The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1893
Page 2
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Til K UPPER DES MOINE.S ALG »NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEBftttARY 1, 1863. ALOONA, IOWA. Alexander Walker, for "ninny I tit? A Tit At? , editor of tho Daily Picayune and ! If j\ A I H II M '' also of the Times-Democrat, died on f the 20th at Fort Smith, Ark. B. J. Gore was found dead in tho of his house near CONOR NKW8. An explosion in Bohemia killed men. An electric street oar line will be constructed in Brazil, Ind. a bullet hole in his head. He was murdered for pin-poses of robbery. The Kev. John Y. Colhoun of Blooin.- Ingtoii, III., died of heart fa.ilure on the 25th. He was a classmate in Washington College with James G. Blalne. Homy Chlsm, a stock dealer of Palmy- lit, 111., who recently attempted to kill '• ^vas inu?! ^ ^ atnous Bfpttbliuiin Leader Passes Quietly Away at His Washington Hoine* ., . i (Conductor Camercr on a Wabash train, new cases of typhus fever were was re i eu . swl oll ball at De0tttlir j, L , tol In Vriw \ rvi'lT- r\n flin O!l»'*t ... O!-*.1 developed In New York on tlie 23rd. Oudaliy Bros., of Chicago, are planning to build a di'essed-beof plant in Sioux City, la. Albert Xeller, of Des Mollies, committed suicide on the 24th with a razor. He was daft. A lodge of Knights of Pythias was instituted at Midland, Mich., on the 24th. Holies of an ancient race have been exhumed In Adams county, Iowa. Cardinal .Joseph Alfred Toulon, archbishop of Lyons, Is dead. Senators Mills of Texas and Stewart of Nevada are re-elected. The Indiana Engineering society is Kdward M. Kogere, a Minneapolis decorator and fresooer, at work on a new opera, house, was found dead hi Ids room at Algona, I<j\vn, on the 24th. James Downs, a farmer living near Terro>, Ind., reached home with his skull badly fractured and soon died. It. is thought that he WHS murdered. The action for a receiver of the North Star Construction company, in Avhieh the Dtiluth and Winnipeg railroad Is Famiiy at the Bedsine Awaiting-the Inevitable Blow. bilet Outline of the < are»-i' ot This Wonderful Alan-ills Political Record. tAivtMAr+V Mfefr TAkfeN IN, M f Int-citraenU in .Mrtnimtinn stix-k I'rot* Hlir f.'i.niM to ,M«iiv.. NEwYoKK Jrfn M. -"Wall street men are laughing at what they consider a heat little piece of strategy of the sort which the.ethics of'the .stock speculating world sanctions, whatever may be thought of it elsewhere," says a local paper. '.'Many Tammany hall politicians and-high office-holders received what thev thought was 'a sure thing' in Manhattan. The tip was mysteriously involved, has been settled and dismissed at St. Paul. Minn. j The Infant daughter of Jonas Chrlsto- nvimnt , •! Phel, of (JoHHon, Ind., pulled Tt kettle ! ^ff" 1 ' Indian ComniLssloner Morgan has gone to Chicago to buy In open market 300.- given out about two weeks ago to buy the Elevated stock for a rise. Thinking they were going to make, 'big money,' at least a score of these men took 'flyers' in the stock, some going i:i for 500 shares nnd some for double that amount. They all got in, as near as can be found out, at about 170, This, it happened, was very nearly the top figure. Since then the stock has steadily tumbled and the Tammany politicians have discovered that in-' stead of making money they hare Washington, Jan. 27.—Hon. James G. either been bled very heavily for more Blaine died this forenoon soon after' margins to carry their unlucky stock 11 o'clock. His family was at his'bed-! 01 ' completely wiped out. Manhattan side. The end was peaceful and was took a further drop from 100%. the For months he has been ' closing 1 figure of Tuesday, to 101 yes- I'" 5 "•""'""; •"»»•»"«-•"»« «~«--w , JM i of boiling waler over unon itself oVriho |Ilgllt1n{ ' r ft S aJlllSt an Incurable organic ' tenhiy, a loss of 5% points in a day. holding Its th rHM-nth annual meeting In 2mh alul \^'^.,t t lod Rath millady> Mgllt ' s tUsoaso ' Medical ns "! ? he cl . osln * 1".° tation ™ "2* This oOilIJl _l>CJllif J.llu« The Supreme Court of Illinois has rendered a decision that women win vote at school elections. Fire destroyed the Grand View hotel at Fort HainiltxMi, N. Y., on the 25th. JjOBB, $100,000. Augustus P. Burgjwin, of Pltteburg, was on the 24th admitted to practice ha the United States Supreme Court. 000 pounds of bacon for Issue to eni tribes of Indians under latlous. distance was of no avail, and to his dc-! loss of tcn points in a few days wiped voted family there remained only the ' out n number of Tammany speculators. sad waiting for the end. * _ AIJ ~ CAHENSLYISM IN AMERICA. ilshop Cliatlmril of Ylncenneti IMxputei Siihl of the Trouble. i Mi 1 . Blalne was bom in Union town- f stipu- 1 s i ui)i Washington county, Pa., of Revo-' j lutlonary ancestry. At. the age of seven-! eociation decides to fight Hie Bohn case'24th ut Braddocl- "to flie bitter end." Unrequited love is Brick Kargas lias been sentenced to been the cause life imprisonment for the murder of Dr. i ,\t the i Meloclic, at Houghton, Midi. {miles cast on Pa., by drowning, supposed to have lushing, o. T.. lift.y William Johnson, Orlando Kelfer was killed on the 25th a saloon-keeper, shot and killed an un' near Vandolia, 111., by a falling limb'known man who raised a disturb-mco while fellhig trees. in hLs saloon. permanent The Cahfornia imiverslty regents have elected Martin Kellogg President of the university. The receiver's report on the Lima, 0., National bank shows Uiat the creditors will realize about 70 cents on the dollar. James' Mahon gave the Gotham police ' O. H. Goodrich, who.has just resigned as assistant general freight agent of the New York and New Kngland railroad, will, it is said, accept a similar position wilh the Heading. hTe BiimiT and Acker Milling company of Seymour, liul., hs ls brought bogus Information and as a result will damage milt for .ti~.475 against G. F •winter at Blackwell's island. MarceUno Pahicios of Guanajuato, Mexico, Is bankrupt, with liabilities aggregating $250,000. Harlow for entering into the milling business when, It is alleged, he made a contract to keep out. An east-bound passenger train collided The republican senators have decided , w , ' " wcst -homid switch engine, on tho to try to pass a bill making New Mexi- l ' Iem> Hau(: alul Indianapolis railroad oo, Utah and Oldahoma states i ncar B » lirf| i Ind., on the 24th. \ 0 one „„ „. i was injured. Ellas Thompson lef t his home in At-' , ,„,„,„•„ , „, tloa, Ind., and wa.s found dead in a' 1 Wlth halt !1 flomi or lnolv oornfleld 3 days later. riet Stauwood, a native of Maine, he discussed the subject at some length. was Induced to remove to that state, I Beginning with the first statement to where he became a journalist and was ! the effect that Bishop Dwenger wis at associated at different tinies with the one time the most influential prelate Portland Daily Advertiser and Kenne- of the Roman Catholic Church in bee Journal. America, Bishop Chnthard said: In 1858 Mi-, Blainc was elected to the "That is not true. He »ever had any state legislature of Maine, from which such aspirations, and certainly never time his political Influetace and import- was as much as a power as indicated. aneo steadily increased. " In 1802' he He- was an American by birth anil was was first elected to congress, and was •' educated, in America, He may have '— "-' -'- " •" • LEGISLATURE. Democrat* Will Ktffct tlifl l>V|icol at Mi* *ory Snliool t/ltt-. ll-l. Jan.tO.—The Democrats took decisive action this morning for the repeal of the compulsory school law. Ameeting of th > C immittee '_ On Education was called for 9 a* m., and Chairman Stringer explained that as the people of Illinois had declared in no uncertain tone in the last election that they desired the repeal of the Edwards compulsory law he believed a bill for this bill should be reported at once. Representatives Berry and O'Connell objected strenuously against hasty action, and the former moved that another matter equally as important be taken up—the preparation of a bill that would relieve the poor people of the State from the robber exactions of the school book trust. The Democrats voted down every motion of tin? Be- publicans,, and the bill was finally ordered to be favorably reported to the House by a vote of 15 to 4, Thieman and Campbell (Reps.) voting with the Democrats. Shortly after the meeting of the House, Chairman Stringer reported the bill to the House. It is very brief, and is as follows: "lie it enncted by the people of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, that an act entitled 'An act concerning the education of children,' approved Slay 24, J889, in force July 1, 1889, be, and the same is hereby repealed." The bill passed to the second reading. On motion of Merritt, his resolution INDIANS' BLOODY R»lD Three Chlppevi-at llfcltl for a Murderotti Attack Ujii.n J ottitwat&iriies, Ithlnelander, Wis., Jan. 2G.-Tliree Chippewa Indians were brought to this city yesterday by the marshal of Eagle River, a small lumbering hamlet in thig.. county* charged with the • murder of three Pottawatamies near tlmt place. They were bound over to the next term of the criminal court. The evidence shows that tihey got drunk at Eagle River, and knowing-j that the Pottawattamies were encamped outeide of the town concluded to settle an old grudge existing between the two tribes. They put on then? war paint and attacked the Pottawattomle camp and in Uie battle two of the fottawat'tamles were killed and one fatally injured. After finishing their bloodly work the ChlppeWas returned to town and announced that they had "killed heap plenty Pottawattainlcs." The city marshal iiiimediatt'ly arrested them. The saloon keeper who sold them the liquoi fled to Michigan to escape arrest. to inquire into the advisability of converting the Soldiers' Orphans' Home into a reformatory school for girls was made a special order for next Wednesday. SMALLPOX NEAR ANN ARBOR. Outbreak of tlin DlneRae In Its Most MADE A FULL CONFESSION. An »8O,(MM> l<'urK<!i'.v of » Itoyul Insurance OD.'K CluM'k Soon Traced. New York, Jan. 20.— The Merchants' National bank, of New York, makes public the fact that a certified check for $80,000, purporting to be drawn by the Royal Insurance company on the Merchants' National bank, Is believed -to be a forgery. Manager Beddell, of the insurance company, feceived a message this morning re-elected six times, until he became a senator in 1870. He was 'called to the cabinet during his first term as senator gone to Germany for a time, but not for long, nnd he has always been an American. The slory that he was edu- and has ever since been considered one! catetl '" a university is not trm>. lie of the foremost statesmen of the coun-' never had more than a passing ac- tiy. In 1884 he was the republican ' <l"aintance with Cardinal Ih-genroe- presidential nominee, and was a candi- Ult ' r amt Ifegenroether was not the date for the nomination in 1892. representative of Hismarck at the Vut- wives is under arrest in Cincinnati, O., ; charged with conducting swindling op» «n m , * a N f W TeX ' lS> P ' 1 " fiinn -|«nitloiw llhrough the mails. or, allowed two strangers to ride with' •him. They robbed him of $55. !(1 v , T T 1-1, " ll1 -Norwegian bark Star J. J. Flanders, an Aurora, 111., builder, been sighted Tho dismantled ajul discrtwl hull of of India has Her crow of thirl(\--seveu . wa«held up by a high w( yman on tho , WI , IV undoubtedly lost, streets of that city and robbed of |5l. widow. Hn-iHun HOW'S THIS? ,, "' - 4ll '™ t « 1 "« ! «> the States Supremo Court on of the Jesse Mate, (Who klllod Joseph Baugh- ' nwn In a bar-room «glit at OHROod O ' i on the 20th, was captured on tho 25th ' ,'° UIM " '^ Iil3lns t( > Smlthmeyei- & IVls, «t Ooliett, Ind. ' ' Igi-i'sslomil Hlu-ary building, of .f4S,OOI) in He leaves three children, besides his icar '. Vanorm was the representative of Bismarck there and was afterward turned off by his master." DIED A DECREPIT VAGABOND. Kormor Man of Meant unit Social Standing Kxplrc* In New York. NKW YOHK, Jan. 20. — "Baron" S«-hjj.ltz, who \\as the husband of the mi.-e ruinous cant;itrice, .Lady Aniia liishop, was known fifteen years ago us a'prince of good fellows, not on°y in this city but in almost every part of the world. Martin S.^ 11112, a decrepit vagabond, died of typhus in Uiversfde hospital yesterday, having been? infected with the disease in some of the lowest haunts of this city, for he had tried ' ttrrest - .bank notes for A man giving hl« name as Kd Sturm Ceoi-, tried to swindle a Michigan bank with s. navv has a bogus check on a Harvey, 111., bank, states Tho magistrate investigating the Panama scandal finds Ferdinand and Charles do Lessops and six others culpable. James Shockley was prostrated by -in . the new notes. I' 1 . Ormsby, ensign of the U. began suit in the United United States for )|i5,31!).:i:!, a'por- tion of his salary, which he alleges has been illegally retained. The DIM roil, (.Jrand Ha.veii and Mll- , . .- opUoptacs fit in a stable at Kellorton, | waukee railway Avill decline any fur- I<wa, and froze to death before he was ther freight consignments for the oast At of death on the 22nd. fire at a stove. Thc committee of the Ohio house of dlscovorcd. . : si, 0 ,v until the ice blockade is-.over. T(io little son of Mr. and Mi-s. Collins I m - S1 '"t both the Koanoke and SVlseon- Middlebury, Ind., wa.s burned to s !"- tll(X tw " winter vessels of the line. Ills clothes caught'.' 11 '" in (lu - i(l " n ''iir Grand Haven. ! Charles X. Gloslor colored, was ar- •ilguetl at Jon'erson AlarUot police court, will recommend that the Xow Ym ' lc - <>n l:ll< > --1th, on a charge of trtate house bo built at Mount Vernon. '"'KW'i'K on 1-Mfth avenuo. (Jlo.sti.-r is Tho council of Brazil, Ind., has grant-i tll ° (lisin:luTito(l heir of Mrs. Gloster, a eds a franchise for an electric street nil-' i " )lon '' 1 woman, who dietl in Brooklyn (Way. i itho,rojul will IMS built at'onco at lloavin « ^{.OOO.OOO. a oostr'of 1 ?5q,000. [ The Cramp Ship-Building and Kngine Half a.diwi-n nogixxw. are in jail at j OC ' Jni)i " ly ot 1>lllliu h>lplila has awarded Fort Monroe, Va., charged with conspir-'. th 'M !ou . tnu '' t for n11 Ul ° slooj of thi-iiew Tulkml of UK JuMtl«.« «f the .Supreme Oc-urt Clucago, Jan. 24.— At an informal conference of Chicago-"' lawyers today at which the question of filling the supreme court vacancy caused" by the death of Justice Lnmar, was discussed, Alexander Sullivan made a suggestion (hat commended itself as an equitable mode of providing for ex-presidents in a dignified way when they posses the required legal attainments. It was that at least a majority of the senators petition President Harrison to resign and that Vice-President Morton, . who, the country knows, would make a dignified, safe and patriotic president, nominate Gen. Harrison to the supreme bench. » Harrison's recognized position as.'- a lawyer would make the appointment" lit strictly on its merits, while it would furnish the president with hard work, the best solace in his domestic grief, and make it unnecessary for him to return to his desolate Indiana home. The suggestion was received with favor because it would provide a becoming position, without the- obnoxious feature of being a smecure.for an ex-president, and at the same timo give to the countiy a superbly good United States justice. Virulent Form — One Ucnth. ANN Annon, Mich., Jan. 30.— An. investigation shows that smallpox in its inpst virulent form has broken out in the families of Henry Schneider and George Jaeher, lining in a little log hut about six miles south of here. One death has already occurred. There arc twelve down with the loathsome disease, while two other persons living in the house, who have been exposed to it, have already shown the fatal symptoms. One patient, the 3- year-old son of Henry Schneider, has already died and the attending physician hourly expects the death of two other members of the families in which the dread disease exists. The disease came through Jacher's family, immigrants who reached here last November. This family over on a ship which had smallpox on from Keumore hotel, Albany, stating that a young man giving the name of James Woodward, of New York city, presented at the casluer's desk the check mentioned above. He wanted to deposit It :is security for an advance. The cashier was suspicious, and when he announced his intention of telegraphing to New York, Woodward dto- appeared. Manager 'Beddell Immediately suspected one of the book-keepers In the office who had been speculating lately and acting strangely. . The man, was flatly accused, broke down and made a full confession. Manager Beddell refused, to give the young man's name, but said he had been hi the employ of the bank for ten years. He Is under arrest. JUSTICE LAMAR'S SUCCESSOR. become a loclgin ing descended to this ing to burn the town. jbatde-shlp Iowa and of tho cruiser 0. A. Wlndle, of Oanu'll, 111., has stort- \^^\^ lh * l ! tuf * m Stl>o1 ed at Fairbury an eight-page, sixteen- i l ' ltU>bur& ms the nickel column proliibitlon If'alr Dealer. Oliaiies way at paper the piv)(.rctivo Tho United States cruiser, Philadel- i-los Koss in driving across a rail- 1>hl "' 8!lil(xl ou Ule - 4lu t Liberty, Ind., in a sleigh on the! 1 ' 01 ' 1 ' ort l^val, S. C., York having on board 25th, was struck by a Monon vestibuled ' llll! ""-'""hens of tho board that will su- THE KANSbS SCRAP. tepublluuiiH Ciiiiililui' \vltli DtiiMoorilts In (lie Sen ilori | rjjflit. Topeka, Kas., Jan. 20.—The repub- sqnundering the fortune life wife hud left him. In the AnarcliUu' liohair. SPHINOFIKI.O, III., Jan. 30.—Ex- County Commissioner Frank Stauber. Charles Bury, and Mr. Ingentohen representing certnin Chicago labor or ganizalions, reached the capilol thii mcfrning-. The object of the visit is t.i secure the signatures of the members of the Legislature to a petition asking Cov. Altgckl to pardon the Chicago Anarchists, Kieluen, Schwab, ant Neebe. Charles Bary claims to have received assurances that a majority oi the leg-isliitors will sign the petition. No action in behalf of the imprisoned men beyond this will be taken until the return of (iov. Altgeld. Acting- Gov. Gill says he will not entertain any delegation or petition on the sub- j.-ct. Sulllviiu Creale.t a UUturlmnce. to devise some means ;k a meeting of populists. They met in caucus and decided to lni»ndregl.l.reJ ai tb. hotel Kuoh. S proprietor of th over to'flS™ nn e i " em °?f ate would SO duet even from an ex-ohampion, and o\ei to them and give them a quorum on a joint ballot. Three of the five that uui,- ss )„. R1 ,i«irt.fl Uie patrol train and fatally Injured. Colorado cowboys are pursuing "Wild Bill" Johnson, a desperado. He is wanted for murder, and Is likely to bo lynched if caught. Mrs. Henry Kuott, while pori|itond the trial of tho dynamite guns on the dynamite cruiser Vesuvius. 1>. it. l)ix, traveling man for the Armour Packing company of Chicago, who loft last fall several thousand dollars ir for'' slu>l ' t lu llis iu -' ooullt «. has been heard (., *iyi , f- p.^.v. 1. 1,.4-*-,^ l - i . .. .-. . train at Kendallville, Ind., was given ''^ l ^, il , or lvwi vi'd at lOau (Jlnlro, babe to care for a short time. The L ; ^ Honduras, Central Amer- r did not return. The Indiana Humano society through Jen. Cobuni has decided to 'appeal to er - W. II. , *" *»* l>avld 10 SnycU,-, treasur-' a a supposed Some counterfeiters' tools, supposed to belong to Hurl, Fox, and McComb, Xlv '"' v """" 11 "as uecuioa to appe alleged counterfeiters, were found nearl tll ° ^^slatnre for broader powers At New Albany, Ind., on the 25th. ! tho annual mooting just hold D. W. Colliji Orlando Keif or, a farmer living near iT', S a ""'° l u ' c '* ulcilt ; M™ Mlza Hend- Vandalla, 111., was killed ou tho "5th ' ' vice -l )r esl<lent; W. II. Robsou, while felling timber. A heavy Jimb iSl " fell and struclc him on the head. A now American line of steamships, to run from New York to the jwcst coast of South America, by the Straits of Magellan, is soon to bo established. Edward L. Harper, bank wrecker, OY- presldeut of the Fidelity National bank of Cincinnati and convict in the Ohio penitentiary, has been denied a pardon i by President Harrison. Jefferson & Kasson of St. Paul', have contracted with tho 13. K. tarn. Lumber and Supply conipa> Bayfleld, Wis., to da-ess 0,000,000 f\t Fifteen *f pine lumber. , \ Miss. democrats had cast boUlots for Martin, populist, in joint convention yesterday, and of course could not participate in another senatorial election. When the republicans met ID joint ballot they found themselves without a quorum and with no means of seeming one. they then gave up hope of electing a senator and after appointing a committee to prepare a statement of , stated emphatically to the burly fellow that unless he subsided the patrol wagon would be called for his exclusive benefit. Sullivan wished to discuss matters, but through his manager he finally quieted down. WBIMI Kxploalon Due to Negligence. ALTON, 111., Jan, 26.— There is a more cheerful tone among the injured of the Wann explosion and among their friends and physicians. Several are board. It seems, however, that only those of tht) passengers, who were actually suffering with the disease were detained, and among those who were not detained was the Jaeher family, numbering seven persons. The doctor who was called in at first pronounced thu disease chicken pox. No precautions were taken and not only were ihe fourteen persons in the tramp, hav- house exposed to the disease but the depth after children were allowed to attend the village s.-lioo| at Siiline. It is feared more: i-nsus will he reported soon among those who have been exposed. JUDGE WOOLSON IS SEVERE. Scuren ;i 1'rlsuuer for Sending an Ob- xre.iiM letter Tliroiiicli the Mult*. KKOKUK, Iowa, Jan. 20.—Judge Woolson of the Federal Court yesterday sentenced David Wilson of Mills County to six months in prison and to pay 8500 fine for using f.n advertising imitation of a $10 bill. He also sentenced Fred Morris of Oakland, l...,- a to three years at Fort Madison ., n ' and to pay $2,000 fine for SL-...HU<» an obscenu letter through the mai.s to a young ludy, The Judge was very severve in the hitter sentence, saying that if Morris had said in person what he had written the young woman would have been justified in shooting him down; not justified before the law, but no jury would convict her of the crime committed under such provocation.' He branded Morris as a coward, who used the mails to administer a stab in the hack of one he would not face o f «nly. ALTGELD IS BETTER. IlllnolH Governor Already Improved uj Ills Clmng;e of Location. 111., : Jan. 2ti.—A tele, jram was received from Asheville N C., to-lay by W. P. Dose, Gov, Altgeld't, secretary, stating that the governor was feeling better to-day. Dr. Pague who sent the message, said that Gov' Altgeld bore the trip better than was anticipated and that rapid improve- hotel, informed John - *—*— v «•*- «^**.i'V,*L ux »i «win 10 HUM en j an^iiviia. ocveriii uro facts concerning the election of Martha,! still hovering between life and death and a protest against his admission to! hut for the past forty-eight hours the senatethe senate, they adjourned ' deaths have been recorded. The their joint convention sine die. The burden of the task of keeping Martin out of the senate now rests on Senator Perkins, who will make a flght on the ground that Moi-ttu's election Is illegal. I'rvviuitlug Future Misery. H. A. Kjiiyht, receiver of the order of the Iron Hall, has collected from seventy branches of the order in Massachusetts about .fl00,000. Thorn are eighty more branches to bo hoard from, anil of twinge, I'eop u are tiom wlih i« 1<ecol ver expects to collect over The United states Banking company, of Genvals, Ore., suspended payment yesterday. below a; 4-berdeea, tiiiK. whinner followed bv a cold or not the ' ot verdict of a new coroner's jury in the cases of W. B. Richardson and Henry AVig- ' gens is that the explosion was caused by negligence of railroad employes. Httmmshlp 1'iirU Goes to 1'leces. TAMPICO, Mexico, Jan. 20. — The abandoned steamship Paris went to pifce yesterday on the reefs of Bun- quillo island, A large portion of the cargo was saved by tugs and lighters before Uie steamer broke up. I.uxaen by I'I re. MJI.WAUKBK, Wis., Jan. 20. —The shop of the Milwaukee Gas Stove Company, 1ft and 17 Eric Street, was burned last night. The loss is estimated at 850,000; insurance, 835,000. The origin of the tire is not known. 1 Republican* IimlKt that Nominations are Now in Order and Hurrl«on U Willing. Washington, Jan. 20.—There was no formal conference at the jwliite house, today concerning the vacancy in the United States supreme court, but it can be stated on what is considered good authority that President Harrison has made up his mind to nouunatj a successor to the late Justice Lamar. The president will name soine man to- whom the appointment will be hi the nature as a well deserved promotion, thus carrying out the civil service Idea. The expectation is that the nomination will be sent hi at the end of tilt; week and the republicans in the senate are determined that it shall be confirmed even if they have to resort to oloture- ;tnd cast senatorial courtesy to the winds to accomplish it. A prominent republican senator who generally speaks for his party said the republicans would refuse to pass any appropriation bill until the nomination was disposed of, and the democrats would hardly care to take the respon- sponslbllity of calling an extra session of congress to order to give Cleveland the privilege of naming Judge Don A. Pardee, of the lifth judicial circuit among others likely to succeed Justice Lamar. com- they NEWS IN BRIEF- Aaron Ireland Fatally shot his panion, John Fif/.jr,. r i l id, while , were out hunting M ( ,;U- Uidgwater, 111. The farmers of o; iiss County, 111. have been having u number of hojri stolen recently. They have offered a reward for tlu- arrest of the thieves. . James Goodrich, U, B 10-year-old son of Goodrich, living, near Col*, water Mich., committed suicide by shooting- himself. * Mrs. B. Sweet of \\V s( , Lfrov Mich Bfave her infant son a wanu'bath for convulsions. The water was so hot that it scalded th,. child to death farmers r le ar>lluichinson..j - ment in his condition was expected Ie reached Asheville at 5 o'clock yes- .erday afternoon somewhat fatigued but he secured a good niht's re good night's rest and will probably begin to mend at onee. Suuxtlluto for not the ot tue Iate it to lingplte tJiiuiled a Murderer. Li-rn.n ROCK, Ark., Jan. a6.— Henry Howard, sentenced to be hanged next Monday at Camden for the murder of Joel Jouea, a negro; on July 34, . has been granted a respite for forty by Qpv. Jan. 20. -The Committee on Klll s „ re|)Ort a subs ,. for the resolution referred to th em namft KailroHd The substitute will . latinff to tho J. ttnamft KailroHd and Monroe, ocunnc. The sub •ale of the flour , lro gettlnir -Scents e±;,r v " "•• -"•*«'» The total amount of (,)„. ( | t . fi . Of County Clerk Dun lap of Ford *y, .J!., who disappeared a year has been found to he year 1,000. Anderson Galesburg, 1|],, f (ll . »us arrested near Chouse, barricade;, held possession until arrested w provide for un investigation as to the contracts of steamship companies with the railroad and also their contracts with transcontinental on i- n. -• •*"•••'•» wO some stin-r ling disclosures relative to these ; and have iln lmportant ^ tllei ' - land grunt subsidies. ^° V ' Alt «*''«' '••utl K u«7b7The Trip. ASIIKVII.I.K, N. C., Jan. 26 . - ' and for ebruary l y " l)e (;o ""uejiced City, on York Wm ' and at 5:30 oey of t up !„ u mu , h f of 11 uese exclusion act M« ftt tlto-

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