The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1893
Page 7
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THE •*•* Surest Alty. frtnrSdldtiot Mrngijle aK»li"H dtnuaie, even akly constitutions, swift Indetd would be bnrSe of a malady to it* fatal te.minatiou. i nalnre thus struggle* let n«, lect wort<e bv- Is, aid her efioitr with judicious mediclual Experience must he our guide In bitt-«" disease, and that "lump to our tee " Imli- ioctetter'n Htomach Bitters »K a eiife. t>l<><l borough ally of'tiaiurp. (f the lilmicl b» In- I with bile. If the boweif ntid 'tmnach urn .p. if the kidney* full to t-xpfel lm|>iiiiil«e »f j tht-y are the imtural outl'.i, a c urce if the Ifg IB the Hif-edi relldiu'e of the ?nffci'»r. mic, Dver that Is Banctlohid l>y Drufes-loiiHi HI- Binent and line hir iieiiriy hitif a century. No llcau or foreign remedy hit* eatned K«>m««i tMioh Hi a .rwmertv fur and j/rpvemive ul u liver complaint, malarU, cuiiFtlpalion ij ard iheun Me iroubm und debility. DARK FOR DEMPSEY North and South Dakota legis- i have organized, am 1 Tlie Mont I'leiisnnt Wfty ; the n'l'lppn, colds, licnthtchus, fever* is to IISH Hie ll/jiilil ItixiiMvu fly Syrup of Klgn, whuiicvur the gyaUnii ! 11 Kuiilli;, yot tiffed! vt: cldiinsint?. To iiiulltu'd niiti must, jfut tin: It-lie, rutiiudy RufiH-tiired by the Californi:i . ; ;• "»yru|> lonly. For sale liy nil tint: gL.ib ..i f>0 • Important Evidence .Presented in the Homestead Poison Case. - Gallagher's Story Makes the Ac- ciiseil Out a Very guilty Man. | t/HtcAoo. Jan. IB —K j ladies, in the tlirer-slory Stitutn. an institution of It-aruing that 1A thfe pridfc of llvdc I'nrlc. wort" rudely ^Wakened shortly alter « o'clock this morning by terrifying (fries of tire. 1893 Davidson, His Acctuuplice, Also 'Mis a Convincing Tale — Interest. Mrs. Alice A. Miiiirk, Hit: llrst vninnn In i! from Iliu Inw ili'pni'tiTH'iit nl' tint ii'.brnskn, stntc university, WIIH i ilmliii-ij lo litlcu In thu federal I'oiii't at U n-"ln. X-•'>. FOODllTJiOir "Flrit I had palm in iny buck and chest, then " 'nl feeling at the stomach, nnd when I would It, the flrit Uate wonld ke me deathly sick. Oi ITN I ran down rapidly, lost 96 pounds. My t and family were mnch nedandl expected my on earth would be Hot a friend ad- me to take HoodV partlla and soon in; kite time back, I m, My without distress O. O. Aber. Jd two pounds a week. I look 8 bottles of !'• Bariaparllla and never felt better In my Cures |To-day I am cured and I eive to Hood> aparll/a the whole pralae of It." 0. 0. ABKII, Canlsteo, N. T. LI 8 £,^ LI<8 cure Nausea, Sick Headache, tlon, BiHouBneas. Sold by all druggists. Pitteburg, Pa., Jan. 10.—Judge Stowc's branch of the Criminal Court was tvns thronged this morning. tt is nni li!>'- y that the taking of testimony in the Uempsey ease will be eo'.npk-ti'<l before Wednesday and a verdict is not expected before Thursday. ".liu-U" Clifford's case will then be failed nru", until the end of the term one branch of the Criminal Court will bu entirely dovotetl to the Home, stead cases This morniny J. O. NcsliiU, assistant master mechanic' of the Iloini-stend mills, and his wife; William Johnston, who worUed lor Mr. Wolfe (steward), and John I'Yunl:. all of whom attended the biiiujiict given in honor of Mr. Wolfe's wife, testified to having been taken seriously ill immediately after partaking of tht;' dinner. 11. M. Itogers of Johnston re- . tn a moment there WHS the direst confusion. To add to their u-rror the janitor of the institute rnsfied through the corridors clsunoring for help and screiiining that, all would be burned to death unless they escaped immediately. And what a panic ensued I The young ladies seized a few articles of clothing, which, however, they failed to don, nnri rushed pell-mell out of the building. Little tongues of flame were bursting out through the floor at Intervals and thick columns of stnoWv were rapidly filling the corridors. Piercing female shrieks arose abova the shouts of the janitor and his reinforcements from the neighboring houses. "Wait until yon are properly dressed," was I he order that the men gave the young ladies, but the terror- stricken girls heeded them not. They thought only of getting out of that rapidly burning pile. And out they came, attired only in their night robes. Then they stood about in the snow barefooted und moaning in the biting and pitiless, scant folds of cold. The wind, raw whistled through the their muslin gowns. it was indeed a pitiful sight, but the women of the neighborhood, now fully aroused by the ringing of the flre eu- gim; gongs, came to the aid of the shivering girls with shawls, blankets and warm comforters, and hastily bundling them up carried them into their warm homes. Willing lui ikds shook clown the sitting- room base burners and others punched up the grain fires, whilo thoi ladies fished around in their clothes presses for i'xt,ra "shifts" of clothing for the girl« who had lost theirs. Soon each was neatly attired and then they sat in the windows When court was resumed hi the after- watching thn progress of the (lames in noon, Gallagher came to the stand,'the institute. . .• stating that he got sixteen powders for { There is much (speculation' as to how Dempsey. He used the powder in soup the fire originated, but the watchman, and he got some of it himself. It made ' Peter Anderson, declares that he flrst ^ lated 1m experience. Kages. who treated Rogers, said he thought Uogcrs . - ------ -- ...... suffering from a dose of crotou oil laid shivering young lady treated him acoordinjrlv him sick and gave him tinning he said: "I saw Dempsey September 22, and Con- perceived the flames issuing from the floor beneath which the steam-healing pipes were laid. It. would seem from ULSAM >. -\ww*mamauu**mi i I £5** 0oldl , c »"»l>«,Bor» •"• — *- — i -tlai IliJSl» e « >llI «0»»«»',BronoJiiUiamdAtSi M . A nra (tar OonrampUra U ftnt itacM. ^ i M* fb* tzMlleat tfftet after *K i»p. ife Small. told Mm I was sick, :ui.l ho told me! that that a superheated ' pipe was to lay off a few d:iys nnd then go spousible for Hie fire. back. I said we could jji c men at Gin-1 cinnati to do a job in the mill. fore I went to work again, two cooks' Senator came from Cincinnati. Tony Gilfoil and William Coleman, and they went to ,,,, . „, WILL " QT Hill re- CLEVELAND. I'oiltlou Royal Baking: Powder. THE GOVERNMENT TESTS ESTABLISH ITS ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY. (Data from the latest Official U. S. Government Report on Baking Powder i< Department of Agricttlture t Bulletin /j, page jyy.) Royal is placed first 'of the cream of tartar powders, actual strength, 160.6 cubic inches of leavening gas per ounce of powder. Every other powder tested exhibited a much lower strength than the Royal, the average being 33 per cent. less. Every other powder likewise showed the presence of alum or sulphuric acid. The claim that this report shows any other powder of superior strength or purity has been denounced as a falsehood by the Government officers who made the tests. Avoid all baking powders sold with a gift or prize, or at a lower price than the Royal, as they invariably contain alum, lime or sulphuric acid, and render the food unwholesome. <5ov. Tm-iiey InililKilrnlrtl. NASHVII.I.K, Trim.. .lyn. 'lO.—At his residence near U' (!ov.-plcot Peter Turncy tooU tin- otitli of olllce to-day. Tlio M.!il.eof hi* health und thu weather fin-bid the governor-clout from being it,dni!tcil into oHice :il the State Piipitol. The ceremonies wore impressive .but unostentatious :md of fiho7-'t duration. The Legislative A man has'becn arrested In St. Louis for a groat mining fraud. Cure for (.'olds, I'YviTs mid (!<;ii<;ral, Dcli •il.v, famuli Mile Hi'ims. lific. per bottli!. gust Flower" " I am Post Master here and keftfr a Store. I have kept August Flower for sale for some time. I think it i* a splendid medicine." E. A. Bond. P. M., Pavilion Centre, N.Y. The stomach is the reservoir* If it fails, everything fails. Th« liver, the kidneys, the lungs, th« heart, the head, the blood, the nerve* all go wrong. If you feel wrong, look to the stomach first. Put that nght at once by using August Flo%ver. It assures a good appetite and a good digestion. committees, supreme judges. State of- ! loivd. Tlii- Illiinii.- ii!>.MK-iiilioii of sivhu! hrecdcrs is holding its annual mccllng at Shclbyville. lt(H (III, WlXTllV, I'llANOK.MII.H AVUATIl I5H, iii-dduce.s (.'alarrhs, Coughs, Disorders of the I.ungs, itc., which Jayne's Kxiieclor. ant. 'promptly cures if niflhfully udmiuis- ficers ami ipress representatives were preseri t. Fiitil »rr«l Flour for the I'oor. LIMA, Ohio, Jan. Ifi.—Senator Hrice's representatives here received a lele- Tliu minimi niihsicnijry tiifutiug of the Lulliernn Hiurelies of the AiigiiHtiuiu Synod I* in session in (ialcslnirj;-, III. Th« Cliaiilaiiqmi Tobacco Cure, Tlic only cur gurimntftfl. for luc n?e of tibupfo, grain yesterday lulling them to dis- i m tliu world. \\m i-imrumefl cure vvan- iim», or tribute to the destitute and suffering | »o money. \Vrlt« for cn-culur uud iniBollclted poor H)(J tons of itouJ and 100 barrels of flour. and deputy sheriffs in West Vu-guiia engage IB a bloody battle, in which thirty-two men are said to have been killed. let-Mino luit, winch nr- j:itnruiil.fed genuiIIP, or will Jorfeit $101 If not t-Huuiiie. 'J he met and only effective remedy on pat tit. Address, ;,I. E. UiurriN .t Co., Artu, Ohio at l>elint>* (ti Ulittuflf a* n !>c ii NH:\V VOUK. .Ian Hi. -A Washington work m tlie mill. I reported to Dempsey that they were here and he said: 'dont you bring them near me. I don't want any one but you, Beattjy. and Davidson to know I am In this.' "We all worked in No. six cook house. I was on the night turn. After I went back to work I got six more powders from Dempsey. I used a powder in coffee the night I got them. October 4 or 5, I could not swear which, Wm. E. Griffith got a part of this coffee. 1 don't think I got any more powders from Dempsey after October 4. I left October 18th. I saw Dempsey October 20th. i told him there was a detective in the mill. I went to Dempsey • < •< iit'tcr that and asked him about my money. I received some money but not directly from Dempsey. "October 17 I saw Dempsey and he said 'Four detectives were watching mo all the morning. and you Will get your money i went; or all rumor that Senator Hiil and his in and a man whom I would recognize ' colleague from New York in the Sen- sold 'sign a receipt.' I did so and he, »te would make a, combination to de- special to the Herald savs: "Mr, Cleveland, as President, wil have no trouble with the opposition. 1 This statement was made by Senate Hill. Mr. Hill says the assumption that any combination will be made tc oppose'Mr. Cleveland or his nomina tions for Cabinet or other positions in the government is absurd. "The presumption," said Senatoi Hill to-night, "that there would be a combination between Senator Murphy and myself is preposterous. Mr. Cleve land has been elected president by th Democratic party, and as Democrats both Senator Murphy and myself ar« obliged to support him whether w< want to or not. " This admission on the part of Mr, HiJl is an important one. It indicates quite clearly the future policy of the alleged Hill element in the noming. Step in the building States Senate, and disposes effectually Will get your money' 1 went [of all rumor that Senator Hiil and his MiTf owe Bilious AttAokL Btolfc IB «5o. For »uie by "ruggMf. **** T, 17, TO" and lampU don tn». * CO., Proprietor*, NEW fOHK. !825'| 1 TAKE (•ITHEBESr ;«, SHILOHSI CURE. I Consumption, CoughB, Croup, Bore ?* f.?j b X "i 1 Dr "?Ri«t» on a Guarnnte*. JMB9 Side, Back or Chest Shlloh'i Poroo* twill give gnat latUfactioa.—aj c*nU. Orereotufi mits ol FH DOUBLE THE [CENTS per pack, ID stamps or coin. (••^a taontb. Ilann- P*"* ticiotc pbvtlcIaD), NoiWvlug./*\^ „ ThouMnd, cured. Send 6c in ilampsl \ M O.J,y.V. SMYDEK, M. !»., Mail DepnTf. *—-"• -' < rritoatov. c;i t icago. ill. "flOTHER'S /. FRIEND" .• i a scientifically prepared Liniment ,3d harmless j every ingredient is of ^cognized value and in constant use y the medical profession. It short- ijps Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes anger to life of Mother and Child. ook *-To Mothers" mailed free, con- ining valuable information and pluntary testimonials. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt | price, $1.6Q per Ijottie. . IBRAOFIELO REGULATOR co,, Atlanta, Ga. Sold l)y all druggists. | JEST POLISH IN THE WORLD.] B OLISH ith Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which {tain the hands, injure the Iron, and burn M. The Rising Sun Store Polish fo BrU- irt, Odorless, Purable, l»4 the oon- TONS gave mo $25. I presented the bill to Dempsey about November 5. Dempsey marked it 'C. K. Dempsey.' I presented the bill to Benty and he snkl 'To wlOi Dempsey, he can pay his own bill." "Dempsey made many promises to Hi' lor me If a llgot in Jail and were brought into court." The jury was Intently Interested iu GiUlagher's story and that it made a decided Impression is manifest Bobt. Beatty was brought Into court and was Identified by Gallagher. J. M. Davidson, Gallagher's alleged accomplice, was then called and made statements as convincing as those of (jrallagher. . REJECT THE JOB. Council Itvt'uHeti to A<.-<•«• (it the Water Work*. Marshfield, Wia, Jan, 14.—An official notice has been given the mayor by Supt. Fritchnan that the water works was completed and a legal test of the same for their acceptance by the council would lake place next Monday, Upon receiving the notice a spwwl meeting of the council was called and a committee of three appointed to inform the superintendent that no acceptance would be made until water mains were laid across the east side of two blocks east of Central a'Vonue. The franchise calls for five miles of mains, and it is accompanied by a map showing where such mains shall be .aid. Without consulting the council the company laid more mams on the west side of the avenue than was called for and omittud the two blocks on the t>:ist side. If the officers of the company see fit » enter into an agreement, as resolved by the council, to lay the omitted mains next summer, in all probability the city will accept tue works, but this they do not seem disposed to do, claiming hey have laid the five miles, as prodded for in the franchise. Marshncld nas long stood In need of better flre M'otection. feat, any nominations which might be si-iii. in by President. Cleveland. PLOTTING AGAINST CARNOT. Kn«ml«« PY*uc« of the I'resldeut of Are »t Work. NKW YOKK. .Ian. Ifi —The Tribune'* Paris correspondent says: "The master stroke of the enemies of President Carnot. ib the attempt to connect his name with that of M. Wilson, whose relations with M. Grevy drove M. Grevy from the lOlysee. "M. Carnot was asked when the minister of finance was to remit a charge of 70,000 francs due to the Treasury as a registration fee on the Dreyfus guano contract. M. Wilson banked this petition. M. Cat-not refused, but, says the author of the present story. M. Carnot, after refusing M. Wilson in the morning, in the afternoon ordered the 7(\ 00(1 francs to be , repaid him by a large financial house.' over which the government had control. This scandalous narrative is not put directly on the Paris market, but is woven into a telegram for provincial consumption. It appeared IB a little paper to-day under the heading, "The Presidential Crisis. 1 " Indigestion relieved hy Small Bile Heaus. A Minnesota rainier is charged with 'rightfully maltreating a boy, who 19 dying la consequence. Three men were badly hint by % gp ' THREE TROUBLES. Three things which all workingmen know give the most trouble in their hard-strain work are; Sprains, Bruises, and Soreness, THREE AFFLICTIONS Three supreme afflictions, which all the world knows afflict mankind the most with Aches and Pains are: Rheumatism, Neuralgia and Lumbago, THREE THINGS to do are simply these Buy 3 Cured cough loft iil'lcr lung fever, with [wo bottles. Mrs. J.lx.zie Burns, Barclay, Sangamon Co., Ills., wriles us follows: '''1 think Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup is truly an excellent remedy I'm- coughs left from lung fever, as two bullies entirely cured my daughter." The Dominion governStent has refused to punish sealers for poaching in Benring sea Ex-Detective King, of Minneapolis, and a democratic politician engage In a shooting affray "'BUONVN'S BRONCHIAL TKOC1IKS' nre excellent for the relief of Hoarseness or .Sore. Throat. They are exceedingly effec- live."—Christian World, London, ling. made from hi aitee. - ' LAKE'S MEDICINE From 132 to 2OO. We, would respectfully call attention .to this from Mr. K. A. A-'iin Itotun, the well- known nnd popular barlier ilolnjj- bupiness ill 375 Third street, corner (iraml Kivcr ayeuue, Detroit, Mich.: "Any due who has suffered loruienls with dyspepsia or a'iislrilis, as my physician called it, as I did for four years, Knows what it, menus, and the diV.lculty of gutting any re' ' The difficulties between Nicaragua and Honduras resulting from ttie late rebellion have been settled. W Important t.o have noticed a leshy r«opl«. page article in the lief, let nloue a cure different, physician-, I d'oclorcd with eleve'n and It-led ] don't know Boston Globe, on reducing weight at a very small expense. II, will pay oiir readers to send two cent stamp for a copy t» lie Una Circulating Library, 80 K. Washington Street, Chicago, 111. ; Thu Auditor of t'ubllc Accounts at Spring. Meld, 111., has issued a permit for the organ- ix.ation of the Murphyslioro Savings bauli. ' I 1 BE DOWNCAST. A philosopher will extract pleasure even from the most untoward circumstance. They shut a man an his wife np in the lock-up in a town in Maine the other day and they beguiled the time by playing a game of high, low. jack through a crack in the partition that divided their cells. When you feel down- cast send your address to the Syl- van Remedy Co., Peoria, III., and they will send you a trial box of the Laxative Gum Drops. These gum drops contain no taste of medicine, but they, are the best tilings for every form of stomach troubl", for dyspepsia and kindred maladies. When you write mention the name of this paper. many different, remedies, but my '- how Iriiiihlu linn-i'i-t'tl wllli inc. with tiiu affliction of a hrulliur. Two yuurs ugo I bugiui try. ing IIonirsSnrKupnrlllu. Hufiiro Ilmd tiilcmi linlf n liottlt! 1 licyaii to fnul liuttur. 1 kept (in till I Inul ii(i(.'il six botllc.s. I also took Hood's I'ills. I inn happy to say that 1 have licuii piirfui'll.v, and, I think, permanently fiirutl. For tin; past year T Imvu huun able to oat anything without distress, Inive a hlut&iiil nppttilt', ii»d once inoro Uiorouglily enjoy what I eat. I had also I liennial.isin quite badly for a number of years, and that bus departed. When 1 bcgtur taking- the Sarsapiirilla I weighed but 132 pounds, now I weigh about 300. 1 have no hesitation in stating Unit Hood's Sursaparilla, judging by the happy results tliut I.know to bo due to it in my own cnse, must he one of the best reparations ever placed on the market. 'ou oin always count on me as a friend. •• •-Enwix A. VAN HOTU.N." A fanners' institute, conducted by George MfKerrow, is In progress at Wuiipueii, Wis. Complaint cured by Small Bile '. ' ' '" ''"I" 1 " 1 s IM ' li Liver Beans. Disease is unnatural und is but the proof Unit we are abusing Nature.' It is claimed ,hnt (Sarfleld Ten, n wimple herb remedy, Helps Nature to overcome tills abuse. Seventy-live union moldurs in the Sioux Jity, Iowa, stove works went out on astrilie jeciiusc. non-union men were employed; , ( Catarrh Cuunat be Cured with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they win- lot reach the seat of the disease. Catarrh s ii blood or constitutional disease, aXd In >rder to cure it you must take internal emedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in- ernally, nnd nets directly on the blood and Uucous surfaces. Hall's Cntiirrh Cure is lot iwiuack medicine. It was prescribed by >ne of the bestpbysieians in this country for years, and is u regular prescription. It is •omposed of the best tonics k'nown, com- )ined with thu best blood puriilers, acting llrectly on tho mucous surfaces. The per- 'ect combination of the two Ingredients is vhat produces such wonderful results in 11 ml this iiicorp- orators arc Jopeph B. (iill, \V. K. Murphy, and J. Van Closlor. FITH.—All Fits Stoiipoil free by l>r. Klln^'H «r«llt N•>!•«••* H-Mmr«M'. No Fits utter first (hrj-'w UNO. Miirvelous curoH, • TrentIpBuml $2.00 trial boltle [run to Fit Ouven. .Sonil'to Dr. Klines, 11.11 Arch St., Jhilii., Pa. FLY' • CREAM BALM , WILL CUHK William PiirUer, a younjj; 1 .husliios C'ai-lyhi, 111., bcc'iuiH! (liiKjii'iiiduiit, n .ss-mau of C'ai-lyhi, 111., bcc'iuiH! (liiKjii'iiiduiit, nnd determined to die. An ovui'do^i: of mnrjiliinu failed. He then sliisliod his throat with tin- satisfactory result, and ilnallj- atleinpl.eil to Klioot. Iiiinsulf. He is hadly littrt, but may recover. _ M'-'' -. . nili<l« to iMoli I.Ike Now. DruBBes, Gent's Clothing, iruiitiluVs, Glovus, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush' CiarmeuU Slenmcd, nl Otto 1'ieli-h's Dye WorUs, :UO \V. M'«!«r SI., Alihvimliiic'. -Suml for circulur. The steering tiiTiinguincntg of thu Minn- tniioinuli, the coast defunsu vessel, which £'iivo so miK'li trouble' last summer, are to he replaced by others of wholly new design. uriiig Catarrh. Send for testimonials, free. JP? permanently ci F. f. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. ** to V ou > «»o^ maka Sold by Druggists, price 760.' ™" J 0 ^^'- THE NIGHT, Consumption comes. A slight cold, with your system in the scrofulous condition that's caused by impure blood, is enough to fasten it upon you. That is the time when neglect and delay are full of danger. Consumption is Lung- Scrofula. You can prevent it, and you can cure it, if you haven't waited too long, with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. That is the most potent blood-cleanser, strength- restorer, and flesh-builder that's known to medical science. For every disease that has to be reached through the blood, like Consumption, for Scrofula in all its forms, Weak Lungs, Bronchitis, Asthma, and all severe, lingering Coughs, it is the only guaranteed remedy. If it doesn't benefit or cure, you have your money back. The proprietors of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy know that their medicine perfectly and permanently cures Catarrh. To prove this offer: If they can't no matter what your case is, they'll pay you $500 in cash. PRICE 5O CENTS. Apply Hulin into each noxtril ELY BROS., 66 Warren 8t, N.Y. Patents! Pensions! Send fol- InvaiiKii'HOuida ui- Kuw loObtliiu uPuleat. Send for l)if,-u»l of 1'riiNliill und Itoilllly l>nti-lt;k O'Vui-i-fll, IViiMliliiicloil. Unlike the Dutch Process nninfcnl, .. It ia delicious, DIOESXED. No Alkalies — OB— v Other Chemicals are used In tb« preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S reakfastCoco? which it absolutely pure and soluble* It has morethan threttimtt ttiettrenyth of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or 5— Sugar, and is far more eoo- ;ttnp lees than one cent a cup, '-— nourishing, nnd BABILT Bold bj- Grocers eTerywh«r«. W. BAKER &CO.,Dorohe»ter, Mail. NATIONAL LIFE INS, C0. : of V«»* moot i*. }>«rt peUoUl In Ih. w «rld. Good A|«Du"w e i!m «u»u»ho« WUwniln. J AMKW B. e toI . , Maniinr \ViBoonilB Depi, lock. Mil w»afce«. W. L DOUGLAS SHOE QENTLEM A vowed §boe that will not ripi mlesB, etaooth laslde, more comfort etyllBh and durable thitn any other ehoe M*" 116 ^ 1 ":. Bverystvle. Kqualdctw ehoes costing from |4 to j£ ar« of tho .am« high *^;°? »S d ,.*8.oo Fine Calf, Hwd-a«w«d, *a.«o Police, Farmtr* and tettcrTCtirHeri. b "c?" 1 * a '^»» and *»-oo for Working- Men. Epilepsy Can be Cured. n^-A LI I V I I I U • • • w n^-A I>r. O. Plielp* Brown— the noUd lleiny Speclalittt Hiul Bierb- aflat — diioorered that Epilepsy 1* caused by a peculiar derangement ol th* iomao a&d prepared bis celebrated HERBAL BEMEDIES for Epileptioe, which hate CURED THOUSANDS of oases. Send for particulars, te>- Umonlale, and his "Treatise ou the Guuse and Our* of BpllepsT," J, Qibsou Brown. 47 Grand StrMl, .'«rejy OU/, N. J. _ ' _ $40,'000,OOO Burned by the Bull Telephone Fntuut in 1801. You invention may be valuable. You uhould protect it by pattmt. Address for full uud intelligent advice free of charge, W. W. IHJOI-KV 3l CO.. Solicitors of Patents. Pucinc Bld'g, 622 F. St., N. W., Mention this paper. Vt UHliiligtuil, u. V, IPANS TABULES regulate e atomui-li, liver ana Dowels, puri- the blood, are safe and effectual, e best uieulclue known for biliousness, constipation, dyspepsia, foul breath, heoUache.uieuuu depression, painful digestion, bad complexion, and all diseases caused by failure of the stomach, liver or bowels to per> t form their proper functions. Pei-sons given to c>T«r- a ow« ToaiMll ?8tv«lu9 for iSS

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