The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DEB MOINES, AL&ONA* IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16,189L - / JReep out disease by keeping In healthy ao- •tion the liver, stomach and bowels, There's a pleasant and a sure way of doing it. It's with Dr. Pierce r s Pleasant Pellets. They're the best Liver Pill ever made, and a prompt and effective remedy for Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of the Rtomach, liver and bowels. They cleanse and renovate the system, quietly' but thoroughly. They regulate the system, too—they don't upset it, like the old-fashioned pills. These are purely vegetable and perfectly harmless. One " Pellet" a dose. They're and the mildei smallest in size, but the most efficient in their work. They're the cheapest pill you can buy, because they're guaranteed to aflive satisfaction, or your money is i$eturned. »^ TTou only pay for the good you get. Can you ask more ? at's the peculiar plan all Dr. ierce'g medicines are sold on. harmless". One "Pellet" the easiest to take, t in operation—the DOCTOR "',* • lorCoughs. Colds and Consumption, Is beyond '. • question the greatest of all modern remedies, t ilfvlllstopa Cough Inone night. It will check; (aCo'dinaday. it will prevent Croup, relieve* *A$lhma, and CURE Consumption If taken In* '_,:«me. IF THE LITTLE ONES HAVE ! 1: WHOOPING COUGH I OR CROUP I UseltPromiilT.: IT WILL CURE: WHEN EVERY-' THING ELSE! FAILS. "You: can't afford to* be without It."" S n 529. f J? l ''*blll8: The success of, this Great Cough Cure u irithoat a ^parallel in the history of nT-rlicire. All druggists are authorired to sell it on a nos. itive giinrantee, a test that no other cure can sue- teishiHy stand. That it may becoaie known, the Proprietors, at an enonnous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have » Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, lor h will cure you. If your child has the Croup, tr Whooping, Cough, use U promptly, and relief lo rare. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for BHILOH'S CURE, Price lo cts., 50 cts. and )l.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, •M Sbiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 25 cU, ELY'S CREAM BALM Cleanses tho Nasal Passuges, Allays Fain and Inflammation, Heals the Sores, Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell. 50.c ^'BI THE CURE. g-gAY'FEVER A pKtlole li applied Into each |T««abl«. Price 60 cents at Druggl BLY BROTHERS, SBWorreaBt into each noitrll »nd It [its or by mall, trixti K«w York. -t- k THE SMALLEST PILL IN THE WORLD I TUTT'S T — LIVER PILLS ® -iu. ... . relief, is uu INFAUL1- HLK CID11E for or ,. Price, $1 j at driiBKistH or by mail, Haranlos free. Address "ANAKESIS," Box aim. NEW Vnnit CTTY. .hwp.r thao eliewbero. tit- tare JOB buj, KOI! BUmu for lllUKtraled Caufogue lo T!i. l> Blre«t, H'ATJHta. me i uija, 4«. Cinolnmtl.QlIIo. Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands, IVORY SOAP DOES NOT, \1 A t f A\T K T MllOML Rnd f° r the return of Animal Report of the Secretary the Treasury Sent to Congress. of Summarized Accounts of Receipts and Expenditures for the Year. Several Recommendations in the Interest of Economy and Efficiency of Service. WASHINGTON, Dec. 9.—The annual re- p;rt of tht secretary of the treasury was tent to congress today. Tho revenues of' the government from nil sources for the fiscal year ended June 80, 1891, were: From customs $219,522,205 23 internal revenue., From profits on coinage, hullion deposits, and assays From sales of public lands Fiotn fees—consular, letters-patent, and land.. From sinking fund for Pncifio railways From tux on national bunks From customs fees, fines, penalties, and forfeitures Frnm repayment of in- tere<jt by Pacific railways From sales of Indian kinds From soldiers' home, permanent fund From tax on seal skins.. F om immigrant fund. , From sales of government property From deposits of surveying public lands From Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad company Fiom sales of oiduanco matei ial From sales of condemned naval vessels.; From depredations on public lands From the District of Columbia From miscellaneous bour- ces to importers in ndvance of appraisement and liquidation of duties. Sixth. The revision and codification of the customs laws. Seventh. L j gisl>ition to secure railway statistics of foreign commerce. GooA progress has been made during the past year in the matter of enforcing the provisions of the fllien contract-labor law?. Prosecutions hove been instituted wherever sufficient evidence could be procured, and these, with resulting convictions, have had a wholesale deterrent effect Upon such employers as might not be influenced by a mere knowledge of the illegality of the prohibited trcffic in alien labor. The department has betn unremitting in its efforts t) enforce the Chinese exclusion acts, but with only partial success. Any legislation, however, looking to exclusion will fail of its full purpose to long as the Canadian government admits Chinese laborers to Canada, whence, armed with Canadian permits to leave and return to Canada at pleasure, they are at liberty to invade our territory along its entire northern frontier. Work is progressing satisfactorily in tho preparation of a suitable rvmtribution by the treasury department to toe government exhibit at tho world's Columbian exposition. Pursuant to the provisions of law the supervising architect, of the treasury has completed suitable plans for tho government exposition building. A eon- treet for the construction hus been up- proved, involving an expend!.lire of $310,767, aud work is going forward upon the saucture. ~TKK AIOON. A Picture of tlin Moon's jjurfnce Taken by FIRST A COVD, Tnss BnoncimiS. Check (lie first «lth Hiiis'S Hosst Of llwttttoujm A:$n TAB. TiKB's TOOTHACHR DROPS Cur* In Minute. one From postul service 65.931,785 72 145,680,249 44 7,701,991 82 4,092,535 41 8,019,781 84 2,326,359 37 1,236,042 60 Prof. Holden of tho Lick Observatory, 966,121 82 by means of its great teleouope, has taken a picture ot the moon, which is faid to be a triumph of astronomical photography. 823,904 04 Frof. W.-inck of the Observ.itory of Prague, ,!" who has probably studied the surface of 602,545 38 the moon more ..ban any other man living, helped Prof. Holden in the delicate work 308,648 34 of mailing the negjtive. A feature of the 269,673 88 J picture h~the bed t.f a sea, of which Air. 292,271 00 Holden says: 'The large 'sea 1 at the left I hand of the cut is the Mhre Crisiuui. Its 259,379 05 ' dimensions lire about two hundred and eighty-one by three hundred and fifty five 131,42280 milts. Its aiea is aboui that of Ohio and Indiana combined. It is, iu fact, not a sea, but the floor of a great plain—which 500,000 00 may once have been a eosi, but which is now—like one of the smnll plains on the 122,668 01 island of Hawaii, only on a grander scale. To give an idea of the vortical scaie it may 78,037 36 be noted that the highest mountains surrounding the srai are about eleven thousand 55,90583 feet." The professors of the Lick Obser| vatory are taking a serie-o of pictures oi' 2,853,897 74 U;e moon from which an immense map is ultimately to bs made.— Selected. 1,825.800 35 „.., / r _^__ T _ us of thu Total receipts $458,544,233 Oi The expenditures for the same perioc were: For the civil establishment,, including foreign intercourse, public buildings, collecting the revenues, deficiency iupsstal revenues, rotate of tax on tobacco, refund of direct taxes, French spoliation claims, District of Columbia, and other miscellaneous expenses $110,048,167 4! For the military estab- . lishment,; including rivers and harbors, forts, arsenals and sea cor, st-defenses 48,720,065 0: For the naval establishment, including construction of new vessels, machinery, armament, equipment; and improvement at navy- yards 26,118,896 46 For Indian services..... 8,527,469 0; For pensions 124,415,951 4 1 For interest on the public debt 87,547,135 37 For postal service 65,931,785 7L Total expenditure... 421,304,470 4( Leaving a surplus of.... 37,239,762 57 The uionetary transactions of the gov ernment have been conducted through the treasurer of the United. States, nine sub treasury officers, and two hundred a'd thirteen national bank depositaries. The number of such depositaries on November 1, 1891, was one hundred and eighty- three, and tho amount of public moneys held by them on that date, including those to credit of the treasurer's genera account and United States disbursing officers, was $20,106,876.92, a reduction since November 1, 1890, in number oi twenty one, and in amount of holdings oi $9,830,810.76. The subject of the circulation has been unusually prominent since the last annual report. The stringency in the money market during the summer and autumn of 1890 was relieved by the prompt and efieutive measures of my predecessor, and happily disappeared without producing the grave consequences whicn were feared by the public; but its existence, and tho widespread apprehension whieh it caused, induced a revival of the erroneous idea that the volume of money in circulation was not only inadequate to the needs of the country, but was very much less pur capita than during the so-called flush times which followed the civil war. The coiuage of the mint during the last fiscal 5ear was the largest in the history of Hi" mint in this country, aggregating 119,547,877 pieces valued as follows: Gold §24,172,202 50 Silver dollars 36,232,80? 00 Subsidary silver 2,039,218 35 Minor coins 1,166,936 50 Total $63,611,159 35 I invite attention to,_ and earnestly renew, the recommendation of my predecessor concerning needed amendments to the aws relating tolhe administration of the •ustoms service. I quote from his annual report: First. The increase of the permanent appropriation for the expense ot collecting ,he revenue from customs, Second. The compensation of all col- eitors of customs by fixed salaries, and ho abolishment of all fees, commissions, perquisites and emoluments. Third. The cons61idation of customs districts, demanded alike for reasons of economy and the changed condition of commerce and transportation. Fourth. The abolishment of oaths to monthly Bcoonntfi of ( eii°roiris employes as unnecessary aid is su>'j"CMng t l iese offi- cerc to useless expense. Fifth, Tho repeal of Ihe law* requiring bonds t'»b" uivenby individual importers upon the eutry ui merchandise for ware- Nothing BO vividly iVUlil brevity of life as u thirty-day notu.—T'ixus Siftings. Miulo to took TJlie New. Dresses, Gents' Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush QarmouU Steamed at Otto Pluteli'a Dye Works, 34.0 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Bund for circular. The marble capital building at Hartford, Conn., Is 800 feet long, aud the engineers declare that It Is three inches longer In summer than in winter. Tho Only One Ever Printed—Can To a Find the Word? j There IB a S-luch display advertisement In this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same is true of each new one appearing each week from The Dr. Hnrter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the name 1 of the word, and they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL I.1TUOQ11A.1*1IS Or SAMl'LUS FllBB. It is unaccountable how an operator on the stock market who buys and sells for future delivery can still be a disbeliever iu a hereafter. A CURB for nearly all the common Ills — what, doctors? Pshaw I Take Beecham's Pills. For sale by all druggists. 25 cents. The devil don't care two straws for our irofesslon. All ho is afraid of Is our prac- pi 11. USE BllOWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES for Coughs, Colds and all Throat Troubles. —"Pre-eminently the beat."— Rev. Henrg Ward SeecJusr. One of the hardest things to do IB to believe that the man is honest who doean'l look at things as we do., Great Bargain* In Ladles' Watches. Genuine Elgin ladles' watch, Boss filled case, guaranteed twenty years, only $10. Handsome plush cnse with each watch. Write or call on 0. Prousser Jewelry Co., Milwaukee, Wis. When we remember that our words may Influence people for eternity, we bught to be very careful how we speak. WANTED—An agent for THE SATTO- IDAY TIDINGS, in every place of 100 inhabitants, or over, in this county. See our Grand Offer to Newsboys.- Address, Box 149, Buffalo, N. Y. A shark caught at Panama measured twenty-four feet in length, and was four feet, in diameter. How's ThlsT We offer One Hundred Dollars Bewnrd for any case of Catarrh that cannot bo oured bv t/iklno Hall's Catarrh Cure. ' wwumi F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo. 0. We, the undersigned, have known P. J, Che. ney for tho last fifteen years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to curry out any obligations mailo by their firm. ' WEST & TI»UAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo O WAI.WNO, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Dr'ual frists, Toledo, O. • H Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken Internally, aotina directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price 75o per bottlo. Sold by all Druggists. Two Things In Regard to Catarrh 1st, ft la a Constitutional Disease/ and 3it, It Jteyuiret a Constitutional Itemed]}, These two fuoU are now so well known to Ui» aiedioul fraternity that local applloatloiiB, lllu <UU[IH and inhalants, are regarded &> >t best llktl/ iu give only teniporary relief. Tu eSeot 8 pormk- ixut cure ot Outurrh requires a constitutional •euiedy like Hood's Barsapuriilu, which by puiify- ug UID blood, repairing tho diseased tlssuts, tad mpurtlng healthy tone to the affected organs, doe* ^Ive thorough and lasting ear*. "I mint to say that Hood's Barsaparllla Is • per-' manent bare for catarrh. After suffering with .-utarrh for many years, I was requested to take Hood's Sarsaparilla «nd after using three or four bottles I Bin healed of he most annoying disease tht hum»n system 1* eir to." P. B. STOUT, gherldan, Ui. We should often be ashamed of our bust :<<-tions If tlic world were witness to tho niotiycs Which Imju'llcd us. In t«dl««* tTMoh**. Durlncr th«s next SO days we will tell » solid U-Unrnt Indies' Elgin watch for *33. Handsoino plush cnsc with each watch. ! Write or cull on C. Prcusser Jewelry Co., I VI'\H. \ NATURAL REMEDY FOB Tho fully nuii! nlin Ilitlits to-day's bnttlci faith- ill nut bo whipped to-morrow. Sj-rnp of i r lR», Produced from tln> Inxntlvo. and nutrltlcns Juice ot California fisrs', combined with tl'<« niL'dlclnnl virtues of' plants known' lo b« iiid^l hencllclnl to the tinman system, ads gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels, effectually clcnnMnsr Uiu system, dlspnllln^ colds nnd headaches, and c\iring habitual constipation. A gourd with a neck collar like a serpent In the. act of striking, is a boasted curiosity iu Ml. Holly, N. C. _ FITS.— All Ht»»lo|.|.iMl freeli; l>». Kt.lNlt'n (Inr. i r No l-'it* nflnr lln»t tlfty'n un». Mur. Vcllutis cures. TrtmtlHB iitiil*]F2.(ll} triul bnttli* fret* ta I II cnees. Semi to Dr. Klliui. l!:H Arc<h HI., I'lillil., Tit. Epileptic Fits Fulling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Titos Dance, Kcrronsnesg, Hypochondria, Melancliolld* In* ebrltf, Sleeplessness, Dlfr riness, Brain and Spinal Weakness, This medicine has direct action upon tho nerve centers, allaying all IrrltAblll- ties, and Increasing the flow and power of nerve fluid. It Is perfectly harmless and loavos no nnplansant effects. FREE "1 have always wished," soliloquized tho coroner, pensively, "that I could Imve held this oDli'e linimidintely after the Hood." —A Tnlunul* Tlnofe «n TToi-mtil l)l*eit*c* until free lo sny »dilr«««, slid poor patient* can alxn nlitiln this incillclno free of clmrue. llils remedy hiwi lieon jprtipured by the lUtoirnd Pun lor Kofiili:, of Fort Wnyno, liuU sine* I8id and Unovrvnparedundorbla direction by the KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. «*. C1.70, 6 DnttJes for »9. FARMERS: LOOK OUT! You tiro exposed to Biicldoii chnngon of tonipornttiro, nitcl to Iiijurlon. ST. JACOBS OIL euros RHEUMATISM, SPRAINS, BRUISES, CUTS, WOUNDS, SORENESS, STIFFNESS, SWELLINGS, BACKACHE, NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, BURNS. A PROMPT AND PERMANENT CURE. The Shortest and Quickest to all parts of tho It runs decant Pullman , Sleepers, ll.w Coaches nml Il.Vcoiie C»is solid lo JACKSON VII.I.K. V|A Lookout Mountain, CliatUnoocs, Alhnlii 'Macau. Plnesl trains In Ilic World fur COMFORT AND SAFETY OF TRAVELERS. Tlilitt* fur tale it til Offices In the Uullcil Ulalej, or D. W. WRENN, Ccn'l Pass. & Tkt Apent. " MOTHERS'! FRIEND" THIS 13 To Young Mothers Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endorsed by the Leading Physicians. liooh to "Mothera''mailed FJtHJS. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. ATLANTA, GA. SOLD BY ALL, DRUGGISTS). •jl'/n otatJtt Xmuciru in ttu WoHA u »n. ISAAC THOMI'SON'B CKLHBRATED EYE-WATEK ioU )• « 4JU*fulJ/pi*panNl ithyntoUu's |<co uid tuu b*«n In oonttAtit noe for utM-ly r TH«r« »r« few 41w»«(wi Ut which m«iibl*4 *orh)ll«n thati . uonn, pnrhaitii, for whtoh mor« MnifuHt** h»?« b*ui trt*il vrltliotii «UOC«R». For all •lU-rnul inflammatlui i«t U»f n M .u U U ftu InfuJUbU ruinedr, If lti» U^u* i^/.i fol lowed it will iiftv^r fall. n'« by MJ 'iruiurtsU. T»OT, N. Y. purtlcali.rlj uliTilolniiA to It* mtirlU. JOHN L. TIIOMrHtJN, For Cash or on Time. tend to 819 W. •UttBI., N.X.,for B.npUi «l Over, comes - ^ — _ — _ — — renultn of OUU uun« K ;curei Sick Henclache: realoreBUompIexionicureiiCounttpation. OOI.D MBPAt,, PARIB. 187a W.BAKER & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which the eiccse of oil hea boon removed, Jt iibfulutely pure and it ia miluble, No Chemicals nre lined Iu its prepnrallon, I| hag more than thr't time» tin strength oi Cocoa mixed wiU> Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, und In therefore far more eco- nomlcul, -ostlng lent Han on.' centacup. Itladellclout,rionr. lahlng, «treDglhenlng, XABILI sad admirably adapted tor lovolldi M well a« f«r pnrnonu In health. Sold bjr Grocers BTeiywhere. W. BAZEB & CO., Dorchester, Mass. THE BEST HOLIDAY GIFT. Will savo you 8f>.00 to 815.00 on boys' un'l glrli. lafotlcn, noil 820.00 to 8116.00 on ovoxy liiillcrand gents' Barely, IT of -lor Is placed UBforo the holl- days. We linvc every make In Block. P. H. SERCOMBE, 355 and 357 East Water St, Milwaukee, Wls. Agents wanted in every, town. RELIEVES all Btoioucb . REMCX'ES NiiuBea, Bun** ot REVIVES PAIUWO ENERGY. RESTORES Normul Ciroulatte^ TO TOK TIM, PENN MUTUAL LIFE Yon c»n here get more lifa insurance, of a better quajity, on easier terms, at lesi cost than elsovhero. Address 931-8-5 Oheatnut BtoPhilad'a. INSTANT RELIEF, hvvur iviuru*. J.JT iiui'KV. STS ~" WsTTUgTUNlON: Curelul» d»T» . Ku 15-60. A Month and Expenses! To Agents to Bell Cigars to Dealers. JNOG. RISING *CO.,OAMni CO CDCCI st. Paul, Minn. bAIYIrLtb rKtt! 125LO, I GUIS BAGGER & CO. L , ? y r.lUbl, p fl J L Jjj P. 0. are the oldest. most effloleui SOLICITOKD .ulfkljr obtained. Ma «Uy'» feu until ..... .»t(iut li allpvtd. Advlco pud baai QLOB» PAT«MI AOKMOT, WMhlogtan, 1). 0. TBA William \\iiltcr I'iii-lps lias been so siifcossl'iil in Adding Goniiany to liiiko ils i-fsl rid ions oil' American pork und iiiilucMiig them to try American corn, that the Philftdel- phians are now • woiideriftg whether Chsis.,Emory Smith cannot do the same thing with Russia, particularly as the Russians are now greatly in need of every sort of food aup Wies. 'An American minister can be employed in no better way than in opening the eyes of the Europeans to the fact that Uncle Sam is now prepared to feed all creation. He can minister to them in sickness equally well, for REID'S GEII- MAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURB w confessedly the best thing for colds, coughs and all the maladies that attack the respiratory organs that was ever put upon the market. This great remedy is adapted to all classes and conditions of society— for youth, manhood and old age. It acts at once. Tell your druggist that you want "Ruin's", and do not let him put you off with something that he says "is just as good." SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. SPECIALS30 DAYS We will uond UDOII receipt of »5 CUNTS I'EK YAUI>, for trlamiiuKU, from 1 to 4 ViirdH of our HKST BLACK SILK. I>o«ltivol/ nut more than Tour yurUu to any one SNYDER.WAITE&CO. BlBDeurboiii Street, CHICAGO, wltb U L L A*A4'Si deBuribimi MiuaVu'otT K I" r Nortu Dakota, MouUuu, • I ^^ ^^ WwfliltiKtou And O * ^^ S" Cluvoruinoiit uui Northern I j Pacific R. R-Li "German Syrup" Martinsville, N.J., Methodist Par* sonnge. "My Acquaintance with your remedy, Boschee's German Syrup, was made about fourteen years ngo, when I contracted a Cold which resulted in a Hoarseness naq a Cough which disabled me frotrt filling my pulpit for a number of Sabbaths. After trying a Physician, without obtaining relief—I cannot say now what remedy he prescribed —I saw the advertisement of your remedy and obtained a bottle. I received such quick and permanent help from it that whenever we havfl had Throat or Bronchial trouble* since iu our family, Boschee's German Syrup has been our favorite remedy and always with fnvorabl* results. I have never hesitated to report iny experience of its use to others when I have found thei* ttoublcd in like manner." RBT. W. II. HAOGARTY, of the Newark, New ^ Safe Jersey, M.K. Conference, April 25, '90. Remedy. • G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr.Woodbury.NJ. ,t Onrai ColilA, Cmiirhn, Bore Throat, Ot iifluenm, WliouiiliiK ffmiKh, Ilr TioTiltl Vdtliituu A oortalu rnro for (Joimunptlon In iiBKin. «nd n Hiiro ri'llitf in n(lv,.n<-oii ntniro* M on.-". Yon will one Ilio oxoellent ellSot ••• f* kl "f r ',',',• "£?' '''!••• °,""! Uy d »»'«™ «v»rrwu» Luui uottld-. mi mnU »nd Ufft, 1801. The s t o re ha s nitchod its Holiday doings to the most it leasing tune. Write to us or come. (Signed) Gimbel Brothers DRY GOODS, Milwaukee. Our Improved Kmlimlderliiff Ma- iililnu iiiiiKi'i. Idi!u w Hi yum or ru », Finn Jiluiliroloiii'iiiK wl^h Hilk or?.upb- I'H. C.i'uulurM uiiil lot 111^ to AKth. frubi ilnc'liiiii!, coloi'ril imtixiii book, mil— .-_- —yii:b "I wor.i, cat., prluo I Bin,dlruo- tloiiH, etc., all by mull for *i.'i> HuuNfuctloii Kimr/in- teud or uiouey lutiuidud, K. ItUtiti & Ou., Toledo, (X tun iiattcni, H .»....^. ...., -, wiintrdlncTrv lo'vn n.n»! Cc. Mfpndy work. No rlBk. No Cui.lul. No KIII. inwilud. Wrllo lo IlUturleul 1'uli. Co., I'lilUdi-l|ilila, IX mired IUUHT IIKMI«»MI| cr"r«. Hum pitlmit . iiutfii liij^L.jtiK* n w«. bi-.ii ^'..ia'.t..^. i ^i-,,A . r«t rtn|i|> tyitiritimt riliMlv llmnjii^r »".' IM '»n «T» *t io«.il two tlilnU m .ii »yuii,t..j« 0 .,», lu^uxiu lii for fru- I).-,!» of 'y.'.Tvm.'.'n .1* r.;lr\.-uloivi. . ouidt. iuuduyi ironiiuoui uiruiuunn irue b» mill. It rou arrtoi t/lil. >nn1 '.'; ci.,:'.,. :„ f iuua"\oStS ' »o»t«a«. OK. H. H.OK.: 1 *" I- MDNH. itl.nui <»«. ilKN 4.NO WOMBN, from »nf~Hi- uiuut whatover. Send for n • HKAI.TH HKLPEH FUICK. IJJU. .1. II, 1>VK, Uuffttlo, N. X. FAT FOLKS REDUCED) WEAK Agricultural, drazl uow open to settlers. tilt t. -F^F"WHY, ARE YOU SICK?" "I know preclHuly how you fuel; It is that nervous, Irritable fediug, your buck trouble* you, uud when you try to reud u little, your hem! «clie». Isn't tlmt BO? I knew H. Oil, bother Uio ooclor! Ciet « bottle of Vegetable Compound uud take It faithfully, us I have Hone. I'Mbeeu through this thing myself, but uiu uevcr trouble* now. Do as I toll you, deiir." LYDIA E, PINKHAW8 ^^ httB vtocia the test of many yearn, uud la to-day tins only 1'oBltlvo Cure uud Legltluiuto Bemody lor tliose peculiar weakueusTa aud ailment* A ill organlo diseases of tue Uteru* <>r Bvsry '" p. "InKham |.ynn, Mf W

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