The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1893
Page 6
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ALGMA, IOWA. WJEENteSfrA V. JANUARY 18,189H, ''"' - * r - •' j^-->^»~.-~^— ...... a^aaa-aa- ^.wnMm MtttlDEn IN CINNABAll. Ing It beside his plate contemplated the horror stilcken stranger with great „. _. , St. Louis Republic: "I wonder whafc ' Interest. ever for a reward, now, is offered for i The latter nt once, but reluctantly, that gen I, in the east," said Jack Moore proceeded Avith his consumption of the as tlie stranger disappeared to claim distasteful vegetable. To his comfort the hospitality of the O. 1C. hotel. I and assistance the ardent Mr. Thomson Cinnabar sentiment Avns not usually also caused to uo purveyed an allbw- Susptcious. Oomei-s to its gates "Were once of whisky. flung a breezy welcome, unoccupied | "An" bilug it in a tin cup too," said with impertinent inquiries. Names ' Mi'. Thomson.. Were not, asked nor liistoi-ies desired. This was received by the stronger "Tills yoro nskin' of a stranger's mid quaffed I|n silence and sorrow; name is oinpolito ns a play an 1 has its after Avhicli Mr, Thomson flred life pls- resks beside," said Armstrong, who tol a 'few limes tiirotigh the tliln board was the CliosilerlleM of Cinnabar and walls of the room in a vague and dean authority on matters of etiquette. ' sultory manner and came away, leav- "It's ass Insttltin' a gcttin' ciu-'ous over ing the stranger, to meditate on tile jthe brand on a man's hoss." I exuberant character of his eutertnin- "That's whatever," assented Bill Tutt. ' nieiit. "I knows a party in Lnrcdo who keeps I "Oh, I wasn't aimln' to hit him none," pesterin' 'round a-nsklii' of a stranger's ' said Texas Thomson, as Armstrong rename, an' ho gels that onpopular the ' buked Him gently when they met a man 'Avtipcs him over itho head with Ills six shooter. Yon bet ho was mighty displeased about it." moment later in the, Gold Mi^ie saloon. "I Avas jest runuln' a little blazer onto him, and sorter bangs away with my .. , No; Cinnabar thought was blue eyed gun as an evidence of good faith. Ond Unsuspicious. Those who. came were cheerfully received and approved of or lynched, according to their or takes to "Oh I tho blazer Avns all right," said Armstrong critically. "This yere strang- on dog an' of course . after unfoldmcnt. Jack Moore himself something's got to be done for the was of a generous, healthful turn, and , credit of Cinnabar. But when it wins— ordinai-ily would never have held the when you don't get called on to make thought which appears in his interroga- 1 B0 iod, you shorcly oughter stop thar. tory touching possible eastern rewards, j This yero shoot In 1 'round the dlniii' The truth Is, the stranger cxcllted mis- room was frivolous, a|n' annoyin' to plcion. No one could tell how or why, ' other men as sets thai- ca'mly catiu' but there was that in his very ntmos- , ««' who ain't to It. It's dlsturbm' to pliere which would make a dog growl, j 'cm. What do you think, yourso'f, Old Monte knew nothing about him. < Rosewood?" "Ho takes the stage in Tucson," said j "TIM's whatever^" said Rosewood Uiat worthy person as he removed his J| m , n s ho riflled a deck and snapped nose iroin a whisky glass for the pur- it in the deal box. "It sorter takes pose of fuller converse. "Am' no one ; them boarders' minds offon their Avit- knoAVft nothln' about him. ^As lie don't ; ties that away, an' is bad for the diges- do niiuiin' comin' over but lean back Uon." on' cuss the world in general an' Art- j "Whoever is tills -yero strange fe- aqna in pertlo'lcr, which, whUe it's all m ,,ln?" hitemipted Bill Tutt, who stood right for a pastime, after all don't ad- looking from the door. vanco no facts, you can see I shore falls j it was growing dusk now, and a Short of buhl' fully formed of this yere slight, strange figure in skirts could bo man myself." | j U8t seou as it on t em i the otiice of the Well, I don't anyhow like him hotel across tlie Avay. none," said Rosewood Jlmi rollectively. i "Some she Mexican, over from Cliill- Of course, he ain't earned no word 11," said Armstrong. CliJliU was that from me either way, an' what I says portion of Cinnabar hi which the Maxi- cans most did congregate, and ' Ami- many thousands. Called to the management of this groat company a few yeare agio, when Its affairs were in a, yery critical condition, he accepted the tisk, though entirely ignorant of iron or Iron- making. He has brought this company to the fi*ont rank,.'placed "it on a solid footing, made it earn money through all the severe depression in Iron, and was spoken of to the writer some time ago by a northern, iron-master as "uie best posted Iron-maker in the south." He is a type of the southern men who have made Birmingham, Atlanta, llich- mond, Norfolk, Lynchburg, and many other places. needn t go to his loss, but I shorely takes a notion a.gin' him, jest the same. strong's ready explanation seemed the This appeared to represent lho China- j likely one. bar feeling. Sltlll it is probable that I «D'O you IUIOAV," said Rosewood Jim Cinnabar Avould have thought and said n s he sn.t tit liis faro table caressing a no further .wore it not for subsequent >S |,, C k of blues, "do you know I don't, happonliigs at tho O. K. hotel. I foel nll rlgllt al)0llt thls yere boall oatol . Cinnabar was at: its vesper drink' O f Thomson's? I ain't sopoorstitlous, when tlie rapid reports of a pistol com-, i, ut ra shorcly like to knoAV what ovar , Hils yere shorthorn comes a-cauterin" into camp for, anyhoAV." > "You jest takes a notion agin him," salid Tutt, "same sis you says a Avhilo back; tliat's all." "No, it ain't 110 notion neither," por- ing from the hotel aforesaid aroused that mild Interest AvhJch Cinnabar had groAvn to bestow on such phenomena. "I wonder Avhoever gets it now?" said Bill Tuitfc as he replaced his drained glass on tho Gold Mine bar. Curiosity, hqwover, Avas soon mn/lo ' sistert RoseAvood Jim, still fumbling the copy when Avord came over from tho . stack of blues. "It gist sorter Avoighs O. Iv. hotel tha,t it Avas simply Texas down on me thar's goin' to bo some queer play made, 'round yore." "Do you all know," said Jack Moore, 'Thomson, and that no one had bled. "ITo's jest shootjn' ,11']) iho dinin' -room some, on account: of tho stranger," •said tho courier Avho bore the news, "nn ain't memiin' nuthin' AvhatoA'or." The trouble came thus: Tho O. K. hotel was in conduot of a, wido and Wlv ds. It strikes mo somehow liberal management, and its spirit was )u> in' trolled for something." amply shoAvn hi 'its motto, "There's Nuthin' Too Rich for Cinnabar." But who had boon onco, "tliat's the Avay I sees this FASHION. Black and white is a fashionable combination, and many brack dresses have Avhite vests, or plastrons, Introduced, Avlth veiy often fine jet girdles. On nice black dresses an effective trimming is a band of white silk, covered with Jet passementerie, a veiy narrow black velvet arranged in lattice form. JeAveled phis for the hair take on many fanciful forms. A most faslilou- able pin for the hair is a jeAA'cled dagger, the hilt encrusted AAdth diamonds or some other precious stones. Sometimes tho hairpin is surmounted by a gorgeous bug Avlth opal Avlugs, ruby thorax and emerald body; <oir a miniature of diamonds; or a tiny Avarrior's crest; or an outspread fan, covered Avlth brilliant jewels. The sAvcoping changes hi tho shape of Avinter hats and bonnets have brought about u now style of Avearing the hair, termed "the bun"—a veiy descriptive name for tho big round knot of hair Avhich is soon to be the fashion. It is Avorii low, though not so IOAV as the Langtry knot, and demands a larger amount of hair than the majority of Avomen possess. Pale bule, lavender and scarlet veils are Avorii, but aw a general thing they are not becoming. For a middle-aged lady nothing can bo more fitting, and elegant at tho same time, than a ruby velvet goAvn covered witli^ black silk guipure lace, richly Irnped. A Avido sash and stomacher of ruby velvet are AVOITI over the corsage, Avhich is of lace, finely gathered, and In tho pOAvdorod hair a cockade of ruby velvet ribbon is set jauntily a little on one side. A similar dress AVI is AVOITI the other day by the Comtesse de Pour tales it an afternoon reception Avhich slio ave to tlio Russian Grand Dukes just before they left Paris. Animals' heads, Avhito and tiuvnv winter laying; the Light Brnlimas for roasters, there being more body than to any of the Asiatics and the Black iLangshan for help in winter laying and for roasting fowls for those who prefer a more gamey taste than the Brahmas will give.' Besides these breeds, cockerels of the Plymouth Rock, Indian Game and single Comb Brown Leghorn for crossing on the Brahma and Wyandotte fowls. Or, if there is no particular object hi keeping the breeds pure, a list like the following could be kept, and with even more success- than the former: Black Mtijnorcas for eggs. There would be no object in crossing tliis breed, for we do not believe cross- Ing' would beneflt the egg record; Silver Laced Wyandotte hens crossed by Indian Game cockerels J Langshan hens crossed by Black Minorca cockerels and Llgliit Brahma, hens crossed by Houdan cockerels. These crosses would be unsurpassed for broiler or roasting pin-poses, and the offsprings would make good winter layers. Of the duck famlily, nothing can out do the Pckins; STOfilES ABOUT WHITTIER. To the linel It's Loved Nature and the Simplest J-lett»ure9 of Life. Of the gentle Whittier, and of his fondness for children and goodness to them, there are many reminiscences in Margaret Sidney's Wide-Awake paper, remarks the New York Tribune. This writer records that Whlttter's Anies- buiy life made especially delightful by IUUBU _. the Httie fricuds Avho flocked about vroiti& most flatly say - - - -' "- - 1 ' 1 *™"* quite the reverse. The .greatest wiui the aforementioned, cherubs ftttd their meek dolls, who have such a tiresome fashion of foreter smiling up to one's face, «tty» the woin|h on the Philadelphia Times. • • Does she still continue to enjoy nias- cuUne sports AAlien she has arrived at years of discretion? Is she still ed to torn frocks, disheveled lo™ 3 nn abhorrence of all those things gMS most dear? As fat as our obser- him. "The children of the old town called him 'the man who owns the parrot.' The bird was the 'Charlie' who inspired the poem "The Common Question.' It belonged to,, his sister, Mrs. Mary Caldwell, and when she died the tom-boy We ever knew turned out to be the most demure creature at twenty that we could imagine. She took to fancy work and hospital visiting with a vigor that seemed must be meant to poet took it home and cared for it ten- ue f ^ ^ thoge yeal . g wuell 8 he could - derly. Charlie was a veiy discriminating bird, as this anecdote Aval prove; One day a member of that class of human beings called 'bores' Avas seated to stay Avith Ml'. Whittier. After some time had elapsed Charlie got doAvn'froui his perch Avith great decision, and sidled along the floor till he Avhen ho , : „„ induced, save under the threat 1 of "being kept in the house, to take up a needle and struggle Avith the unhappy bit of patchwork that never seemed to progress beyond a most unsightly square that had been- used to Avipo away the tears from a veiy dirty and oV tt^ose ^mlb tlm Tou^us; ** ™* "««* * Jbf> ^'nte^t to stand"nt the head of the Hat; of tur-! »ivo a good nip at the leg nearest to keys, .the Mammoth Bronze variety ^'^' " 1L>n s ^ ed back ; "fj?' W f nd ^ without a peer. All .these selections ! wdl done. Tho man took the nip, the poor. come from practical experience, and while the experiences of o there might change the list, wo doubt if more benefit could be 'derived. The other mom Ing, a very sultry one, hint, and his hat. " 'To the end of life Mr. Whittier retained the keenest enjoyment of nature, and the simplest pleasures of life! and homely joys and SOITOAVS Avere the most face bcut over the obnoxious bit of lady-like employment, nnd the hospitals served to moke up for the abhor' reucc of those cltildesh days of anything that savored of respectable self-sacri- licc. Many other instances AVO have Avhere the most charming wo- JL1LU LMU.H.-J. 111UI liLllti,, il 1 ViJ» milll.)' VilVj ,1 » i • ) ..14- rt «-.-. \ says a .writer In the Pall Mall Gazette-, i *«« «£»«« J h » J^SSl to two COAVS came to our gate, evidently | „ °* l \ s J -" ua> ^ niL . ' ,„,»»,„„.. i iiiiu-uiua rauiui uum nun.. ....^ ~ *. on tho lookout for something, and niter ^ . 'j"""' d ^ * >™S" ±T ' Do not tiling her irretrlvcvably mined men have been evolved from tlie rude little torn-boy girl; therefore, mothers, if the small daughter penchant for tops and dolls and seAving. Uil IIIX? lOUIYUUl- J.UL StMllUllUllK. illH-L UJ-LUL , . . T _ ,., - . .. , . ~-,,1 , being, at iirst, somowlmt puzzled by, ^ury girls. He liked clieeriul eoph^ their pleading looks, I bethought my- Hc J^, ^ to ulo: . l ™ f 01 ! * h » self that they might be in wont of . PCOPj «^ays_seem to ^J^J* Avtitei'. No sooner had tiio idea occurr- n SOUOAAS au cd to mo than I had some Avntor brought, in a large vessel, of Avhich they took Avlth groat eagerness. The pair . then sauntered contentedly aiway to a - . , T c , lnllh field near trt hand. In about half an ! When quite young I^e and^ I spen if she perfcrs climbing ti-ees to dancing lessons, and if torn goAvns and button- loss shoes seem to delight her soul; hour or so, AVC Avere surprised and not a little amused by seeing our IAVO friends marching up to the gate, accompanied by throe other COAVS; tlio Avater tap Avas again called into roqulsi- | tloii, and the noAA'-comers Avere in a a day at Newburyport. and visited the Whltelield church; Avent down into the crypt tinder the pulpit, where reposed the romatus of t AVhiteiield and two oilier persons. We related our visit to Mr. Whittier and Aunt Lizzie on our return. I remember he said to hor: •owls, and wide-winged birds of every description are seen on lia.ts. The iie\v color—for outdoor wear, at all events—is undoubtedly purple. Many of the models in gowns, bouets anil cloaks have come out in it. like manjier served liberally; then Avith .,„, , .... . ,. ,,,, , and repeated »boo-oos"-an Vll ' r ' 1 ° » }'«>» l0 ] fkti to 'V s " ""™ themselves? Later in life AVO have nn gratified unanimous A'ote of thanks'—our visitors marched off to their pasture. It AA'as quite clear to us •that tho first two callers, pleased AA r ith their friendly reception, had strolled down to their sister gossips and dairy companions, nnd had informed them—how, I cannot need to do that.' And then this same friend goes on to give mo this rein- misceuco, that in letters of light points a revelation of the marvelous purity ->f this child-soul, and his Influence on attention of the Avhole neighborhood. antics that are at once the the Avon-Intent of the relatives of the torn-boy. PROLETARIAN PARIS. Tlio jtlurrlage Jnvnriiibly «'on»lilered to be u Uruut ICvc'lit.. Harpui-s: A marriage Is alAvays a great event in popular Paris, and whether it be that of a Avorkingninu, a Avell-to-do a handsome dowry to his daughter, It attracts the of a. shopkeepei 1 , or of manufacturer Avho gives children: say; can you?-of their liberal enter- . " >Olle (lil 5''' sho sa J' s ' ' whcl1 srcntly tainmont, and then had taken the par- excited, I was relating to him some real domible liberty ol inviting thorn up to 01> fueled injury. I have entirely for- our cottage. gotten the cause; I brought doAvn my loot smartly on the floor and exclaimed, The man AA'IIS in a brown study Avheu "I hate him!" Mr. Whittier hastily came to me, put his hand upon my In order to get duly married in popular Paris there are three formalities which tradition has made absolutely Indispensable—going to the town hall for tho civil marriage, going to church for tho religious marriage, and going to HIIW Heifers Should hi- V« t l. Tlio heifer should be fed fodders nilimte Th . lt ,. s wny l , nnkcs that ta]Jc abollt re li»s ear In sil- 1U( iInly to develop her alimentary canal, It lilts me the says tiie Western Farm Journal. A. yere stranger. ' sl;eei ' f(Hl ni| ostly on grain cannot do on grass alone, because his stomach lie's ll:l! * becu contracted; a heifer raised on concentiuted feed.Avlll never make a "I rton't know what you all feel's comin'," said Texas Thomson sourly, , , neyerthploss iis monu was under the | « bnt you cnil ^mUlc he eats them gi- inding control ol clrcnmslnncos. Just . i, e ajis throe times a day Avhile he stays. folloAViug those jocund days Avhicli' marked (ho advent of tho freightoi-s from Tucson tho O. K. table d'hote became a. feast of richness. sees to that personal." "I -Avas pltiyln* poker in the Full Blown Rose last night an' I sees jacks on eights out three times," After the froightora had dopni-lod in Kosowood, still assisting' his musings return, and as days Avont by, the richness dwindled. 11; was on tho day AAlilch sorrowfully marked the freight- el's lift being absent some three Avoeks thafti tho straingor signed tho d'ogoarqd account, book, which served as a register and claimed tho n 1.1 out ion of the O. K. hotel as Its B-uest, mul the table sta ,, 11KP ,. lny wlllte lllld rto . ul . B y had p!n«l to beans and coffee. China- HMtf w1lll nn m , nl n( , ross Ws fac " bnr could bo depended on nover to the soft clatter of tho chips ns ho sorted them between his experienced thumb niid forefinger. "That's the hand tho dead man held an" is allers n warnin'." Tho mniiiing dawned on a ripple of llte complain 1 , It. ronjflzed tho Gxigonclos of trade conditions, and fully exonerated the O. K. hotel from any attempt to put It to starving. Not so the beautiful life abandoned body of a Avomnn. It AVIIS tho stranger in tho dusk of tho night before. Her hair was jet, and her Tlark skin, in the pallor of death, took tho hue of cream. .„.,,,.„ , , i The stranger had met death by the freighters to '1 ucson mul was a-hunger- B , mo ,, to , and the slender blade which Avonded him, thin ns paper, koon as profitable COAA'. The ymmg heifer need never be fat beyond Avhat grass puts 011; that ueA'or injures, it distends the stomach and prepares the COAV for turning cheap products into milk. The cou can profitably bo fed all the hay she AA'ill eat, or ensilage, or com fodder, 01 roots, or straw if cut in season—this must bo anticipated Avhou she is yung. Many promising, Avell bred heifers are spoiled Avith too much grain AA'hile groAAdng. It is not necessary to develop boiio hi the heifer. Symmetry is had from feeding rough fodders to her, ami then at ma.turity, AA'hen she begins her excitement a? the"oriv""hoteL 1 ' 1 "Thc i clally worlc> flosh Avf11 TOU11<1 llor Ollt I and make her beautiful, Avhilo large I development of bone can never be made to look Avoll. Bois. In closed carriages or in open landaus, in omnibuses or breaks draAAii ho"^inT^itn^ii7,T™"T, 1 .'';"^ v : i 7r shoulders, and earnestly said, those I ^' thl ^ or lour horees, accordmg as ho Aveiit -uito the drug store, says the „_ -4 . ,,„',, „„._ ^ ',. f _^ I t]le 1VL ,ddiug is more or loss disttnguish- Dertoit Free Press. "What can AVU do for you?" inquired the clerk. I Avaiit black something of some great lambent eyes full 011 my face, "Child, thee must hate iiotliing but shi." That rebuke made a profound impress- Ion upon me. I can nover forget it. tiling," he said. "Have you got any?" " ' Ho ™* ?? fon ^ o£ ."; 7 0(Kl fol ^ ***>' J ° J as any cluld,' Amtes this same fnond. 'Often I have gone to soo him at twilight, and found linn alone, lying doAvn ed, tho party rides out to the Bois de Boulogne, makes the tour of the lakes, and halts nt the Cafe do la Cascade or tit the cheaper cafes at Suresnes. Tlie program is invariable, While the coach- take a drink, the cortege visits the cascade, that little artificial SAvltzerlniid in tho garden room, repeating passages j which the genius of M. Alplmiul has , te8lran«-or. TTe know nolhing of tho "I do,n.'t like bonus, and T don't Avnnt: any coffee," said the strnugor, Avlith a petulant snap, as tho viands described were placed in his reach by Widow Briggs. "You can bring mo a beefsteak and ogsw, and a. cup of ton, Avifh toast." "Beans an' cot'foiv," said tlie Widow Briggs, regarding the strnai'gor \vMli a j ()j . stony eye, "Is the last, two on tho roost, an' yon oats 'em or lots 'om alone, jost as you all please." The AvidloAV then made a majestic ex!i|t from tho room in dignified dismissal' of tlio AA r holo matter. Thereupon the stranger railwi. f ,. ost hml thon shonthod , n Ulp d . u . k ,, ni[s ,„ foirld h t lo „ Rnld A s , (houKhtfully, as ho gazed nt tho • - „,„,. ,, nu , (llo ns Ollnnbar soos . Wo has had killin's here before, but no murders, Avhich Is different a Avholo T||«. World's Harper's Yomig People: Tlie Nile, " r „ , )(>ats , )0alls , nt „ M Texns Vapor l><tn»}fy. probably, is tlio most wonderful river in the Avorld. It has made Egypt possible by turning an arid Avlldemess Into tho richest hind hi the world. It has piwided at the same time an admirable commercial liiglnvay, and made easy the transportation of building materials. Tho ancient Egyptians Avere thus enabled to utilize tho granite of Assuan for the splendid structures of hundred- gated Thebes and of Memphis, and even for those of Tains, on the Mediterranean coast. At a time when the people of the British Isles Avore chid in the skins *>f Avild beasts, and offered human sacrifices upon tho stone niters of the Druids, Egypt AA'IIS tho center of a rich and refined civilization. Most of tills "Probably AVO have," replied the clerk, "but you'll have to be more definite to get it." The customer thought for a moment. ^ - - - - ^ i concontrated within a space of two ihi,t>''ZnSd sheep-skin of some- ^ m ^^ ^ chtlnnhlK< of pnK hundred square yards. The bride, the "\-o\ve Ann't l-noii «h™n «.Hn« w n ox P- 01>io »ces and anocdotos-lor he had uHdcgiwrn, the bridemaids, the ™ Jo,,,"™ oi-i^ fS?. » "• kee " solis o of the ludicnous and could j sroomsuieii, the parents, and the guests tell a story Avell—or tho talk Avould bo ' clmlb u l> tlie steps and pass along tho have chamois skins, though." 'two. Wshee-seiuknX pcs, o"kepdoii "That isn't it, I kuoiw," said the customer. "Got any other kind ol skins?" "No." "Skins, skins, skins," repeated tlie upon tho great questions of life and Jm- • « ilUci T under mortality. My spirit seems impresses tel ' s fonu a iaan, struggling Avith his slippery memory. "Calfskin seems to be something like it. Got any black calfskins of anything?" "No, not a one," and the clerk laughed. The customer grow red hi the fane. Avith a solemn aAve Avhen I think of his great, loving soul, and yet so simple and unapproachable.' " RAISING DUCKS. \Vholofiiilo M(>thu(ls on York. J'urinn In Now Up in Speonk, Long Island, about seventy-two miles north of the city of ;;^;;± d ^; H »^ * *••, ^^^^^-^^ What in thunder is it? one thousand Perkin ducks for breeding "Possibly it is a hide!" suggested the pm^' «.y« too wtstoni F-mn 'that's it! That's it!" exdnlmed^'iouinuL'Tho'SmJta o vnM by A T. ,n. «TTnv n ™,, got ^ back ludes j HnUook, n young man who has inherit: man. "Have you of something or anything? ed the business from his father. This "Not that I am aware of," and tho hmnen^o numb or o? lucks^aro divid d "^r^lr^l^^^^f 11 !;;..,! 1 '^,^- of thirty-five o^aM^ach pon has a pond of Avater. It is a novel sight to Avltnoss thorn sporting in tho Avater and their continual "quack, quack," Is fairly deafening. Beginnln. "Hide, liido, hide," ho repoated. "Got any mw hide of anything?'" The clerk shook his head sadly as tho man tramped up and down the store. ISfJE ?-'*?'„»»*!''<••'""»•• ™»o-»», taK^HTKTS asked nfter a minute's thought. " ••"-;•- " -» •"""*,«"•. 01 August, tnose ducks lay hundrods of The clork's face showed fl gleam of oggs, daily, almost, tmd, A^th 11 o excop ir*ilHn-rvf>/-»rt on/1 4-l>/\-.» l-\-»Al rn i,,i-» „ j-i _ ,. . * ' »**v> \_.v^\,ij Boston Transcript: In a certain class ! development 'of Egypt AVOS duo to the "Whatever Is Uio mat tor,Avith you nil lu chomostry there Ls a young lady j Nile, Avhich not only Avatered nnd fertil- anyhoAV?" asked Toxas Thomson, ad- i who has a special iipitude in and liking j izod tho soil nmmally, but AVIIS and is diTesslnj; the ipotulanit »fiiingor in ti ' for ttl "t study. The other day, Avhen! one of tho greatest' and best mi turn wronged and injured tone. "What ' •--"•-all orta-yin' to jiull on troubhv witli them thar frljoles for? 1'MJolos is mighty Bucculont you I an oxamina.tllon was apprehended, this higlnvays in the Avorld. From the ge- hom young lady said to her companions (out ginning of Avinter to the end of sprin<*— ghty (>l ' tlie ehiss, of course) "Girls, if you that is, Avhilo the Nilo is navigable—the intelligence and then broke into a smile. "Possibly it is black oxido of manganese you want?" ho said quietly. The customer nlmost throAV his arms around the clerk's neck. "Of course, that's It." ho exclaimed. T kuoAV there Avas a skin or some- hing somOAA'here about the thing," and 10 calmed doAvn and Availed for what 10 AA'anted. for til n Itiiby, The case of the young lady, Miss Laura Cushion, Avho AVJIS charged the other day Avith administering pins to the baby under her charge, and Avhose curious name suggested that a more ap- 'You iull °'-«'h. Avhen the oxaminatton came on, j when it blows n gale 'in. What, Ulol '° WKS tl lot: "hout vtipor density;! aiK-.iont Egypt did not nood stoam tho girls Avere very glad Hint, they I power nor electric motors for Bpondod Thomson confidently, jest thinks you don't like V you all iiSms at in your proud an' spirited Avay of the Cinnabar, frijoles as a mero excuse." ' j generously coached her eonpanions, "Who tiro you?" asked tho, stranger !Uul wlll(> . wls so completely iutHwl by the 1m- Avay Is to sorter lay buck scornful uml lul<1 ttlL>lr memory joggexl by their menso commerce that covered the Nile tho grub yore, a,n' put it till over companion. They got through it very, nor for the barges carrying building'nm- .nabar. You jest seizes on those yero wofllll—all but the young lady AA-IIO had : torial for hundreds of miles r, a t in a mixture of Aviuth and uneasiness. : til ° that the Avholo matter T>onlt^v To run- the entire list of branches on "Who be I?" repeated Thomson/in f vapor density, which she knew per- ! n . ^ UoV P m, trv f a n noro "n one .,„,. „« ,.„„«! UV.TI. , T n „ Tec.llv \vnll \viic -Priii ili.i i!ii,,> 1,,,!,,,, ' "••».» xuiiii, iiujii, mail OllO brood must bo kept, as there is no single variety that Avill give the required satisfaction in every branch, ways an Exchange. After giving nearly tones of scoff, -who be I? Partner, f ^ly well, was for tho time being r ^' , tit bo k^pV ' as the e you hoomiliates me. Tin thomnn who O vaporatixl from hor paar head! • - Ktl>t ' " s tncie kiilo<l Brojiioo Mc-Ooo; tliat's Avho T bo. An' say, stranger, I'll just confide in you, 'cause thar's something about A-OU that drors mo. If you don't crawl out- A T.vnli'al S(iuthi>n\ Miniufuc! un-r. The adaptability of .southern people in bolng ublo to take hold of mamifact- writes U. II. Ednnuls In an article on "Recent Southern l'rogr»'ss" in the current number of The every kind, in tho Inrno breeds, a thorough trial. number of j "red lane" . The young lady had been taking lessons hi singing frm ne f tho leadin" Dresden teachers, AV!U>, finding it hard to induce her pupil's tongue to li,> enough, had given her a loadea \\' of about the size of half-a-croAvn to lav upon the unruly member during \n-iw- tico. Tlio young lady at first d»iuurred on the ground that she Avas suiv she Avould swallow it, but the Fran Lehrerin assurred her that such Avas a piiysic-il impossiliility. The result was that ihe pupil gave in to lier teacher's supcriu- Avisilom, and before tho latter had gone many minutes tion, as fast ns they are gathered they are put into incubators and turned Into buodlor ducks. As many ns ten thousand ducklings shipped annually from this farm and thousands of eggs sold for hatching. The past season Mr, Hallocic disposed of tAvonty thousand eggs. An immneso collar has been built, Avhich Avill luoid thirty-three three-liuudred- egg-capnclty incubators, tho entire Avork being in charge of Mr. G. A. McFoi- ridge, nn export in artificial mothads. Throe largo browling houses, Avith a capacity of two thousand ducklings each, tiro kept full in season, and it is Mr. Hnllock's intention to double last year's shipments. The editor of this department has just returned from a visit to tho algautio farm, and during his stay visited a number of neighboring farms, conducted on a less extensive scale. The combined shipment from tho island the past season amounted to about throe hundred thiousnnd pounds. Tho visit gave a very good insight to the possibilities of duck culture the cascade, Avhose AVIV liquid crystal curtain through AA'hlch is seen tlie magnificent panorama of the plain of Longchamps and the soft hills of Suresnes and Saint Cloud. Then folloAvs further driving in the lino avenues of the Bois, the Avenue dcs Champs Elysees, and the boulevards, and so to the various restaurants of different grades that makes a speciality of Avedding feasts— Gillet, Lemardelny, A r otour, or tho moro modest restaurants of tho eirvirous and of the faubourgs. Tho tables has a joyous aspect in all these establishments; it is laid Avith art and served Avith apparent abundance, Avhtitever tho price may be, and the Avedding guests are joyous and noisy until order is called for the speeches and songs. In ti popular Parisian Avodding the bride has to sing her little song like the • rest. Tho poot of the family recites some verses, and everybody has some- tiling to say, to sing, or to do, inasmuch that a Avedding dinner is often merely a pretext for eloquence and amateur historical talent. Are not the Gauls essentially artists imcl orators, as Julius Caesar remarked centuries ago? The great day for popular Avcddlngs in Paris is Saturday. On Unit day the student of character, physiognomy, gesture, and expression has only to wander about the main thoroughfares of tlie capital and go and sit at the cafes of Suresnos or at the Cafe de la Cascade in order to see a moro varied and amusing collection of human creatures iu their best clothes tlum anywhere else in tho Avorld. can be seen the side them beans," and hero Mr. Thomson's tones grow low and confidential, "this yere portic-lnr mbmlo AVO till is exchanging 1 our views in, I'll shoivly I Mngnzittlno is illustrated in the case of j dottos for broilers as"that"l)rood'''hn's t leave you on both sides of tho street." the president, of one of the Birmingham j proven itself to bo the most comuloto fore Mr. Thomson slowly dreiw his | iron and coal couipanlos-a $0,000,000 for tho Avork, aside from judicious away down ., .,i wwlt the leaden disc. An , , 1hu writer American doctor AV:IS called in who i,,, has selected the following: Black mediately put her upon a diet ' 0 ,£*£ Miuoivas for eggs, on account of the largo sisse of this produc.t; Sih-er AYyun- ' and In about throe weeks the unpleasant and ludegostiblu morsel was satisfactorily got rid of, thus showing that although physicians may disagree nature is able to accomplish her ends in , lho fanns visited wore all in a prosperous condition, and from the nppenrnnco of tlio surroiiudhigs it Avns quite evident that is Avas a paying industry. Why not start more duck farms hi the west? Ihore is ample mom for them Our largo cities will buy tho products at a good margin, and as there is less risk to run with them than any other branch of market poultry, it is strange ''that moro do not engage in it. WIVES TOO NUMEROUS. Anhlaiul Attorney Arrestod f,, r Jilgatuy uml Kmbexxlaiuoiit, Ashland, Wis., Jan. 11,-L. M, POAV- ers, the Ashland attorney who has been arrested In Seattle, Wash., on the charge of bigamy will also probably have to answer to several other criminal ^ a ™!^».? to ) v , ife ,._ sa y s Ue managed of her money Th«T<im-lii>y And what of that little nondescrinc known as the tom-boyv what become the romping, hoydenish girl 01 ' of to get avvay Avith besides jeAvelry. The'^irst „ ulu bank of Ottumwa, la., charges PoAvers with the embezzlement of 1,700 of its funds, and there are also three or four other indictments hanging over his head l-'Jve THIS IS SERIOUS. cu,,,,^",, „ stettllM)1 . Now e, impressive s5x shooter and lay- concern—Avhich is but one case out of more ways than, one. oftuuot endm-e the Washington, Jan. ll.-Secretary iw t °f « Ul0 stato department, received tho foloAving cable from United states Consul at Hamburg: "Throe cas.>3 of yesterday, flvo today. Of the elpUi, Uve Avere on the Spanish Kto i a a- ' on no, from NOAV Orleans.' of Berto, died at

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