The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1893 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 25, 1893
Page 3
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THE OPPER DES MOINES. ALGONA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 25,1893. THE EN^OP A FEUD. It Avas certainly a first rate feud and a .source of much pride to the'settlers to and about Hickey toAvuship, just as JK haunted house or a murder mystery Of a long-lived swi,. lal might have been •p-only tlia feud \....s much more satisfactory, because L nad been on for four years, and hardly a mouth had passed during all that time tha,t Inid not Avit- hessed some heAV episodu in tte affair, and each oiie seemed more 'startling than Its predecessor.Aud so it AVUS that the good people of Hickey toAvnsliip held their heads Just a little bit higher than their less fortunate .friends who. reside i'n more peaceful portions of the country. It—the feud—all started on account of a (yearling calf— tinun Avhtch, permit me (a-stock-raiser of limited but fruitful experience) to Interpolate, 'there never -Ayas nor dm there ever be a creature liioro hopeleSsIfr, unreasonably, "onory," and' one nioru. productive of sinful language ' ','aind display of sultry temper on the part of its keepers. Yearling calves have 'caused tlie ivcording angel more trouble, broken up more old friendships, (•produced more 'family jars, and iu the .^iform of veal begotten .inoro indigestion I-'.and tlie insomnia resultant therefrom than—but this 'is not an cssaj- on the sinful, sportive and his shortcomings. The Walkers an,l the Benedicts had been old neighbors for years, "back iu lOAvay." In fad, t.e elder AValkcrs and the elder. Benedicts had been man-led about the same, time at he beginning of Hie Avar, and had just settled on adjoining homesteads Avhon the flrst gun was lired on Sumtcr. Tho'men enlisted was a husking-bee of the good old-fash- Mort could! catch t.Avo of them/swear ioned sort at Thompson's one night, pray, try as he might—the great fire and the younger nienibei-s of the hostile ; rolled swiftly nearer. Tha wind had ,. .,,,_. .. 'shifted from the northeast to northwest Mort saw with a sinking at his heart that there was an even chance of getting cut off from the river. * • -"* * * * * * - t, '"Mr. Walkor Avas on a, feather bed on the floor of the wagon and Mrs. Wai- Icor crouched beside him. Nellie ran houses attended. During the evening Mort found a red ear in his pile, and— he never kuew what impelled 1 liiui to do it unless it was that Nellie, looked so pretty • and' tempting—lie took his former sweetheart • hi liis amis and: kissed her, not once, but three times , As soon a.s it could be done without.' the girls knowing it, Bud Walker and [back into the house for the fnmilv Bible Harvey Frl>o invited Mort and 1'el Uor- then climbed up beside Mort iier Into the moonlit.pasture, Avhcrc Bud "Git'up! oik!" The hea\v\vhip though In the; same place, I was not in the hotel, and I saw nothing of hrni, though 1 looked for a visit to my open cottage window, as the old scng says. VANQUISHED BY OWLS. A Connecticut Farmer ItanltMt i,y « i» Couple of Nlffllt Hlriln, Unclp Klisha Huff, a Avelt known citizen of Clover Plain, went to the door; last, Monday night to look at tlie sky before going to bed, says the NOAV York manipulation of tho Avhigs. Each wftnjr is provided Avith a joint and el- IM/W-, a.nd as the wing revolves the ollioAv strikes a stationary plane twisting- or tipping the Aving. Tills- plane Is adjustable and Is connected by Avires with tlie oppcrator. As the wings, on their backward movement Press. While ho stood on Iho door step a PPronch n point at right angles ' GALPAOOS TORTOISES. How They With Hares form a IfHpp.r I'nni- lly In rtmini I'urk. , „„ , n y, ,, (M)1( . (l ,„ .,„ . l))])k ,"^.^.^ : with the direction dosircd71hc "pUm"e At Central 1'ark in NqAV York city | the garden. : f >* »• :id.1ust<x1 that the Aviug tips and may T<e seen a liappy family, tho j Mr. MulT'is an old hunter and Irapper. ! (<ill( ' ll(>iS "»' «lr horizontally, like an . - - ^. „.„, , , JU m . uvv „-„,,, l .. llll(l , llkt ' of whl(>h - Possibly, cannot l>e met j and tlio minute that ho hoard the owl j'""' lu »"' 'Wtor. insisted on "having it--out.'', Mort de- do \vu4ljird on the horses' Hanks '.„„] ] i "! J ', IV olsi ' '" llie WO1 ' U1 Sil - vs SI-j hm>t ho^loeldod to got him if ho could. I To ""'" l1 W»t or left one side of the .. !._.< *,, * i . . . .. .. '.'»*.• •*.-».«.». 1 111 1111,^ t tt till \ 1tt\.'r\t,t 11 14- r.nti.-.l.-.J.*. —J! ., .-.* 1. .« . . . - . - ~ _' IT-I>.. ..,-. J ... l t 1 . _ • *"-**•' in tho same company, fought side by side, ate and slept and suffered together •and at home, their young Avlves Avaited .and wept tog-other. When the little Walkers and the little Benedicts greAV largo enough to run about they were playmates and boon companions; the children of one family felt as much at liberty in the home of the other as they did in their own—for twenty-eight years the tAvo families lived in peace and amity, and then that miserable calf precipitated an irreparable row. It AA'as too bad, all the neighbors said, but it is a noticeable fact that; none of ttiem attempted to putdli up a peace—life in 3-Iickey toAvnship and at'Hickey Comers would have boon dull indeed, but for the feud; so everybody sat by and Avatch , cd eacli neAv phase of tlie affair Avith a .nervous, morbid interest, and commented thcron, but not in a manner likely to .a truce on the part of the disputants. It Avas this Avay: Tlie Benedict and «nd Walker house had been built on adjacent cornel's of the homestead quarters, and Avero qullo close togcthr; iu fact, one Avell, sunk on the quarter section line between tlio two homesteads, had furnished Avater for the first four years after coming- to Dakota, and it AA'as only a short distance from cither house. But it came to pass on the AValker domain there Avas born and groAV and waxed fat and -"sassy" a brindlo calf, AVith a right smart chance of AA'hite in its eye and a plethora of deep died mischief In its soul—anil he.(for it Avas si young gentleman "critter,") AVhilo yet of tender age, bill lough of record, cn- .gendered tho feud, lie had wandered away the day before, and AA'hen he ro- tunud at night llie ^ate of the calf-pen Avas shut against him; and in tho morning, .when Papa lirnedict arose from post-break fast family prayers, followed by tflio younger male Benedicts, liipd liim loAvard the stable, he beheld lu's neighbor's Incipient steer nipping- in tlie bud sundir>' young and toothsome cabbages, and kicking out of tho earth, in his bovine abandon, all he could not !.eat. murrott but in vain., and nluch to his regret, wafe forced to "lick" to a standstill, not only : tHio man ho hoped soino, day to cadi his brother-in-law, but the hitler's second as Avell; Pol llonier bo- Ing a cripple and unable to accommodate young Free, AA'ho was "piuiu"' on account of his principal's defeat. That settled'it. Thereafter even tender-hearted Mrs. Walkor—who, like Mrs. Benedict, sincerely .but silently regret- tod the trouble that kept her apart from her old-time friend those four long years, and Who had always had a pleasant greeting for all tlie family, especially for Mort, Avho Avais a great favorite of herbr-eut him dead Avhen she happened to moot him, and even the friyid inclination of tUic head AVith which Nellie had boon Avout to recognize his presence on those rare occasions on which they met Avas IIOAV denied him. All this cut Mort deeply, but ho Avas made of too tough,ftber to show if; so, till tho i ml of the feud, ho tried to act as though lie did not care—just as did Nellie Avho, fiowevcr, A\-<IS obllged-to-con- foss to herself, once in a while, that she did care "lots." the race was begun. Faster came the flames: the billow of UIOKO e.ui-led over Ihom, now and then dropping feathery grass cinders, as it Passed; they could hoar the roar of the fire and feel its hot breath Avhonovor tlio Avind Increased in velocity—and ,lim river so far away! Nearer came tlie great Avavo of flaiii.'; Wio air Avas douse and suffocating. Mort in his frenzy lashed the now running- horses incessantly, cursing, pmyhiij, wiy- ing- ho know not Avhat. Mrs! Walker \ickolas. It consists of a number of frisky . young hares and 1ho sloAvost, Ho 'Avont back into the house to slip on his boots and got liis gnu. Tlie moon and most ancient-looking of tortoises. ! was 'shining, but Undo lOlisha's eve Tho tortoises, hoAvover are not as old ^ sight, is. not as keen as it, Avas once, wept and prayed; Mr. Walkor now and , lom ° 1>C ™"', T ™* re then gave a feeble moan; Nellie, on tho <™T !E» ™J" "^ wiiig-s is tipped more than tho others so that at all dimes the machine Is'en- tirely under tho control of the oper- ---...,— „.,., .,., ,„ „„.-, u llt< .., !lt()I> - '-''"i* long- journeys or for carrv- as they appear; AVheii grown to their j and when he got. out. under the applo j '"»-' oxtn> wight, a gas and electric full size they Avill woigh hundreds of] tree he couldn't see tho owl.With 1ho ! ''""•biiialioii motor. Mr. Miller says pounds apiece, and be quite able to ; idea of stirring up the bird and mak- f """' '"' necessary lo afford additional carry men upon their backs. The tor- j ing- it Hy out. of the tree.if it was slill ' l M '« - or. The AvUiigs or lingers of the 1 (uses are part of a number brought! thoro. he picked up a stone a.nd throw ! r ' m !ll '° m!ule of bamboo and silk from the Galapagos Islands, several it, among the branches. There Avas a ] Tll<v sll " f 's '"•<' »f cold drawn steel and years ago, to the Natural History Mu- sort of tluiitoriiig- noise among the ""' waring of aluminium. Friction seuin ait. Washing-ton. Those islands, i limbs and Mr. Huff tried to g'el, sidi! Ls "'wluml lo the minimum bv fonnmg a small archipcllgo in the t ,r the bird, but llie shadows wore 'too ' ball seat beside Mort, kept her lips closed and said nothing, 01% clhiKlng to the seat mora desperately as the wagon bounced and lurched, M'ort looked at her; her silence an- genxl him. "Git otl'u Ui' seat!" h remarkable , m ich for hllm; he couldn't see It. and more so, i, 0 ] 0 | drivo another slone. This time perhaps, than in having been the home [ (.here wasl more noise bKETBH FROM LIFE among the •- s i.nv.ii. v. n 11*1 IIIV/LV. 4ivin\ ii i IM Fiii^ I11LT I* t , of the races of giant, tortoises of , i ini bs and Mr. Huff thought he saw the I "'l^T,iYT"" ,'"' " l>r ""' v TT "°- Avhich the specimens at Central Park ., , nvl M ^ high up In tho tree. 11,,' Sl,<. 'j«,Vnla ' «'K™,dv^'oVr "it the am a rcnmant Commodore Porter, pulled np his gnu, in lino with the dark j ,,osi ollice, Sho was vo ung- ^oi look AA'llO Visitjvl Illo r!nlnvmo-ne Tcilniiilu ..i.i_..i i ...... ., ... . . .\OUI1J,, >-OO<l-lOOk- Avho visited the about eighty years ago, sa.w such , same Ji us hint Islands i ()b jcet and pull the trigger. That! lug and A Ivaclous. Khe was also atypc- Unclo lOlisha hoard a | wriler. The car was crowded, and ev- roarod. "How d've think I c'li drive I (ll ' ovt!S of tllcso tortoises Unit he says AVith you sitting t'h-ir 1 '" " i a inn " Jllll slit have Avalked a consider- v • *•• '-" V>IJ -", 1 ^ Lii»ii. ( t* A. > * .----"....-•-.--.-...-..i.»»i....i...,fci. * < »• v •• >-"^ ''' ' i 11' i v r> iiii i rt i , ;>; liy !S 1,11C \ I The KM obeyed, and fell, rather than I " blc ^ttmce on their backs without ; oM ,„„„ f<?11 h | s cllHnv s(nl( ., c „. „,„„„!„,,,. AK lho ••nr H| irlwl OH climbed, back Into the box. ' • 1 " u ' 1 " 11 ' 11 "" '" " - ' "' -...-..._. Mort; Benedict's o uu>se mrtoises mat he says rort ,, f „„„„„ mul ho KOt; „. „ in lho ; ,., ,„.,„ ^ • ^ -- — £ nilight have wnlk«l a consider- fnTO ,„.„. knockwl hhn ll!lt , AYlu>11 tho V, ., np , w , MlIKir< R ,,_ fllp Xow yorl- Her tanco on thir ks i :, ' : ground. He saw spe- 1U1<1 his ac nto the box. . - 1U1< s ^ nm c out of his hand . He ,,,, 1]] enedict's recollections of what 1 1 111 ?* '?'° 1 ' 1(> lollfr ' fo ! u> iuul ll hnK ' wa« a. littl da/.ed at fii-sl, but he soon strap afler (hat are voiy dim. He j f "? i W ' ", IMl Inonmim "ff 1hlw i(;( ' (; oollocted lite senses, and sa,w sitting on ear a of a, quince tree a fejw n The spring .of 1SSO is a memorable one to/iriiig through a volume of Haine that in the history of nianiy portions of the sooiwd endless—flame that burned liis Dakotas, The amount of rain in the (> yes. his nostrils,, his throat, and scoivh- fall and llu- snowfall of the Aviuter pro- j w1 " ceding kid been very slight, indeed, and there Avore no spring rains to encourage the farmers. The creek beds and coules Avere dry, tho lake-beds and tine sloughs wei-o as innocent of Avater as pOAvder magazines, and the matted grasses and roods standing in them Avero as dry as was the grass on the prairies. Everything invited tlie lire-fiend, Avhose Avork on the plahis is so swift and thorough—and lie accepted tho, invitation. Prom Avheat regions nj> norl'h came the. tales of his deadly Avork—of counties almost entirely laid Avasto, of hundreds made honrelFss and penniless, Avith nothing left oven AvhercAvith to Avrlng their bread out of the soil. In G— county and its neighbors, how- Sho sat down on the odgo of the bed over, all felt secure; tin; fires Avero far | and put her hands on his shoulders, nortihi of I horn and being gradually o.v- i -"If ye Avant me to, Mort." terminated. Besides they wore in the | He drcnv her face down to his. but Jim River valley; it is curious how inivh | put her at anus' length presently.' remembers driving deeper and deeper ! through the body. Ho was im-; ,.,, 0 ^ _ _ into the teiTible heat and smoke of i "^'f 5 ^ 1 11()l ()Ill - v wlttl> t1lrtl> slxt> ' Ullt feot aAA'a.y two immense white OAvls. Avith then- slj-angc shape.- They had ; j r ,.. Huff' Immediately began to got long ne<iks and serpent-like heads, u , )011 llls too ^ but hc dlduM: ro . loh them _ " 11(1 lmi * U>KS . (for 1urtlc ^ "P O1 . 1 wldch ; >vhen hc ATOS on one knee ready to'seat. fell out of his hand. He ; awihisl. a, man Avho was and her voice reached o\ as sho said. "NoAv please excuse, Avon! you 1 .' The car is so crowded you know." young man silling just opposite her looked up and began to climb out of his toppled ' readly refresh Ina; to stand up !his scat to his own mo- .. lay for some minuti's trying- to remember. Oh, yes; lie Avas in Will Berry's room. He remembered the antlers 'o the Avail and thu Avhite curtains at th , windoAvs. Some one came in softlv i !'; lw , "' J ' oil ' scut Ho off in ponde tlmrs, however, as Mr. Darwin says, nhiK doAATi his face. Wlion ho came to I not to . his mad AA r as up, and he jumped to his the .instant they perceive any ono, they I ^ !ls (nuckly n ' 8 his nf?o \ VO u]d permit !lllcl llollr1 ' iiml ,; him to. Ho had haidly straightened up uttering a deep hiss fall to the ground'; whM1 ,' he owls stinid ' hlm ,,,,. lin . This with a. heaAT thud, as if silrnck dead. ; , illu , (I11O of tho bir(ls k1t hlm in lhc from the next room. It Avas Nellie/and sho came and Jean- , "- 1 ft<lK l" c ' atl .V' " »° W1VR - " S ot "I"' 1 ' j faco, the other sitrack him on the chest od over him. "It's me, Mort, I've boon | L ' bilcks ' ! 1 1K ! 'I 1 ! 0 " givm ? n few j Tho man Avent doAvn once more, tho hero all th' timo.' I thought ye knoAv " mo sometimes. You've boon sick." "Are you hero to stay, Noll—always, I ther, but that arch smllo and delicious voice caused him to lift himself. "Trouldn't think of it— couldn't possibly think of it!" she she pla- cod a hand onhis arm to stop him. The next man found hishoart beating moan'.' faster than usual and he began folding enough to drink. In the smaller islands Then Avas Papa Benedict' Avroth, and ^thereupon did he yivo Avay to naughty, Iprofano Avoids, Avhlle tho young' Bc'iic- licts surrounded the offending calf and brought liim up for judgment. Papa Benedict Avas a- man of pasty temper but easily calmed; HO h'eu the calf Avas tendi-red him at tho |nd of a long ''ojic )n's Avi-dth had de- jpreased several degrees, and ho Avound he rope aiuund his hand and started to lead the calf home. It Avas AA'hilo he was pondering on Syhat to say to tlie calf's OAvner that the plf suddenly remembered a previous engagement, and started in some haste to keep it, heading directly across the Croquet-ground. Papa Benedict Avishod with more dignity than the ; and presently his feet were from under him by a Avicket, confidence the proximity of a. river AA'ill give to the settlor Avho is throa.toued by prairie tiros. Mort I'.cncdicl and his father Avere re- tuniiiig from the county town one clay, having boon in to leave "mother" for a two d;;,v.s' visit and to have the breaking-plow repaired. For a day or two there hail b;'oii iT.mors of tires only twenty miles or so to tho north 1 , and they Avere tall;ing of this as they crossed the bridge four miles from home. As they reached the top of' tho hill on the Avest side of llie river Mort glanced at tlio northern horizon, Avhich Avas not distant, on account of a range of hills run- ni£ east and Avost and— Did his eyes deceive him, or AVIIS that smoke, just rolling up above the line of hi lls V "Look, father!", Iho elder ma,n did so. "Good Heaven, Mort! She's a-coniinii, an' coinin' I' boat thunder, too! We sol. t' race (' save anything!" "But how about th' fond. Noll?" "They ain't no more feud, M'ort.' -II. Kelcham. in the San Francisco Arpo- And they did, but the fire Avas ||e was being handled the Avafc r the yMulrps in Soutli America are supposed lake butter—al the end of a lasso, not look very neat Avhon a feAV later he ivached the Walker ijlco and called his neighbor out. fwas holding tlie calf up short, but 'i temper had slipped its tether and (jsed.hlm to say baicl Avoids, to whlclr Walker replied in kind—AA'hercat Benedict seized a convenient neck- ic and killed lho cause of tho trouble, course tlior Avas a fight and con- lea-able ill-cliosen language; then, as on' as possible, Papa Benedict sued Ipa; Walkor for the damage to his cab- ges, and Papa Wallcer sued Papa Bon- Ijot for tho vnlua of the calf. After gtt they prosecuted eactoi other for as- It and battery; the younger members |both houses "sasseid" each other at fifty available opiiortuuity; Mrs. Walk- iti "'" /a Mrs. Benediot did no rn.ore uelgh- and Mort Benedict and Nellie "busted up" AVith each otlier. js, Nellie broko Avith Moit, Who 1 his part Iuul a Avholesome contempt 1 feuds and such nonsense, and Avould naive ignored the state of affairs, far as Nellie Avas concerned, except the opposition any overtures from [in Avould have received on all sides, jjgjid especially fi-om NeUie. So he had grin and bear it, leaving, hoAvevcr, hostilities to the others, and spealc- pleasantly to any of tlie Walkers racing, too; and AA'heii they drove their panting -horses into the door-yard the flames Avere only a feAV miles aAvay and coining' down at lightning speed. While Tom and Roy saddled their ponies and rounded up the live stock, Mr. Benedict and the throe elder boiys and Bessie, in an incredibly short space of time, put into the two Avagons everything tfliai it was possible to save, after Avhich Hal and George saddled their ponies, joined Tom and Koy AA'ith the herd and the whole procession, headed by tlie two Avagons driven by Mort and his father, moved off at a rapid pace to- Avnrd the river. Then, a ml only then, did Mort notice- that there was no sign of human life about the Walker plate. Ills heart gave a leap. "Bess!" ho said, sharply, "did— did they git away? Did yc notice thenimo- viii' 'round V" The girl's oyes opened Avide. "Oh, Mort! I haven't heard or seen a sign of 'em all day!" "Take them reins. I'm goiu' back an' BIRDS AS ALMS-GIVERS. They Snuport a Deformed Kelloir Spuri-ow With illmust lluiiiiin TeiiilernesH. Wliile summerhig in the town of Jefferson, that dear little lonely village in ,the White Mountains of NCAV Hampshire hi 1892, my room in the hotel opened on a piazza roof shingled. Quite soon after arriving I uoMced three or four , up to a foAA" owls, but ho knew enough hadn't where there arc; no sprnijjs, tho tortoi- |o ]le _ s) j n whllB tldnkln g out „ plnn to sos are obliged to content thomsolvos j ,, ll|hvH them He tllouglll: of Ws doR niul with tho succulent I'ovuviau cnctns and - wllis1 ,, (Hl to hlm . Tlle flop wns nsleop other Juicy plants; but in HK> larger j , n hjs } . oim( $ out baok of tho llolispi ones they travel distances to tho springs Avhich occur in the more elevated contra! parts. From every part of the Sea-coast; broad, Avoll-hoaton paths, He was a big ,lazy animal of the NCAV- l'onndla.ndt species. He heard his mas-1 ter's whistle and shambled out. in the I l:,Avith, belligerent nose. He Tod liis soait to a. ladysinco il, but. in this case It Avas a jlrl Avho, had rofusod throe 3 other and thoro would bo no risk. He rose up. lifted his hat, and ofl'ord the seat. .— ^ ,,,,..., ,,.., )(irs WJ11ST10 nn(l snamiuoxi out; in rue the Sea-coast; broad, woll-hoaton paths, h ^ nion |]le d Kot Wl ,.j lin 10 caiBinnlly mnd(> by the tortoises, con- fM>fc ()f lho taco T) ,, sh |]lo my]s j^. vorge to the mtorior and l«,i<l to- tlio ,-,, (l (1]l , llg , )nok and he moved fnstep witeiinjr-plnwfi. 'll-aveloi-s AV!IO vis- j „ , , , , f . „ a . The farmer Avho raises unifomily A^nion the dog got AVI thin 10 good crops does not suffer much from the fluctuations in price. The. good crop pays a profit over production even ,. -i.i . t i -i ,-, , i i; iniu Iiv ii ited the islands when those paths were I IV( ,, (ioI| (>f used by flie tortoises toll us IIOAV curious it AA r as to see tlie lingo creatures, ono sot; eagerly traveling tOAvard tlie springs Avitli outstretched nocks, and another set; relumling. having " drunk their fill." When a tortoise arrived at, than he had moved for years in Hie di!, yelping painfully Mr. Hull' started to cniAvl tOAvard the when prices are the loAA r est. Any man Avho has spent hours of valuable time trying to locate a. stopped. house 011 liis hands and knees, but he i U p drain tile will appreciate the advice never 'to make under drains Avithotit was brought to a. halt by the owls. They lit on his back and pounded his head and sidos unmercifully Avitli their Avings. Tho old felloAV liad to ac- making a. map locating them, and indicating tho depth at Avhich they are plowing gave the best re-suits; in tho rough-coated and cross-looking young one. Presently I observed that it AVOS no youiif;' ono, but as old a one a.s its companion or older; and that it, Avas being fed because, sad to tell, the poor tiling had-no beak. Not, a bit; of one! it had not lost it; I Hunk it must have boon so hatched from the egg. In place of any beak, 1o pick, or peck or open or shut, Avas a round, bony ring, in and out of Avhich tho little creature's tongue darted nearly all tho time kept out in tlie air. It tried I saw, to use the tongue as a beak in collecting its food; but naturally it could not pick up a morsel of any' thing dry. But it could easily hold Avith this., poor unprotected tongue small morsels of moist food, and swallow them, if once Ilio morsels were put into its mouth, .NOAV tliis 'tender little act 1 saw per- saucy hares that share quarters with thm at Central Park play about and ajl over , them, as if they Avero so many great boulders, Avhich indeed they someAvhat resoinble. Unfortunately for those Galapagos tortoises, the delicious flavor of their moat has long- boon knoAvn; and so it happens that, though tho greed and carollossnoss of mankind they are rapidly disappearing: from the faco of tho earth. formed by one "or another of i casks set in them, Avere diuAAii up here TREADING THE GRNPES. An lutnroHliilg 8<|itll> Ahoutu Vtx.U t.o (iyp- sy I.mid. I Across the Holds, from CA r ery direction,' crept the ox-teams, folloAA'ed by groups j of peasuts, says a Avriter in tho Century.!, Already in the Avuae^gardeus the! Avork had begun; carts, Avith the Aviue- j George M. Miller of Eugene. Ore., THINKS HE CAN FUY. in Allllor'H Ui-otli<n- Is Working on a "Skycynle" of Original ho came into the garden in ansAver to other cases the deepest 4 . „. liis father's calls. He AA'Oke up, hOAA'ev- TO keep barn and stable; doors open or, Avhon ome of the owls came at him ' - - - - AA^lth n squeal. The young man retreated to the house and got hjs gun. AVhon he returned to the garden his father Avas still lying on the ground and tho OAA'ls occupied tho limbs of tho quljioo bush. Young Huff was a crack shot and taking both birds in at long rnjiift'o, ho let both barrels of his gun go at them. They tumbled to the ground dead. The owls Avere very large. One measured ttoee and a half feet across Iho Avings from tip to tip. The other measured a feAV inches less. spent by the Avorld in hunting up sticks to prop doors back would make many years. Yot a simple hook on the bam and stable on tlie door—costing scarcely 'anything—would do the business, Apropos of. hedges A r s, fences an agricultural paper sng'g-osts that yellow locust trees set iu line Avill hold a Aviro at four years old, and may be kept trimmed down to tlie trunk |AVith impunity, thus combining the advantages of hedge and fence. " ','„ Tlio "old beaten track" is not the one that Avill always load us most quickly, or even most surely, to success in agricullurc, NOAV ideas and UOAV methods have come up in every branch, of farm practice during recent years, and many of them have already been chanced Jut meet- see," He leaped from tho AVtvgon and ran back, noting as lie did so IIOAV hot the air liad become and how hoar tlio big wave of smoke Avas. Mrs. Walker, ..singing softly as she? bustled about the kitchen, Avas a bit startled to seo Avho her unannounced visitor Avas. "Mis' Walkor, whero's all your men- folks? No, I didn't come for trouble- only th's a. prairie fire a little Avays off an' coming- down like mad!" Mrs. Walkor sank into a chair. "Oh. heavens! An' father sick abed, an' all th' boys over t' Berry's on a breakhi' bee!" "Good Lord! Aint' I glad I come back! Where's tlie bosses?" "Oh, Mort! Tlhey're all loose hi the paster!" "Git what tilings ye Avantuh save f- gether real quick! They abi't no spare time." Mort tore out of the house like a madman and down to the pasture, not noticing that Nellie had entered the kitchen and Avas staling ait Will open-eyed. Both Mr. Walker's teams Avere composed of animals usually as docile as Jtunbs; but to-day, bunched -togetHiei; in a corner of the pasture, they\ sniffed the coming flames, and 4 seemed to put its companions day by day for several AA r eekjs., Not only I, but many otlier guests in the. hotel saw it. Over and over AVO AA'ould peep out and spy one little feathered ahnsglver and there in a little open space; the AA'hite figures Aveut to and fno< among 1 tho vines; there AVOS a buzz of voices from every side, and IIOAV and then snatches of song. Up and down the broad alloy- after another pick up a fragment of the Avays through the vine-yards Ave strayed, AA r atersoftened cracker .that AVB at once provided, hop up to the unlucky "Mr. Vogel," as Ave called the afflicted sparrow, put the bit into his mouth, and hopped 'aAvay cheerfully, Ayitb the sun burning us AAith fiercer heat as it rose higher and higher, the AA'annlh and the sents of summer everyAvhore on the busy hillside. At each vineyard Ave were ladened Avith fresh burden of a 1 tlie appearance of feeling- pleasure j grapes, AVO ate them as .we went, fling- k * ntl » ess to a Men(i a .brother of .Toamuu Miller the poet, tiled and found good. A preludlce in is now engaged in perfecting .Avliut he favor of oin sllouM uot J calls a skycycle. The skycycle, should it from being protrressivo Itpad «hviv accurately represent the eomyjptlou of progressive. Bead, study and keei> up Avith tho times. Mr. Miller, will closely imitate the y oyr lhllt most of the Tnm ,, flight of a bird. It; is expected to com- Une s fu vu | sll cnre Cill)ill)le of - need. "Mr. chanically. ate the gift me- Oiir hiterest and care of the larder for him made "Mr. Vogel" tame quite speedily. He became used to helping himself, and to helping himself from, a small dish always standing on the sash —greedily helping himself , I 'must confess. And then a curious thing was noticed. The others, little by little, let "Mr. Vogel" alone! They saAV that their care Avas no longer needed. He had friends at court. He grew fat and stout. More than once we sow nojw that his old chums pecked at him, as if they liked him better a pauper on their hands than in improved circumstances. First and last, though, .(hie Avas never .'treated unkindly, though more and more let severely alone, just as is a person In the community of men and Avomen who do not quite fancy liis way of getting his living. Autumn come. We came back to New York Avtth lit. We left "Mr, Vogel" -well,' and as Wg as any bine gieat rising poAver, sustaining- POAV- or, and propelling poiwer. The macliiue, says the San Francisco Examiner, is being- made in harmony Avith the demonstrated theory that if a piano of one superficial foot be passed through tho air horizontally thfe' 1 front edge twelve-fourteenths trousors rolled high above his knees Was Jumping in every Avine 'cask/.the juice in rich reddish streams ''falling ''into tho ing bunch after bunch to the begging gypsy children who romped'.at our-heels | of-iinindv higher" than the bacl^at a Long before noon a man AA'ith lofPseAvhite'lspeofi O f s i x ty miles an hour, it AvUT sustain a Aveight of fourteen pounds and require only ono pound of "push" ..,.,.. . power- to maintain the speed, buckets set beloAV. At noon the smoke TllP skycycle is to have a steel shaft from every camp-kettles rose above the num ing'straight up from the center of vines, and mingled with taie sweet scents of summer was the smell of the midday gulyas. „ As Ave passed the large vine-yards AVQ saAV in each little white house of the guardian a banquet spread, and around the table one of the gypsy bands from the hotel. self-respecting bird be-Ue riaait in roAvs, foua- feet apart each Avay. Plenty of light and air is necessary to their best development. Prune eveiy Spring. Keep the ground melloAV and fertilize moderately. If the bushes are troubled with Insects, dust a little iwnite hellebore powder over the leaves while they are damp, it may be neces^ eaiy to repeat thSi-i several times, but the expense ajnd, trouble are trifling compared with fie fruit p"-' currant growjae f ; tho Avhoel for about a dozen from tiie pedals, the whple smtnounted by t\A r o sejts of fans or' iflngers placed hoilzontally one above "the other. The stel shtift is made in three parts, one within the otlier, and the main or drive AA'heel is provided Avith cogs and is moved by means of pedals and hand cranks The drive Avheel operates upon two miter Avheels— one fitted to ill'. Ifrfo of itha steel shaft ami the- enough baled hay to make a minimum load, Western hay is more generally found upon the NOAV York and other Eastern markets, and a UCAV outlet is found for this Western crop. Tho farmer of the AVost, to meet the requirements of these markets, must see that the hay is gotten up in good shape and baled "straight." Whatever depression there may have in other at tlm top of the drive wheel 1 to anilber shaft. When tae drive AvU-jel Is pm in motion the Jaas are set to revolving, each series Jn opp&- site direction^, "TJie geailng gives' ' ' to in England. At a recent farmers' meeting In Maidstone, England, Mr. J. Harbridge reported a number of actual sales as compared AA'ith sales and offers on the same property in past years', On- farm that Avas sold years ago'for $260,000, sold Avithin the last four months for $70,000. Another owner refused, an offer tjwenty years ago lor $30,000, and .within the last year eoid 'for. $8,500. Evidently the cause? of {agricultural depressions ore not local. ' It is related tiiat a cottager near •Fantogford said one day to his clergy- , tjw / thei? outej " »<They me that this here post."

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