The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 5
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UPPER DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, BEG. 2, 181)1. fi^H^f" 3. j yi'"!-. w.-; ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE or TRAINS. CtttCAOO, MII.WAtJKEE * St. f Atfl. — East—Pass.— 0:02 a m No. 2 10:24 a na ,4:37pmNo.4 9:30pm Freight- Freight- Ko. 9.. 7:15 a in No. 8.. 11:55pm No 13 11:45 am No. 14 2:30 pm No! 5 8:17pmNo. 10 12:15um CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Mixed 8:18 am Pa«s..........3:3opm South- Pass 2:37pm Mixed 6:07pm PassVarrlves at Chicago at 7 am: arrives at Des Moliies at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m. THE CITY. Ladendorff & Plumlcy the skating rink. have opened The weather has moderated and the snow has about gone. W, B. Quarton was at Bancroft Monday trying a justice case. » Services at the Congregational church Sunday morning as usual. A hig Thanksgiving dunce was well attended at the court house Thursday evening. C. W. Parker has bought the M. L. Clarke house and two lots. The consideration was $1,200. The river was covered with skaters Thanksgiving day. The snow next day ended the sport. August Sterzbach got up an orchestra for a very pleasant dance last Wednesday evening. Santa Claus fills his sleigh this year at Durant's store. What he will have is explained in the advertisement this and at regular rates would have cost $125. Chas. Cohinour did the work. A pleasant party of friends and neighbors gathered at Wm. Bossingham's home north Of town Saturday evening and presented him and his wife with a fine silver castor, the occa-* sion being the the 25th anniversary of their wedding. A social evening was spent and everyone enjoyed a pleasant visit. The trial jurors for next week are AlVin Hodgson, F. M. Bravender, W. S. Carlisle, W. K. Ferguson, Chas. Brewster, C. A. Erickson, Harrison Warner, Elliot Cook, Frank L. Miller, J. P. Hunt, Wm. Musson, Mike Espeld- ihg, R. F. Taylor, D. Nickoff, Fred Doe. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dingley, and Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear are among those talking of a California trip this •winter. .The clothing merchants made the fur fly on fur overcoats last week in town. They had them down to bedrock figures. Glen. Brunson found travelling with his band chilly work in winter, and is hack at Independence and has a good job there. Hansen's cigar store has an advertisement this week. He has the best cigars and tobacco, and popcorn and confectionary. It is reported that S. Reed of Irvington has bought the Fred Dorrnoy property in town. This insures his coming to Algona to live. Whittemore is to have a series of revival meetings. Rev. Black assists one week and Rev. Eighmy a week at the Methodist church. The 25th anniversary of the national grange will be celebrated at grange hall in Algona Saturday afternoon. The public are invited. . Owing to the sickness of Mrs. 'Davidson and children no service was held at the Congregational church last Sunday. The trouble is malarial. , Bancroft is getting metropolitan. They had the Mankato band down for a fine Thanksgiving dance. E. C. Tuttle's paper finds him at Independence again. He quit the newspaper business at Oklahoma. Rev. Dorward preached the Thanksgiving sermon at the Baptist church, Thursday, and Rev. Bowen held services at the Episcopal church. Frank Hedrick lives at St. Paul and puts in the time he is off from his mail run in the Western Union telegraph offices, making double wages. S. C. Spear has lately moved the house west of his residence further west and made extensive repairs on it. The regular meeting of the G. A. R. post will be held Wednesday night next, Dec. 9. Election of officers. Sunday evening a union service will be held at the Methodist church in the interests of the American Bible society. The state agent, Mr. Hughes, is expected. There will be a dime sociable at the } home of Mrs. A. P. Hall on Friday evening of this week for the benefit of the reading room. All are cordially invited. Alex. Dorweiier was over from Whittemore, Monday, and reports a lively boom there. Business is good and Whittemore's prospects are the brightest. The Young Ladies' Foreign Missionary society will meet on Saturday, Dec. 5, at 3 o'clock with Mrs. Dr. Morse, subject, " Evangelistic Work in the Foo Chon Conference 1 " Regular meeting of W. C. T. U. on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. This is a meeting that Christians especially should be interested in and a large attendance is desired. A young boy named Nelson, who has been herding on the Lund farm, had a horse he was riding slip and fall with him, Saturday. His leg was badly hurt, but no bones were broken, Tho Elmore Mill company which has been running a flour exchange at Bancroft, will put in a mill there the coming season. Its capacity will be 60 barrels a day, and it will be first class in every way. Court sets next Monday, All the delayed criminal cases on the docket are on for trial, besides the libel suit, the Prairie bridge case against the county, . and other civil cases of interest. Judge Carr comes over to preside during the term. " An evening in the Orient" at the court house, Tuesday evening, Deo. 15. Each nation represented in characteristic manner. Good music of a generous quantity a special feature of the evening. Seats 35 and 25 cents. Children under 12 years 10 cents. Those who are delinquent on their taxes had better be making tracks towards the court house or the tax collector will be making them costs. D. A. Haggard is to collect for the south end, and we believe Geo. V. Davis, Sr., is collector for the north. Bancroft is setting Algona an example in the way of enterprise in get- tine a public hall. Advertisements are published for bids for a $3,500 building to he put up by the citizens organized in a stock company. The hall they will build would be a credit to Algona. Clerk Brunson mailed the evidence in the Neff tree claim contest to the state office Monday. It occupied about 300 pages of typewritten manuscript, At the grange anniversary meeting, Saturday, there will be a free dinner at noon for all grangers and all friends of the grange. There will be no charge but all ire invited free. If anyone should insist on presenting a nickle, dime, or quarter, he will probably be accommodated. The ladies of the W. C. T. U. are arranging for another Demorest medal contest to take place as soon as possible. Those who wish to'conteat for the medal will please meet in room No. 9 of the public school, Friday evening, Dec. 4, at 4 p. m. The ladies would be very glad to have contestants from any part of the county. Supt. Carey hands us the following notice: We would advise those teachers who have not yet secured schools to apply to some one of the following subdirectors: Wm. Kerr of Seneca township, address, Bancroft; C. E. Gonrieh, LuVerne; William Carter, Irvington; C. B. Hutchins, Algona, wants first class; B. F. Smith, Ramsey; David Zimmerman, West Bend; Peter Marty, LuVerne. The Rev. W. H. Dorward will begin a special series of sermons on revivals next Sunday. The object is to arouse the saints to exercise the old-fush- ioned, puritanical confidence in God, or to become more primitive and honest in dealing with God's truth, which remains forever the same. The topic for the morning next Sunday will be "Going Forward." All are welcome to our services. Covenant meeting, Saturday, at 2:30. Archibald Gillingham died Thursday at the soldier's home at Milwaukee. A special meeting of the Jas. C. Taylor post was called to consider bringing the remains home for burial, but knowing the honors paid veterans at the home and the care given their last resting place, the post decided to have the burial there. The family concurred, and the burial took place at Milwaukee, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Burnard's many friends in Algona will be pleased to learn of his late good fortune. A sister's e_state in Cin- cinnatti falls largely to him including a fine home in the city and a considerable sum of money. Rev. Burnard is still preaching at Miles. Miss Kate is giving instructions in vocal music in one of the best public schools in the state, Miss Julia still teaches in Grinnell, Dr. Will, is at Independence, and Ed., who has been married for about a year, is engaged in Chicago in a manufacturing institution. The Emmetsbui'g Democrat last week announced that: "J. J. Wilson of Algona offers Model Mills for sale. He is also disposing of his Whittemore, Dexter, and Algona property. He intends to move to California as soon as he can dispose of his property." Mr. Wilson says he is glad he is not responsible for all that appears in the papers. He offers his Emmetsburg mills for sale, but that is the extent of his desire to close out in Iowa. He desires to get his property interests collected together. A visit to the Lund farm the past week disclosed to the editor the extensive improvements that have been made in the home, and the liberal arrangements for comfortable and happy living. No pains or expense have been spared to make the house all that taste could ask, and from the front door to the attic it is a niodel home. It well deserves the high compliments Gov. Boies paid it during his recent entertainment there, and in its appointments is well fitted for the generous hospitality its genial host and hostess so well know how to dispense. We do not usually give free circulation to 6ur contemporaries' premium offers, but the Republican has one we hope will not be overlooked. It reads: " Family record. For colored people. Size, 19x24. This is the first and only picture of its kind in the market. It contains spaces for photographs of parents and ten children," This ought to bring in a big list of new names, and it shows a keen discrimination on the part of the editor in finding just what is wanted in Kossuth, We hope every family will be able to secure one ol these darkey records. S. S. Sessions went to Des Moines Monday to attend to business connected with the state fair, He goes to Waterloo today, and will meet J. W. Wadsworth there at the annual meeting ol stock breeders of the state, and the two will offer such inducements as they car to secure the meeting at Algona nexl year. Mr. Wadsworth went yesterday to be on hand at the,, opening of the meeting, which was this morning. As both men have undertaken the trip a 1 their own expense they are entitled to the thanks of the public whether they succeed or not. If they do the county will have one of the best and most im portant stock meetings ever held in the northwest. The little daughter which was born at W. H, Clark's home Oct. 30, un doubtedly is one of a few children in the world. She represents five living generations. Her great-great grand father is Ariel Boone now living in Hebron, Wis., at the age of 99, he great grandmother is 77, her grand mother 45, and her father is our Jersey cattle raiser near the Milwaukee. is the third of Mr. Boone's great-grea grandchildren, and when the first ar rived a photograph was taken which had all the members of this remarkabh line of descent in it. Mr. Boone enjoy good health as do the younger member of his family, and together they form a remarkable group. Long life and gooc luck to the little Kossuth county mem her. Sympathy for men under arres arises from various causes, but rarel, for the same reason it 'did in Plum Creek last week when Frank Bailey as he called himself, or Frank Bohal shishame really was, was caught. Jrief there was felt because one of the jest corn huskers ever in the county was handcuffed, and corn huskers are ot to be idly wasted this year. Bo- ialy was working for Frank Paine when caught and was taken Friday by he detective to Illinois to answer to he charge of seduction. Sheriff Stephns assisted in locating and capturing lim. He had turned out 1,700 bushels if corn for E. P. Keith, and was crib- ing Iowa's big crop at the rate of tbout 60 to 70 bushels a day. Wm. Ward wns over fromStilson last Vednesdny closing up the sale of his arm. Ho was the first settler to pene- rate the wilds between Wesley and Gorman Collar's "sod tavern" in 1869, ind his farm is one of the pioneer open- ngs. The place goes to Frank Myers if Hampton, who gave $20 an acre, and vho takes possession the coming spring. . Ward has been running an eating louse at Stilson, and now goes to Gnrn- sr, where he has rented a hotel. Dur- ng the past year he has been having a •ery prosperous trade, and all his Kosuth friends will be pleased to know that 10 clears from his sale several thousand iOllars with which to do business at his new home. He still pays some atton- ion to his scientific studies, and has )een paid various sums for lectures in he towns cast of us. Geo. E. Marble, at Hurt, Sells 3est package coffees, per Ib $ .23 Best small-sized yeast, per pkg... .03 Best large-sized yeast, per pkg... .00 Best oatmeal, 7 Ibs for 25 Best cranberries, per quart 10 Best tomatoes, per can 10 Best California peaches, per Ib 10 ,enox soap, per box 4.00 _ 'lug tobacco, per Ib 25 5-oz splendid baking powder 25 Soda, per Ib 07 Oh, we can quote prices, and sell the •oods, too. GEO. E. MARBLE, 35 . Burt, Iowa. Corn, Thirty cents per bttshel, delivered on my farm during the week ending Dec. 1881. C._L. LUND. For Sale. A desirable residence in the best part of the city. Two lots; house containing nine rooms; good cellar, always dry; never-failing well of water; barn for ive horses, wood house, coal house, carriage house, all in the very best repair. Will be sold cheap and on easy ,erms. Also other residence property n Algona.-3ot4 H. HOXIE. Pay up Notice. Every person knowing themselves owing rno on account or note, is hereby notified to settle same without delay, tfotes and accounts not paid before Dec. 20, will be left with attorney for collec- lon. A word to the wise is sufficient. 34t4 J. J. WILSON. MARRIAGES. A COUPLE of good men, willing and able to work, can find steady employment at good wages on my farm, one mile east of Algona. C. L. Lund. 36 PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. C. M. Doxsee did not return from Rolfe last week, but visited until yesterday. Our new representative, John G. smith, went to Des Moines Monday evening to visit his daughters and get acquainted with the lay of the land, W. L. Smith, an attorney from DeWitt, Clinton Co., was in town ovor Sunday with a view of locating here md entering the practice. Mrs. F. H. Vesper went last Thursday to Lyons, where her mother was visiting her sister. Her mother ro- ,urns with her to Algona to spend some time. Dr. and Mrs. Shore ate Thanksgiving turkey at Ambrose A. Call's. The doctor is in excellent health and is lighly pleased with his success and prospects in Des Moines. Mrs. R. F. Hedrick and two children nave their transportation secured, and will go to Florida for the winter as soon as she is able to stand the journey. Her health is still quite poor. Miss Mamie Lantry started Monday evening for Notre Dame university in [ndiana, where she will attend college. Her place will be taken in the treasurer's office by Irving Dodge, who will be a very popular and efficient assistant. Mrs. C. L. Lund's mother and sister returned to their Chicago home last week, after a month's visit in Algona. Miss Sottrup went back at the urgent request of Marshall Field & Co., for whom she furnishes decorated cards and art goods for holiday trade. In that she has no superior in Chicago, John Dietz of Des Moines, the gentlemanly agent of the Atcheson & Santa Fe road, was in Algona last week to arrange for a car to carry tourists from Algona to California. He found enough talking of going to fill a car, but did not succeed in getting them all to agree on the time route. of going and the Several TOIIHK l»eopl* of tlie Cotmty United for Ufa. Only the immediate relatives nnd Mr. Johns' family were present at the Hedrick home Saturday at 1:80 o'clock, p. m., when Rev. Davidson pronounced the words which made Miss Amy Hedrick and R. M. Scoley husband and wife. The happy couple took the afternoon train south to Des Moines, where they hereafter make their home. Tho bride is well known to Algona young people, and besides being a very attractive young lady is an accomplished musician, and will bo an ornament to any society she mny move in. Mr. Soeley is a traveling man of good standing and a thorough business man. Tho good wishes will follow them from many friends in Algona. BARR-GILBEHT. Friday evening at the Episcopal church Rev, Bowen, before, a small gathering of relatives married Geo. H Barr and Miss Susie Gilbert. Tho groom is a younger brother of Dr. Barr and one of the pushing farmers of the county. The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Gilbert of Plum Creek and one of the best known and most successful touchers of the county. Sho was elected to a room In the Algona schools this year, but was unable to accept the place. Tho newly wedded couple make their homo on the Thos. Gilbert farm west of town, which Mr. Burr hns routed, and thoro they will enjoy the best wishes of all who know thorn. JOHNSON- WHITEHORNE. At Whlttonion% Thursday, Irotus C. Johnson and Mlsslifc'" L. Whitohorno were marrried. Wo "iiavo no particulars of the wedding, but both parties arc well known in the western part of the county and are highly respected. GR1MMEL-DOMEK. North of Whlttoiiioro, on Saturday, Geo. Grimmel and Miss Domulc wore united in marriage. WOLPE-ALTWEGG. At Rev. Davidson's home Monday evening, Joseph Wolfe and Miss Louio Altwegg of Plum Crook were united. Mr. Wolfo is a barber at Elmoro, and Miss Altwogg is u well known toucher in Kossuth, daughter of one of the pio- noer families of the county. May good luck go with them, LEHMAN-THOMAS. Wesley Reporter: At the homo of the bride's parents on Thursday after noon, Mr. Win. Lehman and Miss Lottie Thomas were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Tho groom is well and favorably known hero, while the bride is one of our best and most respected young ladies. They begin life under happy prospects and with the good wisnos of a multitude of friends. The ceremony was witnessed by a large number of friends and the event was a happy ono. FARMERS, now is the time to get your New York No 1 winter apples, the best keepers and the lowest priced, at the store of Patterson Bros.-85t3 WESLEY'S OATHOLIO SCHOOL. I?or n ac- KEEP your horse warm by getting for him a blanket, and don't forget to see Stough's stock before you buy. APPLES 1 Apples! Apples! Only 65c a bushel at Patterson Bros,'-35t3 WE sell Chase &Sanborn's celebrated coffees. W. F. Carter. ANOTHER car of New York apples this week, and will be sold lower than ever, at Patterson Bros.'-85t3 NEW strictly pure maple syrup at W. F. Carter's. THE Big Bargain Store is selling apples at 65c a bushel. Patterson Bros. E. REEVE & Co. are now selling all millinery goods at 10 per cent, reduction. PURE Wisconsin W. F. Carter's. buckwheat flour at HOUSE for sale. Easy terms. Best location in the city. Inquire of J. C. Frank.—33 Tlio Doors Arc Thrown Open Itlit Fair oil ThankBjflvliiK. Tho Wesloy Reporter gives an count of a Catholic fair hold lust week at tho new parochial school building going up there: Tho doors of tho now Ctitholic school wore thrown open to tho public for tho lirst time last Tucs- duy evening', this being tho opening of tho fair. Although tho building is not yot completed tho work on tho lower lloor wus far enough along to admit tho holding of tho fair there. Tho attendance on Tuesday und Wednesday, although nothing to compare with tho immense crowd that assembled thoro on Thanksgiving day, wus good. On tho lust day tho building wus crowded to its utmost capacity. Despite the largo crowd all enjoyed themselves. The display of fancy work was magnificent und wus sold at fair prices. Financially tho fair was a success, it being estimated by some that they would make over $1,000 clear of all expenses. This is gratifying to the Catholic organization us they will need a good many times that amount before their magnificent building is furnished and fully paid for. The pooplo generally realized the bonoiits to bo derived from this institution and turned out and contributed quite liberally to help it along. ABOUT IOWA'S DAIRYING. Tho Annual Ileport of CommlsHloii- or Tuppor, and tho Good Showing tho State MultcH. State Dairy Commissioner Tupper's annual report to tho governor is out, and contains, besides a discussion ol dairy interests, some statistics about butter production in tho state and by counties, very interesting to Kossuth county people. It shows that ae a dairy county we rank way up in tho " A class. Probably tho commissioner's report was not needed to convince us but tho official figures are always ac£v soling fact, beyond which there is no"" 1 appeal. For the amounts exported the figures have been given by the railway companies, and are absolutely accurate, The state, during the year ending Sept. 30, has shipped 81,774,601 pounds, of which Kossuth has furnished 1,206,164 pounds, or one sixtieth of the total, Considering that there are 100 counties this shows us much above the average, but does not make our relative importance so clear as a comparison by population. Estimating the homo consumption of butter at 60 pounds for each man, woman and child, which is the accepted amount used by experts, the* commissioner figures that Iowa consumed 100,000,000 pounds the past year, or one quarter more than was exported. Giving Kossuth 15,000 ^people, her home consumption was only 750,000 pounds, or but little over half as much as she exported. Probably no county in the state makes a better showing in proportion to the population, at least Kossuth is among the very iirst in the amount of her export product, considering population. The commissioner deducts ,10 per cent, tare on the export figures, and leaves the total production of the state at 168,690,715 pounds, which at 20 cents, has brought to Iowa $38,738,143 the past year. By the same figures Kossuth's product has been worth $362,546 or $24 to each man, woman and child in it. Leaving out home consumption entirely the county hag exported butter to the nmoxmt of $212,546, or S15 pei- has inhabitant the psist yenr. This come in ready money, at small outlay, nnd what it has meant tho shrewd farmer will not fail to appreciate. Nearly a quarter of a million of dollars vmong 15,000 people is an item not to be overlooked. The report shows 705 creameries of which Kossuth has 14, or one fiftieth. But 13 counties have more. Only 22 counties have a larger product, .Tones county leads In creameries, having 4(t, and Fayotte leads in total product with 1,103,270 pounds. \niong our neighboring conn tins Emmet has two creameries, product 155,,)30; Palo Alto, 10, product 458,020; Humboldt, 4, product 295,810; Hancock, 7, product 2!)6,!!80; Wlnnebago, 6, product 887,000. What has been done in a year can bo seen by n comparison with tho report for 1890. Kossuth hod then six creameries, and tho total export was given at 600,654 pounds, though no report for [he Northwestern road was in. Both croamorios and export have more than doubled during tho year. FROM THE COUNTY TOWNS. WESLEY. WESLEY, Doc. 1.—It seems that win- tor has como to stay and but a few of jur farmers have got tholr corn luiskcd out yet. Saturday wus a very busy day for our merchants. llovs. Black and Flannlgan wore hero lust Thursday evening ami hold Thanksgiving services. Mrs. J. V. Hill Is building a now house on her lots in park addition. Mr. M. J. Kolloy returned last Thursday ovoning and has again taken charge of the railroad office. Thanksgiving day was observed by most everybody in ono way or another. It would have boon to the credit of some of our young mon In Wesley and u good many that do not llvo In Wesley to have observed it in some other way than making themselves ridiculous with king alcohol. Our Wosle.y Ro- porter Is urging Incorporation, and wo heartily join In with him in tho\idoa for wo believe It would bo a good tiling to have a place to put somo of those follows who don't know how to behave themselves. Cad Robinson came ovor from Brltt last Thursday to oat turkey at homo, Tom Gray contemplates building u now houso. Wo wonder if Tom thinks anything of getting married. How is it Tom? When wo got incorporated wo will have Fred Cory arrested for driving HO fast through our streets. Won't it bo fun to seo Fred up before tho mayor? Oh, mlstorl Harvey Swoigard of Garner was in our town Thanksgiving day. T. W. Lease and Wm. Dlsartshlppcd a carload of hogs and ono of cattle from here ono day last wook, all of tholr own raising. Markets: Wheat, 7!)c; oats, 24o; barley, 31 c; corn, 28c; flax, 75c: timothy, 85c; hogs, $8.16; hay IOOHO, $,5.25, pressed, ljr(t.50(«)7.50 per ton. Peter OlosorT and wife Sundaycd in our town with friends. We have boon informed that Abuor Flack has sold his farm one-half milo north of Wesley to parties from Wisconsin for $32 por aero. Wo did not learn just what Mr, Flack intends to do, but hope ho will dcoido to remain with us. W. P. Giddlng intends moving hiH family to Wosloy this coming week. Mr. Giddlngs intends going into tho butcher business with J. H. Ward. Wp arc glad to hoar of Mr. Glddings going into business among us. LU VEHNE. Lu VKBNK, Doc. 1.—R. V. Scott has hud tho houso known us tho Donovan house all rebuilt and fitted up for u dwelling. Thoro is u grout scarcity of coal all ovor tho country. Richard Now, tho owner of tho property where E. A. Lovell resides, Is hero on business. Willie Godfrey and lady attended tho Thanksgiving dance at Goldlield, und report a grand time. The dance hero at tho Odd Follows hall was well attended and a splendid time was tho result. There woro some forty numbers for supper. S. C. Platt took tho train for Dos Moinos, Friday, on business. Mrs. J. C, Raymond is sick in bod at present, but is getting a little bottor. Buoll & Morris' elevator is well under way, It will bo !J4 foot high by 20 foot square. This is tho third olovator for Lu Verno this season. S. C, Platt seems to have a serious time finding his way homo since moving into his new quarters. Bettor tie a string to the door, S. C. The farmers are looking somewhat blue ovor tho recent snow, as it makes cold fingers and disageeablo to pick corn, There are a groat many people sick in the vicinity at present with bad colds and' the grip. Pretty cold moving for Nov. 28, 16 degrees below zero. " Mrs. L. D, Lovell, who has boon sick for the past few days, is getting better, Hugh Murray is on the mend again and able to he up. The dance at Llvermore on Thanksgiving was well attended and a good time was hod, Name Your Man. LuVerne News: LuVerno champion corn hunker in county. has the Kossuth MITTENS cheaper Stough'u. than ever at F. S. There's Music in the Air. This fellow is hot under the collar; in fact he is mad and has gone on the housetop to cool off. It's enough to make a fellow mad when he finds lie has paid as much for ill-fitting clothes as he would have paid to Taylor for his tailor-made, well-fitting, latest styles. Do not get warmed up like this fellow; you can't afford it; look at things right; we sell cheap clothing at cheap prices, medium at medium cheap prices, better at better prices. We do not claim to sell for $12 or $ 15 the best goods that can be made; you know we can't and you know others can't, but we will and do sell good, honest goods— better made than any other house in the city. It will pay you to see our overcoats for children. Jas. Taylor. SHISllOT'S SALE. Notion IK hereby given that by virtue ot <v special execution to inn directed by tliu olorl: of tliu district court, of KoHHiith county, Iowa, agaliiHt the KoodN, chuttulH, lamlx, toiioinontH, olo., of Davlil and Alien Mltclioll, W. W. llunl. Hninlllrm Dnw,, iuul G, IlurklH'iul, dofomluutH, In fnvor of \v. S. lloyt, plaintiff, I. will offur ut public Halo to Hio UlKlioHfc and bosk bidder, for caub, at the door ot tho court. boiiKc) In tho city of Alfe'oua, county of KoHsnth, town, on tho Ifith day of Uecombi!!-, A. D. J811 J, botwtum tho hours of 1) o'clock n. in. and •! o'clock p. in, on Maid day, all of mild dufundiintH 1 1'lglif, tltlu, and IntoroHC In and to Hit) followliiK'doscrlbud real UHtato, sltuatod lu KoNHtith county, to-wlt: Tho woutli- woHt quartur of Sue. No. II), In Twp. No. !)!>, nortli of RangoNo. ill) woHt of tho Mil P. M., In KoHHUtn county, Town. Sale to b(!j{ln nt 1 o'clock p. in. of mild day. WHuuNH my hand thiw 17th day of November, IHtn. M. 8T1SPHMN8, Mii SliorllT KoHRiHh County, town. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice IH hnrnby glvi'ii that by virtue of n. Hpeclal execution, to me directed by tho clerk of the (tlxti'lct court of KoMnuth county, Iowa, iigaiiiHl, the KOodH, cliattolH, landtt, tenements, etc,, of Peter A, Kxboru and OhrlHtlun Kxbom, defendants, In favor of Jameu Callanan and JarnoH (J. Savory, plaintiffs, I will odor at public Halo to the hlgheHt and bent bidder, foe caHh, at the door of the court IIOUHO, in the city of AlKona, county of Komnith, lowu, on tho 10th day of December, 1801, between the hourH of I) o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock p. m. on. Hiild day, all of mild defendantB' right, title, and Intercut lu and to the followlnK-dcHcribod real eutate, Hltuated In Koyuuth county, to-wlt: Tho north half of the northeaKt quarter of Sec. No. BH, iu Twp. No. 01), north of Itange No. 28 west of tho fitti P, M., in KoHHUth c ounty, Iiv. Sale to beglu at 1 o'clock p. m, of HUld day. WitiuisH my hand thl»!!JHt day of November, 1801. M. STEPHENS, iir< Sheriff of KoHtmth Couutj, Iowa. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice IH hereby given that by virtue of » special execution, to me directed by the clerk or the district court of Koauuth county, Iowa, r lnst the goods, chattels, landH, tenements, , Carl Kelnholdt Jeuson, defendant, in favor of James Callauan and James 0. Savory, plaintiffs, I will offer at public sale to the highest and best bidder, for cash, at the door of the court house, in the city of Algoua, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 10tli day of December, 1HU1, between tho hours of 0 o'clock a, m. and 4 o'clock p. m. on said day, all of said defendant's right, title, and Interest la and to the following-described real estate, situated in Kossuth county, to-wlt: The southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Sec. No. IB, iu Twp. No. 00, north of Kange No. 3» west of the 5th P. M., iu Kossuth county, la. Sale to begin at 1 o'clock p. m. of said day. Witness my hand this 21 st day of November, 1801. M. STEPHENS, U5 Sheriff of Lossuth County, Iowa. NEW YOHK Apples! Baldwins, HUB- setts, Greenings, Tallman Sweets, Northern Spys, and Seek-no-further; all No. 1; never were finer; large and smooth. 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D. 1801, to vote upon the question as to whether said village should incorporate as a town under the laws of the state of Iowa, said election being held pursuant to an order of the district court of the state of Iowa iu and for Kossuth county, a majority of tho ballots cast, at said election were in favor of such Incorporation, of which fact all parties interested will please take notice; also that under the provisions of the statute of Iowa, code of 1873, Section 508, said village will be known and designated as an incorporated town. In witness whereof I, A. A. Bruuson, clerk of tho district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, have hereunto set my hand and ateed the seal of said court ut my office in Algona, this Slat day of November, A. D. 1801. ' "A, A. BRUNSON. Clerk of the District Court of Iowa, In a,no tor Kossuth County. * gHORT-FORM_MpRTG4GES~ Tbe best |or chattel work. Always In stock at tb9 Upper Peg Motoea oflice.

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