. But Frank Parish found an excuse, Monday, which Judge Carr accepted. The case had run two days and was about finished when Frank explained that tho prospective arrival of a now member in his household required his attention, and Judge Can- lot him go, and the trial was finished with eleven jurors. A little daughter is tho cause of a pleasant smile on Frank's face since then. ITor Salts. A desirable residence in the best part of the city. Two lots; house containing nine rooms; good cellar, always dry; never-falling well of water; barn for live horses, wood house, coal house, carriage house, all in the very best repair. Will be sold cheap and on easy terms. Also other residence property in Algona.-8514 H. HOXIE. WE sell Chase &Sanborn's celebrated coffees. W. F. Carter. Ruas make acceptable Christmas presents, at once artistic and practical. You will find a nice lino of both Smyrna and Fur at tho Grange Store. SANTA GLAUS' basement under Galbraith & Co. headquarters in the our store. Geo. L. Itiicklen's Arnica Salve. Tho best salvo in tho world for bruises cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tottor, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively euros piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to prlve perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 35o u box; sold by Dr. Sheetz. T..OW ItntOB for Holidays. On Doc. 24, 25, and 81, 1891, and Jan. 1, 1892, tho Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will sell excursion tickets at very favorable rates. For tickets and further information apply to agents of Chicago & Northwestern railway.—37 t!l ALL the latest novelties in fine decorated china, suitable for presents, at tho Grange Store. Our low prices on all goods will be within reach of all. Be sure and come in and see our great bargains. Don't forget the place, at Goeders,' on the corner in the brick block. Yours truly, JNO. GOEDERS JR. Bargain Store of PATTERSON BROS., Have the finest display of and the greatest variety ever offered to the people of Algona and surrounding country ; prices lower than ever heard of; in fact 25 per cent less, than Chicago is making them. ID. B. Harness Maker, ALGONA, IOWA. Dealer In Harness, Whips, Blankets, COLLARS, HALTERS, Combs, Brushes, Trunks, Traveling Bags, and horse furutHlitiig goods of nil kinds. Repairing done neatly and cheaply. Agent for the celebrated WILBUR'S SEED MEAL and WILBUR'S SURE HEAVE CURE Candy In Endless Varieties t make the hearts of the little ones glad. For Christmas and New Years; come early and get something sweet, and thus Remember we are headquarters for YOfk Five cars sold and another on the way from central New York. We have Missouri apples left, and are still selling them at old prices, 6sc per bushel. For the next 15 days we will make A HANDSOME PRESENT that has been sold few as high ^ —_,_ ,,„ .,*„ 4...U.1..U ,. • if IIWWWITIL. i IIL.OL.W i ma i. iieis ueen sola as ni0ii as #8, to anyone who trades $25 cash at our store. We will sell Flour for next 15 days: Buckwheat Flour, per sk. 50c A New Firm, & THE CASH STORE, Under the new firm name of LANGDON & HUDSON, continues business at the old stand, and will also continue to sell good goods as cheap as they can be had anywhere. Give us a call and get our prices. Truly yours, Langdon & Hudson. Graham Corn Meal Bran Fancy Patent, per sack, $1.45 Little Crow, per sack - 1,35 Snow Flake, per sack - 1,20 And will add that we will meet all competition in our line. Our object is to keen our moving, even if we have to sell on small margins. Today we are retailing S5 POUNDS OF SUGAR for $1.00 T 70c 35c 70c Starch, 6c per pkg, ; Soda, 6c per pkg. ; all kinds of Yeast, 3 c per pke • be«?t rWi, pins ,c per dozen, and everything else at the Big Bargain Stpre in th P e " SmeSS ' we have the g° ods ' ^d are bound to PATTEBSON BROS,

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