The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 2, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1891
Page 2
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t|PgBR DES MOlNj^y AMfONA. IOWA, ^rtHJJMJMtBMBflBBIIiMHiiMIII^^MI^MM^^^^^^^i^^^te^^rt^^yMlii li tlrfia nff if rtm ~t*- ~> • - il THE LATEST NEWS. ALOONA, IOWA. Tint Welloloy college girls nro tip in arms about Bomothlng. Shocking! Miss MAOOIE POJNNAOKK, of Shelby- tilte, Ind., is testing the efficacy of the faith care in a remarkable manner, hi October fthe wa« sick unto death with consumption. She became convinced that n retrular diet of dog's meat would cure her. She i» now on her second dog nnd growing stronger every dny, Some of the physicians believe Hint Miss Maggie will got well, while others regard this improvement as simply the result of extreme faith and concentration of strength. The treatment is heroic. Many people would deem it as bad as the disease, As a disciplinary agent for physical manhood foot ball has few superiors. It is a fearfully rough xamo, but itH very violence teaches courage, toughens tho body and makes the muscles hard, Tho dashing together with groat force of tho opposing teams, tho rushing, guarding, tackling, interfering and breaking through, tho running, dodging, jumping, tumbling, kicking, punlirg, pushing and crowding, bring into play forbearance, valor, intelligence, sagacity, generalship, strength and agility, and bring out in tho player many other qualities, both mental and physical, wSoso development can only render more certain tho approximate perfection of tho coining man. IN A PEHSONAI, WAY. Tho death of W. J. Florence will not interfere with tho engagements of tho Joflorson-Floronco combination. Mr. Florence was a salaried man, and Louis James has been engaged to play his roles. * * * Mrs. Parnoll will receive $200,000 under tho will of her aunt, tho late Lady Wood, and will have an atnplo fortune with which to alloviuto tho sorrows of her widowhood. GENERAL NOTES. H. ROPES, ex-consul of the United States to St. Petersburg, died in England Tuesday. THE National bank of San Diego. Oil., by the aid of citizens, may be enabled to resume. A JiRPonT is current that Lord Stanley will resign the governor generaiship of Canada next month. THE Now York bank statement shows an increase of reserves of $3,870,600 during tho week ending Nov. 21. THK wife of Cyrus W. Field died Monday in Irvington on tho Hudson, aged sixty years, W, K. SuMjtvAN -vas on Wednesday appointed by the president consul to Bermuda. Sin AijisxANDicn CAMPBELL, lieutenant governor of Ontario, has been stricken with paralysis at Toronto and his recovery JH doubtful. THK republican national committee, on the seventh ballot, chooses Minneapolis as tho place for the convention, which will bo held on Juno 7, 1892. Tun supremo court of California, Monday, rendered a decision declaring that tho law approorinling $800.000 for the state's exhibit at tho world's fair is valid. KANSAS Crry is just recovering frpm the effects of. a fearful wind and snow storm which raged for twenty-four hours. SKOUBTAJIY FosTtin is conOncd to his HIGHEK Ttf AN TWELVE people were killed and nine seriously hurt by the giving wav of a part of an amphitheatre "at Mexico. a g^at fight in A CIKOINNATI dispatch says ten cars of a freight train on the CheBapwke & Ohio ' round by _ SEVEN firemen wer« buried trader f,H- inir walls at a fire in tbe SeiUm manufw-, ttirin«!.compapy'fi bdildirur in Cincinnati Th<> t,nb»-mlor • ?t?. y Corning, and all but one escaped with alight iniiiriep. . „,, , T ,. The schooner Julia Decker arrived in New York, sorne day* since, hating oh board the members of the Bnwdoin seien- tific expedition. The results of ihe trip to Labrador have far exceeded t no hopes of tbe projectors. Grand falls have been discovered and photogroped, and, though not plunged into a ravine thirty feet deep, carrying away the approach to the bnaje. No one was injured. Trm loss in CRIME. AT St. Louis Ernst Hickmnn shot bis wife and himself. MIBB JULIA ALBIBTZ. a St. Louis school teacher, shot herself. Ill health was the cause. E...T. Crui'iN, a Chicago drummer, was sandbagged and robbed at Plymouth, Ind. M«nday night. D. B. PATTEHSOK, of Pottsvillo, Pa., a politician aniJ lawyer and editor of the Miners Journal, has disappeared, oWini? between $40,000 and $50,000 ELJAH JETT, of Decatur, III,, cut his wih) H throat Friday, and then killed himself. Mrs. Jett will probably recover. SHANK ;McCAiiTHY, a Brooklyn iron molder, leaped from t,he Brooklyn bridge of 500 nnd 100 all by Sunday ami was killed. DJI. JAMES E. MCADAMS, of bed by an attack of tho grip resulting directly from a bad cold which ho contracted whilo in Now York, COMPANY K, of Diiluth wants to bo mustered out and become an independent company, because it was transferred from the Second regiment to tho Third. IT is discovered that horseflesh in large William D. Windom, son of tho late Secretary Windom, has been appointed chief of tho accounts division in tho architect's ollico at Washington by Secretary Foster. v """ * * * Tho friends of. Governor Holes are ton d of telling tho story of how Miss Jessie Boies, tho governor's daughter, had a number of trunks packed on election day of 1880, preparatory to starting with her father on a tour of Europe, which they wore about to begin at tho time tho democratic convention nominated Mr. Boies, and how, when the governor, rather to his surprise, found ho wif< elected, the European trip WON abandoned and linn not been thought of since, * * * Gorstor, the ex-opera singer, hits bought tho Palir/,/,ii Moraona in Italy, which has boon in the lloRHi family for two hundred years. Tho custlo orownH a hill and is Burrciunded by cypress trues. * * * Miss Adolo Grin wold Gardiner, who was presented to Now York Hocioty last woek at a tea given by her mother, Mrs. J, Lyon Gardiner, of 074 Madison avenue, New York, counts four colonial governors among her ancestors. One of: thorn, Lyon Gardiner, in 1085 owned tho whole of Gardiner's island. Jane Hading wuii'K souio wonderful drosses in Snrdou'ti revived comedy, Nos IntimoH, at tho Vaudeville, in Paris. Two of those drosses are harmonies in whilo of different textures. In'the night scene she is in a rich white faille dressing gown, all softness of toxturo and of luster, and rimmed in front with a silk embroidery of autumn foliage— gold, russot, rod brown and what-not—and bordered with feathery fluff to match. Tho [linings of this garment, tho front being open and loose, often show, and are in surah, no loss soft and lustrous, but in a different way. A soft sash holds tho back port of the dressing- gown at the waist close to the figure, and then parsing through openings in tho side seams, clasps) the wais/, and is fastened in front by a largo careless bow. Tho dress is of Indian muslin and tho softest Mechlin lace. It is rich in small tucks and insertion, which the blue underskirt throws into relief. * * * Empress Elizabeth, of Austria, does not ceaHO to mourn the tragic death of tho Crown Prince Rudolph. She ordered a wreath of white roses f o bo placed, on All Saints' Day, upon tho prince's coflin, without streamers air.l without a sign from herself. She also sont a largo bunch of beautifully scented ticatiu (lowers from her garden in Corfu, and tho delicate, musk-like perfume of tho feathered sprays, with their hundreds of yellow pullets, which powder tho silver coilin, pervades tbo vault, where a numbed wax tapers m.iko tho air close. There aro also wreaths from tho widowed crown princess and her little daughter, with streamers, on which is read the name "Stephanie. 1 ' Early in the day she wont by rail to Baden and drove thence to Mayerliug to attend a funeral muss at tho chapel there. This is the first time since her husband's death that tho crown princess bus crossed the threshold of the former hunting box, where years ago she spent happy summers with him and her baity, without u foreshadowing of the tragedy which would gome day take place beneath that roof. quantities is being sold to cheap restaurants and boarding house in Chicago. Miss MAHY PHATT, who is worth $15,000,000, was married Wednesday to Charles F. Sprague. Both are members of Boston's oldests families. EVACUATION DAY was celebrated in New York City Wednesday by flag nils ings, battery salutes and a parade of Old Guard. Reuben Jarvis, professor of Smith Center, Kas., claims tuat ho has discovered chemicals with which he can produce rain every time. _A SPECIAL says Luther Osborn is com- misioned postmaster at Glyndon, Minn., and E. Daly at Sutton, Minn. A post route has been established between Pago and Erie, N. I). PHBSIDBNT PALMER submitted tho report of tbe world's fair board to President Harrison Wednesday. Tho president is expected to make tho desired appropriation to further tho work, the subject of a special message to congress. POSTMASTER GENERAL WANAMAKER has awarded steamship mail contracts to the Ward lino to Commodore Hughes from Now York to Buenos Ayres, New York to Havana and Now York to Mexico; also to the Pacific mail line of Central American ports. —•• ""i'*»i«j aj, Jiiv/ni^/viun. i.'i Miiiunur^ III., was arrested Friday night while attempting to break into the 'bank of Gardnor. CAPTAIN KIVLKV of the Chicago police force, gave evidence before the grand jury Monday against John Beatty, accused of tho murder of Fannv Cartwright, IT is said that Billy Emerson, tho minstrel, took the receipts of his show at Wheeler opera house, Toledo, Ohio, and left for parts unknown, leaving his company stranded there. AN attempt was made to abduct a little daughter of John D. Bancroft, of Oak Park, Friday evening, by an unknown stranger, who escaped. Mils. CiiAiiMts HnpKLiNQKK threw a bowlful of concentrated lye into her husband s face at Arcanum, Ohio, and tien attacked him with a hatohet, inflicting serious injuries. The woman then cut her throat. A VOUNO girl of Kansas City, Kan., has been detected in tho net of robbing th contribution box of a church which sin attended. WAI.LAOIP C. ANDKBWS, Into presiden of the Standard Gaslight company of New York, is charged with issuing $3,000,000 stock in tho ..-..>> authority. EDWAIID sight The lotal fall is upwwrI feet, divided into one fall of 200 feet six rapids and cascades varying from feet to 25 feet. The exploring pirty of four 'mon, graduates of the college, headed Austin Gary, left their schooner on Sun day, July 26. They were provided with two Rwshton, boats and all the mndern instruments for measuring heights and distances. Their success in navigating tbo river far exceeded their expectations, and nuuh good progress was they- had passed and had reached made that on Aug. 8 Lake Warainik,apou point five miles, in ad- Ark. quarroleci FOREIGN. BKAKIL'B now president is forming a government to succeed Do Fonseca's cabinet. NEAR Buenos Ayres a passenger train plunged over a high viaduct. Eight people wore seriously injured. CHILI is decreasing her army nnd navy. Tins is thought to indicate a peaceful settlement, of the trouble with this country INKLUENKA is spreading rapidly throughout France and Germany. Tho death rate at Hamburg is 280 above the weekly average. WILLIAM L. JACKSON, tho newly appointed chief secretary for Ireland, has been re-elected as member of parliament for North Leeds, without opposition. THIS insurgents disbanded immediately upon learning that Fonseca had resigned. THK Grand Ducal theater at Oldenburg, capital of the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany, was destroyed by fire Tuesday night. A TRAIN OH tho Orolgraiso lino in Russia was derailed on a bridge and four cars wore hurled into tho river below, killing twenty-three persons. FiiANorHoo C. CONCHA, one of tho Bui- nmcoda's minister of justice, was shot Monday by government pickets in Cordilleras Puss while ho was endeavoring tu escape into tho Argentine Republic. A TBLEoiiAM from Dax in tho department of Landes says that tho mayor of Dax and tho prefect of the department fought a duel Monday. The mayor was wounded in the arm, M. DM LA HAYB, tho political economist, is authority for tht statement that 100,000 operatives in Paris will bo without work during tho present winter. TIIM election for member of the roich- fltng at Halle has resulted in a victory for Herr Hiirtmen, the socialist, who defeated a prominent member of tho national liberal party, tho latter having the support also of the government and conservative party. company without proper MAHNEY, of Little Htver county, was shot and killed by a man named Stewart at Richmond, ' Tuesday night. The men qu over u (jaino of curds, and tho shooting followed. IN New York Wednesday nbht Robert Lyons, a butcher twenty-eight 'years old, was brutally murdered in his shop by Michael Sliney. The weapon used was a weaver. Sliney and Lyons were believed to be tho best of friends, known for tho deed. and no cause is SUPERSTITIONS' OF BRIDES. Groat MlHforluno It U llolloved Follows tho I>OHH of WudcllllKT Kln(j. One of these is expressed in an olc rhyme which is familiar to us all: Chance the nnmo nnd not tho letter, You change for worHO and not for better. Another is that tho day must be fine, in accordance with tho old time saw. • Happy IB the brldo that the enn shines on, niosuort are the dead that the rain ruins on. There is still another superstitition, poetically rendered, that a bride's wardrobe must contain Something old and something now; Komothlnjf borrowed, something blue. It is considered very bad fortune for a bride to make her own wedding cake or to have anything to do with it; and strange as it may seem, it has been observed over and over again in unhappy marriages that the bride had stirred tho wedding- cake. To lose a wedding ring in the first month of marriage augurs great misfortune. To lose it (in; time is supposed to predict a calamity. There is an explanation of this superstition which is of the same theory that time will cure all ills: As tho wadding ring wears, So wear away life's cures. Peace o IB not the boon vouchuufecl to the chronic, nervous Invalid. Slight noises uta,\lo htm, odd and unexpected sensations propta* nlm. Ht neither sleeps soundly nor eats heartily, he la almost invariably troubled with dyspepsia. What should he dot Begin and pursue systematically a couras of Uostetter'B Stomach Bitters. With digestion fortified and food assimilated, strength return*, the nerrea grow tranquil and the zest of life returns. A blessed consummation indeed, and not only effectually, bnt pleasantly wrought bytn« Bittern. Biliousness, malaria, rheumatism, kidney complaint ar* also prevented and cared by this sovereign regulating medicine. Try it a« once If your nerves are out of order, and fl their weakness Is perpetuated by the existence of dii- A luperb appetizer and promoter of found FIRES AND CASUALTIES. FIHE at Belle Plaino, Iowa, Sunday, dirt $-10,000 damage. NINE business blocks wore burned at Midtilobury, Vt,, Sunday night. Two scows were lost on Luke Michigan, and eighteen men aro thought to have perished. THREE thousand bales of cotton wove consumed in a conflagration at Puris/lVx., causing a loss of $100,000. THOMAS A. SHORT, a banker at Edger- Ion, S. 1)., was accidentally shot and killed Saturday, AT Lapello, lud., Mrs. Hoffman and two sous were suffocated by gas. Tho younger son is dead and the other two uro beyond hope of recovery. Six trainmen were injured and twenty freight cars demolished by a collision on the Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City railway at Marshalltown, Iowa, Saturday morning. FIRE at Minneapolis, Monday night, do strayed the North Star boot smd shoo store. Loss, $850,000; fully insured. NICHOLAS ELLENS, of Houston county, Minnesota, was killed Monday by falling and driving the stem of his pipe into his throat. \ \ The most unalterable of water colors has been found to bo the yellow ochre, terra sienna, sepia, and bluos. Platinum and sijver can each be drawn into wire miiny times titier than human hair. The former has been drawn into wires so fine that two of them could be twisted together into tho hollow of a hnir. The Only One Kver Printed—Can TOD Find tho Word? There ia a 8-lnch display advertisement lu' this pnpor this woek wliicli has no two worda allUu oxi'tipt om> word. The same Is true of each now one appearing ouch weak from Tho l)r. llnrtor Medicine Co. This liouso places a "Orescent" on everything tlu-y mnka and publish. Look for It, soiul them the mime of tho word, and Uioy will return yon BOOK, UKAUTIirUl, LlTUOQllAl'lia Or SAMPLES F«BB. President Harrison IMS broken tho record as u Imml-shiiUor, having gouo through tho pump-luiudlo process 700 times lu twenty mluutiis. If aiMlcted~wlTunSoTo"E7nr~us6 Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Water. Druggists soil iUJ35c, Ulysses S. Grant and Hubert E, Loo are roommates at tho Washington and Lee uui- versity at Lotfugtou, Yu. Edgar Allen Foe, [formerly conspicuous as a foot ball player at Princeton college and now a law student at Baltimore, is an eurneet worker in the Youui? Men's Christian association. He declares that many yance of the furthest point reached hy Mr. Hoini!? in 1888 At this p ace, on account ot a disabled arm, Mr. Young and a companion were obliged to turn back, reaching Rufoleton Aug. 21. Mes?rs. Gary and Colo proceeded on toward the falls, which had been reported to be distant fifty miles. After going a short distance they were obliged, on account of the rapidity of the current, to leave their boat and make their journey on foot. From this point, their progress was necessarily very blow, the woods being very thick and the mosquitoes and black flies almost unbearable. Tho explorers found the falls to bo much further away than they had expected, but on Aug. 13, after a three days' tramp, their labors were rewarded by a deafening roar in tbe distance. Their provisions were now nearly gone, stores havinjr been cached on the way up, but they pushed resolutely on to ;he height of the Labrador plateau called "The Height of Land.'' It is this plateau which is tho source of the stream, and tho descent of the river to the sea forms the "alls and rapids. _ As they neared the falls a mngnificent sight spread before them. The spray, which wa« visible for twenty miles, rose n a cloud from the descent of the water, and the solid rock beneath their feet trembled perceptibly. Prom the falls the water flows through a canon formed of u-coaeii rock, tho sides of which rise to a leight of 500 feet, and are heavily wooded at the top. Through this canon the water flows with terrific force, making it absolutely impossible for any boat to live in such a sea. The height of the tails has been exaggerated, and, while presenting a grand and beautiful sight, tho falls measure only 200 feet in the perpendicular. The rapida increase the total altitude of the falls to 500 feet. Above the falls the width of the river is 500 yards, narrowing until it reaches the falls to a width of only 50 yards, when it plunges with a terrific roar over the rapids and falls into the narrow gorge below, Mr. Cole descended to the foot of the falls and succeeded i»/ obtaining some good photographs^ of them. Having completed *o!9 fldthing with the loose trfaniftc. Here* was apparently a dilemma. A cffczy individual, as strong as a ball, uncontrollable, and armed witn a weapon. To capture him by force was a difficult and dangerous undertaking, and to starve him would be a tedious affair. But the d >ctor did not hesitate long. "Alfred," said he, "go down into the surgery, fill the largest syring with harts- horn, and bfing it up." I caught the idea, rushed down and brought back a qnart syiingo with harts- horn'diluted—for i didn't want to kill the man. Then tho doctor, the carpenter and myself formed aud army of invasion. We threw open the door and entered in the following array. I being the shortest of the three, marched first, holding a chair in front of me by the back, so that the legs might keep off a rush if our popgun should flash in the pan. Then came the carpenter, with the syringe resting upon my shoulder, like a piece of flying artillery. Finally, in tbe rear, in the safest place, like all great generals, came Dr. B, MAHR'ASE. The lunatic sat at the other dnd of hall, on" a chair, eying us. keenly the u ^ and savagely. Slowly, very" slowly, we ad- The nearer We got that chisel looked, vanced toward him. the more wicked and the handle seemed to increase until it was very, very long. When we were within a few feet of him, he jumped up and sprang toward me. Whiz! spatter! splash! went the quart of hartshorn yito his countenance; down ha wont likeja log —it would have knocked down a battlion —and while he was catching his breath we caught him. HE HAD THE NKUVJi. HO+P Some Persons May Make a Fatti Married tAtf. s\ If there is on* thing more than another calculated to throw a man into ft gnashing of the teeth and tearing of the hair condition, it is his attempt to give the wife of his bosom an account of some ordinary affairs' to u which she listens after this fashion: • He—"Oh, my dear, I must tell you something Jack Burroughs told me to-day while—" ' Jack Bur- you see to lunch together, Else He Would Have Died a Speedy and Horrible Death. Dinner was just finished in the messroom and several English officers wore sitting around the table. The conversation had not been animated, and there oarue a lull, as the night was too hot for small talk. The major of the regiment, a clean cut man of 55, turned toward his next neighbor, a young bubal tern, who was leaning buck in his chair, with his hands clasped behind his head, staring through the cigar smoke at the ceiling. The major was slowly looking the young man over, from his handsome face down, wheu, with sudden alertness and in a quiet, steady voice, he said: "Don't move, please, Mr. Carruthers, I want to try an experiment with you. Don't move a mr.acle." "All right, major," replied the subaltern, without even turning his eyes. Hadn't the least idea of moving, I assure you. W hat's the gama?" By this tinia all the others were listening in a lazily, expectant way. "Do you think," continued the major— and his voice trembled just a little—"that you can keep absolutely still for, *ay two minutes—to save your life?".., "Are you joking?" •'On the contrary, move you are a dead man. Can the observations of the falls, the explorers kept on a few miles above to the Height of Land, where, from a peak christened hy them Mount Hyde-Bowdoin, they had a fine prospect of the surrounding country. The plateau is nearly all wooded with a thick, though not largo, growth of soft timbers. At this point their provisions being all but gone, they set out for a return. On reaching the point where they left their boat they found thut the camp fire which they built had consumed the boat, and with it their whole stock of provisions, a gun and an octant. Their position was now somewhat critical. Three hundred miles on a river heretofore unexplored, with no boat, no help and no provisions until they reached their first cacne. They set boldly to wor'c, however, and with a small hatchet, for their only implement constructed a small raft, binding the logs together with spruce roots. On rafts made in this way they traversed miles to "the "mouth of enduring the greatest hard- the 300 the river, ship. Their only wnapon was a small revolver, for which they had but twenty-five cartridges. With it they shot a few squirrels, making a meal on each animal. On the way down five different rafts were constructed, the making of which, in their wasted condition, consumed a great ivuount of time and energy. They reached the vessel Sept. 1, receiving a royal wel- coaie from their friends. The falls which they have discovered are reported to have been seen by two employees of the Hudson Bay company, but no authentic account of any such discovery has been given. The successful result )f the expedition is due wholly to the leroic efforts of Messrs. Gary and Cole, md Bowdoin college may well be congratulated by her sister colleges for the iddition which she has made to the here- ofore sjant knowledge of the geography of Liabrador. ii muscle and . you stand the strain?" ;—i The subalteron barely whispered "yes," and his face paled slightly. "Burke," said the major, addressing an officer across the table, pour sou e of that milk into a saucer and set it on the floor here just back of me. Gently, man! Quiet." Not a word was spoken as the officer quietly filled the saucer, walked with it quietly around the table, and sat it down where the major indicated on the floor. Like a marble statue said the young subaltern, in his white linon clothes, while a cobra de capello, which had been crawling up the leg of; his trousers, slowly raised its head, then turned, descended to the floor and glided to warn the milk. Suddenly the silence was broken by the report of the major's revolver, and tho snake lay dead on the floor. "Thank you, major," said tho young- subaltern, as the two mon shook hands warmly; "you have saved my life." "You're welcome, my boy," replied the senior, "but you did your share."—Calcutta Englishman. 'lira Br,ACK SEA. AMMOMK STOPPED HIM. Princeton ministers. foot ball players have become The Only Weapon a Physlcuu Could Use to Capture u Madman. Years ago, when I was a youngester, I jDcame an assistant of Dr. B., the super- 'ntendent of a public insane asylum. As ,n all insane asylums some of the patients vere dicile and tractable, and had the 'reedom of a high-walled garden; while others, being violent and dangerous in :heir madness, were confined to their •corns. Sometimes one of the last-named gentlemen would get loose, a fact which IB usually announced by breaking things renerally, upon which announcement the loctor would repair to the spot, and, advancing upon him with a steadfast gaze, vould march him off to his room. We ad one lunatic by tbe name of Tones, urge, and strong as an osirich. He had iroken out of his room two or three times, nit had always gone back docilely when ny one of us made our appearance. The asylum had a saloon in the center, with a door at each end; and one of the doors requiring fixing, once upon a time, n carpenter was engaged upon it, when in trundled Mr. Jones, and quietly possessed himself of a long charp shisel. When the carpenter looked around, the madman guve a grin and poked the chisel at him, whereupon the man of chips scuttled out and locked'the door—then, while the enemy was battering away at it, he rusted around and locked the door at the other end. Having thus caged Jones, he gave the alarm; and I supposing it was an ordinary case, whioh 1 could control, unlocked the door and entered boldly, whereupon he made a rush at me. 1 incontinently bolted. The doctor was sent for. He soon camo, reconnoiterert through the keyhole, and ascertaining that the enemy was at the other end of the room, he opened the door, and and saw at once he could The Exploration of This Sun by the Russian Government u Sucueus. The expedition which the Russian government fitted oui. early in tho summer to explore the Black sea was very successful in its labors. It has achieved results which may be of the greatest importance to the nautical and geological science. The whole expedition was divided into three distinct departments, the meteorlog- ic and physical, the chemical and the biological. The first was to make observations on the changes in the air, in so far as they affected the surface of the Black sea, in relation to the quality of the waters in various parts. The chemical department was to examine the constituent elements of the waters, and the biological department was to investigate tbe nature of the living beings in the various parts of tho sea. All such observations have been made at the meteorological stations on < the dry land. The object of the expedition was to make them on board or 1 the vessel at the spot which appeared the most interesting to the scientists, so that time and distance should as little as possible affect the objects of examination. The full report of the work of the expedition was submitted to the Imperial Geographical Society of St Petersburg, and will be published soon after it is read and She—"where did roughs ? "Oh, we went and-" "How did you happen to go out to luncheon together?" "Well, we didn't exactly go out together; I met Jack on the restaurant steps, and-" "What restaurant?" "Galloway's, and Jack—" "How did you happen to go to Galloway's? I thought you always lunched at Draper's." "I nearly always do; but I just happened to drop into Galloway's to-day along with Jack, and—" "Does he always lunch at Galloway's?" "I'm sure, my dear, (a little sharply), that I don't know if he does or not. It make no earthly difference if—" "Oh, of course not. (Hastily.) I just wondered if he did; that's all. Go on with your story." _ "Well, while we were eating our soup, Jack—" "What kind of soup?" "Turtle. Jack said that—" "I thought you disliked turtle soup." "Well, I don't care much about>it, but— " "How did you happen to order it if didn t care for it. "Because I did (Severely.) But the soup has nothing to do with the story." "Oh, of course not, (In a grieved tone. I never said that it did. I don't see why youjshould get cross over a simple question. Go on. "Well, while we were eating our soup*. Lawrence Hildrethand his new wife came in and—" "They did?" "I have just said so." "Well, you needn't be so cross about it. "They came in, and—'' "Is she pretty?" "Pretty enough. Jack bowed and—" "Does he know them?" "Well, now do you suppose he would have bowed if he hadn't known them? I declare if 1—" "How was she dressed?" "How do I know? I never looked at her dress. What I was going to tell you was that—" "Did they sit near you?" "Yes, at tho next table. And while they were ordering, Jack said that they—" "Couldn't they hear him?" "Do you suppose (fiercely) that Jack would have no more sense than to let tliem hear _ him talking abou t them ? I'll swear _ "James, if you ca-i't tell a simple little incident without getting into a passion . you'd better keep it to yourself. What did Jack say?" "He said that Miss Hildreth's father, was opposed to the match and—" "How did he know that?" "Great Crasar! Ther.3 you go again.",. _ James, will you please remember thfaV ^ is your wife to whom you are speaking? sir r t "No other woman would drive me raving, distracted crazy, asking silly questions about— "James!" "Every time I try to tell you anything, you begin, and you—" "James (rising with dignity and saying stifflyj. I do not propose listening to any such insulting remarks, and—" "You never listen to the trouble. If—" I ask a simple anything. That's question, you "I'd say 'simple'. You've asked me a million 'simple' questions in the last half hour, just because 1 was going to tell you that Jack Burroughs said that—'' "I do not wish to hear what Mr. Jack Burroughs said if you cannot tell it respectfully. I shall have my dinner sent to my room, since it is so painful for you to eat with an idiot!" (Retires scornfully, while he narrowly escapes an attack of apoplexy).—Smith's Monthly. A Talk With Farmers. Exchange, During a recent walk in the couatry it occurred to us to stop at every farmhouse where we saw a flock of fowls and ask two questions: One was us to the cost of keeping one hen one year; the other was f • *u ?^ ny egi ? 8 tbe hen would produce in that time. It is perhaps needless not gel a satisfactory . to say that we did approved by the society. From the preliminary- reports of the heads of the expedition it appears that of great importance to geology will be the discovery made as to the constituent elements of the water of the Black sea. It was found that from the .depth of 100 sazhens (about 135 fathoms) to the bottom of the sea the waters in all parts are strongly saturated with hydro-sulphuric acid, and that consequently no animal life can exist at thct depth. This discovery disproves the hitherto accepted hypothesis that the Black sea was originally a sweeb water lake and that it became salt-watered and impregnated with tydro-sulphuric acid since the Bosphorus began flowing into it. The waters of the Bosphorus, according: to the investigations of the expedition, could not affect the sea to such an enormous extent. The Black sea is deeper in the eastern than in the western part. The deepest placai are between the coasts of Asia Minor and the Crimea. In one place the explorers have found a depth of 1,240 sazhens. Samples of the water at various depths and of different localities, as well as samples of the soil at the bottom of the sea, and iehth.vological specimens were brought to St. Petersburg and submitted to the society.—N. Y. Sun. answer to either question. It was prob, ably not too broad an assertion to say that" not one farmer in 1,000 knew how much' it cost him to keep his entire flock of pou try, much less the expense of a single fowl. A slight percentage keep a record ot the eggs, but not often sufficiently definite toshow the average yield of each hen.. Conducting the business in this fashion, they have, of course, no very clear idea whether it is profitable or not. The average estimate of the cost of keeping a full grown hen is $1 perye ar for the grlin feed, no estimate bein? made of the value of pasture, scraps, expense of housing and abor of caring for them. At this estimate it would require at least 10 dozen eggs at an average price of 15 cents per dofen to arv K ah ff ^n proflt fr ° m ™ ' °'din- ary flock. Farm flocks do not average such a production as this, and where pain is given without measuring orbe- s-ats the grain The longest continuous fibre known at t'-e present time is that of silk. A cocoon of a well-fed silk worm will often yield 1,000 yards long, and in one instance one has been produced which contained 1,285 •yards without a break. believe this n- P ro ' s:-«'s=!» or use. JnffiSutfSSl.-"^~ wa *F divided in no essential The famous J

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