The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 16, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1891
Page 5
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TOT trPPEtt DEB MOINESt ALGONA, IOWA* WEDNESDAY, DEO. 16, 1891. OPENING Our holiday display for this season is a marvel of beauty and elegance. Its new features are innumerable and its variety almost unlimited. We are Offerim a stock that will meet the wants of everybody. High- priced presents, low-priced presents, useful, ornamental, and practical. Remember we have the best of the kind and all kinds. This wide range of selection extends over a varied assortment of valuable gifts for all ages. We offer an advantage in selection that can only be found in a very complete and generous showing of first-class Holiday Goods and New Novelties, which are everywhere the source of attraction, but the latest and best of all is the predominating feature of our display for the season of '91. We have Plush, Wood and Oxidized Silver and Leather goods, of all kinds and prices. We have Musical goods of all kinds, Guitars, Banjos, Violins, Autoharps, Zitherns, Accordeons, etc., which are all bargains. Holiday Books for all ages, also BIBLES AND DICTIONARIES. We have Toys by the million, Dolls, etc. Come and examine our goods and prices, and we will not disappoint you. IF 1 H EADOUARTERS FOR . . -AND ALI Christmas Goods IN OUR LINE. THE BEST APPLES In the market. Pure Maple Syrup. BAILEY BROS. If 37-013. FINE CANDIES 3F"or tli.© o-o to CHANDLER'S. If you want all brands of OYSTERS, go to Chandler's, If you want Fresh Boasted Peanuts for parties at reduced prices, first see Chandler. Everything for Holidays at Chandler's Thorjngton*street Restaurant ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE Or TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * ST. PAUL West—Pass.— No. t G:02a m No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 0:30pm Freight- No. t> 7:16 a m No. 13 11:45 » m No. 5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15am East—Pass.— No. 2 10:24 am Freight— No. 8 ll:55pm No. 14 2:30pm CHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18a m Pass 3:3i>prn South- Pass . :37pm Mixed 0:07 p m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 am: arrives at Des MolneB at 8:15 pm. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am. THE CITY, Rend every advertisement and local this week. The young ladies nt tho court house this evening. Rend Edwin Blnckford'a excellent article on mutual insurance. W. E. Morrison's account of life at the Keeley home did not arrive this week. Regulnr meeting of Womatis' Relief corps tomorrow evening. Election of officers. W. H. M. S. will meet with Mrs. .T. D. Youitmns on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Dr. Pride is ofllcing at his house. Ho intends to locate in Salt Lnko City, and will go soon. All tho merchants report a big sale of holiday goods thus far, Trade is bettor than ever before. Emmetsburg people say nothing has been heard of Daniels, the absconding West Bend lumber man. A grand Christinas dance is advertised for next week Friday evening, Dec.25, with supper at tho Thorington. Tom Bennett last week had a finger caught in his sausngo machine, and bo- fore it could be stopped the end was taken off. There arc over 70 columns of reading matter in this issue of THE UPPER DES MOINES, which would make 140 feet in length of solid type. The well case between Algona and Sheriff Stephens was settled last week at §650. It was the best possible outcome for both parties. A dime sociable will be given at tho home of Mrs. S. D. Hamilton, Friday evening, Dec. 18, for tho benefit of tho reading room. All are very cordially invited. C.-B. Matson says ho has had five letters the past week from parties connected with tho Burlington- road inquiring about lands east and west from Bancroft. H. S. Langdon was taken very seriously ill last week with an attack of pneumonia. Friday he was not expected to live through, but is now on the road to recovery. John G. Smith is about again after a week's sick spell. He is still weak but will be all right before the legislative session begins. Mrs. Smith's health is also improving. Owing to a misunderstanding tho court room was not opened last evening, arid the young ladies entertainment will be given there this evening, A fine programme is in store. Our advertisements this week are too numerous to permit of individual notice. Every one is new and gotten up for this issue, and our readers will learn something of value by reading them all. Old acquaintances of Nathan Foster will be interested in knowing that his widow is making Algona her permanent home, and has moved into the house he owned in the northwest part of town. Dr. Morse is now alono in the practice, as tho partnership with Dr. Pride has been broken by the latter's intended removal to Salt Lake. Ho will occupy the old office in the Heiso block. A heavy rain set in Sunday night and continued till Tuesday morning. That is too much like California to be really agreeable over hero where we have the premium climate of the world. John Wallace has been busy tho past week trying to organise a company to put a canning factory in tho unoccupied part of his creamery building. He thinks one could be run cheaply and profitably. The following letters are advertised as not called for at the Algona office: Mr. Greenbaum, Erick Johannsen Sale, Mrs. Ida Winner, Chester Parker, Frederick Maen, Sam'l. Squares, O. B. Robinson. Dr. Sayers was southeast of Corwith, Monday, to see some cattle sick with "corn stalk disease." He says that often too heavy feeding of corn stalks produces the same effect on stock that bad water does. Meeting of the W. C. T. U., Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Programme will be on Benedict home work. At the last meeting Mrs. Carter read a most interesting paper on the current events of the day. Pat. Kain settled his tree claim contest last week by paying about $125. He will secure the land now so that there will be no question of title hereafter. The test case on the Neff claim comes oft Jan. 10. The Baptist ladies' supper and fail- will be held, Thursday afternoon, Dec. 17. The place has been changed from the court house tq the old college building on Dodge street. Remember the time, tomorrow evening. The Spencer people are talking of having a lodging house built in Chicago for use by them during the World's Fair. That is an idea worth considering by any town in Iowa, and Algona can profitably think of it. We publish this week in addition to our regular paper 12 pages of •' home print." We look for a very hearty notice from our "home innards" contemporary on this evidence of our ability get up a home print paper when it is needed. The dancing club give an "old people's" dance next week Saturday evening, Deo. 26. The canvas will bo spread and good music and an old-time dance are on the programme. It is expected that all old club dance members will plan to attend. Saturday is the Adventist Sunday, and Saturday last Olof Johnson was wanted badly as a witness in the Wilson-Clarke case. But although he was summoned three times during the day to appear, he failed to put in an appearance. He testified Monday. Several sad faced republicans and Bro. Hinchon were conspicuous In tho audience out to hear Her. Davidson on "gambling." It is not generally known, but Bro. Hinchon lost a pound of spruce gum on the election. He says gambling is a pernicious practice. Sheriff-elect Graham has been attending court this week seeing how the work of his office is done. Ho is just home from Chicago, and while gone his house at Bancroft caught fire and was barely saved from going up in smoke. - As it wns but little damage was done. Supt. Cosgrove of this lino of the Milwaukee road says that there are 37,000 cars belonging to that system and most of them are busy on this division. He puts tho traffic at 20,000 cars dally to accommodate Iowa and south Dakota. The freight business has never been so heavy. At the grand army meeting Uncle Billy Ward wns being voted for. As tho ballots for "Ward" wore being called off, at the top of his voice Uncle Billy said " there are four wards in Algona, which ward do you mean?" "The Irish Ward" was 'Dr. Sheet/,' witty rejoinder. At. tho G. A. R. election Wednesday E. Tellier was chosen commander; ./. II. Laird, senior vice; P. L. Single, junior vice: John Roud, quartermaster; D. B. Avoy, officer of tho day; Wtii. Ward, guard; L. A. Sheet/., mir- goon; Dr. Burr, delegate, and M. B. Cliapin, alternate. ,T. O. Piixon has a boy whoso corn- husking record is worthy of note. Ho is only 13 and has husked and cribbed this season (125 bushels of corn. The last half day ho worked ho husked 22 bushels in throe hours and 15 minutes. That is a pretty hard record to boat, and shows what kind of boys are growing up in Kossuth. About the time Mrs. Geo. E. Clarke was expecting a consignment of Japanese novelties for a holiday fair for tho Episcopalians, word came that the stock was in a wreck on the North western at Amos, and that such of it as was not demolished had been disposed of. She was asked for a bill, and that will bo duplicated and bo sent in time for the fair. C. B. Hutch ins says that owners of clover seed will lose nothing by holding. Seed in already $1 a bushel higher tluin it wan a year ngo in Chicago, and agents arc going through the country buying it up. He has been offered $5 a bushel for his and has refused. Ho says that his clover land this your will net him $20 mi acre. That boats almost any crop on tho farm, besides actually enriching the soil. Tho Courier was mad when Charlie Stewart was captured before and now it is mad because ho is not captured. It said it was "a farce" to bring him back then, and now it says it is a farce that ho is not brought back. The Courier is getting '' Cmnicky" and nothing will do it so much good as to get into a good square debate with our LuVerne champion. Let arrangements bo mndo for tho debate. Tho concert by the Ohrstrom company last Saturday evening was a fine musical entertainment. The selections were popular, and the singing as good as is often hoard in the smaller towns. Miss Ohrntrom's voice was not powerful but showed fine cultivation, while Mr. Balfe's singing was exceptionally good. The company is all that is claimed for it, and deserved tho large audience which was out. F. C. Wilson's daughter, Corn, returned from her homo in Lake Mills last week with her two children very sick. The youngest, a baby of a few months, died shortly after her arrival and was buried Friday. Tho other has improved and is out of danger. Pier husband was too ill at Lake Mills to come with them and was unable to attend the funeral. Tho sympathy of old friends will go to them in their misfortune. Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Ford were called to Charles City last week by the death of J. P. Taylor, who was well known hereabouts. Mr. Taylor returned from California a couple of weeks ago, and was so unwell at Kansas City that ho telegraphed for a Charles City physician to meet him there. He arrived at his old home comfortably but failed rapidly. Mr. Taylor was a loading business man in Charles City and ono liked and respected by all. Postmastoi 1 Starr has printed directions out for properly mailing packages of holiday goods. Thin paper should never bo used. The package should bo solid so it will not crush, tied well with strong twine, and addressed on the lower right hand corner. The sender's name should be on tho upper left hand corner, so the package may be returned. The rates of postage are one cent an ounce for merchandise, one cent for two ounces for photographs, books, etc., one cent for four ounces for newspapers, periodicals, etc. Nineteen years ago Perry Burlingame sowed a lot of apple seeds and had a fine crop of trees. The grasshoppers devoured all but four, and other accidents befel three of these. The fourth this season bore ono seedling apple, which is a good specimen. It seems to be a winter apple, as it is still hard and shows no signs of ripening. Perry is saving it to see what will come of it, and whether it la sweet or sour no one knows. If it is a good winter apple no one knows but a fine variety of Kos- fiuth apples may come from this seedling. Marshal Dailey was called to the Cooper home in the south part of town, Sunday, to interfere in a family disturbance, in which tho 15 year old son had drawn a shot gun on his mother. The boy and gun wore secured, and Monday the former was brought before Mayor Sheetz, but was dismissed because no complaint was made. The boy is apparently well behaved and claimed that the gun was not loaded. The causes of this unusual occurrence are many, and if rumors are correct are not wholly owing to cussedness on tho boy's part. The boy is still with Marshal Dailey and where ho will go or what will bo done with him is not decided. THE best assortment of arctics to be found, at Slough's. PURE Wisconsin buckwheat flour at W. P. Carter's. The Finest Stock of Holiday Goods Ever in Algona at the store of L A. SHEETZ. We Have for Ladies, Toilet Cases, Manicure Sets, Work Boxes, Music Rolls, Purses, Shopping Bags, Mirrors, Perfumery, etc., etc. For Gentlemen, Traveling Oases, Shaving Sets, Smoking Sets, Cigar Cases, Collar and Cuff Boxes and a great variety of useful and appropriate gifts. FOR GIRLS, Dolls, Dishes, Baby Cabs, Cradles, Washing Sets, Vases, and an endless list of beautiful gifts. FOR BOYS, Drums, Guns, Sleds, Hobby Horses, Games, Tools, and Toys of all kinds. FOR EVERYBODY, Albums, a large stock; Books, the finest ever shown in illustrated and standard, and many other articles. Quality the Best; Prices the Lowest. Lamps. Lamps. W. F. CARTER. LIBRARY LAMPS, from $2 to $15 yASE LAMPS, from 150 to 5.00 Piano Lamps, Standard Lamps, a full line of Rochester Lamps. We can suit you in lamp goods, and prices are right "W- OYSTERS! G-ot ' by the quart or dish, always fresh and of finest flavor. A full line of FINE Headquarters for Fresh Roasted Peanuts. Special prices on large quantities. Try our half-pound marsh mallows,

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