The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1893 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, January 18, 1893
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,1893, AND [ Oeremonioiis Marriage of the Princess Marie to Roumania's Prince* [immense Temporary House Like the Crystal Palace Erected For the Occasion. [important Political Signin'eence of the Union—llie cruests. en, Jan. 11.— Amid royal &p and splendor and surrounded by opean sovereigns or their repre- ittves Princess Marie of ISdinburg yesterday afternoon to .I'erdinand, crown prince of Bou- u Among those who witnessed tho civil I ceremony, which was performed at 2 I o'clock by Dr. von Wedel, Emperor [William's household minister, were the, [duke and duchess of Ediuburg, the [parents of the bride; King Charles of I Roumania, uncle of the bridegroom; ! Prince Leopold of Hohenzollem-Siguiu- 1 ringen, father, of the bridegroom; the members of the Roumanian, ministry; the presidents of both branches of the Roumanian parliament, and the more immediate members of the families of the bride and groom. The Schloss, the residence of Prince Ferdinand's father, was entirely too small to accommodate the large number of guests who attended the wedding, and) to prevent and discomfort an Immense temporary house of iron, and glass, on the model, though on a much smaller scale, of the crystal palace in London was erected, and in tins building the wedding celebrations took place. Here Prince Ferdinand and Princess Marie gave a reception to guests and deputations. It was snowing, but this only set off the beauty and luxury displayed hi the annex to the Schloss, which was a veritable garden of flowers and palms. It was 4:30 p. m. when the wedding party arrived at the picturesque Stadt- klrche for the Catholic ceremony. The church was crowded to overflowing. Emperor William, wearing the of an imperial field marshal, was the first to. enter, escorting the duchess of Edinburg, the mother of the bride. The parish priest tied the nuptial knot, and Mgr. Placidus, abbot of the bene- dlctine monastery of Beurch, delivered the nuptial address. The marriage of Ferdinand, crown prince of Roumania, and Princess Marie eldest daughter of the duke of Edinburg-, is likely to have an important bearing on political affairs in the Balkans, and consequently It is a matter of moment to all Europe. Princess Marie is half Russian, her another being the Grand Ducbess Marie Alexandrawna, only daughter of Czar Alexander II. Princess Marie is said Sto be a Russian in her tendencies, and I as her character-is a much stronger one than her husband's, her influence bo- 'fore and after she reaches the throne will be exerted in favor of Russia. : It is stated that to prevent the possibility of a direct heir being bom to succeed to the throne of Rouninnia, which, would prevent his daughter bo iff coming queen, the duke of Edinburgh '* secured the .written consent of King Charles not to marry again hi the event of Queen Elizabeth's death. Prince Ferdinand is the second son of Prince Leopold of Hohenzollem- Siginaringen, who Is the elder brother ,of King Charles of Roumania, King fCliai-les is childless, his only daughter liaving died from diphtheria shortly [after her birth In 1S74. The constitu- 'tion of Roumania provides for the sue- icsslon of the throuo to the Hue of 'rince Leopold. In 1880 Prince Leopold, renounced his right in favor of «on, Prince William. The latter In |(turu renounced his rights In favor of jlils brother, Prince Ferdinand, In 18S8, in 1889 King Charles Issued a de- him prince of Roumania. queen of Roumania has written il well known works of prose aud ' under the nom do plume of [Cnrmon Sylvia, Her efl'oits to brine; I about a marriage between Prince F«r- naml find Mle. Vacaresco, one of h"r aiuils ot honor, are well remembered. Clio wedding of the crown prince may }p l>n just the proper occasion to draw torlioi) to the bridegroom's prior love \lr. but as his devotion to Mle. Va- Vsco thioatened to overthrow the W"flHiiJan dynasty, it Is a historical fis well as a personal. matter. At the lilt'''>o thv' "fair was fresh in the public i nZ?'"* £ •*" |ud owinjj to the refusal of the Roiv ' inifir parliament to sanction a ,ige bi'lwen the crown prince and lie. Vacaresco, and Its threat to ftange tho succession if 'the crown persisted hi his determination her, the following history of I fiels and then that of Rome. In all three I cities he was notorious as a patron o i i public women and was treated by tb.L I diplomatic corps with contempt. Mile Helehe differs from the rest of her house in that she is intelligent and brilliant She is essentially French in training anc j taste." When it became known that the crowi prince was enamored of Mile. Vacares co a storm arose hi Boumanla tha threatened to sweep King Charles fron his throne. The queen, however, favor ed the lovers and encouraged the court ship. The proposed match was filnally broken off, much to the disgust of the queen. It Is said that after the bethroth al of the crown prince to Princess Martt was announced Mile. Vacaresco amusec herself by mailing every week to the princess one of the love letters written to her (Mile. Vacaresco) by Prince Ferdl nand. The duke of Edinburg and King Charles interposed and by some means succeeded in strapping this annoyance to the princess. WASHINGTON. Jan. n.—Senator John E. Kenna of West, Virginia died about 4 o'clock this morning of heart disease, from which he had been for some years an acute sufferer, so much so that for long- intervals he had been compelled to abandon his duties as Senator and to forego all mental exertion. Tho summers ago, with a view of diverting his mind from his physical ailments, he established an nmateur boat builders' shop and busied himself in constructing a boat. He partially recovered and resumed his seat in the Senate, where he made one memorable speech which was remarkable both for its length and its vigor but soon suffered • a relapse from which he never rallied, His sufferings during the last few months of his life from heart spasms were so poigriant that to himself as to his fnmilv. Congress Atljouriis. WASHINGTON, Jan. 11.—The deathof Senator Kenna of West Virginia was immediately after the reading of the journal, announced by Mr. Blackburn, fieeling remarks were made by him in pr»ise of tho dead Senator, and the usual resolutions were presented and adopted, including- invitations to the House of Representativea, the President and members of the Cabinet and the Supreme Court to attend the funeral ceremonies in othe Senate Chamber at 1 o'clock to-morrow. A committee of seven Senators—Messrs. Faulkner, Blackburn, Ransom, Daniel, Walthall, Manderson, and Squire—was'appointed to take order as to the funeral and to accompany the body to West Virginia: aud then as a further mark df respect, ihe Senate adjourned. The House also adjourned out of re- spact for the dead Senator. Honor Asked fur Maryland. WASHINGTON:, Jan. 11.—Chairman Dickson of the inauguration committee on civic organizations has received a communication from Representative Rusk of Maryland, president of the Calumet Club, asking that the Maryland division be given the right of line. He claims that Maryland is sntitled to the position, on account of seniority of all organizations from other States which will be represented, t is estimated that the Maryland division will number 3,500 men. The >ther applicants for right of line are -he Tammany organization aud Iroquois Club, Chicago. •TREASURERS'? | L. S. Coffin, ex-railway Commissioner " Iowa were against Sunday opening, as was the Railway Trainmen association and the Brotherhoon of Locomotive Engineers. Court Were Not Entitled to Interest. TUv lliey "Yet it is permitted to tils mother church to mingle her accents with tlios of his country, to toll of those qualities that have made him near aud dear to her. Yea, qualities in which lay 1lu Conclusions of Law Laid Dow in Chief Justice Lyon's Opinion. Amount Claimed is About $170,000 From Harshaw And Over $200,000 From McFetridge. Madison, Wis., Jan 10.—The supreme court to-day rendered an opinion hi the cases of the State against Ex-State A committee of 25 or 80 representing ; iw i soc t of all ins public work, the American Sabbath Union and other i The bishop thou discoursed on tho sul organizations interested hi preventing 1(H . t O f faith and the aoon qualities of the repeal of the world's fair Sunday j \i r \ nK m , („ !Ul hioal faith would pro- closing law, called at the White House today. They were received by President Harrison in the east room and {'<y.'e introduced individually by Col. She^ s ^l, who made a formal address to the prev fleut, reciting the purpose for which the committee were laboring. Rev. Ramsdell, duco in man. At tho close of tho ser inon, which was delivered, with strong emphasis and listened to with tho grout ost interest by the largo assemblage ii (lie chamber iu procession of the door. the pt'iosls again formet mid ret I rod to one. sldt The family of the do ceased senator did the same. Tho con tf *-•» 1*1 4 . I * «I«^\.M- vv. in i ».\>L » »n i i.i i v; on i 111. • .i_ in; V.AFAI. of Washington, read a memorial ad-1 mx< , s1olml ( , omm ltteo Iu white mirfs dressed to the president invoking his aid In securing the object sought.. To this, President Harrison responded It would be manifestly Improper for him to discuss the matter, in view of mt>mnv the fact that it Is now before congress for action. then arose at id left t.lie chamber by tho main aisle, followed by a s<]uml o calrf^ol police bearing tho casket. The senate adjourned until noon to- OUT IN THE NIGHT. TALK ABOUT WOOL Now York, Jan. 12.—Tho National Knu iiitt-n MIUI Ksi'upt-s vnnn » iiiiriiini; | Association of Wool Manufacturers bc- "omitiii Mir»t it»i»-i " gaii its twenty-eighth annual meeting ISau Claire, Wis., .Tan. 11.—The real- bore today. President Whltoman de- donee of Allen II. Morgan, superintend- cliiied election and Rufus S. Frost was Treasurers McFetiidge and Harshaw cut of ttl o gns works, burned about chosen. S. D. N. North, of Boston, was and their sureties. It was a complete opinion was written by Chief Justice midnight. Tho lire had made such head- chosen secretary. victory for the commonwealth. The way when discovered that the family of Resolutions woro adopted declaring six persons barely escaped, the hair of as the belief of tho manufacturers that Lyoii and was auiriued by the whole somo of tnem being singed. Nothing the existing tariff has proved advantag- court. The decision of Circuit Judge ' was saved except tho night clothes they eous to wool growers,- manufacturers Newman Is oflimicd in most particulars. uan ou > aml it: was 20 below zero. Loss, a,ud consumers of woolen goods; that The conclusion of the court is as fol.ows: Upoui due consideration our conclusions upon the whole case are (and tho ourt so holds) that the funds which Treasurer McFetiidge deposited with janks were the property of the state, that In making such deposits as treasurer and stipulating for and receiving $3,500; insured. interest thereon, or receiving interest respit of ninety days. WON'T TOLERATE HANGING olnriiilo'H (iovi'i-niH- Don't lti>!lnv«t in «!»|>I'll! ''unNlnnriit Denver, Col., Jan. 11.—-Peter Augusto, under .sentence of death for klEing roafllnned. Harry Sullivan, was today granted n ' the proposixl economic change is not iu response to any demand from tho Industry represented, eighty per cent, 'of the manufacturers of tho country having" joined hi protesting ngiilnst tho passage of the free AVOO! bill now pend- Ing in congress, and which protest Is without such stipulation, he did not violate any law of the state; that such nterest so paid to him being an accre- lon or iincremeut to the fund, increasing it by the amount of Interest thus mid thereon, belongs to the state; that reasurer McFetridge received such interest by virtue of his office of state reosuror and the same belonged to his said office; that his failure to ac- 3ount therefor to the state, or to deliver the stone to his successor in office, is required by law, Is a breach of the This is the first official act of the popu attention of congress Is invited I to the fact that woolen goods aim manufactured nearly a year hi advance of list governor who Is opposed to capital, the season for whose wear tihcy aro punishment and has determined that, adapted, and In consequence any law there shall be no hanging done and thu simultaneously removing the duty o.u respite is granted to give the present wool will compel the whole domestic legislature an oppurtunity to abolish production os tho season manufactured the law. from duty-paid wool to compete hi tho markets with foreign goods innnul'ao Htth«M,.nmir«-. , tured from free wool. With the Springer bill discriminate Washington, Jan. 11.—The report of d u t y { U this respect, admitting at reduced raites simultaneously with tho repeal of wool duties all foreign goods the minority of tho house banking and currency committee on the bill to re- 3ondttions of his ofllcial bond; and that! peal the Sherman silver bullion pur- imported prior to its passage and hold Ills action can be maintained on such • chase act was made to the house by In bonds, a year should elapse after tho jond, against him and his sureties Representative Townsend, of Colorado, i wool ilutJcs disappear before compeii- herein, to recover the interest thus re- It is an argument in opposition to the satory duties aro repealed. Chlltan I!us a (innil Chnnce. WASUINGTON, Jan. 11.—It is believed by those familiar with West Virginia politics, that Senator Kentia will be succeeded by Chilton, Chairman of the State Democratic committee. Chilton, besides being Kenna's personal friend is a member of the *ame faction jeived by him and unaccounted for. bill, which, it is charged, is intended to The resolutions ask at tho hands of In detennining tins case the court be the final step towards an absolute congress a most careful examination of ias adopted many of the views of the gold standard In the "United States, all the conditions surrounding the iii- eamed ^circuit judge, _but withholds its and to suppress eveiy effort at bimet- | dustry in this and other countries; assert preference shown in simple ad- valorem duties invariably accompanied by systematic undervaluations, aud urge upon congress th importance of imposing (•'•oMionics nt i,ut<> smmtor i mintoinlng the specific form, of duty, Hi-ium't |'-IIIIIM-III or somo part of it, in tho schedule. Washington, Jam. 12.—Both touses They protest against any measure of and the senate soon after meeting, and tariff revision which singles out a par- without transacting any business, took tlcular Industry like the wool manu- The suits were brought to recover a recess to attend the funeral of the facttire for reductions of duty which vpproval of others. Inasmuch as we ' alllsin. rrive at the same conclusion reached iy him, although by different processes if reasoning, it is unnecessary further o discuss the propositions in his very .ble opinion which >ye are not prepared o adopt. The judgment of the circuit court mst be affirmed. BURIED IN STATE. principal as follows: Harshaw $140,000. McFetridge $230,000. Total $370,000. late Senator Kenna, of West Virginia, are not applied Impartially and sumu- The body of the late senator was con- taneously to all industries, veyed the capital this morning in i Tho customs administration act of the midst of a blinding snow storm. i 1890 provided for the Jlrstl time a uni- The remains lay in state in the mar- form, impartial and effective ajdinlnis- Other suits pending are as follows: ble room> tbe mem bers of the family tratlon of the tariff lows, with an ex- Ag.-ihist Gnenther for $201,000, Kuehn, havrng taken a farewell view before $110,000; Baetz, $101,000. , the body left the residence. The casket was not opened and was pert tribunal for the determination of disputed rates and classification, and the retention of this law In substan- THE POPULACE STIRRED Governor of Aluryliiiid Releases Four J'ris- t.ners \Vlio Were to Htin^. Chestertown, Maryland, Jan. 11.—Intense excitement reigns in Kent county. Four of the octet of murderers who assassinated Dr. J. Hill, were removed from the place their sentences covered with a black cloth on which j tlally its present form is urged, lay a bunch of palms, while at the foot was a sheath of wheat bound with palms and violets. There were many other floral tributes from the members of the senate and house and friends of the deceased. In spite of the storm outside, the gal- having been commuted by the governor. lerie f were crowded before the openta; Those whose lives were spared are Henry Hurtt, John Barnard, Charles to which Kenna belongs, and, it is be- Emery and Lewis Benson. Those who iiAvori Trnnr,o>c *,.;„„,!,• ,,,;n „„!!„ »„ i_.»j. _../, —i.. MI 1_ i TTI-J lieved, Kenna's friends will rally to support. Ex-Sjgnator Camdenhasbeen figuring largely in the prospective contest for Falkner's seat, but it is not oelieved he will be considered in the selection of a successor to Kenna. It Was Kzpeoted. WASHINGI ON, Jan. 11.— The Tammany people here make no concealment of their delight over the nomination [Of Edward Murphy, Jr., for United States Senator. Their friend says he fully expected this result, but does not anticipate any open rupture. A member of theiNew York delegation, who talked with him recently, says Cleveland said he was satisfied even before he gave out his anti-Murphy interview that assured. Murphy's election was Opposition to Chile. VALPARAISO, .Ian. 11.—An independent observer, who has just returned from Buenos Ayrps, says that there is a strong feeling of opposition to Chile throughout Argentina. This hostility is fostered by persons who have failed to get contracts from those now in power. They oppose the present government and desire to foment trouble, in the end to enrich themselves, grave dang-er of a revo- Ille. Vccpxesco and her family apicpred: "Few intrigues born of women at court lave caused more trouble in modern lines that the schemes of this youn« hi to succeed a queen. Mile. Vacares- SJo is not yef 30 and looks hardly 25. 3he Is a Roumanian, of medium height, •k skin, full proportions. Her hair black, her lips have a swelling full- ,ess, and her forehead is smooth and 'founding. She is of the noble Roman h,ouse of Vacaresco, perhaps the most ^ shameful of all noble houses on the con- r ,-j'llnent. Her father Is as Incapable as ' ,?«he Is degraded. He was sent in 1888 It ' 3;ie,lgrade as ambassador, but subsc- ntly secured tjie embassy at Brus- ne says, are corrup . A number of prominent Chileans were interviewed in regard to the story about opposition to this country in Argentina. They say there is not the least ground for the assumption that Chile wishes to give Argentina cause for hostile acts. Chile desires to work in a peaceable manner to improve the condition of all South American republics. Nothing further is known concerning- the entanglement growing out of the alleged alliance between Chile, Brazil and Paraguay. Denials of the existence of such an agreement have been gent to the Buenos Ayres, Washington and Euro- oean legations. are left and ,who will surely hang Friday, if they are not lynched before, ore Charles Brooks, Moses Brown, Fletcher Williams and F. Comegys. When the populace .learned this morning that the sentences had be.en services. The bier was placed at the head of the main aisle hi the senate chamber and the members of the lower house entered, led by Speaker Crisp, who took his place beside the vice president. ' \ General Schofiold, the commanding general of tho army then arrived.. Then the diplomatic corps headed by Sir MITCHELU SELLS AND BUY'S. Dispohi'H <if (.us .Modi mid TukUH Up Hunk MiKik, Milwaukee, Jan. 12.—John L. Mitchell, who a short time ago was the principal stockholder aud president of the Milwaukee Gas Light company, now has no Interest whatever in that institution. He sold at an advance of 100 per cent, on its par value and $350,000 is said to be thu sum that ho received for it. The purchasers are understood to bo Boston capitalists. jNIr. Mitchell has purchased John Johnston's Marine & stock iu the Fire Insurance Wisconsin Company commuted and the prisoners takoii away Julian Pauncofoto arrived and was re- bank. There is much speculation us to excitement and indignation amounted ceivcd by tho cabinet, as was Scholield, almost to madness. It is said that it would be dangerous for the governor to be seen about the city. Crowds gathered hi the neighborhood of the jail and in all places of public resort and discussed the matter hi loud tones. Lewis Justice, a prominent merchant, appeared to voice the 'sentiments of the populace when he said: "T aud these were followed by the chief justice of the United States supreme court. Tlioju camo President Harrison and his cabinet and the family of the dead senator in deep mourning. At 1:15 p. m. a procession of robed the price that Mr. Mitchell paid for Mr. Jolrnstoui's third interest. His stock was of the face value of $100,000, and it is stated that he received fully $250,000 for it. The annual mooting of the Advancement association was well attended, should not be surprised If the other escorting and carrying tho casket which priests proceeded by alcolytes bearing , and considerable business was transact- a censor and with wax candles lighted | c|d. A resolution endorsing John L. marched down the islo followed by a j Mitchell for the United States senate squad of capitol police in full uniform : was introduced by T. L. Kelly. It set M In l . ST. Lpuis, Mo., Jan. 10.— A City of Mexico* dispatch snys: President Diaz, in exercise of the authority granted him by Congress, in the law passed Oct. 31, 1892, has made important modifications iu the mining laws of June 4 and 0, ISO I, among 1 which is especially notable. The dates of payment of annual taxes count from Nov. ], i892, instead of July 1, 1892, credit being- so given to proprietors who have prcvi : ' ottsiy pi\id from July 1 to Oct. 31 that their rcciiipls will read from Nov. 1, 18i)2, to Feb. 1. Trial nt Regulator*. CHEYENNE, Wya, Jan. 10.—In four days 200 talesmen have been called for jury service in tho trial of the blue- blooded regulators. Twenty 'three have been peremptorily challenged and not one accepted by both sides. At this rate 2,704 talesmen will be required and the county has only about two thousand. Tho outlook is discouraging- to the prosecution. In case a jury cannot be secured the defendants will be dismissed. There are 391 peremptory challenges to be used. OUIiiliomn Legislature Convenes. GUTIIUIR, Ok., Jan. 10. — The Legislature convenes here nfc noon to-day. Tho liepublicans will organize tho Democrats and In the council upper Mouse and the Populists tho lower, the members stand 7 Republicans, 5 Democrats and I Populist. The lower House: Republicans, 12; Democrats, 10; Populists, 4. Tho Governor has been busy for some time preparing 1 his message. NEWS IN BRIEF. The death of John T. Webster in Elkluirt, Ind,, put au end to an action of iissault brought against him by the sister of his wife. The religious war atWaukegan, 111., has calmed cloWn. The Rev. J. G. White has g-iven up tlio idea of lecturing in the town on Catholicism. Betty Grimes, a 10-year-old girl, was arrested in Columbus, Ind,, in the act of poisoning- several dogs. ' .She has Been a monomaniac for some time on the matter of killing dog-a. Jutian Miller and Nicholas Schmidt were arrested in St. Louis charged with the robbery of tho Cramer Dry Plate Company of St. Louis. Silver valued at;§0,000 has been lost by the company in the last three years. George L. Lloyd, a real estate man of Ashland, Wis., was cleared on the charge of forgery. Judge Parish held Lhat tearing- off words from the note, the allegation in the charge, did not constitute forgery. Mr. Watson (Pop., Ga.) introduced in the House a bill to create the office of National Inspector of Cotton and rain; to provide for the issuance of certificates of deposit and for the issuance of postofflce money orders thereon; and to provide for the payment of such orders. Representative Springer offered for reference a resolution calling 1 on the Postmaster-General for copies of all orders from the President since March I, 1889, extending the provisions of the Mvil Service law to cemployes of the Postofflce Department or to clerks in .he railway mail service 01 modifying orders theretofore issued. Sonutor rerklnH In 1'opeka. TOPEKA, Kan., Jan. 10.—Senator Perkins arrived from Washington today in the hope of preparing the way [or his return to the Senate. He will »e here three or four days and then go sack to Washington, to be back again .n two weeks, when the Senatorialbat» lie will bo fully on. The Senator said ;hat he is an aspirant for his own placo and that he believes that he will receive the caucus nomination. United States District Attorney Ady also arrived to-day, and he, too, will be a candidate should the Republicans organize the House, of which matter he ias no doubt. Thirty AIlnerB Drowned. LONDON, Jan. 10.—A terrible accident occurred to-day atPenzance, Cornwall. While a number of men were at work n the Wheal Owl mine at that place water suddenly rushed in and drowned .hirty of the miners. As soon as the rush of the water was heard those who were nearest to the main shaft rushed nto the. cage and were quickly drawn to the surface. Others at a distance were overtaken by the water and their cries could be heard resounding .hrough the galleries. four were lynched tonight. You can hardly realize the pitch of the excitement to which the people are worked. If the secret had leaked out last night the police would not have had an easy time to get the men away." WHITNEY A COAL BARON. Itelievecl Tlint Aiuei-itt) u npltnl Has I'ur- rlnixcd the N'ovn S«oli i Klulil" Philadelphia, Jan. 11.—The reported purchase of the Nova Scotia coal fields by Pennsylvania coal operators, the Reading Railroad company and others, was covered with flowers. The priests, with Bishop Keene, of tho Catholic university, in his purple robes, ranged themselves about the coffin. Bishop Donohue opened the religious services by walking around tho Coffin and aspergiug it with holy water. He was attended by an alcolyte waving a censer, the fumes of which prevaded the chamber. He read the services of the Catholic church, first in Latin and then in English. Bishop Keene, of the forth that if the legislature should elect Mr. Mitchell it would afford the Advancement association much satisfaction. The endorsement of Mr. Mitchell went through on the motion of 0. M. Oottrill. THE tX-TREASURERS, riiiu tu lio in Milwaukee, Jan. 12.—The friends of lie ex-state treasurers are now maturing desk of tho secretary stood a gilt cruel- J a scheme to oouie before the legislature fix with a gilt alfla on either side in 1 with uu asumptlon of backing from the each of which burned live largo wux ! People, asking that the defendants be could not be actually confirmed here, Catholic university, then took his placo i llit off witu tho payment of half what but that such a deal has been consum- at the head of tho coffin and preached ' tue c °urts find is due to the state by rea- mated is generally believed In fimin- tho funeral sermon. Behind him on the sou of tholl> converting tho interest on candles, while opposite, at the foot of ^L>oslts ot public funds to their own use. 1 Attorneys Quarles and Stark of counsel for Harshaw and McFetridge said this afternoon that there had not boon any cial circles. It Is said that Wm. 0. "Whitney, of New York, is interested largely in the the cottin, stood Three attar boys, robed iu wliite and red, find one of them Nova Scotia deals and that his brother holding a tall crucifix' and the others, went to Halifax some time ago to complete the final negotiations of the sale. PLEAD WITH THE PRESIDENT. Washington, Jan. 11.—The Sunday opening hearing was resumed today by Keiiua, tho church's tribute of respect a special committee of tho house on the and affection. His country has given, world's Columbian exposition. Elliot P. Sheparcl addressed the com- one on each side, bearing lighted can-1 consultation a s yet upon the course to dies. pursue in the interest of their clients and In tho cours- "" '-'s remarks Bishop Uiat tn °y dicl uot know what would be Keene said: "At the request of his I doue> Mr - Felker oould not be found eminence, 'Cardinal Gibbons, and as and m '- Ordway would not talk, his roprosenlative on tills solemn occasion, it is my privilege to offer Senator aud Mil yet give, a flattering expression to tho appreciation of his tireless Report from Honolulu says that con- j iu favor of the gates being closed onorgy, distinguished ability, and his trary to general expectation, the queen : on Sunday. Rev. Dr. Ramsdell, of blameless integrity, with which he- filled has signed the appropriation bill an4 returned It to the legislature. Everything now is quiet. Washington, Rev. Dr. Joseph Cook, of for so many years 1ho high olftce to Boston, and 'others, earnestly opposed Mitch liis foUo-w citizens had, the opening. him. J/.v a SI ori'gu'otlit Rlilnelaiuler, AVls., Jan. 12.—Last night while Father July was was exhibiting a sU'ropticoii apparatus at the residence to visiting priests, the gas used In operating It exploded, wrecking, the Ulterior of the room aujtj break- windows pf the hoy^e. ~" \Yas, •---- " " Shortage Iu Mnlne'H War Department. AUGUSTA,Maine, Jan. 10.—In the management of Maine's War Department for the last few years it has transpired that the military appropriation* have been overdrawn and the'accounts have been loosely Icept, and as a re» suit a deficit of some 86,000 or more tti reported as having- been discovered. Adjt.-Gen. Connor, who is tfl. assume the duties of the office at once, will open a new set of books, and will try to administer the affairs' of the office in a more business-like way. The court in fjeneral term dismissed the motion for u new trial in the case, of Howard Schneider, who killed hi» wife and her brother in November, 1891. He w.i.s sentenced to be hanged Jan.. SO. Schneider belongs to a wealthy family in Washing-ton. Must Arguo Again. Washington, D. 0., Jan. 10.—The supreme court has ordered that the action of Metcalf against the city of Water* town, Wis., should be reorgued before the full court. The case was argue4 several weeks ago with three justices absent. The home life of H. Elder Haggard Is beautiful fa its ajmnjloity and geuy, • Ujeness.. Tfct day opens with are rgftd

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