The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER i)ES MOINES, AL(K)NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2,1891, If a a sign that you need help, when pimples, blotches, and eruptions begin to appear. Your blood needs looking (after. You'll have graver matters HAmu pimples to deal with, if you V'gieot it. Dr. Piorce's Golden .Medical Discovery prevents and cures all diseases and disorders caused by impure blood. It invigorates the liver, purifies the blood, and promotes all the bodily functions. For all forms of scrofulous, skin and scalp disease, and even Consumption (which is really lung- scrofula) in all its earlier stages, it is a 'certain remedy. It's the only one that's guaranteed, in every case, to benefit or cure, or the money is refunded. It's a matter of confi- Adence in one's medicine. ,A^It is the cheapest blood - purifier •old, through druggists, because you only pay for the good you get. Can you ask more ? The "Discovery" aots equally well att the year round. ''»' SHILOH'S The success of this Great Cou^h Cure li without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a pus- hive guarantee, a test chat no other cure can sue- tessfuU}' stand. That it may becoiwe known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home fe the United States and Canada. If you have * Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use ic, lor tl will cure you. If your child has ihe Croup, *r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief b sure. If you dread that insidiouy disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and III.oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, •u Shiloh's Porous Plaster, price 25 cts. DOCTOR for Coughs, Colds and Consumption, Is beyond '. question the greatest of all modern remedies.. It -«ll Istopa Cough In one night. It will check; aCo'dlnaday. it will prevent Croup, relieve; Asthma, and CURE Consumption li taken In- time. IF THE LITTLE ONES HAVE • WHOOPING COUGH ! OR ; GROUP i i Use It Promptly. • WILL CURE: A "£• ?p" le ,u m ,?. y s .?.r?.*' 9S.1" B°°!°° "SMI* : Taking butter from milk was known in the earliest times. It was left for our time to make a milk of cod- liver oil. Milk, the emulsion of butter, is an easier food than butter. Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil is an easier food tha.s cod-liver oil. It is rest folNligestion. It stimulates, helps, restores, digestion; and, at the same time, supplies the body a kind of nourishment it can get in no other way. SCOTT & BOWHE. Chemists, 131 South jih Avcnut, now York, Your druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil—all druggists everywhere do. f i. ELY'S CREAM BALM Is th* best remedy Too CHILD- BEN suffering from COLD IN HEAD OB CATARRH. Apply Balm Into each nostril, ELY BEOS., U W»m» BL, N.Y Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands. IVORY SOAP DOES NOTr BAM EXAMINATIONS Do Examiners Examine is aii Inter eating Question to Bankers and Business Men. A Public Accountant Gives Some Good Reasons Why Facts Cannot Be Beached. Some Things These Officials Ought to Know to he of Practical Utility. At the present time tUere is hardly a more pertinent, question among business men or one more frequently asked than "Do bank examiners examine?" and there is scarcely one in which they take <t more genuine or lively interest. In spite_ of some misgivings when a bank has failed or been robbed, it has hitherto been sup]:o-ed that Hi'; system of national bank examination was well nigh perfect, and thnt in the examiners themselves stockholders nnd depositors alike had a co^ of vigilant guards, who would effectually prevent any malfeasance of_ bank officials. This supposition has received so rude a shock during the past year that on all sides ia heard ajdumand for real examinations and for a method which will lead to the detection of fraud some little time before M bank is gutted. Some of the imperfections of the present ?.VRteui of bank examinations and some of tbe errors in bank practice ore pointed out by James Warrington, a public accountant, who has had a long experience in tlie auditing of accounts of business corporations and whose criticism of tho methods of examination employed in the case of the Keystone Bank, of Philadelphia, was given a few days ago. In reply to a reporter's , request for some suggestions as to the means to be employed to secure examinations which should reveal the true condition of banks he said: "This subject has engaged my attention for some years past, an^ 1 think I know somethiiie about the difficulties of ihe work and the most practical ways of managing it. But before the remedy is applied we must know something of tne disease, so let me tell you something of what bank examiners have to contend with. So far as I can see there"; is not among business men that clear perception of the reasons for the failure of the system which is a neces-ary preliminary to the formulation and adoption of a better one. Neither does there seem to be any clear understanding of what is really involved in a bank examination. I have held for some years, and still hold, that the methods of examination now practiced are really useless, and that there js only one method which is at once practical and efficient. EVIDENCES OF USELES8NESS. "In speaking ot bank examinations 1 would include not o_nly those by the regularly appointed national bank examiners, but by the examiners for thp courts and by committees of directors. I say advisedly that they are all failures and that they are'so necessarily. That they are useless Philadelphia alone affords ample evidence. The national bank examiner did not prevent the downfall of the Keystone and Spring Garden Banks or the serious defalcation in the Manufactures' National Bank. The court examiners did not prevent, or discover until too late, che defalcations in the Provident Life or Union Trust. "The directors in all these corporations gave no hint that there was any dishonesty, notwithstanding it was rampant, nnd in the cases of the Columbian bank and the Bunk of America, not a sign of the internal rottenness was found by the directors, or if found, was concealed. I only mention cases which have become public, but almost numberless cases could be cited of matters seriously affecting corporations which go on undetected for years, and when found, often by mere accident, are quietly written off. i "I think I need not adduce J urther evidence in support of the position I take that 'bank examiners do not examine, and will put the question in another form —'can bank examiners examine?' To this I emphatically say no. Now, in order to put ihe matter clearly, I will take up separately the different classes of examiners and endeavor to show why, in ray opinion, they cannot examine. WHY EXAMINERS •"As to the national bank examiners, their deficiencies' can, perhaps, best be shown by stating what ought to be the .qualifications for such a position. They should be familiar with the commercial world. They should be possessed of wide experience as accountants, and therefore capable of detecting manipulation. They should be perfectly conversant with the general run of the business of each bank examined. They should have some knowledge of commercial law. "If such be necessarily the qualifications it will follow logically: That no mere bookkeeper can satisfactorily fill the position; that no examiner should have more banks to examine than he con personally handle; and in my opinion no ataminer should exclusively examine banks. "It needs very little argument to show that a man with political influence, or even a good bookkeeper, will not make an efficient bank examiner. EXAMINER'S ASSISTANTS OF NO uais. "It needs years of practice and experience to detect fraud quickly, and the experience must not only cave been long but wide. But if for argument take such a man be had, can he under tbe present system examine in a. proper manner? I think he cannot for several reasons. In examining a bank, or in fact, any business, many poiuta which require the nicest judgment, must come up, and if an absistant 'of little experience be employed lie will probably overlook them, or may even mislead hia principal; therefore I claim that an examiner should only •xamine as many as he can personally bundle. "The national bank examiner has so many banks to examine that he cannot do iis work efficiently. This overloading of he examiner leads to anotier difficulty. In order to economize his time and get :hrough his work he is compelled to have jretty regular time for visiting each bnnk. md when lie does make u vUifc must finish he examination without interruption. 3ousequ';ntly bank officials have a bhrewd dea when to expect tie txominer, which dishonest oiu-a hiil not to tale advantage of. Bank lixik-keopiue is genemly man- aged on » system which does hot readily lead itrelf to examination without notice. "That kind of examination which consists in checking entries, footing up columns and trusting to a trial balance is far from being an ideal one and yet with the system in vogue little more can be done by an examiner. He is at aH times liaWe to be deceived by false securities, substi- tion of securities, or clever manipulation. He has not the tifae for an exhaustive examination as a periodical excmination must be to make it efficient. 4 He does nothing but examine banks and is therefore so out of the commercial world that he can know nothing of the status of the borrowers. The ledger account is nothing but a mass of Sgures showing a balance agreeing with a total ot a memorandum list of notes hut this memorandum list may have in it notes which were received subsequent to the time up to which he examined or be notes (as in the Keystone case) which have never been entered." A POINT FKOM TUB KKY6TONE IJANK. "Beside this the Keystone affords plain evidence of th3 case with which notes received by the bank for discount can, under the present sjstem, be kept out of tho books of record. Again, thn depositors' books cannot be criticised by such an ex- nrainer. Tho Keystone bank shows how the depositors accounts can bo tuampuliiteil nnct 1 say unhesitatingly that the national bunk exauiiners'cannot detect, such uiunip- ulation. He has no tiuic to compare tiu depositors' books with the ledger, and undone the examiner i- mercy of the bank offi less that is entirely at, tho cials; "Collections form a vrry important purl, of the business of a national bank. Y«t the original entry of the account for the collection is purely a memorandum, and the defalcations from this account which have been made public show how easy it, is to steal from this, and no examiner can, under tbe present sjstom, bo sure of tin; correctness of this record." NON PHOFKS8IONALS WON 1 '! 1 DO. As to the examinations by bank directors and court examiners, Mr. Warrington said: "Such examinations cannot be depended upon for similar reasons; but beside thns» there are others which do not seem to bi generally appreciated. Nouo of these ox- nminers are professional accountants, although I believe the examiners for the courts have the power to send for a professional accountant. Not being professionals, it is almost beyond the rango of uossibililies that they would discover' any fraud unless it was very patent. Tlii.vr examinations are generally periodical ami preceded by notice to tho officials. Even where there is no reason to suspect fraud and where the accounts actually are correct, such examinations practically amount to an acceptance of the statement!) madii by the officials. Such examinations are raioly madu to ;i date later than two week o prior to tii i acf.ual examination, and it needs very little acun-en to see what a splendi' 1 chunce for manipulation the officers hnvn and how beautifully they can boodwinlt the examiners. Bank history furnish™ only too n>any instances of this being:lone. 1 have soen mortgages deposited us collateral without any assignment t) tho borrower. I have seen deeds flagrantly imperfect put in as collateral. I lur.v tiuen security bonds drawn wnero two persons became, security where the word'. 'we jointly and severally,' were omitted. I have seen insurance policies filed which neither contained the distance of tho lor • from a siven point, nor the number ot! r.iin \ house. 1 have seen the note describe) one kind of collateral tictually deposited to IK: different. Once I recollect seeing aboil!,! 850,000 worth of securities entered by way ' of memorandum and not n scratch of a ' pon to show that those which were on-! tered were all which should hnvo boon ' entered. Time would fail me to recount all the firrors of omission and commission which in an experience of thirty years have passed under my notice. But in all the cases mentioned coznmittees of director*., nnd in some cases court examiners, li ••-, failed to notice tho irregularities."—Phil- Times. FOrt BRONCHIAL. ASTHMATIC AND PULMONARY COMPLAINTS, "j3rotrn'» Srontfiiat Troches" liiwe remarkable curative properties. Sold only in boic». A New Tork girl trnvelin» nhroad broke her engagement and sent biick the engagement rlni' to her lover, who hnd to ywy |4ft duty on It. FITS.—All Flte stopped free by UR.Kt.tKlt'* Onil t NRRVI RIBTORKK. So Fits after flMtdujr's ass. Marf pilous onrM. Treatise and f 1.00 trial bottle free to f it cum. Send to Dr. Kline, 931 Arch St., Phlla., Pa. The fact that men have a devilish nature Is all the proof needed to show them there is a derll. Made to Look Like) New Dresses, Gent*' Clothing, Feathers. Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garment* Steamed at Otto Pietc' 's Dye Works, 240 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. De Sappy, entering — "Aw, say. old fellah, where 1s It that fools wush in where angels feah to twead?" Adams, grimly— "My office." NOTED JEWELRY HOUSE. The I**rgn Ratnbllihtneut tlmt Clirlatlnn I'rmtimvr Founilod In 18-i-i. One of the oldest nnd most successful business houses in Milwaukee Is that o. 'tho C. Preusscr Jewelry Company, which was founded oy i.:. 1'rousscr, who is now its nrosident. In 1SU that gonUiMiuiu os-' tablished a Jewelry in u modest way on Knar, Water Street, next door to wliut is now tlie IClrby House, and what wan then known us the City Hotel, umlor tho management of Daniel Wells, Jr. It wn.i only three vcars before Mr. Preusser had to seek lamer quarters, and found them iH itio northeast corner of Mason nml Hast Wntur streets. The company's plnco of bu.sinoss is still located tlicro, but this modest shop of forty years ago has given way to 0110 of tho most elegant jewelry stores o.' the Northwest. Mere tho pitreluisor may Hnd all kinds of jewelry, from tho simplest and m(ist Inexpensive to the im>.-i elaborate and costly. If nnvono shoul i not find just what ho fancied, tho muiiti- faeturlnc department will set any slum's desired In tne most artistic designs. A specialty is made by the l-'ri-ussur Company of watches. As this company I? in ill'' 1 wholesale as well as in the retail trade. it is enabled •» • •'' ;if lower i.'um iin> oilier, i .111.1 ,..v|> i-\. : • Mmij; Mini is luudo iu wutuhca. \Yrilu to tliuui lor priced., It Pnyi to R*»a the P»p*r«. Especially your county paper, for often' through this medium business chances and opportunities are presented that might', otherwise entirely escape your attention.! | For Instance, B. F. Johnson A Co.. Rich-,! inond, Vn., hare an advcftlscment in this paper that will prove, of especial Interest nnd vnltie to a largo number of people hereabouts. Miss Helen Gladstone, the grand old man's ilntitrhtcr, Is always Inug-hlng, joking, tcllUig stories, and invariably keeps the dinner Inlile In a roar. "German Syrup" Many farmers and people living In small towns make a specialty of tine stock, such ns pigs, chickens, pigeons and the Ilku. Those could use the lists of the Chicago Newspaper Union to Adrnntnge. Write the advertisement plainly, stating the exact facts In plain language, and si-nil H to the olllce of tho Union In Chicago, and we will give i you rates. As an example of this sort of j 'advertising, we would refer our renders to tho work lhat tho Sylvan Remedy Co., of IPeorla. Is doing In those lists In bringing to the notice of the public the merits of Hold's German Cough and Kidney Cure. Tln-so ads are written up fresh oa'ch week. They deal with all of llui popular topics of the day In an original, breezy, and striking way, so that they make very good reading matter by themselves. In this way they cover tho whole ground, and prove Hint people not only road advertising, but when It Is properly written they llko to road It. A Cough and Croup Medicine. She, poutlngly has hnd two now dresses to my one." spouse No. 3: had two now squares you." "Mrs. Oldwlfo next door . Ho, 'Yes, my dear, but you've huabauds to her one. That STATK or OHIO, Gmr OF ToMcno, > IiOOAB OoONTy. | •'• FIUNK J. OHBNHT maltoM oath tlmt ho la the lonlor partner of tlin nrinof K. ,1. CIII:NKYI% i!o., doliiH business In tho City of Tulodo, (iomit.y ami Stato aforoRald, and Una mild firm will luv'v tho Bum of ONK 1IUNMHHU UOLIjAUS for uaah and ovory onso of Catarrh Unit annnot bo unruil by tho uso of HAM/B GATAUIUI Corns. FRANK J. CinHNMY. Hworn to before nia anil atibsorlbod In my prcaouoe, thin flth day of Dooouibor, A. 1). 188IX I —•— | A. \V. QLHABON, •j SKAr.,. j. iVofc>n/ .I'uliHa, Hull's Catarrh Ciiro IB talion Internally nml aots directly npon the blood and muooun mir- faces of the Byatom. Bond for toHtlmoiilnls, froo. ». J. OHENKY A CO., Toledo, 0. WSoM by Druggists, 7fi oeuti. LABORING MEN! TAKE CARE1 X.OSS OX>° TIME IS COSTLY I ST. JACOBS OIL, THE GREAT REMEDY FOR PAIN, cimiss RHEUMATSSRfl Sprains, Bruises, Cuts, Wounds, Sorenosa, Stiffness, Swellings, Backache, Wuu- ralgla, Sciatica, Burns, For children a tntdi* cine should be absolutely reliable, A mother must be able to pin her fa|th to ft as to her Bible. It must contain nothing violent. uncertaijL or dangerous. It must be standard in material and manufacture. It must be plain and simple to administer; easy and pleasant to take. The child must like it. It must be prompt in action, giving immediate relief, as childrcns' troubles come quick, grow fast, and end fatally or otherwise in a very short time. It must not only relievo quick but bring them around quick, as children chafe aud fret and spoil their constitutions under long confinement. It must do its work in moderate doses. A large quantity of medicine in a child is not desirable. It must not interfere with the child's spirits, appetite or general health. These things suit old as well as young folks, and make Boschee's German Syrup the favorite family medicine. 9 C Ql',',"' Cm««l>«. Sore Throat, •we th ft onco. Yon will MOO lakliiirtliellrNttloso. Large liutt.«.. ft:> con to at xcellent o deal ers ovonrwhere, To Dldpol OolilH, Headaches and Fevers, to cleanse the •ystem effectually, yet gently, when costive or bilious, or when the blood Is Impure or sluggish, to permanently cure habitual con- Btlpatlon, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or weaklng them, use Syrup ot Figs. Tommy: "What part of speech Is wo- manf" Papa: "Woman Is no part of speech at all, my son. She la the whole ol The Full Prospectus of Notable Features for 1892 and Specimen Copies will be sent Free. Brilliant Contributors. Articles have been written expressly for tho coming volume l>y a host of eminent men nml women, among whom are The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. — Count Ferdinand de Lcsscp.s. — Andrew Carnegie. — Cyrus W. Field. The Marquis of Lome. — Justin McCarthy, M.P. — Sir Lyon Plnyfnlr. — Frank R. Stockton. Henry Clews. — Vasili Verestchagin. — W. Clark Russell. — The Karl of Mcath. —Dr. Lyman Abbott: Camilla Urso. — Mrs. Henry M. Stanley, and One Hundred Others. - The Volume for 1892 will Contain Nine Illustrated Serial Stories. Articles of Practical Advice. Glimpses of Royalty. Railway Life and Adventure. 100 Stories of Adventure. Sketches of Travel. Popular Science Articles. Charming Children's Page. 700 Large Pagss. Five Double Holiday Numbers. Illustrated Weekly Supplements. Nearly 1000 "A Yard of Hoses. FREE The Best Short Stories. Hints on Self-Education. Household Articles. Natural History Papers. This Slip TO JAN. I, 1892. To Now SuuHcrlucrg who will cut out mill nc.-ml IIH Ihlx ullp wllli iininu mid adiliTMH iind It 1.75 wo will ncnil Tin- ('imiiuuilnn I'vi-c to .Inn., IS!I'-J, nnd for n Full VCTII- from Mint Diuo. Till* olli-r liiclmluM I Ins TIIANKK- GIVIMJ, OI1ICISTM AS nn<l NK\V YKAIt'S Double! llolliliiy Nilinbui-H. Wo will a I HO Hcncl n copy ufii liiinillll'iil nnicillnit, nnllllnil "A YAI.'D OK ROSES." ItM production him COMI TWENTY THOUSAND DO I, I,A US. Send Check, Fost-o.fllci'. Order, or Itrtiintfrrd Lr.ttur at tmr risk. Addrvas, <s THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, mass. k^J&KS'SBrtBS'SOftwya^ Catarrh flood'. Saraapnrllla, Being a Constitutional Remedy, Readily Reachvt and Cure* It. "A. ien» of gratitude and • deslro to benefit tlm->- affllotod prompt? me to raoommend Hood'n Surmt parilUtoall who h«»e catarrh. For many ream I WM troubled with catarrh and Indigestion and gen •ral debility, I got 10 low I could not getarouml the house. I tried about everything I saw recommended for catarrh i but falling In every iuntuiion of being relieved, I became Very Much Discouraged At last I decided to take Hood's SursaparlllK nml began to get relief. I have now used, wltlilu uvc yean, ten or twelve bottles, and I feel better tlmn i have for years. I attribute my Improvement w ho 11 , U> the use of Hood's Sarsaparilla MBS. OHAB. EHIMB, corner York and Hlumuut dm. Hanover, Penu. Baad<» PU1« —For the Hvor and bowols, iui tully yet promptly and efficiently. Price 2oo. i , koueol man or woman Iu every county in tho U. B I A MONTH to introduce un article I M . "vV. .. .' nobody win do wUli. I out. Adapted to town or country. Mo patent I rnodlolne or cheap jewelry. Splendid opening for I the right perBon. «ood Joba »re nrarcel nnd don't w»lt Una; for tmlieri. Kfen if P you can spare but a few hours a week, write at I once to B. F. JOHNSON 4 CO., Richmond, Va , I for Information about tbe blnrtwt tklnt; on I •artli—something that will open your eye* aud I keep them open. ' FAT FOLKS REDUCED Ml f& INSTANT RELIEF. Curclall-daj, L0II •• \T Nevrr i-ftiniiK. T.t» purge. No Halve. ?»< r I I •] •% B * IbUW J. . . . BUllpUdllorv. KllUKUV MAIUEUHllUi. AliUn ,1'.KE/t;H,Uox3!Mo,NewYorkOlty,K.V AW4K itli JBftal "^V 1 ^ mstff* 110YAL AFFLICTIONS. The Princess of Wales is quite deaf. So is her sister, the Czarina o!' Russia. They both attribute this alfliction to an inherited defect from their mother, the Queen of Denmark. A great many cases of deaf- hess come from catarrh. The common mode of treatment for this malady is to treat the seat of the disease, the nose, but this generally drives the trouble from the nose to the kidneys, and the result is a far worse state of things than existed originally, for this trouble must be treated constitutionally, and there is nothing that will act upon the malady like REID'S GEKMAN COUGH ANI> KIDNEY CURB. This great remedy heals the difficulty at once and removes the cause. It has no equal in this respect. Catarrh, when neglected, is the parent of a vast number of diseases, ending in consumption. REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURE will heal it in its worst form if persisted in. For sale by all druggists. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. teuwylvanla Agricultural Works, York, Pa. Fun|uliar'n Stumliinl Kuglues nuil SHU Mills. Solid for Catalogue. 1'ortablo, Stationary, Tructloa /Ji ft -»-»^ u-und AutomaUuEngluesaBpeoiallv .WurruntoU equal or superior ic •V^x_ , any mudu ilr-" GOLD MBDAL, PARIS, 1B7B. } W. BAKER & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which lliu,exce«a ol oU has beuii removed, In uliaoluteJii 2»tro ,uid It is soluble. No CJiemicals nro used Iu Its preparation. It has morn than thr'e «m<* tht itrength ot Canon mixed with Sluroli, Arrowroot or Sugar, and in therefore fur more eoo- i nomlcal, -otttriff ltn than onf I cent a cup. It In delicious, nonr. _ ' Inning, •treiigthpning, JUSILI DIOBBTBD, and admirably adapted for Invalid* M well M fr>r persona In health. Sold Iijr Crocer» everywhere, W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Maw, THIS THE ONLY SCALE STON. A<idreii» A. U. *Ml«,UIf Alt »V <JO. YorU.I'u. Our Improved KiHbroidori chinoiuukciiltuiis wiiliyuruorra 8. Finn EiubroiilariiiK wlili ullk orzopli- yrrt. OircularH und toriiiv- to AKIM. froe. alacliiuu, voloruil pattern book, mitten jiBttora, Baniplcu ol worli, cat., nrico I nt«, dlroo- tluiiH, etc.. all by mull for tt.'O. auliBfuctlon Kuaruu- taed or money refunded. E. KOS3 i Oo.. Toledo, O, LITTLE LIVER a, clfi* Hi Ul»» Kid. '-as Establish nsaV .T ACTION. - —« _.,.—«-.~—... toy pinrlfyinfl blood, POULT TceiTARLS. Tin doit li nicely adjusted t« lull sate, as one nlll >u totf rbatoo much, Each vial contalni O, tarried la yen pocket, like Itsd pencil. Huslnesi man'* treat convenience. Tsken enter tbsn sugar. Boldenn* vhere. All tenulns goods bear''Oraioent." Band J-oent stamp. You get 8S pife book with sampla, 01. HABTES MEDICINE CO., Si. Lonll, M» Co WANTED! f u SRXJ' TKA1 K sl " ' RELIABLE , ACCURATE , Du RABLEV BEAMBQX-BRASS-BEAMHRON-LEVERS; ADDRESS. JONES.^HE PAYS. fHEFREIGHT "FOR TERMS. BINGHAMTON, REE Northern Pacific R, R. Uo.-t AKricultural, Ur»?.iun now orn'n to doltltrn. Mill l CIAS. 8. Nortli akots, Montaua, Idalio WiuibliiKtou and Oregon, the Vroi Uoveruiuoiit^tiuil CJIKAI IIOUULB iffel •••4*AH kind! ebtiptt Itreccli-Loaderfll IHtl' 1 """""^'«• K' «-7 OQ • "• Ismlm. ton SO" buy, «i"i _*7i°-H; ••• IHI % «snpferlll..tratea RIFLES H.OO i Jill We f ^teal,.^' QICTm cir ^B^^^H^H vf-^Hr IUO Mftln Hlrrfl, _-"!* '."«» !r'**' I V'¥ t ° i f/ ' v> ' u -"- 41 ''Cinelunatl.Ohlo. fiiOW" Td~(B'JB»""jr : UOWTOKBptPITI Fully eipl»tu»d 1 B th» I fl 111 RACRFR t Pn »" th « ° ld <"". I UUId DADOLn 8 UU. most effloleu U and reliable DAT! UT CniiniTnnti Washington, u. o. rAlLNT oOLICITQRS "A YOUNG WOMAN AT FIFTY," Or, as the world expresses it, "a well-pra- served woman." One who, understanding the rules of health, has followed them, aud preserved her youthful appearance. ne«. No attj's tut until O»t»rrh to tbe Uee. tH»A Oheapeet. __ r«*«or«»Von>uleiiTonjcar0«Cpn«lluatlou, goes to tho root of all female complaints, renews tho waning vitality, and invigorates tho entire system. Intelligent voineu oi middle ago knowell its wonderf { powers. All Druggists sell it as ft standard artl- do, o? seat by «wll, to fonn of Pills or $1,00.

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