The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on August 9, 1898 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1898
Page 1
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Bismarck Daily Tribune. · 11 -r 3 I'UIfE, FIVE CENTS. Bismarck Daily Tribune. KJIITEKXTII VEAIt BISMARCK. X. D.. TUESDAY, AUG. 9. 1898. PRICE, FIVE CENTS. M LOSS BY HRE. idsomest Business Portion of le City Razed to the Ground By a Disastrous Fire. eading with Inconceivable Ra- idity It Licks Up Everything In Its Path Greedily. the city. The freight ware- ward with an impetus that house, a hundred feet in length was irresistible. From Main ill/US*^, a i4U«\4l^** icrt m -l^ugi-u street the fire leaped over t and fifth in width, ^red with; Broadway . Tht . Merchants all manner of inflammables, block, another hauds«ome brick. was in a I furnace. moment a seething succumbed to the resistless vio- A^ross the narrow lence of the flames, and the I alley wa* a row of brick blocks postoffice building was soou engulfed in the fiery torrent. The intermediate frame strut-- the right of way of the | Northern Pacific road. The .windows in the rear of these j tures all added their share to \ buildings were shattered by [the extent of the conflagration. j t h e heat, and tongues of flames'and two solid blocks of busi- ! entered and licked up the in- n«» buildings had faded in 'tenor of the DAILY TRIBVXE rmn*- 1 buildina, Hare 1 - hardware store | The wind veered slightly to 'amladjoiningbmldings.The fury i the southwest and the tire i of the names was such that al'swept on into the residence I motbefore effort could be made portion of the city. The Mel[to check them, the entire row | Ion Bank block and the adjoin- of buildings had melted into ing building* were swallowed i heaps of charred brick, twisted np- with the mercantile estab- 1 girder* and white-hot machin- \ lishments and residences on !ery. From the south side o f ' the west side of Fourth street. Main street, upon which these The Kupite grocery, one of the (buildings were, the intense heat 'handsomest in the city, burst . . . , , , l t t . i - i wa.H Communicated t« the hand-'i^o flames and , was speedily tlian three hours last, whose red tongues »hot high , . , - , ,w 1 ome brick structures on the , u "' 1 Loss of Perhaps Half [illion Dollars, With About $200,000 Insurance. , But bv this time DUl u tul a w h i r l w i n d of flames to the ground the hand, business portion of the f Bismarck. For the length of time . firemen t frenzied ly and desperate ,i!i*t the advance!* of an which attacked them i dozen ,-ides at once, and '-orne brick structures on tue ,«""".'^ 4 - """ ".' ""into the heavens and iHumin- | n o r t h j , i d e of t h e g t r e e t a n d t h e the flames had reached the ated the whole city a* might I noise of shattered glass min- frame portion of the city, the the sun at noon. The fire wa discovered at ! gled with the crash of falling heat was less intense, and at J i l t V A tf 1 L U fciJt V1«*CL» V A .t*JLA*U£2 I walls. The Central block, a midnight or shortly before the frame | conflagration had ceased, ex- o? shortly before 9 o'clock, when ; building" on the west, and the cept tor the gradually wasting flames' and *moke issueil fromimagnifi^entFirstXational^nkiTM^ of the gutted structures . . . . , . ., ! building blazed forth, lurid j which Mazed and sent forth the freight warehou.-e of the = _ _ ._.,.,... ,.._j fitful showers of snarks and Xorthern Pacific road. ^ 1 L J L t t K - l l U i n UA »*«*_ v i * ' * A l f i « * « * » * v * | i nurses of flame, and the hand-, fitful showers of sparks and Btifore some walls of the brick struc-, firebrands. an alarm had been given the tures melted down and faded , The Xorthern Pacific tele- . . · f i M I - ened at one tune to over- entn, mtenor of tne bmhhng i them and wijie out the was aflame. vat a volume , the Moiditv graph office was one of the nrst ! i ta de^^. Communica- mt . roh;ints ha(} }iarely ,tion by that means was impos- It wa« a fiirinus of .smoke poured fourth that in t j, nPi a f ter t j, ej realizeil the!«We. In a few moments the ,t. that with the roarin,. ten minute. Main street was a doom of their 'establishments. 'Western Union office followed . . . . . ,. .. , to escape with their book* and at the tottora of the rums ot ng. stiflin- and e v e r , u l t , n m g . b l m d m g a t m o s p h e r e what ^y then? was in their j the Fiwt National Bankbuild- t-it \ . ig flame?.. In an hour the di-H-overy of the L, immense brick build- in which it was difficult for fire- ' ( } rawe rs. In a tr } ce ing. A message to Mandan had been in had been in nieltetl awa like chaff | when the first alarm was given, ling walls added t the'clouds of smoke enr of destruction howers of spark jht by the spreading, brands northward men to breathe. A slight wind | what seemed barely more than r assistance was sent, but ithe twinkling of an eye. the' owing to the sudden dertruc- buildings on the | tion of telegraph commumca- had! tion. was not received there. But the immense glare of the flames apprised the residents of Mandan that a vast fire was in progress, and the department there reached the city on a special, after the main busi- ' the wind, ami the crash'freshened and carrie*! dense |j o i ne j those on the south side, and vast j in a desolate aspect of gaunt walls, masses of debris and piles of smoking ruins. The wind continued south, and rolling flames, principal business portion of and the flames swept north- and fire- into the ·»»··*--"*-..· t-^ -· -- -- -- . , the right of way of the orthern Pacific road. The indows in the rear of the-* uildiuc* wt-r -hattemi bj ie heat, and tongue- of flames _. _.,.i ..,,,1 lu-kod "P the in- Q terod nn.l SPAPERf woeifs or ram^^. ness buildings ha«.l faded in III**. The wind veered slightly to tho southwest and the fire «wept on into the residence portion of the city. The Mol- m^ rrarmngot me nununm!«"»jm«ncT. gazing upon me run.- south Main street, it wa« «een' O f the destroyed structures that the north side mu-t go, I The rapidity with which the and efforts were made to save { n destroyed so many *uWtan some of the records in the I^ind Office and Suneyor General'* office, but. :ilfh f X . P . T b . - Vr« « * was « of fruitfnl onn»o From thf time of t h - the whole block 'seemed larely a {rick buil-liug^ like eiutf. Theyi e tire inside fronij sat before flames' icated. Windows ag the wind to! n, t\\ inkling walls d strnc-turts were* e ctii«h of fallen | rywhere at ouee. | of the Fir-t 5Ca-| mildiug was com-' rapid a- t~ be in,}e. The flames ··ft from iill sides r.t once. When tailed it was im- bc'lljve it w--.ul'l f- R - S ; , in Central block, Eppinger » clothing storej Beardsley 'a drag store, toe Hrf* National bank, Duafl'aniUiaery atore, Dahl's tailoring establishment, offleor o f c . A. B»Uard,K.S. Albo, Judge w . H . Winchester, c. D. adl", G- .Rawtings, A. T.PstMnwn. Harder j^^ ^ HughfiSi M . r . skeafa. j G jjapejj^ j. R. ea;'e.. Uaited Sia^s land office and surrej-or gen- anal's office. Masonic Fod^o rooms. M parapherBalia Adjataa' Gen- e ra! Milter's office, the Griffin blo-A. Draff's doihiDg «*«.-. Aad«*cn-. restaurant, Steinraetz s oarnes* shop. Moor h ous e- 3 fctatiowry (tore, o Shaujjhnessy's general store, thtf Merchants block, Review offiej. SJat- ter . g gpowy% po^ffie,- Mock, Kiujfz's restauract. Rbud'3 carpenter" ·shop, Swett'sgrocery^isaiarck Steam i Kupitz - grocery. Melton's Bank Wcxsk, Henzter repair shop, Treacv'r offl*. Will's steed store, Mrs hJaua resi- demvaoda number of other inter- of tbe UPSS INBCB- in the ware-' . . ' ' * . ' Mrs Kate Btevrett. sup: the south -ide of ( plie . {or D of H. s won · ana almost! *avc*lpanofrecords 5 ·"*. ? 350 · ' ' r 1 t t ,,! F Strauss -VOO-) LOOff isw;u- i-pjlizeif, the , E S B e a r d a l e y 3.000 3fl06 burst into fiame. f M Eppinger 2.",.wo 10.00 i the buildings on pcR^nin^ton . . . . S.4«0 .'.,000 .e of the street, not Ueo Gu-*sner S2.ftW T.700 ley could be deg Mi j ler j (^ _ . the; flames were · i.^r-d office 2-»* Tlltr walN of t h e . f S SurveycH- GeMT- . al's furniture 1-«0 nal cmmbleil -nd |j ja5raic h a l j 4.000 2,sw per c o l u m n - a tVw'oeoHughes i.oou ..... * , ,, ,, DeGrafi *.«* 2 -°°° fter the flame- Moorjwase ll3JO M) til from the win-'vrilliains l-VW · · · · ; volume* of ^Uioke Gramtei. good, in dpi. 509 . . . Mfssei-smith building. WrJ . . . . ·ed Up the iinnu-'nse , W ill'3 seed store . . . . 1.30i» 600 "* Slilttfii'V 3^J(^J 1.200 everal tenants when, j,ior«». 4 - W)l) 1 - ( ' w . i .. Boucher. Philbrick first threatened it. , C cK-hrane 3..ioo . . . . thi-y endeavored to ( TM°TM£ K . lfl . dl ^ du *! . . . ,7.% the'first exit they,B^.. . · · · ^.ow 5.W ntt.Ml with impa.-- K o f P i.«W 300 ' Phelr.s . . . . ,".000 1,000 -· and fil'f. ome Hi^es electric wires Ut the rear exit-- tS-pen" 3 ..' I.3-X) ·ulous that none ' ins^V 4,ow 2.700- ad \ build infr 1.000 First National Bank. 65.000 3.»,000 X - t 1 ! ' 1 ! 1 B-mk. Winchestt-r 1,060 I a three-story brick' ^, oat ^; iholi KU their comer and Rapeijf_ - · ; w , ,, Harvuy liams ·»»» ie commenced at tue ^1*0 tax ceitiEcatwi .. , . i m amount S-5.DOO kiltie monU-Ut. M^reliart* bank . - -0,000 Kupiu will erect a ;^^ a l^ ghes .;;. l «o -- tv.o-t-.rv trick on Walter Frazer. . *» . · .O'Siiaitglinessy . . . . 2.000 and re? me business i Hannaiin 1^0 -, , i 11'ennardeTi ... 1,900 1,OUO on ;1S coniplfteit. ,Trib-,ir.« . . . . 20,000 11.0CO \ * "1 11 l CTfT* *V (*^1' i nC*K "«·«· *tJ*- ··J'-' ··· v . r r on*i .naaaIfl r v r . i u i u iv g^j^^^^ laundry 800 -^~ t'+Kt*i»i l^-i/'ifif* \VTrt-*** J Dietrich 1.20U »3w J l l i l ' l l l * *.«, I U V » » 1 i \- · , ^ !VW1 · \\·· *-* a rii L. i^lv-O- ·· »»Hw _-*-- t' a telecram from · p freight houne 5,000 " P l^tpres," ofBce 1.5tW --· X P content- 20,000 , Mr« D'inn 1.00° ^^ ·nn_- ;· " · " -- r " · ^ iDi 4.000 2aoo n -nti,m of this e;"n-i £§««-!» - - . »«» mild a brick freight RdicK- MO --i ' Mr« Klaus. ... 2.000 1.000" DC:er *t;ltloU under j K u n t z tt - Fucher. ... 400 nd we will commence j H^der^m""TM!'.'.".'.' wo -.. Owinsr to my im-'Rcvi^^ . . . '^ ~~ enarture for the ea*t c h a - Kupit? . 10.000 7,009 '* . - , TibbaU- · · 10° ·ail remain two weeks ; j cswet: .. 4^oo 1,500 ' - - -- so -- l.OPO ^ 50rt .DINGS DESTROYED.'^f^r,, Igg 3 ^ ...n.-»al..' ^ t h o t a i M - wTM l£g «» abhsra-,--.- r-e-'-ovd ,;'r)f2ri '· 30.000 l-^r*" 5 '" " 4tid a :.a-" l a.'.' M - ^.oa'',^ ' l!«» «» , ''. .. ,,,,_» ·. .-,·»-. li«'k . . ISflOO LSW «warder. ·· _ c ^'^" 1 » ^..^j ,' ( . 'L::l-. Harp bid 5^00 1,000 iUf. MOT-'.-' -ho^ -'.iiv Kla-.« residence. ... l^ttW 1,000 ,f Bor,^«r. Ph.ib.u-k .-c Tr»-ao ^.o«^e 1^00 ^ 4W Bt-«t - dr r^ c - o-e. ^ J i l l o t , f, ac - K l.SOO 1.000* c c t f . ' - o v i r «*!·*·, 1- -· * X, ex McKoffiue. buiid- svir^ ar.i- "iiftin'-- ' otl - "riffs' · . . . 2.000 -r-... rN ,. -Hnan-.. C U. Little, personal 1 ( . vi^. or ,, Th^r.- wa* eiyht feet of water in the S-nft 1 ; 1 *- n^ervoir befoiv the fire last aight, - - r o - v '"'^r *r-\*»n fert todn Li U.-r- -"^r, ». '} ' J r. - ·· t)- Mi".er got back frwm Spirit- if* hi« )x'ional property a!) r , - - t . I i I « . o U * . , of lil«

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