The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER HE* MotNES, ALGOMAaoWA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11.1893, Mother's Story i toy boy was gtf years of age, a tell |i on hip disease, which gradually grew worse nntil, when he was 8, he conld not walk, and we had him treated 9 months at the tthlldren'B Hosplt: ,ln Boston. Bat wncn he came home he was worse, and the doctors Bald nothing: could bo done. 1 gan giving him Hood's \Vllllc Unit; ^tiarsaparllla and be 1m- . proved at once, the 14 Isees oil his hip healed up, his appetite Im- 1 and he could walk, at first with cratches, I NPLEAS/flCT § All (IruKSisi* sell ft k tend fiOo mid $1 per [leakage. If /ot) cannot g end your nn*~<u for ft fr*i taniplc, lann't Fnntl.T Hedlffi* ci I fit bflWft.i fnch dnr. In order I" bi; healthy, thli tc m>oa» '.'.. Mrirtu ^HATOR P. WOODWARD. T,tRov, N. T. ELYS [CREAM mm Cleanses the asal Passages, [Allays Fain niul j Inflammation, £eals the Sores. Restores tho Senses of Taste and Smell. fRY THE CURE HAY-FEVER 'A particle IB applied luto each nostril and is "rreeable. Price 60 cents at Druggists or by mail. LY BROTHERS, 66 Warren Btr., New York. IBileBe&ns Small. « fc Guaranteed to cure Bilious Attacks, Biek. (ipeadacne and Constipation. 40 In each |lottle. Price 85o. Vor sale by druggist*. ^^ Picture "7, 17, TO" and BampU dose free, i'fi SMITH * CO., Proprietors, NEW YORK. Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB — Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. BAKER ACO.'S reakfastCocoa toAio/i is absolutely pure and soluble. It has mora.than three timet the strength of Cocoa mixed _.. — with Starch, Arrowroot or . *3^ Sugar, and Is far more eco| nomica!, costing less than one cent a cup. lit ia delicious, nourishing, and DIGB8XED. Sold by Grocers eTerynhcrt. , W. BATTER & CO., Dorchester, A. remedy which, If used by Wires about to experience the painful ordeal attendant upon Child-birth, proves an infallible epeci- flo for.andobriatea the tortures of confinement, leacenine the dangers thereof to both mother and child. Sold by all „- ._ druggists. Sent by -•i \ express on receipt R ' of price, $1.50 per JH bottle, charges pre- •HADFItLD REGULATOR CO.,' ATLANTA. QA. Epilepsy Can be Cured, •• !•»•/% J»r. O, IMirlp* Brown—the noted LI I V Ki>llep»y SiveotullHt uiul lli-rb- rl I «\ altMt — diBoo.vered that Epilepsy it III ^^ caused by a peculiar derungeiutiiit of th. .tomaoh and preparou his celebrated H£RBAJ. EEMEDIES for' Epileptics, which have OUKED THODHAND8 of canes. Bund for purtioularn, tei>. iimonialB, and his u Treatibo ou tlie Ouube and Our. of Epilepsy," J, Gibson Brown, 17 Graud Street, ,r»r»ey City, N. J. u. Bkinjuelree. ABnxu>iLio. > ..... Cures SickHeadache SHILOHS CURE. Cares Consumption, Cougha,'Croup, Bar* Throat^ Sold by all Druggist, on a Guarantee, fora Law? Side, Back or Chest Shiloh'* Porou* *>!*•ter Vfill pvo great latufaction.—SJ CfBtfc ood's S Cures _ without. He ie now perfectly .well. Eyas any boy." MRS. EMMA V. Duw,' Wai- 6, Mass. od** Pill* do not purge, pain or gripe, but act nptly, easily and efficiently. 2oe. KT ,u,,,. FEEt - BRIGHT MEW AND MV COMPLEXION IS BETTErt. "i.$? ct01 ' "Wi,It »ot» gently on the utomach, llv« kldneye. cud IBr. pleasant laxative. This drlnK i made from herbo, and Is prepared for uoe u caitlljr wo. It Is called . '••• A Shower ot Qnecr Tl-li. Philadelphia Press: The writer hns'lj before him at this moment, well preserved in wood alcohol, three small fishes of a tropical or sub-tropical j specie^. They are relics of one of tho most remarkable fish showers on record. On June 12, 1890, there was a cloudburst two miles north of Sibley, Town, which was accompanied by a fall of millions of fish of the kind' known to piscatorial experts as axalatt, found native only In southern' waters. When first sent to "ye curious editor" they Were all alive and well. That was on July 4, 1890, twenty-two days after their drop from the clouds. From the first they refused to eat, acting for all the world like creatures utterly devoid of mouths. They were forthwith consigned to the rain barrel, where they lived a Dr. .Tanner life* for several daysj the first and smallest one dying on July 28. On 'the evening of Aug. 8, after a foodless sojourn of nearly two months in the Howkeye state, the two remaining specimens yielded up the ghost and were given an alcoholic bath, eimilar to that accorded the little one eleven days before. Who of the Press has ever before heard of fish being car- lied 2,000 or 2,500 miles in a storm cloud? Stur» Scon by tlie Niikoel Kyc. Olio is afraid to say how many thous- sinds of years ago were made thu first observations of stars of which Ave have any certain knowledge, says .T. Norman Lockyer hi Youth's Companion. But hi all probability they worts made'not less than, seven thousand years ago, by priests in ISgypt, who required to know when certain stars rose above the eastern horizon, in order that tlioir morning sacrifice might be offered-at the proper time, that is, exactly at sunrise. Nowadays, such eye observations liavo given place to others made by elaborate instruments, which enable us to observe stars not "only on the horizon but in any part of 'the blue expanse of heaven, while by tho increased power of telescopes the number of stare within, our ken has been increased from six thousand—the number wliich may bo seen in both hemispheres by -the naked eye—to probably ' about eighty million. Baltimore". Sun.—The relative area of woodland in the various countries of Europe is as follows: Forests occupy 39.7 per cent, of the total area of Swed-. eii, 30.9 per cent, of Russia, 32.5 of Aus tria, 28.4 of Hungary, 25.2 of Germany, 24.5 of Norway, 10.9 of Servia, 19.6 of Belgium, 18.9 of Switzerland, 17.7 of France, 17 of Spain, 15.2 of Komnania, 13.1 of Greece, 12.3 of Italy, 7 of Holland, 5.3 of Portugal, 4.8 of Denmark and 4 of Great Britain and Ireland. As to the United States, the figure is 19 per cent, of the total area, and the actual ; extent of the forest laud is equal to fifteen times the area of Peunsyl- yania. Hiram. G. Bond, a Pennsylvania capitalist, who has been located at Seattle, Wash., some time, and is interested in large mining and other interests, has been sued in the "United States court, for over $25,000 for breach of contract by S. S, Rayley, of Oregon. Ruyley alleges that a year ago he entered into a written agreement with Boml, by which the latter authorized him to procure an agreement for the conveyance of certain mining claims in the West Kootenay district, British Columbia. He refused the contract when it was presented. The confession of .a man in a logging camp in tho northern part of Maine explains the mysterious death of a man named Walker, who was found sliot in the woods two years ago. Walker started out of the woods with about $500 which he had earned. AViiilo on his way he came to a camp occupied by two men, and asked to bo allowed to stay there over night. His request was granted. They discovered that lie had tho luonoy, shot him and took the dying man to a bear trap, placed his hands iu it, so that it would look as though death had boon caused by his being caught there and left him. Do not allow yourself to be imposed on by the many novel schemes, advertising new and untried so-called cough remedies; but stick to the old reliable, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the unfailing cure for all effoc- tious of tho throat and cheat. William Parker, a young business-man of Carlyle, 111., became despondent and determined' to die. An overdose of morphiuo failed. lie then slushed his throat with unsatisfactory result and finally attempted to shoot himself. He is badly hurt, but may recover. FOB COUGHS AND THROAT DI8ORU ERS use BBOWN'S BUONCIUAL TIIOOHBS. "Havo never flmnyed my mind respecting thorn, oxcupt I think better of tliat wlilcn.I began by tliliiKiiiff well of." — Rev. Henry Ward Beeclur. Bold only In boxes.' The steamship Noordland, of the Red Star Line, whice was towed into Queenstown yesterday had broken her schaft. The accident happened last Thursday, and for a time the passengers feared the vessel would founder. They act on the bile and Hver, Small Bile Beaua have uo equal. Settlers in western Kansas counties are reported (o have suffured terribly during the recent storm. It is impossible for the ntilroud* to get sufficient fuel oil the border to keep the people warm. The Most Pleasant Way Of preTeullni; tho grippe, colds, headaches, and fevers is to use Hie liquid laxutivu remedy Syrup of Figs, whenever tl*e system needs a Keutfe, yet effective cleuusiug. To be benefited one must get the true remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all druggists iu 50c i and H bottles. The railroad crossing war between the Missouri, Kansas aud Texas and the Kuusiw ' City, Fort Smith aud Nevada 'railroads at JK«us«s City, Mo., which has promised to develop iuto serious trouble, is now at 9 standstill peucllug tUo result of the legal cv»- per cl difference* Royal Baking Powder Strongest, Purest, Most Economical. As to whether any of the baking poxvders are equal to the "Royal," the official-tests clearly determine. When samples of various baking powders were purchased from the grocers, and analyzed by the United States Government Chemists and the Chemists of State and City Boards of Health, the reports revealed the fact that the "Royal" contained from 28 per cent, to 60 per cent, more leavening strength tHan the others, and also that it was more perfectly combined, absolutely pure, and altogether wholesome. As most of these powders are sold to consumers at the same price as the " Royal," by the use of the Royal Baking Powder there is an average saving of over one third, besides the advantage of assured purity and wholesomeness of food, and of bread, bis-- cult and cake made perfectly light, sweet, and palatable. The official reports also reveal the presence, in other powders, of alum, lime or sulphuric acid, by which their use is made a matter of grave danger to the consumer. • v Whenever a baking powder is sold at a lower price than the "Royal," or with a gift, it is a certain indication that it is inade front alum, and is to be avoided under all circumstances. THE SCARCITY OF MEN. Men Who llnvu HuHliutriM lo Tiiki; Care ill' KcUru liiifly. A feature of a ball-room life, which, in the eyes of debutantes and chuperone alike calls aloud for redress, is in order of discussion here, writes Mrs. Burton Harrison in the November Ladles' Home Journal. One hears everywhere the complaint that a woman, old or young, may not stir from her seat to get supper, or to avoid a draught, or to change places for a better point of view, with out being annexed to the ami of some member of the selecting sex, for whom she must wait, or whistle, to usp the ancient, pungent phrase. Hard as this unwritten law is to the elders, who see themselves doomed 1 to dependence on callow youths, the age, it may be, of their sons, for the privilege of crossing a crowded bit of parquet floor, it is boubly so to the girls who must wait the pleasure of these sultans of the hour to rise from the seats into which their healthy activity has been enchained. If they might only fraternize with.each other, and cross the ball-room hand in hand, go into supper likewise, and, better than all, dance together, without proclaiming themselves wall flowers, what a merry set our debutantes would be. Uutranuneled by absurd necessity, the girls who now sit, often grave and spiritless, beside their protectors, would then take flight, chirping and chatter hag like a flock of birds. As it is, who has not seen the unnatural spectacle of these young creatures holding back from conversation with .each other, bravely suppressing yawns, waiting and gazing with sad eyes upon the pageant of a dance which are not--- i / join because the men are not so plentiful as the women. During a, recent season of revelry hi New York, it was no uncommon incident for girls whose carriages had been ordered late, to be seen retiring to the dressing-room to wait, because partners were not forthcoming for the cotillon. Young fellows, forced by the nature of their employment to keep early hours, make no pretence to keep up with the mad rash of society after midnight...,. The oldsters, who have danced down the generations, with a limited supply of very youthful supporters of the saltatory art, cany the burden of the ball. Generally for fruit trees one pound of poison to two hundred gallons of water is sufficient. EMANCIPATION DAY. Colored (Jiti/oiis ill' South Citrollna Uuly <!<<lp|>n]ie It. Charleston, S. G., Jan. 2.—The Afro- American citizens of Charleston took possession of the city today and celebrated emancipation day with becoming honors. Thousands of colored people from the surrounding country also flocked to town. Jn the afternoon the first brigade of the national guard of South Carolina papaded the streets. Made to Look tike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Glove*, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, I'lusli Garments Steamed, at Otto Pietcli's Dye Works, 340 \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. She— "Oh, James, how grand the soa Is! How wonderful! I do like to hear the roar of the ocean." He— "So do I,' Elizabeth: please keep <jnlot." ' ' FITS.— All F1U Stopped (n* bj Dr. »«•«»'• ttreat Nrrve Il.-utorer. No Jfit» »ft«r flr»t duj'e use. Marvelous cures. Tre»Uw»nd $2.00 trial, bottle free to Fit Oiu«». Stud t« Or. KUu«, 931 Arch St., fhlla., Pa. Out-of-door sports are now among the most popular Indoor pastimes. "That unrivalled complexion;" said a prominent New Yorker, alluding to a lady acquaintance, "was the result of using Uav Held Tea." Send for free sample to 319 West 45U Street, New York City. _____ Three men were baUiy hurt by a gas explosion In St. Paul. A H.UID Cotmii distresses the patient, and racks both LUIIRS nncl Throat. Dr. D. Jayue's Expcctonuil, l» the remedy wnntcd to cure your Cough, mid relieve both the Pulmonary and Bronchial organs. The annual convention of the Sigma Alma Epsilon college fraternity opens to-day in Chattanooga. The principal subject for consideration will bo the reaistrlctlng of the fraternity. Everybody ought to know, if they don't, that a disordered liver, stomach ov bowels is responsible for a multitude of ailments. Remedy: Bile Beans Small. The Auditor of Public Accounts at Spriug- Qeld; 111., has issued a permit for the organization of the Murpliysljoro Savings bunk. The capital stock U $25,000. and the inporp- orators are Jopeph B. Gill, W. K. Murphy, tud J. Van Clostor. Deafness Cannot be Cured • by locul applications, ns they cannot roach the diseased portion of the cur. There Is only one wuy'lo cure Uuutncas, and that is by coiifUilutiomil reiiicdles. Deitfnoss is caused by nil inllnmed condition of the Milieus IPiiin* oC the Kuslacliiuu Tube. When this tiibu jfels inlliuned you/have a ruiiililingr sound or li'npcrfeet honing,, and wliun it is entirely closed Denfness is the re suit, and-unless Iliu liiilnminnllou'<-can 1)6 tuUeii out and this tiibo restored to its uor- iniil condition, liunrin^; will bo des.troyud forever, nine cases out of; tun are cniised by f.utniTli, wliich is nutliir.^ but an iuilamed I'ondition of the mucus surfaces. Wu will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by catarah) Unit cannot Liu cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. (J11ENEY & Co., Toledo, O. by Druggists, 75. A strike among tlie stained' mosaic and palosceut fflassworUers is in progress in New York city. In consequence the work rooms of every ecclesiastical and decorative glass establishment in New York is deserted. Important to Fleshy People. We have noticed a page article in tue Boston Globe on reducing weight at a very email expense. It'will pay our readers to send two cent stamp for a copy to Betina Circulating Library, 8fl E. Washington Street, Chicago, 111. No force, Bill, cried the fair democratic! maid, as her lover tried to kiss her. PUT TO FLIGHT —all the peculiar troubles that beset a TVO- man. The only guaranteed remedy for them U Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. For women suffering from any chronic "female complaint" or weakness; for women who are run-down and overworked; for women expecting to become mothers, and for mothers who are nursing; and exhausted; at the change from girlhood to womanhood: and later, at the critical "change of Ufa" — it is a medicine that safely and certainly build* up, strengthens, regulates, and cures. If it doesn't, if It even fails to benefit or cure, you have your money bade. What you are sure of, if you use Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, is either a perfect and permanent cure for your Catarrh, no matter how bad your case may be, or $500 in cash. The proprietors of the medicine promise to pay you the money, if they can't cure you. Patents! Pensions! Stud for JuTontor'i Quido or How to Obtuiu u Puteut. Brad for Uigeit of Friialoil and Itouuty I,U\v». Patrick O'Knvfell, Wanlilujfloii, b. CW ORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. Send at once to JOBN SIBASTIAN, 0. T. A. C,, B. I. & P. R. B., Chicago, 111,, and -receive, postage paid, the slickest deck of cards you ever handled. Only TEN CENTS per pack, in stamps or coin. ST. JACOBS OIL CURES LUMBAGO, SCIATICA, SPRAINS, PRU'SIS, BURNS, A copy of the "Ofiicial Portfolio of the World') ri, Columbian Exposition, de&criptive of Buildings awl "*^ Grounds, bea.utifu.lly illustrated, in water color effects, wi'i i V? sent tq any address uuo« receipt THE PLANET NEPTUNE. | On the planet Neptune the year i is six thousand days long. A neigh- ' bor of ours says that this isn't a circumstance to a night that he spent recently. He had a cough and lie thought that that particular . night was about six thousand years ' long while he waited for the light. > In the morning he made a straight ' liae for the nearest drug store, J where he bought a bottle of REID'S GERMAW COUGH AND KIDNEY CUKE which he took and speedily was restored to health. When you take cold do not wait to cough your life away, but get a bottle of this great remedy and take it freely. It is the one cough remedy iii the market of which it can be truthfully said it is impossible to take an overdose. Get it of any dealer. SYLVAN REMEDY CO., Peoria, 111. "August A Fine Ontbtr Gold Waled M Every Reader of Thin Paper. Cv*Uiisouttnd sendtttu u* with your full name and ad* dress, and we will send y«u o— ofthcseElfL'antGoIdWatch •Walttmm, Klein or Ham] ' Movement, richly JtweU*_.. express for e&Aromatloa,aiiidl you think It equ» lln a ' ance to a 150.00 cold watL our sample price ,|1S.W, ... the express cltarces, and It _ yours, we send with tliew*r<% the .man'frs |ru*.<lnte« HI 16 yetrs, and Ifyou lellorcanul tlietaleoften wewlllfflve'jn* one FREE. Write at once, M this advertisement may not appear again. HOTBLTY UU'OBTINa CO., Miss C. G. McCLAVfl, School* teacher, 753 Park Place, Eltoita, N* Y. '' This Spring -while away fron home teaching iny first term in i country school I was perfectly wretched with that human agpny called dyspepsia. After dieting vbr two weeks and getting no better, a friend wrote me, suggesting that I take August Flower. The very next day I purchased a bottle. I am delighted to say that August Flower helped me so that I have quite r& covered from my indisposition." 3 t RIPANS TABULE8 regulate! the Btomncli, llvor and uowcle, jmrl-i fy the blood, nro safe and cll'ocuiAl ti tho best uiculclna kiiownfnrblllouB-i liens, coiiHtlpiillou, dTBnopBln, foul* breath. ]}ea(lncho t inonlal depression, • painful digestion, bad complexion,* "•fenrmr an( l ft M diBotiBOH cnuuod by failure or* ^™W tbo Btomnch, llvor or bowels to por-J form their proper functions. Persons Riven to over- J (Odtlnir nro boueflted by taking one after cncli men .1 • Price, 6-1 ; • lllf'AKN —nnmnTiuinii It Onwi Cold»,Coush«,Sore Thro»t,Cr<mp,InftMg». i»,Whooping Couth, BronohltU and Asthm*. A «rt»l« care /or Oonjumption in trtt f taffu, *~? V nur* rtllef In tdYnnood lUgm. U» at MU*. •• will us th« excellent iffeot »fUr t&kln* tks •wt dii«. Bold by dealora •vurvktn. ~ M«M M wnti Mid Jl.OO. en . • Price, 6-1 ; wmplo. 1Br. At DnixeStlH, or sent by iimll. J ilOMlOAT, CO., HlSpruco St., Now York.l $40,000,OOO Ear nod by 1h« Hull Telephone Pntent in 1801. Ton Invention inny bo vitluuble. You should protect it by imtont. AdtlrouH lor full and tntolllKimt ndvlo* tree of churgo, IV. W. JVUIM.KV St CO.. Holloltora ot Patents, Pncirio Bld'g, 022 F. St., N. W., Mention thin paper. IViiMliiugton, D. O. .01* FRAUD. 'Jipon hating '. Mono aeu* uglaa name ttom. Look W. L DOUGLAS S3 SHOE v FOR GENTLEMEJL A sewed shoe that will not rip; Cal£ seamless, smooth inside, more comfortable stylish and durable than any other ehoe OTW • sold at the price. Every style. Equals custonfc. made shoes costing from $4 to $5. The following' are of the same high standard «f merit: $4.oo and $5.00 Fine Calf, Hand-Sewed. $3.50 Police, Farmers and I,cUer-CarrierB. $3.30, $3.35 aud Ss.oo for Working Men. $3.00 and $1.75 for Youtua and Boys. $3.00 Haucl-Sewcd, XX IS A DUTY you owo yonnaH to got tee bent valua for you uionuy. Economlzo In yonl footwear by purchasing W. L. Douglas Shoes, whlofc represent the best vain* at tua prices advertised QB thousands can to*. tlJy. Do TOO . , •Mnt •Uu> Will srlve excliiHlTO nalo tnalioo dDulcrnand eenevnl incrcluuicn wlicrn I Iinve no let. Write for caraloniio. I) not rni'milo In yonv pliicn aiindiliront to Factory, i' --"-, «-J/ltli wancocl. 1' Ji'rco. VV- "• ittnialas, livaclttaa, ftlasi. azme FOR OHE YEAR, AMD OUR "BOW-KNOT" Stamping Outfit Edited by Mrs. JOHN A. LOGAN. FOR Only Cents • O • _...; HOME MAGAZINE is, an its name indicates, a distinctively family periodical, and ft ie ueut iKistpaiil to any aridrc«B for ; , g only fifty touts u year. Hut 110 ouu Bliould sup- v pose that because tha price IB low it is In any sense choap. Tlie bent writers and artists contribute regularly to its pages. Among the writers are HARRIET PkESCOTT SPOFFORD JULIA MAdlUJOeR MARY HARTWELL CATHERWOOD JNO. QILMER SPEED EDITH SESSIONS TUPPER nARY LOWE DICKINSON LILLIE DEVEREUX ULAKB CLINTON SCOLLARD FLAVEL, SCOTT niNES TOM MASSON MARGARET H. WELCH HARY A. DENISON OLIVE THORNE MILLER HARY LOQAN TUCKER E. J. EDWARDS R. K. nUNKITTRICK »nd many others , The list an givfln is an indication of the variety and quality of th« contents of tlie magazine. ' It abounds in First-Class Short Stories, Poems by Good Writers, Sketches of Prominent Persons, Articles on Travel and Timely Contributions. Besides there are departments devoted to the Kitchen, the Fashions, Flower Gro\r> ing, Sunday Afternoon, tho Children, Art at Home, Music, tho Sick Boom, etc. i • • • • THK Hoiqt. MAoAZjua is in eyery sense a periodical of tho best quality for the lowest price. ' . • OFFEIJ EXTRAORDINARY. FOR FIFTY CENTS, rtampa or currency taken, we will send TUB Hoiut MAOAZINK for one yoav, and in addition tne "How-Knot" Stamping Outfit, consisting of HI now and artistic designs, prepared especially for thin offer, »nd obtainable in no other way than by subscribing to Tne HOMK MAGAZINE. UST OF DESIGNS. 1 Old English Alphabet, 2 Inches In height. 26 letters. 1 Spray Maiden Hair Fern and Bow-" Knot, 8xlo in. 1 Vine of Carnation Pinks, 3x9 In. 1 Spray Finks and Sow-Knot, 5x7 In, 1 Spray Orange Blossoms, 6x? in. 1 Spray Daisies, 4x10 In. 1 Bow-Knot, 3}x4 in. 1 Anchor, 2x3 In. 1 Scatt«red Violets, 7x12 In. 1 Chrysanthemum Spray, 5x6 in, 1 Anchor, 3x4 in. Mo uiK'h offer IIUN ever been made before. No stamping ouult of anything like the value of this hita ever )>«eu offered for Jess tluii Otitt Dollar. We offer this outfit and Tun HOMI: UAUAiiiNB, which la as good in c(U«lity of letter press aud pictures as uuy of the great magazines, for only iifty cento. Ai)unti>u: The Home Magazine 1 Spray Daisies, 4*5 In. 1 Bow-Knot, 314 In. 1 Spray Rosebuds and Leaves, 4x11 In. X Chrysanthemum and Bow-Knot, 8x11 in. 1 Spray Fond Lilies, Buds and Leaves, 8x12 In. 1 Scattered Dresden Flowers, 6x8 In. 1 Spray o( Popples, 3jxS fe. 1 Spray ol Tulips, TI9 In. 1 Spray ot Easter Allies, 4x7 in, wt, Win. *'»l'!-friVf."

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