The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1893
Page 2
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m THE Ufi'tttt OES MOINES, AGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18. 1893. WMft AI/JONA, IOWA. PEOPLE IN GKNE11AL. Amelie Rives-Chandler scarcely over Uses that part of her name which atol- lows the hyphen. lie*. William Pcfrln, of St. Luke's chtireh, in London, has been appointee bishop of British Columbia, Northampton, Mass., receives fjnoui K H. K. Lyman of that city a $100,000 academy of music built by lilin last yea.' Mr. Swlnebumo has written a long poem on Grace Darling. His early llfo was passed In the locality which was tho scene of her heroism, and he knew hui father. George 0. Goer, whoso death occurred at Charleston, S, C., recently, was the engineer of the Monitor when she had her famous light with the Merrimac, and was one of the sixteen survivors who were rescued by the steamer Rhode Island AVheu the Monitor went down. 1 In' course of a conversation relative to the death of lord Tennyson, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes said: "There were four great men In the lives of whom 1 felt I had a certain relationship. They were Darwin, Gladstone. Tennyson and Lincoln—men who made the year 1800 conspicuous, and I was so xuiblushlug -is to creep into that year, too." •f ' — i There Is great Indignation among the ultra loyal English In Montreal because Lieutenant Governor Chaploa 1 ' paid an I ( )N I)K S,* K|) N K\Vl>. goocls company has made an assign. meht. The assets are estimated at between $45,000 and $50,000, with liabuM- contlltlon continues to llcs of $33,000. Wesley Warner, at Mount Holly, Lizzie Pepk, the Mr. Blnitie'8 Improve. Tho New Jersey Legislature has convened at Trenton. Fire on the innin business street of Crested Butte, Col., on the 12th did .f75,(KX) damage. The Michigan Federation of Labor Is in session at Muskegon. A mild type of la grippe has "broken otit In lOprt Dodge, Iowa. Senator Jolm i3. Kenno, of West Virginia died of heart disease. The Indiana. Shorthorn Breeders' as- WK'Satlon is hi session in Indianapolis. Twenty-five bodies have been recovered from the ruins at Conio, Colo. who was convicted N. J., of murdering woman iwith whom he lived, has been sentenced to be hanged on Wednesday, March 16. At Cliieago tile convention of the Furniture Dealers' National association is 5u session to take into consideration several matters affecting the interests of their trade. , William H. 11. Ward, a colored youth, who was arrested at Glen Illdge, N. J,, Avhere he was masquerading as one of Superintendent Byrnes' men, was sentenced to the Penitentiary for one month having pleaded guilty to a The Old General Departs Life'at 1:30 This Morning. Senator ttawley is rcnomlnated by a charge of stealing a pair of trousers. White (Jap notices ordering all negroes to leave the fcnvnAvefe posted ,at West Liberty, Ohio. A mob attempted to lyiieh Grant Ja'ckson, a mulatto, Avno eloped Avith Bessie Hlnkle, a pretty white waitress at the Grand hotel at SpFmgtield, but he escaped to the woods. A terrible outbreak Is feared. Jackson was tarred and feathered last Aveek by the citizens of West Liberty, but he returned in spite of warnings, with the above result. One of tho oldest of British noble- caucus of Republican legislators in Connecticut. Tho Chicago Presbytery favors a rc- A'iriion of the Presbyterian confession of faith. Charles Danloy -was instnnlly killed at Mncomb, 111., by thirty tons of cloy dropping on.hiiu. Tile Senate has confirmed the nomination of Homy CUiy Evans of Tennessee to bo First Assistant rostinaster- Genoral. | John Morning, of CuHoyvllle, Ind., Dies at His Washington Kesi deuce - Had Not Been Ailing. His Death From Heart Failure a Complete Surprise to Everyone, was fatally injured wliile working in a mcn is 1Jle duke of Northumberland, official visit to Cardinal Taschereau at the latter's palace. It was the first visit hi years. The English residents say the lieutenant governor's action is a recognition that the church holds chief power in the province of Quebec. Mrs. Gladstone is said to have exposed The union, moldcrs of Chattanooga, are about to strike on a proposition to reduce their wages. Thta Columbia Fire Insurance company, of Louisville, Ivy., has been authorized to do business in tills state. The Mississippi Logging company, of x . Eau Olatre, will put hi 65,000,000 feet herself hi Avhat seems an almost "reck-' of lo gs hi the viein% of Masoa this less manner when cholera was epidemic whiter, hi London In I860. She went about mine at Brasfll on the lath. The Mexican National Kailroad Increased its frdght rates on corn 200 [>cr cent. Tho school at Prairie Mound, 111., has >een closed on account, of 'diphtheria. Two dealhs have occurred. lU'publlcans and Populists in the Knn- ;a,s house of representatives appoint irbltiution committees. Seventy-five union molders employed la the Sioux City, Iowa, stove works are on a strike because nonunion mold- ors are employed. among the sick in the hospitals and carried off friendless children suddenly left Mrs. Frank Meyer, of Sturgeon Bay, was committed to the northern hospital at Oshkosh. orphans to an orphanage which she The'St. Joseph's society, at Appleton, established. She Avrote an appeal to. h*" 3 decided to build a new hall the the London Times Hor subscriptions for coming spring, to cost $20,000. The marriage is announced of Miss Oline, of Buchanan, to Wenzel Langenberg, of Appleton. this purpose and secured about $25,000. Mr. Edmunds, of Vermont, is said to _ _. „ have been almost the only exception to I Harlow Fuller, a Sturgeon Bay farm- thhe rulA that the supreme court prac- [ er, was seriously injured internally hi a • tico of a lawyer soon dwindles after he runaway accident, becmes a United States senator. Sena-1 It is reported that a large paper-box tors TeUor, Carpenter, Morgan and oth- factory, now located at Klpon, will re- era found that their clients dropped off | move to Ashland, one by one after senate cares "began to I Miss Mary O'Gorinan was married to press. Senators Mitchell and Dolph, of, Thomas Devine. Both are residents of Oregon, however, still have a good many : Racine. ' who Is nearly 00. He has been a mem- ling ber of five cabinets and sat In parliament for twenty years before he sue- t ceeded to his title. • Word has been received at Ashland that L. M. Powers, a former resident , of that city, was arrested at Seattle, Wash., where he is official court reporter, on a charge of bigamy. Powers married Miss Potter, a young society woman of Ashland, three years ago. He formerly lived at Huron, S. D., and married his first wife at Lawrence, la., but claims to have secured a divorce under the Dakota laws. W. J. Greer, a West Superior butcher, has been obliged to close his place of business on- account of the butcher's union of that city refusing to fill his orders. Mr. Greer was selling ills meats at prices below those of the union butchers. He has commenced suit against the combine and has financial backing from the public. Robert McCainis died at his home in Bayfleld from an apopletic stroke, at an advanced age. He was largely interested in mines' and leaves a valuable estate. He was a bachelor. The remains of S. B. Peck, who died in California a few days ago, have b.eeu cas6s. The only son of Richard Wagner, Slog fried Wagner, familiarly known at "Young Siegfried," 'olUclatcd as best man at the Aveddlug of Felix Mottl am. ITruulJh Stm'idtJiurtuer, Avhich took place hi Berlin., a'eceutly. Hen- MotQ is tht muSieftl director at the Oarlsruhe opera house,; {(nil his bride is AveU kuoAVu as an'opera most of the continental capitals. She has of late been ehiy- ing hi Vienna. ' Professor Huxley UOAV lives In a house hi Sussex designed for him by "the husband of his eldest daughter; Ho calls tho place "tlpdesleu," Avhich the ancient form of his surname, This story of the great naturalist Is current: A postman once asked him for an autograph, confessing frankly that he did not know Avhat the professor's business Avas, but explaining that ho "had heard folks say as hoAV he Avas something s'perior." The attack by the Vatican upon tho masonic order Avas sharply repelled by a prominent Sicilian, Adriauo Lernrni, at a banquet iu Palermo. He asserted that free masonry had done much to Improve the'moral, Intelectual, and material condition of the people of tho loAver classes especially, and closed with a fervid appeal to the 15,000,000 Freemasons of the Avorld to "enlist under tho banner of civilization against the Vatican," Abnor McKinley, a brother of the governor, Is said to have invented a typeAvritiug electrical machine, Avhich is intended to receive and properly register tclgrams without the necessity of a receiving operator. If Jay Gould had lived to be as old as Vonderbilt did, it Is calculated that he Avould have oAvued $000,000,000, liod a first mortgage upon the earth, and been first president of Milkey Way Rapid Transit company. Dr. Slgl, a Bavarian statesman of more than provincial reputation, proposes to be a member of the incoming landtag or know the reason Avhy. He AA'ill run Iu live districts and expects to be elected in each. He Avill then deckle which mandate to accept. Col. John Oreighton, tho prince of business men and philanthropists of Omaha, Avas one of the early pioneers in the mountain territories and built the i first telegraph over the Rockies. MdAvin Wheereatt, of Eau Claire, brother of George Wheereatt, of Superior, has received $6,500 from an estate" in England, of AA'hlch he is one of the heirs, and it is said he Avill get several thousand dollars more. At; tho rtinc Avorlcs in NoAva.rk, N. J., on tho llth, a tramp, Avho Avas sleep- Ing near tho furnace, Avas burned to death. In attempting to shoot: a mart dog Avhich bad bitten his brother and father, at Bridgeport, Conn., William Lyons, fifteen old, blow ot'C his left hand. Homy Wilson, AA'ho burglarised several stores at Clay, City, 111., Christmas night, has been captured at Greencastle, Ind. Tho Alton street: car system and its electric franchisees have boon sold to a(u eastern syndicate Avhich Avill USD electricity as a motive pcv\vcr. A plan for the settlement of the transcontinental rate trouble is said to have been agreed upon. Tho homo of Thomas Pui-dy, a Avid- oAA r or hermit, near Holland, Mich., burned on the night of tho 12Hi and Avith it a collection of curios valued at $10.000. Ben Lafargue, son of the state super- ntondent of education, has been lynched in Avoyellos parish, La. Ho Willed i negro some Avocks'ago. In tho "United States Court in Wilmington, Do]., yestewlay, 00 Indicfc- nents Avoro found for election frauds it the polls. Ed. It. Ghnborson, a livery man, of Omaha, Neb., shot his mistress, Mrs. Beach, fatally and committed suicide >n the lath. At. Guthrio, O. T., Iho Legislature 'onvoncd at noon on the loth. Tho Itopublk'iins orgojiil/.od tho upper house and tho Democrats and Populists the loww. August St'lmalo, an inmate of tho Now York State Soldlier's and Sailor's Homo at Hath, foil from a ladder and Avas instantly killed, his nook having boon broken by the fall. Lomio, am employe of Boyor of West Superior, Wis., has boon arostod' on" the charge of forging his omployers' names. J'olm \V. Croc, an expressman of Elixaboth, N. J., lias boon arrested, ohiirgod with putting .$400 of tho. funds shipped to Racine for interment. Deceased was a pioneer of Racine county. .lames Smith, and Ashland contractor, intends getting out 30,000,000 feet of logs this winter on Cranberry River for the Cranberry Lumber Company. John Schultz, an old resident of La Crosse, died at the age of 79 years. Ha was one of the founders of the famous Llederkranz at La Crosse. Washington, D. O., Jan. 11.—General" Benjamin F. Butler, lawyer, statesman, politician and millionaire manufucturer, died at his Washington residence, 220 New Jersey avenue, southeast, at 1:30 this, Wednesday, morning. The general has been in this city much of the time this winter, watch- Ing a case hi which he was Interested hi the supreme court. Every Monday he was a familiar figure at the sessions of that body, when FUNERAL OF GENERAL BUtLEH IttVIU Take Place at Lowell Ke*t M"" day—O. £. K. to PafticipSite. WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—Grand Army posts from many parts of the country have telegraphed Gen. Butler's relatives here asking that the funeral of the General be delayed so that they can reach Lowell in time to participate. For this reft son it has been determined that the funeral. at Lowell will hot take place until next Monday. the body .•will be placed on the train en route for Lowell this afternoon. The exercises at the to the removal of house, prior to the body, will be brief and very simple. Ex-Gov. Adelbert Ames, Gen. Butler's son-in-law, has arriA'.ed in the city and will return with the remains to their last resting place. BOSTON, Mass., Jan. 12.—Gen. Butler was famous for many things besides his wealth, but on that score alone he would receive a ranking 1 high up among tho millionaires of Boston. He was believed to be worth $7,000,001!. He owned half a million of real estate in Washington and as much nore in Lowell. He was interested in manufacturing at various points and had a large share in )he American Bunting Company of lowell. Among his Western investments AVas the Craig Ranch of 100,000 acres in Colorado, three-fourths of the itora grant of 600,000 acres in New Mexico, and his large holdings in the San Miguel Consolidated Gold Placer Mining Company, of Avhich hu was iresident. His heirs apparent are his on, Paul Butler, and his two nieces, \Iiss Nesmeth and Miss Webster, all of lOwell. • BIO LUMBER COMBINE. DOWN IN HUMS The Senate at Springfield WilL Debate the Sunday Opening Project, j.; 'ormntlon of it Truot That Will Control the Country'* Kutlre HiiHlnesfi. BOSTON, Jan. 13. There is ex- ellent authority for saying that a gigantic lumber combine has been formed by Maine and Massachusetts parties which w 11 practically control the entire lumber business of the United States. Charles Vay Holman of Boston and John Ross and Cornelius Murphy of Bangor, are JOIN THE REPUBLICANS. Democrats Litnve thu Populists in the Kiiu- Ki»K IllllIKo Topeka, Kani, Jan. 12.—During the roll-call by the republican house this afternoon the democratic members announced that they had held aloof as ong as proper for them to do so; but now, believing that the republican house was the only properly organized one, they Avould recognize it as such. The announcement was received Avith a Avild demonstration by the republicans, and the populists are very much distressed. The addition of three democrats to the republican membership gives the republicans C5 members, a maority of five. The excitement caused by the action of tho democrats soon subsided and there was long waiting for further developments. the decisions were handed down. His age, as well as his goneral impairment of health, while listening to the oral decisions, looking for his own, AVUS a matter of comment time and again. Finally, a few weeks ago, his case was decided against him. Whether or not the loss this, to which he had paid s.uch close attention brought anything more than effect usual hi defeat will never ba known. His death created an immense surprise, as It was not even ImoAvn that he was ailing any more than any man who 11 ved and labored so long would apt to. The announcement that his death was aused from heart failure created intense astonishment and at this hour details are A r ery meagre. They al- Maine, 30,000 Maine, 30,000 over JOHNSTONE RETIRES. ASKS PIONEER FAVORS. Tlio Cliloii£<> & s Itciiul U HI.IS AVashlugtou, t l,ouU i'rojoiitod KUictric ,\l:,lm-|.ll lc' r ,.(. <)( |,l,t. V Jon. 12.— The persons interested in the project of an electric railroad betAveen Chicago and St. Louis appeared before the senate committee on commerce today and endeavored to sliOAV cause Avhy the government should repmit them to import the necessary construction material free of duty in consideration of building a pioneer line Avhloh shall Avhisk passengers and mail from Chicago and St. Louis at a speoci of over a hundred miles per hour. committee took the matter under slderatiou. The con- EARWIG BEATEN. Well-kiiuwii AlllWHiikuH HufineHs Mini AVil Now ijnjuy Llf'o. Milwaukee, Jan. 10,— John Johnston is about to retire permanently from the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance company bank and devote his energies to the attention of his private affairs. "I expect to continue In business with the bank until the end of the year. After that I have no intention of doing anything else than to live here and attend to my own affairs and to continue my interest in the advancement of Milwaukee hi all its varied enterprises as far as lies hi my power. "This Is a state that I have looked forward to for years, and many of my best friends refused to believe that I the promotors of the trust, ready control many mills in but have ' lately, secured acres of lumber lands iu 250,000 acres in Florida, acres iu Kentucky and twenty thousand acres in New Mexico. It is proposed to put up mills in Maine, Massachusetts, Kentucky/Illinois and New Mexico and sell direct to dealers. The syndicate has a capital of $30,000,000. Miils Avill at once be built in Maine. By selling direct to dealers the trust expects to undersell lumber dealers,.gre-* fi.ncl small. To Br»ke Two States or Kansas. TOPEKA, Kan,, Jan. 12.—Mr. Hopkins, representative from Finney County, has prepared a bill having for its purpose the division of Kansas into two States. He has secured the cooperation of most of the western and some of eastern members of both parties, and is hopeful of getting legislative action. The "principal reason he urges is that the western part of the State constitutes the principal borrowing section, and therefore requires more liberal laws regarding mortgages than does the eastern or more wealthy part. He is sanguine of success, though the matter has not been gen- generally discussed. WARNING TO v>«r4ADIANS. Governor-General Relations with TnlkH on the Trade the United States. Avould take the step. I the tend- I/"O. frtlhors, of Court Columbus, Independent Order of Koroster.s to his own usos. Fully (Minlppod prospectors jm> flock- SEVEREI WEATHER SOUTH. ninny Jrc (.oral's In tl'i- Kivt'i-1 t I onlsvillu Ky., mm Oilier (lull's. Louisville, Ivy., Jan. 12.—The rlvei- ls frozen from Jetfersouville bridge to Twelve-mile island and men and b.oys AA f ero Avalking across all day. BelOAV, heavy gorges have formed ut Alton, Wolf Creek, Leuvomvorth, Brandenburg and Salt River. Smaller gorges also formed at iuter- te^s^MJlM ing and The ed. into San Juan, Henry Mountains (iroon and Colorado rlvor placers. gold oxcitomont continues unabat- AViirroii, propric',1 1 of tho Bostim but tor store, at: Bridgeport, Conn., Is ml&sjiu; and creditors Avho have claims Avhtch arc said to amount to .$2,500 are looking for him. At tho animal mooting of tho St. Louis Men-hunts' Exohnngo resolutions Avercv presented and adopted in favor of opojiJng tho Cherokee strip to soltte- mont. M. KSffol tostilios in the I'tummn case francs Our Ci>ngrt<ii*mmi Itiincoml by mul Alleged I'ublUlior. AVoshlngtou, D. C. Jan. 10.— Representative Barwig acknoAVledges having been victimized by the manager of aa alleged publishing house, Avhich has been caiivcssiug for material Avith Avhtch to issue an "Illustrated History of National and State Legislation," The scheme is to got names and address of members of engross and state legislatures, am offer to print sketches. They were invited to send photographs to accompany these sketches. In course of time a bill of $10 is presented for engraving a plate. It is dated at AVashingtou, and checks or drafts are payable to ordei of "W. Duubar, Manager." The money Is paid, and that is the lost heard from it. On inquiring at the city post-office, it AVUS learned that "W. Dimbar" has a box, but his letters are forwarded to some other city. The postal authorities suspect that tho mails are being used for improper purposes and have been trying to locate Dunbar. Although claiming to have an office in AVushing- tou, his name does not appear in the <lirectory. other AVisconsln men ore known to have invested in the above scheme, and have thus far nothing K» shoAv for their money. ency of American business men Is to continue too long hi business and I decided long ago not to make that mistake. I do not want my friends, however, to suppose that I am going to be an idler, because I can where I shall have all the business to occupy my time that I can conveniently attend to. "And by the way," said Mr. Johnston with a smile, "you might say m this connection that if there is anybody who feels that he has been wronged in any way "by me during the thirty-seven years I have been in business here that I am at his disposal. Ilf there are such they are welcome to present their claims now and I should be most happy to settle." N<irwi<lf!iiiii Ministers Alrot. La Orosse, WIs., Jan. 12.—The annual meeting of the Norwegian Lutheran ministers, of the United church of this district, Avill be held hi La Orosse, January 24-27. The district comprises a part of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and a large number of the clergy are expected to be present I'rof. North's Homo Hkii'iH'il. reAvaukee, Wis., Jan. 12.—The resl- donco of Prof. North, one of the best ImoAvn educational workers of Wisconsin, has been entirely destroyer! by lire together Avjtli his A'aluable library awl househojd effects. Prof. North liad g, nurrqw escape from CHATHAM, Ont. Jan. 12.—The Governor-General, Avho is making a tour of the Province, has arrived here. In replying to an address he referred to Canada's trade relations Avith the United States. He said that he Avould not venture on anything further than to say to those Avho were agitating for changes in the trade relation of the country that it would be well to reflect on Avhat has been said by thoughtful Canadians 011 this question, by the late Sir John Macdonald, by Sir Oliver Mowatt, the liberal-minded Premier of Ontario; by Sir 'John Thompson and other members of the present government, and by the Hon. David Mills, who had recently delivered an admirable address on public issues. Excitement Over Gold Discoveries, PUKBLO, Colo,,Jan. 12.—Considerable excitement among miners and prospectors has been caused in this city over, the new gold camp at Ophar, about forty miles distant in the Green Horn mountains. An assay from the camp developed as high as 237 ounces of gold to tne ton and that only twelve feet from the surface. The first discovery was made in August, but it had been kept, quiet. Over two hundred claims have already been staked. SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 13-—' fctors who are laying low -waiting tot ta chance to give the World's Fair Sufc» day-opening resolution a back-sdi didn't get the opportunity to-day. Th& measure was made a special- order forT, to-day's session, but Senator Johnsofl of Cook, who introduced it, asked to have the discussion postponed until next Wednesday,^as several Republican members who wanted to speak on the question had. been called home. This was, indeed, good news ..o the opposition, led by Senators Berry nn\Z. Crawford, for they need all time they can secure to strengthen their forces. They received; re-enforcement to-day in the person of/,, the Rev. Dr. McLean of Chicago, Sj' "' retary of the American Sabbath Un j. who came to the capital to see that jp Sabbatarians was upheld. He and i ator Berry are Avorking hard to enough votes to defeat the resolut but the Cook county members are sonably confident that the meal will pass. V Sunday opening of the World's 1 v on a decided victory to-day in j House, when a motion to lay a mo in favor of Sunday opening on table was defeated. The resolv was offered by Charles Page B and called on Congress to rescind clause closing the World's Fair on i day. When the resolution Avas oft Mr. Spellman of Yermillion move lay it on the table. Half a dozen publicans were on their feet in a ment, asking Spellman to witli his motion. He refused to do it then the Republicans called fc yeas and nays. The motion to,la the table Avas overwhelmingly def by a vote of 109 to 21. There doubt of the success of the resol when it comes up for passage. ILLINOIS SCHOOL LAW. Coinpulsury Kducntlon Fight Ago. ut Sprlugfleld. SPBIKGFIEI/D, 111., Jan..12.— The i: pressible conflict is at hand. De crats and Republicans are beginni to define their position on the pulsory school question. . In lower house of the Jlast gene assembly there were two g tlemen who were most pro < nent in the leadership of tl \ respective parties during the fight I the Edwards law, and these two j) are both returned to this general sembly. They are Representative L. Merritt of Sangamon, ( D. S. Berry of , Carroll, were members of the comma on education in the last both are expected to be members the Committee on Education to announced by Speaker Crafts week. Each will undoubtedly be pro nent in defining the position of party on the all-important issue, < in anticipation of such a continge both have prepared measures for troduction to the House on the : bill day. An examination of the Democ and Republican bills show at once t if the positions taken by the originators are the ones taken by tl ®1 respective parties—and there is ev probility that they Avill be—the point to be settled by this Legislatiij is not Avhether there shall be. compu! Bory education in the State of II nois, but whether there shall , a compulsory teaching of the English 1 ' language in all the scho 1 all the P rivilte schools of the and parochial mv The Democratic bill provides merely for compulsory education. The Republican bill, which will be submitted to the caucus in a few days, goes fur- ' ther and provides that the child must I at least be taught to read and write tne JBmghsh language. QOV. ALTGELD-S ILLNESS. f the K,, mo r U lBt ,He I 8 Suffer . Ins; from Pneumonia. SPBINGFIRLD, 111., Salmon Canneries Combine. SAN FUAKCISCO, Cul, Jan. statement 12.—The is published here that a movement is on foot to form a syndi. cute 01 the thirty-eight Alaska salmon canneries, Avhose main offices are in this city. It is said that the bine" is to be called the Packers' Association and will have & uupitilization of $5,000,000. The ob ject is said to be to reduce operating expenses and limit the catch of each season so the product of the canneries uiuy not glut tho market. traded ten days ago. . remained in bed until nearly rmlv hie «..! ___ A_ r, . J con-. The Governor confi,m,u 0 com- Alaska with some fever, but awo k e ^ \ be .^ altl > 0 ugh by no pneumonia, members o but f was denied . Mrs. Cotton FORT SMITH. Ark., Jan. ^._ A tab j has been completed of the receipts of cotton ut various neighboring points for the pust two years. Thev shn» that the total receipts fo, J 8 S at eleven points in Arkansas and the fa. dian lerritory were 6X,«1 bales. For fcuQ ni'Avinnc imax .1 i. *i * vi ««iou, lh, t ho »!,„,£ r,.t fl " m! " ^^"^^sre year ftt the receipts were «$,««. of

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