The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 9, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1891
Page 4
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THE The Upper DCS Moines BY INGHAM A WARttEN. T«rm« fit thf. Upptt DM HofnM: Ofl« jrWtf.-., .................... 11.80 Oii«eopy,*lx month* ...................... 1J> On* copy, three wonth», ........... . ...... 49 Bftnt to ftny addreflt at ttbove r«(«*.< Bomlt by draft, money order, e*i>rwm order, Ofpofttftl note At Mir Hale. lute* of ftdveKIMng tent on application. Mtt. Ctlfftt* WILt, ItK f After a two day*' congressional Ac* ocratlc caucus, and on the 30th ballot, Crlop of (leorgla received n majority vote of the members and will be elected speaker to succeed Thoa, B. Re*ed. Springer of Illinois, Hatch of Missouri, and McMillan of Tennessee were candidates, n,nd tholr votes finally went to Crlop an against Mills of Toxa*, the great frco trade champion and President Cleveland'* warm friend. Mr. Crlop in accepting his victory Bald that It moans no ot«p backwards in tariff reform. Hut there arc vnrloun Ideas of tariff reform, and his HUCCOSH undoubtedly means that the radical wing of tiro democracy to which our Iowa delegation belongs muot take a back Boat, TCvcry Iowa democrat wim for Mills from the start. All tho radical aritl- protcctlvo congressmen woro for hlrn. TIo WIIB understood to represent tho do- HlreB of Clovoland. On tho othor hand Crip IH what In known an a Randall democrat, had the warm support of tho Now York Sun, and IH very coriHorva- tlvo on tariff changon. The oiitcorno of tho Hlriigglo will have an Important bearing on tho national convention next year. For tho fli-Hl, tlrno it lookn aa though Cleveland's Inlluonco wua waning, and that tho democrats will ovado tho tariff and light on silver un& othor IHHIICH. an awful agency of Intimidation or destruction. Hand In hand with this uprising of anarchy comes the disgrace of the great name of Weld, through the rascality of the trusted son of Cyrus W., "who laid the cable." No assets can fee found while $3,000,000 of llaWlities ar* piled up. Like Grant, Field's last day« are clouded in financial ruin and family disgrace. Thus it seems that the outbreak of crime is confined to no class, and that in high places as well as low rascality and dishonesty are found. In fact it seems true that anarchy is about as prevalent at one extreme of tho social order as at the other. The details of life among the English aristocracy have again boon published In a divorce suit against tho worthless descendant of the great Lord John IluBsoll, and like the late expose of the true character of tho prince of Wales, they show a lack of character, or dignity, or respect for tho decencies of life, not to be outdone among the red flag visitors at Grief's hall in Chicago. A great deal of horror is excited among all chwuoB at the criminal outbreaks of the Ignorant and vicious poor. And yet In view of the Field case, and some of tho recent bank failures In this country, It IB perhaps not surprising that the Ignorant imd needy should decide that crime Is both profitable and fashionable. a.i.m i i irniiinaaiMa^a AMOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, $ mi lose it in the crowd at ft horse MM*, «s- pedally if he bet on the wrong fcowe. Bat If be ha* the root of tne matter in Urn he will be like the old propnet, who wmtcfeed the driving of Jehn; J«t a* good then And there M ever." The Carroll Herald says in view of the invitation extended by the World's Fair management for Iowa to famish 800 militiamen : " Now let onf legislature appropriate a sufficient amount to equip oar national guards In a manner that will reflect credit to our great state." hiatft kbtmt *«rf ncBKToai c&er t*ffe*. m*kinf, Ever? iataUig«at f*«x» ia low* Will need a Des Molnw r*i*r fete winter that will gite w*npS«* c«t>den**d report* of the It ia reported that a Dubuque man has boon visiting Germany and has discovered the secret process for white enameling pottery, known only to " will locate a factory first In this country. that country, in Dubuque, He the The Fort Dodge Times has the following item of interest: " Hon. J. P. Dol- llver started for the seat of national legislation, Tuesday evening. He carries with him the frame-work of several bills he will Introduce the first working day of the session." TIIINCJH WOll'I'll TUINICINM OK. Tho Blalo UoglHtor, dlscusMlng the opportunities open In Iowa, says: " Iowa IH tlio very host and (ihnnpnstmllk. iirodnulng country In tlio world, and yot the staUi has no mlllMiondoiiHlnK faotorlus. Tlioro are very fow moro profltahlo ontur- iirlsns than milk condensing, and It Is.mi Inviting Hold for farmm-H 1 organisations and towns doHlrlng to build up tholr lionio marlcot, Good evidence of tho profits In that hiiHlnuHH IH glvon In Uio Halo of the five chief inllk-iioiiiluimlng fuctorloB operating uwlor the Jiordon patent In Uio United HlutoB, located ul, ICIjfln and Curponturs ylllo. 111., and Drowsier, Wiissulc, and Wuldon, N. Y., to an JiJngllsh syndicate for *I5.0I)0,(XK), as ruprirluilln a dispatch In tho (Jhlcago Horald, Nearly ovory siniill town In fowaoan huvouinllk-eondotwliig, stiiruh, miming, mout-packlng, friilt-dr.ying, or Homo other factory, by tins Invostmeiit of comparatively mimll capital, and tho necessary knowledge anil (inlorprlso to make any llUHlllOSS HIICMIHHflll. 'J'llC OPPOL'lUllltluS lif lowa'H towns and limited." opportunities of people are almoxl un Ifivory HiiggoBllon mndo )).y tholtogls- tor IH olio which could bo profitably (JOUHldorod In Algonn, or any town In this part of tho Htato. Not only for milk (HiiiduiiHlng, but for each of tho liu'lusti'ltm (iniimoratod tlio rnw malorl- nl IH produced horo olioajior than uny- wliuro olwix Ami whoro tlio raw male- rial alMiumlH, why nliould not convorl- Ing It Into tlio manufaoturod product bo iirolltubloy JUijKirtH from l^ort :i)odgo Indicate- that tho largo and woll- Inillt oatmoal mill IH bolilml In H,H or- (loiu ^I'lio KinmotHliurg packing IIOUHO IB imablo to liandlo all tlio hogs' It can got. Whorovor factorkw bavo boon OH- tiibllHhod to UHO any of tlio prodmstH.of thlH Hootlon, they aro Invariably HUC- ooHHful. At Hampton tho oxporlmonl of iiiiiklng iiliiiuluum from clay IH undor headway, backod by HiilUcloiil capital, and In MilH, HH In do/oiiH of .otbor dl- roolloiiH, tlio opportunity IH upon for Hiifo and prolltablo doyolo|)iiiout of IIUH- IIIOHH. It IH roawonablo that .fnotorloH for coiiyortliig raw Hhould Huecsoiul boBt whoro tlio produotH aro iiumt abuiiilant. II, IH an corlaiu that tho oiitiuoiil, Htaroli, imnnlng, iiillk-con- tloiiHlng, IIH woll IIH bultor, ami -ohooHo, mill iiioat-paoldiig faolorloH will lluil tholr bo«t homo In Iowa IIH that wo liavu tho bi>Hl all-around ngrloultural Htiilo. Whoro tboKo limtltutioim dovol- opo (loponilH onllroly iijion tho. ontor- prlHo and inmh of towns and oountloH. ICoHBiith ban iiuulo a big utrlilo townrdB tho front IIH a butter-making county. Why Hbould H!IO not ItJiid In any of tlio otbor equally doHlrnblo Ilium of manufacturing wlili-h imo tlio raw of tho farmV C-'OMK Ul> TO ALOONA. Tho Carroll Herald wants a Tenth dlHtrlot cdllorlal association, and says: "Woshould like to »oo .the newspaper men of tho Tenth district organize and hold rojfiilar ineptlnpi. Such an organization in the Fifth district has boon promotlvc of much good among tho brethren." Technically tho Herald Is correct for tho Upper Dos MolncH asssociatlon, wo guess, does not take in tho wholo district. But for all practical purponcH it COVCI-H tho tcrrllory, and invites every brother editor in tho vicinage to join. Corno up to Algona, Bro. Hunger-ford, to tho January meeting and see what is bolng done. Tho date is not fully settled, but will bo probably the 28-21)lh, and tho committee Is now at work on tho programme. Tho association had a big mooting at Emmclsburg lost win- tor, addressed by Johnson Brigham, and tho mid-tmmnrar meeting at Fort Dodgo was a memorable journalistic ovont In Iowa, Sam. Clark, Dolliver, O'Connoll, Yeoman, Eugene SchaiTter, and othor-H.joining in the literary pro- grammo. Come up Bro. Hunger-ford. Algona will see to it that you have tho going, and If Carroll is not now in The Humboldt Blade notes that: "Different districts demand different campaign plans. Over In Wisconsin at the last congressional election a man by the name of Babbitt was nominated in the first district, and to the surprise of everybody, was elected. He attended all the political meetings in his district and his entire speech was as follows: 'If you want a man to go to Washington and vote for low taxes, send me. If you want a man to vote for high tuxes, send the other fellow.' The district was 8,000 republican but Babbitt was elected. The republican convention must have had the success of Babbitt In mind when it nominated Wheeler at Cedar Koplds. But it is now plain that the Babbitt method will not work in this state. proceedi»£S of the JefwUtnr* mad mil the general news of (be state mnd world. The low State Register has w> competitors ia these line*, or in practical horOcnUor* and •ertealtare. Prof. BwW Is «h« acknowledged horticultural anthoritor of the world. He Is dotnp more to derdop the fnjit-grow- Inc interests of the state 1h«c all other persons, and h!s department in The Register is aneqnaJled in interest and ratae by any other paper. In all respects the Register is the best and most complete newspaper published for Iowa readers. Its subscription price Is onljr f I per yew. tt can be obtained in connection with THE UPPER DES MOISES for *3 for both papers one year, if orders are left at this office. > i The publishers of the Homestead, the weekly 3* page agricultural paper of Des Moines, Iowa, edited by a practical farmer, inform us that they will send their paper from now until Jan. 15,1S92, free of charge, •to every farmer, not already a subscriber, who will send his name and address plainly- written on a postal card to the Homestead company, Des Moines, Iowa. The copies will be absolutely free, and will be sent to any fanner to enable him to judge for himself of the merits of the Homestead as a paper devoted to his special interests. On the 15th of January the paper will be discontinued unless subscribed for in due form. DANIELS TOOK THE SWAG. West fiend's General Hustler Decamps with $12,000 to $15,000 of Other People's Cash. And Likewise Kept the Key to the Cash Box—Our Sister Town is Well Shaken Up Over tt. Gco. Barker, a Burlington railroad employe, wa» Injured last summer by striking against the wooden awning of the platr form at Uio Hotel Orleans. He sued the company and the Jury last week gave him $7,1100. An old letter of Henry Ward Beecher has been lately published: "My Dear Friend: No, I never did begin a sermon with the remark that 'It is d—d hot,'ete. It u story a hundred years old, revamped every few years to suit some new man. When I am dead and gone it will be told to the rising generation respecting some other man, and then, UB now, there will be fools who will Bwcur that they hoard it." HKXHV WAHB BEECIIEH. IS THIS HEIGH10BHOOD. The Dunlap Bros, of Ledyard raised 9,500 bushels of flax from 720 acres. Emmetsburg Democrat: Some one tried to break into H. J. Wilson's residence one evening- last week. From present indications there will be 700 fowls exhibited at tho poultry show at Odebolt which begins today. Corwith Crescent: Miss Ollie Wilkinson of Algona was visiting Mrs. F. M. friends here over Dom Pedro is dead, ilcd emperor of Brazil. He was the ex- HKM AltKAHhK 1,'IUM K.S. Koadors of Donnolly's "Cu'Hnr's Column" will bogln to hollevo from KOUIB of tho events of tho punt, fow weeks, that foaturos of hln oatiu'lamn aro uom- Ing on oarllor than they woro ndvor- tltied. A whorl time ago oxprows rob- 1)01'* sloppod tho Milwaukee train near Chiiuigo and rlllod it, Later a train has boon stopped in the suburbs of St. Louis and robbod, and in noltlun- oaso have the porpotrators boon captured. A fow days ago a ohild of Baukor Uwil of Kansas City was abducted, and ho paid $5,000 in wish for its roturn. A week ago an hrmmo man shot throo times at Dr. John llall/tho groat Pros- bytorran divine of Now York, fortunately without oiTiH't. Last \\-eok tho most signiiUvnt eriiuo of all was tho dynu- uilte explosion in Kussoll Hugo's otnVe. A man called on this many timos mil- lionairo, demanded $l,^oO,tXH), and us Sago loft hinulroppodiu-artridtfo which killed himself und four others, wrecked theottlcos, and badly Injured Mr. Sago, What such u crime portends for men of grout wealth, can bo imagined. Tho terrible ofHouoy of dymuuito and its concealment umke it in tho hands ' half ortizy or wholly dosporato men I tho llmltH of the organisation they will bo extended with great satiHfactlon to take In Iowa's "mod«l weukly." ' TMK HI'KAKKItSIIJI' .SCHA.MJJLK. The attitude of tho New York democratic dallies shown what lack of harmony llioro IH among iho democratic; niaimgoi-H. Tho Tlinos in Clovoland'H organ and tlio froo trado loader In the United Stales, It him i,, xn V ory vigor- oimly for Mills of TOXIIH booaiiHo IH; in n froo trader, and IH against the silver inon. It said: " If tho question were to ho dooldt-d on UB merits, this of ItHolf would Bottle it In favor or Mr. Mills, hut the corrupt Interests that have (ixcollont roiiBOn to defeat Mr. Mills who IH at once too clear-headed and too un- rlKht to bo of any use to them, do not work npcnly against him." ThlH amounts to Haying thai tlio dom- otu-alH huvo Homo protective tarllT " rob- IIOI-H" In camp. The Herald, which does not bollovo HO Htrongly In frco trade Clovoland theory, said: "Tho people do not want thoguvol placed in tlio hands of a demagogue free trader or a .fanatical protectionist. If tho selec- tion.of Mr. MlllH or uny ether oxtremlBt IB Ins stod upon, a oyolono will bo started whliih will result In cunning ovory democrat In the United Stales to put stones In his pocket to Icoop'hlm on the earth." Thou tho Sun, which IH the organ of tho protectionluta and of (Joy. Hill, nald: "As In IKTfi and again In 1881), tho democracy rotiinw to power In congress noxt Monday, hoarlifg from the people of HI|B timmtry a comnilsslon to give this country honest, economical democratic government lu this mission Mr. Kogor Q. Mills and his I roe traders have no part and no Interest whatever, Tho froo Irader from TOXIIH has no more conception of the oillouov and political valtio of Holnmn's life-long light HOW TO GET GOOD BEADING. UK» liiHt cerruptlnii and exlravuKunco than a llBlituli uKu IIIIK: haw of tho olKhth ooininand- All I'nporH and Periodicals at u c - (liiiiod Kntns When Tnkcn With tile Upper DHH Af oIiieH-WImt Is OlTcred. Tiu; UI-I-KK DKH MOIXKH is able to offer the Atlantic Monthly and a year's subscription for 1S92 for #.75. The price of the Allan tic is ROO. This old standard liter- ury magazine of the United States offers the following prospectus for the year: Don Orslno, Mr. p. Marion Crawford's new Bt-rlul novel; Studies of Marked Men, on George Bancroft, by W. M. Sloane; Orestes A. Brownson, by George Parsons Luthrop; John listen Cooke, by Thomas Nelson Pago, etc.; An American ut Home in Europe, by William Henry Bishop; Lowell in London, u brilliant urtielo by Mr. Henry James; Letters of Notable Men, Joseph Severn und his correspondent will be tho first of the series. Studies of American Cities, descriptions of the cltlcB which huve tho groulcBl Influence on American life; Pupers on Jupun; Improvement of Town Life, Pupers on purks, museums of art, free libruries. Single Number Btories uro arranged for, from Suruh Orne Jewett, Octavo Thunct, Kllen Olnoy Kirk, Margaret Delund, Joel Chundler Hurris und others. Educational Topics, especially tho education of girls and women, will bo fully considered. Books tlmt uro Talked of, eritlcul rovknvB by export scholars In various departments. Terms: Four dollars u year, In advance, postage froo; 85 cents a number, With new life-Bl/.e portrait of Lowell, und also portraits of Hawthorne, Emerson, Longfellow, Bryant, Whltllor, or Holmes, *. r >; each additional portrait 81. The November and December numbers Bent froo to now subscribers whoso subscriptions for IHtia aro received before December 30th. 41 * ' «"** -'J-io. J.VIUC IJI Algona came up to institute a thorough investigation of the kind of turkf-v l'V«m those throo uliaraotorlHtlo ut- toranoea Uio render can HOO what forces aro al work at headquarters, and In tho light of them judge of tho Mlgnllloanco of the outcome of 'tho (monitor-ship eon- lew t. Wo publish Ihls week Uio annual an- nouucomuiit of tho Stuto KoglHtor, That Htulwurt orguu of ronubUi-unlmu hat) Just oomplutod Its yut your undor OlnrkHon miinuKwnoiit, ami outers tho now year with 0110 of tho bout now prooNt's .and outllts now miulo. Tho (lino of arrival, and amount of news, make tho dally tho most doslrablo pauor Unit oojnos to AIRC.IM, whilo thoprioo uf tho weekly mnkos Its visits almost Indispensable to fiirmors gouwully. Tho lioiflstw will be a gooil paper to soouro for 181U. Senator Funk ooinmonts on tho work Livfo Young hits done on Uio DOB Molnoa Capital. From iiu unknown llttlo pupor ri<prcsontliig Kast Des Moinos, ho has «l von it u state reputation, and is rapidly making it un evening daily which Is unrlvallod for news and erisp comment. The weekly Capital eoines at so low a rtito that till can afford to have It, and get state capital news in the best possible shiino. Tnts Uri'Ku Dus MOINKS and Capital cost but $3 u your. Sam. Clark answers tho question whether a uuiu can attend a horsa race and bo a Christian: " Well, that dopomla. if a man Is only u little bit of a Christian, Ills religion badly put on with poor glue, he ruitfut The Christinas number of St. Nicholas has before it every year the task of breaking tho record. Not only must tho current numbers ho Improved upon, but tho past Christmas numbers must bo cast, if Pardee and other Sunday. Mason City Republican: Mr. Frank Ijicoulm of Algona, and proprietor of the Bee Hive store of this city is spending this we«k in town. According to the Mirror, Clear Lake people will soon vote on extending the city hmrts, and will also organize a stock company for putting in an electric light plant. Eagle Grove Gazette: Last Sunday Wa ? n™ tber P usbin £ day on thedivision, and 206 cars of stock, as well as much dead freight, were landed in Tama Cold weather seems to have started the stock along. West Bend has raised the monev for a creamery to be located there. West Bend last year gave $600 to help secure a bridge three miles southwest of town in Pocahontas county. West Bend is progressive. Elmore Post: Mr. and Mrs. Rice of horou; T ij -r* "~ — •*.*.%* of turkey Lawyer Pangburn would have on riianksgivmg. They returned home, Saturday morning, well pleased with the result of the investigation. Webster City Herald: A noted poli- ir.r.Mt^Vi. • afdtriil ', aljle exactness has located the infernal regions 20 miles from Webster City. This is really a mean underhanded stab at that center of morality and virtue, indicated on some of the older maps as Fort Dodge. Kossuth acquaintances of a former Wesley teacher, J. H. Quick, will bo interested in the following item from last Thursday's Sioux City Journal: .J. H Quick Is homo from Mason City whither he was called last Friday bv the serious illness of his father. Before he could reach Mason City his father died. Ho was one of tho pioneers of central Iowa and at the time of his death had reached tho ripe age of 70. EBthervillo Republican: Tho B C U. & N. nay roll at Eslhorville for'ocl tobor, which was received last weok was the largeHt in Ihe company's history al Ibis division. It amounted to over W.OOO, and this-does not include tho salaries of officials or train dispatchers. Tho average roll for the past year has boon -aboul $8,000 nor Th?« ?' tt1nlc ° 1 8 ftln ovw Previous years. I. his is a handsome pile of cash to drop Into a town ovory month. The Sioux City Journal last Thursday l.fl Mm fnlmiiM»ir* !i<i»» ..i L .1 . J The following dispatch in the Cedar Rapids Republican explains itself: WIST BEND, Dec. 5.—This city is considerably stirred up over the discovery of the disappearance of T. M. Daniels, manager of the West Bend Lumber company, and cashier of the Exchange National bank. The last seen of him was last Tuesday night, and it is supposed he is now sojourning in Canada. Daniels has lived here about two years, and his methods were to organize companies and sell stock in shares of $100 each. He then borrowed money to declare a dividend, the first of which was 25 per cent. This gave his company a great boom and stock sold at an advance. He then plucked up courage and started a bank and by renewed energy secured the confidence of the community and finally secured a partner, who took $5,000 worth of bank stock. This partner was Slye of Independence. Business continued to flourish until Wednesday morning, when Slye was surprised to find the outer doors of the safe unlocked, and then an investigation was instituted, when it was discovered that Daniels was missing. It is not definitely known how much money Daniels took with him, but it is supposed to be $12,000 or $15,000. Daniels has been traced to Emmetsburg, where he left three children with their grandmother, borrowed $300 from his uncle, and vanished out of sight. More of the Details. In a letter from Emmetsburg, yesterday, about the affair, the following facts are stated for the readers' of THE UPPER DES MOINES: "Pull particulars of the Daniels matter are not at hand, as he is not in correspondence with his friends just now, and as he also has both keys to the inner doors of the bank safe with him. What appear to be the most reliable estimates seem to indicate that he got away with some 85,000 or $6,000 He organized the West Bond Lumber company in the fall of 1889, and in connection has at times bought hay, grain, and hogs. All along he was regarded by most people as being tricky and unsafe.- Last fall he made it appear that the lumber yard had been prosperous and the company declared a 2o per cent, dividend. On account of this dividend it is claimed that friends of Mr Slye, his partner in the bank, induced that gentleman to put some money into the 1 lumber company, and to furnish the capital used in the bank. The annual meeting of the lumber company was to occur soon and Daniels, fearing he would be ousted, has been making desperate efforts to absolutely control a majority of the stock, but couldn't make it. It now turns out that for a short time back he has been making unusual ef- rorts to collect on account of the lumber company—would accept almost any cash he could get. How much he did get is as yet unknown, but whatever it was he has no doubt taken it with him—since his departure a bundle of the banks drafts drawn to pay eastern bills for the company, and that were supposed to have been sent off, have been found pigeon-holed in Mr, Daniels' . - pigeon _ _ desk. Tuesday before Daniels left he"made excuse that ho had changed clothes and had leu his key to the inner doors of the bank safe, and on this pretext got the other key fronl Mr. Slye. There is a story that he sold nis stock in the lumber company while he was on his way to John J. Watson cashier of the First National bank of Em- motsburg, for $1,500 in cash and some balance in notes. It is not imagined that the bank was carrying a very heavy line of deposits, as Daniels has always been largely distrusted, though we hear that a Mr Campbell claims to have some $000 in Daniels is a son of tho M. D. Daniels, who earlier '70s. Has boon married, los" his wire during the past summer. Has three children, one of them born shortly before tho mother's death. Those he has apparently abandoned—bringing them to their grandparents at Emmotsburg the night be- The loss will fall heavily on Mr. Slye week. The case Involves 160 acres of land, tree claim in Kossuth county. The question Is whether the contestee, Mr. Neff, has the requisite number of" trees on the claim. The evidence : m very voluminous, consisting of 300 ty'pe\ written pages. Col. S. S. Sessions' of\ Algona and A. C. Dudley of Des Moiaes appe'ar for Brougher, and F.. M. Taylor of Algona and Judge Bishop for Neff. The case was continued jmtii January 19 before the register and receiver of the Des Moines laud office.' 1 HtJMBOtJ)T GETS THE MEETHf& The town Stock Breeders' and. Oth* ei- Associations ^ViU jieet at That Place Next Yenr-Enterpl-lse WlnSi No action having been taken by the« citizens of Algona or the county to secure the annual stock breeders' meeting which was lost a year ago on a tie vote, a few consulted and persuaded J. W. Wadswortb to attend the meeting at Waterloo and urge Algona as a location for next year. He arrived on the ground and had everything going "merry us a marriage bell," when Humboldt came down with a swoop and showed what u little enterprise will do. Col. Smart, S. H. Taft, Al. Adams, Farmer Coilen and others all made speeches to the committee, maps had been prepared, resolutions were presented which had been adopted by the board of supervisors urging the stock breeders to come, and also resolutions from the city council. The result was that on a vote of six to four they beat us again. Mr. Wads worth made a liberal offer for Algona, all the chances, but the number'of smooth talkers from "down the creek" were too many for him. This location of the meeting at Humboldt will shut us out for several years, as the gather- < ing will not come twice in succession to the same territory. This outcome shows that Humboldt, like all our neighbors, is awake and is after everything that will be of benefit to the county. It sbows also that the people co-operate to accomplish results, and take steps in time. Algona should not have lost this meeting. The Waterloo meeting was well attended and the discussions were of great value. Mr. Wadsworth returned 1 Friday morning. Following" are items ' or importance in the various associations: The Stock Breeders' Meeting. The chief meeting of the week opened Wednesday with addresses by Henry Wallace of the 'Homestead and " Tama ~ Jim" Wilson. Wednesday State Dairy Commissioner Tupper read a paper on " Portions of Our State Best Adapted to Dairying." W. P. Young of Mt. Pleasant read a paper on " Profitable bheep Husbandry/' The other papers on the programme were "Best Swine Ration," by Prof. Kent of the Agricultural College; "Poultry," by C. F Hayne; " The Future Short-horn," by . W. W. Fall, and one on "Wintering- J Horses," by Prof.Curtiss. I Humboldt was chosen as the next"N place of meeting and the following offl- I/ cers were elected: President, C S " Barcla,y West Liberty; vice-presidents, ana the lumber company, wrecking both financially. possibly i i , ay had tho following item about the singer ' over so slightly, lu tho shade. Upon considering tho diftloulty of tho task, the wonder cannot but grow auoh your us it is successfully aouoinpllsheil. This year wo huvo u true Chrlstinus story for tho beginning, It is written by Ella F. Mosby und Illustrated by lllrch. Tho plot Is based upon tho mooting ut an old English hostelry of the retainers of York and Lancaster families during tho Wars of tho Hoses. •4 -- »The Christmas Century is something more than tho usual number of this magazine under u holiday numo. Ills porvudou with tho spirits of Christmas, und both directly und indirectly touches upon the Christmas celebration. This charuotoristlo is llrst. evident In tho cover, u now uuii spoclul design, drawn by Ooorgo Whurton Kilwimls, ami printed In gold and brown on white. The frontispiece Is a reproduction of tho painting of "Tho Holy Family" by Dnniond, u young American urtist, who presents in this picture uu original conception of the subject. -<"t- Why don't you drop u postal curd to the Weekly Onto City, Kookuk, lowu, for a sample copy, and see what valuable premiums it otters this year! -M- An oM friend in a now dress, and an article that has coiuo to bo one of tho in- Utsponublos of uu editor's desk, comes to Uaud in the Columbia Dally Calendar for 181)3. This is tho seventh issue of this now well known calendar. It comprises nota- ln Algona this week: Augusta Ohrstrom, the beautiful singer, and hor concert company leave this morning for Spencer, Iowa. They have had a week of rest here and start out refreshed. The programme of the company has been reconstructed and ??i w c ,o' ltlllr18 some operatic scones, with M ss Ohrstrom and others in the casts, Miss Ohrstrom expects to return to Sioux Cily before long when she will receive a hearty greeting from its music lovers. He Has A Good Name. LuVorne News: THE UPPER MOINES calls upon us to DES name our champion corn busker, and we respond by saying that his name is Exel Voig— a short name, but an exceedingly hard one to "shuck 11 in English. Exel is short in statue also, but when it comes to husking corn and lots of it, our word for it, he is no nubbin. Apple Snlo Up North. Bancroft Register: Mallory & Hoflus sold a carload of apples last Saturday in about two hours and still the people were calling for more. The apples got nipped by the frost and were sold for $1 per barrel. the city. The is enjoyed by -V Golden Wedding In Kossuth, Corwith Crescent: Mr. and Mrs. Reed were visiting- his parents, over Sunday, who live at Irvington and who will soon celebrate their golden wed- drng. His father, W. H. Reed'sgrand- father, is still living also. Chniu-o For Divorce Cases, Emmetsburg Reporter: A skating rink has been opened up in Algona, and the newspapers predict extra business for the divorce courts in consequence. ( PHYSICAL OULTUBE IN SEATTLE. Miss Anna Goodrell of Dos Molnos and Her Work. The State Register hasaclippingfrom the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about physical culture in the public schools. As the teacher, Miss Goodrell, was at our county institutes for- two years, many will be interested in the report from her present location. " The work of physical training is now getting well •under way in the public schools, and both teachers and pupils are becoming much interested in it. The special teacher, Miss Anna Goodrell, by devot- rng all her time to it, can only give a twenty-minute lesson once every two weeks in each room. But Miss Good- roll directs the work which is carried on by the regular teachers during the rntorvals between her visits. The exercises are taken up for five minutes each morning and each afternoon in every school room in " time spent in this way teachers and pupils alike, for ft "affords an opportunity for movement and the expression of that restlessness which everyone feels after sitting still for an hour- or two. Most adul;s can recall how they used to fidget about in their seats and stretch and yawn, feeling as if the morning or afternoon never would come to an end. The exercises relieve thrs oppression and enable the boys and grrls to return to their books with fresh zeal. The classes are now becoming well drilled, and go through the motions like clockwork. Miss Goodrell, who serves as an excellent example of the fine figure and grace to be acquired by the practice, has succeeded splendidly as a teacher, and has im P^ 1>te( i much of her own enthusiasm to the scholars." THE KOSSUTH TBEE CLAIM CASE. Continued at Des Moines Until Jan. 10—A Matter of Importance to Many. The State Register of Saturday has the following item: "The case of Brougher vs. Neff has been on trial before the laud office in Des Moines tbis , W> ^r° Un8rT V M ^ Plea ^nt, C. M. Norton, Wilton, H. B. Kelly, Vinton,L. M. Van Auken, Mason City, A. V. Stout, Parkersburg, W. H, Jordan, Des MoinesrHon. W^ 9. Mitchell, Corning, H C. WaUace, Orient, L. S. Coffin, Ft Dodge, Hiram C. Wheeler, Odebolt; secretary and treasurer, G. W. Franklin, Atlantic. The Swlno Breeders. The Iowa State Swine Breeders 1 sociation adopted resolutions which dorsed Secretary Rusk's efforts for _ tending the foreign market for Ameri- as- en- ex- and ' Tow,, l • PV a PP ro P«'iation from the te^wlatureforanlowa stock ex- World's Fair; recited the experience showed inoculation fact as a preventive for hog cholera was IKtSK StUC ? ess f u1 ' a "d asked that rWuS, f *T, te ™ nftrian be "^nested to make further investigations, and if they were successful that the legislati re be asked to establish a bureau of inocula- f« farmers who are nontod shall furnish free to the competent to use it Lytle of Oskaloosa was ap- .iPJ 1 !?^! 1 *^. 0 ' matters in F^r e w»'ls ; S ; ?£ W?£l" re ' Mcl W ' W ' MoSV" ^^j^jsszb Short-horn Breeders The association of Iowa short-horn breeders elected the following officers- President, Dan Sheehan, Osage- vice- presidents, L. S. Coffin, Ft. Dode-e Wiley Fall, Albia, M. Flynn, Dea Moines; secretary and treasure)-, C. W l i&thisfsu'r ^ w e v ors ' , B: „, T Tne Wool Growers. The Iowa Wool Growers r « Grove Gazette: Ledyard Bta- Resor as agent. A stock will end. on the north Ano " ler »«Htary epicuous upon our streets to be ,„.,, r-«vo. His ff 'th much interest. out consultation ut the Y^'ftMpfc*^

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