The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 8
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UgRESli Dm MOlNias.ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDISTIBBAY, DEC, 2, SPEAK NO ILL. Nay, spunk no 111; n kindly word Can never li-tiva n ntlng behind! Aful ohl to brenthii nach fAlo W«'t* ii- li fur luincatli it tmlile mind. Call oft ft bottrir deed Is *r>Wn Ily chnrmlnK thus A kinder plan, For If lint lltUt> (food be known 8(111 Iht UK Bp«nk the l>o»t w« efin. dirt mo tliu heart (bat fata would In,. Wonhl fain another's fault efface; Row OAA U trteiwtir-e hntrmn pride To prove humanity bnt bane? Mo, let an roach a higher mood, A noblnr eatlmiilo of man; Ro turnout In tho KOftrch for (food, And speak of nil iut bant wo can. then spoixk no III, lint lenient ba Toother'* falling* M jrour ownt If yoti'rn th« flm ii fntilt to nee, Do nut tliu II Ml to mnko It known. for llfn l« Inn n pnmlng rlayi No Him limy tell how short Its Npnn Then, ohl the little time wo May* Lot's speak of nil the bt'xl we can. -Oncu a WITH, Ant.* nnil Thnlr UNO*. During twelve months spout In u AtiBlnillim colonies in tlio yours 1H70-1 had more opportunities tluin wore plw. ant of studying the tmbitfl of am.- These liiHof.ts. us Is well known, are m-; only ft nniminw, lint mi iibsolnto post i,. hot contiti'iiw. They march In myriii:' and ili.'xii-ny (•voryLhlnK In their roic: In Juutit'M in the nuts, I inn bound, hov over, to r.ilmlt that I have found thru. useful in iijim- ways tlian ono. For ii. Blanco. I lioiiglit nn opossum akin ru.v from u tmtivo, I soon became painful).ft ware of the fact Unit it lltorull) nwarmml with fltnw and other vermli. In vain did I oxlwrmt my stock of popp' 1 ; Even turpc'iitino Huonind to have no oflVt-t beyond hicraitiing tho rccklem nollvli of thoBO irritating settlors. At last in despair I throw my nv down on nn iint hill. In less tlmu tin Hn hour every (loa arid objoctiotmi'i • parasite WHH eaten, but the rug was fnli of ants. I therefore hung it on a nn nioaa bush, and no soon us tho iu:'> found thoy wore Buspomlod they In • tonod to Iwivo tho nig and descended i- the bush IIH bust they could. Again, I hud Id Hod u mmlco in T.I.- maniii and wlnhod to clean and bli'n •< tho nkolcton, whioh I Intended to linv mountod iw /i nockliieo. i left tho !><'.. > near an iintH 1 mint. In u few hours thi-r. was not a vijHligo of llcnh on the hm;' The sun HOOII did tho rout.—GontloniM-; Mngnzlnu. <llrl« In VdfiniiMt'rt Culiiliriitliin. The uioHt bountiful fwiture of Vi'i mont's RciiUinuliil culohnition at B< i ntngton wiib tho triumphal arch, a IIKI-.- ivo strnutnru, at luiiHl thirty-live !'•> Jiigh. In its lofty turret was u thivi, of gold iiml mitioiiMl colore, occupied >• Jliss Llllit.! Adnms, of Bonnington, rob" iw tho QodduMsof Liberty. Just bolnv on tho top of tho arch, wore 125 gii;. iiolootod from tho public Rchools, clttd u pure white and with flowing hair, \v:i liang piitriotiu songo iiouoinpnnied by ». cornet, as tho pitrado paasod bunoatb t :>• nrchwny. Uelow those tho arm tirrlu-- Woro Illlpd with maidens, heiiring ii their hands biinnoi's emblazoned in gnii. And colors with the various coats .,, anna of tho states. At tho bauqui-i many notable ladies were present, mi.; tho tables woro served in part by !!()!' young women in white.—Boston Worn an's Journal. Neighbors mul Social KnluUnilx. While it is pleiiHitnt to liave neighbor.- With whom wo tiro on ftunilinr social iv lations, the fact that wo arc noigliln'i- merely Is no reason why such rolinmi.- nhould exist. Certainly no 0110 liuw nn> reason to hi> o/^jidyd:__Jf_ n uoigliliu; chooses to live in . " < "~ r ~~\ or doos nu! return obnequioits calls. Too many oi the calls on mnv neighbors, which unconsidered u souiul 1 duty in many dis tricts of tho country, arc simply pryiuy, errands to BUD if tlio parlor carput is gonuino Brnwcdci or rug, or whotlKM 1 I In riow neighbor koops hur huir in um-i papors at culling hours, or is a guml jnanagor or a hopeless slattern, or MOIII.' thing else, whioli is no possible oC the caller.—New York Tribune, Colus Show That tho Uiubrollu In Olil On coins in tho rook carvings of liic' nnoieuts the umhrolln often showd its fftiniliar form. This goos to prove thai Jouua Hun way did not invent the tun \>rollu, but he saw the value of the oast orn sunshade, and soon it became I lie fashion to carry this useful article There must bo great difference between tho umbrella of tho eighteenth century and the modern stool ribbed, silk cov «red, elendor article which is regarded AS a misfortune to got wot,—Irish Times Ho Know. A young woman was trading in u stationer's shop and tho elderly propriotoi suddenly asked: "And when does tho wedding take place?" "The wedding? Why, you don't think" •—the fair customer blushed and hosi tated. "Ah, inisa, when young ladies buy a hundred shoots of paper and only twenty five envelopes, 1 know there is something in the wind."—Exchange, It is a, great deal easier to see alleviations and to apply philosophical consolations in the case of a friend's trouble than in our own. The one and only form of consolation which is universally true and applicable is that "it might be Worse," There is no conceivable case so bad that this may not truly be said of it. Aluminium has been suggested oa a material for coins, but there are objections to it. It has always a greasy feel, due to the presence of a slight but unavoidable film of oxide of aluminium over its surface. A remedy for creaking hinges is mutton tallow rubbed on the joint. A great /many locks that refuse to do their work •we simply rusted and will be all right if (carefully oiled. Large English walnut shells are fre- 'quenUy mounted with hinges and used !M ornamental cases for rings, jewels and miniature articles for presents. A C*iilTi» *rendtnllt. •*Chtirn dog" fltotifis are always in order. A city man who osed tc live on A farm, M to many city men did when they were boys, sends us this: "At borne on the farm we had A number of cows, so many that churning WAS too heavy a task for even the men folks, so Mr. L. figged tip ft dog chnrti, an inclined wheel, A sort of canine treadmill It became the duty of Ponto, a large white mastiff, to tread that monotonous cycle, And notwithstanding the toothsome bit of meat thnt was fastened on A lath within four inches of his nose, he was not at ail proud of his position and responsibility. He made several Attempts to shirk his task, and twice succeeded, fie got to know when churning day came around as well as any one in the house. "On the tnorning of that day he would loiter about the kitchen door until he wan fi.-d, and as soon as he heard the note of preparation—the bringing of the cream jugs, preparing the churn, etc.—he would put for tho woods and would not bo Keen again until night. The day of churning was changed, and next morn ing a more crestfallen and astonished dog was never seen when he was collared and harnessed to tho beam which set the dttfih in motion; he looked positively foolish, Ho did his work, but with lowered hond, and in cogitation evidently. : "On another occasion ho tried another dodge. When they were about to put him on the wheel he ran up to his niin Irons, holding up ono paw, affecting to he Iftmo. She thought much of the dog, and was inclined to let him off thnt day. The next instant lie was stir;n charging over a high fence after a neighbor's cat. 'Well,' said the old lady, 'II' he can go after a cat like that he is able to churn.' And he did, and never tried to shirk his work again,"—Forest and Stream, Flnnly Ilrnd IIornoH Ai'o Norvoun. Finely bred, intelligent horses are often very nervous, They are quick to notice, quick to take alarm, quick to dn what seems to them, in moments of snil den terror, necessary to escape from possible harm, from something they do not understand. That is what makes them shy, bolt and run away. We cannot tell what awful suggestions strange things offer to their minds. For aught wo can tell, a sheet of white paper In tho road may seem to tho nervous how a yawning chasm; the open front of a baby carriage, tho jaws of a dragon ready to devour him, and a man on a bicycle some terrifying sort of a flying devil without wings, But wo find that tho moment ho becomes familiar with those things, or any other that affriglii dim, and knows what they are, he grows indifferent to them. Therefore, when your horse shies at anything make him acquainted with it. lot him smell it, touch it with his SOILS! tive upper lip and look closely at it. He member, too, that you must fainiliari/f joth sides of him with the dreaded ol> loot. If he only examines it with the. iear nostril and eye he will be very likely to scare at it when it appears on bin <>1T side. So, then, rattle your paper, heal your bass drum, flutter your umbrella run your buby carriage and your bicycle, lire your pistol and rattle your tinware on both sides of him and all around him until 1)0 cornea to regard tho noise simply as a nuisance and material objects only as trivial things liable to get hurt if they are in his way. He may not learn nil that in one lesson, but continue lite lesson, and you will cure all his nervous ness.—-IDxchange. The Word "Ctiah." Tlio word "cash" is understood to be derived from tho Italian "cnssa, 11 the chest whore Italian merchants kept their uoney, ns do at the present time l:i;e Spaniards in their "caja," the Portu uesu in their "ciizn" and the French in :heir "caisso." The application of the word "cash" to money is English, it riot laving a corresponding term in any other European language. "Cash" hav- ng boon so inconsiderably adopted instead of "cassiv" (chest), entries to the cash book (it should bo chest book) are nude in American and English count- iig houses in this unmeaning way. 'Gash Dr." and "CashCr.," whereas tin- chest, and not tho money, is debtor to what is put into it and creditor for what s taken out. Great mischief has too often arisen, as s well known, in bankrupt trials from uisnso of tho word "cash," in which arge deficiencies often appear, and which would not bo tho case if the word host were used, as it ought to be. Instead of the casli account in the lodger 't should bo the "chest" account.—Brook yn Eaglo, Nittiirnl Orimmoiiti) und IMnytlilnca, The seeds known as Nicker beans and 3onduu nuts, species of Guilandina, are often used for bracelets, necklets and •osaries, and are very ornamental when sapped and set. Baskets and other fancy articles made of them are very common u most museums. There are two specios, G. Donducella, the seeds of which are of a gmy leaden color or a slaty olive green; and U-. Bonduo, which are pale yellow or orange colored. In tho Malay Arohi- >olago these seeds are used as counters and playthings by children in place of marbles, and on the Gambia in playing i game called warroe-warreo. In Bom- jay, strung upon red silk, they are worn jy women as a charm, and also in Egypt by women and children as amulets igaiust witchcraft and sorcery.—Uhanv jers' Journal, Why Ho Tuolc Uowu tho l''lre A local hotel keeper gives a queer excuse for not having a fire escape from a bedroom in the second story. He says that tie had one placed there a year ago, but the first two weeks three boarders skipped their bills by its means and then he had it taken out.—Springfield Republican. It is said that Alexander Rankin, tho Scotchman who succeeded John Brown as Highland servant to the queen, has obtained almost as marked an influence in the royal household M Brown pos- leaeed. He is the personal attendant of the queen on every Journey. A Bint to We All know how to talk Th.-r(- i. certain number of words put on : tongue of every human being, jn.-i * the song is given to the canary bird or MI the robin. Bat beyond the song the .birds cannot go. And beyond the rrio: ral speech, of the words that nan. i- gives to every one, the illiterate hun.,;.> being cannot go. His vocabulary is li rn ited nntil he becomes A student Tlu-n he begins to widen and there is no i:"ar boundary line to its possibilities. Tlu- writer who imagines that he can giv>- Additional emphasis to A composition l>\ the nae of large words i:» greAtly mistfil; en. The economy of the reader's atten tlon is Absorbed in understanding'ami Applying these big words, and there is little of the mental energy left with which to digest the idea that these Int.'.; words contain. The picture that i.« brought before hia mental vision is then fore dim and uncertain. If the writer would give more pron.n nence to the idea and less to the verbiii frame; in other words, if he would ive simple language which by contra.- 1 1 would bring out the idea, ho would not only economize his reader's mental one; gy, but would benefit himself by mul. ing himself more easily understood. Tic mind is not able to do more than HIM thing at a time and do it well. It'cim not at once delve into the mysteries ol » many syllable word and comprehend t iv thought in a proper manner.—Chica,; Post. Tho Plight of the Stork. The stork is a remarkably picturesque bird-, its snowy body contrasting with the bright red beak and legs and black quill feathers of the wings, make it a striking object. The flight is magnificent, bolder and more buoyant than Unit of a heron. Like most large birds, its powers of flight show best when it i* at a great height. When we were on i.Iie Bostei rook, hi Saxon Switzerland, a pair passed overhead, flying southward Though high above us, we could clearly see the black pinion feathers; and an we watched the powerful beat of the wide spreading wings we thought of ihe angels hi Zachariah's vision who mul "wingsliketln« stork."—Chambers' Jour nul. Tno Knowing IIurnoH. A horse, stabled with his mate and a third horse, stole hay from the stranj;ei to give to iiis mate, while he was win tented with the ration that had beon ui totted him; and a horse in a team, nib bling some rich grans on his side, gave at intervals mouthfuls of it to his compan ion, which could not reach it.—Popnlai Science Monthly In North Carolina garnet crystals are sometimes come across, which, though not fine enough for gems, weigh as much as twenty pounds each and may be cut into dishes or cups measuring from three to six inches across, Tons of them are crushed to make "emery" and the sandpaper called "garnet paper." Silver Woddliig. Rov. I. I. Thompson and wife reached their silver wedding anniversary at Convith on tho 10th, and their friends found it out. Tho Crescent says: "At tho proper time Mr. M. B. Sapp stepped to tho front, whore wore Mr. und Mrs. Thompson, and uncovering' a stand in front of tho pulpit, with a few well chosen words, presented tho couple with an elegant silver tea sot of nine pieces, which occupied the stand. Mr. T. responded in his happiest vein, with much fooling, as did also tho lady. A picnic lap suppor was then served, and music and mirth filled in tho evening till a late hour." J.iOW Hilton to DOB Moliios, On account of tho annual banquet and business meeting of tlio Iowa State Business Mon'r association, to bo hold at Dos Moines, Deo. ;t to 5, the Chicago & Northwestern Railway company will excursion tickets to DOS Moines und return, Dec. 2 and 3, at the low rate of one faro for tho round trip; tickets good for return until Deo. 7. Apply to agents Chicago & North western railway for tickets and further information. Arc You To tho importance of keeping' up with tho times? If so, subscribe for tliat newsiest and best of metropolitan weeklies, Tho Sioux City Journal. In order to give this paper tho widest possible circulation tho publishers have made the following' unpreeedontodly low prices, from this date, for tho campaign: Single copies to Nov. 10, ]891, 25 cents; clubs of iivo or more to Nov. Hi, 181)1, 20 cents each. Sample copies froo, Address Perkins Bros. Co., Sioux ~,'ity, Iowa. liuuklcu's Aniicn Siilvo. Tho best salvo in tho world for bruises, cuts, aoros, ulcers, salt rhoum, fovor sores, tottor, oliilblains, oliappod hands, corns and all skin eruptions, nnd positively euros piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to ^ivo perfect satisfaction or money refunded, Price !35o a box; sold by Dr. Shootz. AVatortowii Hoots nud Sliocs. I huvo just received an invoice of the above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Oalf, and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' [Hid gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 years' experience in the manufacture of aoots and slices I can with confidence assure my patrons that for quality of material and style of finish those goods liave no superior in our market. Prices to suit the times. JNO. SHARP. South Dodgo-st., Algona. .18 OoiiHumiitioii (Hired. An old physUvlun, retired from practice, hav- Inu had pmcod In tils luuuls by un East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and nil throat aud lung affections, also a positive and radical euro for nervous debility aud nil nervous complaints, after having tested Its wonderful curative powers In thousands of 3ases, has felt It his duty to make it known to Us suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive nul a iluuire to relieve human su (Turing, I will seud two of charge, to all who desire It, this roi'Spo, lu German, French, or English, with full directions for preparing and using. Sent by mall by addressing with stamp, uamlug :hls paper. W. A, Noyes, 8^0 Powers' Block, Rochester, N. Y. ^___ Kugllsk Spavin Liniment teuioves nil hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splluUi, aweeney, ring bouo, stifles, spralus, all swollou throats, etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blem- sh cure ever known. Sold by Dr. Sheetz, Itch cured lu 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary Lotlou. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. 8EA80KABLE ADVICE, A Favorite fop tfc* Wlnt«r Months-Do Yon Wonder What It 1*? F. W. Dingley, dnwMfot? takes espedal pleasure In supplying his customers with the best medicines obtainable. Among the many excellent preparations on his shelv may be mentioned Chamberlain's Cou B « Remedy, a favorite during? the winter months on account of its great success in the cure of colds. There Is nothing that Will loosen a severe cold so qulclcly. or so promptly relieve the lungs. Then it counteracts any tendency tBward pneumonia. It Is pleasant and safe to take, and fully worthy of Its popularity. Know* It to Be Rcllnble. ' Dr. R. L. St. John of Rowland, Putnam county, Missouri, takes especial pleasure in recommending Chamberlain's Cough Remedy because he knows It to be reliable. He has used it in his practice for several years and says there is none better. It is especially valuable for colds and as a preventive and cure for croup. This most excellent remedy is sold by P. W. Dingley. It Him No Klval. As a preventive and cure for croup Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has no rival. It is in fuel the only remedy that can always be depended upon and that is pleasant and safe to take. There is not the least danger In giving it to children, as it contains nothing injurious. Sola in 50-cent bottles by F. W: Dingley. If Yon Arc TrouMett with rheumatism or a lame back bind on over the seat of the pain a piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Balm. Hnp]>y Hon.'ilni'.s. Wm. Timmons, postmaster at Idavllle, Ind., writes: "Electric Bitters has done more for mo than all other medicines combined for that bad feeling arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, farm- and stockman of same place, says: "Find Electric Bitters to bo the 'best kidney and liver medicine; it made me feel like u now man." J. W. Gardner, hardware dealer, same town, says: " Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and don't care whether he lives or dies." Ho found now strength, good appetite, and felt Just like ho had a new louse of life. Only 50c a bottle at L. A. Sheetz.' 2 Guaranteed Care. We authorize our advertised druggist to sell Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs, and colds upon this condition: If you are afflicted with a cough, cold, or any lung, throat, or chest trouble, and will use this remedy according to directions, giving it a fair trial, and experience no benefit, you may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We could not make this offer did we not know that Dr. King's New Discovery could bo relied on. It never disappoints. Trial bottles free at Dr. L. A. Sheet/..' Largo size, fiOc and $1. 2 A Good Cigar IB what you can always find at the New Cigar Store on State street, (old postofflce building). I handle the celebrated Fitzslin- inons goods, made at Mason City, and there are none better made. Try the White Ribbon. Smokers say It Is very nice. Also handle tobaccos, pipes, and all kinds of smokers' goods. -GUST. A. HANSON. H. A. SESSIONS, DEALER IN Granite or Marble, ALGONA, - - IOWA. Satisfaction guaranteed In all cases. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- clnes, iyid pure liquors for medicinal purposes only, a.n.& Sta.tie33.ezy. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? 3D. AUCTIONEER, Will crv city and farm property, make collections, etc. All business of a private nature strictly confidential. Ofllee with F. M. Taylor, over Howard's. O. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Lauds bought and sold on commission. Particular attention given to care and sale of real estate In Kossuth and adjoining counties. Agt. for German Ins. Co., Freeport, 111. Passage tickets to old countries at lowest rates. NOTICE, Notice Is hereby given to all parties interested that ou the 15th day of October, 1801, the undersigned was appointed by the district court of Kossnth county, Iowa, executrix of the last will and testament of Elizabeth Chaftee, deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned, and those having claims against the same will present them, properly authenticated, to the said court for allowance. Dated at Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, this 27th day of November, A. D. 1801. ADELINE DUTOHER, 3013 Executrix. ADMINISTRATION NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that tho undersigned has been appointed and has qualified as executrix of the estate of Jacob Zwelfel. late of Kossuth county, Iowa, deceased. All person's in any manner Indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to th,e undersigned, and those having claims against said estate will tile them with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance. Dated this 30th day of November, 1801. ANNA ZWEIFEL, Administratrix. By S. S. Sessions, her attorney. 36t3 M ONEY FURNISHED— At Seven per cent. Interest, at the Kossuth County Uauk. Apply at once. T ,EGAL BLANKS— -*-• Buy them at the Upper Des Moiues office aud get the most approved forms. 0 and Yard on 2)od§& street, south of State, ALG-ONA, - IOWA. ALEX* WHITE, Agent. JLi.nidles the best of all description a of Which indiules everything Hmt is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET 'ALL 'COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure iiowr Irills, and we , ' ivill prove that this is not merely idle talk. Farm Loans. I can now make loans on improved lands, from one to ten years time, and give-the borrower the privilege, of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even $100 at any date when interest falls due. This Is Iowa money, and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. W/sftMrn <$?'t'/| $A<*i'S/<f& 'i$M$\ l^fA ir;0/fe^'?%; , ^,w ill P$M». %;i}^%?H^--^V %•*/''-& •M SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. Dealer In nil kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chromes, and all kinds of ready-made colllus. Hoarse for public use. Headciuurtors for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. L. LESSING, Algonn, Iowa. making ortr Tlire • Mlft •«» p M .1! . ""i » « «r, flBcn. Alt II HI ulM,nn. Full lurtleulan free. After rou know ill, If i conclud. to go no furllier, wnjr, no h«ra ll done. *ddrM., *» t). ALLliX, Box 48O, Augusta, Mult Have you written me yet? If you iren't, wlidom (1 Intelligent ibltlon Buggeet 'rite to-day. I iromlie you my •wclal, perional tentlon. I un- irtako to briefly nch any fairly itelllgent perioa 'cither lex, who a.n read and •rite, end who, fter initruction, 'ill work Indiu- luily, bow to im Three Thou- ind Dollare a, Bar In their own icalltlel, where- rer they lire. I will ulio rurnllb, ie aituation OK nplojment, at hlen you can, irn that amount. . charge nothing ind receive noth- ng unleai auc. cental, ii abore, Nothing difficult o learn, or that requirel tnucb; .ime. Ideilrebut one perion from lach dlitrlet ot lounty. I have a.1. lady taught and rovlded with era. loyrnent * largo lumber who ar* iach. All il new. *• If you 1 Alulae. D, H. HADUEY, M. D.. Assistant. (Regular Graduated. BBgisloroa.) The Loading Specialist of the Waat. ?rlYttte.Blood.Bkluana NervousDluOEoei. ""'*" YOTTIVa MEM •whobythelrownacts of imimicUmee or folly siifl«r from Nervous Debility. Kx- bftustln? drains upon thu fountains of life, the mini. ^luwuumt, mo uiiuii* liody and manhood, sluiiM consult tha celebrated Dr. Hathaway at once. Be* iu?mber nervous diseases (with or without dreams) or da- t.'llty o.nd loas of nervujiio'iver, treated uti i , uj MVV* ., with great eucoees. , It nukes no differ- lence what you havo taken or who Uaa 1 *"•"•«'"•«" tva of - 8 ' 1 k!ada '"•'* *"ow JUT JUJUTHttWa SAVING OP ,1UST i?20 -ON A SEWING MACHINE.— QO Vol.' ";.\.,;A biJ'vVlNfi MAC'HIXK KI,' <•'You can make ihsit on u ttrst-clHSSmachine by Worth W^ v ,„ cnUlug «t Tin-Upper Ues Alulueiufflce. yaHv <•> The"(T." if r * : '', U '"' "•" ' » l»r- tar^tey'"r^

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