The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA, IpWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9.1891. ii^^i'liiitfi1ii'iir'i<ifir''- Mi '"-—"•"— ••-'*•*• -»-~—^-J-.-.,_.,.....A.„-<-; t^...iA..-.;_,„..;.-_;.,,..- „.....:...,- ,-._- - »* - ...... .., ._-_, .Hj^-m.-^.^-.a•.-•;•-..-»• - • = ^ = - ^^ • „ • -*. ... ... , ~ .. . . . 7 Like another woman ~the one who's used Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. She's a stronger and a happier woman—and a healthy one. The aches, pains, ^and Weaknesses, that made life miserable arc gone—the functional disturbances or irregularities that caused them have been cured. Face and figure show the change, too. Health has restored the charms that rightfully belong to her. For all the weaknesses and ailments peculiar to womanhood, " Favorite Prescription " is a positive remedy. No other medicine for women is guaranteed, as this is, to give satisfaction in every case, or the money is refunded. It's proprietors are willing to take the risk. 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If your Lu^gs are sore or Back lame, uc Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 35 «*, Sm QEKnr TIIOMPSOX, iue most noted physician of England, says that more than half of all diseases como from errors In diet, Send for Free (Sample of GarOcld Tea to 310 West 45th Street, New York City. Over. UOIUOH result* «a<luchei BKCAtTSE I LOVB TOU. "I cannot bring yon wealth," Mid rtie: "I cannot bring yon fame or place Amone tbe nntra of the race. Bat I can love yon. "When trials come to test yon, sweet, I can be sunlight to Tonr feet; My klfs yonr prfdone lips ehall greet, Because I love you. < "When daylleht dies along the west, Ton will come home to me for rest. And 1 (hall deep np"n your bremt. Because I lore yo-.i. "If clcknesscomep. beside yonr bed I will bend low, with quiet tread, And priy God's blessing on your head, Because 1 love yon. "Aa dew clings to the violet, Making the tragrant chalice wet, So my life Into yours Is tet, Because I love you. "Only myself, my all I bring, But count I:, sweet, a precious thing To give my life an offering, Because 1 love you. "I bow before no other shrine; II1 go first across deulh's line I will return to call jeu mine, Because I love you." AN INVERTED LOVB STOUT. I nin a poor, pnraljzed fellow, who for many years past, has been confined to n bed or a sofa. For the past six yeam I have occupied a small room, looking on to one of the narrow side canals of Venice, having no one about me but a deaf old wo'nan, who mukes my bed nnd attends to my food; und here 1 eke out a poor income of about £30 a year by making water color drawings of flowera and fruit (they are the cheapest models in Venice), and these I send to a friend in London, who sells them a dealer for small SUUIH. But, on the whole, I am happy and content. It isnecessarj that I should describe the position of my room rather minutely. Its only window is about five feet ubove the water of the canal, and above it the house projects Rome six feet, ond iverhangn the water, the projecting portion^ being supported by stout piles driven into the bed of the cam?). This arrangement has the disadvantage (among other.-) of so limiting niy upward view that I am unable to see ni'.re than about ten feet of the height of the house immediately opposite to me, although by reaching as fur out of the window as my infirmity will permit 1 can see for a considerable distance up and down the canal, which does not exceed fifteen feet in width. But, although I cau see but little of the material house opposite, I can see its reflection upside down in tho canal, and I contrive to take a good deal of inverted interest in such of its inhabitants as show themselves from time to time (always upside down)-on its balconies and at its windows. When I fi>>t occupied my room, about six years ago, my nU°ntion was directed to tne reflection of a little girl of 13 or so (asneurlyas I could judge), who passed every day on a bilcony ju«t above the upward range of my limited fL;ld of view. She had a glas» of flowers and a crucinx on a little table by her t-ide, and &s she sat there, in fine weather, from enr'y morning until dark, working assiduouily all the time, I concluded that she earned her living by needlework. She was certainly an industrious little girl, and as far as 1 could judge by her upside d jwn reflection, neat in her drnss and pretty. She had an old mother, an invalid, who on warm die would sit on the balcony with her, and it interestrd me to see the little maid wrap tbe old lady in shawls and biing pillowy for her chair and a ttool for her feet, and every now and again lay down her work and kiss and fondle Ihe old lady for half a minute, ond then take up her vrprk again. Time went by, and aa the little maid grew up Ler reflections grew down, and at last she wns quite a young woman of, I suppose, 16 or 17. L can only work tor a couple of hours or so in the bii^htest part of tin dfly, so I had plenty of lime on my hands in which to watch her moveinants, and tufficifiit imagination to weave a little romance about her, and to endow he. 1 wilh a be tu'.y which, to a prcit extent, 1 had lo take for granted. 1 saw—or r eJ that I could see—that she b°gan to take an interest in my reflection (which, of course, she could sea as I could see hers); and one day, when it appeared to me that, she was looking right, at inn—1 flood of tfars would come to her relief, j *''* l p '«»o«'««> But at last ono day she roused herself to' Tencltcrs, mlnMvrs, fnrmors, nod to me, and then her flower came. Da> j "!,';, r ^?," ts .'.,| l l" l ' ll ., n , s {I after day my flower went forth to join it,' "" ""'"* '"'" ' GARFIELD TEA % VM ofbaU en.liiig;vur«8 Sick Il«a<luc , il it ut TKr KUt i Uhtt lot i' i'ricd. J.1 , at iruxji by innil. Maniplm Pure* tried the d-isperale experiment of nodding to her, mid to my in'ense delight her r r - llectiou nodded to me in reply. And so our two reflections became known to one another. Tt did not take me very long to fall in love with her, but a long time passed be- Fore I could rnnke u^ my mind to do more than nod to her, every morning, when the old woman moved me from my b°.d to the fofii at tbe window, and again in the evening, when the little maid left (he tmleony r or that day. One da'", however, when I naw her reflection looking at mine, J nodded to her and thre-v a flower into tho sanal. She nodded several times in re- urn, and I saw her direct her mother's nttention to the incident. Then every norning I threw a flower in tho water for ''good morning," and another in theevrn- ng for "good night,' 1 and I soon discovered that 1 had not thrown them altngeth- =>r in vain, for ono day she threw a'flower ;o join mine, and she laughed and clapped her hnnds as the two flowers joined forces ard floated away together. And tnen | fvery morning she threw her flower when ! 1 threw mine, and when the two flowers met she clapted her hands and EO did I; but when they were separated, as they sometimes were owing to one of them having met an obstruction which did not catch the other, she threw up her hands in a pretty affectation of,despair, which 1 tried toimitate, but in an English and unsuccessful fashion. And when they were rudely run down by a passing gondola (which happened not infrequently) she pretended to cry and I din the same. Then, in pretty pantomine, she would point downward lo the sky, to tell me thut it was destiny that caused the fhipwrick of our flowers, and I, in pantomine not nearly so pretty, would try to convey to her that .destiny would be kinder next, time, and^bat, parhapc, to-morrow our flowers w'c'u'd be more foitunate—and to the innrc<?nt courtship went on. One day she fliowc-d me her crucifix and kiesed if, and thaeupon I took a little silver crucifix which always stunds by me, and kissed that, and FO -he knew that we were one in roli?ion. One da;, lb.3 little maid did not app<>> r on her baliony, and for several clays 1 saw nothing of her, and a'though I threw my flower as usual no flower cauie to keep it company However, after a time shn reappeared, dressed in bJnck and crying often, and then I kjiew that tbe poor child's mother wag dead, as far OH I knew she wa • alone in tho world. Tnu flowers caino no more_fc > r several days, nor did she show any sign of recotrnition, bnt k^pt hor <- V ns on hi-r work, excep' wuen shn placed her handkerchief to tnem. And opposite to her was tbe o'd Udv'8 chair, and I could see that from time t> lim" she would lay down her woik uud gaze at it, uud then a and with varying fortunes the two fl»wers sailed awaj aa of yore. But the darkest day of all to me Wit* when a good looking young gondolier, standing right <^ml uppermost in his gondola (for I could see him in Ihe flash) worked his craft alongside the house nnd stocd talking to her aa she sat on the balcony. They seemed to speak as old friends —indeed, as well as I could make out, he held her by the hand during the whole of their interview, which lasted quite half an hour. Eventually he pushed c ff, and left my heart heavy within me. But t soon took heart of gra.e, for so soon as he was cut of sight the little maid threw two flowers growing on the same stem—an allegory of which I could make nothing, until it broke upon me that she iniant to convey to me that he and she were brother and sister, and that I had no can«e ta be tad. And thereupon I nodded to her cheerily, and she nodded to me and laughed aloud, and I laughed ir rr'urn, and all went on again as biifore. Then camu a dark and dreary time 1 , for it became necessary that 1 should undergo treatment that confined me absolutely to my bed for many days, and I worri°d and fretted to think that the little mnid nnd I could see each other no longer, and worse- still, that she would think Unit I bad gone away without even having hinted to her that I was going. Anil I lay ttwako at night wondering how I could let li n rknow the frutli, and fifty plans flitted through my broil), all upoearing to bo feasible enough at night, but abso'utcly wild uud impracticable in the morning. One day— and it was a bright day indued for mti— the old woman who attended me tolu me that a gondolier hud inquired whether the English signer had gone away or hud died; and so I learned that the little maid had bean anxious about me, and that she had sent her brother to inquire, ami the brother had no doubt taken to her the reason of my protracted absence from the window. From that day, and over after, during my three weeks of bed keeping, a II jwer was found e-very morning on the lodg^ of my window, which was within e«asy tv.ich of any one in a boat, and whc-n at List a day came when 1 could be moved I took my accustomed place on the sofa at the window, and the little maid saw me and stood on her head, so to speak, und clapped her hands upside down with a delight, ttutl was as eloquent as any r'uht end up delight could possibly be. So the first, time the gondolier passed my window 1 beckoned to him, aud he pushed up alongside and told me, with many bright smiles, that he was glad indeed to see me well again. Then I thanked him and his"i«'<?r for their kind thoughts about mo during my retreat, and I then learned from him that her, name was Angela, and that she was the best and purest maiden of all Venice, and Unit, anv ono might think himself happy indeed who c;uld call her sister, but that he wai happier even than her brother, for he was to be married to her, and indeed they were to be married Lbe next day- Thereupon my heart seemed to swell to hnrsMng, and the blo"d rushed through iny veins so that ] could hear it and nothing else for a little while. I m imaged at last to stammer lorth soma words of awkward congratulation, and IIP left me, singing merrily, after asking permission to bring his bride to pee'me on the morrow UH ilu>y returned from church. "For," said he, "my Angela has known you for vory long—evr-ry since she was a child, and she has often spoken to me of the poor Englishman who lay all clay long for years and years on a sofa at a window, and she had said over and over again how dearly she wi>bed shat she could speak to him and comfort him, and one day, when you threw a flower into tho canal, she asked me whelhor she miyht throw another, and I tpld her yes, for he wou'd understand that it meant sympathy with one who was porely iiffltcted." And so 1 learned that, it was pity, and not love, except, indeed, such love as is akin 10 pity, that prompted her to intfivst herself in my welfare, and there was an enrl of it all. For the two flowers that 1 thought wore on line stem were two flowers tied together and sons, who would like to cU-volc n't a part of tliclr time nnd attention to A work .Hint would brinif tliei* in n lot of ready money during lliu next fuw months, would do well to look up the ndrerlUeinvnt of B. F. 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Then ho and she entered tbe house in which I dwelt, and cime into my room (and it was slrunge indeed, after so manv yearn of invertion, to see her A-ith her heud above he feet), and then slie wished nm happiness and a fpoady restoration t" trood health (which eon I'd never he), and I, in broken words and with tours in my eyes, gave her the little crucifix I hat had stood on my bed or mv table for so many years. And Ani^olatook it reverently, and cro sed herfelf, and kissed it, and so departed with her delighted husband. And as 1 heard the song of the gondoliers as they went their way—the song dying away in the distance an the shadows of the sundown closed around uie—] felt they were singing the requiem of the only love that had ever entered my heart.—W S. Gilbert. P1..OU11 .FOtt USslA. Groat lliirutitiiK in ImUics' \VitluiioN. Genuine Elgin Indies' \vuteli, Boss filled oase, guaranteed twenty years, only $10. Handsome plush case with each watch. Write or call on U. 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PATENTS RO PIIKO Uoak Free W.T. FITy.OKHALlJ, WABIIIXUTUN, I). 0. $65 i». iv. A month find houril, or lilgheat ou •inn und ltd dnyii credit lo AKeuU. •f.ivili.trit ^v'«.«. u . Quickly olitiilimd. No litty'« fen until ,._ I'Htent li allowed. Aclvloa uud boob iLOiiK PATBHT AoyMir, Wmlijngton, I). 0 W«k, N.rrout, Wr*t«h*d Mm AND noMKH g«t well and koep H«ll. HEALTH BKLriR t.ll, L how. Bamnl. iff.lo, N. y. SICK Send at once (or our Catalogue, too testt- unonials. C. N. Newcomb, Davenport.Iowa GRATEFUL—COMFORTINO. Epps's Cocoa BREAKFAST, '•BT t thorough knowledge of th. n»tnr«l lunt urnlcb KOI urn tlii, oparktlont ol dilution .nd oatrl- HOD, .nd I)J a corttul >pplio«llou ot the flnu proper. tlM of well.»»leeted Oiiooii, Mr. K|.in lin> iiroTidxd oar br«ukfa»l Ublit wltb * dsllcutcly Onvor«d be». ertgi wliloU mu» IKT. ai manj hfiivy doctor*' bill* It li bjr Ibe jndlcloai nut of iuuh (rlloltn of din tb»t * coniillutloa m*j b. gr«dunll; built up on ill itrong euoiiRh to re»l«t titrj Undnncj- to dl»>uM lluDdreiln of «ubtl« umladlti nr. flouting around u« retdj to attack wheroxjr thor. li a wtink polut Me maj .ncup. maajr a fatal khaft bj keening uur. uliDi «•)! forllflod with pure blood and a prjiiarly kODrlib.d fram»."—"OlTll Sdrvioe Qawtte." Mad. «lmpl7 with bolllnv water or milk. Bold oolj In balf-pound lln., IIT Orocerm labelled tbut: JAM EH we* A CO.. HomosopatWc Ob«u>l.t,, Milwaukee, Doeeuibor, 1801. The store has pitched its Holiday doings to the most 'pleasing tune. Write to us or come. (Signed) Gimbel Brothers DRY GOODS, Milwaukee. $l50to$2QO£< A MONTH. uii H whlo «w»ke, I unn or woman In I «rr cciinlr In lh« U. B., I In Inlrnilucftnn Krllrlel , ... , . nobody will «low«tU-1 Oll j; i * ll »ptfd to town or country. No patent I ni»dl«liii,oreh«B|>jawHrr. FjilrndUi opcnln* tori l>'« rlKlil P«r«.n. Mood Job* ure nr»rc«l and don't null long lor tuber*. Kiim 1(1 you cun «pm-f Inn n few Imuri a wrrk, wrlli all once to U. F. JOHNSON 4 CO., Itlclinionil, Va., I (or Information al,out Ilii- blyireat tiling; on I — lompililni: ibat will opou your«yt«aud| GRip <«riiblliu Flunr i Y«U!li OWN lionr, Mriil. «J «(,T f*ht-H», d (urn, lu tho ,_ jWW io«n«-ri-Viii..... kfttplnh r I'uu.iry. Alco l'(l\VIIIt MII.I.H rKKII .MII.I.M. I'iriMil'ii-s nii'l tv.iiim.iil WILSON BROS..EA p" U (liBabled. M fe« lor Ipcrea 1 l>«rli!nr*. Writ, for l.»wi. A.W i HiiKo. WKHINUTCIN D O. * fn iu*. M T«» 'ANT Cure In It dura. No Balvui No Conimu|i(lve» and people who b*r« wenk laqgiior Ann- ran. ibould qie Pi»o'»Cur« for Contamptlon. It b»» on;. It 1» not bad to take. »tb» Mlteouyb wrup. " tnin*h«r«. ~ A WOMAN BEST UNDERSTANDS A WOMAN'S ILLS. . Tlie experiments of l<ydla B. I'lnkliam fliai v< yearn ago gave to the world (lie Vegetal)!.) Com. r pound, were made through a feeling of nymuathj ,i for the nfllloted of her aex. She illseovfrea tbut. nearly all the dUeanes uf woman have a common ' ' origin, aud may have a common euro. '" MlllA Ei PINKHAni S CompoMna l« a sure cure for all tbo*e painful ooiuplalotu und wcakneaaoa of women. Sold by all Drwggbttn an a Rtandara article/or »out b/ mall, In fortnfJ

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