The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 5
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THE DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MX1 9, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTUM OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * Sf . PAUL. West-Pass.— -.— . Wj>. 1 ....... ...'6:02 ft mNo.2 ....... 10:24 ft m . 8 ........ 4:37pmNo.4 ........ 0:30pm EM*-Pas8.- CHICAGO & NOBTHWESTERN. North- Mixed.. 8:18a m Pass ....3:35pm South- Pass 2:37pm Mixed 6:07pm ' Pass, arrives at Chicago .at 7 am: arrives at DesMolnesat8:15pm. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am. THE CITY. The weather Is still mild ahd pleasant. The county tetpperance meeting is postponed two weeks. The normal school is opening this term today with a big attendance. Read about fancy candies for Christmas in the Grange store advertisement this week. Come out Tuesday evening next to the young ladies' entertainment at the court house. The Milwaukee road is building stock yards at Hobart. Our western neigh- oor is flourishing. A pin with bangles was lost between town and C. L: Lund's. The finder will please return to Mrs. Lund. The Algona Grange meets Saturday. Dec. 19, for election of officers. All members are urged to be present, Marriage licenses have been issued to Win. J. Cooper and Nellie M. Fairbanks, A. W. Haas and Lillie Foster. Gotlieb Bohn and family are moving into the Cleary building for the winter in order to have the children attend the normal. The Burt bigamy case, in which the young man Watkins is under arrest, will be tried this term. It is set for today or tomorrow. The Chrismas display in Galbraith's basement and double store is what attracts the crowd. Read his advertisement this week. The school board met Monday evening and accepted B. F. Reed's resignation as a member, on condition that he furnish the oysters. Regular meeting of sons of veterans and election' of. officers next Tuesday evening. All members are requested to be present at 7:30 sharp. Word comes that a Bancroft spouse had. her husband arrested Saturday riight,' but came around Monday and withdrew her complaint. The stallion case between Dingley & Moffat and Madden is set for tomorrow. It involves the question of what damage "cribbing" is to a horse. Don't buy any clothing in Algona till you visit Jas. Taylor's store. He is in the''clothing war." as his announcement this week indicates. We have no particulars of the marriage but a license indicates the union of T. M. Clark, our Fenton pioneer, and Clara Hallott, late Mrs. Watson. The musical entertainment Saturday evening will be first class. The company is one of those guaranteed by the well known Slay ton lyceum bureau. Prof. Chaffee's sister and brother are with him in Algana. The former will be an instructor in the school, while the latter will fit himself for college. • Charlie Winkle says he saw good hay bought in Des Moines last week at $5 a ton by the car load. At the same time hay was bringing $6 loose in Kossuth. E. C. Anderson was down Monday to take out a permit to sell intoxicating liquors. The court granted it on his application. S. Mayne appeared for him. D Judge Cook is up for court. He put in two cars of tile on his farm in Harrison township last fall, and will put in a car load in the spring. He believes in tile. After a long hearing yesterday the court granted a change of'venue in the Hubbard-Rantzovv case, and it will probably be tried in Emmet county Jan. 15. Regular meeting of Algona Chapter, O. E. S., Tuesday evening, Dec. 15 V Let there be a good attendance. Election of officers. Per order of Worthy Matron. * Word has come that B. F. Smith's daughter is very sick at the home of her grandmother in Wisconsin, and so our Ramsayites are kept away longer than they expected. The Odd Fellows elected officers Monday evening, E, S, Salisbury is N. G.; F, L. Parish, V. G.; Henry Mason, secretary; Jas. Orr, permanent secrO' tary; H. J. Edens,' treasurer. Invitations have been received in Algona by the friends of Miss Eva, daughter of Senator Kamrar of Webster City, to attend her wedding, Dec. 16. She is to marry M, H.' Beaumont of Eagle Grove, County Attorney Joslyn gave an oyster supper Monday evening in honor of the assembled legal lights at court. The Thorington house got it up, and everything was first class. A pleasant and social evening was enjoyed by all. Rome Woodworth has gone to Chicago to stay. He has a good position }n a large business house there. He is one of the young men who will come to the front in the business world, and the world is practically in his reach in Chicago, Sheriff Stephens is just back from a two weeks' trip in Dakota and the Black Hills country. He was hunting for a man who was owing Danson Bros., found him, and secured the claim and costs, He had an 80 mile wagon ride out in the hills. R. E. Voorhees is a new resident lately moved from Hancock county. He has bought the A. C. Cady house In the north part of town and is now comfortably located. Mr. Voorhees ia a second cousin of the senator from Indi .ana, whose name is so well known. The pastor of the Baptist church will preach his second sermon on revivals next Sunday evening. He will take up the evangelistic work of Deborah and the prophets Joel, Jonah, and Jeremiah. He hopes in the near future to begin a series of revival services. Cheever Hudson took possession of the D. D. Tpwnsend interest in the gro- rj business, Dec. 1, and the advertisement of the new firm appears this week. Cheever has grown up ia Kossuth and will make a success of his new venture. Mr. Townsend stays with the firm for the time being. A petition to the United States senate asking that our government unite with the* other governments in protecting the Free Congo state from the traffic in alcohol, was circulated in the Al- »ona grange last week and also in the W. C. T. U., and received a large number of signatures. The late receipt of some county correspondence compels us to olnit it. Two notes from Bancroft are: "J. G. Sraham's warehouse caught fire on the inside last week from a defective chimney. Not much loss. A. C. Zellhofer of Eagle Grove will preach at the Baptist church next Sabbath." The first three days of December are said to decide what the three winter months will be. They were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of last week and all mild, thawing days. Accord- ly December, January, and February will be mild, rainy months, if there is mything in this weather signal. Cards are out for the marriage of L. S. Walker of Estherville and Miss Delia Reed of Irvington, which occurs next Tuesday evening. Mr. Walker is high up in the employ the Burlington road, and a popular railway man. He was formerly on the Northwestern, and made Miss 'Reed's acquaintance while there. Emmetsburg is organizing as a city of the second class. When the first vote is counted in the incorporation it will show about 100 less than the papers were claiming this fall by counting in the returns of two townships. Spencer and the "Burg" don't make anything by bragging on figures they get in that way. A double marriage at the Boals home last Thursday united W. W. Platt and Mary C. Boals, Rachel M. Voorhees and Manuel H. Boals. A party of friends and relatives were present and the occasion was enjoyable to all. The young people are all well known, and have the best wishes of a host 6f their friends. We are called upon to congratulate Ed. Lyons this week. His old Algona friends will read with interest the following in the Eagle Grove Gazette: "Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Lyons have a new ten-pound boy at their home." Ed is now occupying a good position in the Northwestern offices, and owns a fine home in Eagle Grove. The Rolfe Sun says: Assistant State Veterinary Surgeon E. E. Sayers of Algona made a professional call in Marshall township on Monday to investigate a case or two of glandered horses. He informed the writer that they were chronic cases of catarrh, instead of glanders, and were doing as well as could be expected. The new German Lutheran church, which has been going up in Plum Creek, will be ready for dedication before the new year. It is a building costing $1,800, 30 by 50 feet with an 80 foot tower. McMurray & Seastream have done the carpenter work. The church stands a few rods north of A. L. Seeley's home, ncross the road from Fred Miller's farm, The following note in the Sioux City Journal has local interest: The history section of the Unity club meets in regular session in the parlors of Unity church this evening. A. F. Call will give the paper on "Magna Charta." There will be discussions on the character of John and other subjects connected with the topic of the evening. Although the record of marriage licenses showed that no such marriage could have taken place, the Republican last week published a report of a pretended marriage of Seymour Allen and Miss Bowman, the parties to the suit with Rantzow and Hubbard. Allen visited the office, and our contemporary will apologize this week for being so previous. The Young Ladies' Foreign Mission- ai-y society will give an entertainment at the court house next Tuesday evening, at which Dr. Li Wing of Yang Chow, Chihft, Ramabai of Lucknow, India, Aisheh Kaadin of Constantinople, Turkey, and Katsu Kimura of Nagasaki, Japan, will be present in person or by proxy. It will be a novel and interesting entertainment. Charlie Winkle went down to Des Moines last week and sold his heavy dray wagon. He had no use for one so heavy and will get a light one in the spring. This is the wagon that was taken to Humboldt to haul some monuments for the cemetery there, as there was no wagon heavy enough in the county. Charlie got $200 for the dray, which is some less than it cost when new. Rev. Hughes^ state agent of American Bible society, preached in the Methodist church Sunday morning, held a children's meeting in the afternoon, and in the evening preached at a union service in the interests of the society. The local society held its annual election of officers, D. B, Ayey being chosen president; Jas. Chapin, secretary; E. Tellier, treasurer, and Miss C. T. Dodd, librarian. The city council held a special meeting Monday morning to make a final stand on the city well case. Mr. Stephens had offered to settle at $800, and finally dropped to $700. The council had offered $500, and at this meeting had raised to $600, but the $100 between them proved a final stumbling block. The council would not go up and Mr. Stephens would not come down, and the case will come on tomorrow. A cheeky forgery occurred in town last week. A traveling man appeared at the Frst National bank and presented a check on Chicago. The cashier told him to get someone to identify him and he brought in a business man in town who signed the check with him. On sending the paper to Chicago it was declared a forgery and came back. The Algona indorser promptly put up the money and the matter will be investigated. The name of the endorser is not public, but the facts are as stated. A.curious accident occured to Theo. Goeders last week. He and his father and nephew, the little son of our merchant, went walking, the boy carrying an air gun that shoots bullets. The two older ones were ahead when the gun went off and the bullet hit Theodore m the hip penetrating about two inches. Dr. Barr extracted the missel and no serious damage is done, but the bullet in a vital part would have killed Mr. Goeders. This shows that these air guns are dahierous as any, and should be handled with, caution. C. A. Brewstor reports a circumstance worthy of note. Last year he bought two snort horn heifers at L. S. Coffin's Ft. Dodge sale, and both had been dehorned. He now has calves from both and neither calf has had appearance of horns. The sire is a horned bulK One case might be accounted for us a freak, but two together seem to indicate that dehorning will speedily result in a naturally polled short horn breed. Mr. Brewster also got a full- blood bull at that sale and has some fine stock growirig. The many friends of the brilliant and genial W. E. Morrison will look with interest to the letter which he promises us next week on his experience with the Keeley cure. He says: " I shall confine myself to the simple truth, and I know that this will be sufficiently sensational. I have just been elected chairman of the Bt-Chloride of Gold Club of the World. The club is now incorporated under the laws of Illinois and branches will soon be established throughout the country. I will write you next week". The number who will rejoice at his recovery is only limited by his acquaintance in Kossuth county. Last summer a premium egg wns laid on our table, and remained in unsuspected prominence long after suspicion had grown to a certainty that a rat must have crawled under the floor and died. And now the alternating frosts at night and the heat of our eoul stove in the day have been found to have affected our prize potato, so that our visitors suspect that the sumo rat had died again. Wo are glad to have prize exhibits of the county's product, but we cannot agree to keep them on display more than a week at the oulfeido hereafter. We shall fire them after that on general principles. The Courier says the county has suffered from lack of vigorous criminal prosecutions, and then names a few cases where $750' by its own figures were collected in fines, besides costs. We print elsewhere the records of some of the Courier's ideal counties like Woodbury where the costs have been $38,000 out of the people and the fines collected $1,300. Will the Courier take its champion county of Dubuquo and tell the people how many liquor fines are collected there, together with costs? What ails the Courier is that the liquor sellers were fined at all. The prosecutions have been too vigorous. Quite an important business deal is rumored on the streets. It seems that Messrs. Rice & Hay of Iowa Falls wore in Algona some time ago and secured options on the abstract books of C. M. Doxsee, W. H. Nycum, and A. D. Clarke & Co. These close Jan. 1, and the new men are on the ground to complete their contracts. Mr. Rice has rented the C. D. Creed house and is locating his family already. This deal if carried out will leave only two abstract offices, Jones & Smith not having sold. The new men have been in the employ of the big real estate finn of Ellsworth & Jones of Iowa Falls, and are first class business men. Ellsworth & Jones are large owners of Kossuth lands. Algona is probably permanently free of Cluis. Stewart, the bootlegger who was held to appear at this -term of court. A first he was under bonds, but his bondsmen turned him over to Sheriff Stephens and took back his security, d Mr. Stephens brought him before the justice. Stewart wanted to hunt up more bail, and the justice let him out on his own recognizance, and in looking for bail he wandered over the state line. As he cannot be secured in another state for selling liquor here, it is not probable that he will venture into Iowa again. In connection with his case, in view of a lot of campaign stories, it is worth while stating that Sheriff Stephens did not put up bonds for Stewart, We take the liberty of clipping paragraphs from two recentpersonal letters. One is from a recent Algonian, who writes: "We have just received the last issue of your paper, and your editorial on the results of the recent election in Iowa is so exactly in harmony with what some of us old Algonians have been talking all the fall, that I feel it almost a duty to compliment you on the plainness, as well as the truth- fullness of your remarks," The other is from a prominent republican editor of the state: "I think THE UPPER DES MOINES has greatly improved the past year, and I have been particularly disposed to admire the hard sense of your comments on the result of the late election." We are called upon this week to cord a sad case of domestic infelicity. Mr. and Mrs. Maine of Plum Creek have decided to part. The UPPER DES MOINES sympathized with Mr. Maine during the weeks of suspense while ha was advertising for a wife, and rejoiced a few months ago when his long search resulted in success. But now the whole thing is undone, and Mrs. Maine goes to Sibley to make her permanent home with her sister. The first occasion of difference arose over a tombstone for Mrs. Maine's former husband, and the little rift widened until twc hearts beating as one had distinct and separate pulsations. We are not in' formed whether Mr. Maine will adver Use again or not, but presume he will recall that old and tried motto " try, try again." Lost, a gold sleeve button, with a three-link monogram on front. Findei please return to this office. A COUPLE of good men, willing and able to work, can find steady employment at good wages on my farm, one mile east of Algona. C. L. Lund. 36 SANTA CLAUS' headquarters in the basement under our store. Geo. L Galbraith & Co. FARMERS, now is the time to ge your New York No 1 winter apples, the best keepers and the lowest priced, a the store of Patterson Bros.-3ot3 KEEP your horse warm by getting for him a blanket, and don't forget to see Stough's stock before you buy. OVERCOATS for boys and men at low est prices at Galbraith's. HOUSE for sale. Easy terms. Bes location in the city. Inquire of J. G Fr»nk.-33 PBBSOHAL: Squire Raymond Is up from LuVcrno or court. H. E. Rist is off on a visit with Prank Rodman at Tanm City. W. B. Qunrton had a case in court n Hancock county Monday. Thos. F. Cooke went to Des Moines, esterday, on a business trip. Mrs. Rev. Flannigan wont to Mt. 'ernon for a visit lost week, remaining ver Sunday. Mrs. Frank Nicoulin is in Mason City islting her daughter, and will remain , couple of weeks. Attorney Argo was here yesterday on he libel case. It will come up lute in he term, probably next week. Mr. nnd Mrs. Coleman Chubb will pend the winter in California. Mr. Jhubb's health hna boon very poor luce his runaway nccldentlast summer, nd he will recuperate in tho mild air f the coast. The State Register notes: "Col. S. i. Sessions, after looking after a nuro- ier of legal matters before Dos Moines ourts, returned to his homo at Algona, esterday. Mr. Sessions has almost as nany friends in tho capital city as he as in Kossuth county. They are al- vivys glad to see him come and regret o sou him go." DEATH OF ANTHONY HINTON. Vn Early Settler of Western Koimutli 1'nBsoB Away. WHITTEMOKB, Dec. 7.—To tho Edior: It is with profound sorrow that we record the death of Anthony Hin- on, which took place at his late rosi- .enco Thursday evening, Dec. 8, at 0:30 ('clock. His trouble was dropsy, and ram tho start ho realized hisdays wore ew; still with fortitude and patience 10 awaited tho summons. His funeral ccurred Saturday, tho 5th, at 1 o'clock, rlov. Thomas officiating'. After up- jropriato services, all that was moral was laid at rest in tho Whittemoro emetery. A. Hinton was born at lelendon, North Hamptonshlro, Eng., ime 21, 1820. was married to Eliza- jeth Judge Jan. 10, 1847; emigrated to America in 1853; settled in Onondngua ounty, N. Y; moved to Wisconsin in 800. and to Iowa in 1809. where ho has ivod up to tho time"of his death. Ilotir Ycl Ilonr Yol All persons knowing themselves in- ebted to mo are hereby notified that hey must call and settle, either by ush or bankable note, before the first if January, or it will be put into the lands of a lawyer for collection. 7t4 G. M. HOWARD. Goo. B. Marble, nt Hurt, Soils -> 3ost package coffees, per Ib $ .23 3ost small-sized yeast, perpkg... .03 Best large-sized yeast, per pkg... .00 Best oatmeal, 7 Ibs for 25 Best cranberries, per quart 10 Best tomatoes, per can 10 Best California poaches, per Ib 10 ,enox soap, per box 4.00 r>lug tobacco, per Ib 25 25-on splendid baking powder 25 Soda, per Ib 07 Oh, we can quote prices, and sell tho ;oods, too. GEO. E. MARBLE, 35 Burt, Iowa. For Snlo. A desirable residence in tho best part if tho city. Two lots; house containing nine rooms; good collar, always dry; never-failing well of water; barn for Ive horses, wood house, coal house, nrriago house, tho very best ro- mir. Will be sold cheap and on easy errns. Also other residence property n Algona.-35t4 H. HOXIE. Pay up Notice. Every person knowing themselves owing me on account or note, is hereby lotilled to settle same without delay. "Totes and accounts not paid before Dec. 20, will be loft with attorney for collection. A word to the wise is sufficient. 34t4 J. J. WILSON. MITTENS cheaper than ever at F. S. Stough's. NEW YORK Apples! Baldwins, Rus- jetts, Greenings, Tallman Sweets, Northern Spys, and Seek-no-furthor; all No. 1; never were finer; largo and smooth. Come early and get your shoice, at Patterson Bro8.'-35t3 DON'T forget that we have a large stock of mons' and boy's clothing, and will be undersold by no one. Goo. L. ~albrath & Co. HEAVY arctics, light arctics, low arc- tics, medium arctics, high arctics, all iinds of arctics at lowest prices at F. S. Stough's, APPLES! Apples! Apples! Only 65c a bushel at Patterson Bros.'-35t3 WE sell Chase &Sanborn's<x3lobratec coffees. W. F. Carter. ANOTHER car of New York apples this week, and will be sdM lower than ever, at Patterson Bros.' l -'85t3 NEW strictly pure mriplo syrup at W F. Carter's. THE Big Bargain Store is selling ap pies at 65o a bushel. Patterson Bros. PURE Wisconsin buckwheat flour a W. F. Carter^ IP you are notsatisfied with the coffee you are using, try Chase & Sanborn's at W. F.'Cartor's. FOR Carpets, oil cloth, curtains, rugi etc., go to Galbraith's. FANCY new sorghum at W. F. Car tor's. Now is the time to got a fine larg robe at Stough's. A FINE line of new dried fruits at W F. 'Carter's. CHOICE buckwheat flour at J. J. \VT son's.— 36t4 *2o YOU CAN BUY -I A Sewing Machine that retails (or Hf Oet'Tull information at the U. P. M. ot&w. Keep Warm. Buy your Arctics, Felt Boots, German Socks, Wool Slipper Soles, Lined Shoes, Mittens, Robes, Blankets, of F. S. STOUGH and Keep Warm. A New Firm. (Langdon & Hudson.) THE CASH STORE, Under the new firm name of LANGDON & HUDSON, continues business at the old stand, and will also continue to ell good goods as cheap as they can be had anywhere^ Give us a call and get our prices. Truly yours, Langdon & Hudson, WE WANTED MORE ROOM or our mammoth stock, so have moved our 5, 10, and 25 cent ^Counters In the Basement, -j where will be found a large assortment of 5 Such as Toys, Dolls, Games, Chinamen, Tinware, etc., and at prices that will surprise you. , L. GiLBRAITH & CO. Cloths and Trimmings. * J. K. PILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always kept on hunO, and furnished at au low rates us cun be bought elsewhere. All work done promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION, Come and see us before placing your order. It will be to your advantage. do soar. A Good Cigar Is what you can always Ilud at the New Cigar Store on State street, (old postofnce building). I handle the celebrated Fitzsim- mona goods, made at Masou City, and there are none better made. Try the White Ribbon Smokers say it is very nice. Also handle tobaccos, pipes, and all kinds of smokers' goods. GUST. A. HANSON. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? 3D. AUCTIONEER, Will cry city and /arm property, »ftke oollec tions, etc. All business of a private H. A. SESSIONS, DEALER IN Granite or Marble, ALGONA, - - IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases. F. L, PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Clotla.«/o "Wrlaatjora, «to. Am also prepared to put In furnaces and do plumbing and gas-pipe fitting; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING, Prompt attention will be given to all work In my line. Shop south of court house. F, M. BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CJX>CK$, SILVERWARE,

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