The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1893
Page 7
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Tim U!*Pgtl_ggjAlQtNttS,.ALCjOVA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,1893 M FOOD MADE ME SICK. 'First 1 bad pdlns In iny back and chest, then nl feeling at the stomach, and when t would it, the first t*ste would «ke me deathly tick. Of if B« I ran down rapidly, lost 36 pounds. JAy ;nd family were mnch ed and 1 expected my on earth would bo ort. But a friend ad- filed me to take Hood'H arrtparllla and loon Mj came back, I ati lly without distress, gained two pounds a week. I took 8 bottles of .ood's Barsapafllla and never felt better In my |tay 0. O t Aber, 'Hood's *K Cures plfe. To-day I am cured and I give lo Hood's i8areapar.illa the whole praise ot it." 0. 0. ABEII, f grocer, Oanlsteo, N. Y, » HOOD'S PILLS cure Nausea, Sick Headache, j. Indigestion) BlllousneBS. Bold by all druggists. It Onm Cold«,C«u(f hi.C^re Thraat,Croap,Inlh*M- 11,'WTioopInf Dough, WonchitU and Asthma. A tcrtaia cure for Consumption In first stajet, ud • snro relief in advanced nUjet. Use at one*, T*« will see the •zoellent tffeot altar taklnr *• tntdo«». Sold bj denUr* eTerywhtr*. WMUt M «tati tad $1,00, Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, .Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, liead- tches and fevers and cures habitual lonstipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy or its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ita many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60c and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who Irishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FRANOISOO, OAL, UOUtSVILLE, KY. HEW YORK, H.V. A Ruddy Glow on cheek and brow is evidence that bo,dy getting proper nourishment. When this glow of health is absent assimilation is wrong, and health is letting down. Scojt's Emulsion taken immediately arrests waste, regardless of the cause. Consumption must yield to treatment that stops waste and builds flesh anew. Almost as palatable as milk, Prepared by Soott it Boirne, W, f. All drugglata. Scrofula Mrs. B. J. Rowell, Medford, Mass., says her mother has been cured of Scrofula bytheusoof four bottles of VSSVSj after having bad much other tro KHUviiBH atiuent, and being reduced to qul »»siaia»»i»»i te a j ow condition of health, aa It was thought she could cot lire. INHERITED SCROFULA, Cured ray little boy of hereditary Scrofula, which appeared all over hia face. For a year 1 had given ppall hope ot hia recovery, when finally! was induced to uso V3R9RB A fow bottlOF cured him, and KaSSSl no symptoms o the disease remain. MBS. T. L. MATHERS, Mathervllle, Miss. Our boolc on Blood and Slcln Diseases mailed free. SWI»T SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, Ca. BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. A HUT IN THE PRAIRIE. t* P«wW Enamels, a stain the bands, injure tbe iron, and burn! ted. TheKisiug Sun Stove Polish is Brilliant, Adorless, PmaW9, pad ftw con- 9 Philadelphia Times: I checked my horse, and after one long, straining look around owned to myself I was lost. 1 had suspected the fact some time since 1 , but had stubbornly fought down the suspicion, though my horse evidently realized it. With patient endurance he plodded along, resignation plainly ex- .pressed in the droop of his tail and ears. A Texas prairie is a beautiful, soul inspiring sight on a bright day, when the sky is an inverted bowl of turquois, and the wind comes sweeping over the grassy wastes as fresh and sweet as the bloom of a baby's cheek, bttt there can be no greater sense of desolation born of nature than that aroused by this same prairio When it lies black and bare to tlie chil] October wind, which has plucked the glory of Indian summer from eartli and skj'. I felt this as I gazed about me, disconcerted and even a trifle anxious, for tiie sun had set some minutes before in a cloud heap, which, closing over it like a rebel horde deposing its king, overrun Ws monarchy With his blood red standard. In place of Hie ranch, the hearty welcome, pleasant words, bed, supper and fire I had expected to reach toy sunset, there was nothing to be seen before, behind, 011 either hand, but tiio dead level of the plain. There were paths in plenty; in fact, tlie trouble was there were too many, all narrow and winding, for whose meandering there seemed not the slightest excuse, except tlie general tendency to crookedness most things, animate and inanimate alike, possess. But it would have taken tlhe instinct of a bloodhound or a trail- nig Indian to have said which paths had been made by horses' feet or those of cattle. It was certainly beyond my powers to decide, and hi addition to their doubtful nature they had a most perplexing way of running into each other, crossing and recrossing, going off at a tangent and frequently wandering off and getting lost altogether. Soon 1 dismissed the problem as hopeless of solution. Now tiiat the sun was gone, I found my knowledge of the points of the compass gone with it. As I sat perplexed and worried the gloom of twilight gathered fast and the chill of coming rain smote me through and through, while hi the distance there was the roll of thunder. Glancing up I saw that the masses of cloud had closed together in a curtain of gray mist. My horse strode on of his own accord, and hoping that his instinct would lead us to some house I let him have his will. Presently it began to rain, a sort of heartbroken, passionate weeping, but with a steady determination to persevere all night, that awoke graver apprehension in ni;\ r bosom than any amount of blustering, showery downpour could have done. This fine still rain was accompanied by a low soughing wind that added its desolate note to the general dreariness of the liour. Of course I did not mind a little rain, but the prospect of spending the entire night exposed to It! was anything but agreeable, and I grow really violent in denunciation of tlie folly which had led me, an utter stranger in the country, to attempt to find'anything less than a volcano in active eruption on a bald prairie. The Texans are a fine people in somo —in many—respects tlie most admirable of hosts.'but individually and collectively they lack any appreciation of distance. This is due of course to their having so much space around them, but. to a stranger ignorant of the extent to which tlie phrases "a little piece out" and "just outside o' town" can be stretched this contemptuous regard of miles is a little 'misleading. But in the face of that dreary, monotonous moaning of rain'and wind even niy anger at my own folly could not burn long, and though chilled to the bone and tired and hungry, I plodded on dully, grateful that no night, even the longest, could last forever. It was now quite dork, and very dark at that, though at short intervals close to the horizon a faint gleam of lightning showed, too distant to cast brightness on my path and only sufficient to intensify tliu blackness about me. All at once I saw a man walking about fifteen feet in front of me. Yes, I know I said it was intensely dark, but all the same, I repeat it, I saw a man walking in front of me, and furthermore I could see that he was a large man, dressed in rough but well fitting clothes; that he wore a heavy red beard, and that ho looked back at me from time to time with an expression of keen enx- iety on liis otherwise rathed fixed fear tares. 'Hallo!" I cried, but as he did not halt I concluded he did not hear me. As a second call produced no result, I spurred my weary horse up to overtake spurred my weary horse up to overtake the stranger. But though tlie gray responded with an alacrity most commendable under the circumstancps, I soon found that this strange pedestrian did not intend to, let me catch up with him. Not that he. had hurried himself. He seemed without any exertion to keep a good fifteen feet between us. Then I began to wonder IIOAV, with Intense darkness shutting me hi as four black walls, I was yet able to see m&- strange companion so clearly, to take in the details of his dress, and even the expression of his face, and that at a distance more than twice my horse's length when I could hardly see his head before me. I am not given to superstitious fancies, and my only feeling was of curiosity. When after attempt after attempt to overtake the stranger had failed, I took mercy on my jaded horsp, and resolved to follow my unsociable guide, as he must have some definite destination. We went on iu silence for nearly half an. hour, when as suddenly as he had appeared he had gone. J looked around for hhn,, half afraid from his instant and cQinpleta djsappeayance that J h^4 be$a dreanu-ng, wijen, J shouted several times, but not the ! slightest response could 1 hear, and at 'last I rode boldly tip and tapped on the wall with the butt of my riding whip. Then, as this elicited no sign of life, I concluded that I had stumbled on some deserted house, or that it was the abode of my eccentric friend; so j dismounting and tying the gray, I re' solved to spend the rest of the night under a roof or to lind some good reason for continuing my journey. I felt my way along the wall till I reached a door, and trying this and finding that it yielded to^ne, I stepped inside, striking a match as I did so. Fortunately I carried my matches in an air-tight case, and as it was dry the one I struck gave me a light at once. I found myself hi a large room, close to a fireplace, over which a rude shelf was placed, and on this mantel I saw an oil lamp, to which I applied my match as I looked about me. On tiie hearth Avas heaped a quantity of ashes, and over tihese crouched a cliild, a little girl of 5 or 0. At the other end of tiie room, Avhicli Avas plainly and scantily furnished, lay a man across a bed, and as I raised the lamp I saw that he Avas the same that I had been following, but there Avas some- tiling in his attitude and face that struck me as peculiar, and I Avas about to go forward and look at him, Avhen the. child, Avho had at first seemed dazed at the light, fairly threw herself upon me. "Have you anything for Nellie to eat?" she said, and then began to cry. "Oh, Nelly so hungry!" . I -ran niy hand into my pockeO and dreAV forth Avhat had been a paper bag of chocolate candy, but Avas UOAV a pulpy, unappetizing mess. I must confess to a childish 'fondness for sweets, Avhich I usually carry in some form about me. I handed the remains of my day's supply to the cliild, and then vralked over to the bed. Yes," it Avas the same man, red beard, rough clothes, but setting off the magnificent frame to perfection; the same man, but dead, long dead. I took his hand only to find it stiff and cold, while his face had tiie dull grajy aspect never seen in the newly dead. As I stood gazing doAvn on him a little hand touched mine. "Nelly so 'hungry!" said the cliild. "Have you eaten all the candy?" I asked her. "Yes, yes! But me hungry, for me had no dinner, no brekkus, no supper, and papa AA'ou't get up." The house, Avhich consisted of the large room, a smaller kitchen and a shed, where I found a quantity of hay and fodder, seemed quite bore of food, but by dint of searching in the hay I discovered a nest, Avhich Nelly informed me Avas there, and in it t\vo fresh eggs. These I boiled for her. When she had finished I soothed her to sleep on a bed I made for her before the fire. Then after I had put my horse in tiie shed room and fed and watered him, I performed as Avell as I could a service for tlfe dead. When day daAATied I was able to discern at some distance from the house a line of telegraph poles, and taking the child Avith me I folloAA'ed these to the nearest toAvn, Avhere I notified tiie authorities of the death. The dead man Avas Frederick Barnstaple. He AA'as an Englishman, so I found, a recent arrival in those parts. His daughter AA^as restored to Iier family across tiie Avater, and is noAV a pretty girl of 17. I hfiA'e never told this stoilr before, but I am ready to make an affidavit to its truth. It all happened about thirty miles from Dallas. A Shower of Quvur n>h. Philadelphia Press: The AVriter has before him at this moment, well preserved hi wood alcohol, three small fishes of a tropical or sub-tropical species. They are relics of one of the most remarkable fish showers on record. On June 12, 1890, there was a cloudburst two miles north of Sibley, Iowa, which was accompanied by a fall of millions of fish of the kind known to piscatorial experts as axalatt, found native only in southern Avaters. When first sent to "ye curious editor" they were all olive and well. That was on July 4, 1890, twenty-two days after their drop from the clouds. From the first they refused to eat, acting for all the world like creatures utterly devoid of mouths. They were fortlrwith consigned to the rain barrel, where they lived a Dr. Tanner life, for several days, the first and smallest one dying on July 28. On the evening of Aug. 8, after a foodless sojourn of nearly two months hi the Hawkeye state, the two remaining specimens yielded up (he ghost and were given an alcoholic bath, similar to that accorded the little one eleven days before. Who of the Press has ever before heard of fish being carried 2,000 or 2,500 miles in a storm cloud? The First L.a\r of Mature. This gelf-preaerratlon Is acknowledged to be, and people who adopt agaiuet the encroaches ol disease a genuine medicinal safe-guard, accredited by experience and the sanction of physicians, afford a happy Illustration of the wisdom of tbe baying, in the health they restore and continue to enjoy. Among meladies, against the growth ol which Hosteller's Stomach Bitters affords efficient V-rotectloH, diseases of the kidneys and bladder are fraught with the utmost peril and exhibit great obstinacy when opposed by ordinary means. The Bitters can end will tubdue them. No testl- mi^y IB etronggr thuu this. Uged at the outset ana persistently, the bust results may be expected, 'llus medicine also eradicates liver complaint constipation, dyspepsia, malaria, r.*»«umatibm and uervousnfl. The New England Label conference, hi session at Boston, on the 3rd, adopted a resolution pledging themselves to buy no boots or shoes that do not hear upon them the blue label of the boot and shoe s of America. Pay the Price of the for Royal only. Actual tests show the Royal Baking Powder to be 27 per cent, stronger than any other brand on the market. If another baking powder is forced upon you by the grocer;*see that you are charged the correspondingly iower price." Those baking powders sold with a gift, or advertised or sold at "half the cost of Royal," are invariably made from alum, and are dangerous to health. Every can of Royal Baking Powder contains a ticket giving directions how to obtain, free, a copy of The Royal Baker and Pastry Cook, containing 1000 of the best and most practical cooking receipts published. WORKED THE AGENT. Quite a r,HU(; Killlroad Sonant 1cm Created lit ISnu Clillrc. Eau Claire, Jan. 5.—On Dec. 31 a man named Fumia applied at tiie Wisconsin Central ticket office for a ticket to Brighton, Out., tlie regular fare being $20.04 Ticknor said that Fumia then went to Pi-eight Agent Samuels, of tiie Central, who came bock to Ticknor and it is alleged, said: "I have loaned Fur- ilia $2.50, give him a ticket to Brighton and put a slip for $2.50 into the drawer against me." Ticknor' did so. That night a notaiy public -\yas aroused from his" sleep and took Furnia's affidavit that he had bought a ticket to Brighton for $20. Fumia has gone to Brighton over the Chicago & Northwestern road and the agent of that road has preferred charges against Ticknor to the Western Passenger association. Railroad men are stirred up over the affair. Cockerel Jtenominatecl irorjthe Senator Jefferson City, Mo., Jan. 5.—The democratic Joint caucus of the general assembly tonight renominated F. M. Cockerel for U. S. Senator by acclamation, starting him on his fourth term. An effort to endorse Governor Francis for a. cabinet position was defeated by the chairman adjoining the caucus. Made to Look Like New. Dresses, Gent's (JloUnng, Feathers, Glovos, ele., Dyed or (Jluiuied, I'lusu Garments Slennicd, ul. Olio I'iel.uli's Dye Works, 340 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Tiic steering- arrangements of the Minn- lonoinnh, the const dbfcnso vessel, which i>'ave so much trouble last summer, arc to no replaced by others of wholly new design. FOli THROAT DISEASES AND COUGHS use BHOWN'S BKONOHIAL Titoquiss. Like all really good things, they are imitated. Tlu, genuine are sold only in boxes. Henry Cooper, a colored man, said to be 103 years old, is dead at the home of his son- in-law eight miles northeast of Oklahoma City. BAD TASTE and unpleasant breath, -when resulting from Catarrh, are overcome, and the nasal passages which Imvo been closed for years are made free by the use of Ely's Ciciiin 'Balm. • I. SUFFERED from catarrh for twelve years, experiencing the nauseating dropping in the throat peculiar to that disease, and nose bleed almost daily. I tried varlou remedies without benellt until last April, when I saw Ely's Cream Balm advertised. I procured a bottle, and since the first day's use havehiid'no more bleeding—the soreness is entirely gone / — D. G. Davidson, with this Boston Jiudyet, formerly with Boston Juurnul. Apply Balm into caeh nostril. It is Quickly Absorbed. GIVES RELIEF AT ONCE. Price 50 cents' nt Druggists or by mail." ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., New York. The order withdrawing from settlement a large amount of lajid iu the T y urlle Mountain district of North Dakota will probably be revoked by the government. STATB OF OHIO, CITY OF TOLEDO, I LUOAS COUNT? j *•• FIIANK J. CIIKNEY uiaUes oath that he Is the senior partner of tuo firm of F. J. CIIENEY & Co., doing business iu the city of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said ilrm will pay the sum of ONE 11UNUK1SU DOLLARS for eaeli and every ease of Cuturrli Unit euuuot be cured by the use of HAI,I,'S CATAUHU Cuuu. FRANK J. CHENEY Sworn to before me uud subscribed iu my presence, this Olh day of December, A. D. "Why don't you cast your bread upon the water?" Young Husband—It's no use, my wife learned to make It at a cooldug school. FITS—All Fltn Stopped free byJDr. Kline'* «r«'Ht. JVpi-vn lt»Rtor«r> No JFUs aftor flrsb dny's use. Marvelous euros, TrontUa and $2.00 trial bottle Srno to I'lt Onsos. Bend to Dr. Kline, 91)1 Aruh St., Hiiltt., Pn. William Varkor, a young business-man of Curlyle, 111., became despondent and determined to die. An of morphine fulled. He then slashed his throat with iin- palisfactory result and finally attempted to shoot himself., Hois' badly hurt,,but may Cleanliness, exorcise, and diet are the car, ilinal virtual of good hen!II). Take core of the iirst two and if yon know what and how to eat you need never be ill. It is claimed that Garlield Tea, a simple herb remedy, overcomes the results of wrong living, A snow plough was wrecked on the lino of the Great Northern, near Java Station, Mont Four lives were lost. The plough wag standing on the track and was struck by uu Bvulaiiclie which came down the mountain. Important to JTleshy People. We have noticed a page article In the Boston Globe on reducing weight at a very small expense. It will pay our readers to send two cent stamp for a copy to Betlna Circulating Library, 86 E. Washington Street, Chicago, 111. The Auditor of Public Accounts at Spring, field, III., has issued a permit for the organ, izalion of the Murphysboro Savings bank. Tlie capital stock is $25,000 and the incorporators are Jopeph B. Gill, W. K. Murphy, and J, Van Clostor. GIVE ATTENTION to the first symptoms 01 a Lung Complaint, and cheek the dreaded disease in its incipiency, by using- Dr. D. Jayne's Expectorant, a safe, old fashioned remedy for all Affections of the Lungs and Bronchia Many people in the neighborhood of St. : John's, N. F., especially about Topsail and I Kelllgrows, have been obliged to kill nil theii i cattle, as last summer's fires destroyed crops I of fodder. j SISAL j- A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public, Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acts directly on the blood and mueous surfaces of thu system, Bund 1'or testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. by Druggists, 75c. A broken rail ditched a baggage and a pasaeiirfor car on thu Missouri Puuiilc U'U.u on the Newton branch, near Eldoardo, Kan., and Miss llullie liorner, a poetess, oi Chicago, was seriously injured. W. Baker & Co.'a Breakfast Cocoa Is « very comforting drink as the weather grows colder. One of Ita special merits, giving ft a great advantage over tea and coffee, IB Us ham-giving quality; it fortifies delicate constitutions againet the cold, supplying an easily appropriated fuel lor those internal flres upon the adequate euppport of which health and happinees depend. W. Baker <fc Oo.'s Breakfast Cocoa may therefore be especially commended as a morning drink, and many people who are liable to sleeplessness h'sve found that a cup of ft taken hot on going to bed brings a sound and'refreshing sleep. It Is absolutely pure, and it is soluble. UnJ ike the Dutch process, no alkalies or other chemicals are used in Its manufacture. ' People call it baeKacne and do nothing foi it until the doctor is called and he pro. nounces it rheumatism. If they had used Salvation Oil in time the doctor's bill couU hove been saved. It is reported that our government is seek, ing to have the concession from Colombia for the Panama canal diverted to the UniteJ States. BIX POINTS, out of many, where Doctor Pierce's -Pellets are better than other pills: 1. They're the smallest, and easiest to taker- little, sugarcoated granules that every child takes readily. 2. They're perfectly eaay- in their action — no griping, no disturbance. 3. Their effects last. There's no reaction afterwards. They regulate or cleanse the system, according to size of dose. 4. They're the cheapest, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. You pay only for the good you get. 5. Put up in glass—are always fresh. 6. They cure Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Sick or Bilious Headaches, and all derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels. SHILOH'S CURE. Cures Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Bor* Throat, Sold by all Druggists on R Guarantee. Fora Lame Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'e For out) FlMter will give great satisfaction.—»j cioU. AfORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY n Bend at once to JOHN SIBASTUM, Q, T. A. 0., ] . ft P. K. B., Chicago, 111., and receive, pottage Wt be allokeet deck of cards you ever handled. On] MN CENTS per pack, In stamps or oota. FAT FOLKS REDUCED , Cures Constipation JOHN W.MOKHIS, ' Successfully Prosecutes Claims. ate PrmolpolSxauilner U.S. Pension Bureau. m> 1 a la»t war. 15 aiU udloatUi^ Qlulins, aUyaiuce. IF YOU ARE GOING TO Be sure and get your tickets by the QUEEN & CRESCENT ttuU M. T., Va. & G». Rvg. n won't cost you Florida ,J«ii, ;7.~Qeorge any more. You wilpet tere wicker. "Sou -will meet and travel with the very beet class of people. Your surroundings will be as luxurious as money can procure, we h«,ve five complete tnd really magnificent trains running daily between CINCINNATI AKD ST. AUGUSTINE. These trains ure the only Oompleto Vobtiuuled Trains from Cincinnati to the SOUTH. You will save nearly h»lf » day In time. This line t« 110 Miles Shortest. There are no ohaiKes on limited trains and you cet the best to be had. Dow't paytue same price and put up with Infe- .oufvUlw 7:55 a. w. dally over the i.ouU% llle rior service. Pullman Buffet Sl^epinu Oar leaves J . . Soutucvu to Burgln, where it la attached to and goes through to Florida on the Limited. These tralna run through cn»tt»uui>»rii. AtlmUti, Muoiui and j»cH«onyUl«, making direct connection with p«, B t Mail f or Tiwpft. #jr For rates w further particulars address 6. C, EDWARDS, 8, P. Agt, Q, & G. Route, Cincinnati, Ohio, r-T-QS A8K XOOB HOME qj*OB|«F AQB8T JT98 ^IPK|!T - ,' "German Regis I^eblatic is a French Cana* dian store keeper at Notre Dame d« Stanbridge, Quebec, Can., who wai cured of a severe attack of Congestion of the Lungs by Boschee's German Syrup. He has sold many a bottle of German Syrup on his per* sonal recommendation. If you drop' him a Hue he'll give you the fufi facts of the case direct, as he did us, and that Boschee's German Syrup brought him through nicely. It always will. It is a good medicine and thorough in its work. 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Reports show that cholera has again broken out in Hamburg notwithstanding the action of the town authorities saying that it had'•• entirely disappeared. It may come here next year in which case it will knock the World's Fair sky higl^. This is always the way. It is the unexpected that happens. _ When everybody gets ready fora big thing along come some circumstance and lets the bottom out of it. You can however be protected if you wild only begin in time. Cholera feeds upon waste. It is the child of dirt. A person whose digestion is perfect can live in the midst of a cholera season and escape unscathed. Get a box of the LAXATIVE GUM DROPS and take them according to directions. They will cure any case ol constipation, of indigestion, of dyspepsia. Get them of any drug* gist. The small boxes are ten cents, the large ones twenty-five cents. SYLVAN EEMEDY CO., Peoria, 111. r/u Oidtit MrttcHu m tttt Warl4 it protuMr UK. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER Thii artloU U • Mrctally propnrad phjr»loU>'i VM» wriptlon, and htm b«en In oou.Unt HM far mttrlf • oentarr. Thar* w* t«v dlwun »« which mankind ftr* lubject more distressing thfta aor* cy**, •&! none, pvrhaps, for which taorc r*m*di*> h»v« b««* tried withODt •aooetB, for all •xt*m»t l«flftmiaBti0« •f th* «y«i It Is an Infallible nnwdy. If tU. dirt* U>u ar* followed it will nerer tall. We partlttilatly UriU the attentlom of phyelolau to IU merlU. Tti sale by all dranteU. JOHN L. rHOMTOOM, BOMI * CO., TBOT, N. T. Kitebltilwt 1WT. T>r return mall, full de> „ sorlptlvo clrcnlara ol _J006*"'BT?EW and MOODT'B IMPBOVID TAILOR SYSTEMS OF CHESS OOTTIH9, Jleviied to date. Tbcae, only, are tba gcnulnoTAILOBBYSTEMS Invented and copyrighted by PBOP.D.W, MOODY. Beware of Imitations. Any lady of ordinary Intelligence can easily and quickly learn to cutand make any carmentL In any style, to any measure, for ladlea, men and children. 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JAVlt.s B. >!«»«•?, - . . •, Mansger Wlui-onsln Dent., , llllwnuhee, Un«k li BEAUTIFUL ? ° rl9u ' 5cce5tli ' l>1 - " BT? lllu *^» QUEEN t«d In Dr. O, P. Brown'a uniqtu 1893 SHAKKSFKIWAH ALMANAC, One or more eeul for friends on receipt of addr M A R'O °" postal. J. OIB80N BEQV |¥| AD 0 47 Grand St., Jersey City, M. ~ $« OutWcIjta If to 30 dayu. N^ till «nr*S DR7j.8TEPHENSr.tebanon.phU. Ilabllt PISO'S CURE 'FOR a*. Mw«M M* CQiNSUM PTION.

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